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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Steve Jackson's Illuminati Game Cards

Why didnt anyone tell me about this before! Not only is this revealing its also validating and, being a TI, a comic relief. Oh, and the fact that Jackson has documented the FBI RAID ON HIM AND HIS CARD GAME makes it all the more valuable to all people targeted.

Google the title to this blog and you can look at the cards involved in the games.

An activist takes on the cards and comes up with compelling similarities: (though alot of the site appears to be someone who has too much time on thier hands, is obsessed with Christianity and plays with thier graphic design program too much. Stick to the part about the card game, unfortunately alot of the links are broken too. Email the person maybe they need inspiration to revamp thier site!)

That last link is very helpful for those of you who are targeted in more sophisticated ways as I have been. If you still dont understand how they utilize the art of what I call Media Psy Ops this is very good example. Many of the photos this website author came up with look exactly like the cards pictures drawn by the artist.

Now before going any further, keep in mind from the beginning that THIS IS A TRAP. A mental one. Everything they do is to keep you obsessed with the events unfolding that you wont be able to do much about anyway. Also, take a lesson from alchemy- its up to you to utilize what you find or what they put out either for what THEY intend the effects to be or for what YOU can turn the effects into with your Will and foresight.

In other words, dont get all tangled up in this new discovery but dont take it lightly as an oddity either. This is all on purpose to f*ck with people who see whats going on.

Expose it, tell as many people as possible, take it in and then go out and live what you can of your life AWAY FROM THIS STUFF.

Being programmed its easier for Survivors to deal with this stuff and go off in another alter and enjoy our lives. These discoveries are very traumatic and they should be. But another one of thier tricks is to reduce real life horrors to something this mundane so that people will shrug off the importance of such things, sort of like the public is more apt to not believe in magick in real life becuz they are now exposed to Skyrim and video games or sci fi movies so that they think we are paranoids just imagining we are living out things we've seen elsewhere.

In internal programming this would be akin to mirrors. Its a form of blocking so that you get lost or cant see reality. Its always about 'smoke and mirrors' really. And its done with the accuracy of a mathematician, don't forget that.

Manipulation, deception, 'programming' the public. Its no accident that artists have created photos of real life that look exactly like these cards. Its even questionable if the feds really raided the artist or not but it would give him the appearance of not being involved in the deception, which it looks like he is to begin with.

Dont take the cards too seriously, if anything its comedic to people like us. I mean....the 'Agent In Place' is talking into a frickin' mustard container. And that is exactly how stupid most Gang Stalking perps are to begin with. Maybe Jackson is targeted or from an Illuminati family and got sick of how ridiculous this all is. Becuz being gang stalked is THAT fuckin ridiculous.

And they want to be taken seriously, still. So if anything, get amusement from this, get validation from the game and the website exposing its similarities to real life and add it to your files. The general public arent listening anyways.. They are all under those laser beams aimed at thier heads in the "Laser Beam Mind Control" card. Sigh...

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