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Friday, November 1, 2013

Stalker Drones

"When Larisa Oleynik, star of “The Secret World of Alex Mack,” found she had a stalker, she got a restraining order. But if her stalker had been the police, and they were doing it with a drone, right now there are virtually no laws or regulations that would protect her. Or you."

Welcome to a Targeted Individual's world.

The naive people...naive or compliant, greedy and cowardly- of this country dont even think or want to consider that these technologies on classified levels have in all probability been around alot longer than when they get revealed to the public. Also, this means that the tech as of NOW on classified levels is even more advanced than whats been officially revealed.

Most importantly, this country seems to forget that things can be abused by authorities.

Its become the stuff of conspiracy theory to even consider the two points Ive just mentioned-the latter moreso an issue that has become inappropriate to bring up.

The attitude is that if you are victimized, then thats your tough luck and in the end you are a sacrifice for the USA even the western world to keep on going, to progress and to flourish in a new and more difficult globalist world.

With most of the population living under mass mind control via technologies/chemicals/psychological warfare and 'the shock doctrine' or trauma based mind control, there is little hope of returning to a world of sanity, TRUE safety not cannibalizing your own to survive, decency and humanity.


3b5f5586-4343-11e3-9b6d-000bcdca4d7a said...

Why did you take your latest video down from Youtube? You raise many valid points during it. I wish you would keep the materials up so that when I refer other people to your videos they are actually there.

3b5f5586-4343-11e3-9b6d-000bcdca4d7a said...

Also, I don't like that now if I post a comment I have to give my name. It makes me feel like they can better track what I am doing and who I am speaking with. It was better when it was anonymous, so when I use a public computer, they can't track who I am communicating with