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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Native American Womens' Forced Sterilization Under GHW Bush Population Control Program-Yet The Idea Made Sense..Sort Of..For Poor AMERICAN Citizens

1976: Government admits forced sterilization of Indian Women:

To be honest, I can understand why someone in power would take actions to sterilize growing numbers of poor people. Look how over populated the world is now, and as its suspected now in the NWO, the world powers that be are just going to kill us off with pollution, radiation from nuclear accidents or electromagnetic pollution or some more direct action to depopulate. Perhaps Bush was trying to be more...humane. Ive lived in African American community and poor white areas-there does need to be some sort of stop on the number of children women have as they often have them for the wrong reasons.

However, it should have been done more with education, a system of reforming welfare where women would be left to fend for themselves if they had more children than was a sane and reasonable number for thier income. Many poor women have more children to get more benefits and all of you out there who live or have lived in areas like I have DON'T FRICKIN LIE- you know its true.

Also, education about overpopulation and other incentives- not trickery, misinformation and outright decieving women or coercing. Using government funding yet.

I absolutely disagree with any of the above being done to Native women. Its thier land and Natives were genocided in larger numbers than any genocide in history through bio warfare, outright killing, relocation, starvation, slavery, forced sexual slavery etc.

To even suggest they should have their offspring's numbers limited is outright wrong.

I do agree with something fair and humane for every other ethnic group and culture in the USA however. The new independence of women, birth control and the welfare system is what created this problem and by the 70's it was getting pretty bad.

It should be obvious that this action was probably taken against Native women not just due to poverty but due to the Native American activism and 'Indian movement' going on in the 70's.

One of the reasons I want to leave the USA is that many problems here are due to many groups of people, classes and political parties not admitting to the truth about what those problems are to begin with. To be honest, an action like this is typical of thsi country as the poorer classes and Dems/ Liberals wont be honest about the truth of their culture and its pitfalls. I am sick of a country that simply changes its tactics every 4-8 years and solves its problems by scapegoating whatever group of people they decide to shift the problems to, so they can 'help' another group of people, most likely who have problems to begin with due to failures in the system as well as their own fault.

America wants unfairness, chaos and to keep a tug-of-war going between classes, races, religions and political parties always. Instead of finding centralist solutions that would create a sane, reasonable system that worked. It seems if you study the years that go by that wise people in positions of advantage always make money off of whatever shifts occur in America from politics to economy to social.

Most people are forced to weather the storm, riding on the dangerous waves of upset seas and like suckers, enjoy the few peaceful times that exist.

This is all by design.

Knowing that and taking that into consideration, what Bush did here is actually a noble attempt- in a typically brutal, upper class, dictorial manner. But its logical is the point and its PROBLEM SOLVING. It could be retaliation for the uprising but it seems that it was done to every poor ethnic group.

Which is crueler: solving a problem-though in a crass and immoral fashion or adding to that problem though you might appear a hero of the people as you coddle them and fund them..TO DEATH (eventually)?

My wish is that the public would stop acting like irresponsible children in this country and self govern more regularly. America is not exactly a place where people strive for independence based on character, reason or sanity. We strive for monetary power, ownership, material gain and status for the most part.

It seems that the system wants poor people to be ignorant and unable to self govern. There's always problems, always a mess and always a vote to be gotten by the ignorant useless eaters.
In the USA you have to chose between being the latter or the former and it seems nothing else is available nowadays. You cant live outside the system anymore-there's simply no place left to exist in this country like there used to be if you want to be 'alternative' and live probably more European like and get away from the two groups of raving a-holes I just mentioned.

So America is this predictable constant war between these two kinds of people. And never is a country created where reason reigns. And Americans seem to like it this way and not mind how time wasting, LIFE WASTING and totally f*cked this is...which is why I want to leave once I get my health together and attempt a lawsuit. No matter what happens I am leaving.

Because to be honest, Bush's idea made sense. Yet, the absolute lack of morality or decency towards specifically Native peoples did not.

Its the best you are going to get in the USA.

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