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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Most Of Intelligence Work Now Done Being Outsourced To Private Contractors

"In April, Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell was poised to publicize a year-long examination of outsourcing by U.S. intelligence agencies. But the report was inexplicably delayed -- and suddenly classified a national secret. What McConnell doesn't want you to know is that the private spy industry has succeeded where no foreign government has: It has penetrated the CIA and is running the show.

Over the past five years (some say almost a decade), there has been a revolution in the intelligence community toward wide-scale outsourcing. Private companies now perform key intelligence-agency functions, to the tune, I'm told, of more than $42 billion a year. Intelligence professionals tell me that more than 50 percent of the National Clandestine Service (NCS) -- the heart, brains and soul of the CIA -- has been outsourced to private firms such as Abraxas, Booz Allen Hamilton, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon."

Good ol' Raytheon right here in Waltham, MA the hometown of my maternal family for 123 years.  Ive seen cops in on this too. How does that tie in? Uniformed ones in marked cars. Waltham is absolutely terrible for gang stalking. Cops have no problem there being involved and that includes working with large gang stalking groups where tech is in use also in torturing the target. I have videos of this from a few years ago- back when they still did whatever they wanted to people without any oversight its seems.
I remember years ago it was very bad in Boston- they would only stop the extreme torture if you looked like you were in pain like showing outward signs of pain and suffering. Ambulances, helicopters. It was awful. The ambulances had people in them that would keep an eye on you and it seemed if they drove by and you looked really messed up and contorted it would stop.
This is why so many TIs hate First Responders. Ambulance drivers, medical professionals specifically nurses and secretaries, cops, firemen and anyone working on buses or trains (both public and private transport companies) are the nastiest most violent, sadistic 'gang stalking' perps that existed during Bush and early Obama (Hayden being head of CIA time period). Very evil and very into psychologically destroying the Target if not physically also. Its part of the mind-f*ck that the very people you are supposed to trust most in society to help you are the people doing the most damage. It also ingrains in you as part of behavior modification that you are run by or have to obey whatever abuse come down from trusted public servants in uniforms. It assists in behavior modifying dissidents to accept abusive, ultimate, omnipotent power and control from those in authority or who seemingly represent authority.
Survivors are treated no better than a K-9 dog they want to make into a lap dog for adoption.

Its why lone shooters snap and kill people- its what they arent telling you about how this all works.

These people have done whatever they want for the past ten years. They also have used tech along with these actions.

I wonder who warned the likes of me and other TI's? Was it some other faction that was doing the gang stalking and the private companies were hired to watch us and help us or was it the private companies doing the most horrible of stuff then somewhere, there was some sort of actual governmental forces left who actually still believed in taking care of thier citizens?

I would safely say that the contractors are scum bags. The gang stalkers Ive dealt with have revealed too much that ties them to contractors. How else could what we think is 'the government' be able to get away with what has gone on as well as seemingly just ignore the fact that it is indeed going on? No one is listening to Targets stories about this sort of thing going on and these are war crimes. How the hell are they going unnoticed? The only way would be via classification that was black project status or classified projects or its being done by the private sector so complaining about war crimes is useless anyway.

Is it possible that a system has been set up in which citizens have absolutely no legal recourse against private companies who are committing war crimes??? No legal action can be taken at all?? If thats true then people like me should certainly not be living in this country.

Then again when you are trying to take over the world by using classified technologies and hiding your experimentation for doing so under war time anti terror actions domestically..

The problem is that probably there is an opportunity for legal action. Its just that discrediting activists and whistle blowers is considered part of thier warfare thats justified so that anyone trying to get awareness out to the public so the public could possibly take legal action or prompt thier leaders and reps to do so is both silenced and in the minority. There could be changes made but not enough people are aware of whats really going on to do so, therefore they go on just crushing what small, insignificant opposition remains.

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