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Sunday, December 22, 2013

GS At Beth Isreal-Now A Program Of Handling An Old TI Like Me

Im noticing that the gang stalking in the food court at Beth Israel is still ridiculous. Its usually the African American security guard on duty.  I simply make fun of black males to get him to leave or ignore him. (Which I know helps discredit me but when people realize why I am doing it it makes sense. This is psychological warfare. I will use racism if necessary. Because IT WORKS. Even if the enemy thinks they are getting what they want by continuing to discredit me or to be able to motivate stupid, 'useful idiots' to gang stalk me by claiming its an anti-racism harassment campaign. It will ALL come out later either in a lawsuit or book hopefully both.)

There is an interesting method being used in the hospital on me as a Target. I certainly am getting the healthcare I need and the docs are very nice to me. Yet there is a sense of being handled. As long as I keep lollygagging and not focusing on my book or calling a lawyer- the longer I stay down and play dead- the more I am mind controlled daily to NOT take action becuz I am targeted so hard, then I will get what I need. In other words as long as I keep being silent and putting up with it, then they will keep being nice and giving me health care.

Yet, I AM being gs and handled. WHEN I SHOW UP FOR APPOINTMENTS there are often perps in the waiting rooms. They do subtle tactics. They make sure I am self conscous and know its them and they are there, focusing on me. The staff- at the desks mostly African American women with big time Afrocetrism issues and attitudes- are ALWAYS ready for me when I come in and its very demeaning. This of course feeds into creating more racism. At this point its uncertain if thats just more arrogant bs from this area thats typical or if its planned.
You see African Americans in this area somehow are VERY plugged into gang stalking Targets as part of thier agenda to get ahead in life- as a people it seems. Which is very scary in a racial sense.
Race war is being used in gang stalking in areas like Boston, most likely to motivate the black population here. Unlike other areas, Boston blacks need to be POLITICALLY MOTIVATED not just by money. More brainwashing, more compliance.

There is a disctinct presence of remote influence or tech being used for mind control. The results are I am kept down continuously and I am brainwashed by the hypnosis and suggestion (ideations) in the tech used. Usually its all to keep me right where I am at as well as continue to dissuade me from moving forward with writing  my book or calling lawyers who will actually take my case.

I realized this because I WALKED INTO AN OFFICE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT AND THEY WEREN'T EXPECTING ME AND NONE OF THE USUAL EFFECTS OCCURRED as they have every time I walk into an office or clinic for an appointment where they ARE expecting me.

Thats who I got something to comare it to so I now realize that all those times I was going to appointments they had the gs system there, waiting for me.

So I, an old TI to this area, am living a life that consists of nothing but being handled and continued to be managed.

Part of this lately seems to be also that I get a very comforting, non aggressive, safe feeling when going to MIT or other colleges, very different from the effects of just a year or few years ago where I was being tormented at colleges like MIT or Mass Art. The GS on the MBTA as well as outside is still heavy here and of course the tech is awful inside city limits.
The goal of this new program design  seems to be to force me or condition me into going to UMass finally. In short- the Target is being made to experience that outside is not safe- but inside college IS safe. Thus I will be driven to going into college.

Why, so that MA can truly claim to be progressive by producing the first female lone shooter?  No frickin way. I am not THAT stupid and careless yet. I will go to school once I have a lawyer protecting me and working on my case so no one tries anything.

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