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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

part of behavior mod is messing with racial issues

By the way why is everything I say about blacks that is positive always followed by a sense of relief or reward where as when i get aggravated (with good reason) there is the opposite effect.

Listen you cant torture people using a largly black population and then demand the person love their asses,its dishonest and I wont let it happen.

This system of modification has tried for years to turn me into a Nazi and a racist and based on the crowded culture I come from in the northeast as well as wrongs done to me growing up its like they are working on old wounds to make them worse....where as I was the type to try for self improvement.

Here is what the sysetm is doing: If a person tries to truly heal themselves then that would lead to true understanding of ones fellow man. That is not a controlled person by the state WHICH IS WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT AT ITS CORE.

It is much safer much more practical to work on those old wounds and turn the person totally bitter and hateful, as they are working out of fear and hurt as a reaction of what is done to them.

THen not only can you make them appear to society to be in NEED of modification and a bad person thus validating the systems actions, you now have them controlled via fear and desperation.
Then you work on them and make them feel guilty for thier own feelings borne out of self defense and self preservation. YOu can then behavior modify or break them down into not being racist or hateful or of a certain opinion as to make them civilized, politically correct or fit into societies modern belief system.

THUS YOU AS THE STATE NOW HAVE CONTROL OVER THIS PERSONS HEART AND MIND. And you accomplished this by turning a victim into a perpetrator and then punishing that perpetrator.

I am too smart for this and see once again the system is full of shit. This is why this system is often refered to as an outisde the system corrections program- covert prison, becuz it does what society does to people overtly with the prison system.

I am fortunate due to programming I will ALWAYS have an observer alter which is detached from any and all activity of engaged alters- even death. ( Years ago I was up against a wall once with someones hand around my throat crushing my throat and I was at passin out stage and all the alter could do was observe my own death and take note of the reactions and what was transpiring.)

You also have to remember that the human beings that inhabit law enforment and the criminal justice system are not about being just, they are about ORDER AT ANY COST and protecting any assets of society- rich, powerful people and institutions. Thier attitude, and I have seen this and can readily see throught this, is to get people in line using the criminal justice system and if that means innocent people suffer then they will ensure that those people are not innocent by covert means so that everyhintg they do looks legit.

Its like in I, Claudius when it was considered bad luck for Rome to murder a little girl (the daughter of a man whos family was ordererd slain most likely to avoid future vendetta- its an Italian thing) due to her being a the soldiers were ordered to make sure she wasnt one when she was killed. This is the traditional mentality of soldiers I believe and I think thier minds are so set to certain ways of thinking that they have to do whatever it takes to get thier jobs done and being human they have to use whatever excuse or means of validation they can find.

I will not be made into a rampant racist and then reformed so the system can clap its little hands and pat itself on the back. I still now and always will, stand for truth. Its simple and is simply just fact.

I know my own feelings and emotions not the f*cking system. I know I had wounds from being mistreated in life and made efforts to repair my system or in more human terms 'heal'. The gang stalking system has sought for multi purposes to morph me over time into a bitter and racist person, through severe over work and extreme stress so that I must call certain factions enemy as a whole out of self preservation.
Totally unacceptable and I hold standards higher than that for myself. Plus its extra fun fun fun to call bullshit on our political correctness system, which wud and prob is being used against people like me in our situations, whilst allowing organized stalking and harassment.

Fuck you and your social control and your pathetic tactics at turning independent minded and/or gentle people into your mindlessly obedient robots.


  1. Hello Rachael,

    Not that you or anyone else does it on purpose but, I think that when organized stalking (gang stalking) TIs use the popular language around multiple personality disorder (now called D.I.D.), they inadvertently empower their perpetrators. For example saying that I have an "alternate" implies the total control that the theory behind that term implies. This is just my opinion, but here is an approach which I think high level perps know and use, that is characterized by language and behavior change technology that can really empower the TI. Let me know what you think.

    The approach is called applied behavior analysis (ABA). Many think it’s just for working with autism but it goes far beyond that as you will see in this article for example:

    Let me know what you think,

    - Justin TI, Ottawa, Canada.

  2. They've done that to me. I'm finding that I somehow have this aversion to blacks and even Italians and Hispanics, whereas before I've always felt comfortable talking to them. I even had some white racists neo-Nazi types stalking and harassing me, ranting about how they hate blacks. Some of them would say I was a N***** and use that as justification for their harassment. Actually I'm very clearly not black, but hey, who can argue with gangstalkers and their brilliance?