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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Reader Comment On David Icke Being A Credible Source Of Info/Be Wary Of All You Take In

"Hi Rachel, Pedophilia and Satanism are very closely linked because Satanists use children in their rituals. David Icke is a good source of information on that. XXXXX Lavoy on This Entire Gang Stalking Campaign Is A Diversion From International Pedophile Rings Not Just Classified or 'Black' Projects Like MK Ultra
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You'd be better off reading the testimonies and stories of countless Survivors of mind control and ritual abuse. More so survivors of high level programming and only very credible survivors of alleged ritual abuse.
Icke, just like Jones omits information or distorts it. And child abuse as well as Satanic Ritual Abuse are simply tools to create people that are useful to a huge international network for various purposes. Its alot more involved than just Satanists and pedos.

I've dealt with using Icke's info on the internet. Content pertaining to other Survivors' testimonies had a habit of disappearing conveniently when I discovered I was a mind controlled slave with high level programming that was deprogramming and going through 'suicide programming'.

I believe he is a tool of the British intelligence services but I am only guessing.

You can get some information from his sites but if its useful or credible it disappears. His book The Biggest Secret http://www.amazon.com/The-Biggest-Secret-Updated-Edition/dp/0952614766 only served to confuse me as a Targeted Survivor and make me not want to look at the more unbelievable stuff going on within me and in my experiences as a Survivor and experimentee.

Thus his books are of use to the mind controllers who are keeping Survivors down or silenced.

For instance he has a woman he claims is a Survivor of programming and ritual abuse. Her claims sound credible but some of it doesn't. This is typical of Survivors who ARE genuine as they use us to confuse and misinform people becuz we don't really understand what is going on within us or without (outside of us) in the world around us being gang stalked. Its extremely difficult to make it out of internal programming specifically suicide sequences of programming, much less the traps that are laid out for us in the outside world as we are trying to deprogram and understand who and what we are and how this system works.

Its understandable that a mind controlled or programmed person might misunderstand what they have seen or experienced in life especially when they become targeted after their Internal Programming breaks down and they become prisoner of the 'Gang Stalking' system.

There seem to be different types of mind controlled slaves yet, many of us fit into a certain one of those types. Its strange the way many slaves resemble each other, genetically or in manner or the way we think. Its like a Mac computer recognizing another Mac as opposed to a Windows pc etc- but we know we are all computers. Its because we served in different capacities for different reasons but many of us have similar programming.

I am much more logical and need scientific proof than alot of mind control Survivors. Survivors are very easy to fool, like children becuz we are basically children as we never were allowed to grow as normal people do into adulthood. Dangerous children, lol.

It seems that Arizona Wilder's only mistake is that she is being used to spread disinformation by misunderstanding her very real experiences.

An example is that Icke, a supposed activist and outsider to mind control survivorship- should have the insight and enough separation from the subject matter to be a bit more objective than Arizona Wilder. http://www.whale.to/b/wilder.html
When she claims that she has actually seen human beings shape shift into reptilians he or anyone else thats removed from internal programming, gang stalking and mind control should look at her experiences logically and ask if there was a more logical explanation for what she experienced.

In that we see that no one is doing such a thing. She is being used to feed into ridiculous disinformation.

I personally have experienced this shape shifting of a human being into what was supposed to be a reptilian. However, I was very suspicious becuz it was AFTER I had taken a look at Icke's book a few years before where he writes about such things occurring allegedly.
Also, I had seen enough uses of chemical influences, technologies and psychological operations causing behavioral conditioning of TIs that it seemed such a thing could be pulled off as a hoax on a Target's mind.
The 'gang stalking' system as we call it among ourselves, in its most extreme form when Survivors are dealing with further unethical human experimentation and ritual abuse- utilizes chemicals to alter the Target's consciousness. You are dosed with LSD like substances. There are mind control drugs that get snuck into prescriptions from drug store pharmacies. I was fortunate enough to be warned by pharmacists as well as doctors in hospitals that took pity on me or admired my spiritedness in fighting back.  Some TIs are not so lucky and I truly believe many of us are helped through this phase of being targeted so that we are exposed to the tricks the system uses on Targets and on the unsuspecting public for purposes of mind control.

When I experienced this shape shifting I knew it was fake. I had enough experience with drugs in my youth to know it was bs. Also, there just happened to be a friend of the hostel owner hanging around the hostel frequently, former military, who's brother was a well respected expert on exotic psychedelic substances from fungi and mushrooms etc. After alot of horrible events that seemed like I was dosed and tortured using chemicals and technologies- this man magically returned to South America to do more research in his field, using a very hard to get govt grant he recently acquired. That is how this system pays off the people who do covert dirty work for them. You cant exactly prove that hard to get opportunities are pay offs but in the life of TIs you could show that too many people around them that they claim were part of the harassment campaigns seemed to be rewarded with elite prizes or opportunities forming a pattern. Still its hard to prove legally and thats all these people are afraid of.

So...I'm in St Louis where the use of tech was outrageous and very heavy. Horrible really. Some of the worst torment I experienced and this is during Hayden being head of the CIA. East St Louis was the most dangerous city in the USA at the time. There were a few lone shooters who snapped and killed people working for the city. The perps were certainly there at that time. And these were the worst of them: the expert chaos makers.
I almost succumbed to snapping myself but as usual estrogen has something to do with women not going postal. Testosterone along with a history of sexual abuse and an ongoing harassment campaign seems to be key in males finally giving in the going out in a blaze of glory.

There was a heavy use of tech in the area. There were more perps and the most viscous ones yet, in the area at that time. Add to that I had this botanist or whatever-psychedelic drug expert dosing me most likely. And the owner of the hostel had motive- he was a client of my career criminal friend that I had actually known in Boston but didnt recognize him due to having lived out my sex industry life in an alter personality.
There were perps coming into the hostel constantly. This is where Romney's family member, Laura, a young female college student-showed up. Then an entire perp group from MI showed up and worked with the people staying at the hostel- friends of the owner. Very sick, scary people at that. Clinically insane I would say and one of the women was a mother of a child not in school and without child services involved in thier lives. She seemed very much like a person who had been cult mind controlled severely.

Being dosed, the presence of heavy tech in use and at any time psychic warriors can be used against the Target in public spaces and even for purposes of remote viewing. I've experienced this to be for the purposes of spreading more disinformation becuz they show you things that cant possibly be proven to exist, like underground bases etc but that you might claim as real to the public becuz its very easy to claim you 'saw' something or were fed information when in fact it was only a vision or something made to seem real or credible.
This system plays with the heads of experimentees and Survivors so that none of us are credible enough to expose the way they work or who they are.

I was sitting in front of the owner of the hostel- an old money type from Cape Cod in MA related to the Cabots.  I had this sudden, unexplainable urge to physically harm this man in a very violent way. This has only happened two or three times in my life and each time Ive resisted becuz its illogical. Why should I harm another human being for no apparent reason?
After I resisted this urge, I sat there semi  listening to him talk about whatever- I then got this VISION that he was a reptilian. I DID NOT ACTUALLY SEE HIM PHYSICALLY SHAPE SHIFT. What I saw was akin to being shown something I might have assumed was another dimension. That it was interdimensional. Sort of like when the Hobbit puts on the Ring in Lord Of The Rings and he sees things in that dream like, hazy other-reality produced by the Ring itself.

I was then given the idea that these creatures were the ones that ruled the earth, were interdimensional and that I was of a caste that served them. Like their direct underlings.

First of all, my internal programming contains no such images or instructions and nothing about these creatures. Secondly, I serve no one and especially not in a hierarchy. If this is the case then I experience service to something more familiar to me as an Egyptian god or pharaoh. If, indeed, the true identity of such an image was that of a reptilian-why would I have to know that NOW at such a late age instead of it being put into my original internal programming structures as a child?
I already serve a function simply going off of my original programming. I help people by exposing war crimes like this and I am going to write a book telling of what I know and have experienced. That is my only function.

I think either some HUMAN idiots were and are playing games using technomancy- the methods I just listed that would cause such a hallucination. Drugs, then either a vision given to a person by tech or a psychic influencing the mind.

If not, and if it really did happen- if it is real, then it shouldnt be heeded anyway becuz it sounds like a dark entity playing games and trying to deceive people. It was this creature that looked very much like Sutek or the creature from the Stargate movies which is also suspect as this system of deception utilizes the media that humans take in as mass media entertainment.
 Things like taking the magick of real life experiences and reducing them to video games or sci fi movies so the public will think all people experiencing magickal events are simply delusional or have watched too much tv. Thats what psychiatry is for- to deny that magick exists in real life. So only the elite have access to it.

I highly suspect that what Arizona Wilder saw was a deception. A very well pulled off piece of brainwashing. Its very easy to drug Survivors and continue to show us things that arent real in the hopes that as adults our minds are still as impressionable as we were when we were infants and children being programmed in much the same way.

Its akin to many alien abductees who many of us suspect have been victims of the same kind of hoaxing- people deceiving the victims by dressing up in costumes and drugging the person so govt classified experimentation looks like disinformation.
If these experiences with aliens and reptilians were genuine- WHY DOES THEY HAVE TO ALWAYS MAKE SURE WE ARE DRUGGED?
Why would such powerful creatures need drugs and technologies to control people?

When I was a child and had returned to live with my mother from the foster home, I had nightmares about a man in a suit with a briefcase visiting me or being with me in another location.  I would then awake in my bed by morning, literally frozen with fear, stiff. Paralyzed. I would have to unfreeze my body limb by limb. This could be done with a drugging of the person as well as hypnosis. Mind control also, via a strong psychic's influence.

The problem with David Icke is that he isnt approaching things scientifically and gang stalking as well as mass mind control is nothing but technomancy- people increasing thier powers both psychic and otherwise via advances in the sciences, specifically technologies.

That should make people very suspect of Icke. People seem very mean to Wilder, calling her a disnfo agent. Its ridiculous to accuse any Survivor of such a thing as we never know if we are still being manipulated, lied to or shown falsehoods in order to use us for purposes of disinformation. Its like blaming a child for misunderstanding something they saw that someone lied to them about.

If Icke is such an expert then he should use less New Age bs and more science, logic, critical thinking and above all skepticism.

As usual, some of what Icke puts out is useful, real information but then the reader is fed bullshit so that one cant really map out exactly what is going on. Then it sounds like unbelievable events as opposed to war crimes.
Which works out nicely for the perpetrators-who Ive experienced as being ultra spoiled brats working for big military contractors. Whoever they are I've seen all sorts of resources, access and money at their feet as well as unbelievable numbers of people working for them nationwide. And, influential people either working with them or being victimized by them.

The man from Boston- the Cabot from the Cape, who I was urged to harm- he claimed that he had a bad time with the CIA, not directly but he intimated it. That he had to drop out of society becuz of his activism in the 60s and 70s, traveling through Iran, etc. Yet, much of his actions towards me was that of a gang stalking perp, yet it did seem like he was being taken advantage of by the truly nasty perps who were the people he was letting stay at his hostel.

Without access to an intelligence report like the gang stalking system has as a resource obviously, its difficult for Targets to know exactly what is going on with different people involved.

You can be sure however that, its less supernatural beings than it is science geeks responsible for this.

If Seth or Sutek or this reptilian is actually a real, inter-dimensional entity, I wouldnt be too afraid of it: he seems to need alot of help and assistance from a large number of stupid, low quality human beings as well as advanced technologies of humans in order to even appear in this dimension much less take over the world.

Read up on Icke's work. Read up on Alex Jones's. Read up on Cooper. Read everyone's work and take in all the interviews and books of Survivors like Cathy Obrien, Kathleen Sullivan, Susan Ford (Bryce Taylor), Paul Bonnacci, the victims of Boys Town, the MK Ultra testimonies from the PACHRE in 1995.
Then, try to decipher what is bullshit and what is useful information.

Infowar is exactly what is going on with this subject matter. And not many people have the time or understanding of the issues to try to find out what exactly the truth is. So they switch on Alex Jones for a quick listen and then go on with thier lives thus the public are kept controlled about war crimes in the 21st century.

The truth is very simple: a bunch of elitist assh*les now have the means to use technomancy to control society by having unfair advantage over the minds of human animals and the environment (earthquakes, weather patterns etc.)  And human beings' brains are like computers that can be programmed, which has been going on for a long time for use politically mostly as in spying, assassination and related things like drug running, sex work, hostage negotiations etc etc.

Icke would do better to look at the royal's (and past prime ministers') connections to international drug trade, perversion or the like than to focus on her majesty shape shifting into a reptilian and drinking blood at rituals.  Even if this WERE a factual truth and could be proven it still has no bearing on war crimes and the attempted take over or enslavement of humanity thats taking place. High society has been historically documented and suspected of such types of abuses and there are cases that point to such actions, in crimes where careless people were caught. Bathory is an example. She was a naive, careless woman who was taught such behaviors by those in high society but she wasnt inter-generational bloodline or elite life long so she was careless...and became maniacally greedy with her blood lust.
Its not the traditional abuses of power that are the problem- its the ability to control humans so completely and totally in the 21st century that is the problem. It makes it so man has no way to fight back or judge right from wrong for himself.

 And its advances in tech, chemicals and psychological conditioning that are being used, not some dark mystical powers of reptilians. There are black magick rituals utilized but thats always been. Its nothing new. The tech is just used to amplify the effects of these actions.
9-11 was 'amplified' by tech: news reports, the internet and of course the advanced tech used to influence human beings and the environment.
If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, yes it makes a sound but that sound has no effect on humans that arent aware of it.

9-11 was a large scale black magick ritual using large scale architectural structures representing symbols and that action was amplified so that a large portion of humanity could experience it or be part of it, unwittingly for the most part.

The challenge of this sort of activism isnt to solve the problem of 'evil' in the world. Its always been. The point is to make the public aware, without a Christian mind set or ideology, of the presence of what people call 'evil' or anti human forces and actions on this planet so that humans may be free to choose if they WANT to be part of such things, or allow symbols into thier homes or people like Justin Bieber who are activily working for such a system yet he is marketed as non threatening in order to sneak this stuff into your home via innocent, dumb kids who are fans.

Its simply self defense. Awareness is essential. After that humanity can do as it likes. However, most people dont want to be spiritually responsible for themselves or thier communities so a large portion of humanity wont want to believe any of this nor deal with it, which is fine.
I am writing for people who are pained to see what is going on and are confused and need answers to gain peace in thier lives. The elite of the common man if you will. Everyone else can do as they like.

Also, everyone who's curious about this subject matter should be very suspicious of the fact that all activists involved in this who are high profile ARE MALES.  Why is that, when an overwhelming number of Survivors, abductees etc are FEMALES? And why are these activists like Cooper, Icke, Jones etc claiming they themselves aren't childhood victims or Survivors of this system?
I would have alot more respect for them if they were.

So be very wary of what you read, who you listen to or what you yourself perceive about even your own bizarre, strange experiences in this world. They can f*ck up your mind very badly if you let them but remember- no one can destroy the ultimate divine structures within YOU. They might try to convince you they can but as my mother used to say "..only if you let them".

They are more terrified of people waking up to the fact that a group of humans can psychically influence events with our own 'magick' from our consciousness. Thus religions stay in place while psychiatry picks up the stragglers. New Age disinformation ensures Seekers get lost and never find the truths about themselves or the world around them. Citizens are imprisoned by personal technologies and separated from Nature which is where humans can gain immense power from, though Nature is potentially dangerous.
What is the power of any thing invented by man, to a short earthquake that destroys a city man has taken long effort and labor the build? Storms, volcanoes, earthquakes, oceans...Nature's power is frightening to man and it should be. What frightens them is, when you realize that you are  part of Nature...yet you have the intelligence to alter it.

Living in false environments created to keep you prisoner isn't intelligent- its the powers that be taking advantage of your ANIMAL nature. Preventing people from evolving.


  1. Survivors of organised sexual abuse often appear to discredit their own stories because they are carefully fed falsehoods throughout their abuse.

    One of the boys who was abused at a children's home in North Wales, told the press he'd been abused by Lord McAlpine and he very obviously had not, but he was abused and it's entirely possible that his abuser was addressed or referred to as Lord McAlpine to cover up who it really was.

  2. Hi Rachel thanks for posting my comment. I will endeavour to read your post at work. One thing David icke said is that they show him things when they want him to see it. I have noticed that in my viewing of you tube videos. I do agree that David is a flawed man as we are all flawed but I still like him. I also like Jordan maxwell and fritz sprigmirr who i recently found. The nsa wrote me a letter and said they won't hand over my files so their refusal is what I consider to be their admission of guilt. Xxxx Lavoy.