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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Movie review: 'The Lovely Bones' 'LAW ABIDING CITIZEN' instead

One of the benefits of being a vagrant is that street sellers of pirated movies are family: street people, hahahaha screw Hollywood. I got to see this in the back of a vehicle before it comes out Jan 15 2010 (a for your consideration print, the ones they put up for an award- the thing hasnt even come out yet and they already have an award print set up. All business those bastards, eh?)
Two things wrong with this movie
-Steven Spielburg
-Mark Walberhg (Gee those few special Boston actors get alot of work in very interesting movies the last few years.)

Another load of steaming sh*t with plenty of sap to drown in. Listen to lots of brutal black metal or other to keep it real so you dont get sucked into crying or feeling any emotion during this manipulative piece of crap.

And be prepared to be stirred by the little girl's murder as well as many other moments demonstrating the killer's prowess---AND BE PREPARED TO BE CHEATED OUT OF GETTING RELEASE FROM THOSE EMOTIONS CREATED BY THIS FILM AS YOU WILL BE STUCK WITH THEM....when the killer gets a relatively peaceful and easy death. As well as the little girl's remains never get discovered and none of the other victims get discovered or connected to this killer. He never gets jailed he never gets exposed. And this is what the audience is waiting never comes as well as the movie goes to an end way too soon after his unsatisfactory death.

I guess we are all supposed to accept the Hallmark card ending that evey little girl who is his victim is free upon his death and goes to heaven. Obviously this movie was not written by a woman. More Christianity pandered by Hollywood--who are notoriously NOT why should anyone listen? This movie has about as much weight in being Christian as all those Christmas carols most Catholics hate becuz they are cheesy due to the fact they were written by a Russian Jew trying to fit into his new homeland..didnt know that your sense of taste was right on the money did you? This society and especially Catholicism/Christianity teaches us to not trust our own instincts and intuitions.

I know what I see. I see Hollywood which outside of any popular religious affiliation has one true mindset, power and greed. Not very Judeo Christian at all really. Machines like this one with its longevity are not driven by happy shiny people moving in slow motion towards the sunny depths of heaven in a dream sequence. It is driven by forces far to earthbound to ever be so spiritual.

Look closely at what you think you see as Marky Mark looks into the window at the candle lit atop his ship in a bottle, a candle lit for the death of his daughter. Trust your instincts and dont be afraid to look into his see for what it is and to accept the feeling you get when you see Wahlbergs reflection and his dark eyes beside a lit candle.
Its OK dont be scared - its just reality. Not the movie he is in they want you to believe.

This little girl is too good for her own good, and thank goodness most little girls are in real life the seeds of women and harbor something much more than angelic self sacrificing spirits. Most little girls harbor the power that only men have in this movie. Dont let the dream machines seperate you from your female serpent within. Its yours and these fantasies of angelic women are mens only hope of corraling us off. Why cant it be a little boy who is so self sacrificing?

I loved the scene where her little sister, a cute blonde with a turned up nose and an ever present little rich girl look, kisses her first love she ends up with, a brunette boy who looks something of a lesser class(like he grows up to be a cab driver or something) the dead girl looks on to a moment of happiness that she will never have (roll eyes).

This movie forces you to live through every bad moment and a body count of the killers victims akin to models showing off each outfit down a cat walk for new season, and then leaves us feeling floaty as we get lifted into heaven (brainwashed by trauma) along with the other victims.

This is akin to a ritual and all I can say is dont let it happen to you- dont let em do it to ya. Dont get charged up with emotion and let that energy be stolen from you. Dont live the movie as instructed.

Death is much more serious than this and its also much more personal I assume. Its also more likely that the little girl would have haunted the sh*t out of her killer opposed to being an Alice in Wonderland character in 'the inbetween world'.

TIs stay away from this movie until you are very good at grounding yourself and have returned a sense of who you are and have everything in perspective.

Here is the second movie I watched which is much more satisfying especially the first scene: LAW ABIDING CITIZEN: Break out the popcorn and have a nice night.

Also repeat to yourself before you go to sleep " I am very much alive I am very much a threat to my enemies and I am out for vengence to no end until the very last breath I exhale on this plane. I will never ever give in and I will sustain my efforts to right what was wronged and restore the balance. My life was stolen from me and I will not erase any debts to that end. Restitution is MINE. I EXIST I EXIST I EXIST. And I WILL get revenge. I am no longer affected by brainwashing tactics as I am no longer a child like most people in society and I see the magic tricks so they no longer affect me. My claims to damages are always valid."

And keep repeating "its only a movie" and f*ckin ignore anything akin to this bs, which is like taking an overdose of anti depressants. Reality may be ugly but in the game of psych warfare it is the most valuable thing you have.

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