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Monday, November 11, 2013

Possible Harassment @ GS Hotspot Shaws Central Square Cambridge

Harassed in shaws Supermarket possibly. Went to restroom as something had opened in my toiletry bag and I wanted to brush my teeth before drinking my coffee.

Was in there for less than 10 minutes probably more like 5 at this point when a faintly Latino male in cheesy sunglasses knocked on the door complaining he had to go to the bathroom. I was brushinfb my teeth and told him i'd be right out.
He then began to whine and complain about the bathroom and what one can and can't be doing in there and just general trouble making.
if he is an undercover or gang stalking perp it's definitely baiting. and profiling even if he is just a civilian.
what I'm saying is that this particular supermarket has had a history of gangstalking activity route the years of my campaign but it might also just be that they have under covers profile how much people and try to keep them out of the store and are the bathrooms... undercover security, private black ops whatever.

my main problem with this incident is that he wasn't knocking and see me in front of the other door to the other bathroom. live says over that particular bathroom im in?

so basically just stayed in there for the rest of the time I need to finish brushing my teeth and vocalized clearly thru the bathroom door he was probably getting paid to focus on that particular bathroom.
I have to check it quickly if its jus that owns Shaws star market I'll either in on 9/11 and still trying to cover their asses or they're still afraid I have my old phone book...or both lol.

in order to avoid any further discreditation from surveillance videos at this location I went to customer service and complained so that's also on surveillance video.

This guy sat down right near me for my writing this even though there were other seats and tables available. (will provide pic asap)

also note , this is right in the middle of mit property.

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Unknown said...

It seems like a lot of these conversations aren't really the result of the public getting hold of slander or cover stories, but a scripted roleplay conversation (directed convo). In that case, note the male and female having diametrically opposing viewpoints: the male saying you're a valuable asset and implying your virtuous, and the female having a contrasting viewpoint. The fact the two polar opposing viewpoints by two polar opposite genders tells me it was a deliberate plot to induce anxiety.

I get stuff like this all the time, and it induces anxiety, and the purpose seems to be to get me anxious and dwelling on the "public perception" which was really not public perception, but a theater. But if the perps can get you thinking that the conversation was a genuine public perception, they can induce a lot more anxiety. It's also to induce Stockhousen syndrome, to get you under control, and to make you obey further actors like these two having directed conversations in the future. It's to bind you to the harassers, to make you more slavish to their master's demands.

It seems in my case that I have one handler assigned to me, and this person comes up with all kinds of roles and conversations for people to have and what they should be wearing, etc. And this handler wants me to realize this, and it is effective, because it does make me want to obey him more. I realize that all conversations like this come from his mind, and I start to trust him more in order to ease my anxiety. I think the anxiety would literally kill me if I didn't do this. So it's a type of compliance for self-preservation.

In my case, I have females working in this food place I always without fail go to, and I note that they always seem from out of town or they get rides somewhere because they live in an inconvenient location in town to get there. So this tells me that this not being normal, these workers must've been recruited by my personal handler to work me or job me, whatever you want to call it.