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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Consider that this is just a ritual killing or serial killers

(latest from homeless TI blog: )
As I wrote that last piece something let up when I wrote about the Hillside strangler case. Someone somewhere got very spooked or felt exposed by the racial profiling of the murderers by a German detective.

There is a chance that the reason you will not live as a victim of gang stalking is that you are dealing with ritual killers who's motives dont allow them to stop what has been started.
It also might be serial killers or the like. If the official line is that society only recognizes individual stalker cases opposed to 'organized stalking and harassment' or bullying/mobbing by a group covertly put together and acting covertly, who is to say that all serial killers work alone? It seems like the worst perps involved in this are capable of some of the most shocking torture and abusive behavior. This system gives them the freedom and opportunity to express themselves in this way whereas in normal society thier behavior would gain consequences.

And we have all pretty much figured out that this is related to kiddie rings and using children for human experientation or programming. These are not people who allow themselves to be exposed and are expert at intimidating thier victims. I watched a pedophile brainwash and intimidate an entire family for years and I had to take alot of heat for years becuz I saw through the games, wouldnt allow myself to be his next victim and treated him no different than I treated any pimp I dealt with in passing, which is to be polite, smile, take advantage of their weakness to attractive females and stroke thier egos if necessary to get away from them, in passing, as quickly as possible and secretly, quietly have as much disrespect for them as humanly possible as well as never EVER allow them any access to me or my life. And also burn them or free their women whenever possible.

I did the same thing with this monster in my family as I learned in my 20's that there is a such thing as a woman who does not get '
pimped' by men or the system run by men. It is possible to avoid this but always pay lip service to the lion as you brush by him. Keeping him tame is in your best interest. Not taking his crap is also of the highest order. There are plenty of other women in his percieved 'harem' for him to control and in families like mine the main perp has control over pretty much everyone especially the women. Be that woman who is not scared of the abusive authority any cost. Be that person who preserves their sanity and thier identity seperate from the abusive and infected collective.

This is a family that took joy in this former Marine aquiring a Purple Heart and seemed to idolize him over his lifetime, yet it was proven beyond a doubt that he was a child molester and did untold damage to multiple lives. THAT is the power of intimidation of lies of deception and of denial. Denial is the end result of all these things.
Its what the perp wants.

And in families like this scapegoats serve to take on the burden of all the anger and negativity felt towards the perpetrator and oppressor, in order for a dysfunctional unit to function. This is the price of a corrupt system.

That example of a corrupt system is a microcosm of the macrocosm that is our country right now.

What is most shocking and outrageous is that survivors of families like this are basically asked to be revictimized and put bsck into the stupidity and deep freeze of denial, in order to cover up for injustices the system cannot afford revealed like programming and human experiemntation.
Its no surprise that many survivors of programming eventually fit into their theory the obvious connection between pedo families and mind control programming survivors.

The actions of the gang stalking system are indeed to basically put a survivor BACK into the state that they were in when they were small or the last time the family had control over them as victim/scapegoat.

This is why people call this 'ritual abuse'. It seems to be perpetrated as just the way things are done without much thought as to if its wrong or if its necessary. Its just done this way and thats the end of it.

(by the way people such as my mother for example used to scream at me to "get a life" when refering to our family or the main perp. In a typical disregard for my feelings it was all about her or not making waves in my f*cked up family. First of all me being gang stalked interrupted any chance I had at healing or putting old hurts to rest such as the way my family treated me. Secondly my family and all the a-holes back home in that sick isolated over priveleged cess pool known as Boston who think they know me or have any right to control me need to learn real quick that how I feel n ever ANY OF THIER BUSINESS. )

A Perp weakness in psychological warfare/ the 3 main points of attack from the gang stalking system

"For a nation composed of many cultures, the United States has never had a deep understanding of other cultures, perhaps because it was never a major colonial power. This has shown up whenever the U.S. military is engaged in cross-cultural conflict. Often American strategists “mirror image” the enemy and build their campaigns based on what they feel would cause Americans to surrender without taking into account the psychological differences between antagonists."
This may be one of the only reasons that people like me or other TI's are beating this system (having said that keep in mind that the enemy is reading this as well. I'd say that isolating the target and forcing them into disclosure via interrigation via activism as one of the only avenues of self defense is simply forcing the person to help the overseers of the experimentation. Every time I post something I am letting everyone and anyone know my thought processes.

Recall at the start of the most severe harassment my own mother said in a very creepy and sinister way in a phone conversation: "I am very interested in the way your mind works". This is a woman who would definately sell out her kid for a thin dime, and a local tarot reader basically intimating with disgust that my mother would do anything for money, is enough to know that the people in on this want the TI to furnish as much info about themselves as makes their job easier and anything you say will be used against you.
We have all realized I think at a certain point that this is a call and return system- that its basically interrigation by various methods to induce the TI to lose control or composure and to reveal any information which the system picks up and uses to further control or destroy the TI. In the beginning when a TI has resistance, we encounter alot of torture and truama from being harassed heavily by people who know who we are as well as personal details they should not know. They then basically laugh in our faces as an easy way to get favors or make money as they try to con us TO OUR FACES and either entrap us, con us into certain situations/actions or pump us for information as being traumatized is a way of getting the TI off guard.
This is nothing more than torturing someone so they will talk but instead of using the info to solve a crime or fight an enemy in war, its used on the person who gave the information.
And it does induce insanity and it also puts the gang stalking system in the position of unltimate authority..WE know where you are at all times WE know everything about you, WE control you. WE will get information out of you and then WE will use this against you to our advantage. WE- RUN-YOUR-LIFE. That is the message that is engrained into the target through repitition over many years time.

Also other things are used on the person at the same time like systematic ignoring, torture, inducing disappointment in the person's life and then either making sure the target sees perps being happy about it or ignoring the target's pain and suffering. This lessens sensitivity in the person and helps to make them into a zombie that expects nothing but abuse out of humanity so does not want or feel or care.
Also sexual arousal is used which over time bonds the target to the oppressor and lessens the bad feelings over what is being done to them. Pavlovian or Classical conditioning is used but seems to be dropped from the program once they feel they have gotten deep enough into the person and have a good hold on them or control over them. Thier is a point where continuing to fight with the TI in these ways would only continue to strengthen them as the TI learns to do battle with perps and win. ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS TO KEEP FROM THE VICTIM/TARGET IS VICTORY OR ANY SENSE OF GAIN/SUCCESS. I suspect that due to this being about getting total control over someone, the only success that the person is allowed is whatever they beg the system to give them once they are controlled to the point of pandering to the system that has now enslaved them.

I believe that the only way out of being enslaved (or for those of us who are survivors of programming, re-enslaved) is suicide...and dont be too sure that isnt something they want just so they can brainmap a target as they die just to further use them as guinea pigs. If Rowanda could be watched through satellites by people with that kind of access, then a death could be experienced via the methods used to mind read experiementees. The human brain continues electrical activity for months after the body is physically dead, just as nails and hair still grow. I believe that instinctually many targets know this and it explains the need to use a gunshot to the head in suicide.
I understand that men tend to use guns for suicide moreso than women. A female plan may include ensuring the body is burned so as to destroy any conscousness via brain activity and avoid pain and or further intrusion by outsiders.

Many TIs drown themselves and this is unexplained , unless my theory about parasitic infectious disease being used as part of the experiment and even perhaps for control of its host, is correct. The parasite may well mind control the host to drown due to it continuing its life cycle in a body of water.

I am very suspect at times about experiments utilizing infectious diseases as this is also documented in the MK Ultra era of human experimentation. Parasites within the human body have been found to produce chemicals that can control the host... such as making them sleepy or giving them cravings for certain foods. Its also very suspect that the medical field claims that an American citizen can only contract parasitic disease by going to the tropics or outside the USA in certain countries. This is contrary to simple research that shows that many residents of poor urban communities as well as poor rural ones within the US have an instance of the same parasitic diseases as in third world countries. Also never considered is the common sense that parasitic disease existed in the Native American population already existent in the USA as well as in the African populations brought here as slaves- which would explain the old southern whites demanding that 'colored people' have their own bathrooms and water fountains. Also is other countries with prevelance of parasitic disease such as eastern europe and this might include Jews of eastern European extraction who are not observant of Kosher and other eating traditions which actually would reduce the instances of parasitic diseases in humans.
Lasty are the populations that may contract and carry such as anyone having intimate contact with foriegners who may be infected as well as persons going overseas and returning untreated, such as military personell. Perhaps nowadays they are protected or treated but I highly doubt that this was the case with vetrans coming back from the jungles of Vietnam and before that Korea, the Philipines..or any country of foriegn soil.

Parasitic disease may account for a certain amount of medical conditions as well as so called 'mental illness' which is a vague term from a profession that refuses to take medical cause such as organic brain diseases into consideration as a cause for humans to go insane or appear sick in thier minds.

I even had a thought once that certain families are chosen for programming becuz perhaps that disassociative quality over generations was induced by parasitic diseas or other brain damaging conditions. Its been presented that the truama that is required to program someone causes brain damage that is actually desired by the programmers as it causes photo memory and other useful abilities.
It may be that parasitic disease is one of the ways to destroy the mind of a survivor of programming via destruction of brain tissue. I understand that its gruesome but parasites have been with us and evolved with us for thousands of years.

I am also quite aware that in certain facilities there seems to be a special cup of ice water one is given upon entry to the facility where one then feels much calmer, and also then a white and watery substance is excreted in ones waste upon defication. Once the staff no longer provides the patient with this water drink one realizes that the feelings of anxiety, stress and illness return. This may be that all programmable people have a weakness to parasitic disease or its a way of the system introducing the parasite to be hosted by a deprogramming person as to help destroy their mind and thier health. Its easy enough to infect someone I imagine. And I discovered that the taking of birth control pills such as progetins which mimic the human bodies first 3 months of pregnancy heavy with progesterone, make a woman more suseptible to getting infected with parasitic diseaae- this is why women are warned not to empty cats litter boxes during early pregnancy due to Toxiplasmosis being carried by cats and rats in its life cycle. Toxoplasmosis can cause schizophrenia and the instances of that 'mental illness' rose greatly as cats were introduced as pets to co exist with humans in thier homes.
Also someone like a survivor of radiation experimentation or their offspring may be immuno comprimised in some way and have a weakness to being infected by parasitic disease.
I believe also that the trends of the 1990's such as no chemical agents in soaps and organic produce may have increased the likelyhood of parasitic disease in the generatios that took part in the organic craze.

Gang stalking is a complicated system and one must look at all possibilities as to how the system would gain control of or deteriorate a target.

Other than these theories above we all know from research and experience that psychological warfare is the main method used but gang stalking a sophisticated and complex in that it seems to utilize 3 main componemts:

-in person harassment and stalking by human beings as well as betrayal or ill treatment by associates/intimates. This is akin to HUMINT or human intelligence or use of live human beings for covert activities opposed to utilizing technology. This includes betrayal and ignoring by intimates/people the TI knows and trusts as well as the TI seeming to then get 'handed over' to a network of strangers that introduce themselves into the persons life via having intimate details that strangers should not posess. It also includes active and passive gang stalking. ACTIVE gang stalking is harassment/stalking/info gathering and any attacks in person. PASSIVE gang stalking is when people are negligent with the target- people dont do their jobs or the target gets unfair bad performance from professionals. This all falls under Psy ops.

-the use of chemicals. Speaking about this will get you labeled as paranoid so many TIs leave this out. But if many targets told you thier whole story you would understand why these actions are feasible. Many TIs tell similar stories about chemicals used to damage their respitory health and capacity such as suspect gas leaks or unexplained waking up in the middle of the night unable to breathe due to obvious use of a chemical being breathed in. Over time lung damage occurs as well as possible brain damage. Also, being dosed with psychotropics or psychadelics which seem either classically derived from molds or synthasized 'light' or mild psychedelics. The former seems to be used with the intent of destroying the mind and inducing insanity and the latter seems to be used in instances where the gang stalkers want the TI more receptive to suggestion or brainwashing.
Its interesting that this is most unbelievable to modern people due to the fact that this is what is classically recorded in every story of foul play, assasination and spy craft in every culture around the world. Its the 'old school' method of getting rid of one's enemies. Like ancient civilization old school.

- Technology.
There is proof and documentation of non lethal weapons in existence and use that can do much of what targets claim is done to them in these campaigns. The experience is more suspect of it being technology due to the influence experienced stopping and starting at approximate times according to a schedule as well as changing conditions like environment (no cell phone reception areas, buildings that behave as Faraday cages would due to being concrete and steel, going underground such as a basement in a building or two levels down in a public train station. All of these variances would be experienced by someone on whom microwave technology was being used on as this is the reason for cell towers being above ground- microwaves cannot go through the earth and this is why wires or a system is not routed underground such as with elecrical wires or fiber optics. Also TI's report that different locations express different content in what seems like remote influence due to these weapons- that same content is repeatedly experienced by the target in those same locations. This makes thier experience so NOT random and particular that it would by logic be technology not mental illness or imagined. Often the TI forgets what their experience was in a particular location until they arrive thier again only to find the same kind of 'targeting' going on as they recalled before in that location. An example would be that Boston has a different effect on the target than say Phoenix AZ due to each city looking perhaps for a different outcome or the 'perps' in those cities having very differing ideas about what they want for the target or how they handle their Targeted persons per that city or town or state. This seems the best explaination for the remote influence to be always consistent according to location, but varying due to differing locations. One may get the same effect every time one goes to Boston but the effects of that brainwashing program will cease once one has left that city but if the TI returns once again they will experience the same effects in that location once again.
This is perhaps the most confusing for outsiders to understand yet it is the most consistent occurance in the TI's life. Its easier to be sure of your sanity when it becomes obvious that only tech could produce such results as mental illness, imagination, hysteria or delusions dont make any sense with those circumstances.

I am sure if psychiatry is given half a chance they will do what they always do which is to work backwards and invent a disorder to explain away symptoms and circumstances. This is why psychiatry is so hated by Targets..its not that they are trying to escape a mental illness label or they are crazy and dont understand that, its that psychiatry is actively helping to cover up for the use of these weapons used domestically on US citizens. Many TIs have had trusted professionals attempt sloppy frame ups by outright lying and suddenly making claims that go against years of what records would show about the TIs condition. Psychiatrists have reputations to keep and families to protect, they are to be least trusted as they are most vulnerable to black mail or coercion.
I firmly now believe that in order to keep psychiatry alive as a profession considering their track record of unethical human experimentation, thier covering up of diseases of the body causing mental illness or changes in our environment like pollution and thier habit of handing out questionable drugs to cure things that may be cured in other ways- in order to stay established in the modern world they must cooperate with factoins that are abusing citizens, assasinating people who know to much or conducting human experimentation- now conducted in public spaces.

The article above may well be why there are 'perps' we observe seeming frustrated or confused by a Target not folding under pressures or tactics that would usually work on your average citizen or person.

This is why I have taken so much pride in my DNA, not becuz I am a racist but becuz I have noted along the way that much of my DNA or cultural backround seems foriegn to the people in the gang stalking system and this has been to my advantage. Find out where you come from and what cultural backround you have that is not the norm in the USA. Boston is certainly not your average US culture and it almost seems like the system didnt take that into consideration. (When the Hillside Strangler case was being worked on here in Cali a German detective tipped off American authorities that they wud be looking for two brothers of Italian descent. This is who the murderers turned out to be when caught. It was based on a knowledge of cultural even racial attitudes and behaviors. It was based on the way that the bodies were always faced official buildings of authority like City Hall and done with sexually overt posings.)

Also go abroad mentally and emotionally. If you stay rooted in American culture you will surely die. There is much in your DNA that the system has to fear. This country if you look at it realistically is a fabrication- an eternal Disneyland. The land had Natives living on it which whites genocided in large numbers. This is never mentioned as much as the 6 million Jews who perished at the camps and it happened right here, on the land you are standing on. That is obviously becuz it would mean all those treaties would have to be honored and legally ownership of land might not stand up to investigation. This is stolen land end of story and that is the truth.
The country consists of many differing cultures all of which have had to forget the ancient wisdom of their ancestors to get along with everyone else they have to rub shoulders with. Religion helps do that to begin with, taking people from thier pagan cultural roots, but now you are taken from any cultural roots in order to be harmonious in the culture of America.
We also now live in an era where increasingly, foreign immigrants dont want to assimulate fully into being American- they want to live and work in America. A natural born US citizen should not have to struggle with a counter person or cashier at a donut shop in the morning to have their order understood in thier native language but Americans feel that these are people who are assimulating to the culture so its only fair to meet them halfway. This may be true but in some instances these are people who dont wish to assimulate and it has helped to destroy the fabric of America. Its all about citizenship and how much you own or how much money you have. America has long been a whorehouse and Alaska its warehouse. The newfound sentiment brought on by the last war is touching but it was born out of self interest, religious fanaticism, racism, sexism and other neo con negative attributes. It was also brought on my fear, intimidation and good old fashioned brain washing. Every a-hole who had anything to gain in that witchhunt all of a sudden had yellow stickers on thier cars and was all for the troops and the war. Its ironic that many of us who truly are patriotic and are fighting for freedom, often at the cost of our own lives, are the ones being targeted. There are people who join movements for the wrong reasons and they do what all good con and criminals do- the 'blend in with the crowd'. Situations like that are seen as opportunities to get some very nasty business done by people who have criminal minds.

If you want to survive being shut out of your own country and out of your own family, social circle, town, home or culture in this modern type of covert warfare you may have to actually live as a stateless citizen- physiclally, mentally and emotionally even spiritually. Nothing can change your original love for the United States but the defintion of what the US is has changed so radically that you may find you in want of a divorce. Living abroad culturally is like being seperated and avoiding your spouse as much as possible in the family home.

Many TIs speak of gettting harassed outside the US anyway as this seems international. Moving physically to another culture might prove useless, if only for the benefit of a language barrier where you wud not understand being harassed in another language, but this might prove an even more isolated existence than being targeted in your homeland.

Just go down into your DNA strands and see if there is anything there that is culturally different from what the perps expect.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Dr Cameron

What is so interesting is that many TI's are being behavior modified and mind wiped if you will, and the main cover story that is attempted even before they know what is going on is that there is a question of schizophrenia involved. For those of us who experienced sloppy attempts at frame ups we are very lucky.

TI website- yet another victim (
I found this link doing some research. Yet another target, with the same basic info that once again merits investigation and makes perfect sense. I think back to the comment of that trucker who preached to me and B. about conservativism as we were riding with a bitter way. He did it more for brainwash it seemed than as conversation. He said "If someone is on the terrorist list its for a damn good reason." (Does that include the little boy in the news who got frisked down at age 5 and still cant ride on planes due to his name being the same as someone elses on the list- why dont they include social security numbers with the names like every other agency?)

This is the very attitude that would support a psychocivilized society or the covert and forced re education of certain citizens. ..because there must be a very good reason. Anyone afraid enough of authority or sadistic enough to get off on this sh*t or brainwashed themselves is going to agree with the power abusing authority figure- always.
Unhappy people want others to be unhappy. Jealous people want to bring others down.
Competitive people will do anything to wipe out people in thier way. Crimimals and sex offenders need to cover thier asses at any cost- ESPECIALLY the kiddie scene people.

Society must face reality that not only are we now a psychocivilized society, we now have the ability to target anyone inconvenient and destroy thier minds-lobotomize them to fit into the agenda or make them a non threat to the overlords.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

2 posts from ONMC.Wordpress

During writing the forward one of the few rap songs played on my mp3. It was Biggie Smalls "Hypnotize". I then looked up the artist prob for lyrics and realized there were conspiracy theories around his death.
I know African Americans love conspiracy theory and with good reason. However I did note that listening to this song, it cleared my palet. It returned me to my east coast strength, purpose and sense of bad assness. There seems to be among certain musicians an ability to reach people with thier music in ways that I believe the system either does not want to occur for very long or at all. This is spoofed on with the Adult Swim show about Dethclock and I always love seeing the bumbling, paranoid men behind the scenes trying to control the artists natural power on our earth among humans.

Especially today it seems that any energy raising through music is discouraged...its all produced as if to avoid this phenomena from occuring. I am sadly out of touch with new underground music anyway though which probably has some merit. I thought his death was just crime connected or political...I just wonder how many artists die due to thier art opposed to their actions.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

San Diego public library- the 'homeless branch' -or- Wackenhut has San Diego as a gig all around

When I first came into San Diego off of the highway, out near the Pilot truck stop it seemed very nice. Lots of military land and wonderful mountains surrounding the area. I thought perhaps that the city would be the same.

Of course with all cities its just that I was very outside of it. I hadnt come into contact with it, I hadnt been imprisoned by it as that is what happens in big cities. Once inside the city limits for a time, one looks out either onto the ocean or the towards the direction one came in from and wishes to get back there. It becomes obvious that the city proper is the worst of false environments and keeps man captive. Often avid travelers leave places like this when their personality becomes to overbearing.

San Diego is a place that is tolerant of the homeless and I havent been here long enough to figure out their true motives-perhaps profit oriented, I dont want to stay here and be homeless that long and if I do stay houseless I simply wont stay.

I noted as I came in off the highway and walked to a bus to the city I noted Wackenhut buses with black bars on the windows. A few times this went by me. I assume then that they do prison transport here.

They also have many gigs being security in buildings int eh city. One of those buildings is the public library, a branch downtown I have dubbed the 'homeless branch'.
Obviously alot of homeless are in this area. They are usually very well behaved inside and they sleep outside in the area at nite. Its more peaceful than alot of other street scenes.

I understand the security being strict but Wackenhut puts that 'your in prison' feel (which I luckily have no experience with). No sleepingbags inside the library even though on my first day it was on my backpack no problem. And I noticed a few employees had attitude after my first visit and security tries these obvious subliminal intimidation or rather handling tactics to keep people under control. Not the kind of feel someone like me comes into a college or library for. I frequent places like this to get away from the animals not be treated moreso like one.

The one thing I have taken offense to that is totally intgrusive is this walk by that the Mex security woman does. She breezes by behind everyone with thier laptops out and makes a point to let you see (and feel) her going by the line, like a line of prisoners to keep an eye on, to see what you have on your laptop. I wish I had time to catch them off guard (haha I made a funny) and make sure I am looking up all the dirt I can find on thier company as she goes by.

The best I could do is make a comment after she past about how she didnt catch me looking at porn and -oh gosh darn come back next time and Ill have it on for ya. What are they expecting to find? They need to be a bit more subtle. And I mean they REALLY need to change thier tactics. Its like all they know is prison guarding.
Sorry not happy with this. Like I said the homeless here are not all that up with their rights or how to be treated. In Boston the homeless population would think of something to do them one better. The population here is a bit docile, a little sheepish.

It could be harassment, I mean its definately harassment of the homeless as a whole, but I notice a few female employees either nervous by my presence or that typical perp stance if you made it this far...its like they have seen a ghost--- or a survivor that has beat death.

Like the saying goes, "Never mess with anyone who buys their ink by the barrel."
("Never argue with someone who buys ink by the barrel” is a popular saying in politics that means don’t argue with the press (especially newspapers), who can publicize an opinion like no one else can. The phrase is somewhat dated—newspapers are not as important as they once were, and online newspapers don’t use ink.
The phrase is cited in print from 1964, where it was credited to former Indiana Congressman Charles Bruce Brownson (1914-1988). The earliest recorded uses of the phrase come from several Indiana politicians

another stupid comment...I smell perp

A comment I rejected
"Mercruyrules wrote-
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rachel actually has a sense of ... OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel actually has a sense of humour!


I am actually happy now and have been inspired to reply because being able to laugh at your situation (and perhaps yourself)is a really good sign that there is actually hope for you.

More chuckles Rachel, please. Less relentless anger

First of all I dont know what you are refering to becuz yesterday was one of my darkest or serious post and my music selection reflects that.

Also I use humor all the time on these blogs, except the "Skepticism for TI's" which is kept very straight forward...actually the vid on there about mind contorl cults at the bottom is humorous I use it alot.

I wonder if this is more perp nonsense due to the fact that those were serious posts yesterday. Anything to be contrary and take away from what the TI is doing. Also, this subjectmatter is dead serious and anyone asking me to make it otherwise is like asking any other survivor of torture or gross abuse of authority and power due to corruption to forget the seriousness of their situation. I smell perp on this one. Everyday hours after I get up I just sit there thinking about how unbelievable this all is and how is it ever going to get resolved? And how all the people who betrayed me must be on with thier lives, not even giving my existence a second thought. Truly no one cares...its a matter of even if it IS about human experimentation people simply see the cover story and that rich criminals with enough connections do as they please and someone poor out in left field lost to people with more power. Its yet another instance of believing the cover story. People just CANNOT wrap thier head around MK Ultra or that they system will do anything to keep programming a secret as well as not pay the radiation experimentee's for damages...and their offspring.

I do as I please. If no one has gotten that yet you better read this blog a bit more thoroughly. And if you are referring to the movie clip on the right from LAW ABIDING CITIZEN, I dont find it humorous at all. Its wishful thinking, and if I could be that guy in the movie I would do what he did in a second. Not funny at all really.

Monday, January 25, 2010


This irresponsible behavior from activists really pisses me off. Gee I wonder why everyone leans on us being mentally ill and why we get no results or not taken seriously. Even I had to see how absurd this subject can be made out to be when its presented this way.

I mean if the person was doing it to keep a timeline of real experiences as I do, to show how insane this gets, yes this would have merit..I cant think of anything that would let someone fall off the sanity wagon THIS far however.

Let me put it this way...if you have resorted to this you are a goner.
Yes, I realize I am guilty of losing cred by utilizing heavy metal in my music selections and by swearing and posting sloppily and so on. I do this to illustrate a timeline. Also, certain music acts as an actual shield if not to dispel the effects of long term psychological harassment.
When I get up and the whole world is normal I tend to sink into a depression as this is kind of like being systematically ignored, even though it's just that you cant reveal your true situation to most people. After all the loss and the abuse it's as if the world has left you behind and no one cares and your reality is just this nightmare you have to keep to yourself. It's worse if nice, happy, very American relaxed music is playing like R &B or worse if love songs come on...your heart might just finish itself off right then and there. No, once you enter this dark world there is no coming out of battle until victory is achieved and if not death. Those are your least MY two choices. Playing heavy music reminds me that I was tortured into ill health and emotional duress that is so bad I may as WELL be dead, which is the gang stalking system's little joke on how to create Zombies like in Haiti, but without the mess (or the disclosure/evidence). (If you don't know what I am talking about you could watch Serpent and the Rainbow but you'd be better off reading the book about THE TRUE STORY of a Harvard professor with occult leanings who searched through Haiti to find how zombie making really works. It was discovered that the venom of a puffer fish causes the body to appear dead by vital signs. The victim, believed dead, is then buried basically alive and brain damage due to lack of oxygen to the brain. The voodoun then digs up the person and they are his or hers for life. Their soul is captured also and kept but you may not believe that part.

Interestingly, years later, during my stay in my apartment in 335 Washington st, on the radio I heard an add for a fundraiser, I believe it was connected to a local hospital, perhaps Harvard was mentioned I dont recall. It was a mysterious new disease where the patients appeared dead or lifeless but were actually alive. Harvard U. is in Cambridge, just one town over. Knowing how sleazy this country has been with its history of human experimentation I just couldnt help but discuss my theory with others. This is around the time I suspect my apartment was wired as from this timeframe in my life is where most intel seems to be used by the campaign-things no one wud know unless they were in my apartment.
Then as we know I was targeted 24/7 around that same time frame. I do not recall ever hearing anything about this new disease again.
It's a long shot but who knows?
I wouldn't change a thing. I hope I was right in my innocent actions and shut down some sinister crap they had going on. The only thing I would change is that if I actually realized the consequences of my actions I would have formulated my accusations or suspicions more quietly and more completely and then made sure my case was iron clad before getting a serious inquiry going...oh and major news coverage as well as appealing to all of Harvard's long time enemies, of which I am sure there are many just salivating at a chance to break just one of their great big hairy balls. Bust em up good. I would make it into a comprehensive attack and I would shoot to kill this time. Same goes for that old bastard who scams with Save the Children. If I knew what I was saying would go public, I would have gone for his sagging jugular and not stopped until my prey went limp in my jaws. Nice ad recently, the one where he overstates the name of the starving girl "Raquel". Bite me dude.
He got busted for tax fraud or some sh*t a few years ago. Just be fortunate that my innocent musings were used to get me targeted, you jerks, and not attacks knowingly fashioned to take you out and make you broke...clowns.)

OK, OK, I am totally done leaking bitter venom for one day.
Enjoy the goofy blog pages.


The man in the mirror (Obama Osama)

How do you make a country forget? (such things as a war with certain specific [marketed] characters?)

Do as follows. Mirrors are always helpful in all sorts of brainwashing:
Why I did not see this before now...I guess all the confusion of past events and well, being targeted has a way of derailing one's activism efforts as well as clear perception, which is what its supposed to do. Was always suspect of the name smilarity.

Its a way of 1) keeping parties divided by giving each one thier way on two seperate presidents and 2) letting BOTH parties (Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative) know that neither one of them is in charge permanently- only the designers of this bullsh*t are in charge.

New blog to check:

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A second theory formed from the perps own actions and words: Aryan peoples

OK, this is going to go out on a limb but I am not afraid. I am very fortunate as my book is going under sci-fi, so I can go there.

What is frightening about this theory is that the campaign might partially be someone's paranoia or a genicide is actually occuring.
I had this very amusing flash once, this vision that was obviously a psych me out, to get me to believe that Henry Kissinger was paranoid that I was akin to a general or some other maker of war on maps, due to me having a vid from French performance artist Gaillard that was titled Pac Man on my MYSPACE acct as the performance artists were acting out in real life the Pac Mans route on the computer (or akin to a war performed as drawn out on a map).

Kissinger might just be that paranoid and considering he was terrorized by the Nazi's he may be paranoid about who the next Hitler is going to be.
However, considering that ALL this nonsense such as remote viewing and such stops dead at 12 midnight as well as under other circumstances that tell me its technology induced, I tend to disregard all such events.
It may be something in my DNA strand I am not aware of, some relation to a strong historical figure that was feared or that caused war and havoc in his/her time.
I also take this tech induced vision very seriously and not as mental illness, becuz Lou Gheppetti(the retired art teacher who employed me as a model and dropped info at the same time as terrorizing me, though mildly) made at least two comments about me being into music that was 'battle music' or "marching music"(another fact that could only be known from spying into my world at 335 Washington St-I was getting into ancient Scottish music that was used during war) but who that was raised on Rock and Roll, as the cliche goes, doesnt like music charged with aggressive energy? The comment was dropped to be intimating and accusatory without a doubt.

I find that whole situation just an excuse to make false claim that I am violent (as Scott Ashmanski did, and others claiming I was "too agressive" of course all the result of being harassed and stalked and not understanding what was going on).
If you look at my music selection it is now more aggressive and 'battle music' than before from years of haiving to fight.
These idiots cause self fullfiling prophecies with thier mind games by torturing the shit out of people until they become all the negative things they claim about targets.

I come from 2 generations of whistlblowers, my grandmother at a late age was such a threat to a company that dumped waste in Waltham locally, that her life was threatened if she dared go against a gag order.
Her mother's mother in Cork,Ireland, the same town and generation as Mother Jones, was part of a community that would frequently shut the shades on Queen Victoria as she rode through the streets (a common Irish tradition to do to the dead being taken through the streets.)
My grandfather is obviously a major predetor so there is that energy there.
My uncle is 6'10" with ginger hair, a beard that grows flaming red and an earthly deep voice.
My grandmother's on both sides are basicallty herbalists and healers if not psychic.
My paternal grandfather is a painter and my maternal grandmother is was an artist with a draftsman's hand at exacting preceision. I seem to come from artists and healers who cannot become artists or healers so they choose medical,carpenter and religious careers.
My dad used to go into squat houses in Cambridge in the 70's and wire up the place and do all the plumbing and make it like a regular living space. The system seems to really hate his independant streak.
All my ancestors were third wavers who were of a class that at least were decent enough to be sponsored to work in houses of the wealthy at the turn of the century. The Italians came here with money allegedly and the Lithuanians were coal miners in Pittsburg.
The perps have made mention more that once about Lithuania having close ties to Iran..this was ON PURPOSE and it was to make me feel bad or guilty of something, that was obvious.

My heritage can be traced back to my great grandparents: German/Dutch, Irish/French Canadian and Italian/Lithuanian. SO what part of that is a problem?
What part of my DNA is so dangerous or that you do not like?

I am very suspect of this comment about Iran.
I discovered something: Iran is considered an Aryan nation by Germany. There is a vid of Iranians saluting Germans during a football game recently on Youtube. Since seeing this I have noted people from Afganistan and Iran here in San Diego that also have green eyes or light eyes.

Is it that somehow eastern Europe is connected to Arab decent and thus Aryan? Or is it something soley from Lituania being connected to the Middle East?

I think these are more excuses to utilize the war on terror, maybe a secret DNA war, to get rid of anyone inconvenient. Every single thing I just mentioned from being the next Hitler to the Unibomber to Lithuania/Iran connection is a bs excuse to monitor someone for being a terrorist. If indeed there is any kind of monitoring of targets going on they would need a reason to put one on the terrorist list, even a secret one based on insanity like facial mapping or genetics.

A trucker who I thought I recognized only afterwards who gave me and B. a road dog of mine, a ride, claimed that "if someone is on the terrorist list then there has to be a very good reason". He bored us for hours with preaching about conservativism but he was just an unhappy middle aged fat guy who lived with his mom- but still had to brag about owning a boat. Later I would swear that he was one of You know Who's businessmen 'friends'- to put it politleyu. Many of my old associates "businessmen friends" have been perps for this system.

So there is your "good reason" for being on the terrorist list. A woman with really good connections and alot of material to blackmail important men with...ahh, MKUltra might just be my best friend after all. Maybe whatever is in my little head is too valuable to destroy. It's nice to know that whatever that brat wants she doenst always get...VERY nice to know.

The excuses however, are still fascinating to hysterical in how ridiculous they are.

Satanists working for Christ..what??

Well I notice the red t-shirt nonsense has ceased after my posting. But this is a city that loves black and red...its not gang stalking, it just seems unconsious among the citizenry. But I do see black combined with red clothing...and that is just fine by me. Lots of pyramids, pillars, fountains and sun symbols. A pharoah is carved into the front of the library. I will be fine here.

Anyway, I met this woman at a shelter the other nite. She had really black hair super white teeth (dentures?) and was older but still looked good in a Joan Jett kinda way. She had a back pack on and the intersting thing is that she had her umbrella stuck into the backpack the way Samuri used to have thier swords right behind thier head for easy reach.
Our conversation turns to her talking about being interested in serial killer's stories. This is what happens with hobos, vagrants or other fringe or alt the first 5-10 min one can tell if they are fairly sane or if its a no go.
I did the best I could and started talking about some cases I read about in the past.
Her eyes were big, witchy and really dark; black discs. All I could think of is how cool she looked but alternately how she might be sizing me up for her next victim, if she was a female serial killer.

We were discussing the death penalty, I voiced my opinion that it should be nationwide but only used under severe circumstances, like the person is definetelty guilty and they cannot stop killing so its not used to frame people up and get rid of them..(why dont you just gang stalk them, its worse than sitting on death row becuz we have no appeals to write or anyone rooting for us..becuz gang stalking does not exist dontcha know).
She posed her opinion in the form of question: how can man know good if he does not experiences the greatest evil? Then she started up about Obama and that this is what he was doing for the country- bringing about the greatest evil to make good...this is one of those times when you are seriously considering if this person is a perp but not the kind that is doing it for personal gain..this is the possible cult member/cause stalker type or programmed. THESE are the scary ones. I have met these kind before and its worse than the sadists, sexists, racists, 'official' (cops ets) or unofficial 'official' (dirty tricks dept), criminals; these are the ones who most likely would never stop due to thier being possibly involved not of thier own Will.
She said that Obama was getting rid of "the ancient ones", the ones who think they are just going to move on easily to success. Then she got more sensible and talked about people who say,drive a bus for instance, and if they won't take a pay cut in salary then he will give the job to someone who will...then she pointed at me and said "and thats going to be you". This part of the conversation was like her trying to bring the subject matter back to reality..but what she said before is what is compelling.

You will notice that a few choice people in the homeless scene who appear out of their minds have wisdom if not pertinent info about what is going on with either gang stalking campaigns or world events. Its unerving. But consider how many former programmed people have most likely been driven mad by thier own victimization or someone who knew too much or someone with a psychic gift who the system has decided is either a threat/uncontrollable. There is no doubt in my mind after what I have seen that this is what happens to many 'expendable' people. In the Boston shelters there were many homeless that looked out of their minds who would snap out of it, drop me info like an informant and then go back to appearing nuts.
I dont want to get into it here but I believe these people are in the system..and in a horrible way. Of all the things that I have seen the condition of these people is the most disturbing. They lack the arrogance and sinister intent of the perps one usually sees..they seem to be victimized in the worst way.

One guy in a yard of a day drop in center the other day for the second time made a comment with reference to direct knowledge of my situation, and its done out of an appearence of insanity. First it was something about Chicago as I told someone I hate Chicago in a conversation about travel. Then he walked by the next day, swung by really, and said "Charles Michael..blah blah blah...Charles Michael had you kicked out of Heaven" and when he said that last part he swung near me and then away from me.
The general concensus is that he is out of his mind. I then on reflex exclaimed "how come that guy says things that sound insane but always have some merit?" A white guy laughed, the blacks were silent. Then I asked "What were you, some kind of super psychic and the CIA destroyed your mind?"...The blacks were stone quiet, it got real quiet, and no one wanted to deal with that comment.
Just saying that out of reflex, just as a joke and the reaction I got seemed to bring my situation into some credible reality. It was a moment of validation, one I really did not want.
The blacks really tried to avoid that moment in time, and when black people are uncomfortable it's obvious - they also tend to have a strong link between them- like a collective reaction.

The reason the first story is of interst is that back in Boston there was an Asian lesbian who obviously knew my situation, who was trying to get into my pants. A Christian girl who was also in on it said something to make me realize that what was going on was real-"the gays that are in on it" and added to the effect of wanting to get me into a lesbian relationship- most likely ONLY due to her being against gays becuz she is Christian. Its amazing to me that so many people seem in on the destruction of a Target and ONLY when it serves them or some part of their belief system will they assist you. This same girl made a demotivating comment once saying "well, if you soul gets tired..." and then went on to talk about basically selling out to a program, the system and low income public housing due to the gang stalking finally wearing me out. And it was done on a power trip, her being condesending. So she only helped the target when the target was in danger of becoming something she disapproved of ...when she felt that the harassment campaign was going to put me in my place (hopefully bowing down to religion at that point) then she was all for it. *sssholes, all these people. Selfish jerks.

Then of the same basic crowd came an interesting was said by either the Christian girl or the Asian girl..or even Carla, a drunk who used to be a teacher who I know I recall from somewhere in my past but cant of this crowd from the Womens Lunch Place set..You know it was Carla now I recall.
Anyway..she said something about Satanists for God- this concept that certain people were acting out in 'evil' ways to be evil enough to serve God to some end or be part of something like that, going on now.
This concept is eerily similar to the one that the older homeless woman here in San Diego came up with a few days ago.

Dont be fooled by any of this. These people are either cult mind controlled and/or programmed into believing this. RARELY do programmed mind controlled slaves know that is thier condition until close to deprogramming. All I know is that this concept is totally clinicallly insane.
And it seems to deny people thier human and civil rights as well as religious freedom. (again).

This is one of the reasons that I refuse to do any volunteer work or anything in my prior plans to be of help to humanity. Becuz if it is not of the human Free Will then it is part of behavior modification and merely a lobotomy. If I was planning to put my energies to good use before this horror then it was not necessary to carry this out as such. Also there is something very diabolical about the 1) dishonesty involved and 2) the power trips, sometimes concerning the group or their part in it or it seems on a personal level.

There was mention once by this kid in ABQ NM that he did not believe that God would order someone to kill thier child. He was this sort who was molested as a small child and so one of his alters was obviously childlike and would innocently slip with information, as if part of him felt very scared and bad for me. (Often I have noticed, and this may be hard for some of you to read, but I have noted through life that even though people experiencing child abuse at a young age can be trying, as its like dealing with an angry 6 year old frequently, they are also very VERY astute at both protecting others who are more in the dark about their situation and they tend to be much wiser about predators and the way the world works than people taken advantage of at a later stage of childhood.)
It really clicked that he was perhaps talking about my own mother. This is not the first time there has been reference to my mother being in on this in some ritualistic way.
Yes the art teacher I used to model for knew alot about all this and yes he said my mother was ""sick" and my family's cruelty to me was "infamous". But those things are obvious.
This perp, an older guy with a younger fat girl both had dark hair and eyes- on a Greyhound bus going through TX a few years ago- this was the guy who I have posted about that mentioned "..and sometimes, mothers kill thier own babies" and he leaned into me when he said it.

There are people so desperate to keep someone like me from talking, from making waves, that they will either believe anything, convince themselves of anything or pretend to believe anything to destroy a victim witness, as well as dumb down my intelligence levels; which I am told was being done on purpose just for that reason.

So you see how dangerous these people are and indeed there is much evidence that they behave and think like cult members. Everything I have ever posted illustrates that gang stalking IS akin to cult brainwashing. So logically it would make sense if the gang stalkers were akin to cult members.

It is very important that you do whatever is necessary to not only preserve your true sense of SELF but that you always keep your Will Power intact, strong and active. Every target has thier own way of dealing with this and everyone has their own limits.
Perhaps there is a faction of deprogrammed persons or even a cult who disapproves of me NOT becoming a Christian to deal with my own deprogramming issues. Since I have been attacked from a direction of LaVey-esque Satanists to start with, then as my occult knowledge got posted in my blogs it has turned to a direction of attack seeming to come from Christians. I just dont trust anyone toting religion as a way out of this.
If these people truly believed in any particular religious outlook the gang stalking would not keep changing up the belief systems of whatever group is harassing me.

Its bullsh*t and its all about control, brainwashing, destruction of testimony and basically a lobotomy for the TI.
Especially becuz I am much more hateful of humanity NOW due to being abused over many years time compared to years what have they accomplished for thier 'God'?

What they are REALLY saying, what they TRULY desire is someone so damn tired by all this, so worn out and so hopeless that the person will fall back into a rocking chair like an 80 year old and just sit back and relax for the rest of the time thier body exists on this planet. Hopefully for them, the person will have gone through such turmoil that they will join Christ or some other belief system or at least be 'peaceful' just to heal or gain rest from a very hard time in life--they are hoping I assume FOR life.

It's specifially to wipe out all your personal and spiritual power, a reserve for a lifetime, so that you will be just as harmeless as a shock treatement patient or a person who came in close to the ice pick, wandering around the grounds of the asylum picking flowers and giving them to staff.
Its just the system trying to return you to a child like state and if they cant regress you or they find that regressing you releases certain DNA I suspect or something in you that will fight til the death, they need to do sometthing to get you under control again and this is the only way to do it.

Keep in mind what WAS yours, what IS yours and what SHOULD HAVE BEEN yours if your life was not altered by covert interference/influence. Do not allow this system to dictate your reality to you.
Stop and think very logically about all the crime that is involved all the sh*t THEY need to why, again, was it not ok to go according to your own Will?
If you buy into that YouTuber's comments in my last post-about an alternate timeline, then why does torture have to be involved and why the mindwipes and the harassment?

They actually tried to suggest, in Buffalo NY years ago, that I was in danger of becoming the next Hitler..they also have intimated that I am very similar to the Unibomber due to some way of thinking concerning math and some leaning towards mechanics or computers. The person who intimated that I was in danger of being the next Hiter was also very, very aware of the psychic human tampering and experimentation as well as some covert faction being basically pissed off that I could deny those false premonitions that I have posted about- its basically a control through suggestion system. Indeed it does show you your future but if it is something you suspect is being set up by the Will of the system to benefit THEM and take from YOU all you have to do is delete the preminition by putting forth your own Will and saying "That preminition will not come true". Dont toy with it too much, only what is fair..and its not FAIR for these assholes to dictate a life of poverty and terror to you just to benefit themselves. Screw them. Other preminitions from this system seem to help you along and you WILL know the difference.

WAKE UP..your dealing with a military that has a 'voice of God ' weapons system to make the enemy think God is telling them what to do. Look it up on WIRED or some other publication.

When man has that kind of power he tends to lose control and touch with reality. Also the people who seem to be in on that deep end of things are always the ones who turn out to have records of statatory rape and other under age sex crimes as well as being abusive towards any female who is vulnerable. More power tripping.

I will not have sexist scum of the earth treat me like a caged pedopet for life just becuz that is the way these people think. And it IS the way they think. I understand that men have more power than we do on this plane of physical existence and when in a female body one needs physical protection, but it does not make sense that it has to come at the price of such lunatics running our lives. And the arrogance is most unbearable. I will not have second rate mind gamers and lame story tellers dictating to me. For some reason the puffing out of chests is very bad in the area of NY and Boston. I wont rest until I bust that city down to its knees and get some humility from those arrogant old school Bostonians..and I will get it. Boston does what it wants and gets away with it and has now for centuries. And with each culture that moves there they seem only to add thier personal flavor of flaming assholedom to the mix. Not an improvement, but then, in Boston's view of itself, how can one improve on perfection?? Go f*ck yourselves.

(please see my next post for another theory on thier madness)

Worst YouTube comments ever by Dilegentwatcher/reader comments

One of the worst and stupidest comments on YouTube yet:
"Diligentwatcher9 (3 days ago) (Pending approval)
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Consider this hypothesis. Lawrence livermore while doing fusion research finds a way to see some aspects of the future, but not with precision. let's say you see an impending disaster of near biblical proportions, So it becomes vital to surveil people 24/7/365 to watch for the moment that they know will happen to calibrate said machine. So as to prevent disaster and then well meaning people try to foil this effort as "gangstalking" but the watchers know that they have to persevere, must prevail, that they are fighting the good fight. Maybe you should re-examine your quest, maybe you are the one who needs to be watched. How far would you go, how many people would you "gangstalk" to save 2.3 billion innocent people? "
First of all there is a literal army of psychics working in many areas for this purpose and similar. From helping police to protecting our country and others have thiers I am sure, down to the dirty tricks covert war people having thier own theta psychic killers for instance its alleged. We have all heard about psychics helping police so we can prove this exists. As far as them working higher up one can always go on those official lack of denials "the navy will not deny that their are psychics being used for" ..whatever. No one needs to watch me or anyone else for this purpose and if they did do so for this express purpose IT WOULD THEN BE MORE SLAVERY. You would be denying people thier civil and human rights for something that you dont even know is going to happen, and if you DID know then that would mean that you ALREADY HAVE THE PSYCHICS YOU NEED WORKING FOR YOU.
This is more utter b*llshit..lets look at this persons theory and actually entertain it for a moment even though its probably about wasting my time: IF this were indeed the case then I would rather not live in a world where every time ther was some impending disaster they tortured and monitored people to death and enslaved them becuz they believed they were psychic...a world where man has no Free Will and does not decide his own destiny is not a world worth saving...and by the way in your (stupid) scenerio, if targets were just being watched due to their abilities how do explain the torture and behavior modification, which has actually destroyed alot of targets abilities and talents?
Also if it were something this useful then why would they not just go to the target directly and enlist them?
This is either the worlds worst and unimaginative perp or this person needs to view my vid on mind control cults becuz HONEY, SOMEONE IS LYING TO YOU AND HANDING YOU A STORY.
Worst theory ever ...just imagine comic book buy saying that from Simpsons- "WERST theery e-verrrr". Most insane and sloppy execution of set up also. F- at best. He may be diligent and watching but that sounds like all he can do...stop trying to take action- your really bad at it.
OOPS found another comment by d*ckhead....I mean DilligentWatcher: More paranoia from the true paranoid mind control cult perps:
"New Comment (Pending Approval)
Why have you been targetted? do you deserve it? is making a video going to make it better or worse? I'll let you in on a little secret. Most "perps" or "watchers" are volunteers, no pay required. It's because there are bad people out there that need watching, 24/7/365. If you had a machine that showed you that someone was going to do something horrible in the future, even unintentionally, wouldn't you try to save innocents? wouldn't you volunteer to watch? examine your own life to see why. "

Yeah programmed or brainwashed volunteers. Oh and I assume all the cops covering for payoff taking cops are also 'volunteers'. Me making a video is none of your damn business Diliwacker..I mean Diligentwatcher. 'Bad' people? WTF? If having Eddie Cox aka Eddie Hand sit next to me on a bus and try to access my programming then yes there are bad people as you put it in your babyspeak. You have been brainwashed to actually believe this sh*t havent you? And I have seen alot of these perps and they are scared to death of people in thier cult and many have been braindamaged or seem mentally deficient in some way. Your campaign sucks Diliwacker...get a day job and read up on psyops , human experimentation, programming and if no one believes that , believe FIRMLY in victim witness tampering.

Update: two funny responses from readers:
"Also to the YouTube commenter: apparently this system isn't about "watchers". It's comprised of a large number of people playing scripted "roles". It's called "street theatre". You may want to brush up on your gangstalking manual before you pretend to know something about something you apparently know nothing about.
On the troll-o-meter, our YouTube trolls scores a 3 on a scale of 10.
Knowledge of subject: 1/10
Originality: 1/10
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Average: (1+1+7)/3 = 9/3 = 3.
Your score is 3/10, troll.
Try again next time. And don't let the watchers catch you beating off to illegal surveillance footage of innocent targets, because they watch for that now.
1/23/10 3:57 PM"


"Obvious perp. The only "watchers" I see know stuf... Obvious perp. The only "watchers" I see know stuff about TI's they shouldn't know, stuff that is innocent and proves a lot of cases the TI would not harm a human being. The "watchers", on the other hand, have clear malicious intent, are often on a power trip, and have clearly scripted "harassment roles" they are ordered to give out. Most harassment paints me in a negative and completely ridiculous light, so therefore, it cannot be to save innocent lives. Also, it's been shown that "volunteers" receive some benefits from carrying out their duties:

1.) Not being targeted if they go along
2.) Payments in the form of money, cars, etc.
3.) Intimate knowledge of what the target is doing, mainly harmless stuff that perps like the YouTube commentor probably get off on (because they can't find any women. If they can, they probably forced themselves on the women and use the gangstalking to cover this crime).

I'd say mainly #1 and #3. I see ridiculous youtube comments all the time. The only thing I have to say to perps is, the world doesn't revolve around them, and they are not God, though they seem to think they are. I am not here to pander to shallow cretins on a power trip or to allow criminals with something to hide to take over the world. That will not happen. If anything "happened in the future", the perps lost and all went to prison, where they belong. "
3:40 PM


Thursday, January 21, 2010

gang stalking san diego/ red t's back in (lame) use again

So San Diego is turning out sh*tty. The homeless population is large without enough services. This means is takes forever to get anything done and I am always going to be a Yankee in a hurrry all the time, driven. The staff at these places is certainly helpful and nice enough to the homeless. Problem is they keep you busy with being homeless go here go there and I have a book to write.

The homeless are pleasant and laid back enough but one thing strikes me about San Diego. Its not a place heavy in the arts like one can sense in L.A. and also, not to be cruel but....everyone seems a little, uh...stupid. Like intellectual achievement and speed of thought and exchange is not an important part of daily life. I cant f*cking stand it. I will lose my mind in a place like this. I feel totally cut off from..the things that make me feel secure. Like a college town or a town with a large art community and that influences the entire population. Something about the southwestern landscape and weather makes me feel secure even if the town and its people suck. I still love ABQ NM and dont even understand why. There are no shelters there to speak of except the creepy one that has that cult Christian program but at least there is one there.
And I get targeted in NM alot. Not as bad as Tucson or Phoenix but it does occur and the ideation part of it can be pure torture. Still NM is cool and I wish it wud warm up there. So I havent mastered winter yet as a houseless person in the US.

Well, here in San Diego it was fine yesterday when I hit town. As of today there seems to be a major amount of people wearing red tshirts or bright red pieces in each group passing by me. The only reason I feel this could be gang stalking related is becuz I have been dealing with this and researching for years. One of the things a TI notices is how quickly gang stalking begins on them as a target in different locations. Not only is this proof of thier sanity (if only for themselves and others who are targeted with psychological warfare campaigns who have been through similar activities so can relate) but it also illustrates how this is systematic and not random. In a big city like San Diego at this stage of my campaign going on for so long it doesnt surprise me that the nonsense has started only one day after my arrival. I have posted here that I am in So Cal and also I have signed my name to documents in shelters and am in computer systems with my ss #. If that were not enough to alert the system there is always the good old fashoined spying network that it at times seems like never lets a TI out of thier sight from one place to the next and traveling in between. It wouldnt be hard as I have seen traveling during the last years of the Bush admin and the war where this activity was much heavier and overt.

Also its kind of obvious when yesterday I entered town and there was no such presence as today in the same areas with bright red t shirts or pieces of clothing. For the significance of this, try to look up my older posts where I note specifically that the people overtly harassing me were wearing red t's and if you look up crime gangs on the FBI website you will see that gangs have taken to wearing t-shirts of either white or other colors to signify a group or gang instead of the more obvious bandanas that the public became familiar with in the 90's. The white t is also of use so that after commiting a crime the perps can
-change their t shirt to one of another color
-be identified as only wearing a white t shirt and then all the gang looks the same making id of an individual perp of violent crime difficult. Also if someone sees that gangs are doing this there is the IMMEDIATE presence of intimated intimidation via the collective wearing of white t's.

I also know I am not wrong about this becuz the gang stalking in St L a few years ago from kids in red t shirts was really overt and they would follow behind me (stalking) and say things like "she walks around every day like it aint nothin." I have posted that not only is this due to the ability to disacossiate to an alter that can stand trauma and act as if nothing is happening, its also due to the advice of my president at that time: I was advised to not let terror run my life and to go about my business as normally as possible, so that is what I did. Its not my fault that this is possibly an abuse of power by some faction of those very same authorities and I used thier info against them.

Also I did a very interesting 'test' of my theory which I had posted here. I got a red t shirt and put it on and sat by the road side and wrote in my notebook, for something to occupy myself. I watched the reactions of the cars going by. They were very different from from what they were just a short time before as people terrorized me with tactics. A number of passersby now seemed either confused or very scared of the T shirt. Its almost like the t shirt itself was worse that a cop sitting there waiting to catch them speeding. They acted as if me watching them pass on the roadside was frightening due to me perhaps looking for one of them or monitoring.

THIS SHOWS ME THAT A NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN OUR POPULATION ARE AWARE OF THIS GROUP OR GANG. ITS EITHER A GANG THAT RUNS NEIGHBORHOODS OR HAS POWER, SUCH AS I SUSPECT IS BEHIND THE SCHOOL FOR HANDICAPPED BLACK CHILDREN IN KENMORE SQUARE...the one where its run by all blacks and their clients are black. Its definelty an African American venture but I dont think its legit. Recall the black guy that works at the hostel in Boston where so much harassment occured by a few groups each time. The conversation I had with him, which I also posted some time ago, consisted of the stupid rich white kids working under him talking about rap music and me saying that alot of rappers have gang affiliation or that crime is what drives the industry. Being familiar with the various mobs of all ethnic backrounds ALWAYS having a hand in such businesses connected to entertainment its naive to think that just becuz Tupac and Biggie are gone and the head man is in jail and anti gang now that the black crime gangs are gone. They are doing just what every other gang has done in this country. They spill some blood, make their presence known by muscle, then find some way to go legit and thus quiet in the public's mind. Its niave to think or try to claim that such is not the way our world works, but that is African Americans for you. They at once lack subtlety in thier crimes and are like children when trying to play deception. Blacks have a very high emotional energy register when scanned, it makes them very emotionally and spiritually powerful for positive or negative ends but it also makes everything they say and even think loud as hell. Blacks do indeed hypnotize more than they can go quiet in thier deceptions and hide. They tend to put power forth into the environement not withhold it. I guess for me 'reading' people, its just laughable when they try to lie in general but lie about something most Italian Americans are fully aware of the workings of- mob and gangs.

My point is that I believe that the red tshirts are more than just wannabe Cryps as has been suggested to me by a man in St Louis MO. It might be gang activity and they are contracted out, it may be military gangs as that is infiltrated by eveyone from white power to black gangs to Christians to Satantists. They might be working for an intgelligence agency and not know who thier employer really is or they may be in full knowledge playing it off like their are gang related as part of deflection and deception.
I also suspect that it is very connected to getting Obama into office, but that is such a long shot and its very vague as to how that works.
Hey, I always said that blacks would have thier leveling off just like other immigrants such as the Irish, Italians and others who had to be a bit overt in their criminal activities before becoming established.
But blacks are interesting in that they seem to have an already established covert force, from back in the slave days, to the underground railroad to civil rights. This should be looked at very carefully as it provides them with a history of their own of covert warfare.

Anyway what is most disturbing is when I see a fat black/Latino woman walking with a frail old lily white lady with blue eyes. They are both wearing red, one a bright red T and the other an mid length coat. The old white woman is the one who looks at me, turns to the younger dark girl and says "is that her?" and the darker female actually looks uncomfortable talking about this or drawing attention to me. The white lady looks right at me and continues to rub it in and smile and look right into my eyes from a far distance as they have already passed. They are definetley play games and the amount of people doing bright red passing by me as well as giving stupid smiles is enough to tell me the jerk brigade has either hit town or been called to duty.

That one interaction was enough to tip me off. And I was walking with someone the whole time, it probably made it easier.

As for people I have met in the homeless population its been one cool younger female, and of course the skinny weakling guy and the older past domestic abuser guy have both decided to latch onto me which is usually what I attract. Its no secret that my life sucks and I have always attracted losers and abusers...its just they were a hell of alot more fun before or had powerful connections. This just sucks.

Once I realized that my computer was screwing up I left this guy I was walking with. Hes the typical older guy who is interesting to talk to and now is trying to 'help' with everything and latch on. If my writing is at stake or anything having to do with my work is going on you can bet anyone in my way gets dropped immediately I dont care who it is. MY WRITING COMES FIRST. Even before me eating drinking or sleeping or having the basic needs in life. It shows that people here are ignorant and not artistic if they cant deal with what seems a flighty personality.

I dont think I will last very long here and there are SO many homeless that the perps will most likely start acting out within the community or someone will harass me and piss me off, and it seems being a hot headed female here is unpopular. I have seen only a few really mentally ill women act up and thats about it.

This is also a city where you get the feeling that being homeless you are really disregarded by the rest of the city. Its not like Boston, where you are living in a crappy night by night shelter and going to school or writing a book. I think people here think that only someone in a program is doing that.

Its not very Bohemian at all. I will prob hit the highway with my little sign to someplace else soon its just a matter of time.

I think in general being houseless in the US sucks for anyone with a brain, except maybe down south where I discovered they are tolerant of travelers as long as you dont register as a homebum. I have to say the south and even south west are much cooler places to be houseless.

tried to go to TX now in So Cal..shud have stayed en route 2 TX

was en route to south TX 2 weeks ago. Cold front down there. Was discouraged from going. Went to So Cal instead. Now raining and windy here...TX is now 70 degrees and sunny.

Its strange that in trucks i ride in i am often targeted with remote influence after being in truck for 1 day and nite. Usually wake up with some brainwashing going on...not so always in buildings. Perhaps trucks have satelite radio or a satelite tracking/message system. what if they dont? Then how is this explained? What could be in a tractor that could cause this. This is what I wrote to be posted yesterday as more Jesus content and urges to go Christian were present as I awoke in a truck yesterday morn..the suggestion/ideation went away the mpment I left said vehicle and went to truck stop to shower:
"satanism and teror is being used to comvert people to christianity for perhaps the purpose of social control.
now the gang stalking campaigns are being used to go against religious freedom. yert another part of the constitution disregarded by the system
hermetics is very discouraged as is any belief system where the person has any will of thier own. DO NOT BE FOOLED THIS IS ABOUT MIND CONTROL NOT TRUE SPIRITUALITY.
I find it humorous that my opressors religious affiliation changes with my leanings.first the system came after me with alot of connection to LaVey and the satanic bilble, they really tried to scare me or mind fuck me. Then when the perps discovered I had a dual system and now it can be described as dual boot programming now I note its Jesus conversion constantly.
This tells me that its all about destroying what is inside the TI naturally that makes them who they are or the true self. I bet you if I was a Christian or Jesus freak, an army of supposed satanists would start messing with me and my dreams or remote influence would contain satanic content.
Its s obviously bullsh*t. The fact that I had some occult backround (which the perps did not seem to know until I aced the games and posted why I could do so) made me disregard La Veys work as partial plagerism and the contrived works of a self hating Jew. There are other satanic factions that have written that he made satanism into something they did not like or agree with. I really dont know much about it other than skimming the surface and whatever might be natural knowledge.
Its interesting how my belief system influences the perps so much. I recall in AZ one of the idiots on a bus asked two questiions: "Do you believe in God?" and "What do you think of George Bush" during his presidency. First of all go f*ck yourselves. I gave logical and adult answers to thier childish cult bullshit.I have heard from many people "what do you think of George Bush". I also find it interesting that "GOD" is asked about in the same coversation as "george Bush" Gee is someone trying to associate themselves throgh mind games to be "god"? Like I said go f*ck know who you are and if you dont then screw the cronies who peddle your bullshit. That guy from that shelter in El Paso asked me what I think of George Bush and I recall his mothert said in spanish that my mothetr was too resttrictive. He was also tryintg to get govt money finally for his Mexican woman and child clearing house
I almost could swear I heard in spanish that the president personally gave some order for my harassment or something related to it. Why not? GB senior head of CIA when I was a little kid. This whole thing is a joke by the way.And NO ONE behavior modifies me to thier liking. Its not gonna happen. You can keep playing tag games that move as I move, change as I change always on my ass. Freedom will come. I never relinquished it and the day I do youll have a dead body on your hands."

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a note on..or TO Tiger Woods/ pity from onlookers

I have taken note for some time of the tabloids attacking celebrities and their stalking behavior. There are a few examples that are chilling and for those of us who now understand what "targeted" means or the nature of psychological warfare, we can plainly see that the few examples of creepy behavior by the paprazzi has more it than just the glimpses into thier sickness that makes the whole country a sick ass place to live.

I now see that thiers is a large part of the brainwashing of our country..of keeping people desensitized and addicted to voyeurism. Hmm gee, I wonder just who would have an interest in altering or even creating the psychology of our nation. There is a list to chose from and I am not going to print it. Figure it out for yourself.

Social control. Thats it.

If you watch the movie Kurt and Courtney by Nick Bloomfield you will see a plethora of creepy people involved in this film. Which of course makes it great as well as what little of the story fragments we get along. Nick B's films often dig into the seedy
realities that make the lives we see on the surface possible. This I appreciate him doing.
In the film we are introduced to two guys one wearing a mask to avoid being identified. I believe thier job is to get the paparazzi into places that they are not supposed to go. Maybe it goes deeper than just the media taking pics and these guys dont know you thier real employer is or perhaps they are just what they seem which is a creepy but necessary part of this really creepy end of ..ahem "journalism". Look at it like the intel or dirty tricks guys for the tabloids.

Another creepy clip was one I saw of an older guy in the ranks of paprazzi who claimed they all liked Heather Locklear because she plays the game like she is supposed to and gives them the pics and coverage they want. It was more than that. The footage I saw and heard of him basically acting like a stalker while photographing her was just that. Creepy stalking. He was talking to her while taking pics, but like to himself. It was almost pornographic. He was saying things like 'thata girl' and 'good girl' basically this fantasy of controlling her with the camera. The fact that the core seems to like her because she gives them what they want is really arrogant.

This is very similar to gang stalking. The attitude is that "WE have the POWER to make or break people" and its all about the GROUP and its ultimate importance over individuals and thier rights.
I once heard a judge talking about how allowing the paparazzi core to act out in sucja manner had created a "lawless society" and he denouced it saying hopefully one day laws will be made.
This shows a break in the POWER of this group.

See the trick of all group brainwash and terrorism is to make the cult seem all powerful and much peer pressure is used. Then one becomes convinced of thier omnipetance. Then seems that going up against them is not worth it and you become almost with a feeling of being surrounded by this element. THAT is its only power. Illusion. I believe a judge, a thinking person trained in the sciences, is someone who's opinion also matters perhaps moreso. If they broadcast people from the legal and criminal sciences and even psychology having a very opposing point of view as constantly as they broadcast TMZ abusing people and validating themselves the whole time our reality would be very different.
You have to break through all kinds of mind control a.k.a brainwashing daily in order to be free in any society. But its harder if one lives in a society claiming one is free upon waking every morn after birth and until death.

There is nothing wrong with America today. Its just that our quality of life for varying reasons is being taken from us, and like every ancestor in our DNA through times past before us, we must fight to be free and to keep or take back what we consider ours or to gain something we want.Targeted individuals now after Bush, now people having to live with what they have done, see alot of hanging heads, eyes too ashamed at what society has done to us to look up at us as WE look ahead with pride, ferocity and dignity or further persecution via hateful, arrogant or wise ass looks. Society now deals with us with pity, shame or hate. If we felt as bad for ourselves as a certain portion of society does we would be dead by now. F*ck them and dont even give thier pity any consideration, unless you can use it for something that you need to survive.
Its not that sympathy is not appreciated but pity and shame are components of a defeatist attitude and TI's cant afford such a thing to exist in our worlds.
You can always tell the difference between peoples by wether they eminate shame/pity or hate/arrogance. For so long we have dealt with hate and arrogance from the perps during the height of the Bush adnim that we may be able to deal better with this than people feeling bad. I have posted about how not only is pity and shame counter productive but such emotional displays may be manipulation by a perp to get the TI to feel worse about thier situation. LET THEM BE WEAK AND SHEEPISH. YOU the TI cannot afford such lapses in strength.
If people act as if your actions are wrong then they either believe the propaganda that all TIs are mentally ill or they are ignorant of the circumstances. The last possibility is that they are hiding something, they are keeping with the campaign to destroy a target and to mess up morale they act as if your actions are wrong or you are somehow socially unacceptable. Other covert wars have been fought elsewhere around the world and are still being fought...what people dont know can hurt YOU. They are most likely not in tune with the harsh reality that weapons and tech is documented to exist or that we can assume so through logic and deduction or that these methods of psychological warfare have been around for decades and documented to be used readily in many different countries. They are normal citizens with little part in what targets are fighting against. I hate to say this but they have to be ignored. I have posted before about how dangerous ignorant non gamers can be. This is the segment marked as not aware of gang stalking and not in on it either. They may honestly believe cover stories and that makes them dangerou but often useful.
If its people who are aware of organized harassment destroying your life...well the old attage comes into play : 'either lead, follow or get out of the way.' If they are feeling weak concerning your situation they wouldnt likely survive their own so just disregard them and thier reactions. Unless of course they can be useful.
The other two factions are going to be people who are aware of your situation or in on it who like what they see and get off on this or benefit from it somehow. You know what to do with them I hope by now.

There is something going on in the US and has for a time been so that it seems very popular to destroy our most beautiful best and brightest. I dont understand what is happening or why but its most likely connected to the need to shift mass psychology in the interest of what has been coined the 'NWO'. Globalization perhaps. Whatever the motive, Tiger Woods was bound to be on the hit list sooner or later.
First of all he's of African and Asian descent and alot of people dont like that..whites but also people of his own DNA. Some people just dont like 'mixed' people or anyone non white gaining that kind of noteriety for perfection. Being a bit of an elitist I would love to become emperor of the whole world and make it law that anyone with superior qualities be put in a beneficial position regardless of race, gender, backround, class or connections. That would be my perfect world order. Only nature's best not fabricated. Then, based on true quality, people like paparazzi wouldnt be able to make or break jack sh*t. The pure power of quality would be what is paid attention to, not magazines that work off Warhola's Cambell soup can philosofy of replication like media virus. It was cool done by him becuz only he could do it artfuly and only he could transit subltely to other artists and the like the joke that went along with the whole thing he was pulling off.

I was just in a food store and looked at the tabloids as I walked by. I dont buy them or read them. On the cover was this awful pic of Tiger Woods, with a look on his face I have seen too many times on my own face and of other Targeted people.
He looks so incredibly sad and the systems bullsh*t is really getting into his head. Its a downright crime for someone that nice of a face (I am artist I cant help it. His symetry is wonderful) and with a record of that much talent to have a sad look like that in his eyes. Why doesnt society go after other powerful or public people? There is a hell of alot worse going on with some other people I can tell you. I am sorry but I was raised old fashoined which is probably why I refuse to get married ever. If one does get married one should conduct herself with class and sit the reporters down to tea then excuse them from the house and stay married and IGNORE WHAT EVERYONE ELSE THINKS. What would have happened if Jackie O didnt keep it together during all the drama? Maybe its a New Enlgand thing but he wouldnt look so sad if his wife were standing by him firmly and treating the press like they deserve to be desperate peasants outside the castle causing trouble becuz they cant live inside the castle.

Dont people see that most of these people are doing what they are doing is to take the power away from the real talent? Have you watched an episode of TMZ? Who the f*ck do these little twerps think they are? Its outrageous. You can tell by the moves they make like who they pick on its all based on how bad they would get their asses kicked or chewed out by the real power players...if they went after someone who was really connected they would be through immediately. They are cowards its obvious. You can tell they go after people who are either expendable, already targeted by the gang stalking system for various reasons or people who just dont have the connections to protect them.
You can also see its about social control of talent. Its exactly like gang stalking for famous people. Its all about intrusion of privacy, shaming, surprise attack all as psychological warfare. It would be VERY interesting to get really deep and find out what the true motives are for each celeb that is harassed in what seems a hate campaign that doesnt make much sense to focus on them opposed to someone else. VERY interesting.

Tiger should collect his wealth and take his wife, if she can act like she knows her place for 5 minutes and get out of this hell hole of bs and go to some other country where they appreciate talent and money and mind thier own business. A woman who leaves her husband at a time like this is to me a person giving in to the group, the mob. And who the f*ck does the mob think they are? If you let these morons invade your private life you are as stupid as they are.

Its sad to see this whole thing go down as they both look like lovely people and a cute couple. And since when has a gentlemen's philadering been anyone's business but his own or he and his wife? Lately it seems like THE MOB is the ultimate in policing, judging, sentencing and execution or imprisonment, in morality as well as social control. This is ALL utter bullsh*t and people should NOT give in to this kind of terrorism.
Every piece of this campaign from the lowest of us to the most high on the list, that allows them power via validation is letting the system ruin the country and our whole culture.

It looked like he was at the phase of really feeling sorrowful about what they are targeting him with and he looks on the verge of that horrible depression that if the harassment doesnt stop as for some of us, you never get out of that depression and it actually, along with stress and fear, does damage to the brain. This is why TI's feel that thier 'souls' have been affected. Its most likely damage to the brain. I was offered antidepressants by a nurse in on it..she actually suggested this for the harassment campaign. I WILL NOT take medication due to a cause and affect process from an organic source. One that should not exist to begin with. It was one of the most severe moments of arrogance and absurdity in my gang stalking history. Besides, its shown itself to be one of the ways of getting programmed people being harassed to snap and either go postal or suicide. Sorry not this one idiots.

He really needs to take action NOW to get away from the source so there is less damage. He also needs to do something so that he heals now not later.

And for those of you who think he deserves this becuz of his extra curricular activity...mind your own business for once. NO ONE deserves harassment or psych warfare as a punishment for moral reasons. This is all about destroying America and its best and brightest. People have to change on thier own not becuz the damn mob wants them to. I dont know what his wife's experience was but perhaps they had an understanding. Whatever the case the way its being handled is NOT what should be acceptable. America has zero dignity at this point and no class whatsoever. It compensates for this with being nasty, throwing its weight around domestically and abroad and ensuring that any idiot who can buy a house, a car has a woman push out some pups and has a truck and a boat has now reached the level of genuis and full social acceptablility...espcecially if he is popular, has lots of 'friends' and is liked by the neighbors. The guy who does 'what you are supposed to do' and fits in IS the new star of our culture. HE is the best and HE matters most.

And I notice something about that. Everyone liked Tiger Woods..until they found out what was behind the front. America doesnt like high quality or true talent or intelligence (if that were true you wouldnt be using child labor like hypocrites due to it being illegal here and legal over in China and the like).

Lets here it America, for whoever provides you with THE BEST FRONT. The best smoke and mirrors show. Lets here is for whoever pretends to be socially acceptable even if their life is a mess inside.

For those of you who dont fear true quality or have a brain that uses more than a mere 15%, its the beauty of what Tiger Woods accomplished that is what should be paid attention to and its understanding the pressures and temptations of fame or money as well as just the natuer of men and sex that is a story to behold, not the morally justified breaking of a talented person just so the jerk offs in the mob can feel like maybe now they are as good as..

You will NEVER play golf like Tiger Woods you peasants. Most of you will NEVER look as good as I did and even homeless I look better than most of you bitches or the fat hags you carry your sorry asses home to at night. You will NEVER be as smart, talented, gifted or good as or strong as the people you cut down- having to do so in large numbers against one or two people.
Especially spiritually- obvious by the actions you take against others to destroy them.

Look in the mirror perp. Without your backup- you aint sh*t.

I hope that every person who has been stalked and harassed heals and gets revenge, especially those who have to deal with thier noteriety being used as a tool against them.