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Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Mexico Ex-FBI Employee Says Co-Workers Were 'Jealous' of Her, Sues Employer

Workplace mobbing at its finest. From the professionals yet.

Using organized stalking in the workplace to "...get rid of her..." sounds about right.


Anonymous said...

A lot of what plays into the formula of gangstalking is based on jealousy. The rest is based on squashing threats. I'd estimate that 75% of the motive perps at all levels have is jealousy and entertainment value of "getting revenge" on us for being superior to them, and the remaining 25% is "business" of containing threats to the system.

I had to laugh at the one statement one perp made to you, "they are mad at you for not accepting your situation". LOL, because if they didn't want you fighting back, then why did they even start this bullshit with you in the first place? But then, it seems bullheadedness is what the perps have. They are certain they are right, because they've got the huge cult of other losers backing them, and they are really winners because they are fitting in and doing what is good in the eyes of other people and the power structure. Logic isn't their strong suit. Didn't they think that some people are going to fight back when they are being attacked?

I've been thinking that we didn't suicide, because we were sure we were stronger than the system and their legion of fanatical weak-willed looneytunes. They just don't get it, do they? If they don't want a fight, then don't start a fight. Logic is different in cults. As in, it's practically non-existent. Well, they do have a sense of logic, but it's full of exceptions for them and all kinds of bumps and potholes. Navigating Their cult-based logic is a lot like driving down some Pennsylvania or New Jersey roads. They have all kinds of detours to get around suiting what's convenient for them and not deflating their false reality,

Robert said...

I lived in Albuquerque and had serious issues with the FBI and Secret Service gang stalking. What they do is sick people have no idea how serious of a threat these people are to our national security because the proof is unreal