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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Intense Weather Interferes With Mass Mind Control

Btw the only reason that I am even able to make a coherent post like the previous is becuz due to xmas season and a northeaster snow storm here in Boston there aren't that many people out or in the libraries and colleges also, heavy snow, like a long heavy thunder storm, always interferes with mass mind control- it either screws up the tech or the chemical influences which I am not sure but it does something to thier systems plus perps are lazy, insecure, weak, loser a-holes who aren't going to come out in this weather to mess with people.

Notice how its calm, stays on the point and doesnt consist of me being angry, freaked out about the reverse racism being used in my campaign or any other of the diversions they have created so I discredit myself.

I feel almost normal today. It helps I was inside last night with friends and I started menstruating today. I notice that the hormonal activity and cycles of females out of thier 20's is weaved into their system of targeting women. This is probably by design as its been noted that alot of Targets are older women of high intelligence who have a history or even family history of activism and whistleblowing.

Its laughably obvious that they are screwing with the natural order of human life by blowing away the tribe's caretakers, shamans and elders- as things were before false orders like Abrahamic religion, industrialism etc were introduced we made to live by these as a societal structure.

The people behind this simply use technologies, chemical influence and psychological ops to shape society as they would like it to be. Eventually, entire time lines are altered leaving alot of human beings in a spiritual and mental living hell which of course you can escape from by accepting the falsified time lines or rather, the results of thier behavior modification and influence on your life and the altered world around you.

Which of course you shouldnt do but as long as you live they will make sure you stay marginalize and dont exist or have any sort of life in society. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Haha, perps being fair-weathered types, it's funny how earlier in the day, no perps at all. Just assholes in cars doing gestures, as usual. Then when it warmed up later in the day and became nicer, all of a sudden, I see stalker/perps out walking the streets. Hey, the weather's nice, so now the perps can finally go out and play.

But yeah, the weather being bad actually works in the TI's advantage.