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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Friday, February 8, 2019

Media Content: Liberty Mutual's Odd Ads

Original post:

Liberty Mutual insurance company has quirky ads, a style that many other companies are utilizing in recent years.
However is there more to these ads than meets the eye?

Propaganda, manipulation for agendas and other psychological influence is potentially in everything we take in from the mediascape. In order to be free of influence we must analyze content and view wisely.

It seems that LM tries to make the impression that they are associated with or located in New York. This is not the case as they are a historically relevant company from Boston, MA.

This in itself smacks of deception and one wonders why it is necessary. Perhaps Boston is considered to small, insignificant and uninteresting to the global community whereas everyone is familiar with, and excited about  NYC.
Whatever their reasons for being misleading, their ads continue to be more strange than ever and less amusing than in past years.

As other companies use oddness as a means to an end to attract attention then most utilize humor, LM ads are now more nonsensical. They've always seemed to serve as a lead to something else not just the aforementioned effects of attention getting etc.

A recent ad shows a cyclist with huge calves saying he's a fitness junkie (even though he appears to be flabby and have 'love handles'). He then complains he can't insure his huge calves and that this is a shame.

(Actually this is untrue. Body parts can be insured by Lloyd's of London and I believe others. People who's careers are based on physicality often do this such as models insuring their legs, culinary experts insuring their taste buds etc.

Other ads recently simply make no sense and are on the verge of disturbing as the viewer is left questioning what it's purpose is.

(Damn, that's a BIG microphone, isn't it? Hmmmm.)

Most confusing and definitely disturbing is the witness protection program character of which there are a few variations.

I have googled this many times-who is Mr Landry?. There are a few actors named Landry and a deceased famous football player.

It may even reference this case of prep school abuse in Louisiana where the founders and perpetrators' names are Landry and it was published in the NY Times. However those Landrys are African American and "Mr. Landry" in the ad is Caucasian, so perhaps not.

The recent ads seem desperate and uneccesarily dark. They seem to have little to do with insurance but perhaps something else.