Watch Star Trek TOS 'Return Of The Archons' S01 E21

I cannot find it to embed anywhere, find it where you can and view. Take from it what you can. I found it interesting.

Other sources are Amazon -free with Prime, Netflix, Vudu, Hulu, iTunes.



Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. I have no actual belief in these theories as fact . If so I would've taken legal action by now. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theorizing.
My prior disclaimer stated that I'm often sleep deprived when posting due to my lifestyle as a houseless Traveler (and my age as well as health issues). This should be taken into consideration when viewing my posts and vids on the connected YouTube channel. I am a writer who lives a challenging alternative lifestyle and it is MY RIGHT to do so. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any other kinds of actions taken against me by others will be construed as intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will not be tolerated.

ALERT! New Series Of Posts Dealing With Urgent Issues

Please read these posts in a series created spread awareness of urgent issues to anyone perhaps looking for alternative theories for information.
Random violence, lone wolves, people 'snapping':
HEV aka 'blue light' over exposure from new LED street lights world wide; problems and solutions:
Potential for abuse of genetic data bases and info gathering utilized for genetic warfare:

Sunday, October 13, 2019

I keep losing my public transportation pass...too bad

So this is how it's going to go.

See my old one from three years ago got cracked so became inactive so I was issued a new one.  It took a much longer time than usual for it to arrive in the mail. Like over a month. Just like when I get a phone turned on-it always takes days to have service turned on when it should take just 24 hours, every time, which is why I now have a different procedure for that, which works.

Now I seem to be losing my public transportation pass and it's going to keep getting lost and having to be replaced unless  all the bad luck and all the odd intimidating characters keep showing up. If things aren't the way that they were before I got my new RFID chipped pass I'm going to keep losing it again and again and again and it's going to cost the system money and I'll keep costing them money and they'll have to keep issuing me paper tickets-if things don't become come and normal like before I got my new RFID chipped pass. Understand? good.
 I guess the RFID blocking sleeve no longer works.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Election Time. I Thought So...Sigh

Well this may explain the recent... escalation. Well..myife has been and will bea living hell until after Nov. Sigh. Same old same old.

A new admin may not pretend that frame ups and corruption don't exist like the last one may be the problem lol.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Oh No. It's Election Time. The Escalation Begins. Ugh..

Had an odd visit from this truck this morning at 5 am.

When I pulled out the phone to catch on vid suddenly they thought better of it and made a very quick getaway.

Based in AZ...ok that's a buttload of military and contractors.
They contribute to both political parties.
They merged with Allied Waste which involved The Blackstone Group.
They merged company now simply known as Republic Services is owned by Cascade Management, owned by Bill Gates and Larson.

It could be anti homeless local ops.
It could also be due to the Climate Change Strike that's happening  this week. An all
around anti activist activity.

It could be election time is here again and it could also be that because the Dems believe they have impeachment material to finally get their way, they have their balls back again in this area (no email frame ups again please or something worse like doppelganger doubles planting bombs somewhere. They would if they could believe me).

Yay! New material for filming and proving this 'theory' has weight! Bring it!!

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Protest March on Raytheon In Cambridge Today

This group consists of a few different activist organizations. Vets for Peace are there.

They are looking for more people to gather and they are going to Raytheon in Alewife later.

Please join them and share your knowledge and presence.


Tuesday, September 10, 2019

How Anti Terrorism Is Being Used To Move Against Activists


How governments and businesses silence land and environmental defenders

Colin Kaepernick Gets Amnesty International's Ambassador of Conscience Award-Amnesty Has Become Corrupt


Amnesty, morally corrupted?
How a once great organisation completely lost its way:

When Amnesty International concerned itself with campaigning on behalf of individual and identifiable political prisoners of regimes of whatever political colour it did some real good.

However, it now appears to have become an expensive exercise in wholesale and futile virtue-signalling, with some highly dubious choices of targets. If it is still campaigning for individual prisoners, one doesn’t hear much of this.

Fraud allegations lead to closure of Amnesty International in Zimbabwe
Police are investigating suspected misconduct involving millions of dollars of funds from donors:

It comes months after a damning report into the wider Amnesty International organisation warned of a “toxic” working environment and widespread bullying.
The review was ordered by its head, Kumi Naidoo, after the suicides of two staff members last year, Gaëtan Mootoo, who worked in the Paris office, and Rosalind McGregor, a paid intern at the Geneva office.

It pointed to a workplace culture of bullying, nepotism and an “us v them” dynamic which threatened the organisation’s credibility as a human rights champion.

'Widespread bullying' Identified at Amnesty International:

Amnesty International has like every other organization that formerly did actual good and caused real change on this planet, now in a globalist world, been 'overhauled' by suspect persons involved in politics (??!!) and government to now be simply utilized in the world of disinfo and psy ops. Infiltrated. Is there anything that isnt? Well there is. Which is why you dont know about any of them that actually do have a genuine moral compass remaining.

It isnt that these issues arent important or relavant or real. Its that theres forces co opting the activist community so that they can be controlled. I think thats what everyone whos cynical about these issues is upset about. Why doesnt anyone remember COINTELPRO? East German Stasi? Russia? China (who we are doing business with and allowing to buy up alot of American land. Entire cities in the midwest burnt out by jobs going to ironically-China.).  Thats what thinking people are worried about.

Interviews With COINTELPRO Agent Revealing and Modern Tactics Today Used Against Activists

Like It Is with Gil Noble: Interview with COINTELPRO FBI Infiltrator


Impact of Decades-Old Gov’t Infiltration Program Still Felt Today:

Eddie Conway interview with author, activist and professor Ward Churchill.
Impact of Decades-Old Gov't Infiltration Program Still Felt Today (1/2):

Impact of Decades-Old Gov't Infiltration Program Still Felt Today (2/2):

TigerSwan Private Security Hired To Target Pipeline Activists:

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Vid testimony of frame up will be released if any retaliation occura

If anything occurs while trying to clear my name and exercise my legal rights video testimonies will be released revealing every embarrassing detail. And there's documentation to back it all up. It's either done quietly thru proper channels or it's put out there for the everyone to see. It's up to you.

U can make as much noise as u want or smear or slander or have a mob as big as you want. It didn't change the laws of the USA nor does it make me wrong. Might does not make right no matter how much u try.

U r still wrong. U can't force people to accept corruption no matter how hard u twist their arms.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Huge Commercial Real Estate Companies-Locals Should Be Aware of Globalist Gentrification/NWO Is Not Evolution

The buildings we work in, shop in or even seek medical care aren't really part of what we percieve as our local environment anymore.

Isreali developer becomes largest Regency Centers Corp. backer

Regency Centers Properties:

-Harvard Sq, Cambridge.
Listed under 'THE ABBOT' as this is what the Curious George store will be known as. What's under construction now is already listed as a completed property.

-TWIN CITY PLAZA Somerville, MA.


The U.S. Is Worried About China’s Investments—This Time in Israel

City’s biggest developers look hungry for a piece of the action in Allston

allston development pipeline:

Harvard University’s new research campus seeks a developer

CBRE real estate:

After going into one of their buildings in Houston and experiencing a complete nightmare I've noted that the same trend goes for MA as well.  They hire thugish types for security and other employees are unpleasant regardless of who rents from them. Porter Sq is one example and worse is a building a local hospital uses as a satellite office on Boylston st Chestnut Hill Newton, MA. The medical facilities are fine-its the building employees that make it unpleasant to go there.  It's an intimidating, and often unprofessional environment. They resemble D&D in many ways in their agenda for hiring practices. Anywhere I see this logo on anything indicating it's run by them I realize why I'm miserable and that it's time to consider alternatives to having to frequent the building.

The mega cities won't stop now that the public have been formed over time to fit into such environments. The worst human cost is the denial people now live in, having been terrorized and indoctrinated into believing that 'social justice' handed to us from these same elite, actually deals with genuine issues of oppression and injustice globally and locally.

Globally and locally the most vulnerable populations still suffer-if not moreso now due to megacities being constructed.

The proles as in the novel 1984, are content to console themselves with authority, corporate approved 'hope and change' feel good activism, because it pays the Piper and pleases the hands that feed.

There is nothing evolved or new about the new world order. It's exactly what it says it is. A 'new' 'order'. It's not a new world or an evolved one. That has been blocked, jammed and destroyed to ensure it doesn't occur. True evolution isn't allowed. Controlled growth according to the requirements of those in power is all that is possible.

Humans are animals thus can be conditioned-it does not mean they have evolved or become enlightened.

What is often referred to as 'the Illuminati' isn't actually an accurate term but it's a slang of sorts used by laymen so let's stick with it for now.
The thing about 'the Illuminati' if you will is that they decieve but often the truth is provided right in front of you.  This is the nature of being enlightened-do you have eyes to see. If not you'll fall for deception.

New order or global order doesn't denote enlightenment or evolution. It simply indicates a new way of reordering things as they already exist. That's exactly what it is.

We've been fooled yet again and anyone who isn't will be the enemy of the trained monkeys who benefit. This is typical and no surprise, thus further proof that there is no evolution or enlightenment.

Just a rearranging of the idiots.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Why Isn't Link Between Psych Meds and Shootings Being Investigated?

Mass Shootings Likely Linked to Psychiatric Meds

El Paso Walmart Shooting Creates New FBI Directive: Conspiracy Theories Lead To Violence

Seems that the directive has guidelines such as the conspiracy theory has to mention a specific person or persons to cause violence towards them potentially. Logically I suppose a conspiracy theory that's just theorizing would have no potential target.

Expert Warns of Possible Abuse of New Phoenix FBI Directive on Conspiracies

Weaponizing the Term 'Conspiracy Theory': Disinformation Agents and the CIA

How Big Tech Companies Should React To The FBI Memo on Conspiracy Theories.

Conspiracy Theory? The El Paso Shooting, Red Flag Laws & The Gun Confiscation Agenda

National security experts warn of rise in authoritarianism

Friday, August 2, 2019

How Establishment Elitists Allied With The Left: The Rise Of Authoritarians

The subtle rise of authoritarians
By Frank V. Vernuccio Jr. - - Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Don't Bother Contacting Activist Legal Support-Misleading Internet Presence

I called the number listed as it appears to be portrayed as an organization independent of any firm etc.
It's referenced all over the internet as a vital resource for a help for legal representation, questions etc.

What I got is a snide female answering the number her first words being "i don't know what that is" when asked if this is Activist Legal Support listed on the internet.
After establishing that it's all over the internet with that number to call she then changed to saying "well we are a law firm and some of our clients are activists".


Then I asked simply if someone could call me next week as I know it's after 5 now etc. I got a kurt, dark, low response of affermative, then I got hung up on.


Then I called back and left a message. I mapped out the conversation as above. I noted that it's on the internet as appearing as a singular organization and its supposed to do what it says it does.  Also that the first response made no sense. Also no one took my number.

Then I added that I will keep calling because I need help and also...well..I'm just confused about what is going on (lol).
I also noted that any federal Federal funding they get should be may be best put elsewhere because it sounds pretty misleading.


Then I actually talked to a live person. Basically reiterated whats above.
One thing I understand is my number is on the phone from calling which is fine but a little communication on that further than hanging up wud have been nice.

She of course then claimed I was very aggressive which is interesting because I'm being assertive not aggressive but she was indeed being passive aggressive from the start.

I informed her my location was a state away and if that wasn't an issue at least for the two things I needed then can someone contacted me. I also asked if they only deal with protesters etc and is that their limitation.

Dead air. Hang up.

So it's safe to say this is a waste of time for genuine activists that are looking for any answers or help other than protesters and the run of the mill trendy 'activist' a tivities going on there. I suspect if I was a masked member of ANTIFA I'd be in no prob.  (That's satire. That's my opinion not asserting fact).

I also made no threats and wasnt loud or using obscene language etc. And no emails are going to be sent so dont even try another frame up stunt like that again. My cyber stalker from 3 yrs ago disappeared after the frame up failed so I doubt this will happen.)

Don't waste your time with this. For someone to answer the phone claiming they don't know what that is, when the number is connected to that organization and posted all over the internet is complete bullsh*t obviously.

Any emails or harassment of any parties mentioned using my name will warrant an investigation that WILL catch those responsible next time. Don't even try it.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Posted Update on Fake News Photo Used In 2017 post

I used this photo in a 2017 post and have updated the post with this new info as the photo was revealed to be fake.

I still think it has value as a spoof however as the post was about mass immigration in Europe which unlike ours is not regulated by security. Women are getting murdered just for opening their homes to refugees.

The original photo that was altered claimed this woman was a Swede at a protest.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Let's get this straight: It's easy to FRAME a genuine activist, but people wanted by ICE get let out the backdoor of court rooms? F*cking Seriously?!

So this IS Armageddon because everything is completely f*cked, doesn't make sense and is a complete mess unless you are somehow sheltered or brainwashed enough to avoid seeing it/experiencing it.

Years ago it would have been unthinkable to frame or hurt someone like me in this area because I'm genuine, suffering for a cause and that's because I was wronged to begin with-multiple times and chose to respond by becoming an activist and traveling instead of losing it or hurting people or nosediving into self destruction.

However punishing the good and rewarding the bad without any balance left at all has become the norm. The COMMONWEALTH is no more it seems being now hooked into a globalist agenda.

Yet in some ways things don't change.
Illegals are like old time ghetto dwellers-easy to exploit by corrupt authorities and useful in running any vices you can think of. Also slum lords have a field day, so any neighborhood not being gentrified by the Condo Monsters can be pawned off on vulnerable people who can't complain about shitty buildings and conditions, so Inspectors can continue to take payoffs like in the bad old days. Calling them 'Santuary Cities' makes you appear Noble and good, while your greed is satiated-something Yankees have been expert at since genociding Natives for land by starving them to death in winter or burning witches in Salem Village and surrounding areas as part of a land grab and for amusement of the upper classes children. (It's was way more sinister than Tittuba or ergot poisoning from moldy bread).

Well after watching how much effort was put into first attempting such an undertaking as a frame up, then the system trying to cover it's ass and using avoidance and intimidation because I wasn't as dumb or without balls as they thought leads me to believe that the actions reported above are nothing less than a publicity stunt, to push the agenda of appearing tolerant in a revolutionary Libtard way, without being as 'revolutionary' in nature as say Berkeley CA.

Don't ever fall for the fronts, cons or routines of power and politics in the Northeast. It's usually the result of 'an offer you can't refuse' and someone somewhere is wearing cement shoes so someone else can enjoy a good quality of life.

There is no such thing as no corruption in politics or power structures not does equality exist.

Only death has that power. Man especially, and laughably his creations, do not. We are animals. As it is now, the norm is we utilize our highly developed cerebrums to satisfy our animal desires and needs. Our ability to use tools and create has done little to make us responsible Creator gods on this planet.

So until I see changes that are meaningful to all life on Earth I must assume it's bullshit as usual. And what you are allowed to see is rarely the full story of what is going on.

One Million Species Faces Extinction says UN-While We Trifle Over Diversions

While the special interests have scammmed everyone with diversions such as ID politics and fake diversity that ONLY BENEFITS CORPORATE not actual genuine human diversity of culture, the world is falling down around us.

Instead of worrying who's using what bathroom or if tomboyish teens need hormones because they are 'binary' or other modern attempts to negotiate reality, try paying attention to issues that actually matter to ALL OF HUMANITY.

Yet another generation of youth has once again been duped and used by the power structure to serve the very agendas that prevent genuine change and improvements for all of humanity, playing terrorist with ANTIFA and being total Nazi fascists whilst claiming to fight fascism. While everyone has fallen for diversions, the cities have been taken over by land grabbing builders and real estate people who give new meaning to the word greed.

Anti-homelessness has become rampant in areas where the globalist building boom has taken to colonizing and terraforming entire cities instead of just merely gentrifying existing structures. Prefab garbage built obviously for obsolescence is stinking up every city. You see government gets taxes on EVERY UNIT in a condo complex as opposed to taxing one house with multiple apartments which is probably why these structures are so popular with governing bodies nowadays.

In extreme Liberal cities of the north the reverse racism that exists naturally that we previously had at least a working balance to negotiate through, has been weaponized against poor whites and locals. This seems to be put forth by Liberal elites eager to secure their position in the new globalist order or hateful upper middle liberals who live off being contrary and are self destructive cowards who use classism to avoid responsibility for society's ills. It's a globalist agenda overall and banks are probably a major culprit but the cultish politics involved has served to make society willing to see change as benign social issues not what it really is.

 Not surprisingly the one demographic of people who can't pay to live in globalist cities and traditionally are most effective in fighting or resisting gentrification are, by design it seems, are being driven to leaving, homelessness or death.

An opiate epidemic and garbage drugs not from plants like meth, bath salts (China) or bad 'spice'/K2 synthetic marijuana (Middle East) are destroying the lower classes. It's been admitted in the press that the two latter are forms of terrorism from these areas listed to destroy America and even fund terrorism.

Amid K2 overdose spike, retired DEA agent says synthetic drugs fund terrorism:

Life-threatening bleeding linked to synthetic cannabinoids, CDC warns:

Synthetic Drug Money Funding Terror

Massholes (a derogatory term for the typically aggressive, driven greedy, impatient, foul mouthed Massachusetts natives) and meth don't mix. Meth has traditionally not been a part of Northeast culture.
Northeast cities that are small and crowded with bad winters and aggressive people synthetic methamphetamine has had a disastrous effect on the lower classes both housed and 'homeless'.

Immigration isn't a slow sensible trickle with ghettoization then assimilation as in centuries prior in cities with little room like out west. The corporatocracy now employs these new citizens or illegals in any and every area complete with unbearable language barriers. Immediately transformed into nothing more than a form of 'house slave' for corporate 'plantations' if you will, there is little Diversity or culture left just the corporate plantations. These protectors of the Man and all that is his effectively enforce globalism's quiet classism with constant profiling and cultural warfare to destroy lesser locals in US cities. These aren't the diverse cities of the 90s but ghettoized corporate gentrified controlled environments, benefitting fully from the surveillance state and militarized law enforcement (INTELLISTREETS in public spaces and in-store security systems tracking customers are new parts of the structure of control).

Depending on the area, African Americans often join these ranks as corporate Diversity brings them into other neighborhoods outside

the areas where black 'folk' exist and live their lives like the rest of us and they become fierce defenders of corporate while freely and without fear exercising reverse racism, using classism to validate their newfound position replacing the white middle/lower middle class.

You'd probably get this in Boston or Houston but not Oakland/Berkeley. It depends soley on what demographics are most useful to the globalist agenda for individual city design.

All to the benefit of the globalists who seek to destroy any and all existing structures in cities both cultural and otherwise for profit and control.

As for sustainability what people either don't know or forget about older cities is that the only reason these places are habitable is due to the natural habitats left in the cities and between them such as we have in New England. Winter guarantees a cleansing of the pollutants, diseases and anything else in the area. Global warming, over population, over building and  a rise in car owners as opposed to public transport is also taking that away. 60° days in February are making locals sick and with good reason. Centuries of pollutants from farming to factories etc remain. Without cold winters and natural spaces these areas will become uninhabitable.

The prefab condo builders may already know this is coming and that's why there's short term structures being put up: soon the very same people who helped cause global disasters will 'save' us by constructing domes and damns to save us and our cities from radiation, pollutants and a destroyed ecosystem.

A company that seems to be doing alot of this in the area I'm in, the men who lead the sites can't even make eye contact with locals like us, and they have a cold, steely look as if they absolutely know what they are doing to the city. A friendly look or hello is met with robotic self possessed determination.

So while your ditching being concerned about the environment or the elderly, blind, disabled or Homeless in favor of ridiculous bipartisan conflict and ID politics that only benefits corporate not real people and going to ANTIFA rallies in masks checking your damn iPhone, the ENTIRE EARTH WHERE WE ALL LIVE IS BEING DESTROYED as it has been systematically for centuries.

Anything to prevent actual evolution of mankind so Nature and technology are used in harmony or fused. Anything to perpetuate an outdated education system and industrialist society. You can cause 'change' all you want. You are only rearranging an archaic system that's flawed by design from it's inception.

Modern feminism is reactionary as hell (as it's always been post '60s) and denies women once again of realizing their true power-which probably has been it's purpose all along.

Bipartisan politics has NO PLACE in business. REI etc boycotting CamelBak because they are involved with the NRA is one example.


I think REI has had DOD contracts as well and they offer military discounts. Why are weapons and violence acceptable overseas but not domestically. I call BS on this as a PR move.
It's all the stresses, bad psychiatry and society itself causing gun violence not guns themselves.
I'm all for getting rid of all guns and nuclear everything world wide. These half measures illustrate where corporate loyalty truly lies consistently.

I recently talked to a local businessman who expressed concern about another businessman's political views before becoming involved with him. Growing up I had never heard of such a thing.

Everyone is acting like children nowadays not adults and this is also a result of a society of spying. Privacy, respect and acting like an adult used to be what I expected from mainstream society. After being terrorised by Bush and infantilized by Obama it's more like a daycare center than a society. And it sucks.

Reality is not negotiable. Wake up, grow up and start minding the store. And cut the shit with projecting onto the homeless population or people with addictions etc. Making excuses for your own cowardice and greed shows there's no 'change' going on at all-just the usual shift-the-shell game, rearranging society for the latest agenda.

I call bullsh*t on PC culture and ID politics. And will someone PLEASE inform millennials that people have been f*ckin gay like FOREVER and places like Boston were always more tolerant. Maybe not at work or school and that's change that is actually necessary, but out in public no one has never given a f*ck here. We grew up with a mini NYC feel here and guys in drag at night wasn't surprising. If anything gay people are becoming more boring and uptight than June and Ward Cleaver ever could have been so cut it out please. You don't have to go back to the days of slinking around Central Park in a Dracula cape cruising..but I can't say I don't miss it, lol.

I'm Delighted that David Hockney Thinks Gay Men Have Become Boring:

My grandma was a US Marine. Dont you think plenty of women were gay that served? People just were quiet about it. My grandparents were fully aware of gays. Before that it seems in my great grandmother's day, Catholics just joined the church to avoid embarrassment and simultaneously bringing honor to the family.

My grandmother said that it was obvious couples were gay but as long as they were good neighbors and kept their home in order, other than say, the local men making little snickers among themselves occasionally, no one bothered anyone. There's always been some level of tolerance because contrary to popular modern belief being attracted to the same sex is as old as humanity and not new.

If I see one more hipster looking kid with a full beard in a dress sitting in Starbucks with his laptop looking up at me as if he's a freak-out I'm going to scream.
Damn. At least do drag right. Get a damn shave sweetie.

Over ten years of activists or naive people who subconsciously know that it's safe to take part in CORPORATE LIBERAL ACTIVISM that never dares tackle the real issues that would cost them their jobs or prevent young people from getting them has made us blind to the issues that really matter. That and terrorism both foreign and domestic. It's doubtful that this head-in-the-sand culture and it's 'change' would have even come to be without Western society being constantly terrorized for decades.

You may not like Trump but it took an extreme person like him to shake off the nannying culture so we can see more clearly what is actually happening. And thank god for his liberal foul mouthed use of free speech. I love the Liberal attempt to question his competence and sanity with psychiatry. If only that had been done with Bush or Obama or Reagan. Sigh..

You can't work in a corporate job and be an effective activist so stop wearing Anarchy tattoos and putting "Black Lives Matter" on policeman's coffee cups in drive-thrus while working in Dunkin Donuts. Trendy safe activism guided by the Divide and Conquer agenda. Get a set of balls.

Dunkin' Donuts Employee Writes '#Blacklivesmatter' on Police Officer's Coffee Cup:

More cowardice. A generation raised by the state, corporate and the internet with hovering parents ensuring their proper indoctrination and medicated if they don't conform to cookie cutter standards probable doenst even know any better nor sees anything genuinely alternative in society anyway.

Take it from a real activist who has had consequences for standing up to the corrupt system and lived out of a storage space since 2006, traveling the country into middle age, much of the time alone- YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEE OUR COUNTRY WITHOUT A POLICE PRESENCE, A RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS OR FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

If we don't stop falling for diversions and become more balanced and less extreme in trying to bring about 'change' we will accomplish nothing but our own self destruction or worse-the enslavement of all humankind.

Being separated from Nature is a very important step in enslaving humans, theoretically. Already we can see the results of over medicating with psych drugs, electromagnetic pollution and most recently constant exposure to HEV or 'blue' light from the new LED street lights. 5g towers will bring even more challenges to humanity

Awareness, resistance and action without being interfered with or diverted is imperative to creating a genuinely SUSTAINABLE balance in which to exist. Not being obliterated and poisoned to death by greedy industrialists and irresponsible technocrats.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Big Banks Do Bad Things: Credit Unions For Smaller Footprint

Every account we hold with a Big Bank is giving them the money they need to pillage people and the planet for their own profit—costing us our health, our stable climate and our children's sustainable future.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Vegas and Other Area Hotels New Daily Room Check Policy Has Become Intrusive And Harassing To Guests-From CEOs To Conventioners

What is being accomplished by harassing paying guests at high end hotels? It would be interesting to see if it's selective.

Las Vegas casinos change 'do not disturb' policies, MGM refuses comment

Vegas hotel room checks raise privacy, safety concerns at Def Con, Black Hat
What is accomplished by sexual harassment of female CEOs in the age of #MeToo?  ??

New Disney Policy Puts Security Over Privacy

Hilton, Disney Revise ‘Do Not Disturb’ Policies to Require Employees to Enter Rooms Daily

The real reason for Daily Room Checks?

Guest Room Privacy and the Fourth Amendment

Curiously I did not get one result for looking up "hotel room checks lawsuits".
Why would you not start a class action or at least start stiring up some sh*t about this issue, it's not like these demographics don't have the money and clout to get legal muscle. I don't understand this at all. Isn't the state of NV owned by the US govt? Doesn't that offer some sort of unique legal opportunity for legal actions?

What's the purpose?
If it's security theatre then, is it like a generalized psychological oppression of the public under the guise of safety or if there was a conspiracy as there's been a few viable theories-are those in power colluding with the Complex basically saying 'we can do whatever the f*ck we want' as was the environment after 9-11?
Are only certain people or conventions targeted for this overbearing, overzealous behavior so it's now a tool of covert warfare??

Is it simply insurance companies freaking out and overreacting?
They may be causing temporary inconveniences trying to create an impression of a new secure environment to rival the perception formed by the shooting.

Whatever this sh*t show ist, its been concocted by people more clever than I can follow.

Just be careful it isn't like MA where the state is abusing the involuntary 3 day hospitalization for anyone accused of being "a danger to themselves or others" in order to get rid of undesirable demographics that interfere with the building boom, anyone dissident or inconvenient, trying to manipulate statistics on certain demographics being mentally ill (homeless, addicts) or if you have weapons and your former roommate/spouse or family members don't like you/want to smear /frame you or have concocted a plot of evil design to get your inheritance/business/savings or whatever havoc can be caused by hearsay.
If you react in  any manner other than submissive to this bullsh*t, like  being female with security walking in on you then yelling at you (couldn't believe that example in the article linked above) it's a perfect excuse to frame up your ass and smear you with being nuts. Keep filming, keep documenting and get lawyers.

Ironically Vegas has a history of strong arm tactics (understatement of the century) and was basically built on crime. People seem to have forgotten that which is laughable. Such is the modern global citizen living in a pipe dream of globalization.

Take note that as of this year I've noticed a change in what may be more financial monitoring.

Pay online sites like PayPal are now requiring everyone to have a bank account (the govt states this is a safety measures because those are brokers not banks and money isn't insured FDIC. Yet at the same time hotels are converting to technology for check ins that won't function unless a credit card issued by a bank is presented.
It's as if a whole new level of financial monitoring has begun adding onto what became possible (and has been used for abuse of power) from the Patriot Act after 2001. Just be aware if you are worried about privacy as many of us are in this community.

It means you'll potentially be staying at Circus Circus regardless of where you go, LMFAO, if you get what I mean.

Elizabeth Smart Helps Survivors Of Abduction, Trafficking, Abuse: SMART JUSTICE on Lifetime

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Outsourcing CIA Black Site Torture-Death By Human Error and A Field Day For Idiots

Inside The CIA's Black Site Torture Room 2002 article

So the guy doesn't go according to the structure set up by the outsourced psychologists and ads his own 'finishing touches' to the site? This is a person who had no prior prison experience and allegedly no foreknowledge of his assignment. Yes that sounds so realistic. One has to ask if he had any unofficial training or experience or if he himself had a record.

The Money Behind The CIA's Torture Program  2014 article

Imagine using torture to silence someone as opposed to getting them to talk or even to discredit.
Perhaps the compliance gained is enough in itself as this is a form of control over someone psychologically even mind control could be established.

It's clear from the articles that once again mistakes occurred due to human error.

Is it right to use outsourcing? It certainly ensures no government can be held accountable and is certainly more efficient. The need for interrogation has always been part of war and it's understandable. People having a field day with it and playing around with it is unacceptable.

Can there be any guarantee that these sites arent part of unethical human experimentation such as has been documented in history or even part of continuing MK Ultra in some form? With such lack of oversight wouldn't it be hard to definitively deny such theories?

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Woman of Color Exposes Tricks Of The Dem Left in Front of Lawmakers

China Relocating Rural Impoverished Populations and Nomads (Demanding THEY PAY)-What Is The Real Motive?

As i grow away from the tragedy of being framed with complicity from local authorities and institutions over three years ago, more and more I begin to see genuine suffering and deplorable conditions and corruption on our planet.  I see stories that strike me as outrageous that these things can exist and occur when there's so much money and power not just in this country but specifically from the very area which is my hometown area, where great wealth, power and wealth is concentrated.

I've lived through tbe underhanded tactics and smokescreens being used since 2014 or so just to get rid of the homeless population in cities for gentrification, building booms, real estate grabs and expansions and foriegn money not only here but in most cities across the USA, even globally with many similar situations showing up in the Philippines etc.  Then there's gentrification from globalization in cities where each place seems to have different demographics that are deemed desirable in the globalist design for that city and whoever is undesirable is being marginalized, villified, seen as suspect and bullied by the desirable ones as well as authorities. For instance in metro Boston anyone Caucasian who's alternative and not connected to mainstream or one of the institutions and isn't controlled by drugs or alcohol especially, is seen as a threat to the new design designated by globalist interests and the corporatocracy. Conversely, demographics like African American especially locals are viewed as very desirable as are any POC or immigrant and of course, snowflake types, hipsters, yuppies etc.

Yet in Oakland CA long time local African American residents are being chased out of their homes and neighborhoods, even having police called on them in their own driveways of their homes.  However the aforementioned demographic which was undesirable in eastern Massachusetts in the northeastern USA, is a desirable one in Oakland and surrounding area especially those of the creative class.

Doubtless many who are ignorant of the agenda will blame countless reasons for this, incorrectly of course.

What explains this difference in preference by local powers that be is simply according to who is useful in keeping their machines running and who is not. It's not personal, it's not racist or classist. It's based on pure need and greed as it always is.

African Americans in metro Boston are and have always been an intricate part of running the city and it's various institutions. Often they are put in positions that deal with the public directly daily and it's obvious one of their main purposes is to be the front line of defense against the public but also as handlers of the public for the power structure. It's also beneficial to keep this demographic well cared for and employed as the area is centuries old, small and neighborhoods and cities, towns are in close proximity. The riots of the 60s I'm sure sticks in the memory of many locals and demonstrated what may occur if this is not done, alonh with the level of crime that has occurred in past decades where ever this demographic had a strong presence on borders' of rich areas.

In contrast, Oakland is predominantly a black neighborhood. Many of the residents live there but many don't contribute to the daily running of the city and it doesn't matter anyway because it doesn't serve the demographics who are gentrifying. Thus the locals arent to put it bluntly-house slaves serving the power structure and they will most likely have a territorial attitude towards the area not one of servitude in exchange for prosperity or survival such as in Boston. This is also the birth place of the Black Panther movement so it's been demonstrated as well as countless extreme alt cultures such as squat houses in constant legal battle with banks over real estate, serious activists, punk houses etc.
The local population in Oakland supports rebellion not globalism. The locals don't serve-they live there.

This makes the African American demographic in one city more desirable than many others but then undesirable in different city.
It's the same for the alt Caucasianc creatives I mentioned.  This demographic are often involved in the start ups, co ops and businesses seen as part of the gentrification of the area in Oakland, usually due to close proximity to SF and Berkeley.
Metro Boston seems to have no use for such people any longer and they are seen as really the last remaining threat to IT, bio, pharma and military industrial complex take over of the area. They represent a bygone past of artists and bohemianism most associated with the olde money and former culture of Lib Elite Left, orbitting around Ivy League colleges and cosmopolitan city life.  Traditionally if one had looks and brains in this Bosron talent being a plus it may have been even more highly regarded than actual wealth-quietly of course. The backlash against elite culture. You had a chance and you were admired for it. The institutions were bored and held such dominion that being challenged by outsider culture was tolerated and often seen as a way to ensure a big powerful megalith stayed somewhat healthy- by being questioned, challenged and even held accountable.
Rarely do I see anyone who is colorful anymore or eccentric or artistic. I suppose global competition from globalism itself is perhaps what's made megalithic institutions question their dominance and power thus not being able to afford any dissidents any longer...or maybe it's something else.

Boston has been occupied by people who want to brag they live in Boston but don't understand Boston or know how it works probably same for Oakland and Anywhere Else, USA with these same globalist conditions. The perfect globalist citizen is just that-a corporate citizen. Every one can live any where because they all share globalist and corporate culture. This may be another reason why in the northeast, where local Caucasians have traditionally had strong ethnic identities to ancestry and even ties the 'old countries' in Europe, a strong healthy big person who's a tougher breed than in the western US is a dissenter by their very nature because the average millennial and younger now doesn't know where their ancestors or from or have any real experience with it culturally-they are children of corporate culture and of the state. God help them if the dissident has high intelligence, no formal education, is talented and ambitious. Once rejected by globalist society such a person will no doubt become a revolutionary and the Northeast provides all the resources necessary for that to become a reality.

So realizing this has been happening around the country even the world for a decade roughly, I begin to notice these attempts at what seems like ensuring that NO ONE on this planet escapes the system necessary for indoctrination into globalism.

Nomadic people's are being destroyed by global warming or relocation efforts or outright harassment. Indigenous peoples are now being threatened with having their land taken back or reduced such as in Brazil and others still suffer from land taken from them for mining or pipelines etc.
Africa continues to be exploited and run by corrupt puppet govts.

In many of China's instances of relocating it seems to be that whoever is relocated or chased off is in the way of mining or tourism but not always. Suddenly China gives a damn about poor peasant people? If only India had such a revelation.

One must wonder why it's so important to make such an effort to control people and their movements as well as location and the designs of the cities they live in.
Even the new LED street lights now put up around the world are an example of  public opinion not being respected as well as people's health and well being.
Its likely because the government grant driven LED street lights contain the capacity to use the Intellistreets system, complete with DHS software programs. I guess the damage done to humans and animals by HEV light (blue light) such as retinal damage and repressing pineal gland function aren't of concern as long as the majority (if you survive) are subject to the surveillance state. Again benefiting the agendas of globalist, corporate etc.

People who are kept busy in the globalist bubble or false environments or realities that's been created for humans, focus on diversions and waste time with endless conflict. The point seems to be to reduce the numbers of humans who exist outside the controlled environment both physically and in any other way.

One of the wonderful perks of city life that the relocated folk will be subjected to is China's Social Credit System. Americans hardly are aware of this and the fact that Chinese have no human rights etc like we enjoy. In the documentary I learned that the Chinese govt owns all the land in the nation. Property 'owners' simply lease it.
If you recall from history class, Europeans put an end to this practice by the Catholic Church starting with the creation of the Church of England and it went from there.

Is there any reason why we do business with this country and buy most of our daily goods from them? Why the factory jobs that sustained lower to middle class uneducated people in America have gone over to this nation? That we now covet their citizens as college students? That Chinese real estate companies have bought up US land from Harvard Square Cambridge to boarded up towns in the Midwest? That they possess obscenely large amounts of our debt? That the stupid, cheap, mindless brain draning gadgets we buy from them have been in part banned due to they being utilized for spying on Americans?

Look at the reality of this nation. Look at the way they treat people and deal with situations. They destroyed Mongolia and it's precious indigenous culture so unique in it's alignment with Nature and it's understanding of it.

They are forcing people without means to pay for the relocation ( It's called extortion) which is outrageous then they actually made the villagers destroy their own homes themselves before relocation supposedly to prevent return but it seems more likely the motive is to remind them just who's land it is-they just live on it. Give me a F*CKIN BREAK. Now I understand why their history has all these stories of revolt from the people. I guess they want to ensure that never becomes the case again.
It seems that's the same goal of whatever  beast has taken the name and disguise of globalism.

I think it's the ultimate horror that man has been trying to avoid throughout history-the enslavement of mankind and somehow-theyve sold it so that it's acceptable. Desirable. No one is really arguing or revolting or resisting. Everyone who does is seen as a terrorist, a racist, mentally ill, cynical or at the very least a malcontent. Whatever they can come up with, in many instances, judgement is passed by one of their useless idiot dupes worst of all who believes they are part of some revolution of Change for a better world. Yes a better corporate world but outside the of the insular reality created for the mainstream (who now believes they are the revolutionaries) there's no change that benefits humanity. Just the people you work with, go to school with, shop alongside or live in a 'community' with. Anyone outside those designated safe spaces for globalists is being screwed worse than ever because people aren't paying attention to the real world problems any more.

It occurred to me this year as I've seen these kinds of stories that if places like Cambridge or NYC or any place with money and power can put so much effort and energy and resources into focusing on who gets to use what rest room and can become so ignorant and intolerant due to Identity Politics now ruling their lives (while avoiding the fact that it only feeds and covers for genuine class struggle and economic inequality if not serves as a diversion from it) THEN WHY DIDNT ANYONE FROM THE USA START A FUND OR SPONSORSHIP TO HELP THESE PEOPLE PAY the damn relocation fees? Seriously?

This thinking started when I saw a documentary about a man who runs a mobile library on the island of Java, bringing books to remote villages by horseback.

I thought of all the universities I've been in and some very well funded ones specifically who hold themselves in high regard as the moral keepers of defining what everyone should think or live (depending on the elites changing agenda. Having a professor dropping LSD and advocating such as 'counter culture' at your university post MK Ultra and WW2 LSD experimentation on soldiers seems as useful then as having any number of chaos makers who will help break down society now by means of Marxist insanity of the current Liberal Left).
A vision of all the books within their walls and in use came to mind. All that they had and all they were capable of in potentially helping such a situation as the one in Java. Anyone around the world any person, company or nation could do better than nothing. So...why is this man suffering such depravation, alone? Why is there such lacking?

I think I recall how little his monthly income was. A homeless person here who panhandles could afford to sponsor a better book program. It was disgusting as a realization.

With all the resources available why is no one helping these causes that would benefit from small monetary support or simple donations of books or supplies-not to support an ongoing endless (manufactured, perpetuated) problem but as a solution that pretty much solves the problem?

It was sad to see small group of individuals taking on the burden instead of a much swifter solution of a educational institution or book company even libraries. Anything.

It's unbelievable to me that no one in developed countries has taken this on or even raises awareness about it.

I now realize why all the choas, Diversion, corrupt smears and frame ups must occur-because a true dissident  will discover what requires action for genuine solving of problems.

When you come up with solutions and solve problems in the world, logo/catchphrase from brainwashing loaded language begins to appear.more clearly what ii is: just a word. How much solutions to peoples problems 'Change' provides is then considered by a mind that is once again functioning

Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Common And Old Question in the TI Community: WHY?

It's a theoretical question that many in our community ponder on especially early on in our quest for the truth or at least feasible answers. However in hindsight people often discover not only was the question ultimately unimportant, the answers were simple all along.

There's at least one long time activist out there who has based her entire angle on "Why?".  It basically serves as a logo for her website and it sums up what many of us wonder throughout.

Some people in this community dislike the weakness of this approach and I've always walked away from this as,'s useless. Until you have viable theories that are feasible or someone credible outright tells you the facts to your face then it's a question and subject matter that can only serve to trap a person. Like the way they used to break down computers decades ago by over loading them or giving them problems that couldn't be solved. The guys from Lincoln Labs who used to visit one of my relatives nearby when he wanted to 'relax' would discuss such things. How they'd destroy computers' minds by such methods then rebuild them.

It's hard to tell if this is disinfo, serving the aforementioned purpose or simply a person who cannot do research and theorize to their own satisfaction thus they become stuck in a very bad place.

Firstly if the question of "Why?" presses on your mind then you are suffering greatly. The best thing to do is to push this out of your mind and heart. It indicates that you care too much and are feeling slighted or separated from your fellow man. Caring about the motives for being mistreated (in theory) is counter productive if you don't know the answer or can't accept theories that are viable, logical, sensible and make the most sense.

"WHY?" is an emotional question and it denotes helplessness. This is not a good space to be in.

The theories that work the best are based on deduction, info from other activists both in our community and elsewhere, research and direct information exchange between yourself and those who know. Once mis- or dis-info is weeded out then one can form sensible answers.

It seems the best theories are logical answers and they demonstrate typical human behavior recorded throughout human history.

What I've formulated for the GS theory as far as theorized motive is as follows.

Rule of Thumb is:
Everyone from individuals to groups to businesses to large corporations to the military industrial complex to possibly certain departments of any government on this earth one thing is on common. You can bet that THEY ARE IN TROUBLE.

It's that simple.
That's the number one theory for such potential actions. If you leave it at that then you can disregard any and all worries and fears.

Of course there are other motives.

The aforementioned (individuals to largest org one can think of) is in need or want of material things that they cannot acquire by their own efforts or resources.

In other words they are cheating. It's the ultimate system of cheating in life however and usually the participants are unbalanced to begin with from simply mentally off to highly immoral. Desperate and easily controlled sacrifing anyone to get what they want is second nature. To them, this is part of doing business from the most erratic and unemployable to gainfully employed yet living beyond their means in desperation.

These are the main theories for motive. There are of course secondary more personal, cultural or mob/group motivations or rather excuses, rationalizations. Most of these consist of mob mentality hatred, jealousy, threat to culture or tradition.

Men who have issues with women often gain satisfaction from as a group and individually from theoretical mobbing campaigns of females especially ones that are a threat to the status quo in some way.
Classism is also a rationalization as is racial hatreds or payback culture.

I wouldn't trust the theory of Cause Stalkers because it's been experienced by many that if the overall perception of a TI is that they are for instance a Christian even if that is not the case, then the campaign will consist of anti Christian content and attempts to torment using this. Often the campaign gets bad information (as a result  of sloppy amatuerish intelligence gathering) and the results make an amusing tragic comedy. These will be your most enjoyable moments, and it will release you from the question of 'Why' because with this much buffoonery, who cares really?
So then after dealing with mobs of kids making contact in malls or something and saying "where's your God now?" and a confused TI saying to oneself "wtf are these people on about? I'm not even religious or Christian. Don't get this" or idiots walking by attempting torment via Satanic T shirts that have obviously just been taken out of packages due to the folds still noticeable, like actors in quick costume change- one realizes that these people don't actually know much about the TI at all. That's why people try to phish/fish for information so often. Not only is it because they seem desperate for intel (and obviously there's some compensation for this) but it's a means of control and possibly gauging mood or receptivity of the Target for the next actions according to the GS theory of group mobbing activity.

Then once more intel is gathered the TI may notice that mobbing methods change. Unfortunately, writing a blog or public speaking can provide this info and add to the TIs misery so realize that you yourself may be one of the greatest sources of information not only to use against you with mobbing but possibly for something more damaging such as a frame up.

So the anti Christian, Satanists suddenly become Christians or Jews based on what info they gather to fix their mistakes. When this doesn't work either because the TI isn't Satanic or it's complicated then it becomes even more obvious that this is a system that only seeks results-nothing or anyone you experience is genuine.

Any and all weaknesses in a TIs psychological make up and history will be found and exploited by mobbing campaigns.
One TI even witnessed early on in a campaign her peripheral vision being measured and tested by people most likely to asses how close to her mobbing has to occur to be effective perhaps using psychological methods such as pavlovian psychology at some point.

Another TI in early 2000s awoke in a hostel to a group of people circled around her, a young white male seemingly the group leader asking "so how smart is this one supposed to be?".

Total control of the person and their environment is theoretically what is attempted.
Asking "why?" at the points where abuse is so severe seems useless. It's not worth it.

One TI met a woman who gave her a business card that said 'Jedi Mind Tricks'.

As scary as this all sounds when one remembers the Rule Of Thumb theory for motives, which are pretty basic for anyone involved, then the follies of such people become more evident as well as the potential ineffectiveness of the system as a whole.

Also the book putting forth the theory of such groups being terrorist groups with unknown motives has been discredited. If you come across the publication 'Terrorist Organized Stalking In America' discard it or save it as an example of what disinformation looks like.

What seems to gain compensation is:
-action (harassment.  any action against the TI by anyone)

-inaction (purposeful negligence. The desired result is that not taking action will result in harm to the TI)

-intel gathering which may also gauge receptivity during contact and exchange. This also seems to serve as attempts to preserve psychological control over the TI.
Someone approaches and asks " Where are you coming from and where are you going?". This happens repeatedly over many weeks or months. These aren't persons in authority but they approach the Target and anyone with them with an arrogant display of being as such which of course does more damage which is always the desired result.

Not only does this actually gain perhaps meaningful information to assist in a mobbing campaign but it serves seemingly moreso to harass, deny privacy, interrogate and make the TI feel as if they are the ones who have done something wrong. Always remember that anyone taking part in these actions are either trying to get out of trouble, avoid exposure which would get them in trouble or gain something they need or want they cannot acquire by their own efforts through legit means. They are wrong. Always.

In TIs who are RA or MC programming Survivors, these actions seem connected to continued MC projects. It would be desirable to keep such a person under control for whatever ends the corrupt powers that be require. Ensuring you silence such a person for a lifetime is the desirable result.

Many people have experienced theoretical mobbing by persons that seem severely impaired from severe abuse. Obviously this is sad and probably the most scary of types. They resemble slaves not people.

Others have reported that they were approached by group leaders with the promise that the mobbing would cease and that they were propositioned with a shady, vague employment opportunity consisting of moving to a new location monthly and being compensated with pay at about the same intervals. From this it a rather feasible and reliable theory be formulated or deduction can occur that any number of persons participating in theorized mobbing activity have been coerced into such activity and are now compensated. Thus the 'need' or 'want' is present but this situation may be the saddest of them all.

It's very basic as to theoretical motive.

Need or Want:

-Money or material gain:
•deals, freebies, gaining expensive items for far less than others pay. This seems to include automobiles, homes, vacations. (Most cases would be easily detectable via financial over site or review as well as simply profiling the recipients as such people couldn't nor have not the means or abilities to gain such things on their own.)
•grant funding for academics and scientists and govt funding for organizations or institutions.
• contracts such as any sort of tradesman can provide especially union.
• housing from HUD or other (housing as payoff or reward)
• gaining any of these more expediently than others or more easily than is realistic.

In trouble:
 •legal, financial etc,
definitely criminal or leading to criminal conviction. Blackmail etc.
•Trying to avoid conviction.
•Attempting to lessen penalty after conviction. Parole, probation, sentencing etc.
•Attempting to avoid exposure of crime, corruption etc that would lead to the aforementioned.

This applies to individuals, companies, corporations and on up. No one is immune.

The absolute worse cases reported were the seeming use of people so immoral, violent, evil and depraved that it's practical to theorize that a practice similar to the CIA overseas has done in the past which is to go into the allies criminal system and find the worst offenders then offer them immunity as well as compensation to work against the enemy. Letting them loose to simply do what they do that led to their imprisonment to begin with is desirable.

The in trouble and in need certainly applies but these arent people who are afraid and are in need for that reason. They are serial killers, psychopaths, child rapists and murderers possibly. They gladly partake as it's their nature to do so. Many TIs report definitely being able to tell the difference over time.

There's now no mystery at all. No need to ask why. The theoretical motives are simple human animal behavior. Try becoming the Observer now that you've got something to take in. It's no magic trick.

If these theories are correct and this info accurate, reports genuine then "Why?" should never again be part of a GS theorists vocabulary nor any sort of problem to figure out.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Profiling May Be Used As Cover For Mobbing Or Harassment

I now have multiple documented cases of overt, ridiculous harassment that all utilized profiling as well as where security and store employees basically created situations that were non existent to create drama.

When this occurs always go to the manager and keep an account of what occurred. It's especially imoimport to record an account afterwards while it's fresh in your and others' minds. Usually if a business is this corrupt then management is compliant or negligent and won't take action.

You must go up thrto the ranks through proper channels. This means calling corporate. Usually a district manager is a good bet but you can always go further.

The higher ups are grateful for letting them know what is going on at the store level. When the cats away the mice will play.

Every security employee is from an outsourced company. They also need to know what's going on with corrupt or unsavory (or outright insane) employees and usually corporate of the company you contact will take care of that for you as they are unwilling to reveal their security protocols or who they outsource from.

Stay calm is the first rule. Stay logical. If any tactical physical intimidation maneuvers or formations are being used move out of them and try to get within shot of a security camera.

Going to the front of the store is a good idea even though it makes for more  potential problems as more employees may become involved, it actually makes them look suspect as all you are doing is standing there say talking on the phone to your friend about what you need on your shopping list and the undercover security guy who's been stalking you as well as the cashier who's leaning over staring at you seem to be the ones WITH A PROBLEM. Why is so much attention being focused on you?

Play this one out. Wait them out. If any authorities walk through the door as if something is wrong then it's possibly an abuse of profiling.

Of course this may be the now extremely popular 'BAIT AND WAIT' tactic being used as ad nauseum to get rid of people the community feels 'dont belong' or people who are possibly targeted for whatever reason.  It's very popular in MA for the past few years as a way to clean up the poor, homeless or freaky alt people anyone they think is so marginalized that it will be easy to TRIGGER them and get them upset, angry, anxiety ridden etc.

This they know will lead to cause. They then have cause to search you or suspect you and if they please, assess a person as mental and have them involuntary sectioned for three days.

Whenever  a person is locked away there is no oversight. They can do whatever they want or make up anything they want especially if as I said they believe that the person is marginalized and has no money for a decent lawyer to fight back.

This is the globalist way of designing cities the way that people want them. It's a form of entrapment.

Portraying the victim as a certain profile makes it easy to abuse the person with psychological warfare using methods  and inducing stress (deadly over time to ones health) so that the result will for the perpetrators a SELF FULLFILING PROPHECY of the original Profile.

If ever you wonder about motives individuals, authorities or businesses have for theoretically involving themselves in such actions the rule of thumb is THEY ARE IN TROUBLE.  Corruption is a word that's lost it's meaning so I refrain from using it. It's a big fancy word used officially that sounds important but it's equal to a much more simple concept.

Someone got caught for something or could be exposed or has been convicted and wants a better deal.

It is literally that simple. From the highest office to the lowest street dweller. Everyone is accountable to someone.

It's no mystery as to Why. There activists out asking why and it's a very simple answer.

The latest incident I've had was in a city that has unfortunately become a drug area near a major freeway running up the coast. I had problems simply going to two different drug stores for items that were not available locally. Profiling was obviously used and at the last store before ending my errands this bait and wait method was attempted.

I informed the manager that I've had security fired from one of their stores before, mentioned the district manager and that she needs to take care of the issue. I'm an activist this is what I do.

That of course won't do any good. Eventually I will have to go to the DM again or higher and get things under control that way.

Always remember that in these situations it's based on profiling and maybe even fabrications from untrustworthy sources like paid snitches who are notorious for making up bad leads or even infiltrators within ranks of authorities who any citizen would believe.

Make all your counter moves based on law and putting blame on the corrupt system not feeling bad yiurself.

The point of mobbing is to make the victim feel they are wrong as so many people mistreat them but it's the complete opposite-usually it's originating from those who are in the wrong. In trouble. Corrupt. Desperate. Losers.

That is the number one rule of self defense. Turn the situation around so that the victim is victorious not a bunch of nobodies working for some business that's in trouble. Because that's all this is. Every time. And nothing  more.

Always write documented accounts and make sure they get to corporate, whoever you spoke to. This will over time show that you've experienced a pattern of abuse and it's been systematic, not imagined.

Friday, March 22, 2019

John Kerry Benefits From Being Marketed As Irish In Areas Strong With Ethnic History-Kerry Isn't Irish

Unfortunately it seems its may originate from a kiss of the Blarney Stone than reality.
Being a victim of long term deception isnt fun, is it?

Kerry and the Non Existent Irish Connection:

Kerry Was Kohn:

John Kerry-Did He Pretend To Be Irish?:

Being from Boston I actually became somewhat nauseous after reading all this. Then somehow relieved. The truth does that. It sets us free. After some reaction and consideration.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

GW Bush Slaps Obama's Butt With Binder At McCain Funeral

Well the good ol boy network has some mandated Diversity now! Somehow this makes those eight years a bit easier.

This is the definition of transparency!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

George HW Bush Groping Women-Its The Least Of Our Worries/#MeToo Used For Diversion

Let's get something straight about #MeToo being exploited for diversion.

If you encounter a Harvey Weinstien or Bill Cosby etc and you don't either punch them in the face or make a fuss and walk out the door,  then you choose to put up with that behavior probably in exchange for something like payment or opportunity.
You could also take another avenue like blackmail to get them under control or teach them a lesson.
There's also men who don't like other males who behave that way and even other women and telling them even discreetly what these guys are about would damage them to a small extent maybe evoking the protection of stronger or equal males or blacklisting them with certain businesses who give a shit about women and will refuse service to them.

These are the ways women in business and industries that are high risk often deal with predators when it's underground.

If youre in Hollywood to begin with seeking success your either a naive romantic dreamer or are sick yourself and should know how to deal with such people. Wilting lillies, snowflakes and such are going to learn a tough lesson in such businesses. Go find something less dangerous. The truly determined women and females who can outsmart or even exploit these men's predatory nature's will succeed and always have.

#MeToo runs off the premise that females are not predatory or that only females are being exploited. It's Victomhood Culture and it's not realistic.

HW Bush Accused of Groping By Eighth Woman:

First of all he was male so get the hell over it. Since when have men in power been well behaved? Politicians are much more clever actors than anyone in Hollywood could ever hope to achieve in their lifetimes.

Secondly this is a perfect example of of the current atmosphere of diversion over content that is important. Our priorities reflect how insane we've become after 20 years of abuse by the power structure.

Society should be more worried about his New World Order speech or any of the various other things he, his family and his cohorts and the generally corrupt power elite have done over decades past instead of focusing on such minute details.

He was an old man when this was brought to our attention and he was very ill. So people wait until he's most vulnerable to go after him? Just goes to show how much influence he had.
He may have allowed this as part of a stunt to allow his image to get off easy with only being remembered for something seemingly inoffensive and unimportant compared to the 80s hushed up, forgotten scandal concerning a White House late night male escort service connected to the Boys Town child molestation case. That scandal had led to testimonies from kids, then grown, that created leads to Satanic Ritual Abuse programming and MK Ultra as it was used on victims for other purposes. This also involved a revelation about The Finders network who would case out and abduct children.

A documentary about it was pulled from television at the last minute by execs in the 90s and even though it made the papers then it was slowly dissolved and hushed up which was easier to do back then in part because there was no internet.
This came about the same time as PACOHRE during Clinton which deals with MK Ultra projects and radiation human experimentation.
If you follow the timeline anyone can plainly see that therapists are partially responsible for bringing this to public attention, perhaps a mistake as soon afterwards the concept of 'Satanic Panic' came about as backlash and key academics from universities connected to MK funding conjured the psychiatric condition known as 'False recovered memory syndrome'. Complete with published foriegn interviews of they supporting pedophilia and one academic couple's daughter writing an exposé making similar claims about her parents.

Not to mention every other sinister and sordid deed he's been associated with or accused of or suspected of or linked to politically, in business or in foriegn affairs.

This is the nature of power. This is politics.

I would rather deal with a man in power who at least had high intelligence, a proper background and education, family history and an understanding of world affairs and politics that like most old money, is realistic in the view of the world is awful and unfair and man is evil; politics are viscous games and power corrupts and people are often very sick who make our decisions.
That this is and always has been, the nature of our world. Thinking we can change that is either a diversion created by those wishing to avoid us seeing their slight of hand or the symptoms of a dying society living in delusion-usually both.

Admitting to the sick nature of our world makes maintaining balance easier and it should be a priority. If leaders appear squeaky clean, the elite concerned with equality (?) and the system 'cleaned up' you can bet that corruption has just gone underground and learned to hide.

What's going on today is that power has adapted to the surveillance and internet age by ensuring what they do isnt exposed or even percieved by the public. That constant threats and diversions are focused on. I highly suspect that the very security companies that are watching everything are heavily blackmailing people in order to gain control and those that pay the most, have the most value or are favored are saved from exposure.

The problem with #MeToo is that after everyone exposes those that are chosen as expendable enough to be thrown under the bus (in career prime not near death old age) then society will have a MANAGED PERCEPTION that these things no longer occur. That the system has been cleaned up and the worst offenders will remain and the structure that allows them to continue abuse stays intact. Why are men in Hollywood being suddenly held accountable for something that's been a well known cultural norm for a century there yet a culture of abuse such as Michael Jackson's victims and child stars like Corey Feldman speak of isn't even being seriously investigated?

People today don't seem to recall the bad old days when organized crime pretty much ran everything in certain areas of the country and kids today can't even percieve of such a state of affairs.

The same thing is happening with politics nowadays and this is intersecting with the culture of PC which has approached levels of terror and oppression that can be compared to the former Soviet Union, east Germany etc. If you never understood why the US Constitution was created by Europeans fleeing oppression or how it works then we are seeing it now. That document that GW Bush claimed is "just a piece of paper" is working very hard for us right now.
That's what I appreciated about the Bush family. There's a chance to fight back if your able to as he was correct: the US Constitution IS JUST A PIECE OF PAPER if PEOPLE don't enforce it or stand by it, demand it be respected or fight for it and make fellow citizens aware of it, it's contents and it's function.

The Bush family never attempted to hide their crimes as much as other politicians and administrations have. Other admins have had an insecurity and pettiness about being in power with the natural corruption that comes with it that I've always found distasteful. A childishness about leadership on the international level.

 Notice how wording changes perception: 'international' is something serious, grown up and sprawling, we imagine a very large scale, mentally. 'Global' is insular, almost akin to a confining space. Inclusive even if we don't want that. Everyone else is in your face-kind of like a prison yard. 'International' seems expansive. Full of possibilities. 'Global' seems to induce a sense of globe's shape. Round, encompassing. Encircling us.
Containing and trapping.

Bush was a fossil of a world that globalism and the corporatocracy is trying to erase as we are indoctrinated (put in prison) into the globalist world order. The fact it has to use the surveillance and police state, brain washing (and a denial of the existence of it), punitive psychiatry and a loaded language to accomplish this should demonstrate that nothing has changed or is going to change by putting a bunch of dumb testosterone driven males on blast for being just that-typical shitty guys.

Bush ruled-both in the spotlight and from behind the shadows. Bush was sniffing around the presidency for decades. He was part of the Nixon admin as were many of his son's admins or advisors. It's been a running joke among conspiracy theorist that Reagan was shot at by a man with links to the Bush family because he got impatient for his turn at the throne. He's always had influence over the presidency. In the Clinton debates one can clearly see him sitting back like a boxer paid to lose a fight, so Clinton could win. Then his son gets in for two terms and as usual when theres a Bush in office a huge war is created. One could speculate that since he came from descendents of the British crown, that was his function in America as his family influenced the presidency for 50 years.

During his presence in politics and many like him at least citizens could question and speculate. Offer independent views from alternative news including legit research from accountable sources to far out conspiracy theories.

This is the value of a society run by 'old white men'. I don't see this new world of progressiveness allowing itself to be questioned or complained about. It also seems to not only dislike the law of the land and want to rid us of Constitutional government but seeks to usurp it's authority with it's own rules. It's also causing a wave of 'deaths of dispair' among people globalists would love to get rid of.

Through the current brainwashing culture, there are people who actually do not know their rights or the laws or the nature of law. They truly believe that PC rules are the law.

This is reminiscent of the days when we were kids and organized crime ran everything by the same methods basically especially ensuring no one knew there rights, the law didn't prevail and fear and strong arm tactics were used to ensure compliance.

I'd rather deal with an old white guy who is predictable and can be criticized and questioned and theorized about than to be convinced by force that to question leadership makes me mentally ill, potentially dangerous or hateful, against betterment of society etc.

Humanity is headed to extinction and PC culture becoming the ruling cult we have to live under by forced indoctrination is a way of bringing us to a contrived paradise so we can die in  'peace' living in total denial.

Some of us don't want that. I'd rather fight with the old white guys who at least were man enough to understand that what they do and how they force us to live is going to be criticized even fought against and definitely questioned.

Freedom is often achieved by simply understanding that you are aware of the unfairness, imbalance and inequality and you can make choices to speak out, be critical of it and live your life in a way that contributes to it the least and do what little you can to prevent it the most.

Now we aren't even allowed to acknowledge it. Our hate speech (frustration with other humans and living conditions at various times) and 'anti government' sentiments (usually misguided via misinformation and not actually directed at the US govt but corporate, The Complex, elite global powers and operators within these realms) is either blocked from private communications companies or will get us on a watch list or suspected of eventually becoming a lone shooter or other danger.
If this doesn't work then a frame up will be created complete with punitive psychiatry being utilized like many activists experienced during the last years of the Obama administration.

A monster like HW Bush is expected at these levels of international power. There were much worse. If you don't see that as predictable and believe that's actually going to change then the reality being formed now is many times more horrific than the past, filled with dirty old white men, inequality and corruption.

Here's some examples of men in power sharing the same qualities and it illustrates why PC CORPORATE LIBERAL activism is diversionary:

Former vice prez Joe Biden:

Former president Obama:

Well at least he's into Diversity!

(Fact check of photo of Obama and his daughter crculating on the internet: FAKE.  so it's clear I don't consider that valid. If such a photo were taken the person claiming to have taken it would not be able to post it and wouldn't either be alive or have any life to speak of left.
I won't publish the photo in question here as it's invalid.)

President Trump:

This crap isn't what's important. Fukushima is important. Banning everything nuclear off this Earth is important. Plastic showing up in melting ice in the Arctic is important. Africa feeding itself with it's large recourses is important not aid to corrupt dictators and occupation by imperialism (yes China now). Awareness of the potential misuse of technology for sinister purposes and abuse of power now and in our trans humanist future is ultimately important.

Wake up or stay out of the way of the real freedom fighters.