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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Video: Gang Stalking=Counterintelligence - Former FBI agent and ACLU Policy Counsel Michael German


When he says that he claims he's heard that these investigations are used for good training for the undercover operatives- what if its also being done to Targeted Individuals?

If enough harassment is done to a TI its not for the cover story investigations- its for the purpose of MK Ultra.
The cover stories give the system the time and stream of harassment it needs to do enough damage to the brain and nervous system that is part of what MK Ultra was about- for behavior modification, mind control etc.
It sounds like the huge gaps in these systems are being taken advantage of by the higher level people who actually have, on classified levels, have the ability to keep track of all of whats going on and thus hiding THIER classified level operations within these sloppy, huge, cumbersome intel operations that are riddled with human error and bureaucratic confusion and slow processing.

In fact, that is exactly what is going on as that is how I have experienced these things going on over the past ten years. He even says that there isnt enough accountability. But someone...somewhere WITH ALOT OF RESOURCES, MONEY AND ACCESS DOES have the ability to see what is going on as if from a bird's eye view and they take advantage of it to put forth thier operations.

You have to remember that the 'gang stalkers' and perps seem almost non human. This is why so many people go off into the alien conspiracy theories. The tech and chemical influence(s) they use are biblical in nature. There has often been reported a burning reported in the presence of certain perp groups during certain operations. This is what was claimed by biblical writers when they came into contact with angelic beings or demonic ones. This could easily be the effects of microwave technologies.

The strange shape shifting say of people into reptilian entities, could be done by combining certain psychotropic or psychedelic drugs with tech or even psychic warriors (Dick Cheney's SPOON BENDERS or similar). I actually experienced this in the winter of 2008 in St Louis, MO. I knew it was bullshit when it occurred. I was being dosed and drugged at this hostel. There was a former military man present who was friends with the hostel owner. His brother was a unique and sought after botanist and expert on mushrooms and fungus and their drug properties. He liked to create psychedelic drugs for private use.

After his visit to his brother and to the hostel and after these horrible experiences I had when he was present HE LEFT TO RETURN TO SOUTH AMERICA AS HE HAD JUST ACQUIRED SOME ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO ACQUIRE GOVERNMENT GRANT FUNDING for his further research into plants in that area.
Remember this is all connected to Harvard and other colleges. The SERPENT AND THE RAINBOW the movie and the book was about an actual Harvard professor seeking out the secrets of Haitian voodoo zombies and found the power is in the poison of the puffer fish. These progresses in chemistry and botany all tie into use with MK Ultra and other classified research of military/CIA and other entities.

You can make a lot of people see and believe things with drugs, tech and enough brain washing by human forces- which is all gang stalking is anyway. Those three things.

Ive seen these people infiltrate GREYHOUND and rent an entire bus to use for experimentation in the southwest. If the CIA can gain control of entire jets from thier buddies like the Red Sox Nation for interrogation flights, why couldnt some powerful entity gain access to a bus for a classified project? Its almost the same thing really.

Ive seen the 'gang stalkers' use driver-less cars before they were put out officially by DARPA (as expensive toys to impress the public with their technological progress.) Who could think that a driver-less car could be used in psychological warfare to further destroy a Target...or better yet perhaps to assist an important person connected to a politician who's long time child care assistant got out of hand and needed to be crushed in the family's driveway? It could have been done this way. (Some of you know the strange death I am referring to.)

They have the capacity to show up and perform a tactic in a moment in time in sync with the Target. Yes, they can read minds with tech, psychic warriors and they seem to be able to see forward in time but only in short time. This is why I believe they know what they are doing when they alter entire time lines.
All of this seems too far reaching for some people to grasp. I am just pointing out that the people who are working thier operations within the sloppiness, chaos and human error and slowness of what we DO see- have the superior abilities to utilize this to their advantage.

And this is exactly thier style: utilizing chaos, order-out-of-chaos is a common motto associated with secret societies. Also what I have dubbed 'Passive Gang Stalking' is present.
Its the practice of people around a Target dropping the ball, forgetting to do things or the TI suffering from what can be written off as bad luck, negligence, human error, systems that dont work, missing files- you name it. This is all bullshit. Its still gang stalking except the actions against the person are passive. They arent aggressive, outright actions. The damage is done by inaction of some sort.

This is exactly what is being created in these systems in order to allow them to be screwed up enough to appear ineffective and inefficient. If people understood that there is a system that can oversee all of this activity to take advantage of it to hide their own operations, then they would also understand that there exists a system that could run things properly so the chaos that exists in an inefficient system such as being discusses in this video is allowed to exist on purpose.

It is within this falsely created chaos, that the 'gang stalking' system with its many horrors connected to MK Ultra etc, exists. On classified levels of course and probably hidden in black budgets.

People start reading what I just wrote about the far reaching big picture and take it as an oddity or useful myth about whats really 'out there'. Its much closer to home than that.
Years ago citizens didnt have to live this way in order to survive. We now have a very low quality of life in America especially mentally and spiritually due to this system being in place. There is no way that anyone should have to live as we do now just so some shadow system can progress to infinite levels of power on earth. It wasnt this way why must it be now?

This is the essence and true meaning of The New World Order. Its what they arent telling people about this new order. Its an actual restructuring of society..and a very disturbing alteration of time lines.
 The way we are forced to live now daily, is a result of the monkey wrenching of the shadow people and thier system that operates within the cracks and ball-dropping screw ups of the legit system in place. It has created a reality that many people arent happy with. Unless you are rich and connected enough so that it doesnt effect you. Which is why its for the elite.

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