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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mixed Signals

Why do I keep getting urged to leave the country? There is work that needs to be done here.

Something about food is going to be a problem soon and the whole place is going to become really shitty and difficult. Fine so if I live in a foreign country, things are going to be easier for me? As a homeless,poor American that everyone is going to blame for things going shitty in thier country?

How the hell does that work?

It might just be a scare tactic. Its so hard to tell right now.

One day its the idea that I should stay in Cambridge and help my place of birth with the homeless situation.

Then its that I should go to UMass which I guess could be part of that.

Tonight with many cops out due to the Red Sox game its this panic almost to leave the country.

Is it a scare tactic so they can finalize covering thier asses by finally getting rid of me as far away as possible or is it that authorities know just how screwed this place is going to be very soon and after seeing their capacity to hold down martial law during the bombings, it could be a horrid future reality here that people are thinking wont actually happen.

I usually know what the right thing is to do but I dont now. Im just sick, older and really just want to die at home. And I suppose that means staying here.


  1. See, that's just the thing. They got away with the whole bombing thing in Boston, which appears to have been planned out for what I feel may have been 2-3 years. I think they shoot for a timeframe for which they want a shooting or bombing to happen. And of course, the kid was foreign, but still a human kid with feelings. And they had that whole WWF thing going with anti-Iranian sentiment and whatnot. Probably Vince McMahon was involved in psy-ops. Probably he fed off of the system which helped keep his kayfabes secret, allowing him more power.

    And there is plenty of anti-whatever sentiment drummed up here to assist their brainwashing of the public. And that's why border security between the US and Mexico so damned weak and archaic. I feel they are letting Mexicans across here, so they can have more operatives at their disposal. And of course, they work for next to nothing, and they are scammers a lot of them, so they are useful to organized crime.

    If they wanted to, they could stop those illegals from crossing from Mexico into here, even those high-tech tunnels. They could easily get funding to tighten that up. And how come there is next to no surveillance down there? Oh yeah, politicians who are corrupt need the Latino vote. So the Elite is using Mexican house slaves to assist them in doing their dirty work. So that's why they can't seem to stop them from building those fancy tunels complete with electricity, cable TV, Air conditioning, and fancy home theatre systems.

  2. Yes
    Food seems to be a Pivot point.
    Having 500 pounds of dry dog food as a Back up measure keeps the concerns at arms length.

    their actions may be just to flush the remaining "Hold Outs" in to the open, as in all the Hive mind alien invasion movies.
    We need to keep those public mental out burst to a minimum, so they cant tell who we are.

  3. Not in any way to discourage you from attending UMass whatsoever, but I'll just convey some of the ways I was deterred from attending any university for years. Although I was accepted into two different universities in Florida, my means of transportation was destroyed so I could not get to classes. So, make sure you have access to public transportation to get to class. Florida has crap for public trans, I'm assuming Boston has excellent so perhaps that obstacle will be solved. The only way I was able to take classes was through online courses. Then, of course, attempts to research online were usually disrupted, as hacking was (and at this very moment disrupted). That means that you might have to rely on going to a library to study or do online research or writing using the internet, or even a word program. That might not be your experience should you decide to go that route, but nevertheless going to school is an excellent diversion from all the mental morass of GS and I highly recommend pursuing that.