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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Inside North Korea

Inside North Korea's Dynasty-NatGeo Doc. 
Murder of Family Members, Bombings Using Possible Mind Control Techniques
N. Korea's Drug Running, Counterfeiting and Other Illicit Activity Funding the Regime. 

Watch NatGeo's Inside North Korea's Dynasty pts 1,2 on FB-How The Universe Works 

 The Son of God: Inside North Korea's Dynasty 2/4
The Olympic Games and the bombing of flight 858 at 34:30 

‘Inside North Korea’s Dynasty’ Episode 2: Flight 858 To Seoul from Peepshow on Vimeo.

(PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ANTI VIRUS OR AD WARE PROTECTOR ON COMPUTER this videos site has adware its just annoying it doesnt seem dangerous. Its the only free copy of this episode and part 4 if you are curious.)
Nuclear Family: Inside North Korea's Dynasty 3/4

'Inside North Korea's Dynasty' Episode 3: Office 39 from Peepshow on Vimeo.                                                                                Winner of ‘Outstanding Graphic Design & Art Direction’ at the 2019 News & Documentary Emmy Awards.

In this sequence from Episode 3. 'Office 39' reveals the drug trafficking, counterfeiting and money laundering operations run by North Korean officials.


Kim Jong Un's uncle executed CNN Dec 12, 2013  

A gruesome North Korean murder plot: Trial sheds new light on assassination of Kim Jong Un’s brother

The Moment Kim Jong Nam Was Attacked: CCTV Footage           WSJ Feb 21, 2017

Suspect in Kim Jong Nam's Killing Simulated Attack in Pranks WSJ March 21, 2018 North Korea Enlisted This Lawyer For The Assassination Of Kim Jong Un’s Half Brother (HBO) New twist in Kim Jong Nam assassination ABC

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Watching NatGeo Movie- Syria's Deadly Dynasty

Inside Syria's Deadly Dynasty

 (Watching Hillary Clinton claim to care about children, having to view any Barbara Wa Wa interview segment, Bush announcing the Iraq  war and seeing what looked like Jesse fuckin 'house slave' Jackson involved in any kind of official foreign politics representing the United States were annoying, obnoxious moments in the movie. Aside from that):

All I can say is that this is one of the saddest stories I've ever seen. 

I would have stayed an eye doctor. Turned to my family and said "YOU deal with it".  My upbringing has allowed me that freedom and I cannot imagine being from a large and powerful family. It may be that there would be little choice especially in such a culture. 

The beginning was so positive, the modern version of a presidency they wanted to create. Taking London with them home to Syria. 

It seems this culture has screwed itself by not allowing women to take some positions of power as the mother of family and even his sister would have been better choices as far as personality more befitting a dictator politician.

(But dont take the west as an example of females who are appropriate for positions of power to take them because nowadays it seems that only female puppets or sheep conforming to an agenda are allowed to be part of our fake progressive movements. The west fears genuine female power more than anything.) 

The progression in the movie is so sad. 

It's almost as if when his father died, every bloodsucker came out of the woodwork including the USA and its allies whether in open politics or through covert actions-to take advantage of the opportunity that presents itself when an anchor like a strong and feared dictator dies. 

Perhaps all we are seeing is a world wide power structure made up of people who are or were as brutal and fearsome as the deceased Syrian dictator, who respected and understood him and most likely were involved in some sort of good old boy network with him in the old days who now, simply see weakness.  

They are predators as he was. That's all that world powers respect. 

How do we know the actions of brutality werent done by family members or others connected to them? Even another country's power structure may have been guiding these actions to either get a certain result or misguide on purpose?

I never believe a western produced documentary or movie as its biased by culture even agenda and it's always got some element of propaganda. 

Its an enslaved world the powers want now more than ever not a truly interconnected, cooperative one. 

Sadly, the description of the son as "the civilized face of the regime" being an eye surgeon from London seems to describe a person who would have created a civilized, modernized culture. 

To view a healer turned into a liar and a dictator simply to appease his family and continue his father's legacy is very painful. And in a genuinely evolving world such a thing would not have been required to occur. 

With all the lip service to the alleged trappings of wonderful western modern culture such as accountability, transparency and all the other bullsh*t that's handed us about a globalist utopia when in fact these are nothing but sales points to sell us the same things humans have had to endure for centuries. 

Corrupt power has learned to hide as now they must be more careful because the public have the internet and education and anti depressants. 

So these foriegn powers who dont tout deceptions of our modern world but continue to oppress and destroy overtly as opposed to doing so through deceptions are bogeymen of convenience.

Most western citizens still do not view the world as a whole and interconnected through Nature and humanity-they can only exist through the Internet to have such a perception. 

I dont see much in this movie about Syria. I see the atypical soul sacrificing culture of ours where spectacle is made, almost mockingly, of a man losing his soul on this earth and horrible recorded moments of war, death and violence for purposes of perception management. 

It certainly makes me feel grateful to be sitting here in a safe area of the world but I also feel my life is wasted being as such-and for all they tell you about the problems in the world that should  not be, they never allow you to fix them or even be heard.  That's the dictatorship of democracy.

A self professed perp in a restaurant once blurted out to me that they "dont want to alarm the public"...about anything that's genuinely a real issue that needs to be fixed or could be fixed. 

So movies like these are simply excercise in torture where we helplessly watch a man become a monster, a culture remain chained to oppressive history and a country and its people destroyed once again simply for a globalist agenda which is no different from any other in history.

Btw NatGeo shows tv shows glorifying military actions and soldiers fighting in the post 9-11 wars. So this bleeding heart piece can barely be taken seriously as such considering the networks overall agenda. 

I'm watching the same things humans have been doing forever on earth when the forces that exist dont allow for true evolution to take its rightful place and its natural course in this world.

Oh wow...covert actions, cause and effect, divide and Conquer, order out of chaos. Like anything ever changes in this world. 

The difference between the hamburger trick in America and the Middle East is that in America, you do get a burger patty in the slices of bread but its garbage. No one is much paying attention to what it's made of but for us, it seems to have been given something we are expecting to get is enough. Regardless of its genuine ingredients, integrity or quality..or if it's good for our health. We are given what we are expecting. 

And isnt that the basis of good sales? 


Thursday, January 7, 2021

Insurgence of Capitol Yesterday Is Utter Deceptive Bullshit

Ok so they are telling us that after all the riots this summer that did so much damage from BLM and Antifa before that this is the most violent shocking thing we've seen and every single person should be hunted down and locked up when the afore mentioned protesters were basically allowed to cause destruction and violence when police were told to stand down all summer??

When the Boston Bombing occurred authorities called marshal law and had all these toys from the military industrial complex just to look for ONE YOUNG ADULT MALE but Washington DC couldn't protect themselves by calling out to any bigger forces  or had any decent effective protections in place?

Why is our US Capitol not fortified to begin with? 
What if this was a foriegn actor like ISIS (which people are over dramatically comparing this riot too) who would have committed much worse acts of murder and destruction?
Why is our US Capitol much less its main federal buildings not prepared for any acts of terrorism or violence on the property? That's pretty smug and arrogant as well as stupid. 

Who said that Trump is the one who ordered it? What if it was a a psy op or other op put forward to crush any dissidents towards the new administration and its politics especially in the midst of  Bidens son's legal issues and many people questioning the election? What if it's to force the public or any dissenters to accept the new administration's validity and give them cred in public perception? Many people that didnt agree with voter fraud still didnt take Biden seriously because of the Lefts Dems support of violence this past year and using radicals to get votes.  This would certainly cause or force people to take Biden seriously. 

We have to remember that alot of the way the public is handled and treated in this country in the past ten years is very Russian and Chinese in its methods and style. Much of the coercion is simply ruthless intimidation that's dressed up as happenstance, seemingly random or made to appear as simple cause and effect.  Living 'down the rabbit hole' has become so much the new normal that people accept any ludicrous outcomes or ridiculous ploys as normal in a democracy like the USA when it's all far from what should be in our nation. 

No one seemed too concerned about peoples lives, specifically law enforcement, during BLM or Antifa massive violence nor the random shootings of officers and 56 officers should not have been injured during this insurgence of our Capitol. 
The videos of officers being singled out and fleeing from encroaching protesters is disgusting and very sad. Those are not the Trump supporters I've been observing during this circus over the past four years (I'm not agreeing with them nor disagreeing). The entire scene seemed manufactured and planned. 
Its not that hard to find people who are of a nature to commit senseless violence-on either side. 

Those in charge of security should be to blame and those who designed the security systems in place. What about intelligence systems in place? As if there wouldnt have been any information on this being planned or any forewarning of such an occurence? If this is the best our anti terrorism and 13 intelligence networks can do we are truly screwed. So much for the surveillance state having any purpose for security. 

This is utter bs and it's the worst drama I've seen played out for the public since the protests and riots this summer or even Trump's antics. While we have been paying attention to this nonsense for over four years and even during Obama, there are very pressing issues that have been concerning the public havent been paying attention to, which is probably its purpose. 
There is no way this could have happened in reality which is why people say they feel it was "surreal" when watching it, because its not 'real' as in it probably was allowed to occur or planned as part of an operation. If the Complex or other actors can take control of our country through fear by rises in alleged lone shootings or bombings, many of which are questionable and have the imprints of ops or planned, executed events-actions of violence perpetrated on purpose, including riots and looting, then why couldn't this be pulled off? 

The manipulation and deception of the public is the most dangerous thing that's been going on in the past decade, as its had to become more violent for purposes of intimidation of the public and more sophisticated. People increasingly believe ridiculous scenarios they are presented with. 

I now understand why the system seems to want to eradicate and silence conspiracy theorists and alternative information or theories because this would allow people to understand the structures of plots, schemes, deceptions, coercion and their feasibility so they can recognize them and sort out the reptilians, bigfoots, aliens and disinformation from psy ops, black ops and genuine covert warfare- even warfare of a  spiritual nature. 
This all makes sense now as to why so many of us were framed and silenced in 2016, specifically after the information taken in from Wiki leaks or Snowden, whether you believe those were legit or manufactured for purposes of causing a crack down on conspiracy theorists or to create a presence of controlled opposition. 

Due to rising mobility and education of citizens generally and access to information about the world they live in through the internet, the power structure has had to restructure and reinvent methods they utilize to keep the public controlled and ignorant of what they are doing. 

If anything,  media and the internet now serves to skew and warp reality to their liking it seems and to create an alternative reality, just as was done before the information highway was available through traditional methods.

The misconception nowadays is that people believe they know what's happening in any given situation at any given time. They believe they are informed and what's most shocking is they do not ask what info is omitted and what could be being hidden. 
In reality they could easily be manipulated if they are not present in real time for the event and do not have the back story or insider information. 

The internet has become a tool not to make change based on exposing reality and information but to manipulate reality and create illusions. 

The naivete of our generation I suppose was projecting that most people would be of an altruistic nature to want a better world collectively having been exposed to the horrors humans are capable of where deception is actively used to cover their crimes and also that your average person would be smart enough to understand or at least perceive they are being deceived or misinformed. 
I know we saw the movie Red Dawn as kids but didnt quite expect the invasion would be waged with ops, tactics, info wars, mind war and really badly written dramas and of course violence that is covert and always attributed to someone else in the quest for deception. 

The modern mistake is to believe there's nothing beneath the surface, that theres no deception. That such things are relics of the Cold War era when in fact spycraft and deception of the public as well as all the tactics in use are age old ways of managing people people who rule traditionally use.  Some of the examples of violence from authorities that are being focused on domestically when compared to what we incur as a nation in foreign warfare from a Complex we support and utilize daily shows a frightening compartmentalization of the average citizen's mind. Comparing what happened at the Capitol to what occurs in the Middle East is self serving and extremely selfish when this country doesnt seem to focus on such things since Obama. Specifically the incomprehensible horror of automated warfare such as drone strikes. Boston Dynamics has begun selling its prototypes to the private sector and state police. The public's knowledge of these nightmares is a recent video of BD's robots dancing. This is an example of the dangerous and childish mindset that has taken over this country after 8 years of the Obama administration's infantilizing the public. 
This would have been understandable in the 1960s but after that people were quite aware of the potential and feasibility of corruption and sinister intent. That's been replaced by a cult like hope for a utopian future which is replacing knowing what actually goes on in our world post internet. 
It seems that people in reality cannot handle the truth and life was more peaceful and easier when they we didnt know all of what was going on in the world all the time. 

Our  generations mistake is believing that continuing our parents efforts of changing the world to create a better one adding technology to the effort would not be hijacked by the power structure and used to recreate oppression. I dare say a new dark age, which is very sad an ending. Its extremely disrespectful to hear kids refer to COVID as 'Boomer Remover' when in fact that generation most resembles them and is responsible for making changes to society they are now working on implementing into institutional change.