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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Boston Back To Hitting Me Hard But Today Is Clear (Voting Day)

Thank goodness for one truly clear day.

Its back to normal here. Got networked groups messing with me every day and getting hit with tech so I cant focus or attention is diverted all the time. Takes me forever to do a set of things on list due to forgetfulness or losing my way getting from a to b to c etc.
This is actually a very normal symptom of electromagnetic pollution. Forgetfulness and being 'dumbed down'.

Sundays, holidays and thankfully today, voting day, is so clear it resembles the clarity of a federal holiday. Those are the most clear days for me as a TI when I can tell there's no remote influence. Of course today I had perps messing with me with in person gang stalking but that never really works fully without the technologies they are using to make targeted people mixed up, anxiety ridden or our minds clouded by V2k or flashes of visions or other diversions taking up our mental energy and thoughts.
This is what psychiatry is marketing as 'intrusive thoughts'. Funny how they subside once you get out of range of electromagnetic pollution...or it lessens being late at night or a holiday. Hmmm...intrusive thoughts seem to operate on the same principals as microwave technologies. Well what do you know.

The TI must be influenced through such technologies and probably chemical influences pumped into the environment (chemtrails, vent systems, foods, etc) for the organized stalking and harassment to work which utilizes actual real human beings in the TI's environment.

Im using this day to get some activism done on blog as due to being targeted I dont often get to my blog anymore. The way Im targeted lately prevents me from utilizing my right to freedom of speech by making it impossible to get to the medium (internet) and my blogs where I do my activism, reporting, documenting.

As usual for those of you who still think this is mental illness from within the Targeted Individuals themselves- what mental illness do you know of that runs according to:
-Geographical location (tech as well as stalking and harassment changes in intensity, character, style etc according to physical location within the USA. Also, remote influence ceases, just like microwave technologies would, when TI is underground or in certain buildings like govt consulates, hospitals etc.)
-repetitive time frames (remote influence seems present only at specific cycles such as 6 am to 12 midnight M-Sat approx across the USA.)
-specific days (TI seems clear or free of influence from tech on any federal holiday and Sundays)
-an obvious pattern (not random but according to outside influences as listed above)

In other words- the tech ACTS LIKE TECH...which is why lay people like me know its technologies. Underground, in hospitals or in hospital basements, government buildings, old solid structures made of concrete and steel etc- and anywhere with no cell reception are places where the effects TIs get become non existent.
The only exception to this rule is when there are areas with no cell reception that are obviously military base areas or underground base areas, there are mental disturbances that are far worse than anything in big cities where there is lots of cell phones and other 'electromagnetic pollution' as well as the means to target individuals specifically.

One area of the southwest in New Mexico was one such area as well as part of Wyoming which has no cell reception according to many people who travel through that area. Both are lacking in civilization...out in the middle of nowhere- so you think. There is something out there in these location becuz the effects are disturbances from outside the body and mind that are intrusive yet are much...'bigger' in scale than from remote influence in populated areas. Ive been hit in enough military base areas to know this is not normal. Also at the edges of civilization around Las Vegas NV like Henderson, NV, there are strange effects.

The country is so big and those areas are not populated by normal civilians- how can a normal average person say they know whats out there?

The remote influence in this country Ive experienced or noticed anyway since 2006 runs from 6am to 12 midnight approx across the country. In San Diego it ran from 5:30 am to 11:30 pm. When I was being tortured in St Louis, MO during Hayden/Bush/Obama administrations it went on until 1 am or 1:30 until it just switched off out of nowhere. Imagine being tortured heavily for hours sitting in a building, and then it just stops..just like that. Thats a mechanism from outside the human body, not mental illness from within.

It seems that in most locations, Sundays are days that this is shut off or minimized. In some areas Saturdays are far worse for feeling the ill effects of whatever this is and in others, Saturdays are minimized like Sundays.

Always, all federal holidays like Xmas, etc are the most clear from remote influence.

One could say this is the merely the effects of electromagnetic pollution which might be partially true. With Targeted Individuals however, the overt psychological game playing from people seemingly part of the general public ('gang stalking' perps in the TI community, hiding in public spaces among the public, posing as just normal average citizens going about thier business. Agents might be a better term.) that are tailored and executed to target one specific person basically make it pretty obvious there is an organized system out to discredit and destroy that targeted person.

What is interesting about this voting day in MA being clear is that, in the past, during a presidential election in 2004- on voting day, tech was used to influence the voting decisions and behaviors of the American public. This is what I and others experienced, I dont need proof- I'm giving testimony. Whether Im believed or not is of no concern to me in the long term of this project. Its up to the public to take charge of thier own freedom and if they so choose slavery- its not my problem. I delivered the information. That is my job and that is what I will do.
The People will choose for themselves. The perps always make TI's fail by harping on thier lack of credibility. On CLEAR DAYS like this one, I know...and return to what I know is right, whats inside of me that is set up to simply tell what I know and what Ive seen.

The perps make you focus on your personal life and what people think of you, your lack status and your now screwed up relationship with the community or what the community things of you- its a form of peer pressure to make you conform. To forget really, what your prime directive is, what your mission or job is.

Its very simple as I wrote above. But when being targeted heavily I forget how easy and simple it is. I forget that all I need to worry about is telling what I know to THOSE FEW WHO ARE INTERESTED. This message is delivered to those who want to recieve it. Everyone else is welcome to live as they please, believing the lies and deceptions if they want to.

Being targeted makes me forget the peacefulness I know is Free Will in all this.

I shouldnt have to worry about what the public are doing, or who listens to me or if this amounts to anything or not. But they will get you so upset and so confused and so concerned with your life, your fame, your ego, your wasted potential, your status etc etc that you forget exactly what you are supposed to be doing here with the info you have. Of course, that is all by design. They want activists under control not getting the word out and they want people to be unhappy, depressed, angry, afraid etc so that people will stay doing what THEY want them to do in this New World Order- which basically is consume corporate goods, support the totally insane military industrial complex and not wake up to reality.

What they have done essentially is create a false environment for humans to exist in as slaves. Its like a web laid over the physical reality that we can experience with our senses. Americans dont usually have enough in touch with themselves to question why the other things are 'off' like spiritual, emotional even mental. Thats where psychiatry comes in to 'fix' humans nowadays when in actuality people are either targeted, experiencing ill effects of various pollutants including electromagnetic or living under the effects of mass mind control.

If I had one clear year of consecutive days I would have written my book by now, sought legal council and moved on with my life. Its taken ten years. Three just to find out what gang stalking is and six to accomplish what little I have.

Unless you have the money to live underground, you arent going to get much done.

I also suspect from recent events and my experiences over the years that the powers that be are purposely getting radiation into the environment.. what their goals are only they know but we can guess. It seems that a combo of radiation from technologies, nuclear spills and even the sun are creating a hostile environment for human life on earth. Interestingly on 'clear' days, the effects are lessened. Perhaps its only to get rid of people who are targeted who they know have been made weak or vulnerable.

This is how they make lone shooters also. Its complicated but it seems lone shooters are people who might be opposed to whats going on or here to deliver a message so they target people, torment them in special ways according to thier make up with this hidden system and turn them from people who might help humanity into people who harms humanity.

The elite, especially the IT and scientific elite truly believe they know whats right for people. Its never right for humans to not have free Will or be able to exist privately in thier own minds.

A perp at one of the women's drop in centers in Cambridge the other day, made sure I heard this conversation where she was discussing "re inventing humanity from the ground up" with some stupid white trash women sitting next to her. This woman has overtly let me know that I was targeted and also seemed to be very uncaring about it, she continues to try to be smarter than me by thinking she can perpetrate at this stage. She's now studying to be a psychiatrist. Theres a gang stalking alliance between these social services people, the drop ins all started by women who went to Harvard (!) and the large African American homeless community that actively does gang stalking on TIs for them.

These people are pushing through the madness of the NWO. For those most part they are insecure, lesser people who need to screw over other people to get opportunities or money. So then, how is humanity changing? People are perpetrating these war crimes working from the same basis or motives they always have: thier own needs, desires and wants. The animal nature.

There is nothing good about the NWO they are creating-its simply going to be good for the people who created it and supposedly those who assist them. Again, animal greed and need to dominate.

The problem with science people is that they never analyze THEMSELVES. If we profiled politicians in office, police, feds, agents, military generals, corporate CEOs, doctors, nurses, psychiatrists- as groups and as individuals we would see some very interesting results as well as quite different from what we are led to believe these people represent.

Anyone existing in a human body on this planet is subject to the human animals' nature. Its only through the most extreme mobbing in history that these people have created probably the hugest cult in history and believe they- and thier methods are right.

Its a battle for reality and a battle of Wills. Thats all. Who is 'right' usually depends on who has the most might...just like animals will do.

By tomorrow I will forget how to be so clear, so articulate so at peace with my charge in life and I will return to feeling old, beaten and socially unacceptable and self conscous. I will be harassed until I drop the N bomb 50 times a day and my racism is back in full force. I will be hit with heavy suggestion for most of the day that I forget this, get a job and conform. I will hardly recall what I ate for breakfast and if I ate at all- and overeat. I will forget the years of memories I have collected-from the gang stalking years to childhood memories related to programming-I will be a mindless puppet of the NWO.

This is their perfectly psycho managed world. And its becoming a polluted, radiated mess that wont support human life soon. Knowing the elite they have already prepared thier new homes underground in cities, on space stations or on Mars or the moon. Becuz they are a huge, viscous, selfish mob of animals- that will survive while everyone else dies.

Its a nice, clear day...

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