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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Monday, October 31, 2011

I Didnt Know What I Was Getting Myself Into

A few people I met years ago who were aware of my situation, 'in on it', but were not strictly gs perps. They seemed to be assisting, while still handling me for the system, always looking for or expecting reward for their actions.
They had this exact sentiment: That I didn't know what I was getting myself into.
Its a bit difficult to see and comprehend whats going on around you when you are in the midst of a life and death struggle internally.

Ultimately, it is incorrect to state that I got myself into any of what has gone on around me or happened to include me- I was born into this. These situations were inevitable.

My growing and perhaps understanding just what I am up against changes little. Always working from the inside out, from the core of my being, knowing only what I have been formed from in childhood...infancy.
(This site goes a bit too far and at times is accusatory without sufficient evidence or cause but it was useful and with many links, detail)
(I personally expect to be recieved with defeaning silence if ever I get a book out. Its an illusion. Someone, somewhere will read..and listen.)

So...the world is run by closeted gay men? Is that why my life sucks so badly? Some fear of womanhood? Of certain women growing in power...and I dont mean worldy power?
I dont mind if people are gay, in fact its a relief that solves many mysteries about why men act as they do.
However, I as a female should not have to suffer because of it. Its the world being run by a bunch of WOMAN HATING closeted gay men I worry about.

Ultimately the issue that is most important is that such people in powerful positions should not be able to utilize mind control methods such as tech, chemical etc to control either large populations nor select groups or individuals.

All these other factors are unimportant. Powerful people, governments, monarchies-we see from history madness and perversion is always possible. It may even be the natural state of things-being human takes more effort than remaining beasts. Perhaps these people have the idea that they have reached such refinement, and the outside world are the beasts.

It is not natural for humans to be unable to utilize their own instincts, intuitions and internal worlds or inner life to process the world around them.

The main problem is the internet brings a view of such corruption in power to the lowly masses, making them harder to control.
The levels of intrusion on the human psyche and soul even that is possible now through technologies coupled with old reliable methods is far beyond what is normal, civilized or humane. It is possible now to create a living hell in this dimension. Not for a lone individual, within their own minds, locked away in a prison somewhere but in public spaces or for one individual as they seemingly roam free in society.
No matter what anyone says or thinks, this should not be. Its too much power for humans to handle and from what many of us have experienced, the people in power cant handle it. Extremism is no fun when it becomes the norm.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Criminal Minds Once Again Propaganda Covering Black Ops/Projects

In my theoretical situation, I map everything out, provide decent reference links and try to stay balanced.

I noticed that with my continued tenacity and my writing becoming more popular, my being able to reveal more info years later, that people are not so proud, so smug anymore. Perhaps they are simply done with what they set out to do-my life is ruined, my potential gone.  It's always bettet to silence someone who knows too much or just keep them down or discredit them as opposed to attract attention. There's probably good reason many people who 'derail' don't live long enough to speak out or be examined or aren't allowed to speak to the press and are kept drugged.


The episode is titled "Derailed". Firstly, if someone like Ted is targeted there's usually plenty of the typical motives. The fact they are showing him with an imaginary person representing his paranoia is ridiculous. It could simply be the final result of unbelievable pressure, psychological pressure along with various other factors like druggings, electromagnetic influence even programming or microchipping. Testosterone has a major part in people 'snapping' especially in death-by-cop or 'lone shooter' situations.

The missing part of this story is simply what TIs blog and write about and do activism on constantly: the theoretical  use of organized stalking and harassment, chemical warfare as well as technologies that, as a cocktail in the end can result in a person acting out the 'psychotic' episode this piece of fiction shows on tv.

The problem with our society is that the public have been rendered so insane that they will be lulled into believing this piece of fiction. In reality there is more than ample evidence to show that there is a shadow world of activity that influences events that shapes our world.
A reality that if exposed and understood by the public, would have made an accurate explaination as to this man's actions, not using the simple psychiatric explanation.

The main character, poor tormented Ted the physicist didnt have to end up shot. He wouldnt have had to suffer the unkind cruel words of an uppity, ignorant detective upon his being put into an ambulance.

Ted: "I'm sorry...I'm sorry"
Detective: "Its a bit late for that now".

He could have done alot worse.
As one alleged perp said to me in St Louis in 2008:
"Women from Boston might be beautiful in their hearts and their minds...but a person can take only so much".  In other words-we can get to anyone, regardless of your value or your goodness.

The arrogance of this scum of society. they are confident in the fact that most human beings will succumb to prolonged torture-ending usually in suicide or homicide, or both if not at least being discredited.

Ted could have been dealt with according to the situation that made him as sick as he had become.

The information given to the audience is not just incomplete, but a deception.
Yet  this is what most forms popular opinion concerning such matters.

Criminal Minds has a track record of media psy ops as well as out right propaganda and this episode illustrates their continued support of disinformation, the agenda and being part of the propaganda machine.

An insult  to those that must suffer and be part of the human price of the hidden world of covert activity that gives most Americans such a high quality of life.

Remember that next time you go to Disney World...but isnt that just why you go? So you never have to deal with reality, what really makes up the world you exist in?

As far as I can see, every Target, like Ted was in this story perhaps, is far more fortunate than the people who believe what the trash in Hollywood tells them.  Better to see as far as the human mind can be taken and go mad, than to exist within a child's dream.

The secret is to understand how their tricks are done.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Obama's Pastor Aligns 9-11-01 With Colored People's Revenge...The Other Parties Style Of Fear Mongering

Only a weak minded total loser who has been driven to psychosis by repeated best downs in society and made totally powerless as a human being, specifically a male, would utilize 9-11-01 as an 'example' of retrobution from African American peoples for oppression. Also wake up and realize skin color or 'race' is irrelevant, CLASS is more the issue with opression of certain peoples. Has this man never heard of the Boule? He probably is a stooge for them and doenst realize it.
His words are akin to that of a terrorist.

I thought this was about the Middle East and extremist factions? What does hue of skin or amounts of pigmentation have to do with this? Unless he is aligning hinself with Muslim extremists.

Well Obama is clever enough anyway to consort with EXTREMISTS who are not 'lone extremists', which is a phrase he uses frequently to write off oddities such as lone shooters and anyone else singled out and driven insane by parties unknown.

Also, if one looks at the brush strokes of this art work before us now, one can see the genius is ensuring Obama is associated with this weakling, this racist fanatic who bashes Bush- while Obama himself simply carries on the agenda for the same powers that be.

This pastor is more than just akin to an embarassing uncle, as Obama has put it.

Today's Republicans and Democrats dont really leave much choice do they? Each has thier own tactical and methods for terrorism to control the population. Americans now consistently live under terrorist rule, psychological imprisonment. It doesnt matter who gets into office.

Seen Hillary lately? Shes literally an Obama-bot. She looks youthful and blonde once again and seems to imitate Obama's style of speaking and even body language. Her publicly dissing Mr Clinton and turning to Obama was the symbolic gesture of leaving the white man to be in the care of a black man in power.
Why did this joining of forces have to consist of allowing the public to view her dissing her husband publicly? Becuz this symbolic act, part of the intimidation and brainwashing, had to be made to look as if it were a willful choice of a scorned woman, then simply political and platonic. Yet if it were truly professional, the exhibition of her private affairs would not have been necessary. Its as if in order to be trusted she had to betray the white male and be taken under the care of the black male.

Racial issues as such figure far to prominently in the modern definition of what a Democrat is.

These mind games are designed to keep the public under the control of one oppressive system, between two parties, both abusive to the public in some way.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Piece Of Literotica -Example Of A Predator's Lifestyle..Doubtful Its Just Fantasy

It is however, relevant to my work and the subject of 'gang stalking' as well as the related subject of cults as well as mind control.

The following link is a story of supposed fiction I found. Sometimes for research I stumble upon such things and sometimes in my search for erotica I find an extreme link through a search engine and it turns out much more useful for research on gs, mind control etc than for my personal tastes.
What is compelling is how many stories there are that describe such things as mind control, human experimentation, and like this link, the sickest situations possible but pose them as fantasy.
Many TIs know that mind control, MILABs, cults, human experimentation and the cruelty human beings are capable of (especially those with means or protection from being caught) are capable of is NOT fantasy, but all to real. Our society choses to insulate the public from such realities, leaving them to remain the stuff of movies or myth that average people can only guess about how such things really work.

This story may seem like just some fantasy but with the progress in technologies as well as the gap between average people and the ultra rich, youd better understand that such predators do exist.

Interesting how there is always a war on drugs, allowing the public to understand how the system works and how its participants can hide and function, especially in poor countries where they may seek refuge, but the same criminal actions of slave trade or other human rights atrocities for profit only make it to the fringes -or the imagination of the public.
Never showing how it works, where it happens..or any other real life indication that it exists at all.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Friend One Era, Foe The Next

Doesnt pay to play ball with the system, the shadow rule is unpredictable.

Notice how in news reports he couldnt believe he was no longer in control. Mind control, even of the best, largest and greatest in our world. He probably never thought he was expendable.

No one is safe from this creation of the NWO. Getting rid of dictators and banks just paves the way for a one world government, the creation of peace and total equality the promise.

How can a country like America or any other democracy torture and harass its own citizens for such selfish ends and be capable of peace or into Equality? Equality itself a deceptive concept.

As long as the public focuses on OTHER leader's human rights violations and war crimes, and they refuse to look at the covert systems that make America great, they will continue to believe breaking down other countries is a stellar idea, not understanding whats really going on.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Tracked In America

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Declassifed Documents Give Some Insight, Laughs
J wake up in moments like this and realize that everyday i am less and less capable of putting a book together.

The remote jnfluence from 6am to 12 midnight now consists of almost nonstop faked interfaces between myself and others whom I know either dont exist or are people who have no contact with me whatsoever in reality.

Also there is a near constant program of doubt keep down surrounding my book and my story. That I will never be able to complete it, that I will never be believed, why bother, its too late, no one is listening, its such a big world I dont matter, my last chance was destroyed and I should just live with what I have left now, etc.

I think about contacting a lawyer just for consulatation and so much anxiety surrounds that, it always goes through this mental obstacle course that consists of questions and concerns such as what if the lawyer is a set up or working in the interest of the perps just as many experiences during the Bush/federal investigaton years taught me: many lawyers are only working in the interest of this system or to get themselves out of some sort of trouble.
I recall this creep, a friend of John Zeewiz of Sleep Chamber, he lived in Quincy the nice apartmwnts on the bay and liked to go to Costa Rica alot. Years later I would note that he was friendly with some creepier people connected to escort services and they had some questionable tastes. In my early twenties he brought me to this lawyer friend of his becuz I was hit by a car (due to the way I was treated I now realize it was all handled as me being a TI. I was hit harder by this cab than the dominatrix I was walking with but the African or Haitian ignoran...i mean immigrant driving the Town Taxi claimed she was hit and I wasnt so they all squeezed me out.) His lawyer friend adressed my concerns about being squeezed out of the settlement by saying "You're a paranoid".

These ars always people who have some connection to the local sex industry as well as show signs of being into kiddie prostitution as well.

The question is, how far does that go? Do these same jerks actually KNOW about programming and mind control slavery? Or are they simply concerned with not being found out for hiding kiddie rings under escort services or loosely connected to them, in cities like the Boston area where no one wants to know or believe that kind of shit goes on anyway.

The cops know who these people are. Must be alot of pervs, especially all.those f
First Responders who are involved in gang stalking.

Also that the lawyer wont be p

Saturday, October 15, 2011

How Safe Is A Political Event Like OCCUPY For TIs?

The point is to always let the bad elements in, gs could not exist without these present.

Its true what one older seasoned TI told me, that getting into activism connects you with either decent people or even other Targets.

During the day tue elements are just that description.
Tonight I heard a drunken Native woman talking to an old white homebum and it was the kind of talk that people who know something about either the cover story or the gang stalking talk aboit.
"Thats the girl right there?" and more whispers and pointing.

Just like every other time you know its gs related.

The last few nights have been ridiculous with the noise and out of control drunks being present. Its turned late.night into just somewhere for homebums to sleep.

Many of.these types are NOT there doing anything for the OCCUPY during the day. Some of the drunk Natives actually are involved in the OCCUPY activities, and they are usually the least beligerant drunks by evening...just noisy thats all.

But as usual I have to wonder if the chaos isnt on purpose like either purposely more chaotic thsn usual or allowed to become a mess.

I learned this also from a fellow TI pointing out that staying at the airport back home worked to avoid being harassed becuz the kinds of people who got hired there had to be clean and of a decent character, at least professional, mostly due to stringent standards due to anti terrorism.

During the day the people that are here becuz they care about the cause are positive.
That unsavory element is around at night.

So it proves true repeatedly that gs is very dependant on character.

We have alot of people driving heckling us. Whats interesting is that there are different cars repeating the same phrases. "I kill people" and "I love war" are prominent. There was not this pattern of.heckling last night.

I say gang stalking or harassment by professionals, or at least people on the take, of protesters and activists.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

RE-Brain Washing As a Counter Move Against the GS System

One way a TI can fight the brainwashing that takes hold of us is by RE brainwashing our selves.

I know I have shown this vid before but its a good example and with limited pc time lately I want a quick example. Find a video you find to be somehow inspiring. I dont mean faintly inspiring, I mean something that seems to totally destroy or take you out of the defeated state that the stalking, harassment, tech remote influence or chemical influence has put you into.

That Mike Tyson video does this for me.

It may seem odd to watch something over and over and over...repeatedly until most people would be sick of it. Yet, THAT IS WHAT BRAIN WASHING IS. THAT IS WHAT THE GS SYSTEM HAS DONE TO YOU OVER MANY YEARS OR MONTHS TIME. All you are doing is exactly what the oppressor's brain washing system has done, in fact you are UNdoing it with this method. Who gives a sh*t what others think.

In fact if you DONT pull such counter methods like this, you might no be able to think at all after a while.
Sometimes, someone puts a goofy little piece of work on YouTube or elsewhere and they think its just thier little thing. I would say this is one of the most productive uses of so many people involved in putting stuff onto the internet.

Men at war often have pin ups that keep them sane, or other things for inspiration. In WWII it was cheesecake pin ups and painted on the sides of planes etc. In Vietnam, some soldiers would play Hendrix's aggressive music before storming forward.

Whatever you find, make it so its pure magic on your nervous system. It rises the Vril, your fighting energy, whatever you want to call it.

Also note that using EMF on the public is part of a campaign that seems to be trying to destroy or reduce such naturally occurring energies in human beings.

This also works seeing as how totally isolated many TIs are.

That one piece of media, the one that works for you, look at it not as merely media. Whatever is laid on it, the music to the video, the work of its Creator, see it more as a code. A magician's spell. A formula. And whoever laid thier vision, creativity and ENERGY on that piece of Pre Recorded Light and Sound has made a code which triggers, somehow, your energy to be released or empowers you. USE IT.

Also understand that, especially among we mind control Survivors, another con job or cover story is to try to make us seem like we are Autistic from birth. If we are as such, its only after what THIS SYSTEM and the people around us have done to us. So watching something over and over again can give a perp or someone ignorant of whats going on, the ammo they need to believe or say we are Autistic. Which is utter bullsh*t and we know it or should. If I was ever caught rocking back and forth you can bet 100% it was from trauma, not some 'disorder', and this system came after me when I wanted to heal, to go through those child hood memories and clear that trauma through my system, only creating much worse wounds and trauma.

Iran, Syria Predicted

"Iran and Syria are next".. "Thats whats going on, if you dont understand that, you dont get it".

How Mind Control Of Individuals Or The Masses Is Possible Through Technologies

This explains the early concepts for mind control of large populations laid out by major players in the US military decades ago. Originally only used in warfare, psy ops and campaigns on foreign soil, this has according to many witnesses and whistle blowers, become utilized domestically in the United States of America.

The technology dealt with in this video is used on Targeted Individuals very specifically, very much in the same way the paper regards treating enemies to either destroy or convert them.

Michael Aquino:

Col Paul Vallely:

Regardless of what Aquino writes in this paper, many TI's do indeed get CIA-like chemical war fare against them, though for purposes of foreign psy ops it seems he was trying to pitch the tech as more effective. Aquino is formerly involved with the Church of Satan and former high priest of the Church of Set. The powers behind the NWO are using Satanism in part as a religion or culture of brain washing as a way to establish thier order. It seems that much of what is marketed to the public is less like Satanism and more like communist mind control and fascism. I think Satanism just works as a means of mind control. Much of Satanism doesnt resemble the enslaved, collective, hive mind type world they are trying to create.
Looking at MK Ultra and CIA connected experiments into cult mind control like Jim Jones's People's Temple are much more relative to what the elite are trying to pull off with mass mind control. Satanism seems to be just a vehicle and of course worldly, elitist type Satanists of high orders are going to be involved or want something like this. It may be more about Secret Societies of any number or order as Kennedy warned before his assassination.

Its unknown to me as an activist if perhaps these things were mapped out long ago and powerful non military entities simply took control or bought out the tech capacities such as huge corporations, banks etc. The military industrial complex is considered private sector like DARPA and contractors.

There are steadfast rules of thumb or constants that hold true Ive discovered as a TI when dealing with these things. One way of perceiving this that is helpful in trying to understand it is that The Public or common people have been left in the 20th century whereas the elite and their agents and helpers if you will, are existing fully in the 21st century with all its advanced in science. In this way, they've actually created a sort of modern feudal system like the Dark Ages in Europe where we are merely peasants living under a huge castle on the hill with elite rulers who live in ways we never see and know nothing about, beyond our comprehension. Ignorance is what kept that system in place for so long and its what is being used now. Many common people in certain countries only knew of thier king in myth, they never saw him or the way he lived.

The public are being kept ignorant by a controlled media that, if you do research you can plainly see its become owned by just a few key players or companies. What info the internet does offer, most people are led to believe its all the work of conspiracy theorists or alarmists. Officials doing propaganda for the power structure artfully deceive the general public that such info is the work of 'wing nuts'. They wont try to use mental disorders as labels outright becuz this would cause a challenge or questioning of theories presented, which they dont want.

When you become targeted or if you wake up to the reality that these technologies and even chemical influences mentioned (used by other entities like the CIA) are being used as part of a mass mind control program-then it matters to you.

There are various websites, video material, books, lectures etc available on this subject done by reputable scientists as well as victim witnesses. The science is complicated so they take advantage of that to mislead people. Its easier to disbelieve than to have to work hard at understanding how it works. Its also very unnerving to some people to accept that their are powers that great that rule over thier lives who now have this much advancement on thier side.
The masses have always been ruled in such a way by those in power. The only difference now is they have methods of potential control that give them a very unfair advantage.

This is what many of us are doing activism against not the abuse of power. That has always been and wont cease. If you are aware of what is possible in this new century, you can at least consider it as a potential abuse of power instead of being completely decieved.

Electromagnetic pollution is the cause of much physical and mental illness in modern society which Big Pharama and psychiatry as well as the medical field dont want you to know, which is why they are part and privy to the deception. Industries with big lobbies make this possible. America will be the last to admit to cell towers not only creating damaging electrical fields for some people but that such towers could potentially be utilized to piggy back a microwave signal used for actual mind control of human beings. Many of the companies involved in mass mind control or targeting individuals for harassment even death are military contractors who also provide products to the citizenry.

One such example is Cysco Systems. They make wifi routers for private home use as well as are major military contractors. Imagine the implications if you are a whistle blower that threatens the complex by exposing these issues. You are going to be hit with weapons of war originally created by the military yet they can be used against you for that purpose in any civilian environment. That is exactly what is happening.

Fascism has taken over our country. The military secretly influence our lives through these technologies. One of Bush's elections was won by the use of mass mind control on the American public forcing people to vote Republican.

What if you were in power and could have a fascist dictatorship but still uphold the perception that it was a 'free country' or democracy? You'd have a peaceful take over and still be able to rule the masses completely.

Alot of people now know whats going on worldwide and in this country. This activism matters as much as 9-11 Truthers,WikiLeaks,Bradley Manning, Snowden or any of the people who are aware of how deceptive and power hungry authorities and the elite have become in this modern age. Its all tied in. Many people are aware of what I am writing about but are focused on trying to get the public to accept just how much corruption is at hand and being covered up, as then perhaps they will accept such abuse of power is possible.

However, when the masses are under mind control through tech and chemical influences as well as being diverted by wars or the economy or media circuses and bribed by media, personal technologies and psychiatry its difficult to get people to wake up again.

It may even be impossible. The public falling under this kind of control is the actual New World Order. Its the core of it. All the trappings you see in the media are merely the psychological warfare and cult mind control methods used to further gain the public's compliance.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Iran Now? Big Surprise Huh? So What About Justice For TIs?

When I look at all that goes on in the world, I think "What about me?" What about my situation?
It seems the world has gone on without me. That I am left out. Out of sync with the rest of the world's time.

Are these the same people who followed and harassed me during Bush, asking "So what do you think of George Bush?" And trying to trick me into thinking I was a person of interest in that federal investigation mess and Jake's bust included it seems, without a supeona.

When I see news like this I simply dont believe anything they say anymore.

With all I have been through my life and health are totally ruined and I am written off as a mnetally ill person, not to be listened to.
And people hate me...they hate me or ignore me. With all the really bad things going on in the world why am I so hated?

Becuz they are liars. They plan these scenerios, set people up, lie or pressure people into being terrorists.

According to 'conspiracy theory' Iran was planned long ago to be next anyway.

Polluted Environment Has Role In Gang Stalking Effects and TI Response

I have noticed that the worst places that I feel targeted but also seem generally unpleasant are places with bad air quality.

The sun, a strong sun, makes the effects much worse.

Yesterday even though I was being gang stalked mildly, which Phoenix has always been a gs hot spot throughout my gs campaign, notice by my posts on can plainly see that I lost focus. I got obsessed with racial concerns, forgot about my other things i shouldve been doing like getting a lawyer, medical issues, even reading your comments of which there are many waiting for clearance.

I became forgetful.

There are alot of things scientists who are sighted as experts by authorities arent considering about what makes up our environment. The scientists that might sight these things are systematically ignored. Dont blame science-blame the oppressors who censor scientists.

Here is the con game concerning the environment:
In the 90s the environment was a top concern of the masses. It became trendy. Here is the engineering of making it not so important:
you have one group attach global warming to pollution as a main cause. Then, the concern becomes global warming not environmental pollution. You then market the hell out of that. You have another strong opposing opinion, this one with evidence to back it up. You then market that as a rival.opinion.

Two things happen: the public wastes time debating instead of taking action on just air pollution, or their focus becomes the debate.
Environmental pollution becomes in the publics mind attached warming which has now been either debated or disproved.

You then bring on a war and some conveniently timed terrorist activity threatens the nation.

The public forgets about environmental pollution and if it is considered, its now looked at as part of 'just the way it is'.

Environmental pollution is still a major concern. Going green and improving the worst messes is not actually cleaning up pollution that effects humans and other animals.

The culture we live in right now and all its trappings are a product of intimidation by the powers that be, heavily since Bush got into office and not so overtly since late Clinton, though people did start to take note something was up. Corporate culture and gentrification were taking over and law enforcement was getting more oppressive. Now everybody gets it but its a bit late.

I am only capable of writing this due to being on the edge of town in a mountain area. Cleaner environment and cooler, the sun is not oppressive.

Monday, October 10, 2011

An African American Blog Brings Clarity About Methods Of Slave Building

This is exactly what is done to mind controlled slaves, most of us white, many of the women deemed expendables from poor single mothers who are themselves from comprimised pedophile families.

The slave making processes are exactly what all mind control and programming Survivors describe as our common shared backgrounds. Every mind control Survivor of programming ends up describing the same set of circumstances.

What is so shocking is that African Americans would be so deeply involved in the breaking process or as with me I realize, they have been trying to "break a civilized nigger" with torture.

The problem with this is that no one acknowledges we are telling the truth. Also its unpopular to claim that former victims of such treatment that's historically documented are involved in playing extreme House slave in covert activities connected to slavery.

One also has to realize that there have been many other kinds of slaves in history just as the Jews are not the only Holocaust.

The danger of one group making claim to exclusive suffering is that it becomes almost like part of the marketing angle for their people, then when other groups claim to suffer such injustices at their own hands, no one wants to believe the culture marketed to suffer so, exclusively, would do such things to another group.

Yet by logic, one learns to abuse well enough from their abusers.

Black pimping is an example lessons well learned about slavery, though they are not exclusive in being pimps.

People are going to have to face that slavery is a well thought out long in use system, and it exists covertly in our and other free Democratic societies, thus the need for it to be covert in nature.

Europe Not Free To Speak About Islam And Immigration

I am one of those people who bitches and moans about wanting to go home to Europe, the land of our ancestors. There are reasons for this, and one of them is also mass immigration of alot of cultures. Many of them Muslim, some of them from places like Haiti and Africa which is as oppressive as Islam.

However much of the problem is with African Americans. They have a deadly combo of PC from yuppies protecting them and the intimidation and persuasion of hip hop/gangster culture as well as thier typical style of physical violence to dominate any situation especially any criticism of them no matter how true it is.

This is EXACTLY the same problem as Islam is creating in Europe. And we too are basically in trouble if we say anyrhing about these total scams and actions that are destroying the poor white and ethnic desendents of Europeans.

This goes along with alot of sick race mixing propaganda and junk science to back it up.

There is a war on. I am very suspect of blacks being connected to whats going on world wide due to their connection to Islam.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

BTW i appreciate my rides i get but that doesnt mean some arent involved. Trust no one

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Interrogation Begins Right Off The Ride Into Town

well just arrived at a destination, stuck in area on edge of gang stalking very hot zone. Already a Mex out of work sat down and asked where i am from, where am i going, how long am i going to be here. told him nothing and bullshit. i listened for a few minutes to see if he was indeed interrogating and my judgement is that he was not just engaging in pleasant conversation.

i then ignored him, made a call and went about my business. he got up and left and of course was then talking to a guy who was hanging around the same gas statin supposedly looking for work.

i just dont tolerate it anymore.

Its interesting rhat the Target is made out to be such a horrible person who deservrs to be gang stalked and destroyed, and yet, the qualities of politeness and civility and being trusting of people is what the gs system relies on to keep control over said Target.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Autism and Other psychiatric Diagnoses As Cover Ups For RA and Mind Control

Trying to hide mind control, human experimentation and RA under the guise of Autism is only going to last so long. I personally know of a man, now living as a woman...a lesbian, who knows she is a RA survivor, that her mother did this to her. She actively practices the Left Hand path, with a measure of dimplomacy and gentleness. Yet herself and her girlfriend will constantly fall back on psychiatric jargon and diagnosis in order to explain her behavior and personality. Her girlfriend is from this younger generation who have been conditioned to use psych jargon as a means of expressing what were once private personality traits. "I am acting really bi-polar" or "She has that Ashbergers that makes her detach and act selfishly and ignore people".

This is the mental health fields way of getting out of the rep of the 90s Satanic Panic...which it never would have ended up that way if therapists would have kept it on the down low.

If anything, Survivors are MADE Autistic y organized stalking, harassment, chemical warfare ad torture with tech-all that gang stalking encompasses. Many people werent like that before or might have had such symptoms before breaking programming.

I especially love the donation given to such causes by individuals who activelu do harm to Targeted Survivors by helping gang stalking campaigns.

What Causes So Much Of The Normal Population To Take Part In GS Campaigns?

The most damaging thing about this situarion is the insistence of the public whi do know whats going on to explain away my situation with thier own explainations.

I dont understand why Guintanamo Bay torture victims or any other torture victims for that matter are sympathized with but I am not sympathized with. Its as if a large portion of the US hates me and validates whats been done.

The only thing I can think of is that people think I am making it up or they believe the allegations that I am simply a delusional paranoid.

Yet, people like Benny, an intern at a womens drop in for the homeless in Cambridge, MA seem to fully acknowledge what has happened. "Severe trauma will do that to ya". People like this know. I have seen professionals act like beasts with no regard for me as a human being whatsoever. Wr are talking about psychiatrists, nurses, people who work as staff in hospitals. So many people have been in on this and seen, even taken part in absolute abuse and cruelty that is totally illegal.
It made me realize that the people who hide behind appearinf upstanding and normal, good citizens, can easily be part of these abuse groups. They are more dangerous and viscous than overtly f*cked up people could ever be. Before the system comes after a Target in an overt manner, it seems that these are the same people who act neglegently with the Target, passively gang stalking them by not doing their jobs,dropping the ball but on purpose- never being honest and clear with the Target or Survivor, always denying them information or decent services. I know this is the case becuz towards the end when I was getting hip to being a Survivor of programming from a typical pedo family, I had people point out that my life was not normal. Jake my ex woke me up to the fact that an unusually high percentage of people are habitually rude to me on a daily basis. "I cant believe people treat you that way when you're out in public". He made me conshus of my mother being evil, not a good mother. "She just looks evil. Her skin is pulled to her face and she looks like a skeleton" (Wedding pictures from the end of her cocaine days). Her face did look like death, her being my mother- the old 'love is blind' attage applied. I used his family as a gauge. People actually had families that did not abuse one another, living under an environment of fear and control. His mother, though posessive and wanting to blame others for her creating a spolied, co dependent monster, was a kind woman and a caring mother. She really tried to befriend me, I just didnt trust anyone.
He pointed out "your family has basically written you off". I never saw that. I just thought they treated me badly becuz they were ignorant, selfish and unable to overcome their own issues. Which is correct but my status in the family never occured to me. He also pointed out my being able to hold conversations in my sleep and even more frighteningly, carry on conversations while asleep but with my eyes open. These things he did for me, out of genuine care for me, let me know my suspicions were correct about my in all probability being a victim of programming. And then, they came after him and he got busted, then they grabbed him newly sober and used him to destroy me.

None of that surprises me. What is shocking and so infuriating is when people who dont know me are aware of what is going on and have absolutely no disregard whatsoever for me. No respect, no human sympathy. What compells people to partake in such obvious human and civil rights abuses as if such laws did not exist? These people think nothing of enforcing a false status on me with such ill treatment, defined by what is obviously illegal, unethical and immoral- yet these same people seem to care about the Homeless or feel normal human outrage or disgust over something like Gitmo and other normalization of torture.

I simply do NOT understand what drives such attitides and actions among the public who do know what is going on.

Lou Gheppeti would drop little bombs by saying things like "Your family's cruelty towards you is infamous".

If that is so then why ddnt anyone tell ME about it before now? Why did only two decent therapists even try to tackle this reality and that was in the late 80s. After getting clean therapists would stone wall me, bullshit me and basically avoid doing thier jobs. In the end it was Gheppetti again who informed me by telling me that those professionals were NOT doing their jobs.

I can understand people of another class trying to write this off as poverty based ( so they dont have to deal with their own sh*t in actuality) writing me off as this is what happens to poor families or at least sick families too poor to hide how sick they are, but workers in homeless industry?

At Pine St early on an advocate there actually helped throw me to the dogs or let this system destroy me by saying "You're a smart woman, youll figure this out". These people worked with the crooked authorities and covert factions and simply sent me on my way (off to my potential death basically) by giving me this bullshit send off, that becuz I was smart I could ace this or figure it out. PI John Panderos, who from my understanding had some hand in setting me up, said to me "You're strong, you can take it".

I cannot believe that so many homeless programs are in sync with organized crime. That people who work with these populations woukd be so cold as to side with gross abuses of human rights and even war crimes.

Perhaps they have convinced themselves of the cover stories, but I always thought the public would be that stupid and easy to fall into being cruel to people. These just dont seem like the types to behave this way.

So what we have here is a society that is for the most part false. Steeped in corruption and darkness as the norm, yet what makes me most want to vomit is their hiding behind Judeo-Christian religious culture as well as the appearances of being good responsible citizens.
Its all lies. These people have PROVEN themselves to be simply a typical mob of human animals. They only live as they do to hide, not to truly live. They are liars only living as they do for social acceptability.

I would rather deal with overtly evil, criminal people who do not waste my time with deceptions.

I never realized there were so many people in society who are simply hiding. Who are just as sick as my grandfather was or as in traumatized denial like his wife lived out her life. And when something like this occurs, they collectively know what is going on and wont TELL THE VICTIM?? What the hell is that?

Its as if they really dont know any better, yet they lay back on their laurels, of being legitimatimized in society by education, property ownership, job, or family /other group membership.

I simply cannot believe that my mother and that culture from the 60s was correct all along: never trust the straights, always watch people and you never know who you are really dealing with until you live with them...and even then.

Recovery culture and alot of gang stalking after I got clean in 1995 is what is partially to blame for my losing my claws and my street smarts. I was brainwashed into the idea of becoming an upstanding, productive citizen and that all that dirty criminal thinking was a part of the drug culture exclusively, that it didnt apply to regular society.

Of course my situation was specifically difficult and controlled by gs which I did not realize back then. Moving in with my family was a mistake but i would have been harassed and mind gamed out of a half way house anyway, looking back, gs is one of the reasons i kept falling back into drug use. I couldnt understand why 'normal life' never seemed to work and people seemed to make it difficult. In reality, the system of handling mind control victims only backed off when I returned to the adult entertainment industry and got back on drugs, making me controllable.

What is mind blowing is how many people who are out in society that will continue to help keep a person like me down even though its obvious I am way beyond that behavior and am growing and healing. People who should know better.

This is why Survivors are ignored. The people I have experienced mistreating me in ways that cannot be imagined or misconstrued by me, will come out of a closed room where I was mistreated and deal with the next member of the public as if nothing is wrong, as if no evil exists in the world, as if they are not capable of such behavior or they would never do such a thing. As if they are decent, upstanding, responsible professionals.

This is why many people dont believe our stories as well as the constant misinformation campaigns surrounding this subject matter.

Just once I would like to understand what motivates these people. People who appear responsible, normal, decent citizens with no apparent vices or vulnerabilities that would force them to go along with this system.

I want to understand. Why do theu hide? Why not just be overt about being evil? This means then that deception IS necessary and employed by these people in order to function as they do in what seems to be a huge network nationwide. The cruelty and unprofessional behavior they are capable of is not normal.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

FB Page Organized Crime Uses Cancer For Assasination

Syria Uses GS Tech Interruptions To Censor Dissidents..(but American TIs Are Simply Delusional)

They have been doing this here for years, to people like TIs. Why cant America admit it does what every other country does thats heavy handed except they do it through covert or black ops?

Also this proves it indeed can be done and TIs are not imagining things or delusional.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Survivors May Be Slaves Of The Elite, But Its Better Than Being Common

I think I understand more each year why the elite, as we like to refer to them, are so intent on harassing Targets. I realize that the true danger lies with the common people. In a way the elite are perhaps trying to get us to see we are more like them than the common people we deal with many of whom are involved in gang stalking simply out of jealously to 'prove' somehow that we are not so special, that we are simply targeted due to the cover stories.

Of course the mass is utilized by the designers of these campaigns, knowing they think and behave this way and its a sort of lesson really. After years of dealing with the public in this situation you realize that many of them simply cannot grasp what is really going on. That they want you to be common like them, they want to go beyond bringing you doing to thier level, they dont even KNOW anything else is thier problem.

I see now that people who are targeted probably know more about why they are targeted and about the higher ups and thier true motivation for these campaigns than the people in on the harassment on lower levels. I now believe that they can only accept cover stories and it is thier defense against the unknown that denies we are mind control survivors, born into Ritual Abuse families, even human experimentation which is documented. They cant accept these realities becuz firstly it would make them NOT special and so they have to believe the TI is just a piece of sh*t as marketed. Secondly, they are not smart enough, talented enough..simply elite ENOUGH to comprehend such levels of existence anyway.

And setting TI's up as mentally ill even before they know what is going on is perfect. As of right now, whoever is reading this after I write and post it can simply say I am delusional, first with paranoia and then with delusions of grandeur. Its THAT simple.

I never realized how key psychiatry and the mental hygiene culture was to hiding the realities of secret societies as well as the existence of real magick in the world. This might also be why very strong cultures that believe in religion are targeted, other than Jews it seems, becuz that is a threat. When humans can find it in themselves to believe in something, the state then has less power. Especially when its a personal relationship with a god like figure or worse for them: you own god spark. They absolutely hate this and cannot allow it to exist, especially nowadays when there is this USSR/East German like obsession with handing all your power over to The State, as it were. Which isnt even the government anymore though that is who appears to be demanding servitude.

So a culture is constructed to make them the stars, make them special. American Idol, reality shows, destroy a few real talents that have to go before they start remembering or becoming powerful with age anyway (Spears, Lohan etc) to show the public THEY are the ones who rule, that MOB RULES. And they will serve the authorities forever, a symbiotic relationship, a mutual admiration society. No law, no order, no justice no true appreciation of these concepts left. Just obsession with self and instant gratification, a cult like existence.

For instance, I cannot to this day be around places like Berkeley for too long, due to there being way to many African Americans who are in on gang stalking or think they know whats going on. They cannot get past the idea that I was always more than just a Target, more than just a contracted hit or contract for harassment. They absolutely hate the fact that I turned out to be more than just some pimped out idiot as the cover story sells to the public. Blacks are very dangerous in these circumstances, not the ones who really understand whats going on and want to truly fight the system but the House Slaves, the Wannabes- the ones who are part of the huge gang networks or even COINTELPRO, however its set up nowadays- like the gang network is under CIA rule so they do thier dirty work in order to keep operating etc. Whatever the set up is these are NOT blacks who are fighting the system. They are out for themselves or some whacked out belief system such as the Black Guerilla gang I posted about last night, who has allies with the Weather Underground. Interestingly, these two gangs are allies with the Simbinese Army or whatever that is that kidnapped Patty Hearst in the 70's. WE SAW HER SUFFER FROM BEING BRAINWASHED WITH TORTURE AND TYPICAL CULT MIND CONTROL TACTICS. WE SAW THE RESULTS. THIS MEANS THAT THESE GANGS ARE FULL WELL AWARE OF MIND CONTROL.

In fact they could be the ones that were doing the experimentation, poking and probing around, kidnapping Survivors like myself messing around with that trying to find out how it works, becuz it doesnt make sense that any state actor or secret society would have to poke and probe around and experiment with a programmed person becuz they would already know how it works. Why would they have to test such things?

There was a faction involved that is very curious about programming and had what seemed like an elementary knowledge of the details, trying stupid sh*t like entering dreams trying to get information etc. During Bush the blackest projects were being toyed with. Some very nasty, awful things. And STILL they couldnt get it right.
Whoever is behind this needs to face facts: the Orders run things. You're idiots compared to these higher powers. You are a joke. You are ants. What you are doing is building a Tower of Babel, with the same results I assume.

Its like they were trying to access other dimensions or the human soul itself. It was disgusting really. Ridiculous. Well, at least you know where all that unaccounted for money goes to or money from black market activities. Wasted on trying to be gods.

I am sure they think they got somewhere too. Like they accomplished something or harvested the info they wanted to further some aspect of thier own growth. All they did was screw up the order of things as well as destroy some very special, wonderful people who happen to house souls that are here for thier own purpose one that mankind has NO business dictating or interfering with.

And all this knowledge I have, all these years of suffering and aging and physical damage due to this battle can be written off as my being mentally ill, delusional or living in a functioning delusion, as in I function well or am high functioning within the context of my being mentally ill ultimately.

All that is bullshit. I am very lucky to be able to give details about years of working with Julia as well as details about any other part of my life that other people know are true and are too close to reality to be made up. Also coming after me during a federal investigation where my untouchable former associate never got busted or questioned was a bit sloppy and provides me with more leverage, as its a bit suspect that no one realized I was soooo insane or there was never a diagnoses or a problem with my sanity until that federal investigation.

I am going to catch you. I am going to sue whoever I can and I am going to expose this for what it is. And all the backwards blacks in the world or determined gang members or wanna bes or jealous commoners or egomaniacs in show biz or at least the sexist music industry are NOT going to stop me. Using small time petty shit to first get your jollies and then cover up the most classified ridiculous human experimentation known to man during Bush is totally unacceptable. Worse than that is trying to downgrade me and minimize this situation by harassing me into the street where every common, UNspecial wannabe idiot is trying collectively to bring me down or get into my pants or whatever so that eventually even I forget who I am, what I know, who I knew and what I was supposed to be in this life that has been altered.

You WILL NOT make me forget who I am and you can keep it up with the commoners constantly trying to make me out to be nuts, yet all the while they salivate just to be seen in public speaking to me to get a name for themselves.

I am going to pay you back for making me live among these people, for surrounding me with peasants while I should have been up in the castle.

I dont mean other travelers and other special people, I dont mean folk and family, of which there are all races, etc. I mean the idiots who so often are around those scenes that we all have to deal with. They suck. And this society makes sure that we have to deal with them constantly in order to get any kind of needs met like showers etc. This is all done on purpose to further bring down the very special, spiritual and naturally psychic perhaps magickal people who hit the road, knowing that 'normal' society is not welcoming to them, especially nowadays.

And if any one psychiatry person wants to question any of what I do or write with nonsense about 'magical thinking' I can start naming clients, important ones, professors etc and start telling how my own psychiatrist f*cked me over for this campaign and we will see how harsh reality about organized crime and crooked cops etc stands up (and crushes) made up bs like psychiatry.

Gangs Run America and We Are Focused On Foriegn Terror Instead, Why?

So let me get this straight. Nothing truly beneficial to society can ever exist or real change to the system due to organized criminal activity which now includes corporations and state actors at the root or overseeing to begin with?

THAT is the world we live in now?
From what I have seen I know damn well they can fix this or catch anyone they want.

Love the part about money laundering and skimming off the top through drug and recovery programs...homeless industry too from what I have experienced.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Mother Jones Terrorists For The FBI: Busting Terrorist Plots Or Leading Them

This article might make Targets feel a bit better. Validated perhaps.

Considering that a federal investigation of people around me was used as a cover story this isn't too far off.

Gang Stalking/Covert Ops Denier Vid Makes You Tube Featured Video

This is the YouTube channel for this awful young woman who has posted an extremely irresponsible video on organized stalking and harassment. She has not allowed comments on this video AND its now a featured video on YouTube.


Also I tried to comment on her channel, but when I signed in to do so, the comment box was no longer visible.

She is normal looking and a female as well as deals with things like rape and its social impact etc on her channel. This is not good becuz she is far too credible and seemingly sympathetic.

However she is immature as well as ignorant about politics as she totally avoids approaching the subject with any consideration.

This is yet another put down, another attempt at disillusionment and to induce doubt.

Its part of the bullying and don't allow it to get to you.
She's either got her own deep seated issues she can't deal with or she's knowingly a provocateur.

Many talented, successful artists are in on this, and people involved in media and higher education.

Just look at my perps. Gheppetti was an art teacher at Museum of Fine Arts School Boston, Jeanette Angel who wrote two books ghostwritten partially with my old friend/associate Julia was a BU professor and author (which Julies less valued friends were never told), and countless powerful men associated with the latter have been in on this.

Jake and his little buddies from the music industry.

Recall how hard I was harassed at Emerson College Boston?

Anyone who does not have the sense or the guts to simply look at the vids of the Pres Advisory Committee On Human. ..Experiments to plainly see that organized stalking and harassment are par the course in being a victim witness is not worth listening to.

Perhaps make videos responding to this or countering her TOTALLY IGNORANT rant on this subject matter.

What is she going to deny behavior mod next or any other form of brain washing?

This is more than ignorance, this is on purpose.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

More Testimony For A World Wide Prison

First time I have seen this link I believe.
So this is what I have been trying to describe eslecially through experiencing it first hand.