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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Red Sox Nation's GS/Covert Warfare Cover For Boston Magazine

WHen holidays are here, its time to get alot done as organized stalking increases due to the tech/chem being lowered (in the metro Boston area thats how the pattern always has been. This area of elite people and institutions has always been heavily psycho managed and micro managed at that. A certain form of gs for summer for tourists and Red Sox nation etc and a certain psycho management program to ensure behavior/productivity during the school/work year. On the holidays you can plainly see that the brain fog that has created so many a yuppie drone that inhabits this place now, disappear considerably and the gang stalking by perps becomes more prevalent like in the summertime. Well, in the summertime its an all out war especially around Red Sox nation. That is the corporation that has board members that lend thier private jets to the CIA for interrogation runs. So in return I assume they get the best black ops outsourcing possible to ensure their investments pay off.


Just look at the cover of Boston Magazine with a player holding the trophy with a Sox hat on. Its black and red and the person is hiding thier face but you can plainly see a smirk showing- covert psychological warfare anyone?

The message to those in the know is that 'we won this in part with gang stalking and covert warfare on anyone or anything in the way of this team and this corporation winning this award'. And it should be illegal. Its not. Its just that the public dont know anything about it is the problem so the war crimes keep going on.
In the interest of corporate investments.

The results of course are human beings lives being destroyed, people being driven insane and lone shooters killing people. But that just helps thier agenda and increase sales of...securities, and of course will eventually disarm the American people.

The public doesnt realize the true cost of what they are purchasing. I dont think they realize the price of winning that trophy either. Then again, Red Sox nation has been brought up to be nothing more than a mind control cult. The hatred that these people have for locals and other 'outsiders' to thier 'nation' is a marked sign of cult mind control. They dont even understand thats what is wrong with them. They dont even care. Like everyone else nowadays they have been effectively brainwashed to believe they are defending what is thiers as well as 'winning' in the new globalist world. They dont want to see they are just reduced to what Jonestown was. In fact, they act exactly like the FBI tapes reveal about the cult members of Jonestown before the suicides/murders. )

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