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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

authors of the Bill Of Rights were heavily influenced by Anglo-Saxon legal theorists such as Sir William Blackstone, who declared that there were "three absolute rights ... the right of personal security, the right of personal liberty and the right of personal property

"Blackstone's ideas became embodied in the Federalist papers, and in the writings of James Madison on property interests, which he defined in quite broad terms:

"In its larger and juster meaning, it embraces every thing to which a man may attach a value and have a right, and which leaves to every one else the like advantage ... [A] man has a property in his opinions, and the free communication of them. He has a property of peculiar value in his religious opinions, and in the profession and practice dictated by them. He has a property very dear to him in the safety and liberty of his person. He has an equal property in the free use of his faculties, and free choice of the objects on which to employ them."

"The protection of these faculties" Madison wrote in The Federalist No. 10, "is the first object of government.""

The free use of his faculties. Seems like the use of technologies that alter and influence the human mind would make that impossible.

The combonation of technologies, chemical and psychological means of influence and coercion impedes these rights.

I wonder if by executive orders or some magical legal mumbo jumbo bullsh*t since 9-11 or late Clinton or the Reagan era or Obama's administration...that the Bill Of Rights And Consttution have changed.

GW Bush is yes horrible...but not as much as his father. There's some truth telling in him. He's right when he says its "just a piece of paper". It could be reduced to theory with changing times. Just as the theories of psychiatry have been raised to that of law or hard science. Its what people believe in, what power or majority decides is the rule.

The only problem is that the majority are going along with and supporting power's decisions, without really being aware of what they are supporting. Those that do have superior knowledge and everyone should be informed of these conditions so that the public are aware of what they are subjecting themselves to.

Believe me I support control of the animals. The elitist in my nature completely agrees. Yet its gone too far, there's far too many idiots and unworthy involved privy to secret knowledge. Also the arrogance is loathesome and careless so is the bragging. Man was meant to be ruled over not completely crushed allowed no freedoms or Will at all.

The arrogance is just disgusting and a sure sign that the wrong people are in charge. Those who are not fit to rule.

Plus...Im a vengeful woman. I care little for the consequences of unraveling the hole civilized world. Becuz they shouldn't have crossed me to begin with.

Monday, March 23, 2015

gangstalking south of Austin exact same place as in 2011 HEB and laundromat

Gang stalking is still extremely bad and heavy south of Austin, in a seemingly crappy neighborhood compared to the rest of the area.

The area is heavily Mexican and mixed. And sometimes there's nothing wrong with that in the gang stalking situation and sometimes it's an indicator that you're going to get gang stalked heavily.

I've never understood why this particular Plaza is so heavily targeted. Exactly like this when I came here in 2011.
I don't know enough about the area to know if it's perhaps heavily military or if its a gang.

HEB (2400 S Congress Austin TX) is exactly the same way it was before the minute you go in you get heavily getting soft I had to actually turn my camera on on my phone to deter harassment. Because I'm better at this than I was 4 years ago where is the gang stalking system is still doing the exact same thing. LOTS of the same Hipster types I got in groups doing gs in 2011.

That's why I activism works.
Even though you think it may not if you have a blog or a website you have to keep going.

There is a limited scope of things and tactics that they can do the tea I can become seasoned acclimate and learn and therefore learn to as the system.

Being a traveler I realize that people are basically lazy involved in gang stalking. I come back to different areas that I've been before and they're doing the same exact stuff they were doing when I was there before.
This is also an example of how a moving target is harder to kill.
If you stay in one place the gang stalking system grows with you and counters every time you counter. So all it does is continue to grow with you and you never will be able to have any kind of superiority over the system.

After being at HEB and putting my phone on people got nervous it was pissed off because we couldn't complete the gang stalking and basically just stopped i mmediately..

The laundromat around the corner it's also a place that was always heavily Gangstar it's in the same plaza basically.
I forgot I was a photograph of both businesses.

But I have to say that the laundromat was a tiny dinky place good sized but it's gotten I'm major remodeling since last time I was here in 2011. It's double the size that it was now.
Another example of how heavy gang stalking gets you rewards specifically it seems with construction and architects engineers and people involved in building. It was this way in Boston too. It was obvious from 2003 onward that rewards are being handed out to local businesses through remodeling.

I was getting stalked by the Mexican people that are in the laundromat and who work there and buy their children. But it was actually a lot better than last time probably cuz they don't need money for the remodel now. Last time they were just a vicious and they were using African Americans and other kinds of people.

The guy that work there had a real stupid look on his face right self-satisfied like they all do now like you know I've just been targeted for so long that they had me down and its like my life sucks and then just so happy about it. It's almost as if I'm a situation that permanently under control..

There is a total assholes and human garbage that help manage me.

Seize their children to gamestop me and there was really annoying but they must have learned from other organized crime organizations that tactic because you can't say anything against little kids right. You look crazy if you treated them like stop following me or leave me alone and get away name of the game right now in my campaign is major discreditation. Because I'm on probation from Boston and of course I'm on probation because they changed up the game on me after my allies left power in Boston, the game now is to get me to flip out and get me into jail. And after shopping and get arrested for tagging a building I learned the first time and I am NOT making that mistake again.
They keep on trying around the country.

What they did in the laundromat is your children like followed me everywhere I went to get away from them I provided photographs of the patio and the store.

When I went out to the patio their children came out there to play when I went back inside the children went back inside and played around when I move to another part of the laundromat the kids moved over that area I couldn't get away from them.
It was so obvious.

you can plainly see all of this on camera in the laundromat.

There's this older lady who kept like being in the general vicinity of where I was no matter where I SAT it was really annoying. Might have just been random though. I mean along with the gang stalking groups in this world we do have a psychic vampires it just don't know what they're doing totally unconscious.

Maybe they should go work with the gang stalking system.

Remember these people are closet starf*ckers. They stop the TI is like paparazzi socks famous people or people had a discussion with a famous person free themselves want to be in Portland and on camera in famous there very sick individuals but the society we live in now create these kind of people very easily.

Religion of control is really all they have.. oh and getting a great remodeling job done I guess as a reward. Truck fleet with GPS or you close or nice cars at the office we can't afford I've seen it all.

( They just had security go by on a bike and after that a black policeman just came in in front of me in the door I'm standing in front of And made sure he stood there in front of the doors facing the store So I found them and he walked away very quickly into the store.

Then a fire engine went by and made alot of noise.
The cop walked out and walked by me with that blank look cops give when like criminals they dont want to be caught or made but he couldnt keep his head up and eyes forward as he past.

And he had the typical asshole attitude of getting away with abusing someone as well as of course his own personal sick racist sexist motives.
You still wake up black in the morning. Every black perp needs to remember that. I make sure i state it occasionally. Gang stalking me changes nothing.

This isnt the kind of people who are up in Austin. They couldnt make it in Austin.

The city is split up into districts. This one is obviously corrupt and run by a total asshole.

(Remind me to bring my scary traveler/homeless friends with me next time i do laundry here. Becuz nobody keeps a superhero like me out of anywhere.

The insects will not have the last word.

But do u now understand the pitfalls of Diversity?
There are plenty of Mexican areas that aren't f*cked like this. This is Mex and mixed.)

These are all cheap Desperate Tactics of intimidation if they been trying now for years.

Its all psychological warfare.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Being Decimated And Destroyed By Tech Psychological Harassment Anti Homeless Laws And Tech/Non Stop Interface-Truman Show Effect

Becoming person i dont recognize. Cant stay focused.or remenber tasks to get things done.
Im falling asleep alot randomly like narcolepsy. After food at certain fast food places or on certain bus routes here in Austin.
Dont know cause or if perps are causing it somehow. Started in Richmond Hill GA been a problem ever since.

Anti homeless laws and ordinances havent helped and actually may be responsible for this condition developing if its neurological. Havent rested daily like i ussd to for past year or so.

Gang stalking psych harassment is so frequent now Im unable to retain control. Anti homelessness and gang stalking destroying my confidence.
Im not alllwed a moment's peace or to be left alone.n

Im being discredited heavily on a daily basis. Im being forced into reacting to being harassed by appearing crazy in public.

The interface mentally is unbearable. Its pure torment and it's now in most places a homelessness person is now allowed or tolerated.

Truman Show Effect (illusion) has also become unbearable.

It feels like I have nothing to hold onto anymore.

Im being COMPLETELEY marginalized from society completely.
I was allowed some connection just a year or so ago. (Why did i just get a vision of Bobbi N this older lady from Harvard Sq having something to do with my going downhill?).

Im also very worried about that woman Bunny commiting suicide in jail this year.

Its like this is something that someone is trying to cause on purpose with her and now me. Whats the motive?

I only get telief from the tech so things make sense or i can reason clearly in specific locations: a government building, a certain restroom in random locations or an emergency room.

Its shocking how disconnected im getting. Of course that ensures i keep up my friend networks and form new ones.

Dint know what to do.

Internet (smartphone wifi) hacked like Bush era making hard to work on blog and adding stress.

Wrote this after clarity gotten in a certain restroom in decent neighborhood not usually frequenting.

Sleep outside not giving body rest. Compared to rest gotten while sleeping in emergency room vast difference.

No deep rest or..genuine healing.

Whatever allies I had seem gone. Met a few people down South made me feel whats gping on has positive outcome. Not where I am now though.
Must recall those conversations about positive outcomes.

I think i comprimised myself with associating wirh last two companions.Seems they feel this in part makes it OK to allow enemies to move in on me.

Circumstances beyond control forced me live and travel this way past years.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

TX Continuing To Be Altered NWO

NWO scum trying to ruin TX.
Wanna know why TX so peaceful? Concealed carry. Ive been around country. Places like AZ are full of heated conflict for.varius.reasons and Ive.experienceed open carry is one reason why.

The woman advocating for it is wearing red and just an evil deceptive bitch.

Theyve already gotten rid of Bohemians and Travelers in cities like Austin. So then open carry?

Doesn't anyone see the environment they are trying to creatw

They are also trying to get homesteaders ro pay taxes for schools. Just more trying to create a hostile military type environment.

TX has been so awesome over the years. Ive had to watch it get ruined and smowly brought into the NWO. It's vey sad to lose anothee home.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

gangstalking harassment at South by Southwest Austin Texas (alot this year yet strangely outside of downtown it's actually welcoming and peaceful)

(After posted realized theres a Scottish Rite temple here AND a functioning Scientology center)

Came to SXSW kids said money was good but the city has done the whole 'create chaos then make order' by a few years ago just like Harvard Sq, mysteriously alot of homeless showed up and then overloaded the city and burnt out their hospitality.

Now its no sit no lie. Same as every other city that's been infiltrated and handed over to.the NWO assholes.

The perps are plentiful here in Austin. Its no longer random groups of hipsters and a few jerk convience store employees.
They are in the crowds here and just like every other city this year i get gesturing tactical psych warfare like every five minutes or so. Its really intense. Along with the tech and chemtrails its very hard to counter.

It starts to effect you. Their angles are that I have short hair, so women and now men keep putting their hand through their hair mostly stroking it around their ear. Most of the time its easy to tell if its random or done just for gang stalking me the Target.

They also have very frequent wallet and side taps. The wallet tap has now evolved into a side tap. The hair is mostly women and the side tapping mostly males.

The perps here are often the goofiest, most pathetic lame asses in a group of people. Ugly and/or very scrawny.
There are attractive ones-people they know I will look at. In repeat set ups tall, blonde and perhaps a bit stocky but definitely long blonde haired males and attractive females. Young women they know I will look at, notice or focus on becuz they resemble me in some way when I was attractive and younger or stand out the way I used to.

They are certainly taking advantage of my becoming ugly and average as well as my advancing age.

They know my scenes are wiped out now in most cities and my home base of Harvard Square in Cambridge MA has been permanently destroyed.

They are making me feel left out and excluded. I think alot of this is tech at work.

For the first time in my life I truly feel like society is distant. Its gravitating away.from me slowly. I feel disconnected.

I cant immerse myself in an environment any more.

The laughing or making it obvious that Im targeted and slowly losing ground as well as laughing at my being a prisoner of my situation is the most infuriating part. I hate when cops do this along with (seemingly) civilians.

Its so annoying becuz the motive behind this entire campaign to destroy me/keep me isolated from society etc IS BUSINESS. i guess im just of an Italian mindset when it comes to violence for business purposes.

You arent supposed to gloat or f*ck around or make a big deal about themselves or be obvious about what they are doing. They are supposed to be taking care of business by murdering somone whos a threat to their operations. It makes me uncomfortable in the game to experience how they treat murder and sacrificing a human life so lightly. Personally I think its very ill mannered and absolutely, disgusting. Murder SHOULD NOT be treated so lightly. If anything they will never be punished for murder becuz the world now supports their insane, boring, trifling petty minded reality and their insect, hive like existence. But they SHOULD be punished for murdering with no respect for the power of the act. They are however fully recieving the energy stolen from the Target over the person's lifespan that cant be helped.

Why they treat this like fun and games is beyond me. Its supposed to be psych warfare not a teenagers playground and thats about thier level.

Many attractive young rich kid looking women are in on this lately too. Probably from families whos wealth and investment are threatened by activism that exposes mass mind control, MK Ultra and the NWO.

Theres something definitely wrong with the younger generation. They often dont even act human like normal people did years ago.

This is why many activists start going towards the aliens conspiracy theory. People just act so unatural nowadays that it starts to look like the only explaination.

I get alot better treatment outside of downtown and its ridiculous that I should be harassed out of downtown by non stop harassment qnd arrogant mocking from perps.

Why is it even a point to mock or laugh at or treat the TI as if they are a joke? Its bizarre. How is something as brutal as MK Ultra a joke?

How is anyone like myself supposed to possibly beat or succeed against a system that clearly consists of massive manpower, endless resources and the most advanced tech capability unknown outside classified levels in normal human society??

Im an amazing huge success simply by surviving this long with some sanity or humanity intact as well as taking care of my body and even being inventive enough to make an alternative life out of my predicament and being productive.

Im basically a hero. Im amazing. Im the winner by DNA, spirit and by nature that I could have been if i wasnt destroyed and isolated from society.

There just happens to be only ONE of me compared to the huge population of the people destroying me.

How is that funny or how does that make me a pont of mockery in which people can feel superior?

That I dont understand at all.

And the fact gs exists at all is a MAJOR problem in society. This mean that There is a Portion of society That has Superior knowledge And uses it to their advantage over the rest of society.

This means they know who the serial killers are they know how crimes are committed they could solve crimes Even cold cases.

And it only goes to prove that there is an element in society that ll because they have ultimate for knowledge of a control they can effectively cause chaos so that they may create order.

They act as if they are superior to me when in fact is pitted against me as individuals he's probably be dead scared to death or mentally scarred for life and unable to continue their behavior.

The only advantage they have is the group and the fact that the group as superior knowledge over the rest of humanity.

I've never seen anybody all-powerful who's that insecure. And in my life I've either been born into being around or purposely sought out ways to be around people in power. Specifically men or the women who quietly run them through their weaknesses.

What you're dealing with with gang stalking is an all powerful force that is made up of (powered by) extremely insecure or weak individuals who if pitted against a very powerful Target who possesses much force would not succeed in the same domination or control the massive group effort provides.

Cryptonite doesnt kill Superman...but gang stalking would.

The superiority bullshit is a nice illusion gang stalkers get to live in, its one of the rewards of the job.

I'm sure that the people who are in power who are behind them are not so arrogant can understand the consequences of such actions. Yes they need to hide how extremely f***** up they are as well as the corruption and crime is they're guilty of.

Which is why the gang stalking system exists.

( And yes I have met nice people which is the only redeeming quality even downtown and how much more nice people outside of downtown.)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Athiest Community Message Board- Thread On Gang Stalking

Bus Driver Black Community Baltimore Organized Violent Mobbing (GS Type Set Up)

This is a 'real life' example of how this sort of set up works and thus sets example of the way 'gang stalking' does much the samr thing -except its MUCH more covert, the participants make sure they do not reveal deals or pay offs have been made and gs's purpose in part is to discredit the targeted person so they appear delusional, paranoid, racist etc.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

White supremacy And Racism Being Purposely Created in The Population. ThisDiversity Will Create Conflj

Racism against black people being induced or caused by tech (remote influence. )

Create a Problem to solve a problem.
Order out of chaos. Chaos they create and cause.

Tech and obviously more overtly using the shittiest black people for harassment ans stalking of Targets and to generally piss people off in public spaces like everyday knowing the population are prisoners of Diversity right now and can't say anything about it or defend themselves.

II was at a truck stop that has decent younger people working there (African American and White).

I rested some at night but got up before 6am. As i went to the register  i noted i didn't have the aversion and dislike of the black kid qho was the cashier (they were all nice in there ).
The way i reacted to him was a normal cauae Ans effect, based on percieving him as a decent young person.

I then noticed that after 6Am those feelings and perceptions ive had last few years from progressive racism returned.

IT WAS BASED ON TIME NOT EVENT.  It fell right into the timeframe when tech seems  to be 'off' and it's a clear peroid of time.

These racist ideals seeming to come naturally for self defense are being created or induced in people using remote influence technology and psy ops.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Baytown TX Heavy GS Ross Store/Cops Tried Then Made Nice

Gang stalking has increased dramatically since yesterday. It might be becuz im on antibiotics for a finger infection and thats going to make me stronger. More coherent. Able to perhaps write or call lawyers thus harassment must be increased.

Ross Dress For Less is one of the worst gang stalking corporations in the USA. The local Target was a bit obnoxious, mostly customers and one overweight females security guard who was watching me perhaps becuz Ross tried to frame me as a theif and they sent the word over.

Walmart was oddly well behaved for some reason in this area.

Ross had mostly Mexicans and their children come into the fitting room and I couldn't focus on a dress choice. Since they interrupted my shopping for a necessity (layers changing weather) and were sick enough to use children which i think is the worst part of gang stalking, I dug my heels in and took four hours to make the right choice.

As i was in the dressing room still deciding (the gang stalking actually exhausted me as im fighting an infection that threatened to lose my finger if not treated.)
a female employee questioned the dressing room attendant and tried to think of ways i might be stealing...becuz shes not security and she's an idiot...and a desperate perp i later discovered. (If they only let u in with a certain amount of items and u have a number and there's always an attendant then how is the thief supposed to get more items in to the room to steal? And if someone was stealing why would they take so long? It increases the chances.of being caught.)

They were just pisssed becuz i retained control over my situation and completed my task instead of giving up and leaving or making a wrong decision.
Women started coming in and giving me evil looks becuz I refused to budge. Looks that normal sane people dont give. Evil, very dangerous murderous types.

The scrawny black male security guard was in on it it's all on camera.
The bitch who asked if thw attendent saw any tags or anti theft things removed in dressing room tried to cash me out but i avoided her by letting people go ahead of me. Yes she was pissed..but then she was especially pathetic even for a perp. So it's predictable.

After my Ross experience the entire area was flooded with perps. Parking lot to drive by and from store to store.

See any victory the TI has like attaining a goal and a new dress that fits in perfectly to wardrobe and makes TI look good MUST be countered with a huge bring down by perps.

Lately they've got me very sick tired and down and would like to keep it that way.

They know damn well my healrh is degenerating to a point of making me more crazy in public and wearing me down mentaly and emotionally. Any treatment time with antibiotics is a time i can get things done i usually couldnt.

My mother who is in denial had her doctor keep her on antibiotics. She wasn't mobile and a moving Target is always harder to destroy.

Theres a new tactical process they are using. They get me to like an area with hopes of settling down there and writing my book, then if i show i won't be controlled this love affair quickly dissipates and viscous gang stalking ensues. Since i was so sickly before antibiotics lately i wouldn't have noticed this but i wouldve kept faling

Thats how degenerated my mind is becoming due to bad health...and Fukashima fallout increasing in the U.S.

Also let it be known that any racism i express down here in this area is purely induced by gang stalking and a reaction to psychological pressure/coercion.

African Americans in this area and much of the south are nice to people of other races. They are pleasant. Not everywhere but in parts of AL and in this town they are friendly.

Latino people are not people I have any trouble getting along with and any difficultly is usually harassment related. They are too similar to Italians in many ways for me to be offended by them or threatened. Its the harassment.

The intensity of the harassment might be due to this being TX but also Im in between two major chemical plants and oil refineries. They've had explosions and leaks and corruption to do with pollution. Im sure that the locals who are tethered to these companies are more than dedicated and willing to do dirty work for this system to continue to keep them out of trouble and up and running.

Strangely the EPA overlooks violations in these companies for years...before those violations result in destructive explosions.

Also there might be some anti terrorism here. One of the accidents at one plant was due to SOMEONE reversing some open/close valves so a massive cloud of gas leaked when valves were in off position. Hmmm.

Whatever the it's a neat little town with alot of asshole potential.

Im also still having nodding out/sleepy episodes and its only in McDonald's and this morning Starbucks. Coffee never had this effect before so that doesn't make sense.

I watch them make my drinks so it's not added by the service people. Along with the nodding and jerks comes jerking in limbs which i had years ago and posted about it.

Its either tech, some chemical being covertly sprayed in my location or its parasitic disease which might be feesible.

I may have caught a parasite that causes mental.degeneration from a Chinese mentally ill woman who spent all day and night at The Women's Center in Cambridge MA for years. They are now closed for homeless services.

I suspected she had mental illness due to a parasite and took precautions to avoid contracting it. She always would burp by force as if she was trying to get something out of her throat.
I just stayed in MA too long last year and might have finally caught it.

Ive had sensations of something taking the wind out of my windpipe by being present there. And my appetite has increased ridiculously over past year. Sweets are focused on and I actually will stop feeling hungry if I consider healthy food.

I will cure this as I have everything else. By traveling to areas wherr EVERY disgusting thing you can catch in Boston dies as well as some sort of cleanse.

The GS system knows about using mold and parasites and disease to destroy Targets just as the Soviets did. Its probable that I did contract it and they are aware and are working the campaign accordingly.

Yesterday's unfinished post:

I went to the hospital for an infected finger and didn't want to call an ambulance becuz it wasnt life threatening. One of the employees at a truck stop said I should get a ride from someone going that way.

I flew a sign that said hospital and just kept moving up the street then settled on the lights firstly becuz people stop there and secondly becuz the cops bust people for hitchhiking so when they show up I would ask them for a ride to the hospital.

Finally a trucker decided to give me a ride. I got his info and took my typical safety measures. He dropped me off at the hospital and as I went to put my stuff out onto the pavement a uniformed cop stepped towards me from his car making it very obvious that he was waiting there for me.
This added to the stress of being injured, on the road, being a single female traveling and having just have hitch hiked to get there.
He watched me closely as I ignored him and his advances to enter the hospital emergency room.

Of course one of the medical staff was a long haired white male who wearing black and red came out into the ER chatting but of course did multiple wallet taps and even stroked and flipped his hair like a female perp would.

The entire ER seemed stressed and awaiting my arrival. Like they were on gaurd.
As usual they were disappointed that nothing came of it and two of the staff actually looked out the window at the police car leaving. Why would multiple people take note of the police car thats there? Either in his coming or going? Especially going after I arrive?

I check in and give my info. They are rather nervous.

I then am so annoyed at how stressed the police presence made me feel i call the non emergency and leave message with detectives. During this i spoke a bit above normal voice level (normal stress reaction) not yelling just a strong voice. Instead of asking me to take it outside multiple staff interrupted my call and made the message longer and less articulate than it should have been.

This included a male who despite being dressed in what looked like some sort of EMT or badge bearing medical uniform, sounded more like a prison guard.

I asked them why they interrupted my call and why not just tell me take it outside? A black woman said she didn't want to put me out in the cold. Its cold here to them right now you see.
Yet this is the typically (and frightening) southern mindset in some places.
Tis better to mammy or control than to make the chile' cold. Even though as an adult I would make that decision. It also might be a nice excuse to cover for what was really ensuring my phone call was not as effective as planned.

They all lost their attitudes once they heard the message to the detectives.
Under my breath I mentioned arrogant hicks and this was specifically for our prison screw sitting behind the computer...looking out of place-like a large browed cave man hiding uncharacteristically behind a piece of modern technology from some advanced society. His knuckle dtagging in sharp contrast to the delicate machinery in front of him.

I could feel the comment take at least some of my energy back he took with his aggression just moments ago. Unlike Boston where the sexist strong arm lumox type males are disturbingly lacking in conscious and cold hearted by nature, these ones here actuallly have some sensitivities.

The trucker who gave me a ride showed up again in the waiting room and I realized he was indeed attempting to be a creep and I informed him I did not need a ride back.(he could have been part of the attempted entrapment earlier so can't be trusted to begin with and might be creepy to serve a purpose).
Just as he sat down two more uniformed medical types drew attention to this with a comment 'well, would you look at that" and then quickly switched to commenting on the receptionists appearance "..a good lookin girl like -----. Bye -------." as they quickly walked out.
Somehow the trucker coming back was supposed to make me feel paranoid that I now do look guiltly of something since he showed up again and sat next to me.
Mentioning the receptionist's appearance as a good looking girl was probably to make me feel that I am NOT as such any longer. Its something they've been using alot lately.

The police car actually returned later as I turned to see it driving away around again in the lot.

The doctor was an African American red neck look type who seemed pretty civil. My reputation must have proceeded me or maybe it was that he was the only doc in the ER.

I tried to also tell him that i couldn't breathe with this too and wanted to ask about these spells of uncontrollable sleepiness Ive had lately. He was satisfied with curing the infected finger.

I knew getting dropped off anywhere near Houston was a mistake. Any big city thats got...
(Since the phone call to detectives there was no more unusual attention from or action by uniformed police in marked vehicles. The town was actually a bit friendly and pleasant...for a day. Sigh)

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Am So Mentally Deadened and Controlled With Interface Cannot Take Care Of Health As Usual or Respond Coherently To An Emergency

Stuck outside houston. Being blocked this year from traveling.
Dojng it anyway but they are making sure it's not fun anymore.

Entire country has crackrd down on being mobile without own transport or paid transport.

Mind control is so total now that i really dont have memories of my own past available to me. And its so controlling i havent been able to remember to keep.up with health regimen.

Im can't remember to buy spices and foods for health.

One of those is oregano in Italian seasoning due to my being predisposed to staph.

I now have wat seems like staph effecting my finger and a sore on my ear which i cleaned out and made heal but finger won't heal. Cant breath.

Only now that i need to go to hospital it seems like whatever mind control theyve been using to keep me totally unable to be myself or think normally and im half crazy and all over the place.

Now in an emergencu it seems like the control is lifted only so some interface can take place between my mind and an outside entity like a psychic or perhaps an AI program.

I have to be instructed on how to sensibly go about organizing my movements and doing things practically in order so that i get to hospital and perhaps get oregano since its worth a try.

Exxonmobil chemical is right south of here and it could be something from there.

Its as if somewhere along the line in past year or two i was given something akin to a lobotomy so i cannot think or have Will and am very docile.

Its very frightening becuz of the medical procedure i had in Oregon at the state run teaching hospital. The entire year after my abortion seemed like it was a tortorous punishment exefutee by a program. Like a software program. I could have easily been chipped and theres some way that they have a behavior modification program using nanotech or a chip that basically interfaces with the female patient so as to cause such horrible mental and emotional experiences afterwards so as to deter the female from getting pregnant again.

I posted i experienced this in jail overnight in Cambridge MA last May after being arrested for that tagging of the McDonald's where I was being harassed.

I was brainwashed/mind controlled by way of some interface in the jail to against my Will and by force repent or admit to agreeing that what i did was wrong and that i was remorseful.

All while lying in the overnight jail cell after being arrested. Hearts and minds. True psy ops. Rehabilitation by force (of the people who abuse of power has victimized.)

Now im such a vegatable with hardly any real thought processes of my own i cant even take care of myself or organize a logical plan of action and execute it.

I have to be released from total control interface (every day now with no Self or independent thoughts), so that yet another outside intelligence can interface with me to do something as simple as take care of a medical emergency.

I looked up possibly suing OHSU due to having pain from the abortion still a year later at MIT and magically a few big MIT cops strollled by me in the library and basically performed psychological intimidation so i dropped even thinking about suing.

Then also as if by magic a week later the pain of a year or so from the abortion subsided and only returns as some lower back stiffness occassionally like once a week.

This migjt be why i was warned to leave the USA in 2012/13. Whatever freedom of thought or movement during Bush and early Obama is no longer available or allowed.

Im basically a vegatable who is totally controllled daily through non stop interface. Any anger or sense of injustice i once had access to and a right to has been slowly destroyed with this lobotomy type effect.

I have no idea how they did this but its done and only a medical emergency on my part or something breaking up the systems control makes it stop. (National emergency, natural disaster threat or weather or other things thtat seem to divert the First Responder tech systems.)

Ive had dental work done. But this was happening even before then.

Im also being kept attached mentally and emotionally to people who are basically helping the system handle me like the last guy i was with.

I cant even make judgments or control who I associate with anymore.

How they finally destroyed ME and my inner thoughts and Will I dont understand. It really does seem to be connected to Oregon. Perhaps that recent trip to Maine.

I also took multiple courses of antibiotics last summer for skin staph infections. I hadnt taken antibiotics for at least a few years.

I literally feel i am retarded. Like something has been done to me to reduce my intelligence and sense of identity.

I was foolish enough to be a resident of OR for a few months and perhaps thats all the legal change they needed.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

RT News Network Just Another Room In The Big Media Maze? (Russian News-Theres No Russian Content)

Amusing in moments and with much hope given to trapped American viewers. Yet childish or juvenile in its approach to beinf alternative (the corporate world is run by "greedy jerks" or the "people who buy into the crap our media " pumps out to us..etc).

Just like it became obvious that Guerilla News Network was disinformation or at least existed to provide a safe controlled outlet for very contraversial content this also seems like controlled opposition or at least alternative 'news'.

Featuring Larry King interviews or having updates available on MTV is enough for anyone's who knows the extent of what's going on to register this as just another diversion. Probably marketed to idealistic youth and disenfranchised artists or independent minded types.

I found that it created a dangerously complacent environment for me that sapped me of my fight and made me get lost in yet another falsified environment-a mediascape meant to create the same dream like world in a waking state only as an alternative to the false environment, hypnotic dream like states offered by mainstream media.

Even the darker colorings and lower lighting used as part of the graphic design of the channel which at first i responded to well due ro its creating an environment where anxiety is lessened for the viewer as opposed to heightened as with mainstream media, after a time became imprisoning .

I just heard the words .."well Harvard said.."

Thats it. Its definitely a channel meant as a holding area or trap for any mind seeking out of the system in place.

I also dont see any Russian content. It also seems to promote Diversity like the west but Only featuring African Americans and no other 'People of Color' or whatever you want to call it.

Its suspect becuz it's certainly not the current Russian mindset.

How about Indigenous peoples?

They're now glorifying Kennedy. Gotta go.