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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New ObamaCare Mental Health Regs Tied To Gun Control

"They arent mentally ill. They are for the most part TARGETED INDIVIDUALS who dont understand what is happening to them. Many TIs are left homeless and I notice that the powers that be are focusing on ending homelessness as well as dealing with people snapping from psychological warfare as lone shooters by implementing policies to control such people's circumstances by intimating that all such people are mentally ill.

The authorities are chasing off the homeless with harassment and the same psych warfare campaigns that targeted people get. They are ending homelessness by force which isnt hard becuz the homeless have no resprentation from within their community to begin with. They have no voice.

I admire this psychiatrist so many are covering up for these war crimes by going along with the idea of abusing the paranoid schizoid diagnoses as well as not admiting to the existence of organized 'gang stalking'.

Gang Stalking is a very sophisticated, organized form of bullying that is run by covert powers that have black budgets with seemingly bottomless resources and access. Take what you know about spying from movies, the documented use of private black ops companies used in wartime as well as by corporations for private sector business issues and add advances in technologies.

You can see its totally feasible. Anyone claiming organized stalking and harassment doesnt exist isnt living in the 21st century reality.

Flash mobs are an example of how this works except instead of doing something to attract attention they purposely blend in to crowds in public spaces.

Various powers and organizations are using these methds to get thier own way. Having very bad homeless come in and ruin a peaceful homeless community in a city as a way to get rid of ALL homeless is something else thats happening as well as these methods being used to harass houseless and travelers out of an area.

These same methods are what is highly suspected in many of these lone shooters snapping. This used to happen to Vietnam vets decades ago and the public have a point of reference for them to understand the kinds of pressures that drove former soldiers to do such a thing.

The psychological pressures and other things being put on Targets in order to create such monsters isnt being revealed to the public. Using covert druggings believe it or not as part of making someone freak out is usually part of the formula to create a lone shooter. Its not hard to dose someone even daily if they dont know its possible or understand whats happening to them.

Many whistleblowers and blacklisted people in our democratic society cannot go inside even again or are afraid to.

Going after the mentally ill and insinuating that all homeless people are mentally ill or else they have to be ex offenders or druggies but NEVER targeted for political reasons is an obvious ploy to get rid of anyone in society that isnt going to go along with their agenda.

Gentrifying cities, keeping people in false environments that are controlled, raising kids with hovering parents, drugging kids that dont fit in or who probably just two generations ago thier families worked farms so sitting in a class room doesnt come naturally to them. Its all to create a society that is easiliy controlled by the powers that be.

If you notice its not just Democrats or Liberals. The same Republicans who were on these issues under Bush are still around and trying to get policies passed. This senators son stabbing him yesterday but no beds being available is yet another ploy I say: A son of a senator couldnt get into a hospital bed? Usually those people can pull strings etc and get what they need. Its utter bullshit and on purpose and dont put it past the senator himself to either be targeted for not going along with something the system wanted pushed through or his son wasnt doing so. Or he was being abused and letting him into the hospital would have him revealing too much about the abuse.

Look up gang stalking, targeted individuals and if you can stand it: MK Ultra as well as the Illuminati Formula To Create A Mind Controlled Slave.

If you can wrap your head around any of that it might be helpful. Just remember that in the 21st century the powers that be have access to well developed psychological operations methods originally developed to be used to by military overseas in wartime but IS BEING USED DOMESTICALLY in order for the powers that be to fullfil thier agenda.

And stay away from conspiracy theorists that get wayyyyy out there. If ever anyone has actually witnessed someone turning into a reptilian before thier eyes you can bet hallucinegens were administered covertly to get that effect.

Remember the movie the Serpent and the Rainbow? That Harvard professor is real and so is the story, movie was based on a book. The powers have been investigating drugs and poisons and perfecting these things for decades- poisons being an old part of ancient spycraft anyway.

Do enough braindamage to someone, drug them enough and then use brainwashing techniques and you have yourself a sort of Manchurian Candidate but its not to assasinate a person- its to freak out in public or to go off and shoot up a targeted school or whatever.

Please believe this exists and understand that America has become like Nazi Germany, East Germany or the USSR or China. You just dont see it becuz you are living here and cannot accept such wrong doing would be done by Americans. It does not have to be this way.

THIS IS WHAT THE PSYCHIATRIST IS TRYING TO SAY and its the truth. They are being the voice of reason and of course in the way society is now its going to be made out to sound unreasonable.

Good luck."

Comment I couldnt post on site.

It sounds like some reasonable people are left and what we are saying isnt going to make any sense without people understanding gang stalking is a main part of the problem.

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