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Monday, November 18, 2013

Cambridge, MA Detective Harassment In Vehicle That Has To Be Investigated (Photos)

Supposedly, this was supposed to be due to house break ins being common in this area. I took these and went straight to a retired cop I knew in Cambridge. Before I could show him their faces, a cop came up and said that the detectives called in and asked about me after describing me to him and said they thought I hung in Harvard and he told them that he had only seen me around a few days but that it didnt seem like I was the break in type.

I have a pic of my pajamas I was in basically as I had simply taken the 69 bus to go to Dollar Tree on Cambridge st near Lechmere before I was going to get dressed. On Sundays there's no showers so you kinda gotta find a bathrroom whatever. Its a hobo/hippie dress thats going ragged I bought in Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA last winter. I get compliments on its patchwork but local YUPpies around here seem to hate it. Too bad.

So wearing a loud, out of place hippie dress and carrying a backpack and a sleeping back in a compression sack wrapped in an elegant if beat up scarf with flowers on it, I am the absolute picture of someone who's going TO BE TRYING TO PLAY LOOK OUT FOR A HOUSE ROBBERY in plain daylight, on a Sunday morning in a nice part of Cambridge. Yeah....right. Does that explain why they followed me to the store also and waited outside for me?

I dont believe this story for a minute. I think that the brothers-in-arms thought quickly and covered each other's asses. Becuz I KNOW Ive seen this detective's face before. Years ago.

And is it standard practice to let suspects know you are observing them possibly committing a crime by stalking them in an obvious manner while they are walking down a street to cut through a park to go to a plaza, then wait for them OUTSIDE THE PLAZA of the store, then also show up to drive by the bus stop a ways from that plaza?

I took pictures of them pulling into that street to begin with becuz they pulled up to me, sat there and didnt move (stalking) until a group of girls came out of the house on the corner of the cul-de-sac. Then they insisted on coming back down the same street which made me more suspect so I took another pic.

Them showing up outside the plaza was just obnoxious and obvious and as I snapped a pic they rolled down the window and waved and the heavy set Latino lookin guy gave a thumbs up to me, which construction workers have been doing to me last few days to mess with me and mock me. So I snapped the lic plate. Then they pull out of the plaza lot filming ME taking pics of them and after years of doing this and being harassed around the USA I have nerves of steal and just kept snapping pics while he filmed me with this creepy, pervert look on his face.

So..two grown men in a postion of power with a vehicle containing a souped up engine are so concerned and threatened by a single female who's obviously traveling by herself with a pack that they need to stalk me to the store, act like jack assses then film me?

Nice try on the save guys but this is TYPICAL GANG STALKING behavior. Oh and how did they just
'know' I hung out in Harvard enough to call over there? So, you couldnt have called over there with my description BEFORE STALKING ME on that street as I cut through the park to get to the shopping plaza? Not a very effective way to prevent a crime or catch someone.

And considering I am dressed so out of place, you would think Id be caught easily if I was up to something. In fact, Id deserve to be caught BECUZ IF I COMMITTED ANY CRIMES IN BROUGHT DAY LIGHT ON A SUNDAY MUCH LESS DRESSED LIKE THIS I AM A BLITHERING IDIOT.

There is a real pervert of an old client that lives in that area too, creepy like into little kids creepy and they might be trying to make sure I cant go there for any reason.

I know Ive seen that guy taking the pics before.

Their mode of operations needs serious discussion...and I am going to have one this week.


They had driven to the shopping plaza to wait outside in the lot....

They followed me outside the lot, didnt explain themselves, just started to film me so I quietly just kept taking pics of them doing so...

Then passed by while I waited for the bus on Cambridge street some streets away. The guy taking the vid with his phone was no longer in the vehicle. I spotted the car coming up the road which is why I got a pic of it..becuz I have been getting stalked and harassed around the USA for years and now know what to expect as well as how to catch them doing it. I would not have gotten these last ones without seeing them coming far down the street at the bus stop.

What I was wearing (my nightclothes that I wear to shower. I have much nicer bibs I wear during the day. If its not gang stalking then its a campaign to get rid of anyone who looks homeless or very alternative. So either way its bullsh*t.

The retired cop called them "buffoons" (lol) and told me to forget it. I could go to the civilian review board according to the city. I'll take care of it in a week or so. 

Just as a side note, as my mother and maternal grandmother were gas lighting me years ago when this first started I recall my grandmother, without telling me what was going on exactly, stated that I needed to .."stay out of Cambridge and Brookline or it will be  war back and forth".  Firstly I still have no f*cking idea why those two areas particularly I am not allowed to walk freely in. Secondly, thats bs becuz this crap has happened for ten years around the USA and thirdly, my grandmother and mother are either totally in denial or too stupid to realize that this isnt about a federal investigation or covering up so I cant testify. This is about MK Ultra my  mother being a documented radiation experimentee.

The investigation in this area was used to cover for further Mk Ultra activity. I was driven out of town to the southwest then onto the road where I was tortured, harassed, hit with non lethal weapons, psychological warfare, stalked and harassed by entire perp groups who had rented Greyhound buses and even MILAB on a Greyhound bus.

They think no one is going to believe me. Everyone thinks they can make all this money by selling someone like me out to human experimentation just like it was under MK Ultra years ago. Everyone around me lies about it becuz if you have secrets these bastards know what it is and either threaten people's families or blackmail people.

Ive also overheard people working in tent cities or shelters refer to me as "a goldmine" in which to make money off of.

I am going to get a lawyer. I am going to sue whoever I can that was involved in this and I am going to get whatever justice I can then I am going to write my book telling the whole world EVERYTHING and then move to a civilized country-like the ones that actually pay attention to war crimes. America doesnt believe me and people like this get away with this becuz America doesnt even know what war crimes are or that thier own country is one of the greatest perpetrators of these crimes in the world.

I am not going to feel bad becuz I am victimized in a place thats basically a fishbowl where no one knows whats going on outside thier own little world or doesnt care. Im going to take care of it and then go somewhere that doesnt get off an decieving the entire world by destroying while they get off on claiming to be the good guys. Americans actually get off on being deceptive.  None of this is my problem. Its going to be thier's soon though. Powerless is something that cant last forever.


Anonymous said...

all ur movies on ur youtube are gone??????

On_GangStalking said...

Im just rearranging the channel and fixing stuf. they are all still there and backed up. geez..

Vojkan said...

Kudos for getting pics of the slimy minions who do the dirty work.