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Sunday, December 22, 2013

When Acquaintances Turn Perp/The Story Of Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee was a portly, hippie dippy type around Harvard. She was nice enough for the years I had known her, seeing her in the summers when I would come home.

Then she got employed. Then she got housed and lived in Central Sq.
A year ago she then started to do what seemed like mocking me on our social networking site in her posts.
She started to take profile pics of herself wearing black and red. She dyed her hair and wore her clothes specifically black and red. Not her usual neo-hippie style.

I got rid of her on the social networking site.

I come home this year and someone tells me that she had gotten involved with some people where she started to deal in large amounts of marijuana. She then was stupid enough to get busted. She was dumb enough  to bring a NARC to the river in Harvard Sq where she talked about drugs like an idiot and after this NARC got up and left, drug cops showed up.

So obviously, it appears as if when people get involved with drug running, they also start gaining thier success and opportunity like everyone else does nowadays- by taking part in Gang Stalking of TIs.

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Ur a discredited bitch