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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Another Example Of How Gang Stalking Perps And Informants Are Made By Intelligence Agencies

Using Teyvon Martin

Who the Hell is Teyvon Martin?


You know what the real disgusting crime is? Using that kid's unfortunate demise for political purposes.  That will never reach the screen for heated discussion though will it considering the news corporations own Americas mind body and soul and only use them like cattle to buy news..and its advertising.

The country is now totally gonzo. And wont return to sanity anytime soon.

A nation under cult mind control.

Reader Comment On Between2Worlds

" I read through some of this persons blog, and there seems to be alot of disinformation posted on it. Definitely can't be trusted, or believed to be a target. Some of the things he/she posted sounded just like something the gangstalkers would say, or something an average person who doubts this exists. If you evr read this, do you agree?
By Mike on Got Outta There Finally
at 3:53 PM"

Yes I've read her blog. Years ago actually.

Its more meant to assist people who are specific groups of TIs. Persons who fall into the category of Survivors of high level programming and Experimentees. MILABs, Ritual Abuse and the like. I dont mean to sound elitist but unless you comprehend your internal programming as a Survivor you cant really use any of the information she provides. And some of it is theorizing on what really goes on, so its only useful for Survivors to consider these guesses and theories.

Her experience is valuable and she does mention alot that is helpful. As usual one should be careful with bogus or bad information meant to discredit or confuse the issues.

I once wrote her very early on I think to mention that she shouldnt be putting forth information like this and connect it to GS. My rationale was that I felt it gave the GS too much information or made it too easy for disinformation agent perps to use the site to create bad information.
One of the things about my programming is guarding and delivering information. I suppose that was my drive behind doing that. Like a gate keeper.

The only thing that makes me think shes an agent is her reaction to my email. She flipped out and used it to try to label me a perp. That my wanting to keep information compartmentalized or seperated for security reasons was something a perp would do.
I emailed her and explained everything and she simply kept being a bitch.
If she understood various types of programming within Survivors she'd have known my reaction was typical.

So yeah, she does seem suspect. However, the information she provides seems genuine. Its too...all over the place to be a disinfo agent. I dont know.

If shes disinfo she's good. If she's geniune she simply is fighting so hard, that anyone getting in her way is a threat. You gotta understand the way women function in all this. The stress of war is so much harder for us.

Remember- the female of the species is more deadly than the male. We take war like actions not as business but as direct threats to everything we are in charge of. Our nest. So we then feel we must just kill everything in the way instead of negotiating battles. The way men think in war is completely different.

This is one of the main reasons that women must be controlled who are Survivors.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Got Outta There Finally

Whew! Made it the hell out of there.

What in the HELL was going on back there?? Why was Breezewood so heavily targeted?

I could hardly fly my sign to get a ride. Ugh..

Pennsylvania Sucks

Read the end of the post where I document the harassment here in the truck stop early on today includes someone hating on me becuz they recall me from child porn.

Nice huh?

WTF is wrong with PA? You suck.

David Eisenhower On The Military Industrial Complex 2012

With such a massive budget as well as the ability to 'misplace' 17 billion without having to account for it I don't see how the military industrial complex doesn't have influence as it did. From my experience DARPA and.the like are totally out of control.

Psy ops, brainwashing and mind control via chemical influence and technologies TO CONTROL THE MASZES AS WELL AS SPECIFICALLY TARGETED INDIVIDUALS is a major problem.

I don't care if it is the financial powers that be that are behind this- the methods of control originated with the military and CIA- things like Project Paperclip

That's something that NO side is going to be addressing...

Stephen King: CIA? Killed Lennon? Inspired By Nazi Sympathizing Scandinavians.

Hitler sympathizing Danish Satanists that is. I love how Wiki avoids something well known about anyone who saw the Kingdom and not the King rip off-watered down for Americans of course:

I believe I saw a Scandinavian name on the movie credits of that piece of crap he did a few years ago '1408'.

Produced by the same man who brought us The Matrix and Harry Potter:

Directed. by:åfström
Alright King is somewhat off.the hook for 1408. Novella was.written in '99.

Still don't like his lone nutter theory.

But there's this also: 'IT' was banned?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Strange Experience While Sleeping In Coca Cola Plant Illinois

Not necessarily a bad thing but how true is the information.

Got vision and info that an old associate of mine a bartender in.Cambridge called The Middle East (where my musician ex was employed and he got busted for drugs in.their parking lot).

The owners are Arabic or around that area.

This old associate of mine has been a bar tender there for a long time. I also know from experience he KNOWS ABOUT PROGRAMMING. Hes Jewish and adopted.but I always suspected his knowledge was from Judaism not other sources.

The info I received was that the owners of that establishment were involved in terrorism or funding terrorism and my old associate involved somehow.

That club and Central Square Cambridge was definitely instrumental in my gang stalking campaign over the years as well as the attempt to frame me up for the cover story

There's also a group of guys who work there that have rams heads tattooed on their chests. They vowed to never speak of the meaning of those fatties publicly. A girl commented to me once that it was weird they all worked there and they all also shared this tattoo.
I can't say these guys have been cruel to me at all actually one of them looks pretty guilty or he.feels bad about my predicament from the way I was treated in that area.
However he does seem to be tolerating the injustice as if its part of something one must bare. Like.the point is to help along the victim's fate by tolerating the injustice.
It meaningless but it was another connection to that club.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

2007 IBM Wins Norwegian Military Contract

Ritual Cult Kept Out Of Serial Murderer Case

Saw a crime show just now showed this case. Touched on cult activity but at story's end avoided finalizing if was part of case or not.

Notice how killer lost sense of reality being immersed in role playing game culture early on.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

America Is An Oppressed Society-Entire Country Under Mind Control

Per usual I ain't picky about the sources of the links as long as the info is useful.

The population of the United States are being subjected to brain washing, 'mind control' or thought control which ever term you prefer. This is being accomplished through the use of chemical influence, technologies, psychological warfare such as active harassment and the use of long term trauma based brainwashing like intimidation, threatening securities such as food, shelter etc and propaganda.

The vulnerability of this system of control is that IT IS ONLY EFFECTIVE IN THE FORM OF A COCKTAIL. If one part were taken away its controlled subjects would begin to 'wake up'.

Its questionable if the citizens who seem in on gang.stalking campaigns and other activities such as domestic sabotage via covert ops are under mind control-either mass mind control of average normal humans or mind control programming which is used from birth to produce agents for various purposes utilized by intelligence agencies.

Various forms of such controls have been utilized by those in power historically world wide. However the utilization of technologies to control the thoughts feelings or Will power of human beings is supposedly a new invention of the 20th and this century. This method of control is so intrusive, so damaging and so total that it makes life on this planet as a human animal pointless. Man cannot choose thus cannot evolve and grow naturally.

This scheme is little more than a select group playing gods over humanity and deciding how earth and its inhabitants should grow...evolution is then non existent.

Former World Leaders Face Arrest In Countries Standing By International Laws Against Torture

Divorcing The USA Is Now A Reality, And A Necessity

As much as I dislike Obama Gingrich is correct in saying in this administration if u r an enemy of the country u r safe.

See he is not admitting that there are people who are targeted due to being a threat to national security becuz we were forced into being so to save our lives.

I don't think any of us thought Bush and the entire thing started during Reagan would take root after 9-11 as it has.

I just watched Gingrich speak. Extremely dangerous. And I saw Romney for a second behind a mic.

I've never been afraid in any of this. But I am afraid now. These are the very people that many of us thought the country would get see them for what they are after 9-11 and Bush.

I see now Obama has been crappy becuz Bush and a big mess proceeded him. Now his failure is.being used to make Republicans look like the better choice.

Yet Romney and Gingrich are not bringing us back to the Republicans we recalled decades ago. This kind of Republican has simply smoothed over their act and now simply looks like a stronger choice compared to Democrats.

I realize now that I can never be happy or flourish in where I don't agree with either party that rules the country alternatively.

I also can't live somewhere that took my life from me and continues to want only that I forget about what happened and just get a job and act normally.

The country only consists of commentators birching about each other. Its a huge constant arguement and it never ends. I can't stand either party nowadays. They have BOTH BECOME TOO EXTREME. We can't have peace nowadays.

No matter who.gets in people like me are screwed. And no.matter where we go we'll still be considered enemies of the country.
Its impossible.

America has degenerated or in some people's views evolved into something so vastly different from.what I was raised with and add onto that what I experienced during Bush, its akin to living on another planet. Its totally foriegn to me now.

This is how they murder you without physically killing you.
Its only get worse.

And after all that's.happened to me no matter what say I.will can easily be called mentally ill.

If this country is even considering Mitt Romney for the presidency without understanding what he's been involved in while governor of Massachusetts its already too late.

I listen to the Republicans and I agree with their mindset on.civility and how Democrats don't want people to think for themselves. Yet the Neocon Republicans do all these horrible things as well they just hide what goes on. Their fronts are better. All the ads durng the Orielly Factor for instance have nothing but attractive winner types as actors. What the 'Republican ideal' has been.marketed as over past decade or so.
Was Nixon or Johnson this ideal? No. Nor elder Bush. They're being marketed as stronger, more successful people as if by nature, by birth.

Either way you chose a lie. A deception. A dumbed down party.

Its extremely sad to realize that leaving America is no longer an option to escape something merely unpleasant or seek more freedom or a more attractive lifestyle. Its now an action that now needs to be taken in order to see if ones very life can be spared. Perhaps some measure of happiness can be got in the years remaining after nearly being murdered by the very forces now planning to become welcomed into the People's arms willingly very soon.

Its like having to watch one's own funeral.

I cannot believe I actually really have to leave. Its real.

Hysterical Post By Creoles.Two Words: H-O-U-S-E N-I-G-G-A-Z

Now before y'all get freaked out by racist nitpicking over semantics or whatever you need to focus on to keep ignoring war crimes, both overt and covert, domestic and international, let me point a couple of simple facts out.

Activists like Professor Griff are working on many of the same points that many of us out here have been working on. Becuz he chose to keep it real if u will and go deep instead of stay in Hollywood with a crack habit making money off of reality shows, he pays the price. If you recall the 90s you'll recall anyone who was a real activist who was black ended up being run off to Africa eventually or shot right through the windows of their apartment becuz their radio show was a threat.

Many TIs are African Americans. And their work is valuable to every one of us in the same situation (IF they aren't COINTELPRO types which there are a lot of in the TI community.)

Mel Gibson was born in Australia. He came to America as an adult to act in movies. Anyone of any race who loves Mad Max should've known that.

Charlie Sheen is Mexican and Jewish. His mother is Jewish and his father Martin Sheen is mixed Mexican who took on the last name of an overdramatic zealous Catholic priest who preached on 50's tv named Sheen, an Irish name.

So Sheen is Jewish and Native American with Spaniard blood. Natives were here before these long
time slave populations and their white counterparts.

Also the likelyhood that the Creoles have European DNA due to interbreeding is as high as any other long time slave population in the USA.

So listen cuz, odds are you're part Euro anyway.

Now lets look at this like TIs dealing with international pedophile rings and war crimes. Yeah. The Creoles are pretty close in proximity to the Cajuns. Eddie Cox showed me pics of little girls clothed but in seductive poses in his cell phone, called them his "Little princesses" then mentioned that "...and the Cajuns STILL ain't following the rules". What I saw in that phone was what he meant I assume.
The majority of all black and extremely nasty perp groups were experiences by me in places like St Louis, Memphis TN-those areas.

We the Third Wave immigrants from the late 19th and early 20th century are fully aware that this country really belongs to the long time residents.

Yet the Irish and Italians seemed to take actions to gain their own power that equated offers they couldn't refuse.

And I assume the latest paranoid, petty, uptight violent, sexist immigrants from India, Africa and Haiti or radical Islam are so much better than we are then?

Stay down south and don't ever come up north...and DONT lump us together with Charlie Sheen and other Hollywood types.

Two other similarities the author missed. Sheen comes from Catholics and Gibson is Catholic. They also both worked in Hollywood with much success.

I believe Sheen is full of it and is a provocatuer like his friend Alex Jones probably becuz of his notorious domestic abuse record (which is now conveniently ignored. He never would have gotten Two and A Half if he didn't cause a diversion) as well as his drug use and addiction to the sex industry.

Gibson got hammered by this system it seems when he made a movie taking on the military industrial complex of Massachusetts, and I can tell you personally that they are extremely nasty, murderous. The academic end of this here loves to destroy lives as a sport or pastime. That's how out of control Harvard is and Emerson too. MIT gang stalks out of necessity.
Raytheon etc etc. They don't want the public to equate MA with the military industrial complex. They want them to think of Harvard, Children's Hospital etc.

Euro rejects? That would be ANYONE who left Europe to come to America including the Pilgrims etc.

Cmon, Y'all know you love being ignorant and on any chance to feel superior even if its based on misinformation.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Black Metal Musician Behaves Predictably, Makes News

Gee too bad he didn't live in some foreign country with lots of wealth and rich parents.

He probably wouldn't have been noticed at all.

Chuck Palahniuk-Another Smartass

F*ck Chuck Palahniuk. Seriously, I hate this guy's work. Its always been so predictably 'evil' with a big yawn and designed for shock value. Ooohhh he makes people throw up at readings of his work. WHATEVER.

I always stayed away from Fight Club even before I understood what my history and life was about. Instinctively I knew it was merely a cheap reflection, a rip off of the true story of programmed people's lives. Persons who are disassociative and or have MPD.

The little red berret to complete the black and red Satanic color scheme is just too cute to not piss one off at this guy even more. This kind of person doing media psy ops for the Hollywood/American crowd always has to do little things that just seem to convey making fun of or being 'better than' the victims of these campaigns and cults.

Its the cute beret, the smile, the smugness, the feigned innocence to fool the public that's so annoying.

She was a loner while alive but making friends now while dead.
Preachy and bitter but earnest.

These people can all go f*ck themselves. This limp wristed piss ass most of all.

Fight Club and its exploiting the conditions many MPD people have to live with, yet not exposing the entire situation fully only serves oppression and corruption fully.

And I hate being gotten over on by people who appear as if they don't suffer as we do. As if some entitlement serves to keep them above others who suffer as we do.

America produces a lot of these terrible ass*holes who think they're getting away with something but they are simply just dishonest wimps hiding out in trendy or show biz crowds. I can imagine parts of Europe also produce such smart asses.

Give me truly brutal destroyers anyday who at least I can see suffer for what they are. Some pain in the face I can relate to.

This guy I just want to punch in the face. Instinctively.

Oh yes you are.just so clever and are fooling the gullible American public with your work. Congratulations, you just took candy from a baby. Can you appreciate that analogy? Its predictable enough.

I love how these people trivialize the most horrific crimes against humanity by turning it into 'art'. There are people who turn such content into art without losing respectability for both the struggling victims and the black hearted perpetrators.

This guy isn't it.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Missouri Loves Deah House Slayvz

Did I mention they LOVE their house slaves here? And that they get to run amok doin the Man's bidding here....for da Massa?

Even more reason for this place to %&$-+ themselves.

I wonder how it compares to Mississippi? I've been sensible enough to never hang around Mississippi to find out.

Remember MO is the place where they were actually stupid enough (or were pretending to be for psy ops) to think I was Jewish...that includes comments Cochran made to me thinking he.was insulting me. Which shows he was in on the generalized campaign in this location.

Real geniuses...

Immediate And Heavy Harassment In Mt Vernon, Missouri


Satanic activity. Remember Aquino has had MO as an address in the past. The GS and tech I experienced out here were some of the absolute worst experiences in my history of being tortured and abused.
St. Louis almost killed me.

BTW Mt. Vernon and all of MO can bite me. Piss off. You'll get yours you hick clowns.

The TA truck stop here. Someone actually said while I was in the bathroom "Did you warn the police?".

I walked in to find my host and this hick woman behind the counter jumps on me and asks "Are you lost ma'am?" I got pissed and told asked if I looked.lost or.if I looked like I was searching for someone. A waitress directed me to where he was sitting.

I kept the explaination to having quite enough of being harassed in little towns like this due to being a Traveler. They wanna harass Travelers or TIs using covert methods and systems and abusing authority behind 9-11??? Gooood, then so can I. All Targets should hand their bs and arrogance right back to them.

These land locked, backwards creepey hick pieces of sh*t are just one demographic in the US that's ruining our country.

Everyone who works in this Travel Centers of America truck stop was in on it. And I mean truly overt. They must think its still 2008 and I am stupid, vulnerable and unprepared. MO is on my worst shitlist for destroying my life and its my life's purpose to gain revenge on this piece of shit state. They absolutely infuriate me.

There were actually women who worked here and a girl with a cell phone texting something that were looking at me like they were stopped in their plans becuz I was with someone. They actually were stifled becuz they could not terrorize me, stalk and harass me. Un-fuckin-believable.

You know who you need to warn the police about you birches? The guy named Tom Cochran who owns the only hostel in St Louis and a bunch of land who's from an old money Plymouth rock type family back in Cape Cod, MA who's a major client of an untouchable madame back in Boston named Julie. And this is the hostel that little bitch Laura harassed me in, a friend of my ex Jake who tried to set me up during the federal investigation. She looks exactly like Ann Romney when she was young and was going to University in St Louis.

These people who take part in gs in MO are either of the.former two groups linked above or they are typical Americans who insist on protecting money, power and connected people instead of the Constitution.

Mormon Ritual Sacrifice On Sept 11 In 1800's

Don't vote for Romney. I've experienced enough in Utah as well as he and his family member Laura's interference in the federal investigation cover story in Boston to know that these people are not what they seem.

Last Posts Were In Oklahoma Border

All that I just posted was occurring while driving through Oklahoma. Its gone now, in Missouri.

SIRIUS Radio And The Agenda

Not so interested in.Alex Jones but in Sirius radio.
Always experience problems when in truck rig that has Sirius service. Generalized remote influence. Nothing specific like with the satellite tv and Cisco Systems wifi routers inside a building. Interface is present basically furthering behavior modification program. THIS IS ALWAYS PRESENT WHEN SIRIUS XM RADIO IS PRESENT.

REMEMBER: its never 'the Jews'. Its Israel and their political and other agendas. Its MOSSAD and their working with other intel agencies. These are very reasonable theories. Anyone using the term 'the Jews' as a generality is.either ignorant, has been made paranoid by a GS campaign of psych warfare or is a conspiracy theorist.

(Their trucker show pathetic they don't have.truckers doing the hosting they have YUPpies who actually start bringing.up their stupid four wheeler cars, as in 1983 mercedes. Its typical psuedo intellectual YUPpie snobs. These are.not trucking industry people. Why?)

Verizon Is Military Industrial Complex Contractor

(you must cut and paste as I don't have capacity to link in.this browser)

Verizon Might Have Sent On Purpose

This phone has same issue.of not showing up on.PC. Its a driver issue. In multiple forums on the internet this phone model has this issue. Drivers don't work people root which I won't do voids warentee.

If.they knew.this already them.they sent me a.relacwmnt just so they could sent me a smartphine that was tweaked as this one is.

the volume is lower, customer service could hardly.hear me.

This thing sucks. The apps I use and my sites etc I use.for.activism keep having uissues not present on my other phone.


This is classical conditioning as well as.meant. to force trash the phone and my service. Thus further silencing me.

Replacemnt Phone-Dont Order Online Or Direct From Companies

I have documented over last few days that this phone has caused unusual aggression in me.

This was sent from.the company to me. The one I was relacing was bought second hand. This is why TIs should NEVER shop online. Buying everything secondhand is best.

Don't give zipcoades and personal info. Don't use debit or credit, use cash. I learned.this from buying from MICROCENTER in Cambridge MA which is peep central complete with cops and plainclothes perpetual as well as being wired to the gills to target TIs in.the store. (but their products are good, cheap and tech people are helpful. Shame really).

Verizon Replacement Phone Is Perped

Just published three posts about phone. all lost due to blogger-droid app demanding capthca something never seen before on other phone of course AFTER they were published so.they simply into.cyberspace.

was documenting that this phone causes aggression in my in an ape like or. simian fashion. The last phone did not do.this I never had these aggression behaviors with other phone.

this phone has Gingerbread keyboard as oppose to last one this is replacing that had bigger keyboard. also the screen of phone is not as responsive.

the aggression seems caused by sexual arousal which resembles the levels of torture during the Bush era which were severe. I just had to pinch my skin in.this area and hold my breath and really struggle to get through trying and then uninstsll blogger-droid app then sign into a browser NOT the default one. Even the default browser stalled me by asking for a verification. with squiggly letters which also never happened with other phone.

Now this aggression has.subsided. Just like that.

This is done I believe to cause become so frustrated that I damage the phone and or drop my service with I won't have do activism while on road.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Avoid Satellite Radio If Possible

Any truck rig or.vehicle with Sirius or.other satellite anything a nightmare.for TIs anyway. Its unavoidable however.

MIT Lies About Their Research Once Again-Erasing Memories In Mice

This institution has a history of unethical human experimentation.

They also function off of heavy government funding and military contracts.

This erasing of memories is done through brain damage with human TIs. Targeted Survivors specifically.
Now I can't cut and paste the MIT article

MIT Can Erase Bad Memories


I JUST BROKEKE the screen after besting it and I NEVER did this with my other defective phoneme they dd this on purpose.

Full u

Above Top Secret Forum Thread On Google Maps Permissions Specifically To Record Audio

Above Top Secret forum always goes between far out conspiracy theories or mundane subjects.
Rarely are they put together to form the big picture.

If one is targeted then these permissions on a smartphone would of course be worrisome. Yet on such a forum dealing in this subject matter doesn't even consider such a thing.

So much for being realistic about the world of 'top secret'.

Keeping things compartmentalized is a tactic also.

Romney For President? Read About Bush and Utah

TX, what was I thinking? I was always.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Alex Jones Cant Sue The Power Structure So Why Should I Attempt To Do So?

If he got no results then why should I be able to? Do I really want to get involved in the criminal justice system of the United States? Something I hate the nature of generally anyway.

Courtrooms always struck me as theatres. The attorneys are high on blow or soliciting women after trials and look hung over half the time, the judge is usually putting on an act as grand in scale as an opera singer with a horned helmet (the women) or thinks he's a cowboy...or god (men).
The cops who work there are all in on whatever dirty corruption is going on locally.

The system always crushes the poor and allows the rich, influencial or connected to ride easy in the decisions they come to when they slam their little gavels down.

This country is GONE. Gonzo. The public have been gotten under control through lengthily trauma based mind control methods common to Cults and now kept under control via chemical influence such as chemical trails and thought control from the technologies as outlined in MindWar by Michael Aquino.

Much of the public simply want to get theirs and don't care the cost. Others desperately need to hide their personal as well as the country's dirty deeds and nasty habits from the world.

The rest of the public are oblivious on psych meds, tv shows, gadgets, pot, sugar, alcohol and the rest of so called American high quality of life. Poisoning themselves to death basically and taking whatever the Man gives them to make them controllable.

Everyone else is a news addicted, now clinically paranoid terrorist obsessed amatuer spy who worships authorities becuz they let them play spy games and get off on the drama without the consequences. They will hide under the guise of keeping our nation safe but these folks are as addicted to this as any video game junkie, and its more thrilling than any video game ever. Due to thier need for adreneline, need to feel control and limp wristed feel for petty levels of power-sharing these sheep like to put on wolf skins and play cops and robbers. However real cops usually are very nasty to Targeted Individuals if they are stalking them becuz they KNOW DAMN WELL WE ARE INNOCENT, or they look guilty as hell and you can tell they are forced into it. THE PUBLIC DO NOT POSESS THESE INNER GAUGES NATURALLY OF WHAT IS JUST. Therefore the ametuers have no problems helping destroy people like me and other TIs. They will believe anything the system tells them about us, becuz their needs I just mentioned outweigh a lost human life. They ARE typical good American citizens remember, and that means animal greed covered up by Judeo Christianity and other fronts of credibility and social acceptability.
Cops may have nightmares about this in their old age. These assholes won't feel a thing. They will always insist that the Target is guillty, cover stories are real and anything else is conspiracy theory or the TI refusing to own up to crimes.

They are also very unspectacular people so men feeling threatened and women being jealous are always motives they can work off of and hide behind being the 'eyes and ears of the nation'.

This country is incapable of justice. Even the citizens who have fought for it over the last few decades on our descent into comfortable Hell just ended up ignored ultimately.

Forget the US.

I may leave and find overseas is no better or even worse but that doesn't change the fact the US is simply gone forever.

USA Radio Quiet Zone Probably Perped Out

Was looking at this and trying to decide to go or not.

Here's why its not going to ever be safe for TIs:

Drug dealers' plans? Oh please. They'd be catching the DEA, military and Israel constantly red handed if that were true. Oh please.

Notice that when comprehensive books were written on their existence being questionable due to the sheer spying power (ability to intercept commercial content from satellites????) that conveniently some heavy alleged terrorist action goes down in the USA and all the Cold War left overs people were getting weirded out about and questioning in the 21st century is suddenly ALL quite necessary again.

I highly doubt that any Target could get a moments peace in this entire 13000 square feet. There's probably power stalking and harassment going on.

I may just go there to experience how ridiculous this must be and how totally prepared they are for TIs who are arriving to try to get some relief.

In the timeline of a normal earth where we should be creating a pretty much peaceful world by now due to various factors including the massive scale military presence world wide, these big globes would probably have been downsized in numbers and sold off as condos or something.

Who's to say that the foriegn bad guys don't have tech that they use like terrorists on US citizens or that when other powerful agencies get too crazy these guys don't use this system to spy on what they are doing and actually meter out some true justice once in a while.

Then again it could be being used for NWO social control.

All I can project is the GS there must be ridiculous.

Once Again Natural Disaster Alert Brings Relief From Tech

Flash flood warning and tornado watch in city I am in. I am safe inside 24 hour fast food place.

Per usual when there is a natural disaster the remote influence is non existent. Its been very very low and mild all day long since those weather alerts became known today.

It is now pooring with lightning...and I am grateful for the total relief from being targeted. Havent felt this good since early 90s maybe even early 80s. SUCH relief.

I still wonder if its the weather and electrical storm itself that provides a break or if its simply that whoever uses whatever system to focus on TIs has to turn their attentions to these sorts of events when they come up.

I sense that alot of what TIs experience isnt just microwave or electromagnetic, that much of it is chemical such as air pollution or chemtrails. It would explain why much of my experience differs greatly by physical location. Austin for instance had a heavy air pollution I noted right away and thats taken an effect on me over the time Ive been in this location, thus alot of the depression and docility.
The chemicals used makes susceptibility to the tech much greater.

Symbols Rule Us-So Be Aware Who's Symbols' Rule

MA state flag design depicts ome would rather lose one's right arm than live under tyranny.

I'd say I am a normal, typical Mass native.
Its not my fault the military industrial complex has taken over the state as well as organized crime. Taken over the entire country for that matter. I'm doing exactly what I'm supposed to do.

This is why symbolism along with sublimins should be studied when dealing with GS and mind control.

If you think about it, corporate logos have become so marketed, so omni and ever presnt- so big and important they really have REPLACED our governments' symbolism.

Government we have a say in...corporations we (obviously) do NOT.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Baiting TIs Using Foreknowledge And Psychology

I want to explain something about much of what goes on, what seems like coincidences.
I am not saying that my ex was instructed to put a photo of his cross streets on his FB in order ro bait me specifically. Its a possibility one must consider since the people around him were using him to really damage me. This system does things by subtle suggestion or by putting things in the Target's path knowing the TI will end up in that place or in that mindset at a predicted time or phase of the campaign.
It could have been simply that his doing such a thing occured to the perps to be very good 'bait' in thier plans to entrap the TI to act out in a way that would incriminate them.

When I saw those cross street signs on his FB and the pics of his new posh apartment or house or whatever it was especially damaging due to my having lost my home in all this. Any and all places I could call home were gone.

I was drawn to his FB and angered by what I saw. The reason I knew it was baiting was it was all too easy. And the content that pissed me off was too..perfect. Too easy for me to see. Why was it public instead of me having to have an account? Hmph.

I was also given some timely info in the beginninng of all this that let me know the various ways the system gets people to snap, act out or go postal- generally act crazy under circunstances that would make most normal humans go insane.
He was always such a spineless little pawn that I can't imagine he'd come up with something like that by himself but you never know. He thought he was pretty evil and clever at times. His rich kid carelessness and natural stupidity was probably more of use to them at that time than anything else. Grab anyone right when they get newly clean off of drugs and you can mold their minds anyway you want. This system KNOWS this about people going into 12 step programs newly clean and sober. Hell, Survivors are targeted just becuz they get off the drugs that are supposed to conveniently kill them in their 20s, and bexuz 12 step programs undo some of the programming that creates drug addictions to begin with. It sets Survivors to healing, IF they can find their way out and onto those paths. Getting off drugs at least gets you out of the water where you were drowning- then its a matter.of making your way out of a jungle.
The system will be right there- to turn up the heat. To intensify the harassment. To ensure you start having 'panic attacks' in early recovery and due to they resembling heart attacks of course you end up in the hospital where the Survivor then gets immediately reffered to a psychiatrist. You are now back under control. Whew! They, the GS system, thought they lost you there for a minute. Now conveniently, if in recovery you begin to naturally buck mind control which is what NA is after it reconditions addicts to not seek drugs to fix feelings, and you become restless with The Program and by nature begin to grow and want something more than being told to simply "do the steps over again", you can be slowly driven nuts and since you are already under psychiatric care, they simply plan to make you sicker until you are a totally controllable and DISCREDITED Targeted Survivor.

Its frightening how they know just what TIs are going to do and how we are going to react. They are masters of manipulation.

Its nothing but a chess game to them. And they always think they are smarter and everyone involved is just stupid and used in the game.

Needless to say that due to how obvious that was I purposely stayed away from L.A. for a long time. Ive only been through there if my rides drive through on route elsewhere. Its probably best. What am I going to do in L.A. at this age?
Ive been to Riverside CA last year. The vibe from the L.A. area is definitely tech and its very destructive. Its all about looks and showing off and getting into a totally shallow mind set. Im sure thats how they control thier 'talent' and keep making money. No thanks.

Diana Napolis In A Google Thread...Still Not A Strong Enough Warrior

Poooooooorrrr Diana N.

Her path in this has been ssooooo bad. Shes fallen victim to many of the traps. I dont think shes programmed. I really dont. Becuz she seems to become victimized by all their tactics.

I do admire her continued fighting though. She unfortunately fell for many of the traps laid for Targets and made the mistakes of actually stalking and contacting people which is what they WANT Targets to do.
They are so arrogant that my ex made sure he put this photo of the street signs of the cross streets where he moved to in LA.
Of course they wanted me to stalk his ass it was obvious.

I was very fortunate to have had informants and guidance through covert means to help me NOT fall into those traps. Perps mention "police connections" in my case and I have to say much of what helped me does seem to have come from those sources.

Also I have enough embarassing info about MIT, Harvard professors and other important men in Boston concerning the sex industry that all I had to do was keep threatening to talk and the bad cops or perps would back off. And THAT info is much more believable and attractive to the public than claiming some musicians world wide or celebrities are in on either SRA or at least media psy ops so they can get opportunities or whatever their little payoff is. And everyone of them whos suspect does end up getting thier own talk shows or their band does really well when its known they've run out of creativity by now (or thier aging fingers cant keep up with speedy and complicated guitar playing of complex compositions).

I also dont believe any of the people involved in this sort of thing actually deserve me to give them the time of day. She does herself a diservice by contacting celebrities or the Temple of Set.

Who he hell wants to even consider the head of the TOS is an African American woman anyway? Maybe she's friends with Jay-Z or Michelle Obama...who cares? That set especially should be ignored.

However without this woman bumbling through this and taking much the same path as other Targeted Individuals I and others wouldnt have been absolutely sure what NOT to do on this battle field. So many people have written books or made vids or blogs that have assisted in these battles. Each one left behind is found on the path by the next one kf us following, and we learn from it.

The Truth is always valuable even if the teller is confused and thier lives seem in vain.

Just the ignorance of the response to her inquiry shows how easy it is to deny whats going on by making up some bs instead of actually doing research. Its unbelievable that someone would simply dismiss V2k with such whimsy when there is solid evidence and documentation concerning the technologies involved-or at least enough to show cause and use deduction- like Aquino's MindWar for instance.

She shouldnt be using this forum as a research tool anyway.

I recall she started out as a therapist who came upon this issue and got targeted for her discovery and whistleblowing circa 90s.
Its sad how her direct action has led to the people involved being able to actually take legal action against her. Stealth isn't really her style unfortunately.
One has got to use good judgement in all this.

The people TIs are up against seem to be able to predict a Target's reactions and behaviors.
This seems partially based on it being that these campaigns hail from professional military psychological operations as well as the ability to actually predict future events or at least, possible outcomes in a timeline.

Psy Ops and psychic warriors. You know, those guys who stare at goats. Its funny isnt it that the actual real psychic warriors that Cheney contacted who have documentaries made about them are spoofed in a Hollywood movie so the public doesnt believe they actually exist.
Its also amusing to think that the men who stare at goats are responsible for helping the Satanic men who screw goats as part of the more outrageous intimated forms of blasphemous rituals involved in extreme Satanism. The Men Who Screw Goats.
Yep. Thats who you're giving the time of day to.
Probably dead goats at that.

Kidding aside it is annoying that the public would rather watch dumb movies that actual serve to cloud issues then use their lazy, half baked imaginations to come up with something quickly to deny whats documemented just so they can avoid pissing off the hand that feeds.

I really do sympathize with the Elite much of the time. Pure laziness and cowardice on the part of the public much of the time. Obedient to their providers til the end no matter what the price for their quality of life in this country.

I spread information for the worthy minority out there who actually deserve to understand why things are the way they are, when they look up at me so hurt and almost childlike, wondering why The People arent doing anything against whats been going on since Bush.
They deserve to know. Becuz they ARE smart enough to see something is wrong and quality enough of character to be concerned.

Let the black army have the rest of them. Especially the compliant ones who know its wrong but chose to go along, while of course hiding behind normalcy and Judeo-Christian fronts.

I wish Ms Napolis would wise up and stop speaking to idiots. The path she's taken is one of THE most difficult tasks a human being can face on this earth while incarnate. And it doesnt end well, I fear.

And for that MESS being anyone's fate, she deserves at least to spare herself dealing with morons like in this thread.

Internal ads. Yeah great imagination. You can tell only truly talented highly intelligent people get targeted. I can only hope shes just playing that stupid to put off an enemy.

And all she knows is theres ' a guy' named Constantine whos also an activist. Is that all we get? Is to see who can become the most noticable 'conspiracy theorists'?

This culture really is dense concerning the realities of spiritual battle and the existence of true 'evil' in the world. The system truly has them convinced none of this exists...but laughibly the US is rich due to child labor overseas, exploitation etc etc. I suppose the one thing I can't stand are the sheep who hide and act like they arent doing anything wrong. Or are those the Satanists? Ive seen so many people in Boston and Cambridge go along with my being destroyed. So many medical people, students st Harvard and MIT, so many MBTA workers. These lemmings are SATANISTS?? Why do I not think so? Why am I more inclined to believe they are all just lazy, self serving, overpaid, disgusting Americans who do Satanist's bidding yet unlike the designers of these campaigns, dont deserve any respect?

Diana needs to do herself a well deserved favor and stop giving The Proles any attention to validate their existence at all.
If there is a price to pay, and lets hope there is, we can only wish for the designers to get bored with them or ultimately have no respect for such total lack of spine or intelligence and devour these types when they see fit.

Its better to have to live as we do and know the truth before death than to be as IGNORANT and disgusting as the people Ive seen in on these campaigns or the sheep.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

BTW I will mess up anyone who geniunely tries to hurt me. This isn't MA. Or CALI. Its Texas. You know who they'll side with.

Watch 'yo asses' down here. HA HA.

MA....I will never give those stinking god forsaken black pieces of garbage in those ghettos another chance to mess with me ever again. Julie has some nice friends huh? She always did operate like white trash behind the scenes. Boston's little house slave population. And they actually believe they have power just becuz the Man there delegates them to destroy an inconvenient white woman.

House slaves. Just remember any blacks in on GS ARE NOTHING BUT HOUSE SLAVES.

They have no power at all on their own. The Cambridge blacks learned that by getting busted shoving bribes under thier bras and that idiot in Harlem taking low income housing from Olnick also learned that.
Don't you get it yet? Your 'bad ass' gangs DO NOT EXIST OR FUNCTION without the military or the CIA. Fuck with the wrong person or screw up someone's business they don't want messed with and YOU ARE GONE.

Why don't u f*cks watch Scarface again? You seem to enjoy believing you are US by stealing our clothes and modeling yourselves after the Godfather you've watched a million times I am sure.


Take that bullhorn and you know where to shove it.

GS Denial Syndrome lol

Friday, March 16, 2012


Theres this sentiment out there. That Ive got some horrible and heavy people after me. Am I supposed to be scared?

Why the f*ck should I? Death and torture are the only results. Nothing new to humanity.

Who cares?

Let everyone else be scared.

The GS system is designed to play with fear to manipulate it. It doesnt seek to kill outright.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Officers Posing As Store Employees: What If Cops Is Corrupt, On Black Ops Payroll, Etc?

This is just like police officers posing as passengers on public transportation.

It at least shows evidence to a stubborn public that deceptions are part of their daily lives.

Why wouldn't cops do such things? They are supposedly already more slick than criminals right?

No one ever goes further and questions the abuse of power possible with such covert measures being taken for the public's supposed 'safety and well being'.

The entire country is now run by covert means. Its no different than a mayor and the sheriff in a small town running the town thier entire lives. Its simply on a grand scale now.

America: A Lost Cause

Its inconcievable to me that things like gang stalking can go on here and the public doesnt even know about it.

People like me are marginalized for the rest of our lives and basically denied all human and civil rights and the public does nothing or worse they think its funny. What has become of a nation when something like this has become amusing? How is political intrigue amusing?

The problem is the public in this country dont want to be socially responsible when the subject matter becomes too murky. They dont genuinely care anyway about their felloe man all that deeply or society wouldn't continue to have the same problems they keep on having. Americans want to dominate, enjoy themselves and worst of all appear as if they are socially responsible.

Its easier to focus on the cover story and the crap from my personal life than to focus on MK Ultra, the misuse of military technlogies and how drug running and the sex industry clearly tie into the military.

So if I am not taken seriosly then the corruotion that is really the problem will not be taken seriously.

The perps ensure that the public dont take me seriously or its ok to hate me and they also via psychological warfare ensure I dont take myself or my situation seriously.

This country is now a fully operational prison and its one that authorities make sure the inmates ENJOY so they assist in keeping things just as they are.

There is no way to change America. Everyone is so totally brainwashed that its a lost cause. America is a lost cause. Its over and its never going to be free again.

The people are so totally in love with their gadgets and themselves and consumerism that they will never be able to release themselves from this bondage l
It comes with the price nowadays of compliance and silence that they seem to buy into fully. And so many young people seem in on harassing TIs even if they are suppossdly Anarchists etc that one can plainly see that its over and hopeless. They might have bought into the world wide peace and equality deception of the NWO becuz they were raised to or, like Nazi Germany or East Germany and other such examples the public simply go along with

Romney's Dad and Mass Mind Control-But Does The Public Care?

Most interestingly is the support of Ron Paul by the military. If this is indeed accurate information which I havent checked into yet.
(Someone commented on this blog that they are also an underground journalist. I am not a journalist becuz I dont always check facts or provide links to back up what I post. I often do but not always).

I also had suspicion about Ron Paul. Its just too damn easy.
It might be a sneaky ploy to get Romney supported like reverse psychology or similar.
And that twit guitarist from Aerosmith who gave my ex a big break is now mouthing off about supporting Ron Paul so right there. Since when do rock stars opinions about voting matter so much becuz they shouldnt. Its not really part of their job description is it? I notice this guy always supports the candidate the military overtly supports. And why would a man his age base any political decisions on what "all the kids" are saying?
Ive posted about the music industries connections to the military industrial complex. No more needs to be said.

I think its time to have a plane ticket ready is what I think. For many of us. And disappearing very quietly forever from American life...or at least thats what seems safest.

Ive posted also what I experienced in that small Mormon town Grantsville in Utah when I was stranded.

If not the govt or the presidency then at least do something to curb the Mormon church becoming so widespread and powerful. Thats all we need is two thousand more years of Catholic Church like oppression and yet another Dark Ages.
There is something more than just mass mind control and intense gang stalking going on with the Mormons. Something else and its very...disturbing. Beyond plain simple evil. Not human evil but something different.

I can't even go near some of their church structures without getting either ill or at least having a feeling of not wanting to go near it. There is something wrong with their churches and their members.
Or it could be their church is being used as a cover for something. What I experienced in Grantsville was not normal...I dare say barely human. Yet they do have some tolerant kindly people Ive met. Its like something affecting much of their culture but not all members are into it. There are people who seem like cult member mentalities and there is nothing unatural about them. Its when you get into places like AZ or NM or Grantsville. Even in CA theres an ivory tower that belongs to the Mormons.

The most disturbing experience was Grantsville Utah. Beyond human evil.

There is something severely f*cked up going on in the American southwest where its plain to see military bases everywhere and also our northwest where, more eerily there seem to be none at all.

It doesnt matter who you vote for. Until the public know how far this has gone and how sick twisted and ridiculous the people involved are they arent going to really be voting realistically anyway.

They are all stuck in the 20th century while so much of the upper classes they dont know anything about have moved on to a 21st century reality.
Its like they are building an order they agree on and letting the public live in the past-where their voted actually counted for something. As if democracy is going to be very out of style soon.

How can you have democracy when Bush wins his second election via the use of mind control technologies?
That means voting is going through the motions, acting out when the decision is already made for you.

And dont use that excuse of it being some wartime necesity to fix an election.

The entire system is beyond our control now. What is Ron Paul going to do about that?
Until this issue of mind control methods being available for use on human beings en masse is addressed realistically, the whole thing is one big fantasy land.

And its the most disturbing thing Ive ever had to encounter in this lifetime. Knowing that all it would take is to get out of cell reception range is probably the worst of it. Knowing the days dont have to be this miserable is the greatest torment.

I Am Under Duress and Being Kept From Legal Council

I am being forced to divulge information about my case without proper legal representation. I am pushed to reveal all the names addresses and other information about every single person involved in my case including information that may inciminate me as well as put my life at risk. I fear for my life these actions being im
imminent and eventually unavoidable and beyond my control due to being coerced by constant stalking and harassmemt by human forces of unknown origin (agency or authorities unknown) and also by what I believe to be coercion, torture and mind control via technologies that may or may not presently be classified but can be sighted in the military paper Mind War.

If the powers that be want such infomation why am I not allowed to defend myself or protect my life being at risk with proper council such as lawyers? Why was I never given a subpeona during the federal investigation in Boston?

I am also actively being tortured in order ro keep me from writing an expose of my complete experience in place of revealing only partial information publicly.

This is being done to serve only the purposes of further human experimentation coming from my mother being a documented radiation experimentee connected to MK Ultra. Also I have theorized this is being done to further discredit me and PUT MY LIFE IN DANGER by giving those respondible more opportunity and material to frame me as a 'rat' or informant.

I live under constant duress and AM UNABLE TO CONTACT A LAWYER due to being forced against my Will to not do so by mind control technologies. Project Paperclip is the root of much of what is going on. Michael Aquino former head of The Church Of Set and a military psy ops officer conceptualized MindWar in a paper many years ago.

These conditions I now live with that are destroying my health and endangering my life began during George W Bush's presidency and the Iraq war.

I believe that the cover of anti terror or torturing potential terrorists is being used to cover up whats really transpiring which is to silence me from revealing information that incriminates the police nationwide but specifically Boston and other MA police specifically bad cops taking payoffs, my mother and other family members as well as associates of mine and people I considered friends and lastly a large part of the Boston and Cambridge community who are guilty of being involved in a conspiracy or plot of evil design to frame me and discredit me by making me appear mentally ill.

I want to seek legal council but am not able to due to the constant harassment and living under duress.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hate Comments

"But isn't Steve Tyler a great visionary? He is the creator of that masterpiece "Dream On". And don't you have to be a genius to compose something that awesome?
By Anonymous on Real Agenda Article: Navy, Air Force and DARPA's M... on 3/10/12 "

A "great visionary"? What is this guy, the head of a country or something? He might be a very talented musician and individual...but he's one that WASNT KEPT DOWN for reasons of National Security. Also read the expose by a friend from his past about the CIA and Mafia's involvement in ensuring his career would skyrocket to the point it has. Just Google his name or Aerosmith's and mafia. As if anyone from the northeast hasnt suspected that for years anyway. How naive are you outside NYC and Boston? Sheesh. You really dont understand how the world works do you?

GS was a surprise to me but organized crime tied into the legit system is a given piece of reality back in Boston. Wake up dufus.

Plenty of TIs are creative genuises..plenty of people are as well. Not everyone has such special handlers ensuring thier fame and success. And notice how such people never do anything very political to piss off or interfere with the system. His band cares about whats trendy to care about then its on to the next cause. Duh. No one is trying to down this guy for being who he is. I have a personal gripe becuz they gave my ex a job and thier sponsor didnt like the fact I, being from a family who is connected as well as obviously being MK Ultra, always shunned this creepy guy's advances. Too f*ckin bad. The entire scene in Brookline, Watertown and Newton that worships these guys and cums in thier pants when they get a rid in a limo on Sundays are horrid townies and awful Yentas who stood by all the GS that was ruining MY life as well as I saw first hand they caused a man to commit suicide by such methods. A man rumored (rumoured now, not fact or from his own admission) to have been caught having rough sex with a cop's wife locally.

These people are all hooked into the local crooked cop/organized crime/regular guy union structure and it took higher ups from a fed level or maybe the military to let them know they dont own the f*cking world and cant just do whatever sexist bs they want.

As one female TI said to me on a conference call years and years ago about MY situation and other Target's: "Everyone will pay for what they did". I am hoping she was an agent who was predicting the future not just a vengeful TI's wishful thinking.

Everyone WILL pay. Boston is arrogant and they act like its all acedemics, organized crime and old money but its really the military industrial complex that rules that place nowadays. Into the ground. Raytheon, MIT, etc etc.

And people from the northeast are as greedy as they come. They will do anything to anyone to ensure their high quality of life and act like spoilt rotten whining babies when those union jobs just dont pay like in thier dad's day.

Mitt Romney, a mercenary rich jerk, fits in well to that place- doing anything to anyone to get what he wants. His obsession with completing his father's want to become president.

The east coast is full of sociopaths who dont know there is anything wrong with them who are worshipped by society and a folk who worship them for thier wealth but if they ever resent them, organized crime is then worshipped as the ultimate way to 'win' over society via gaining power from the legit structure. If Harvard doesnt scare the rest of the nation for thier power tripping and greed- then Whitey Bulger will.

Aerosmith's fans show all the signs of being cult members. Good luck with that and enjoy being tethered to something that isnt real. The rest of us would like to be free and actually have our civil and human rights as born citizens respected while the rest of you f*ck off in TV land and celebrityville. You are already dead.


Hipsters And Other Assorted Fronts

You see people who are dressed as hipsters in a city like Austin. Any young hip city in America. Usually the typical average slim guys who sport beards and those nerd frame glasses.

You wonder why would they of all people partake in gang stalking like doing tactics when they walk by.

I think its either classism, sexism or like one reader commented, these kids' families all make thier money off of something connected to govt contracts. That fits. One kid years ago said his father worked for Cisco Systems and they are HEAVILY involved not only in military contracting but mind control via their routers for wifi. If not some very powerful party is hacking into Cisco's routers everywherr from private homes to MIT in Cambridge and producing mind control effects and specifically tailored to 'manage' Targeted Individuals.

Besides as a back packing Traveler the Hipster is our natural enemy. I don't know why they just are. Every Traveler I know dislikes Hipsters. Often its becuz they steal alot of our clothing styles without actually hopping trains or roughing it. Or maybe its just the way that most Hipsters are horribly average people who are obviously trying with much desperation to be different, ironic and outrageous. There is something VERY herd about them. You can sense it. Group think. The way they all look alike. Not just dress alike but literally look exactly like each other in every city you go to. Thats thousands of slim bearded brunette guys with black sox wearing tight pants to their knees, a snug fitting casual short sleeve perhaps with an ironic message on it and ironically sensible shoes and of course nerd framed dark glasses.

If in pairs they walk alike, look like clones and cannot be differentiated from others of their own kind, anywhere in the USA.

Now from a spy perspective, this makes a perfect spy or organized stalking/harassment perpetrator.
Also usually they come from ironically wealthy families becuz they truly believe only they and that class are capable of understanding the irony...of 'getting' it, this great joke or parody of society.

But just as the Traveler works very hard at what we do and creativity is often born of necessity, the Hipster's style is itself a sign of laziness. To create society is one thing-to be cowardly enough to only dare to live a parody of its various parts and stylings is quite another.

Its not that I haven't encountered Travelers who have been perps but only in San Diego. The other times I was always suspect of such rich kid useless Hippie/Rainbow types becuz they just don't register as normal Travelers. And they know way too much about my situation. Either hooked into drug rings or again family money is from the afore mentioned sources.

And why wouldn't the authorities have all the moles and infiltrators they need within subcultures nowadays?

Hippies and Rainbow types are notorious for being greedy, druggy slobs who hide behind some throw back peace and love bs. Not all but Ive seen more sketchy behavior from Rainbow people than Punks or train hoppers.

No one in this country is going to abandon their roots and family money so they can do whats right. We are out here, the Real people do exist from all walks of life but never trust appearances. The powers that be think they are the most clever and have society comletely FOOLED and UNDER CONTROL. For the most part that is correct so when the real deal shows up or actual genuine Truth and Liberty shines they use all the scum bags and fakers in their ranks to put us down.

TIs Should Not Use Any Social Networks

Ro not use Facebook or any other social network. They are all monitired. Especially Facebook. Even under a false identity and bs email.

If u r targeted u will feel and sense just how mich these social metworking sights are used for 'behavior modification'.

Kill Lists Couod Be For GS

Then this kind of thing can go on with 'killing' someone using technology, stress, psychological warfare etc.
The Target might instead be on a list for behavior modificiation.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Strom Thurmond and Nazi War Crimes Exemptions

What does Strom Thurmond have to do with this. And why is he coming up in my mind today frequently?

I focused on the exemption of revealing war crime national security issues That section.

Why is this important now?

Im also being warned that the time is just about come when a powerful group or people in authority are going to have me deemed totally insane and discredited.

What the hell is going on?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Where Theres A Money Making Tourist Event Large Scale Theres Perps

I expect plenty of pwrps and total assholes as wellas out of work actors or whatever to show up for this festival. I alreadh kind of knew that. And hopefully they will leave with it too.

True Heroes Are Denied Existence In The Unite

Its obvious in the USA I will never be allowed to function or grow due to being a threat to the very structure of this country.

Its obvious when, I can only think, function or remember or process information on Sundays or from 12 midnight to 6am Monday through Saturdays. I cant get housed I cant go to college or keep a job. This is your America. This is the piece of garbage you support. It makes ovens, gas chambers and being run over by tanks for protesting in China seem attractive alternatives. Becuz being able to excersise free speech is useless when such information is controlled and manipulated by mass media. Diversions and appeals to your greed with consumerism. Never questioning whats really wrong but instead taking psych meds and retail therapy in order to keep working and functioning in a society that wants only that from you as a citizen instead of true health and quality of life. Refuses you the freedom of choice by ensuring by design you cannot live simply.
America is only freedom as it might be displayed in a store window as shiny toy behind glass on a stand. Marketed. In the shadows is where reality lies and Americans arent buying- its not attractive or shiny enough nor does it kill the pain or keep truth at bay for another 20 minutes.

I think I will start taking it as an honor to be denied in America.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Backpack from Ausprey Seems To Have Effect Remote Influence

The Ausprey backpack I bought in OR in 2009 has alot to do with feeling so oppressed by remote influence it seems.

It might be the metal bar frame as I notice all the new models don't have that at all.
They are lighter as a result.

I noticed that having this pack in my room at the sober house changed the environment in that room. I noticed over the years having this pack on my back always makes the effects stronger. And impossible to beat mentally with just Will.

However that doesn't explain why I was just as strongly effected when I had my large backpack off and stored in my bedroom in that soberhouse and still felt heavily targeted when walking around San Antonio with just a small nylon light daypack ($5) from Walmart.

Is it a chip thats already inside the pack that can be hacked or is it something specifically put into TIs packs? Or is it just the metal bar amplifies (as found in the MIT study on tin foil hats)?

Thursday, March 8, 2012


While I have the clarity I will post two things I have wanted to for a while but have always 'forgotten' right away or other mind melting effects or been deterred by subtle 'suggestion' from the system.

When I experienced that bad truck ride out of Salt Lake City Utah, probably last November Id have to look it up. The driver was Mexican and I should know by now that the last truck ride out of Salt Lake City with a Mexican driver also ended very badly with my getting out unscathed in Wyoming somewhere. Its just a place where you cannot get a Mex driver. SoCal one can assess them better and many are straight laced or religious so want to help out.

We went to the Morton Salt factory to get his cargo load. He got weird when we waited so I left the salt plant and was stranded for the night in a small town. Let me look it up.

Felt watched the moment I arrived and got stalked and harassed heavily. VERY heavily. Like early Bush/post 9-11 heavily.

Also reacted to this with aggression and acting crazy. Went to a gas station didn't feel safe squatting.

It seemed ok to sleep outside this gas station convenient store. However I felt very targeted and affected. I started self talking and acting weird, basically losing control. The police arrived and he said that people wouldn't mind me being there but "..eventually people get creeper out".

I got out of that and left but walked across the street looking for shelter and then reacted aggressively and totally unreasonably by screaming across at the store and employee.

I decided to leave this town again I was behaving very unreasonably becuz it was around 2am and I was going to walk a very dangerous desert local highway with snakes and no lights and alot of turns nothing out there. Not having slept I was on auto as Ive learned to function in this state.

I began walking and had the sense to be very careful of oncoming traffic trying to stay to the shoulder as well as avoiding phone use CONSTANTLY shining my light in front of my path. (On this road a ways up out of town a snake was directly in my path and if I was distracted or hadn't had my headlamp I would have stepped on the animal WITHOUT any phone battery left or any kind of bite first aid. Totally unreasonable person at this time I was.)

As I had walked out of the town I could actually feel individual presences of what seemed like people in their homes as I passed a phenomena I had experienced here the entire time but most strong as I left town on this road.

As the town was behind me the aggression left me slowly and the effects of being there. I marveled at the change in my personaitu back to normal.

Later a ride from an older lady saved me from a wring route I was walking on told me that it was a small Mormon town I had been in and outsiders usually aren't welcome.

Getting New Phone Sent From Company Influence Ceases On Current Device

My phone has had a defect for a while where it doesn't connect to PC so can transfer files. While traveling and San Antonio was jammed or targeted/sleep deprived couldn't even get it up to call company and arrange for exchange of device with replacement.

Thought Id have to go phoneless. Turns out they ship new device from warehouse today and have by tomorrow then send back old one.

What struck me is within the last 10 to 15 minutes any and all weirdness from the current device in my posessiom has ceased. Stopped just like that, similar to what occurs at approx 12 midnight nationwide when remote influence ceases or if cell reception is not available-but more mild. Total loss of reception such as side of mountain thst time in New Mexico is very pronounced. This change has definately eminated from my current smartphone. Its lost its 'presence', its importance. It occurs to me how one dimensional it is. That its JUST a small flat screen with a back part. A small tablet, a nothing really.

And I suddenly felt free as if I could write my book or tell important things to the public Ive wanted to for a long time.

It doesn't matter what phone you get. A simple cheap 7 dollar Jax from Virgin Mobile caused a lot more weird experiences and mind controlled states. Much worse than the big company I have now.

This might be another reason to get the Target isolated yet forced into activism and have to use technology to survive. It gets us into the mind control system via computers and smartphones etc.

I would go smartphone less but how would I survive or get my activism done? I don't know how else to do this.

I haven't gotten lawyers or done what I could becuz the system keps me forgetful, spacey and jammed and has for years.

MindWar is obviously now a harsh reality.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Its Harder Now Than Ever To Persevere

My ripped music vids and alot of music got lost a little while ago. Always in order to brain wash a person their old life MUST be removed from them and they from it. Then when isolated they can be fed new stimuli .

The gs system does things like erase music files usually via public computer systems (like a college) or a vulnerable laptop (like the wifi in San Antonio).

Over the years Ive had much of my music chipped away at in this manner.Most recently in San Antonio my mini SD card was burned out or Semi destroyed by the computer system at that sober house. All the music I'd been using for years as battle music-gone.

I forget how but my videos werent on that SD card i have in there. Alot of memories of doing battle with the gs system and years of battle inspiration gone missing.

I downloaded new music by smartphone. much more mellow or like the old stuff i was listening to before i got targeted.
why? becuz the energy and memories attached to those songs and videos are now missing.

TIs live in a world of being denied that what is happening is actually real yet must put all their life's energy into fighting a system only a minority know truly exists.

this gives the system alot of opportunity to behavior modify the Target simply by erasing what it can that defines these circumstances as real. The point now seems to be to not only alter who the TI is but really get people like me to not bother writing books or to give up. To accept the situation isn't that what one perp told me years ago? In 2005? "They're mad at you because you're not accepting your situation".

It seemed impossible to accept it then as I was still a young and strong woman and still had a very firm sense.of myself and my history.

The hopes nowadays be that age, health and the insecurity of being kept a traveler will force me to either wear down or surrender altogether.

My mother has been trying to break me like this all my life. I never allowed her to complete the internal 'break' process so why should I allow a bunch of strangers do it for political reasons or a bunch of males for reasons of arrogance.

MK Ultra is nothing more than wearing down someone and then breaking them internally then ensuring they are formed accordng to what the system wants.

As human beings unbeknownst to a majority of people on this planet right now, we no longer live in a reality thats truly real or natural.

These technologies as well as chemical influence and psy ops world wide has ensured we live in a zoo.

Cameras everywhere to watch and monitor and cell towers or HAARP etc to make adjustments accordingly to shape and form the zoo's environment.

And still we should desire death than to go quietly into this system having total rule over our lives.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Part 2 (will republish later)

Also the energy thats produced tantrically, through sex with males or orgasm alone makes this kind of woman strong. This production of energy seems to be something this system wants to stifle completely. To destroy of her abilities what they can via physical damage etc snd then 'redirect' what energy producing abilities remain sexually via the enslavement process to the system and a husband as mentioned.

I have surely experienced this system desperately trying to 'jam' the human ability to create energy from within or through one's chakras, pineal glans etc. Electromagnetic fields man made seem to serve this end by jamming natural human fields. I have experienced this system doing so purposely usually in Boston.

This is why they keep the Target from sexual partners.

They dont want the femal Survivor to heal naturally and go through trauma issues to become a strong, healthy normal female. They desire the same level of enslavement but with the female appearing as if she has given up and been reformed into a normal life of an average person. Its all deception and keeping what and who she is hidden just as before.

When I was living in Brighton in that apartment with the Nextel cell phone repeaters on the roof where I was being heavily gang stalked and targeted, do you know who I was 'redirected' to think of when I experienced orgasm through masturbation? Political figures. Does that sound normal to you? It never happened before like that in my life.
Guess who? Romney, Mcain, sadly in the recent past its even been Obama which makes me want to vomit.

Why would I be producing such heavy psychic energy at the age I was as female and basically sending it out to those specific people. Throughout men in police uniforms are always stuck in there at the last moment when orgasming.

Thats off and on. Luckily I have a strong Will a powerful imagination and I am a greedy determined female whos going to 'get mines' with my own orgasmic energy. I use years of control and experience and all my athleticism to take control back from this system. And I dont mastuebate becuz I am mentally ill or a pervert like they probably market in cover stories.

I masturbate becuz I know it stimulates the immune system, that its healthy. That it adds to my physical health and cardiac health.
Also so the aggression they cause in me along with arousal does not end in my going off and actinf out on people or in public.

Lastly, depression is ANGER TURNED INWARD. These releases make sure that agression doesnt turn to anger then to depression when stifled (women will do that becuz society says dont be angry as well as we dont go postal or lone shooter also). This type of depression makes it easy for the perps and psycholigical brain washing to take control of a Targeted Survivor. Then of course they will send handlers knowing your desperate.

Do not fall for the shame game when it comes to your sexuality.

I dont care how weird or kinky your sex life was. Unless you were actually FUCKING real life school girls or hurting anyone you did nothing wrong and broke no laws.

This may be why accusations of pedo or child molestation must be put forth in the cover story, perhaos theres a secret project to reform offenders and Surcivors of programming are lied about and put into these programs when in reality the system only seeks to hide memories, sikence a victim witness and disarm what they consider a living walking weapon.

Mexican Cartels Found Connected To Middle East Terrorism

Austin Texas. Two discoveries today. Second one pertains to this post.

Store called Bread Basket on Cesar Chavez and Mildred in shitty Mexican and black neighborhood. Was down there for badly needed sneakers at PayLess. On my way to Laundromat stopped in this store. The guys working were Middle Eastern. Lots of black and red in the neighborhood. Four out of six people on the street were wearing that combo when I left to catch bus in front of projects next street over. Wasnt random believe me.

Downtown has perps but they cant afford to stand out like in the ghettos. More on that later.

One of the men in the store Middle Eastern was standing to the side almost playimg security guard I noted after a while. It didnt occur to me at first.

I noted when I had asked him some questions that he was fsr too polite and something was strained about it. When I left I looked back and he was just staring at me. Not like a man stares at a woman but with some sort of fear. He kept watching me. I looked at laundrymat and it was disgusting so no way. I walked out and he was still looking. I noticed he waited until I went into the laundry to go back behind the register. When in his store I got the feeling for a monent someone expected something to happen. As if I was dangerous and was going to act out. Which is ridiculois.

The look in his eyes when I looked into his, as I walked out of rejecting the laundry idea, it stays with me. In the God Father movie, the second one I believe, when Michael is in Sicily and his head man gets his car ready thinking hes traveling alone (becuz he actually planted a bomb in the car for Michael Corleone). Later his wife Apollonia ends up wanting to drive instead. When he realizes his wifes in the car, the head man runs away realizing hes accidentally going to Mike's wife instead. The look that Sicilian gives as he looks at Mike and then runs off...that is exactly what it looked like. Exactly. Then in the movie of course Mike tries to tell his wife not to turn the key...too late of course.

This man in the store today had this exact look.

Perhaps there is some ancient bloodline connection between the Middle East and Italy that exists no matter what modern circunstances are.
Its well known plenty of Arab blood runs through Italy and Sicily. Ive posted before that no one, even with the technomancer's powers the system has over tech and chemicals, they cannot keep us from our DNA. From our ancient pasts. Behavior modification is purely superficial. Shock treatments and psychosurgery if done directly to a Target would most likely not destroy what transmits from our double helix of DNA.

It was either
-a psyche out
-this article is pertinent and today was an example of whats going on (if so we must then ask if other countries also contract out to them-USA, China, Israel, Africa etc.)
- it is the ancient Arab connection to Italy trying to warn me its either someone other than his people like Israel or whoever else or perhaps its a warning of his own people's actions in this.
It was real. That was the major difference between what perps do to Targets and what I saw today.

We as Targeted persons know that the perps are doing what they can to keep us isolated and brainwashed mostly so we cannot take appropriate action in our circumstances as 'reasonable person(s)' would. The gang stalking system ensures we are not reasonable persons but basket cases living in a dream basically. We live in partial denial of what is and has occurred due to how utterly nonsensical and UNreasonable it is, daily, for years on end.

I once heard Tom Cochran from St Louis telling someone he was with "Dont mention it to Rachel". This woman had just exclaimed "Thats HORRIBLE" pertaining to me I guess. He could have been trying to protect me from some horror that someone pulled in all this, like Jake snd those brat kids from Boston or my mother or the cops. Or it could have just been part of the psyche of many where the TI is meant to hear something has occurred that either didnt actually occur or in reality only the perps know about not the general public.

I also saw some stupid show a few weeks ago where the main chsracter owned a convenience store in the same shitty kind of neighborhood and was found to be an informant or Middle Eastern operative for terrorists.
Which of course means this could be just another psyche out or part of the continued break down/forced deprogramming process.

This is ALL MK Ultra being used on Survivors of high level programming. This is most likely what that old guy meant in the airport a few nights sgo. They can tell that their actions are going to soon get me to take action either suing people and agencies or telling my story.

Those actions are not whats important. Whats important is that their never ending campaign destroys my internal world to the point where I take such actions.

I saw this American Dad episode where the dad torments and abuses a family member in a CIA type campaign to get the person to finally defend themselves. This is exactly what behavior modification does.
The problem with thinking this kind of action is helping someone is recall how in the beginning of my gs campaign for instance everything was done purposely so I could NOT and woukd not be able to take action defending myself. They had to break me down sufficiently first and destroy what they desired to before then taking steps to rebuild me in their desired form.

The reason so much of this campaign revolves around sex, sexuality , humiliation, emasculation, feminization, extreme sexism and cutting the female Survivor off from her female support and ties is becuz RAPE MUST BE USED TO DEPROGRAM AND THEN REPROGRAM A FEMALE SURVIVOR OF MIND CONTROL in order for THEIR behavior modification program to be effective -as opposed to the woman going through memories and then figuring things out with a therapist and rebuilding herself then moving on in life.

Essentially the males in the gs system snd authorities such as police etc are percieved by the long tormented Target as her rapists which of course over time become her lovers. Stockholm Syndrome takes hold. Any one who knows women knows that a woman's body is essentially a pleasure center. Keep her from being a human being, keep her isolated from stimuli etc and you can make sex become her focus. If you then focus yourself as the 'master' of this female you then can rule her mind through emotional manipulations but you MUST keep her captive and use repeated rape. Especially since in many locations they seeem to have the ability to arouse a Target or keep a constant level of arousal present for continued control.

I personally believe implants are involved. I have had mutiple surgeries for endometriosis and IC. The last one as of 1997 was very suspect. I kept feeling something like a charge coming from the scar over my bladder a very small incision. It would go up through my center.
Ive used magnets on this area in the past and it stops the sexual arousal from being such a problem.
During Bush when this became 24/7 it was not unusual for me to be being gang stalked heavily and hit very hard with sexual arousal wherever I was staying. In Port Huron MI it basically equated outright torture.

This is done to break the Target down but also over time a female will begin to accept the system itself as her master or even husband. The males involved collectively represent this system.

Eventually she will love her captors and rapists. Eventually she will believe that they only want what's best for her.

In time she may believe that its a good thing to be reborn somewhat spiritually and totally made anew sexuallly. The constant brainwash will convince her that she needed to be destroyed of all her prior worldy and carnal knowledge of men and sexuality . Thst this system has made her appropriate for being a wife to only one male a husband. Which of course the system will get her to long for snd focus on to represent the male power that now rules her competely becuz the perps and system husband her every other way but physically which she will desire. But guarenteed when shes with any mortal male when she is having sex at those key moments of orgasm she will be handing that ENERGY right over to whomever she's been brainwashed into believing rules her life.

Its all total bullshit.

This process is not done out of concern for such a female but only to ensure that females with Theta programming are not independant of Will and mind and so they csnnot INDEPENDENTLY produce the psychic energy needed to use...towards defending themselves or perhaps being hacked into to harm others.