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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Is Boston Red Sox Official Hospital? What Was I Thinking

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center the "Official medical center of the Boston Red Sox"?

What was I thinking obviously I wasnt able to think straight or reason or assess risk properly.

No wonder I was harassed so much more overtly and worse than any other dept by the doctor and her resident in the spine center and Ortho just brushed it all off as my being just like an athlete who had worked my body too hard for years (traveling with a backpack to get bersitis).to me as a TI than BU affiliated that's for sure.

I really made a mistake with the Red Sox affiliation.

I recall hating the sign that stated the connection every time I saw it in the lobby but it never clicked logially that this was not a wise course of action.

And the harassment Ive encountered today is as usual done by African Americans as is the trend lately in order to induce racist or anti black comments on my part of course documented by security or other cams and to discredit.

As Ive documented the stalking and harassment in the past were done by various kinds of people in this hospital.

Today actions were subtle and not psychologically complex. Simple anti homeless behavior (discredits Target due to being or appearing homeless) and perpetrated by African peoples (to induce racism and serve to discredit).

Im placing a complaint against the security who was plainly anti homeless or classist (based on profiling ) when I entered the building.

The other harassment was too concealed to report as it seems random much of it perpetrated by the all black female staff at the first floor Health Care Associates where my doctor is located, various staff of the hospital in passing and people who appear to be random in thw crowd who are here on hospital business.

If all goes well I should be changing doctors at least or at most -hospitals or residence.

Harvard Medical School affiliates are unavoidable in this area and its more profe

Sweden Is Major Arms Dealer Even To Dictators And Is Now Switching Up Their Game Like Everyone Else/Viking Fair Trade

Well this explains any and all involvement I had experienced from Swedish influences such as media psy ops or anything involved in MK Ultra such as deprogramming, attempted reprogramming or further experimentation.

And like everyone else now they are pulling out the troops if you will. Everywhere i look companies and govts are changing guard (long time CEOs or employees key to ganh stalking activities, etc).

It doesn't matter what the improvements appear to be. Everyone has made their money. Now it's time to evade capture...or responsibility.

One thing about the Scandinavians though-like in the ancient days of Viking traders (not just raiding pirates) there's a fair trade. Its in them a quality they have despite themselves or perhaps it's still a quality they posess doing business.

Greg Allman (Anglicanized from Ullman as many American southern Nordics did) wrote a song about stealing your diamonds but he would surely bring you back some gold.
This seems to be something in their nature thats very ancient and part of who they are.

Wher America seeks to rob you, suck u dry then make sure you stay down for life and hopefully become satisfied with conforming to a station in life and level of stimulation far beneath your original abilities it seems when you get used or decieved by this culture you get something to replace what was taken.

I have a far greater sense of my power available to me from Scandinavian DNA. Its fully available to me. My DNA is not modern but acquired during the old times.

I will have the understanding of its power, strength and durability for the rest of my lifetime.
Scandinavias mysteriousness has been solved for me. I now have more than other people will ever have.

This cant be taken away by another administration, new agendas, another war even continued MK Ultra experimentation.

It was fair trade.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Targeted Individuals Are 'Forever Detainees'-Transfers Of GTMO Prisoners Obama Attempts To Close Camp

TIs are all Forever Detainees.

The discreditation efforts are at an all time high now. They are obsessed with inducing racism for this purpose specifically using people of sub Saharan or west Adrican types aka ' 'black' people which is largely African American.

The Cold War and American Military Industrial Academic Complex at MIT and Stanford

As many of you know MIT is in my home base city and there's been support there but also the gang stalking and remote influence has been always awful to deal with and in some instances shockingly overt unethical if not illegal.

As a traveler I come into contact with various universities and colleges involved in MK Ultra and today's mass mind control program.

Sadly universities are a major source of harassment and lots of pain and suffering for Targets yet by their very nature they've provided help, support, safety from a degenerating society outside the collegiate environment and a sense of mental safety and balance -whicj might be why access to these places has become increasingly limited to outsiders perhaps due to the chaos troops being sent in to purposely ruin it for everyone.

That has seemed the trend over past five years.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Must Relocate No Activism Allowed Barely Able To Survive

Broke up with my companion. Going to leave and relocate somewhere that has a serious activist scene not a place like this thats completely sold out.

I don't think activism can actually be done in any real meaningful way in the USA anymore.

Ive also found that the new administrations in Cambridge and Boston have made changes to the area so that its harder to function as a houseless individual much less a activist who's homeless, mostly due to their activism (whistle blowers, black listing etc).

Ever since the new administration in Cambridge took over peoples of African drscent have completely taking over the women's homeless services(staff) and actively targeting white women. On The Rise finally fired their main racial antagonist but Heading Home (formerly Shelter Inc) has changed their day drop-in program and staff so every employee is African American or Afro Latino. They've also taken to excluding women who sleep outside by making that program basically into a little club for women who stay there at the night shelter program and other housed women in the area who are 'poor' not homeless or outside. The guests are almost exclusively women of African blood from various countries including locally.

So they are focused on serving the Central Square neighborhood not homeless women and specifically women who are outside who know shelters are just as bad as low income housing.

The male who was hired at Heading Home to replace Charles the beloved long time cook and day program manager (he was also in on GS but he showed humanity for Targets on many occasions and was a very diplomatic person.)
has control issues. His attitude is very much that he is the rooster in the hen house and brags he is tight with the director who hired him. Men shouldnt be allowed to be in or in charge of women's programs specifically not one single male who takes on an unfair power position.
Ive experienced the place to now have many things going on there that are against the rules or unethical. Women are being mistreated. I could document what I experienced as well as include complaints from other white women buy its pointless-this is happening over the entire area with homeless services.

Its nothing short of a black or Afro peoples conspiracy. And anyone who knows about what's really gone on in the USA over many past decades knows that these are many 'peoples of color' who work for the system itself. The elite's house slaves. COINTELPRO and the people connected to the Iran Contra scandal funding black street gangs with crack proves this.

Thats what i know and thats what Ive seen. Theres enough evidence at least for a conspiracy THEORY.

Once again one must ask why all these other issues take precedence over the human rights violations of all peoples by technologies and other advanced scientific methods being used by powerful entities unknown to influence and control even harm people.

One must look to COINTELPRO. It demonstrates that black peoples are capable and have been used by authorities to keep down dissidents as well as disrupt and destroy activism and organized groups who threaten Americas interests.

The public are unaware of this the way they are unaware of the effects of Fukushima fallout on north America. Probably more have heard of Fukushimas melt down but consider it to have been a one time event.
Mass mind control ensures they forget or dont care and psy ops will ensure they get distracted.

This explains why it was imperative that I was targeted last summer to FINALLY snap under pressure after so many years and react adversely in an incriminating way to harassment thats very reverse racist as well as anti homeless in nature even though its just gang stalking all along.

Now if I try to become active in stopping the reverse racism or conspiracy locally or seek to counter it with starting programs that prevent this abuse of homeless peoples who arent African in descent Im discredited and it appears as if I am just a racist.

The cop who arrested me threatened me with a psych eval due to my crime. So one suffers from mental disorders nowadays if they dont like a certain culture destroying their own or being marginalized???

This area is dead. For life and activism. Walking thru it daily is akin to walking thru a graveyard. Something has died in Cambridge's character.
Even the damn local pot dealer has been replaced by a ghetto type who isnt what Harvard was ever about. His brother hits drunk women in public, cant stop flexing and muscling on the corner and even struck a well known and tolerated mentally disabled homeless man who doesnt drink and is neat, keeps to himself.
Becuz this is the reality of black ghetto culture and behavior and its now mandatory to accept it as defining poverty for all races and cultures. Psychologically the message is its what you deserve if you are poor or homeless.
Harvard was protected for years and whoever is in charge now doesn't care as long as student, tourist or Yuppie money isnt disturbed.
Even the HSHS or The Lutheran shelter run by Harvard students now has creepy, annoying or trouble making African Americans to perform harassment of Targets or generally do what the black male running the womens program at Heading Home does: be a singular domineering black force for the purposes of intimidating the population.
Keep in mind two things. Years ago students were doing overt and covert harassment of TIs at HSHS and this program has had plenty of African Americans as guests. They were always people who either were part of the Harvard street scene or they were people who Harvard's atmosphere would attract. Polite, intellectual, smart, interested in reading, academia etc. True Harvard Homeless types.
It now seems to be about destroying what Harvard once was and nothing else.
The blacks here in past few years are rude, ghetto, ignorant or posess stereotypical qualities of Boston's or other keep down black culture that isnt Harvard's culture.
Last year there were multiple blacks here harassing me and other clients. This year no one is overtly harassing anyone but it's done in sneaky ways.

Its not about racism. Its about a difference in culture. People who are attracted to Harvard area are people who need peace, civility and an intellectual, collegiate, artistic environment to survive as human beings. Dumbing down or stupidity or keep down cultures make whatever is ailing us worse and takes hope away from us and prevents enjoyment of life.

There is a young modern Islamic kid here now who fits in to the local scene well. He also dislikes the habits of this culture. Harvard homeless people by nature are always repelled against certain qualities. Which is why we stay here and not in Central Sq or Boston.
They dont do background or criminal checks here or require an ID to get in. When it was just local homeless and we all knew each other we could feel safe and comfortable with each other in the shelter but now strangers have come and they arent locals so we have no idea who we are dealing with.
Theres a black guy here whos a creeper that sits to eat so he can stare at me sleeping and that Muslim kid says he had to put blankets up on his bed becuz he stares and creeps at him at night. He said that he couldve got kicked out of other shelters and staff here would never know. (Footage will be provided later.)

Its all about making it look like people who are trying to preserve a quality of life that isnt based on their income but their culture, are bad people and 'racist' for doing so. This is just another phase of the enslavement of humanity in the NWO.
Dont leave any stone unturned and let no neighborhood or group or people escape the great dumb down.

Some people have suggested its all part of trying force homeless people to get housed. Which of course is not only also unethical and against human/civil rights its also utter bullshit.

Its just the next phase in handling Targets or anyone who is a threat to the system.

They know we cant go inside. So if we do not or claim we cannot we are creating a problem for society willingly as 'The Homeless'.

I've personally experienced section 8 and low income housing to be psycho managed by this system (GS, mind control) using technologies mostly. In recent years Ive been in other people's sec 8 or low income apartments and the living space was definitely not at peace or totally normal and without interference with its occupants.
I have been dealing with this system long enough to know the red flags and signs of a building that is targeted with microwave or electromagnetic technologies.

Part of managing a physical space might be putting cell phone repeaters on top of the building as i had in my apartment in Brighton MA when this GS campaign became 24 7 after 9-11 and with the start of the war in 2003 under George Bush. Isnt it convenient that poorer areas have more of these on top of roofs to generate income Churches, shelters (Pine Street Inn) and low income HUD funded buildings. In Harvard Sq there's a ridiculous amount of cell repeaters for how small the area is. Which is why its so difficult for Targets here.

I've also experienced the corruption that appears to be consistent within HUD no matter who's in office or what's going on.
They allowed corruption from the real estate company Olnick that owned the apartment that destroyed my life and my health permanently. And as far as I can tell it now continues with all poor peoples and targeted individuals who live in the housing their funding provides.
HUD is extremely dangerous due to its size and influence with internal corruption but also they are unable to stand up to any outside influences involved in larger corruption.

In my experience you have to have to pay to NOT suffer under this system. Areas where people have means seem to be either not psycho managed at all or they have a very pleasant environment that's emotionally and mentally satisfying. Lexington MA is an example of this.

Whatever was once here that desired balance is no longer.

I can't sleep safely at night i cant nap during the day i cant utilize day drop in services like i used to and other factors equate: i cannot write, do my activism, expose corruption, start my book or most importantly-seek trustworthy legal council.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

GangStalking= Counter Intelligence Assanda Shakur

GangStalking=CounterIntelligence Assata Shakur

So you take a white oppressed or victimized person and turn them into a racist by having mostly people of African descent or origin harass them, stalk them even involved in the most brutal part of 'gang stalking'-torture, virtual, electronic or psychic sexual assault and the continued victimization of the Target as an MK Ultra human experimentee.

I dont think any true black rebellion exists in the US anymore everyone's probably been exiled or destroyed. If there is its underground and in very alternative scenes.

Either African Americans and their immigrant counterparts are playing ultimate house slave nowadays to survive and flourish in America (which is most of what I see) or they are misled into believing their lives as gang members, prisoners or other 'rebellious lifestyles are NOT ultimately run by the powers that be. (See Iran Contra and the creation and drug funding of gangs such as The Bloods and Crips etc. Formerly conspiracy theory now documented).

Why if Equality and Diversity will lead to a perfect world are non minority middle and lower class people suffering, being displaced, having our heritage culture and quality of life destroyed here and especially in Europe?

Becuz humans are greedy animals and therw is no such thing as long term peace or 'social justice'. Ine group always has to give up so another may have..AND THE ELITE ARE GOING TO MAKE SURE IT ISN'T THEM even though they owe the pricetag.

And you wonder why people like me see every major city in this country as the elites, snobby no claas new money, wanna be rich YUPpies and their pets or house slaves -namely African Americanswho seem to be playing the same roles they did hundreds of years ago, and new waves of third world immigrants that will do anything to make their way in the United States.

What she describes is in large part whats involved in gang stalking even MK Ultra behavior modification.

The concepts of social justice that don't factor in realities about cultures and history in this country and others are being used to create an elites wet dream where no one will question them.
Not if everyone is being minded by house slaves or people being brought up in a culture where black being COINTELPRO for the elite is the norm-as long as they get theirs.

Ive been treated like a wayward field slave for too many years in the beginning of this campaign being homeless-until I realized just how many African Americans were in on gang stalking and couldn't be trusted.

Even treating me as a TI as if I was someone who needed to 'grow up' or behave or think differently.

I distinctly recall seeing a black COINTELPRO agent in a video in an interview from the 60s where his main complaint was "these people need to learn how to act". Revolutionaries who are African American need to "learn how to act" according to a black fed agent?

Ive become quite bitter, racialist and resentful of the abuse ive suffered from being gang stalked by sub Saharan African peoples. Especially shocking is their involvement in the experimentation and torture involving advanced technologies, chemicals and even psychic warfare.

Dont be fooled by the promise of a perfect world by somehow depending on the fate of African peoples.

Their ranks are infiltrated, bought and sold. They are agents for the elite-house slaves and handlers.

And they will do you just as quickly as the people they work for to gain for themselves.

Being a TI Ive experienced black agents if you will, placed in every city across the USA. Often they are in the military or part of a gang. The ones in straight up gang stalking groups were eerily reminiscent of the members of The Jim Jones 'Peoples Temple' cult.

What I have seen isn't supposed to exist becuz African peoples are supposed to be hapless oppressed victims. But also not intelligent enough or capable of covert warfare much less classified projects like MK Ultra.

We're supposed to blame that on those super white Germans, remember? But what about others involvement in MK Ultra in the USA? What happens when Project Paperclip yields results?

To discredit real activists and to destroy potential leaders. Thats what COINTELPRO did according to Shakur.

Imagine if you could create a society where all revolutionaries are crushed, even before they are formed and the people, formerly a problem-disatisfied marginalized people could help you mind, run and control that society?

Anyone expendable or a problem..or stupid ends up in the consistently profitable corporate prison system.

This is a major example of divide and conquer. One most people are dissuaded from seeing clearly right now.

Harassment In Cambridge Getting Aggressive Since Improved Health And File Review For Book

Since started getting health improved like with dental care and also i refuse to leave the area and am making headway with going thru files for book-harassment is getting nasty and aggressive as in outright attacks.

Just now was harassed by 4 males in Dunkin Donuts on Church st in Harvard Sq Cambridge MA. They finally left quickly as i logged into my blog.

They came in as a group, all  males typical in this location and area and part of the campaign has always been using males against  me especially First Responder types or tradesmen in small businesses like carpenters, plumbing companies etc.  I avoid the other Dunkins becuz the HUPD goes in there and there's been outright harassment always under the guise of us or my being houseless ("Why do they have to bring their stuff in here?" Two neatly packed traveler packs? Ask anyone how particular I am about consolidating space to make sure my 'stuff' is neat, and never in anyone's way. All my friends hate this about me.) so since the HUPD seems to think they own that one Dunkins near Staples I come in here, besides, the employees are very nice and the best service in the area for DD shops (this little moody Asian woman in the HUPD Dunkins actually told  me once after I brushed my teeth in the bathroom before coffee "You do that ah hum, ha-ney!!" I always imagine her working the front door at a Thailand brothel before coming over here.) However, it seems I cant win, becuz all the firemen, ambulance drivers and workmen (tradesmen) use this DD, but at least these demographics are a bit less uppity and outspoken than thier university police male counterparts.
I often sense a lot of hanging around, trying to intimidate by being around me, typical stupid male bs which I ignore. I mean...they are just men aren't they? AT MY AGE? They are all starting to look like silly little boys acting up in class at this part of life. Why so many 'regular guys' are stuck in this mode of behavior in this area of the country I don't understand. Its part of the culture.

However, this was different. They seemed to come in as a group with intent and they did things that were very specific that were timed. I am old enough of a woman to know when little boys are playing 'hunting party'. This is how males function. Sometimes they observe and play with a female animal to see what goes on. When they are on a hunt its very obvious.

They waited until I came back to my corner where my coffee was, they then kept singing "Feed the World" that Christmas song from the 80s. I recently made a comment, a few times actually in varying public places about really hating that song. (Its a total fake celebrity bunch of bs for charity. We all know it. No one fed the world. Nothing changed but it was the 80s, MTV was new and we all felt good which is what the 80s was about.)
They also had a sports game blasting out of a smartphone. I know one thing about hardcore Boston sports fans-there would be no signing of 'Feed the World' while trying to listen to a game. That didn't make sense either.
I then put on some Viking metal on my smartphone. The reaction was to stupidly hum along the base and drum line from the pack leader male, which is also not a normal reaction in this area. It was combative. It was prepared for.

One older guy was behind us all looking on at this while the other guys acted like assh*les, which was really creepy in itself. It was definitely intimidation and Ive mentioned them doing this before. Using something that obviously was taken from surveillance cameras in another location at a different time-the point is to show the TI that 'they' are always watching. That the people harassing you right now are connected to the larger system that has authority over the area. That they work for the people behind the cameras.

Creating a god like presence is a very big part of gang stalking especially Survivors of mind control projects. The faceless, all powerful, all knowing entity. Really  its just intelligence and authorities utilizing modern communications. The psy ops I mentioned. TIs know damn well the Wizard of OZ is just a man behind a curtain but they want keep brainwashing the TI to feel as such. Intimidation is their number one method.

They continued to be jerks until I began pulling up my blog then they organized to get out of there, as if also timed and pre planned.

They looked like 'regular guy' workmen but something about them reeked of like..say, military industrial complex, intelligence. Something a bit nastier, more sinister. Uppity.

Total assholes really.
Add to this that....

Last night a slightly tipsy male urinated on the sleeping gear of myself and companion while we were sleeping. He wasn't that drunk and it was done maliciously. It was no accident.
He had to lean over the railing of a residence/ business of which was under construction to do so. Thus he urinated in public and in open view on a street, not even hidden decently like he could have done so around the back of a building or an alley.
As Harvard has become more intolerant due to careless, disrespectful homeless in recent years, sleeping in front of buildings under construction that are vacant is common usually as long as you are neat, dont leave a mess and are reasonable and respectful of the time limits being there.

This was that jerk's eye view last night. He claimed he didn't see us but he wasn't surprised by us catching him nor did he seem apologetic. He seemed arrogant actually and way to chill about walking away from what he had just done.:

 Railing; just to the left there was another under construction doorway with one person (couldn't see who) sleeping peacefully. I guess he didn't see them.

 This is where the grey vehicle was parked, where this black car is now. Thats the railing.

Vehicle he was leaving in was parked in front of 129 Mount Auburn St Cambridge MA, the site of his offense.
MA lic plate # 951 XM either '5' or 'L' . Grey Volvo type station wagon. White male, longish black hair. Driver short hair. About 2-2:30 am.

I suspected it was a set up becuz when police were called all we got was taunting amusement. This may have been the typical attitude of graveyard shift cops but its also common play in a harassment set up. People are told the target(s) might call in.
I informed my companion to hang up and lets look for local cops who are part of the neighborhood, know of us and care about locals.
The men who answered the call just as were going to go look for police indeed real cops who did their job. One driving a vehicle went to search for the car.
They saw the trail he left up to where the car was parked from the railing around the building's railing around the doorway under construction. This is due to the fact we weren't quite asleep and caught him doing it so he had to retreat to the grey vehicle in mid stream of urination.

It  may well have been a set up but it also might have just been a jerk who is part of the major anti-homeless sentiment Ive experienced this year in this area.

Another possibility is that its part of a Dirty Tricks Dept type of anti homeless campaign not to target TIs but to target 'The Homeless' as a group.
Authorities learned a lot from OCCUPY remember, being that the camps were in major cities and towns downtown areas. I notice in the news a lot of these same covert methods are being used as homeless deterrents.  Who would be behind that is not my concern, as I have bigger things Ive been working on for years than just a bunch of out of touch YUPpies, Hipsters and an atypical modern day 'Save Main Street' bullying, territorial business association.
But to them, I might just seem like one of the more undesirable homeless who refuses to leave.
 (I am not kept down by addiction, I have issues with foreign workers in the area being disrespectful to homeless and I am not afraid to speak up as well as I am older and this is sort of unpopular in this area, especially if you aren't drunk, high or basically a sad case. Why that is I don't know. They just don't like brunette bitches in this area who are adamant about mouthing off to anyone who gets in thier way. I don't even know if half of them even know what my actual activism is about. They probably have been fed, at the start of every year, some slander and smear that works against me and thats all they need becuz..people aren't that bright about political intrigue anymore nor are they interested. Harvard is no longer really the "Kremlin on the Charles" it was described by Nixon as. Its very Liberal ELITIST which means money first, Liberalism second and the Bohemian feel of the place is gone, its very unpopular. In fact, Bush and Bloomberg just got a commencement this summer which shows you whats going on now. However, there is some element remaining that supports what I am doing but I feel its less and less each year. Especially with  my waking up to the fact that the Left, specifically involving race, is being used by the elite to further the NWO not for actual freedom, liberty and exposing the truth. Its very dangerous to upset Liberals in the northeast about race. Its a hard fact of the 21st century that they aren't ready for yet. Berkeley CA and Cambridge, MA still live painfully in the 1970s in  many ways concerning race. Anyone familiar with the black activists of that time frame know damn well that those people hardly even exist anymore and if they do they work from underground scenes. COINTELPRO has been around too long. The CIA funded the black street gangs -see Iran Contra-and in  my experience they are all doing thier dirty work.
These are not freedom fighters. Its obvious that the new challenges of the 21st century are being hidden behind a smokescreen provided by the old structure of struggle from the 20th and that the Liberal Left has been infiltrated or they are being used due to working on the same old agenda not realizing so much has changed.
When you have advanced technologies, communications providing advancements in psy ops and the use, daily, of chemical influences on the masses via chem trails or even vents on buses or in buildings or train stations-its no longer about oppression by the white male etc or black causes meshed with women's rights.

This is an entirely different form of war now.
I will do a piece about how black civil rights causes and other 20th century causes championed by the Left are being used by the elite to bring in the NWO.)

By the way we and everyone in Harvard are grateful to the local people for whatever small tolerance continues to exist  despite a horrible influx of very bad out of town homeless about three years ago that completely destroyed our little scene. I am still suspicious becuz traveling the same thing happened in Austin TX and other liberal places at the same time. Drugs were pumped into the area as never before. I still suspect it was a campaign to blow up the area and create chaos. That's what this system does. It creates problems then solves them.

The problem with these areas is that they don't understand how to demand standards of Homeless people. They oscillate between too tolerant to zero tolerance. Bad squatting, messiness and unhygienic practices are never acceptable. Neither is overly aggressive pan handling or harassment from Homeless people. Many kids out here are totally clueless about how to be hidden or work with the community. They grew up with the new warrior cop and it just seems like a war out here instead of a community which is very sad.
For me that's on top of the war I have been waged in for a decade with this shadow system. 
Ive been doing this for years and Ive seen some unbelievable things. Believe me, its totally feasible.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Dental Health And Memory

I just got teeth fixed. My memory loss was much worse as my teeth decayed as well as my cardiac health.

I resent loosing teeth. Some sort of primal instinct. Ive preserved themselves pretty well considering the years Ive been forced to be homeless and terrorized into traveling the country (though this has been invaluable to my activism and self defense).

After I had a two pulled in back due to decay I realized how important to health they really are.
Its of utmost priority to take care of your health as a Target especially considering how the system deteriorates a TIs health over time by toying with the persons health care either by purposeful negligence ('passive' gang stalking) or by outright screwing up on purpose to harm the Target. Harassmemt and psychological warfare and intimidation can make TIs not want to ever see a health professional again.

Other medical professionals cover for harm done by their peers becuz the Target may be well known and a 'problem' they want to desperately get rid of or discredit effectively.

Ill health makes discreditation easier for the gang stalking system. Illness begins to effect mood, decision making even memory. Chronic pain specifically for us Survivors of mind control projects and Ritual Abuse, can only be blocked out or compartmentalized for so long.

The perps know how mind controlled slaves or Survivors of programming are and how Survivors are designed from birth.
They know how we work and function inside and they play on this. They purposely exploit and overtax our systems so that we faulter, break down and cant handle the workload.

Behavior modification on Survivors is akin to programmers breaking down computers.
Blow the thing out, destroy the structure and then you can start anew to your liking.

Destroying health and driving us crazy is their way of doing this. Self love and care are the most important things in this war. Notice how much of the harassment consists of getting you to hate yourself, to become concerned with whay the community thinks and to destroy your inner confidence and strength?

Saturday, December 13, 2014

More Photographic Evidence Suggests Boston Bombing Was Training Exercise


In a real bombing common EMT protocols dictate that victims, by and large, get treated according to their needs. A person with life threatening injuries would be attended to with more urgency and receive more attention than those with lesser injuries. The same approaches may not hold for a mock bombing where roles may be assigned to rescuers, and a rescuer who was assigned to one victim would not depart from that role for fear of upsetting the entire role playing exercise."

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Former Boston Fire Chief Steve E Abraria a Mossad Plant..Or Simply Refused To Play Well With Others In Conspiracy?

Former Boston Fire Chief Steve E Abraria a Mossad Plant?

"Dianne Foster on June 3, 2013 at 9:59 pm-

I would be very wary of assuming that he is out because he was “in on it” –resignation is what you do when you disapprove of what goes on. It could go either way –he could have refused to play the game the city was playing with a drill-gone-live. Whatever you think of the feds, the City of Boston and all its politicians (as well as state and local) are up to their eyebrows in this. Fire stations as far away as Newton are on board with banners that say “Boston Strong”. So don’t be so quick to condemn this guy. He may be a stand-up guy and the rest may be dregs.

Doug on June 4, 2013 at 2:03 am-

The nuances and palace intrigue in the BFD are more Byzantine and torturous than the Imperial Royal Courts of Louis 14th and Chinese Emperor Hsu combined."

Lol. Yes, welcome to Boston.

And when you add to this the elite and their institutions psycho managing the area with the most advanced systems of tech and psychological warfare I've experienced anywhere else in the finally understand the necessity of such high drama.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Whitey Bulger Was MK Ultra LSD Experimentee In Alcatraz Prison/Covert Agencies Connection To Organized Crime

"Boston’s Two Mafias
In researching the book, I discovered the rich and gritty history of organized crime in Boston. The city’s underworld was ruled by two Mafias—the Italian Mafia, and what was to become under Whitey Bulger, the Irish Mafia."

"The Italians are on top of Boston’s underworld. The Irish gangs operate pretty much independently, ruling like princes in their principalities of Dorchester, Roxbury, Charlestown, Somerville, and South Boston, but for the most part minding their own business and staying out of the way of the Italian mob, living in peace among themselves—until Labor Day, 1961."    

" It was also during this period that an infamous secret deal was struck between Bulger and the FBI—a deal which was to alter the criminal landscape in Boston and ultimately lead to the fall of the Italian Mafia in Boston and New England.
     Back in the 1970s, the FBI was waging a crusade across the country against the Italian Mafia on orders from Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and FBI chief, J. Edgar Hoover. In Boston, the bureau thought the best strategy to break up La Cosa Nostra in this town was to pit the Irish gangs against the Italians, divide and conquer the underworld.

The Informant
     How do you divide and conquer the underworld? Recruit informants to tip off the FBI to Mafia moves. Find out how the Mafia operates. The FBI recruited Whitey Bulger as a TE (top echelon) informant."                                                                                                                                                                            
And then after you make it appear to the sheeple that the Mafia is gone, replace them with black and other lowly ethnic street gangs and use them to put crack out on the street, and during this period release crazies from the state mental hospitals and anything left of a street scene where Revolution might come from-just have the ethnic street gangs and other placed 'agents' harass any would -be dissidents. Especially if every agency is infiltrated due to 'necessity' like after an act of terrorism on American soil supposedly from a dangerous foreign threat.

Its better than the Mafia! Who by now  have washed all thier money clean and moved on to legit business interests while the public are so stupid they believe organized crime was destroyed due to busting a few figureheads and loud mouths in flashy suits!

A great show for the public. One that never ends.

Except during the days of the big bad awful mafia, you could mind your own business and actually afford a place to live. It wasnt a luxury for women to stay home with children. There wasnt a police state and people were realistic about crime and corruption. Citizens were adults not children and were supposed to deal with the realities and evils of humanity like adults.

Now people are being screwed more than in any point in history and they've terrorized everyone so badly people wont even admit theres corruption unless its something connected to Diversity or other cult mind control brainwash.

Example: the authorities arent to be fought against due to counter terrorism-unless they attack African Americans or other supposed innocents in society. (Ferguson, choke hold case).

Im also very skeptical about Whitey's status as an MK Ultra survivor. The timing of the story is too convenient. Would be nice to get some sort of documentation. Like for instance, the declassified government records of MK Ultra experiments that actually exist you can read or my mother's records from the US Military of her radiation experimentee an infamous MK Ultra hospital in Maryland, USA.
Yeah, like that.

One of the tricks of disinfo agents is claiming to be MK Ultra survivors and they get all this publicity, book deals etc yet people like me who have actual documentation are blocked even before we know what its all about and those leads that could be proven in a court of law are broken off so they can never be put together.
I doubt if my now totally sold out mother would ever reveal her records. She's still confused between the supposed harassment from when she was "working with the syndicate" and dropping her claim at the PACHRE becuz as she claimed "I was followed". She's so brainwashed she doenst even realize that this life long harassment stems from MK Ultra to begin with.
Most people I knew who were involved with organized crime who seemed gang stalked and targeted and very controlled with no freedom, perhaps money and other pleasures available to them but the harassment kept them in line-had some connections as children to CIA or military. Thier parents usually.

Its all so obvious how this works and its also blatantly obvious that organized crime is either fueld by these mind control programs, if Whiteys claim is to be believed or at least they work together with knowledge of each other on upper levels. Certainly the peons Ive encountered here who are involved with crooked cops over the years are totally clueless as to the involveedment of MK Ultra- their statements, seemingly genuine not faked, lead me to believe that they only understand that I, as a victim of corruption, would be harassed locally or that I was to be persecuted and made homeless only for a time, forcing me to start all over again etc.

They seem totally without the knowledge that this sysem is nation wide. That I am kept homeless by harassment in every city I go to, town I go through even truck stops depending on what state or region of the country. They also dont seem to understand that this is a life long state of existence or even understand that the Target is a Survivor of a black budget classified project.

Which  means that organized crime is involved  and thats what I've seen in my experiences over the years. It would not surprise me to find out, as I suspect that just like serial killers and Unibombers or lone shooters-that the shadow system of mind control which uses things learned in MK Ultra can take people who they find as promising young criminals and make them into successful career criminals.

It does seem like there are older factions that run the world who are behind the ever changing criminal organizations that come and go and each time it is thier old drug businesses and thier banks and companies that benefit while they stay safely in the background. The Italian mafia, the Irish mob, the Cuban and Colombians in Florida (Bush...hmmm) and now the black and Mexican gangs.
Each time they are used, fill up prisons, die and money is laundered through the same banks and the drugs come from the same families who might be involved since Opium trading. Shipping companies everything.

If these are old European families then its more likely that MK Ultra and other forms of mind control are used especially connected to intelligence services. People involved in intelligence work have been around every single civilization in history. Spies have always been. Assassins as well.

Does anyone ever question what has become of the wealth of the ancient world? Of Arabia or Rome or Greece? Egypt? The Orient?

We are so low and so uneducated on the level I exist on and most of the American public is on (I am smarter and more cunning than an educated middle or upper class citizen. I just happen to have the handicap of having been kept uneducated and in the lower classes all my life.) that we dont see what the world is really about. We take in whats handed to us to consume for information. We are told to only think about America and not what came before.

It would be interesting to ask Bulger personally if his claim is truth yet if he is being full of sh*t for whatever his motives are, the answer will be falsehood anyway. I really would like to see some documentation of MK Ultra experimentation at Alcatraz and some inmates names or numbers.

The worst to come out of anything to do with Bulger is that NWO supporter, psuedo Satanic little f*ck Depp is going to play him in a movie.

I look at Bulger's face and the faces of all the Mafia guys I may have met as a child and didnt recall or know thats who they were. Some of them look very Italian. Some of them look like me.

They all look like they suffered in life. Who looks as if they arent suffering and who looks as if they are the real evil bastards in the world? People like Depp. The legit people. The smug assholes whove made all this money from the war. Raytheon-all that.

I've come to the conclusion that organized crime is a diversion. War profiteering is just as vile....except those people dont look like they are suffering.

They just look plain evil.

Oh btw. The Jewish organized crime syndicates seem to have this talent for drifting in and out of history (as usual). They are involved in Las Vegas, they are in the Godfather movies. Yet, I dont recall any take downs like the other ethnic organized crime syndicates.

Hmm. Luck I guess.

Who is it that is behind movies like Hollywood makes with pieces of sh*t like Depp?

Oh also, a cop just a few years ago in Kenmore bragged that the Irish mob gives the Boston cops "hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, luv" so they haven't been taken down. Thats a joke and everyone here knows it. Of course right after that, they made it harder for scalpers to sell tickets at Kenmore, to make it look as if someone was making some CHANGE here (and to make me look like a rat I now realize). Its important to have the illusion of CHANGE right now, as its part of Obama's messianic magic show. Its a very popular selling term for all the politicians here in Boston. And of course its utter bullsh*t, but it works.

But...thats back before they finally got me to snap and I got arrested and discredited over time.  Back when people seemed to care about what I was saying and writing.

Of course people expect their heroes to be perfect and not falter.

Last night a man from India explained to me that Judaism and Christianity were religions created by slave peoples, that they are slave religions and thier greatest trick was to convince the upper classes to start doubting thier own gods, which they believed in ancient times they were related to and hailed from.   Indian peoples always reveal truths that are evident in our culture but no one dares to tell you so you understand its truth. No one from America or Europe would have flat out described any of the three Abrahamic religions as coming from a slave mentality or slave culture, which is probably why I've found them distasteful my entire life, naturally.

This is why most people dont want truth or dont understand that heroes and and delivery of information about the truth of something is going to often come with a hefty price tag to the messenger as well as the guilty parties and the victims themselves.
Which means they really dont want CHANGE.

They want to continue to be slaves.


More CIA Torture Reports That Blow Smoke Up Public's Ass-CIA Brutal? No Sh*t..Really?? YOU SHOULD SEE WHAT THEY'VE DONE TO TARGETED INDIVIDUALS

Threatened people's families? No f*ckin way duuuude? Reallllyyyy???

Listen Sherlock...a perp said this to me years ago. "Well, you know how they threaten people's families?".     WHY DO YOU THINK A LOT OF PEOPLE WENT ALONG WITH MY GANG STALKING CAMPAIGN??   I cannot believe the public are so ignorant. They wont even care about this anyway. They've moved on to being pissed at cops about African American shootings again like in the 90s and some choke hold bullsh*t.
Yet when kids were protesting the war during Bush and doing OCCUPY, THE PUBLIC SEEMED TO BE TOTAL COWARDS AND NOT CARE LESS. So the message here is : 'as long as you arent going up against authority, you arent asking for trouble and the cops should not be brutalizing you'.

What the f*ck is that? If anything its a total brainwash to associate not going against authority with not deserving brutality and visa versa. Guess what? YOU HAVE ALLOWED THE COUNTRY TO CREATE A MILITARIZED POLICE FORCE. Oh, wait. The war is ending.

Ah I see. Now we dont need such a powerful police force anymore perhaps so its time to start complaining about that because Raytheon and all the other assh*le contractors and thier elite cronies have made all thier money so now its time to manipulate society back into a peace time mode.

You are such utter assh*les. I cannot wait to find a way out of this country and change my citizenship to someplace where I never have to be associated with what America does ever again.
The abuses the American empire puts forth around the world are consistent throughout its history and it just doesnt stop. Its the worst country to ever exist. Im ashamed to be an American and worse off as a victim of America than I ever was.

These reports are total jokes to the people who put them out or the people in charge or even those written about in them. They put out these reports becuz the American public are too lazy and ignorant by choice and under total brainwash to be able to do simple research. Americans are either greedy, ignorant and self righteous or the ones who arent are constantly oppressed and live fighting for whats right if not for thier lives. In between theres a few balanced, decent, nice people but thats not the norm.

This place has become one big black hole. A vacuum. For those of us that remember what it was like before every day is torture and torment. We know this time line is false. We know that the powers that be have incredible resources and capabilities that they arent going to share with the public-which is expected but at least people could be aware or question.
The total lack of privacy nowadays is just ridiculous. People like myself who are not interested in being part of the cult that is American now should not have to participate. In the old days there were places you could go to be left alone. Now you cant even be left alone in your own mind.

Let them put THAT into a report becuz that is whats really going on in America now. The public should be more concerned about the daily torture they are having to live through THAT COULD BE STOPPED AT ANY TIME if only the switch were turned to 'off' and the chemtrails werent out on that day. Hey, they do it every Sunday and federal holiday or when they want the public to relax and buy things or go to an event or whatever.

The world has become like a cloudy day. Behind those clouds is blue sky and sunshine but you dont see it becuz of the cloud cover. Mass mind control is that cloud cover. Its a total illusion and they put the American people and who knows how many other countries through it every day...except when they feel its necessary to give humans a day off as I just mentioned. This is true in all cities and towns across the USA. The only exceptions are of course locations where the technologies dont have effect like underground or between cities on highways etc or when you are awake and aware of what mass mind control is, in those instances when you experience a break in the system that is at an odd juncture-like a location or a drop off the control grid, not a systematic break you are trained to now expect like holidays or Sundays or from 12 am to 6 am Mon-Sat in all major cities. At these events you can clearly tell that whats most common now as a condition of human life isn't natural.

Its so touching that some of these bastard f*cks choked up. Wonderful. Now when are they going to release a report detailing how much of what was done was RITUAL ABUSE and part of the black magick that was used and fed off of by elites and thier creepy military cronies throughout the war years?
Black hoods? Coffins? Sexual abuse? Mind games, using the prisoners' imaginations against them, isolation, bending the Will of a person, acts that draw blood? Even water boarding. Hell, I had recovered memories of that being used in laying down programming years ago when I was going through deprogramming! A lot of this sounds like MK Ultra type programs also. (Cold temperature water boarding used to close off programming. Like to shut  me up or stop me from crying or feeling anything.)

It all sounds like the RA used to lay down programming in people like me, Survivors of mind control projects like MK Ultra. Of course its all mind f*cking but there is some truth to it being 'black magick' in nature according to the Will of whoever is responsible for the torture...and the intent through the Will.
A lot of what occurred with people like me was very elaborate like all the dramatics in the Boston/NY area after 9-11. The energy from a ritual like that, even with that big of an explosion, destruction of a building and some property and loss of some lives would not last as long as it did, lingering in an area that large and leaving an energy field in that area for that many years. There had to be some sort of amplification through technologies or other sciences or some sort of mind manipulation to make it..feel that way to humans.

Much of it I believe was simply amplified through technologies and chemicals. Remember the military contractors involved.
These are the TECHNOMANCERS. They depend heavily on technologies not just natural ability. They've discovered the secrets of the ancients: fuse Nature with technology and become a god.

With most modern people in 'civilized' western society believing that such things only exist in video games-we are totally f*cked.

Its time people like me- the elite and awake who arent interested in ruling over the rest of the population, go find a place to hide from this bullshit as hard and fast as possible. Away from these sick f*cks in power, thier house slave pets and the mindless, drooling mob they rule over who doesnt seem to give a sh*t as long as they have an iPhone to suck on and a video game console in thier hands...and of course shopping.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Jeffrey Dahmer Tried To Create Zombies By Destroying Brain Function

Quotes from whistleblower Kay Griggs

Jeffrey Dahmer was part of the elite's perverse programs
Some giveaways are his Germanic looks and ancestry his high intelligence, being from a messed up home, military service even his becoming a different sort of child after hernia surgery at age 7 according to his mother.

His trying to create zombies is what interested me. It was mentioned by someone and I realized that is exactly what the system is attempting to do now. Its very similar.

Cause brain damage. Dumb down lower functions. The exact areas of the brain that would turn the person into a robotic slave where no Will or thought.Only obey his orders.

As careless of an attempt as it was and unsophisticated scientifically and medically it reflects the desires of similar people in power especially if he is part of one of the black projects.

Dumbing people down, causing brain damage then utilizing chemical influences and using mind control hypnotic suggestions technologies is basically the same idea.