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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gang Stalking Forces Targets to live As Omega Wolves Live In Wolf Packs

I realize we dont live in a truly civilized society. People are just animals and proves that.

From reading this book in the Coop about wolves I realize that gang stalking forces the target into a position of Omega wolf.

Its exactly the same thing. having to live with the stress of being picked on every day, getting scapegoated and having to play clown, comic relief and keep peace in the pack.
Being humble all the time.
At the bottom of the pack totally disrespected.

And u cant become a lone wolf by leaving the pack either becuz gs follows you wherever u go.

The book said there was no such thing as a 'lone wolf' in wolf society anyways. Young wolves leaving to seek their own territory are only doing so to mate and create their own packs.  All 'lone wolves' were just wolves looking for other wolves, that if they are alone, they wont be for long.

Why do omegas never leave the pack? Becuz animals cant break thier instincts and cycles- humans can or should be able to.

An Omega wolf being attacked, mobbed and chastised by his pack. From the book linked above.

So human society is just a place where people claim to be evolved and human but are no better than much lower animals with smaller brains.
Which is why the justice system doesnt protect targets. Justice, laws and the sciences are for human society not animals.

I've had perps walk by me and ask "Gotten any self respect yet?"
What they really mean is have I allowed myself to be reduced to the level of a lowly animal yet? By being manipulated into reacting to being treated like one and wanting a higher rank.

I recall research that I did way back in 2008 compared the gang stalking campaign in treatment of the target in the behavioral modification involved are you being the exact same formula that they use to deprogram police dogs and make them into lap dogs when they're too old to serve any longer on the force.

We claim to be civilized and better than animals. I have seen nothing but the opposite for most of my lifetime in the United States specifically in the Boston area, and heavily Ive experienced humans behaving as nothing but beasts for the last ten years.

Books and academia are meaningless without true human evolved behavior.


Anonymous said...

Why dont you talk about somethign useful instead of making this all about you? There are so many important news items, i.e. the public announcement of psychobiotics (which I was told about by a perp years ago), etc. Yet all you do is talk about nonsensical GS BS! What you report on your blog is just daily fare for a GS target. Why give any of their harassment validity? Cant we focus on the REAL issues? For some reason ever since the govt shutdown the G.S. has been totally different but worse for me. Instead of focusing on typical target nonsense lets focus on the larger issues instead of making this all about you. This isn't a blog about your personal experiences??? it's a blog devoted to the theoretical issues and concepts of gang stalking. If you want to document their B.S. then just make another blog and put that on there

mej313 said...

I don't subscribe to the ideology that the humans who have not (yet) been killed off in social control culling processes in order to shape behavior (aka behavior modification)are likened to animal behavior. I think the gamut of human potential and behavior is far more diverse and tending towards egalitarian principles, except that these sentiments have been killed off in a concerted effort to create a controlled population of violent people who will easily murder rape and go to war for what you call "the powers that be". People espousing alternative sentiments and attempting to form "utopian" societies get killed off and their attempts to form less violent and unfair societies destroyed through sabotage. I took a class on Economics and the early theorists of the 19th and early 20th century had very egalitarian principles, some of them formed co-ops, but they were all sabotaged. I think the NWO is based on the divide and conquer strategy, most of society based on fear, hate, and targeting. To use metaphors of animal behavior is very like the Nazi propaganda, (not criticizing your use of the lone wolf tag).

That people are rewarded for acting like base low animals and the higher intellectual and peaceful people get killed off in various ways is how I measure the mass brainwashing of the remainder of humanity who are told to believe that human beings are essentially low and base and can't rise above "animal instincts" which gives an excuse for the endless amount of violence in the world. It's like using the modelling industry to promote the idea that white skin and fair coloring is the only supreme form of beauty; while these pop psych ideas of people acting like wolves and behaving like animals (without correct research to back up these fake ideologies of animal behavior giving animals far less credit for being decent sentient beings than should be done).

Anonymous said...

I've been rethinking based on what I know now about gangstalking, how they force targets to commit suicide, what really happened to Del Shannon? I've read he had an imbalance because of the drugs he was taking for depression, but there could be more to the story behind simple drug chemical imbalances. I mean, sure it could make you delusional, but committing suicide is something that seems to go far beyond drugs.

LOL at Paul Shaffer. So intense and nerdy. I love it. It's so much like Ray Mazurek used to play: so intense and eccentric, but we all know those traits would get you harassed nowadays. Gotta act all cool while being less talented and intense. You know how fitting in works these days?

Ashley said...

Hi Rachael!!! Sad to see it's still going on in the good ol' USA... isn't this such freedom we have here? I was dating this guy OK, 4 months.. finally thought I had someone to trust. So much for that. He stole my identity and basically I'm on the verge of homelessness because my car was totaled and get this, the "authorities" can't figure out who he is because they say his name is fictitious. Then you go to his friends house and they claim theyve never seen you before and never heard of him and the cops want to refer you for a psychiatric mental hygiene eval... lol WHEN THERE IS PROOF YOU IDENTITY AND CAR HAVE BEEN STOLEN AND TOTALED. They just sit there and plan all this that far ahead. If and when you leave plz but a how-to up for us because I am so done being abused by these people

Oh and what happened to youe youtube? All your videos went missing.

Lavoy Matthews said...

Hi Rachel, I had another gangstalking experience. I am beginning to realise them but they are still upsetting. Much of my gangstalking is with dating, so I can't go out on dates. It is pretty awful that people are so sick and demented. Do you ever get close to anyone you meet living outside? Lavoy

Anonymous said...

All I want is to help other victims, at least donating some money is the best I can do, if you don't believe me I will prove you all the victims I've been helping,please let me help you,if you don't have a paypal account let me know other way I can send you money, I want you to be happy and fight this evil system, united we stand.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you stop drawing so much attention to yourself if you don't want to be gang stalked? It's necessary to keep America safe. I'm glad the police followed you because you appeared out of place and deranged. They should have taken you in for psychiatric evaluation and permanent incarceration, which will eventually happen I'm sure.

On_GangStalking said...

"Anonymous said...
Why don't you stop drawing so much attention to yourself if you don't want to be gang stalked? It's necessary to keep America.." Are u serious? PERP ALERT. Im heavily targeted. I cant do anymore than I do. Go f*ck yer self. Y dont U change the world flag!!