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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Friday, August 2, 2019

Don't Bother Contacting Activist Legal Support-Misleading Internet Presence

I called the number listed as it appears to be portrayed as an organization independent of any firm etc.
It's referenced all over the internet as a vital resource for a help for legal representation, questions etc.

What I got is a snide female answering the number her first words being "i don't know what that is" when asked if this is Activist Legal Support listed on the internet.
After establishing that it's all over the internet with that number to call she then changed to saying "well we are a law firm and some of our clients are activists".


Then I asked simply if someone could call me next week as I know it's after 5 now etc. I got a kurt, dark, low response of affermative, then I got hung up on.


Then I called back and left a message. I mapped out the conversation as above. I noted that it's on the internet as appearing as a singular organization and its supposed to do what it says it does.  Also that the first response made no sense. Also no one took my number.

Then I added that I will keep calling because I need help and also...well..I'm just confused about what is going on (lol).
I also noted that any federal Federal funding they get should be may be best put elsewhere because it sounds pretty misleading.


Then I actually talked to a live person. Basically reiterated whats above.
One thing I understand is my number is on the phone from calling which is fine but a little communication on that further than hanging up wud have been nice.

She of course then claimed I was very aggressive which is interesting because I'm being assertive not aggressive but she was indeed being passive aggressive from the start.

I informed her my location was a state away and if that wasn't an issue at least for the two things I needed then can someone contacted me. I also asked if they only deal with protesters etc and is that their limitation.

Dead air. Hang up.

So it's safe to say this is a waste of time for genuine activists that are looking for any answers or help other than protesters and the run of the mill trendy 'activist' a tivities going on there. I suspect if I was a masked member of ANTIFA I'd be in no prob.  (That's satire. That's my opinion not asserting fact).

I also made no threats and wasnt loud or using obscene language etc. And no emails are going to be sent so dont even try another frame up stunt like that again. My cyber stalker from 3 yrs ago disappeared after the frame up failed so I doubt this will happen.)

Don't waste your time with this. For someone to answer the phone claiming they don't know what that is, when the number is connected to that organization and posted all over the internet is complete bullsh*t obviously.

Any emails or harassment of any parties mentioned using my name will warrant an investigation that WILL catch those responsible next time. Don't even try it.

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