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Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Covert War Against Buffy Sainte-Marie/How The Powers That Be Destroyed Rock n Roll In Favor Of Rap To Control Society

"'I found out 10 years later, in the 1980s, that [President] Lyndon Johnson had been writing letters on White House stationary praising radio stations for suppressing my music,'' Sainte-Marie said in a 1999 interview with Indian Country Today at Dine' College.''

The Native population is now it seems from my travels, almost completely co opted and infiltrated. Natives in New Mexico always complain that there's a leak on the Rez concerning everyone's activities. It seems like in the 1970s after the activism and revolt of organized Natives movements, the powers that be have taken care of the problem just like every other part of any activism that is truly effectual in the United States.

"In his federal court affidavit, Schlund said he has knowledge of ''the detailed plans for the break-up and destruction of rock n' roll music including the assassinations of many people to achieve their goals. The detailed plans to replace rock n' roll music with all-American music called country western.''"

LOL, looks like they picked rap/hip hop instead. This does explain alot however. The music being hypnotic, pushing consumerism, selfishness, compliance to get what one wants, thug life reducing quality of life, obsessions with pimping (sexist slavery through mind control especially sex) and objectifying women- which of course takes care of any feminist movement that existed to a large extent, working in the position of house slave to deal drugs for, pimp for and entertain for the powers that be.

This music has taken over the lower classes and influences the middle class heavily. Its basically become a cult for the lower classes to exist in, glorifying a low quality of life. It also serves to promote this lifestyle as a way of feeding the corporate prison system and helps along with anti terrorism to keep the needs for securities and policing high.

Anyone who's paying attention knows there is something wrong with hip hop and rap especially as its connected to gangs that are only allowed to exist to deal drugs for international organized crime run by the powers that be and the elite. So here is not proof but a point of reference at least to connect the dots to.

In the 21st century there should not even be any ghettos- African American ones or otherwise, in this wealthy, large country with its wealth and resources. So why is nigrified ghetto culture being promoted, even glorified in this day and age? It seems like people are being brain washed to get used to, accept and expect a low quality of life in the lower classes in the United States.

Its the same reason that OCCUPY existed as I now believe it was purely a creation of the covert arm of the powers that be. As an experiment it showed that the lower classes and anyone who dropped out of thier corporate job or mainstream society could indeed organize and successful co exist peacefully while working on transforming a system that doesnt work to one that might be changed for the better.

They got the info they needed out of it then shut OCCUPY down it seems. The fact that the young people involved seemed totally oblivious to all the lessons of the 1960s and 90's about infiltrators, provocateurs etc shows that the wiping the memories and info from the 60's from the minds of the public in the US has been successful.

And weve come to a new era now where false flag ops, hoaxes and experiments like OCCUPY created in controlled, false environments created right out in public spaces can exist without the public seeming to understand that this is not real reality but a manipulation and a deception.

Making music as stupid (pop) or controlling (rap/hip hop) as possible to assist dumbing people down and making sure one focuses on self and consumerism and not politics or effective revolt is what has assisted in creating the deceptions we live in today.


  1. That could be a reason why Buddy Holly was done away with, if that plane crash was indeed really rigged to happen and not a true accident. Remember the one eyewitness who lived a mile away who said it was odd he never saw or heard a crash.

    He must've had some smarts... My impression was that he was a nerdy hillbilly. And the system does hate some of those types. Some of them can be controlled no problem, but others not so much. The system does have some nerdy eccentric types on their side working for them. And Holly just said "That'll be the day that I die".

    But then that doesn't explain why Richie Valens and the Big Bopper died. I don't see them being as innovative as Holly. But I've seen where the system will kill others to get their man (or woman).

  2. Hi Rachel, I read in a fashion magazine that JayZ used to be a drug dealer and then a rapper and now has his fingers in other things. In the UK we have 4Music and I see a lot of modern music on it. On the music videos I see a lot of illuminati symbolism and even though I am a pretty liberal person, I am shocked at the behaviour of the ladies on the set, and they certainly would not have men behaving that way. XXXX Lavoy