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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sly Stone Famous Entertainer Wins Lawsuit After Living As Likely Targeted Individual

He was dealing with mafia connections and Jewish surnames in the music business (organized crime is whats behind the music industry) after those men stole MILLIONS from him and they are calling him PARANOID??

Journalists write things this way to protect themselves but they often do write articles and pieces connected to organized harassment as a way of trying ro do their jobs but minimizing risk to themselves and the journalism itself.
They cant exactly help people if they are targeted themselves.

This system makes one feel so small and marginalized that I forget that it comes for people of all kinds. Famous, wealthy, police, businessmen, royalty, politicians.

This situation shows there is hope and it also reminds us that greedy corrupt a-holes dont care as long as they get away with their crimes.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Disillusioned With How Many Christians Involved In GS And Torment

What is with the church people around here in Cambridge and the Catholics in Providence?

Ive met Christians down south who seem genuine who want to find out more about me but werent doing crazy harassment. They claimed alot of the types of people believing in these types of religions weren't genuine.

So they dont scare me. They are playing more to the agenda that protects mass and individual mind control for profit.

As ive stated before its not rhe overt Satanic types you have to worry about. Black pieces on chess boards can be played becuz theyve identified themselves. Besides I admire the honesty and that includes them utilizing deception on people who still fall for it even after they themselves have been forthcoming about their true natures.

Things are more complicated than black and white. The Satanism I worry about is whats being used as basically cult mind control in entertainment specifically rap music and related to gang activity. Of course. The modern mindset is that you have to be part of a group- military. Gang. Illuminati. Community. Corporation. Masons. Etc.

Its Satanism marketed for the purppse of cult mind control. In itself its agenda is Satanic I suppose...but theres something off about our world generally nowadays.

Why would this system send people posing as Satanists after me saying things like "Where's your god now?" back in early 2000s and then after all this time have people who are Christians come after me or join in with overt gesturing?

Ive been confused before when in some churches (connected to shelters or to get food) there was a sermon with some references to make me uncomfortable. And a weird kid referring to someone having alot to atone for.

The fact as of last year I am totally surrounded by perps and treated like a leper wherever I go in the United States and this all started becuz Im a second generation MK Ultra experimentee who refused to be intimidated shows that theres as much effort as possible to daily try and divert me and the public away from what this is really supposed to be about.

Alot of the cultish Satanic or  'Illuminati' propaganda in media and gangs now is akin to the churches popping up everywhere that seem to be for YUPpies, Hipsters and other millenials whom religion seems to have lost control over.

Instead of seeing the truth about the wprld and having further evolution of humanity they provide something to provide for that need within that's not being fulfilled.

I am hoping this is all just the viscous Obama admin's death throws.

But then again it might just be time to leave the US becuz nothing here is ever going to change.

Organized Crime Infiltrating And Fronting Behind Private Security Companies

I love how this is in reference to Australia. Its not going to be easy to find anything about this for the USA. Yet if it works in one country why not another?

FBI: Gangs Have Infiltrated Every Branch Of US Military

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Why Is The Lunar Eclipse Causing A Wonderful Quiet In The Environment?

There's a lunar eclipse tonite noticed it earlier. Started watching it.

An acquaintance came by, i pointed it out and we observed together for a few.

What I realized that Im postingf is how incredibly QUIET it became once the moon was fully shadowed.

I dont know if this was due to a large number of people noticing at the same time and a primitive reaction of some fear and momentarily removed from the modern world existence thus for an instant falling quiet collectively or if its something to do with the moon itself.

Here in MA if there's a natural or other disaster or emergency and responders or tech is needed Ive posted that the interface of the tech harassment seems to cease temporarily.
Maybe some portion of that resource is being diverted for this event.

I also have a very imaginative theory that maybe the source of much of TIs misery is coming FROM THE MOON ITSELF. Like the conspiracy theory of their being a base on the moon may be true and if the moon is shadowed then it could block out influence coming from a source on it..or in it.

Or perhaps theres some effects upon the satellites and other human space garbage that is claimed to cause at least some of the tech effects that plague us.

Whatever the cause-a lunar eclipse seems to bring complete relief and wonderful silence to mind and outer environment.

I also feel quieted. They've been keeping the anxiety and stress very high lately. On a daily basis. Like they are trying to tire me out or even kill me. One of the things Im suffering from is chatter. Supposedly one of MK Ultras sub projects is Project Chatter- to force confessions or info out of subjects and MA has always been a place where this has been a problem.
I do not suffer from this in other geographical locations.

I have been very much victimized into forced speach lately. Probably to discredit me greatly. Also to cause anxiety not only to cause chatter to begin with but so the chatter feels like info is obtained like an interrogation.

If what TIs go thru is parellel to Gitmo then the interrogstions by torture are human sacrifices as part of a ritual as suspected by many during the war and Bush admin.

TI Driving, A World On Camera (Truck Accident Vid)

I was watching some truck vids and this came up.

Being so isolated and refusing to drive for safety I had not realized how common internationally vehicle cameras are.

Imagine the footage of Targeted Individuals you could get if you used these cams while harassing TIs in vehicles (as 'gang stalking' perps very frequently do).  This might explain the set up of a car pointed at the TI as we are harassed even though we don't see a perp with a camera.

The public now have access to spy equipment and its a nightmare. Agents or anyone working for anyone can blend in with the masses and hide while greatly abusing power and literally torment and torture someone to death even just in part, by these means.

Putting such technology unchecked out to the public SHOULD BE ILLEGAL.

And this vid exhibits WHY I DONT DRIVE a vehicle.

Far too many Targets both great and small have perished from vehicular 'accidents'. It could happen anyway if you were a pedestrian or a passenger.

Watching the video feel grateful you are alive and it seems that if you havent experienced this they dont want you dead at least in this manner.

After years of seeing the inner machinations of this world-civilization and humanity I believe HUMANS DO NOT BELONG IN MAN MADE VEHICLES and shouldnt be driving.
 At least not in cars and trucks as they are today.

Viewing so much of foriegn lands natural landscapes that have been  altered to accommodate motor vehicles is shocking to me.  Everything looks the same.

It all might as well be America. Its kind of depressing actually.

Oh boy. I can drive on a similar highway in another country and go to a similar or same corporate eatery or store. I can watch the same shows and churned out Hollywood movies.

This is not tradition this is not a world to leave our children. This is a corporate controlled false environment engineered to house humans like animals and we may as well be living under a dome on the moon.

Which is probably what humanity is being slowly modified for by these changes. That or underground when the radiation becomes too great.

Im also surpised by all the electric towers. It looks like TX or anywhere outside the cities and towns in the northeast (the Libs keep it hidden here so people dont realize how unhealthy their environment is. Northeast people like illusionary environments of health and prosperity. Like Whole Foods etc. Many a cell repeater is hidden here dressed up as brick or pine trees. In Cali they have entire fake palm trees that are full fledged towers. Its funny..but its not in the long term).

Whats most interesting is how humans react when they realize they've lost comtrol.

The bodies that fly from the carts, bikes and cars just prove we are so vulnerable, made of flesh up against a world of steel, mechanical and technological power and few realize how its armed against us and that we are victimized by this structure in different ways every day.

Also realizing that an entire generation thinks and perceives differently than any natural born humans prior due to being raised 'native' within technologies was also disturbing but is something I need to realize and keep in mind.
Older people's minds are now programmed by living within technologies.

Thus the sick world that TIs get to view daily as those in power take advantage of humans' natural instinct at mobbing and form and direct this primitive behavior into something sick twisted evil unrealistic and very much part of a totally false reality much of modern humans are now trapped in.

Just take advantage of that feeling humans have when they lose control. Study it and make the perps experience that as much as possible.

I also got the distinct impression that no matter how many f*cktards here try to convince me my book and activism isnt important and ineffectual the REALITY is that an entire world outside the USA is awaiting my activism and other TIs, Truthers, resistors and freedom fighters to be released to them.

Dont believe what my mother said one day over a decade ago when this first began in earnest:
"You can write a book but no one is going to believe you" with a snide, obnoxious demeaner.

These are your jailers and their purpose is to make sure no one knows how bad and far reaching and depraved these war crimes have been over these many years.

If its unbelievable why target people so hard into silence and distraction?

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Somerville cope keep stalking me and giving me long dirty looks out of their overpriced SUVs they are gonna get sued

Remember laws against abusing the disabled. Or my anxiety or panic attacks.

Could cost you alot of money.

And no more community watch clowns putting head lights on me as I set my bag on a sidewalk to get my gear together.

One spoilt rotten cop today in his pricey gas guzzling SUV in broad daylight basically rode by a freeway area as I walked minding my own business and broke his neck to give me a dirty look.

Theres people carring  heroin from Somerville into Cambridge according to word on the street. Y dont u pay more attention to that?

Or are you in on it?

Tell whatever YUPpie fucks you are catering to or whatever leftovers from the Winter Hill Gang (snicker) that Im not to be fucked with. That their precious neighborhoods are secure and train the wanna be community watchtards to recognize real threats becuz one more too long headlight sessions or cops giving dirty looks I am going to get the visual evidence that I got on Cambridge when those two buffoon detectives followed me around east Cambridge. Don't think thats gone either.

Whatever problem u have with me becuz of my uncle's prior relationship with your 'people'  or becuz fuckin Raytheon is in Cambridge (and that cancer is present in alot of MA cities unfortunately) the time is near that not only legal action will be taken but i am mch more informed and clear on the plots behind it.

No longer can u hide behind whatever bullshit the govt has to shield your harassment of whoever is inconvenient to your agenda.

It could cost you alot of those pretty SUVs.

Do not fuck with me.

What you believe is just a powerless homeless woman is someone backed by people so powerful and wealthy that it obviously escapes you.

Your arrogant sexist bs will also be noted considering its always males doing intimidation.

That book is going to get written.

And little blue toy soldiers will never get in my fuckin way.

Do u completely understand?

Your local yocal territorial delusions of omnipotence are typically male and very amusing if outdated. But outside od the little world known as Boston and New England there is actually other things going on (imagine!).

I can walk thru Somerville any time I want or need to. I dont even do it that often.

Stop being the creepy rapist pieces of shit that every woman secretly believes men are....becuz you are reinforcing that stereotype every time you pull this spoilt rotten male privilege crap on a poor white woman.

No one whos a serious activism on this level cares what you think or do. Its always seedy or illegal anyway.

You and the people you protect are WRONG.
Activists and Truthers against the past two administrations of deception are RIGHT.


You are merely feared and handled upon contact to avoid your possible abuses of power. U r reduced to rabid dogs of the corrupt powers that be.

But the way you so easily stalk a poor single female whos alone your obviously creeps anyway so what do u care? As long as theres that rush right?

I will win this. Becuz i dont play for the bad guys. Its that simple.

Learn it. And get over the drive by testosterone driven power trips THAT WENT OUT WITH THE COWBOY ERA OF BUSH.

Race War Is Part Of The NWO..And It Wouldn't Be Possible Without Mass Mind Control

This is nothing more than continuing the elite's attempt to create their planned neo fuedal system. And the very people who have always countered them throughout history must be kept down as they recreate the same oppression of days of old.

Diversity was fine. Before everyone'of color' lost their minds and this country has become like living in the USSR or East Germany complete with Stasi.

Without the events of  9-11 and even two administrations before this never would have been possible.

Friday, September 25, 2015

If U R In Harvard. You Need To Know...

John Boenher Resigns As House Speaker. Why Do I Feel My Life Has Improved?

I dont even know much about this guy or who he is really. So why does this matter so much? Why does it seem to have an effect?

Whatever was going on with this, great pressure has been lifted.


Oh. Now I understand a little better:

Nice BLACK and RED outfit on mom. Its predictable isnt it?

Another Expendable Is Driven Nuts To Murder And Of Course Poor Whites, Heroin and OCCUPY Are Involved (Just Keep Counting Down To White House Moving Day-Better Than Xmas)

If someone has seizures hallucinations are very likely. Richard Ramirez The Night Stalker had intense seizures as a child due to his father's beatings causing injury.

Also H is a huge problem in Southie and its a drug used to.keep  poor white Irish down as drinking has become less popular as a drug of choice traditional to the Irish.

The bullshit dig to OCCUPY is just another  move from Boston to keep on working on be half of the 1%, elite and banksters.

So anyone talking about the occult is a dangerous weirdo who will murder your kid?  And lets throw OCCUPY into the mix.

These pathetic attempts at framing expendable people and useful idiots is right in line with the Boston Bombing being a False Flag op.

If the truth threatens your agenda, make shit happen thats really messed up and blame whatevet threatens you.


Only a few hundred days left til MOVING DAY OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE.

Better try harder Boston (and Cambridge).

Thousands of people have died for the agenda including the wars since 2001. Lets not quip over trifles.

Ive been dealing with this system all my life. The elite and military industrial complex are ruthless and dont care who dies if its necessary or they get in the way.

Remember its a very sick, cult mind controlled, brainwashed country right now. Many people cannot accept what their actions and complacency have done over the past 16 plus years. They fear being found out or even facing reality themselves and will delve ever deeper into the sick lies that have kept them going for over a decade.

Its almost time hopefully for the truth to come out. Then the dead may truly rest and we, the light bearers and workers can finally get on with our lives.

Hanging onto the truth all these years has been basically akin to holding a timeline in place that huge repeated waves of combines force have been trying to obliterate.

Like all liars they have to keep in lying to cover the original lie. Even children know that.

Unfortunately adults act worse than children and no one is there to stop them if the mob is big enough.

Boston has been causing people to go nuts for the past few years as if its an industry now. Disgusting.

Probably to support Obamas mental health/gun grabbing line of policy.

How does heroin get into such a small area as Southie with drug cops everywhere anyways??

Exactly. Boston is mob and mafia. Police and elite institutions as well as old, new and foriegn money and major military indutrial complex -DARPA contractors.

Your telling me they dont know who is who, who is where and when? I can tell you that they do.

For this guy to slip by is bullshit. For him to be driven to insanity is predictable unfortunately in the current climate of Libtard areas that are trying to support Obamas ditch efforts to cover his ass as it goes out the door.

Having policies to end homelessness is another example of trying to get rid of dissidents whistleblowers etc and I've seen problems purposely created so that order can be made out of the chaos theyve created.

Dont let this intimidate you.
Remember in the movie Blade Runner when the female replicant has a tantrum becuz she does not want to die?
That is this administration.

So much more damage and race warring they could have caused. If only dictatorships were possible like the good old days!

Leave a mess to cover what might be found. The sign of a good career criminal.

My old friend used to laugh and muse that if the cops ever raided her place it was such a (purposeful) mess that they wouldn't be able to find anything.

Dont mind the mess. Just stick to the facts and what you know and have known to be true.

I have no idea what the next horror show might consist of. It might be worse. Still you must persist.

Realizing How Libtarded And Corrupt Rhode Island Is...Oops

This is what RI is really about and it shows in my experience.

Its also very a pathetic kind of way.

Its a fish bowl and the people genuinely believe they are happening. Its becuz they live in a little world all to themselves and no one is paying attention or challenging them.

It was much better a few decades ago. If I had understood it was even more Libtard than MA I wouldnt have moved here. My bad.

And they have absolutely no bohemian scene or anything distinguishing lower to lower middle EuroAmericans from ghetto culture. In dont think Providence even has a hostel! Thats how HOSTILE they are to EuroAmerican ethnic identity outside of mob culture and corporate YUPpie bullshit.

Forget about being an outsider artist. RISD is completely gone to the assholes.

Just like other parts of New England the exposure to globalism has caused disease to form and thus destroyed culture, govt and everything else that was fostered here and formed locally over hundreds of years.

Another casuality of New England being destroyed by outside forces being allowed in as part of modern western progress.

The old fashoined Liberal and Democrat were tolerable and fair. Whatever this new breed is in the last two decades sucks. Its not even real politics or ideology. Its just more cover for the NWO to operate under.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Theory On Why Harassment At Walgreens In Middletown, RI Was So Vicious-US Military Might Be Friendlier Than Corporate Connected Airports

Theory on why get horrible treatment at the Walgreens in Middletown RI (near Newport) but its livable near the Walmart just south of there.

If you look at the map the War College is near the Walmart on an island to the left (the star to the left of the 'G' in "Google").

The Walgreens area I got severely harassed at is near an AIRPORT. One of the businesses there even calls itself 'Airport Cleaners' a dry cleaner or some such business.

Airports are Im thinking covered by HOMELAND SECURITY. In the past Ive noticed that a raduis around an airport id usually secured or monitored by some sort of security force...which usually results in my getting my ass handed to me when I go to shop, walk through or pan handle in such areas.

This is nationwide.

So saying that 'gang stalking' is cults or 'The Government' is incorrect.

Theres so many different parts to the US government and much is outsourced or even semi privatized now.

Long gone are the days of The Govt and rhings being that simple.

Ive noted that the harassment has different rules in varying states. Thus all of this must be under legal penning somewhere and somehow or it wouldnt be done systematically and with cut offs or shut off times.

Its all made extremely complicated so that simple average people no longer have control over their world.

Kind of like asking Alan Greenspan abouy economics when you thought you were pretty educated on the subject. According to people who have done just that at a certain point he goes off in directions and theories that average people just cannot follow.

And of course this seems like a diversionary tactic or evasive moves.

To hide the truth you get drowned in circumstances above your understanding and knowledge while the elite gain and keep control by superior knowledge.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Providence Getting Desperate-Trying To Entrap, Bait And Frame Up Just As Cambridge Did

Having goofy little black kids wearing red t shirts and black and red push me as they walk by so I will react physically. It seems no matter how small the reaction they are trying to make it into something bigger.

And then an onlooker will get into the situation SEEMING to defend me but their purpose actually is to recount the event incorrectly.
"SHE bumped into HIM accidentally and then..etc".

So im made to appear to be bumping into people then reacting becuz I have to be made to look paranoid and violent.

There enuf cameras in that place to capture an event from multiple angles. And it shouldn't conveniently be missing or the cams go out mysteriously.

Todays intimidation may have included being transferred to the trauma unit instead of main number at hospital where i have appt. Remember this is mafia town. Little messages and hints is their style.

Seems Harvard medical schools wanna to be my health care provider not any place in RI. Possibly?

This is occuring at Kennedy Plaza of course. The very nasty perp ridden bus station in Providence where everyone has to go to get buses going anywhere in the area.

So the same old tactics are being employed. Blacks want to seem victimized and I am to be portrayed as violent.

Really then how could i fullfill my community service at an art studio for physically and mentally disabled people? Or in a thrift store where lots of people bump into each other?

The kids were laughing and smirking about it afterwards.

So its the same games as a a year or so ago.

The people doing harassment NEVER did spacial blocking or invasion until recently. People change their path of walking quickly to get in my way or move in front of my path.

This is all new behavior as of that new administration in MA of many political offices and police.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Realism About The Conspiracy Of Color Used By The Elite To Complete The NWO Agenda (Obama's HUD Housing Project Initiative)

I observed that Middletown has a few streets of housing projects. They have all been redone and look like they fit into the Newport nice decent house type.

Its right across from where Hendrix and Joplin played where festivals used to be held.

I worry about Obamas initiative to put housing projects into nice neighborhoods. Its the same as mass immigration into Europe.

If the POC community has so many willing to take part in domestic spying and active psychological harassment of Targeted Individuals or anyone else for that matter then we as a nation must consider what this means for every city and town across the USA.

We MUST look at the history of COINTELPRO in the African American community as well as Iran Contra and rhe creation of black gangs by rogue authorites to deal crack.

We must follow the timeline and observe the creation of the military-entertainment-private prison complex. Rap music is hijacked and remade into something that serves an agenda not the people. Its investors know that it will encourage behavior to keep prisons at 90% capacity.

If black and Latino gangs are not govt connected then why do they take part in harassing govt whistle blowers?!

Before the problem gets any worse we must fight the fear being induced by possible accusations of being 'racist' and look at whats happening to the world around us.

COINTELPRO was racist and kept the black community from ever healing slavery from its inception. It kept African American down so they might only gain their Constitutional rights by continuing to play house slave to the power structure. A role theyve played all along in this country and one that should not be demanded as the price of being an American especialy considering the decades if not centuries of forced, unpaid labor and inhuman work conditions.

These people are being used as the ultimate spy and crime network in the United States as well as Europe it seems.

Obama spoke of a Civilian Security Force and of course whatever an elected president says as of the past many admins its only a partial truth or twisted around.

This is why having so much racial unrest and that being a focus now is more important than foreign terrorism. This network is being put in place and it must not be disturbed or detected by outsiders.

People who spoke against Obama were called racist just for having an independent opinion. Now this is the same line of strong arm tactics (psychological) that are being employed to create a nation if not world wide network of this kind.

Its not racist its natural and sensible.

CLASS WARFARE is being covered up by racial issues. Thats obvious but no one wants to look at it.

The mafia, Irish mob, Chinese, Russian and other old organized crime syndicates are involved in this so be sure its unsavory.

If you want to live as a prisoner in your own country go ahead. I dont.

You're brainwashed as if you were in a cult which is why its hard to feel safe to say anything or even consciously realize whats happening.

If you want to know how bad continued black on black crime and oppression is just listen to the many Targets who are People Of Color themselves.

For them it must be most difficult, both being oppressed by this system and being suspected and hated for the conspiracy of color that many are benefiting from.

Walgreens 12 E Main Rd, Middletown, RI 02842- Gang Stalking By Employees And Customers

This older white male tried to engage in tactics while I was standing outside and I just ignored him.

One of the tactics here is to try to get my attention with stupid questions or "oh I thot u were someone else" (black guy in McD today.)

Heres his plate. Its a US plate:

Waiting for a woman maybe his wife that was in Walgreens.

Typical harassment by people trying to beg for food money but I just tell off a few and ignore everyone mostly becuz alot of them are just YUPpies or new money who have horrid middle or upper middle values and genuinely dislike beggars and will make fun or say "get a job". (No one does that in big cities anymore but RI is a fish bowl and this island is small so the mind set is also small.)

I will tell people Im a TI and activist but it would be better to get some materials printed up to hand out. Id rather light a candle than curse the darkness (inform people instead of having to tell them off).

This could be being done by people working off a cover story or it could be anti vagrant or homeless campaigns as I've noticed over the past few years the Dirty Tricks Dept type covert activity has been being employed in cities and towns to get rid of Homeless people.

Well whatever stupid power tripping bs they are working off of they are now put on front street for the whole world to see.

The Walgreens employees here are fat bitches who were doing tactics the second I walked in. Who are also ineffectual at their jobs becuz they couldn't find what I was looking for (gsng stalking ensures people who cant make it on their own merits get what they DONT deserve in life. While those od us who would do wonders if we werent kept down have to live in the street.)

The staff in there handled me as if I was mentally incompitent and needed to be watched and talked to like a 90 year old woman or an idiot. As i checked out another employee a fat white brunettw with dark eyes had to come over and watch but all she did the entire time was smirk like an asshole and run her hands through her hair while the also fat half black woman rang me up and talked to me like an imbecile.

(Just as I write this the manager came out and said I have to leave as I was making everyone nervous. The girls told him I was making threatening gestures. I had a talk with him about them and he was ok. Have vid will post. So they just tried to cover their asses AND stop this post.)

Saying to someone as you leave "gang stalking is for losers" isnt a threatening gesture. Go back to law school you horrible little urchins.

THIS IS WHAT THESE PEOPLE DO. They infiltrate businesses and mob Targets or whoever else while the boss isnt watching and then whine about the victim after the person handles it as best they can without getting really upset.

He also told me that those two were usually the best at customer service. Of course. Everyone else isnt their prey. People like me are. And btw in this city of Middletown Ive seen this being used- the super excellent customer service persona and u can tell it's totally fake. Of course they usually do gesturing tactics but this time they and some customers mobbed me and it was not only too much but they caught me off guard.

Theres nothing crazy about me. Make no mistake Im as sane as they come.

So it's a simple game of Create a Problem-Solve a Problem.

Handle someone like they are nuts or deficient and at the same time get them agitated then act victimized when in fact you are the cause.

This is a game this system plays on every single Targeted Individual in this country. However I've never seen it played so stupidly as here and with such arrogance.

Btw miss Diversity couldn't find my product I wanted after looking all around the store ( i came upon it) and she also has a name tag that consists of her name written in orange magic marker on the plastic cover on a lanyars her name tag is supposed to be in.

Great customer service eh?

Well, at least the thing shes wearing to id herself is really hard to read...which is probably on purpose but its made to look like an innocent mistake.

We all know a mere walgreens employee especially a poor black girl isnt capable of much more.

What a great cover in society to be a domestic terrorist doing psy ops eh?

Kewl..becuz Im JUST a Traveler.


Saturday, September 12, 2015

Nazi Germany Had The Brown Shirts, Now We Have The Red Shirts!ämpferbund

Gang stalkers frequently wear the black and red combination. African Americans, Africans and other 'People Of Color' as well as people of European decent wear this clothing color combination.

In photos of mass immigration thats been steadily destroying Europe as well as quality of life and potentially thousands of years of history and culture, immigrants from Africa as well as angry young Muslims from Middle Eastern countries are seen sporting the same color combination.

I have a title for the piece I want to write about it: Color of Conspiracy.

Becuz thats exactly what it is. And its gang type intimidation on a global level as well as psychological warfare utilizing color.

The second link, the raised fist is eerily similar to some of Fairey's artwork whom made Obamas famous 'HOPE' poster.

Millenials: State Manufactured Generation/Interview With Chris Rock-Won't Play Colleges, Kids Too PC

So thats why no one is listening to me and others. Theyve been told its the right thing to do to not listen.

And I was framed up just perfectly to turn people against me in this climate now the way that it is. They knew exactly what to do.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Microwave Harassment and MC by J. McKinney 1992 (Outlines 'GS' Activities, Experimentation)

Obviously the laws and executive orders that prevented all out warfare on Targets by setting limits due to hearings on MK Ultra, COINTELPRO etc have been altered due to Patriot Act and other changes due to anti terrorism.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Cambridge Seems To Have Weapons Capabilities Now That Resemble My Being Agitated And Harassed Into Vandalism Last Summer (Can Create Hostility And Stress In Environment)

Harassed tonite..its like a war zone here ever since the NEW ADMINISTRATION in CAMBRIDGE took office.

Just like last summer when there was some way to create stress and anger in the population used to make chaos that was used tonight.

I was dosed with that same chemical that has the ssmell. The one that dumbs you down so u cant use your imagination and your mind becomes very one dimensionable.
Boston has always used this chemical. No other place I can recall utilizes this. There might be its posted somewhere here.

They are doing exactly what they were doing last winter:trying to get me into jail.

People are invading my personal space now. Vehicles are being used for intimidation like revving engines are veey prevalent now. Alot of aggression and seriously high amounts of stress are being induced. Deadly amounts.

I have assessed whoever is behind this in Cambridge is now intent on killing me via heart attack or induced violence. Unlike RI where the weakened vein on the right side of my head is being used and it hurts daily andI get right side headache and pain...ONLY WHEN DOWN IN RHODE ISLAND.

Thats the weakness that I posted that scumbag Tripp used to torment me about. The guy with mysterious Las Vegas connections who was bringing in madman speed to mess up Harvard some years ago. The mafia is still in RI. Harvard wants to blow out my chest and RI wants my head to bust.

Nice people huh?

No one is going to give me an aneurysm or stroke or whatever. And Harvard owes me. They wont get me into jail or stress me out to heart disease.


Becuz after they leave the environment no longer has anything presemt thats upsetting or stress inducing or makes me aggrrssive.

I also feel like aggression is the reaction becuz of stress induced, helplesness being isolated and mobbed and something some capability they have now to create aggression in Target or environment Target is in when they are present.

How is their presence causing TI aggression? What could

Harvard Square- Total War (In My Now Enemy Occupied Home Base)

Heres how it seems to work.

By tracking me the Target through technologies as well as information from spies and local informants etc and predicting a Targets activities and routines the 'gang stalking' system seems to be able to put a perp group into population and surround the target, making it seem to the person thst this is in place everywhere all the time.

Ive outrun this system with getting away from predictable routine or breaking up their surveillance track such as taking a cab between points instead of a bus or a cab partway.

I can't survive and do it but if you have the money it provides relief and shakes off the perps as well as seems to shake off the tech as well.

Every single street kid and most old timer homeless in Harvard Sq is now taking part in gang stalking activity. Alot of these people were always aligned with the system but used to counter me in small ways or sneakily. I see that clearly now but didnt really have to before. I just noted who seemed to be messing with me and who seemed neutral. Now formerly neutral people are doing the same tactical gesturing that gang stalking perps are. And of course those people who always seemed to be against my project and this blog or my trying to change things are doing the same.

So instead of my having any safe zones or normalcy everyone has taken to side with the system.

People have been feeding me probably disinfo like everyone's being busted and turned into a rat or the DEA are here posing as regular under covers. Really then why has Harvard been introduced to crystal meth lately unlike any time before I can recall? This area is being flooded with it and this isnt a meth area. Its a opiate, crack and pot area and of course alcohol. It goes with the weather and the disposition of the people.

San Diego and Austin have meth scenes. The people function and have their own scenes and subculture and always live away from other factions. The weather in these places makes more sense for meth use also.

The people getting into this drug here have no experience with it and there's no pre existing drug subculture for this substance and no elders to keep things in line or form any sort of livable situation. What are these people going to do when winter comes stay up for days in the snow? Thats not usually how it works.

And in Austin if you have tweekers acting like people are starting to here now they get beat up by drunk Woods. In San Diego they dont mess with other kinds of homeless people. In San Francisco thats what my legal taser is for.

Harvard is way too small for this kind of drug and introducing it here is nothing short of purposely destroying Harvard Squares bohemian street scene or what remained of it.

No one has been controlling the drunks here lately either. They are beyond sloppy and make huge messes and sleep wherever they want and lay around in the morning and no one says anything. Howevsr i notice now the students are here this weekend ALONG WITH MANY PARENTS they aren't here. They get tipped off all the time it seems.

Obviously rats or doing dirty work or favored by authorities. Ive also experienced a few people that seemed totally crazy yet they can do tactical gesturing. One guy I thought was totally gone mentally Ive known for years two days ago he had his hands down his pants scratching laying on a bench I went to cops and told them he's getting out of control they said they would see if he needed help and that if he went away to a hospital it would actually extend his life becuz they would get him healthy.

The NEXT DAY he had his hair combed and wetted was wearing a black and red outfit ive never seen him in and his composure was much more together.

And alot of the drunks disappeared or toned it down.

So it seems Im the only normal genuine houseless person in Harvard. And maybe a few others. Mostly it seems like actors or agents or people working for the authorities-dealer axis. Ive seen fake crazies being targeted in shelters but..I guess this was such an easy flowing and structured tribal scene before it wasnt important or evident.

I also now am wondering if all the things that happened prior like people finding needles in parks etc wasnt a set up to get rid of the heroin scene. Great so shitty drunks who are basically using Harvard Sq as hospice and kids taking meth with no subculture at all is an acceptable alternative?

Thers been obvious ongoing psy ops and black ops to destroy this street scene and the formerly quiet local homeless scene for years now but the people involved only got really obnoxious and arrogant a year or two ago.

The RKP (Rich Kid Posers) have always been a staple out here. It was fine when that worked out to us all existing together before but over the years I would see them actually scatter when I arrived back in town and then things would start to suck, Id leave and upon return things were back to normal but everyone would scatter again. This started happening when the sneaky crap began to start destroying the scene here.

So its true what an art teacher from SMFA told me when this first started: they will act in defense of "daddy's castle". In other words they will always be aligned with system and the status quo. Which has been proven lately.

Nixon used to describe Harvard U as "Kremlin on the Charles". So it stands to reason that either this area has been surrounded with COINTELPRO type networks for decades or Harvard has their own intel network like this. Once again it serves as a moat around the castle.

Last few days the homeless have been really desperate and annoying by trying to pry out of me stupid questions like am I staying for the winter and am I staying today or not. All the crap I have been getting from the gs system outside my safety zone for years. Now I have to have that here??

The look on the little rich bitches faces in Tasty Burger when I walked in rownstairs was priceless. They were surprised I was back and it wasn't a good surprise.

The entire area was lacking in gang stalking activity. A few perps were trying to do their best to try to put something down due to the lack of troops present in area.

All the homeless seem absent. Lately this bitch who Ive known for years has been stalking me in every sleep spot and bringing this red head meth kid with her to try to make it so I cant sleep. Hes fine until she gets him going then hes hateful. Shes a punk ass who will fight over anything so becuz of my age and health I can't tell her off.

Ive also felt the place is so full of scum that people are just dying to find an opportunity to rob me.

The kids they have doing harassment here this summer are especially aggressive MALES. Hmmm so much for feminism.

One younger cop piped up a few weeks ago when I visited to do an errand as last few days ive been, that someone stealing from us is the consequences of the " way you live". There's enough gs going on from cops here in the past that I dont heed mind fucks from anyone on this force. I used my age to ignore and focus on the older responsible cop. They got all overdramatic like they here and some older high authority guy came out and chatted and hung out with mr young conservative cop as if some sort of buffer in case I had an issue with what was said.
You know the level of authority in the force where you can't tell if they are mob types or cops becuz they start to look the same? I

I remember when the cops in this area helped harass me into signing out of court on my mold lawsuit with Olnick. They acted like I didnt deserve justice for the damage that messed me up for life. They were hateful.

I recall Harvard and Cambridge helping to chase me out of my apartment then out of town so I would be chased righr into the gang stalking system in each place and to the clutches of the people continuing MK Ultra-the southwest where that MILAB occured.

I was almost killed many times.

I keep in mind always and always will that my own mother, community, lovers and 'friends' and acquaintances all had not a care if I lived or died. That includes the police.

I dont take much of what police do here seriously. I dont care.

Harvard does what it wants. Everyone here are their personal Pretorian guard. The racist hiring practices they and most of Boston and Cambridge partake in are simply the norm to them. Tradition. The way it was back in great great grand dads day. And the blacks protect them from folk or the middle class having access to their resources or education system. They're akin to alligators in the moat surrounding the castle..or is that the homeless they have out here now?

Be grateful I can write. And Im full of estrogen not testosterone.

Think about it EVERY-FUCKING-DAY.

As Ive had to run over in my head everything thats happened to me since 2001 every day.

My book is my lone shooting. It is my act of terrorism, its my nuclear bomb. And I want it to blow out every single last brick of this motherfucker til there's nothing left.

I want the whole world to know the reality of Harvard, Boston, the northeast, the USA and the military industrial complex.

Be fortunate that most won't read...NOW that is. But years from now when Im dead. Like Claudius buried the unofficial family history for the future to read and know. Im going to fuck your descendants out of a perfect inheritance just like you ensured I would never have any children.

Keep sendin em and Ill keep knockin em down.

The scum from the underworld and their legit friends didnt name me 'the Champ' for nothin.

Total war.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

HAha! China Drops Cisco Systems (Evil Bastards) And Apple Due To Espionage

I have posted about the torture and gang stalking related to the military contractor CISCO SYSTEMS due to their technologies being utilized by civilian businesses, institutions and individuals.

APPLE Ive never experienced as problematic outside of perhaps experiencing weird feelings of maybe being watched through the cams on the screens or a few experiences where perps iPhones seemed to bring electromagnetic torture or spying into my environment.

Actually APPLE at some points seemed more helpful through their tech than oprressive or harmful.

Alot of people think Job's death was suspect but I don't know much about the circumstances for a conspiracy theory or legit foul play scenerio.

Mass College Of Art and MIT use Cisco routers and Ive experienced and posted about much torture through the tech systems in those places.

Also ive posted that in my experience an actual TI torture chamber can be constructed by the combination of satellite tv and a Cisco router being used in the same home or business.

Once you leave the physical building it ceases. Upon entry the effects return.

Interestingly this is the same constructing of a virtual or electromagnetic 'structure' via technologies that I conceptualized long ago and posted on my OnMC blog connected to this one.

A sort of grand plan for any environments humans exist in. The ultimate False Environment.

The electromagnetic field is akin to a web thats draped over the in place physical structure thus altering the Natural and the Man Made Physical environment and turning it into whatever the designers desire.

My own conceptualization (or what was shown to me by higher powers to pass on to you) so long ago was abstract and I had not really understood my experiences as that concept in practice.

But Ive written about over the years since Bush got in seeing those in power construct public spaces to be falsified environments, designed to control human populations' behaviors, thoughts and actions.

The experience of a chamber of torment created by these technologies is the creation of a false environment on a small scale.

I've conceived of that mentally being used to cover entire cities.

One perp who was part of a small group (on a Greyhound bus of course) circa 2007 or 2008 said he was addicted to World Of Warcraft (priming the mind for gang stalking 'games' probably) and his father worked for Cisco Systems.

However this is the very same kid who walked with me into South Station as I recall this was very early on, on one of my first trips back to my hometown and it was especially scary and surreal becuz it had become obvious I was in part being harassed to chase me out of Boston.
I distinctly remember a scary evil seeming twisted old skinny male in a suit see us arriving or after we arrived and he was huffy and having an old rich guy tantrum as he got into his car and slammed the door seemingly becuz how dare I come back to Boston and how dare I not be dead by that time.

So how can people associated with Cisco Systems be involved in MK Ultra continued unethical human experimentation yet at the same time be countering the actions of evil people obviously trying to do away with me.(straight up wealthy ass EVIL. Not the people you see and know about rich but the people you dont see. Scary people.)

And that same company seems connected to torture of myself as a Targeted MK Kid or experimentee.

Its possible that the espionage was necessary. As if China is innocent. Here they do their damndest to make sure you cant utilize your freedom of speech, right to protest, get a lawyer etc.

There they just harvest your organs or imprison you or block the internet and censor you.

Im just angry with Cisco for the gang stalking and electromag torture connected to them- and the arrogant lite pricks who do gang stalking.

The public needs to know about the true potential for misuse of technologies. They can decide for themselves then. Most will probably remain slaves out of convenience.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Harvard And Cambridge MA Supposedly Taken Over By "A Cartel". Oh Those Libtard Elitists Are SUCH Fashionistas

Someone said that "the cartel" has taken over here and the place sucks now.

I agree.

And I assume everyone buys into this cartel front which seemed to come in fully with the administration changes ij Cambridge, Boston and the new govenor.

However I know from being targeted on this level for many years that anyone and everyone who deals in black market anything IS ALLOWED TO EXIST AND OPERATE by those truly in power.

The idiots running around Harvard living out ethnic revenge fantasies by ruining a very European type area, being obnoxious f*cks and wearing black and red are nothing more than what the Italians once were or the Cubans and Columbians in Florida during the 80s etc.

One screw up against REAL power and theu are finished. All the stupid gang crap, ritualised behavior and ridiculous fingernail colors are all psychological warfare on other gangs, on the community, on targets like me the big boys give the pawns to harass and its ritual cult mind control on the gang members themselves.

What appears to be a takeover by a cartel is simply a new set of chess pieces for those in power play with on the board.

But this does explain why I was chased out to another state. Someone knew this would be miserable for me and they wouldantagonize me much worse than the people running things before.

Makes sense I suppose.

MILABs scare me more than any gang. The people involved in unethical human experimentation are way more fucked up.

The gang of rich local assholes who tried playing games with me before the govt stepped in and handed them their asses are more disturbing than cult members pledging their lives to crime syndacates.

When you see wtf is out in that desert or the midwest far from the watchful eyes of big coastal cities you realize how planned and controlled everything is in society...and that true power is beyond the scope of most peoples understanding.

Yay. Obamas haters get to fuck Harvard up a little bit.

Oooh. Scary.

Just wait til u r replaced by the next group of useful bodies who make them money.

Good luck.

New Video OnGS YouTube: Perp Motives (Finally)

Its the best i cud do. Remember ive been really diverted this year from activism and even basic daily living. So give me a break.

Ive also run into a lot of people who say things like they felt bad for me when the situation began but they cant stand me now.

My concern is not with what people think of me. My job and obligation is to deliver a message. Im only a coureir and I will fight through circumstance to get info from A to B as well as protect information with my life. You ro your job i will do mine. Get in my wsy, then you get pushed out of the way.

This isnt about social approval in fact denying a Target social contact and peer or societal approval is one of the main tactics used to destroy us.

And perhaps before i was easily handled and not quite aware or compliant. That would make me more likable to people involved in these war crimes wouldnt it.

I will tell you that it seems the harassment has increased becuz the use of other means of control has been pulled and that occured when my state and a few cities of power here got new people in key positions of power.

Governor mayors, police, city managers. Places like Boston and Cambridge that hold international power.

It seems complicated and overwhelming but when you use my GS Rule Of Thumb its very simple.

To maintain control in any given area

Wherever there is heavy technologies and chemical influence being used
There will be less harassment from human forces (street harassment, in person harassmemt and traps set up by local authorities)

Or the opposite is true

Wherever theres heavy organized stalking and harassment (psy ops) and set ups etc
There will be minimal use of technologies (and perhaps chemical influence I cant be sure.)

If you are a seasoned TI you can tell the difference. Ive traveled the countru for years and gang stalking programs change with each region and state.

I hope this vid is helpful. Keep fighting.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Harvard Sq Is Actually Scary Now With Shady People And Alot Of Disrespect Towards Me

Harvard Square is completely infiltrated by informant scumbags.  Most of the kids are mindless idiots who are in on gang stalking.

Older Harvard regulars who I always kept in mind were of bad character due to some instance where I experienced red flags now have no problem coming out and being completely obnoxious and open about their being shitty human beings.

Theres a few new people and they are just as shitty. One of them is plain scary like the pedo or serial killer hiding out as a homeless guy in Harvard.

This one older guy who sits in front of the Coop i thought was cool is the scary one.  Hes nice when we are away from crowds but outside hes a jerk who laughs at me when I walk away. Like my being stuck in my situation and my recently being discredited by that arrest has made me so powerless that no one has to show me respect anymore.

This drunk younger woman whos a mess all the time out here rolls her eyes at me when she thinks I dont see as shes approaching me.

Part of this is becuz last fall alot of shitbum drunks and new people were messing up Harvard and the authorities were letting them sleep in the MBTA etc it was just disgusting.  Many of the good people or solid ones are gone and now we are left with people whove turned informant and so they get away with blowing up the street scene becuz obviously police allow it. Like.i said this new administration are horrible or the foriegn money influence. Its starting to loook like frickin China out here for f*cks sake.

They stopped power washing the stone structures people sit on and less cleaning generally so its filthy. That and the drunks was just disgusting.

So i would complain or ask why they wete allowed to make a mess. Once in the shelter that winter I complained about the small stuffy room five women were stuck in as smelling like alcohol. Again the normal standards had been lowered or rules not observed to cause chaos and discomfort it seems and to encourage such conditions.

Nelly (whos now dying in hospice from drinking) and another newer local drunk decided to twist this around and discredit the shit out of me partially becuz i think thats what authorities wanted at that time and also becuz ive noticed drunks remember things their way not the way things actually happened and its usually a self pitying version where they are the victims.

I understand this is the norm for addicts but with all the drunkeness and small fights that used to occur out here when it was a small family of us out here that was never an issue.

It was run more tribally with self discipline and self policing.

Now its just shady people using Harvard as a place to die of alcoholism or other illness or a place to pass out and throw up.

It was a colorful tribe and now its  been reduced to non stop psy ops and some really uncaring, selfish, dirty, slovenly weak minded dependent easy to control half dead humans.

I can deal with Harvard in this death lhase becuz chances are it will live again but i cannot deal with the total lack of respect from people who obviously hate me becuz they know damm well they never would have fit into or been allowed into the old Harvard street scene that Im from.

Theres also ALOT of black gangsta types walking around as opposed to the Irish mob lookin guys in the old days. That cant be good. And look at this place.

Its not good. The shelter has become opened up to chaos and there's no preservation of that either.  Last year it was all drunks, blacks out to destroy anything good thats not theres and alot of white shills wearing black and red.

Who exactly has taken power here and decided to destroy the bohemian street scene here?

Also I believe after so much strain in past two years Im actually starting to look my age.  So naturally this place is mindlessly reactionary and wants me to quietly fade instead of become a tribal elder. Im getting disrespected on an unconscious level to a point becuz the structured patriarchal society fears and rejects female age based (natural) authority unless its based on motherhood or coming from a position bested in the woman by the patriarchy itself (employment of some kind giving authority).

This is part of destroying the tribalism that existed in Harvard and discrediting me was very necessary to ensure I cant contribute like starting to go to town meetings etc.

Imagine me after that arrest showing up in a town meeting here in Libtard USA.
Harvard and formerly a part of MIT might understand what Im doing but the city of Cambridge wouldnt.

The place has lost its special energy. Its got a awful soulless dead feel to it.

Its so hard to take. The students the shopkeeps the street people-90% of everyone are really fucked up. Just a few people remain that act normal.

That kid I was with was in on it and he kept sometimes saying I imagined thinga that werent there..then he would switch to admitting the psy ops was real in small ways.

So that lets me know that the purpose of this and all these scumbags intentions is to do this so much that i look nuts by claiming Im being harassed in such a way by a huge network in the area.

See before years ago it was strangers mixing with the population doing the harassment or shady store employees or regular working guys like city workers or the small tradesmen or Harvard employees-union types.

Now its like everyone all the time and people Ive known for years who've been respectful of me just turning on me.
New people are just obnoxious..this fat oppy kid with a black beard and a little black dog is very intimidating towards me and he does tactical gesturing but hes fucking goofy aggressive too. He claims hes a Traveler. Hes a pig. All the trin kids I know would have fucked him up by now.

(Midway thru writing this someone took my picture. Me and this kid saw a flash. Thats an old intimidation tactic).