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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Experiences With TRUMAN SHOW EFFECT-Now A Daily Prison As Of This Year

[Keep in mind while reading this that Ive been targeted all my life but intensely for ten years and am in my early 40s now. My health is a bit comprimised and I live a lifestyle more attuned to a 20 something by living out of a back pack which I carry daily, sleep outside now in the cold and often am functioning sleep deprived which the perps love to make sure of. SLEEP DEPRIVATION IS ONE OF THE KEY COMPONENTS TO MAKING THIS WORK FOR THEM ON A TARGET. THE OTHER IS SEXUAL CONTENT SPECIFICALLY ABUSE. WITHOUT THOSE TWO THEY WOULDNT BE ABLE TO ACCOMPLISH ANY OF THIS TO THE LEVELS OF WHAT THEY DO. Ive been having frequent sleep deprivation for a good five years now though I cure it when I can by day napping. One of thier tricks is to mess with you so you waste time being distracted from what was on a planned schedule so that they can ensure you dont make time for a nap- an easier thing to do in cold weather where you have to go to a specific place to nap.]

One of the tortures Ive been experiencing for the last year is what the psychiatric world has addressed as Truman Show Syndrome. is a decpetion becuz these are people who do not know anything about being targeted or Gang Stalked obviously. How can such a concept be true without all of the possible information that explains the phenomena or condition?

When one looks at the covert activity of 'gang stalking' as well as becomes educated in the existence of advanced technologies then one can refer to this as Truman Show EFFECT. Becuz obviously its something that the shadow system is capable of producing to brainwash and torment Targeted Individuals. Its done on purpose, it seems by logic to be a product of technologies available to the powers that be and it reacts like tech always does. Microwaves most likely- it disappears in solid underground areas or other areas where tech cannot reach.(Basements in hospitals, some govt buildings, in bathrooms contained within old, sturdy steel and concrete buildings etc.)

It is not present during the time frames that I have DOCUMENTED OVER THE YEARS that remote influence seems to be present in the USA (for TIs at least) which is from approx 12 midnight to approx 6 am mon-Sat every day of the year except federal holidays and Sundays. In some locations Sat might be milder or Sundays might not be 'clear' but mild influence might be possible. NO PLACE in the USA have I experienced any tech on federal holidays. Some TIs find that they are clear on thier birthdays. BTW birthdays are traditional Satanic calender holidays for ritual abuse survivors.

TRUMAN SHOW EFFECT is what when a TI is being targeted by technologies and maybe chemical influence also to assist in the tech being more effective, to create a daily interface with the person's mind that makes them believe that they are living in a reality show where people can view them and thier lives.

Many of us are aware that we are experimentees in MK Ultra projects. MK Ultra was concerned with behavior modification and wiping the mind of previous information namely, the person's memories and thier natural born identity and Self.

Truman Show EFFECT as I call it works by getting information out of me, the TI and finding out what people I admire, emulate, feel kinship with or want to use as example for my life. Since Survivors of these programs often are intergenerational, we have very poor examples of functioning, successful role models. So we do what most poor kids have done who are smart and creative- we emulate what we find that we admire. What we would like to be or who reminds us of us thats successful.

This is how many famous, successful people have gotten out of poverty or nowhere to fulfill thier potential. Its using your imagination and thats one of the things I mentioned that the NWO wants to trap and take away from people namely with technologies.

Its too much to get into writing about here but mankind has been doing amazing things on earth using his imagination. Ancient primitive man, his imagination, spirit and the drugs from plants, would find gods or commune with them. This and healing is what modern humans are attempting to do when they take drugs, unfortunately, the powers that be know this and ensure that these plants are now in forms that are bastardized and will only enslave humans, most likely through the physical or animal sides. Chemical powders that are overpriced is all that is available to us.

I realized that in the very beginning of this, in the early 2000's, they got the base info for what they needed to get to me all these years. In years past I was not experiencing Truman Show EFFECT and then it became it was only occassionally in certain areas. This year its been a daily occurance and its constant. I believe they are trying to burn out whats left of my mind with this Truman Show EFFECT illusion.

Imagine no longer being capable of independent thought but every thought, every second, every day is interfaced into this Truman Show illusion. I am not to live in a reality where I am so constantly interfaced with these intrusions that I come to believe, even though intellectually I know that this is the system doing this with tech- that I am indeed being observed through cameras on a reality show.

In my case they are trying to convince me that I am being put onto a reality show by using a somehow interconnected network of surveillance cameras AROUND THE COUNTRY. No longer just in one city or area of a city but everywhere I go this year. Every camera behind it is either the reality show audience or a security person observing me, who of course is in on the Gang Stalking.

This is how intrusive its become and how altered my mind has become to feeling connected to the cameras used for security and surveillance in any given city or area.
These cameras now control my life basically. This is due to years of brain washing and alteration of a healthy brain and mind from a decade of gang stalking which, in short, causes the BRAIN DAMAGE needed and conditions the human animal to be controllable by such means.

In the scenerio they have created, certain famous people are supposedly watching this reality show I am supposedly the center of attention in.
I notice these are famous people that the gang stalking system has drawn to my attention through media psy ops placement over time as well as they might are usually people that they found out I admired or felt sympathitic to or wanted to use as example how to succeed in life. A side by product of this is that now, I can no longer use these people in my imagination as rold models or for inspiration such as one would a biography of a person they admired. I am now simply controlled by these people or rather the false representations of them created by this system daily.

There is no way that many of these people, with thier busy lives or responsibilities would have time to observe me as often as the illusion is created that they do on a daily basis. And another glitch is that often the characters are represented as younger versions of themselves, probably so that I will be more apt to admire them as its in thier youths I found them attractive as inspiration.

The system uses these people's images to fool my mind into believing they are watching, daily. And due to thier supposedly watching ALL THE TIME, every action, every thought is governed by this audience of important people I would admire. So basically I am being controlled by the illusion of an audience of famous and influencial people who I am supposed to be able to read thier emotional or mental reactions to what I am doing in public spaces, considering I live basically in public spaces.

The only time this does not occur is in a safe space like a few drop in shelters for women only but in some of these places I get the feeling that there are security cameras that I cannot see and I am urged to watch what I do even in the privacy of the showers.

Basically this is a system to rule a Targeted person completely. Whether they are supposed to be in a private shower or bathroom or going about thier business in public spaces. The audience illusion is for behavior modification obviously and for ensuring that the person behaves according to what the system wants. Its also to make me feel like I am surrounded by people who are akin to me who care who will give me input. Often they give me the illusion that this audience finds my antics amusing or glorifies my status as rebel or some sort of hero of thiers. Again I dont buy into this due to the intrusive nature of the visions and fake psychic contact thats interjected into my mind daily as well as the falsified age of many of the famous audience members and again- the frequency of thier taking time to view JUST ME daily. What, these people no longer have lives of their own??

And every single one of these people either has a connection with legit system by way of being honored by thie Queen, thier govt or President Obama (figures) or they supported the worst neocons during Bush or else they have a history of Satanic activity or connection to Illuminati that was often overlooked by fans due to thier love for thier work..or brainwashing which people dont want to look at. Some of these bands definelty have created a cult out of thier fan base.

I could admit who these people are specifically but firstly, I dont think it would stop the torture. Secondly, I never want to reveal information becuz a) it only helps the system to target me in other ways more accurately b)it might be what they want as getting a person to finally give up information they kept private, like an interrogation, seems to be part of the wanted results of gang stalking a targeted person. MK Ultra was also documented to be doing projects that focused on interrogation etc. It fits right in very logically with MK Ultra just like the rest of the horrors Ive been put through. And with my mother being the daughter of two US Marines and a documented radiation experimentee at the Naval Hospital in the 1950s as far as I am concerned- it all makes sense.

They seem to be trying to finish many TIs off. Me especially they made sure they got me away or kept me away from legit, credible activists with info from the very start of this. Now I am so f*cked up I cant get away from the gs system long enough to get help. They know this and they know I am physically ill. So, logically, they are coming in for the kill. Trying to make me finally act out in violence, drive me insane in a way I wont be able to handle or come back from or trying to get me to leave my hometown for good or the country altogether.

Laughably a few years ago, they sent some dumb b*tch to the womens day drop in shelter who was trying to pretend to help me by referring me to NY real estate lawyers. Perps are easy to spot though- they often look like drug addicts at a party where theres everything they could want available. Too eager, too happy, too excited and too damn confident that the Target is stupid.

You gotta remember that these people are used in these special circumstances BECUZ THE TARGETED PERSON IS OFTEN VERY HIGHLY INTELLIGENT OR CONSIDERED POWERFUL AND DANGEROUS BY AUTHORITIES. They get rid of brilliant minds this way and very strong people. It beats their old cover ups in the 60s, that now they cant get away with so easily anymore.

I highly suspect I am chipped and have been since infancy. Its the only way they could do alot of what theyve done over the years. This is very common in experimentees and people with high level programming. I know I had an x-ray once and a white little spot showed up near the center of my brain in the front. It wasnt normal. I went to a neurologist who backed away from me and bullshitted his way out of being in the office with me.
I said nothing about microchips or brain implants, only asked what the spot was. It was during Bush in the early 2000's when everyone in Boston and Cambridge was in on trying to get me killed and drive me out of the area.

So many people still are in on this. Especially when Red Sox Nation is around. They hate my guts totally. Pro sports are especially nasty in the NWO for some reason.

So there you have it. This is the torment thats grinding down my brain daily as of this year. And another thing thats obvious: IT CEASES WHEN I AM AROUND OTHER PEOPLE. Which means this is also a deterant to my spending time alone. Another means of control and behavior modification.

I highly doubt if the people that are supposedly watching have that much time in a day to not only watch me through a special reality show channel only available to them, but also to be able to interface with me psychically or emotionally. Its definately to replace having a family. Which is why these people take you away from your original family and friends to begin with, so they can trap you in thier virtual bullshit.

The system seems desperate to control me now. Perhaps my age, wisdom, experience and knowledge are a great threat to them, just as ten years ago my beauty, youth, strength, multi talent potential and memories were a threat to them then.

It also seems that they are really working on grinding me down into a human being that's conscnousness is basically blank or empty by way of brain damage and lack of stimuli- then controlled soley by an outside system of technologies and influences such as organized stalking as conditioning.

No one takes away ten years of my youth, sex life and years I could have lived fully and gets away with it.

Im wondering if leaving the country is THIER idea actually and not mine. I wonder if, even though Ive suffered for years in America, that I potentially have more rights here that I havent gotten a lawyer to help me with than I EVER WOULD IN A FORIEGN COUNTRY. Which might be why they want to drive me abroad. Personally I want to stay and heal and save my hometown from corporate rot and horrible YUPpies and new money rich snobs who are just destroying Harvard.

Thank goodness for its ghosts and those old buildings. Even the ground beneath in Harvard keeps true to its memories. They'll never take Harvard. Ever.

In the end the TI must realize that we are a lone person, caught in a trap due to being an experimentee in a classified project run by unbelievably powerful people with seemingly endless resources and access. Most people dont know about us and our horrible situation, those that do are in on it and will do what the system needs done to contain us, continue to experiment on us or destroy us if necessary. That is the ONLY reality I need to keep in mind. Its hard though when, ever day, its being pulsed out through tech and shot into my brain otherwise, which I am sick of.

Oh and the GS is back in this area for me for some reason. Its miserable. I changed my address back to this state maybe that did it, I dont know and I dont care.

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  1. Christians should not be Mocking the examples of "Truman Show Syndrome Sufferers" because they are mocking their own Reflected actions of believing they are being watched over by an invisible man in the sky who helps them by manipulating their physical reality.
    by Definition Christians are "Truman Show Syndrome Sufferers"