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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Could The GS Campaign Be A Diversion From International Pedophile Rings-Not Just Classified or 'Black' Projects Like MK Ultra

"Names and sexual details of hundreds of girls were scrawled across huge wall in a scene from a horror film"

I am re posting the first link again along with the other two becuz I realize from reading these that the people who were around me were all in some way involved in either pedophilia or had been guilty of it at some point in thier lives. That includes my mother's family who are the root source of the MK Ultra involvement through her parents being both US Marines and her father being a pedophile. Alot of people around me either had this in their history or they had things to hide that they would have been exposed for that made it easy to get them to comply in my being targeted-white collar crime, histories of organized crime, etc. And that ALSO includes my mother's family..

THIS finally explains why I experienced overt harassment early on in this campaign from Orthodox Jews.  Jews dressed like the very religious ones:
Finally I have a damn explanation for that. It really bothered me. And it seems in thier communities good people also cannot do the right things to assist victims or improve conditions due to the usual abuse of power...and typical harassment to silence them.
'Gang Stalking' seems to be done by people from all walks of life and they definitely show you that. I suppose there are no perfect peoples or societies.

I realize that this whole entire thing has been a diversion from the real criminals getting caught or attention drawn to them. These kinds of people doing such activities certainly do tie into MK Ultra, ritual abuse and all thats connected to those black projects it seems.

Interesting also is how in the UK such names can be revealed but that would never happen here. The people of the USA protect these networks either by compliance or not caring because they believe in sacrifices for thier higher ups so they can live well, so they exist in denial and ignorance. That is my final assessment. They protect them or live in total and complete denial which is why an activist is all alone in this kind of work or as a victim witness.

It also explains clearly why so many wealthy or famous people are involved in TI's campaigns. It explains why so many YUPpies and seemingly normal people are involved in harassment of Targets on a street level.

So it seems that the act of watching or being physically involved in abusing vulnerable people through torture, sex and murder or normal activities of many human beings...and then there are those of us who want to fight that and expose it to the public-who dont really care or want to deal with this anyway.

Just to finally realize that this is the norm for many people. People who look normal or respectable, these are the people who shame game us regularly, keep us down in homelessness and ensure we are gang stalked for life. Its unbelievable yet they seem to rule the world around us, remaining unseen.


Lavoy Matthews said...

Hi Rachel, Pedophilia and Satanism are very closely linked because Satanists use children in their rituals. David Icke is a good source of information on that. XXXXX Lavoy

Anonymous said...

give up

Dr. Jonathan Misurda said...

Your schizophrenia has progressed to the point you no longer make sense.

Anonymous said...

Lol a slave who thinks it can make a difference