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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Disinfo Campaign Continues Concerning Satanic Ritual Abuse- Still Using '80s 'Satanic Panic' As A Cover Up

"Transcripts from the McMartin Preschool abuse trial of 1987, which was similarly motivated by the Satanic ritual abuse panic of the 1980s."

No one does any research into the San Fransisco Presidio cases involving the military and Michael Aquino also people seem stuck in this old era where you could actually try and claim that it was a panic- becuz new cases have come up that prove that SRA isnt a witch hunt or a panic. Its very real.

They keep trying to make it like all Satanists are being persecuted. This isnt the case but there are real Satanic cults and very powerful ones that lead up to more involved secret societies that do practice ritual abuse which for them involves sexual abuse and covert warfare on victims who they lose control of.

The public is being disinformed about SRA and they disinfo agents keep using these old examples of a panic from the 80's. Which was a cover up anyway.

Wall Street...yeah lets believe what they have to say about the elite. Oh please.

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