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Thursday, December 19, 2013

CCHR-The Hidden Enemy- High Numbers of Suicides Among Soldiers Linked To Psychiatry

If you are a vetran you need to realize that psy ops as well as military created technologies, chemical influences as well as unethical human experimentation (think the movie Jacob's Ladder) could potentially also be responsible for military suicides.

It's a way of getting rid of future costs in health care and housing vetrans are going to incur on the govt. It's also a way of getting rid of victim witnesses who can tell of the realities of war or of war crimes and illegal activities of the military overseas or domestically.

Veterans physical bodies might even be living evidence of certain things like chemical warfare or microchipping, experimentation with mind control etc.

Psychiatry regularly covers up for mind control experimentation and unethical human experimentation. They also assist abuses of power by utlizing punitive psychiatry upon anyone who is dissident such as radiation victims in Japan recently. Psychiatry is a perfect place for destruction of targeted people to begin.

Many Targeted Individuals get hit with technologies creating medical conditions that benefit the medical industrial complex but also create what seems like physical conditions like panic attacks so when the person goes to the ER thinking they had a heart attack, the doctors diagnose a panic attack. The patient is immediately sent to a psychiatrist which makes no sense for something that manifests physically.

This gets the targeted person into the psychiatric system and probably to be prescribed psych meds. Then, diagnosed. Often the person is kept down for life by living on disability especially if they were raised on assistance and conditioned for learned helplessness.

Survivors of mind control or experimentation like MK Ultra, high level programming, ritual abuse etc are handled by steps like this in the system. If they wake up at all espcially from drug abuse with the little bit of deprogramming that goes on in Narcotics Anonymous and similiar 12 step programs then the shadow system takes steps to get the Survivor into these situations so that they go from drug addiction and virtual poverty to a diagnoses and disability. Its explained away by saying that the person was dual diagnoses and was self medicating thier psychiatric condition(s) to begin with. Even if the person never had something like a panic attack with its physical manifestations before in thier lives.

Dr Cameron who was at the root of Project Paperclip and Mk Ultra became the head of psychiatry in his lifetime. Says enough I would think.

I have found that PTSD can be worsened or induced by these technologies. Running memories of traumatic experiences, especially in adulthood, repeatedly, is a result of the use of these technologies. They should be treating 'electromagnetic pollution' and sensitivity to start instead.


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