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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

On my way and undecided..

The mold that is here and the humidity..I cant think to well in this weather, one of the side effects of the prior mold exposure.

Last night was told that word had it I left becuz I wud have been thrown out if I did not. I live like a nun everyday of my life and every time people get the opportunity I am made out to be this badass, trouble maker. This serves their purposes also, becuz more people will want to get over on you and terrorize u to make a name for themselves. The system uses these types to thier advantage.

This morning the men that were there were doing small things to annoy me, but I got one of em alone on the train. I waited till other got off train..I went and just stared at him. Then I said some shit and asked him " are you a pedophile or do you simply need to get out of jail and that is why u r into this kind of shit"..Its unbelievable how much confidence nobodies have, and there are alot of them who know about what they think is my story, when they percieve that you are this throw away female...this extends to the abused trouble making female from an abusive household and this sort of scapegoat works well in Catholic, Judeo-Christian areas like Boston. No one questions the patriarchial structure and their actions, they side with them immediately. The female that is the throw away is always portrayed as hysterical and a problem. She is stupid, to be never taken seriously, kept down, revictimized, constantly mocked. This is supported by a vast huge number of 'regular guys' in this society.
Once a female they are secretly threatened by is down they must keep her down every day every minute.

WHat amazed me was his self assuredness, and complete lack of any kind of understanding that I may one day get back up on the horse and win. It was like a complete non concept to his mind.
These people are the biggest idiots I have ever seen. And I cannot beleive the sheer numbers of them..

Anyway he shoots back " I've never been to jail to begin with"..then I repeat my question and he cuts in " no, are you?" when the part came about " are you a pedophile?" The thing that creeped me out was again his devotion to lies...just like he seems totally devoted to the idea I have no power, he is devoted and fully beleives that either I am a pedophile or that the system has put out such a nasty doubt or story or whatever they did, that it sticks completely as a problem for me...the way he cut in and said " No, are you??" it was..disturbing really.

And a few months ago when I was filming one of my journals, while pan handling this shady guy had a kid with him and as I looked at him he, with much sadistic amusement, pointed at my camera and said " dont get the kid " or something intimating that I was trying to film the kid with him. The journal is just all me ranting about gangstalking and maybe getting some perps on there....there were alot each day on that bridge near Fenway.

Remember this is ALL about break you down with terror so you can be rebuilt in a more docile and manageable image.
Nothing you say seems to phase these people who are in on it..they seem convinced of your permanent downfall. That you are all done and thats that.
Thier reality must be broken.

They seek only to undermine those that have been victimized who now wish to gain revenge. They want to make sure you cant get it.

As he got up, I had forced him to seek getting off at the next stop- I said " you'll get yours for doin this kind of shit.." As he got off he just waved his hand and made this face like 'yeah right'...I have seen this before - an MBTA employee did this once, after I had posted something pertaining to all the union f*cks who helped bring me down initially in 2004,5,6.

Yet, the bastard got off the train didnt he...always get then when they are alone. And usually with me they have always many against me alone, either a small gang of women or a bigger group men. They serve as psychological harassment groups.

This reaction may indeed be becuz he is in on it and it is his function to be a jerk to a target, but it is the unfortunate result of the validation of police and criminal alike. These are the sort of men who worship more powerful men much moreso than any woman.

They are the ultimate mental slave in our society and they are of great use to the system against any freedom fighter..they live for validation from daddy and bigger brother.

Men are weak in these areas and the greatest hinderance due to this fact. Women will go along but always there is a bit of 'I know what they are doing is wrong and as a woman I must go along but dont condone it' in the eyes. Some men give this general every asshh*le who thinks they are part of society yet still is insecure about their part will be in on the hunt of a female who is way past the losing point or beaten down. Its easy for them becuz it isnt hard to poke a dead lion with a stick and feel like you are actually brave. Especially when the harder stuff has done the dirty work for you and has declared the kill safe.

These people are cowards..TI's keep saying that. But if there are enough of them, like hyenas after a kill, they are damaging to an already wounded target.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wise words to manage expectation...

Had to leave last night harassment at shelter from 2 women

The woman I identified as "older woman" name is Mary Cherbonneay, and Christine James is what C is going by. I left due to thier harassment last night. Ever since I have been getting it from these two oldsters, my heart seemed to stressing out and my chest started to tighten up last night. There is no way that C could be that cruel to a real TI. I noticed Christine seemed to be ratting on staff to directors. Do u realize how embarrassing it is to walk away from a fight with two old ladies? The staff was just like "yeah, later"..

So I want to issue a partial apology to WLP . Yes, they were harassing me to but they would stop if I posted it. This is not stopping..what is the difference?

I realize now that no matter how nasty the gang element at WLP they are not as awful as whatever Christine is into.
I wont get into it but I realize that WLP may have been trying to do me a favor by getting her away from me that day.

Music for Energy

This is a list of songs that I chose that gave me energy to help me thru. I found they were inspirational to TI's like myself for alot of the content pertains to us, as well as for me the energy was helpful.

Unfortunately, as I had links the feeds became comprimised. Then I put up a YouTube channel and they became comprimised as well. And only a TI who is fully accepting of how far this goes can understand how subtle changes can be to detect something has been corrupted. All I know is what is the point of having someting up here if it does not still deliver the same energy levels or worse, something destructive or negative has been piggybacked or trojan horsed into the feed. Thats all I need is TI's feeling worse..I wont have it.

So the safest method is for you to look up these on your own, and I regret not being able to have music to listen to while you look at this site that might be inspirational but it wasnt safe and I have been at this long enough to know.

Also I suggest that you use Youtube anonomously, dont sign in, and quicklist stuff everytime. It depends on how bad you are focused on as a TI. If you are targeted especially for purposes of dumbing you down, you'll not want to use anything with a feed in your name, even if you set up fake emails, it will get corrupted after a while. Its just no fun, the natural bursting energy of the music seems so..washed away. That is not its purpose. It should enflame and inspire, no imprison or destroy.
Good Luck.

AC/DC - For Those About To Rock,
The The-the beat(en) generation,
The Smiths "How Soon Is Now?",
Blind Faith- Presence of the Lord,
TRIUMPH - Fight the Good Fight [1983],
Bob Marley "Could you be Loved" in Germany 1980,
Bob Marley - Get Up Stand Up Live In Dortmund Germany,
Santana - Soul Sacrifice (Woodstock 1969),
Ten Years After - I'm Going Home (live Woodstock '69),
Sex Pistols - God Save the Queen,
Sex Pistols Anarchy in the U.K.,
The Charlie Daniels Band - The Devil Went Down To Georgia,
Allman Brothers- Whipping Post,
Crazy Train Ozzy Osbourne,
Black Sabbath - Iron Man,
Black Sabbath-Paranoid,
Cypress hill - Aint goin out like that,
Public Enemy-Fight the Power,
Judas Priest - You've Got Another Thing Comin' (Live 1983),
Planet Caravan - Black Sabbath,
Fleetwood Mac- Hypnotized (vinyl),
Motor Head - Ace of Spades,
Nirvana - All Apologies,
Foo Fighters - The Pretender,
Miles Davis Bitches Brew,
Simon & Garfunkel - The Sounds of Silence,
Red Rider - Lunatic Fringe,
Medieval 2 Total War Middle Eastern Marching Music,
Medieval 2 Total War Orchestra German/Eastern European Music,
Medieval II Total War Spanish Music,
Europa Barbarorum Music - Romani I,
The Twilight Zone Has You ( a youtube video title),
Golden Earring-"Twilight Zone" (sharp quality, uncensored youtube video),
Pink Floyd - Fearless,
The Exploited - Fuck the USA,
The Exploited Beat The Bastards,
Salt 'N Pepa - None Of Your Business (Cheryl's Metal Mix).

Adding comment to another TI's post about psy ops..

Most of what this TI puts out there is sensible and very helpful. I and alot of other TI's would be screwed if other TI's didn't do all the good work.

OK, this is what I knew instinctively about making it thru this ordeal ( or at least making it thru it so that I have some ground to stand on)...DON'T WATCH THE LATEST MOVIES, TV COMMERCIALS OR RADIO AND THAT INCLUDES STREAMING STATIONS ON WEB...for this very reason. Becuz alot of what is put out there is part of the psychological warfare tactics. In the big picture. One could say that The Truman Show was to screw up all targeted individuals and the Matrix maybe for TI's with more...specifics going on.
Then it gets more made to fit the individual, with specific things in movies or commercials for the TI themselves.

There comes a point where they stop doing it either becuz u r hip or it wont work on u. But the best bet is to wait a year or two to view new media coming out. I know that sounds harsh for some of you but how bad do you want to preserve what is real, what is your own mind and what is their influence..LOOK AT MEDIA FOR WHAT IT IS: MORE 'REMOTE INFLUENCE' except this time you can turn away and not have to be targeted. Think of it!! Control at last. You not watching this crap when it comes out is akin to you ducking into a safe area if you are being hit hard. If you begin to sense that anything is off especially with a live streaming radio station and the like, get the hell off the channel.

I saw a few scenes of that movie after it came out and could feel my mind slipping under the influence of falsehoods..the controlling character says " but in my world you were always safe".. this might make some of us deep in our minds plant the idea that 'well, I am being stalked and held hostage but no one does really overt violent stuff to me'. Another damaging thing about this movie is that it shows everyone in on it and they are just so guilt free about him being held like an animal with no human rights. This is dangerous as it may suggest to a target that the casualness with which the perps regard our pain and suffering is OK. That everyone thinks its OK, what is being done to us. That its normal. Becuz after just a few scenes of that movie I had to sit there and tell myself that that community of people were superf*cked for not thinking its totally cruel for a corp to own a person and raise them not only in isolation, but then to display them to the public like a zoo animal and add to it that they can see from his eyes...the most dangerous use of this piece of trash is to PRIME THE PUBLIC INTO GOING ALONG WITH WHAT IS BEING DONE TO US ON SUBCONSCIOUS LEVELS. That is its main purpose.

Gangstalkingworld is right. It is ridiculous that we are readily ignored and 5 guys are heeded. But that is the con..and they know TI's will see it and get insulted. Its another slap in the face to us becuz we know that its bs.

However, its also potentially dangerous...and I knew they were going to try for this. I knew that the shrinks were going to go even further in trying to get around any TI making sensible claims. And there we have it...The Truman Show disorder. Now, if any TI cannot be made out to be crazy and isn't speaking word salad, they will go for this one.

If they get enough of these racked up they may just try to use it as an arsenal against us, to challenge our claims with all our research behind them.

Still, its for the unaware. It'll be easier to pull over on them opposed to schizophrenia. BUT it is useful as yet another diversion from the truth.

Thanks again Gangstalkingworld TI.
Since I have the comment control on and have been filtering out perps, operatives and anything violent or counterproductive people have stopped commenting alot. So I had become disconnected and not really focusing on activism.

But the issue of art being used as weapon in this fight is something that is very important and it is something I am comfortable exposing, becuz as an artist I can see what they are doing.

I dont know how many of you out there can not go to a movie or watch tv that is heavy on commercials or not at all, but it would be a good idea. I know it makes American life very hard if you do not indulge in these things, but part of the problem for alot of TI's is that they have either outgrown this countries cultural barriers and are being kept down or they have grown beyond the ways the system keeps down 21st century man all around.

These people have a real problem with the power of the primitive.
In the last article I posted it says that the research they are doing concerning psychics turns out that it isnt something that is evolving in man, but something ancient. LIKE WHO DOESN'T KNOW THAT?? You know who? Those who have no business poking around in the world of the psychic. Leave it to the inter generational 'naturals' thank you very much.

It would be like me snooping around the stock market and learning about investment and then demanding that the person who's family had a seat intergenerationally for years get up and let me rule from that seat just becuz I had some force behind me.

If you have the DNA to know better then dont watch pre recorded light and sound images meant to keep you prisoner or used to influence you.

Also I suspect that they want TI's to go primitive, so they can study all that power inherent in man in the primitive state. MIT was recently doing research that put mice (yeah right, prob thats their code for TI's) under duress and messed with thier memory, to get the DNA to 'unravel'.

Well, dont let them get into your head thats all I can say. If something resembles org stalk and experimentation turn it off and forget it until it becomes...ineffective on you. The info in these movies are like viruses and you need to wait a period of time until you are no longer able to be infected.

If you are interested in art and media as weapons you know of the psy ops websites but also look up art as delivery for these ideas (viruses) back to ancient times. The idea of it being compared to a virus was popular in the 90's when people were studying the phenomena of the new ways media replicated itself quickly due to the Internet etc.

I notice that the world has stopped studying it just let it happen....ah, the diversions of the last 8 years.

Friday, November 28, 2008

They are hoping a rebellious phase..

I know my stalkers and perps..those who dont want me commit suicide want me to reform or conform. I know they have put so much pressure on me hoping that I will now 'rebel' becuz I was never allowed to before. Then, after this I sense the system is hoping I conform, become consertative and go straight or become good and perfect and forget what happened.

It always comes back to that. ALWAYS. I am never allowed to have free will over my own life..I would have evolved into a very spiritual person had they left me alone.

It seems they want conformity and 'peace' (silenced compliant vegatables) above all.
Always I am to become flat and...obedient. This is worse than my 20's where I was mind controlled and treated badly most of the time. Its ridiculous.

So if they put pressure on me, I can finally rebel and then be good or conform. As long as you have no life experience or knowledge of your own.

If they do not want a spiritual person they will get something else of equal value...but never will they be allowed to LESSEN MY WEIGHT OR VALUE. Which is what they try to do by cutting TI's down all the time.
You can never make me less than I was, less in size, less in weight or quality. You can only change my form...take a fucking science class in matter and mass...a-holes.

High tech crimes

"after the cold war ended, there was a vacuum for surveillance operatives who needed to be doing something useful in order to justify their vast funding. "...

So this is why so many perps are so arrogant. They simply needed paying jobs to validate thier existence. And this paragraph really illustrates their attitudes.. This has to be the single worst thing I have realized about all this, and for any TI this should be the most enlightening and motivating. These people will be wiped out en masse. It needs to be done, they( 'gang stalkers') are forever defective horrid human beings who could not function without hurting people, vulnerable people-living under duress. I have posted this before in the earlier form of not fully knowing thier identities or thier purpose. Still, then, I said they are incurable stalkers and I say this now. They are cowards; they are weak.

They need to be made...'manageable'. We, the Targets WERE NEVER WRONG..this is why it seems that they are so rotten hearted and we are good people who are intelligent and beyond.

All those years we have wasted. I call for all out war on ANYONE who is nasty to a TI and seems to be fully versed in what we have gone through.

It is, indeed, time for 'change'.

I am done being polite, patient and politically correct-about anything. There is no civility left, nor should there be any in any other TI.

Now you know the nature of your enemy, you no longer have to feel bad when people turn on you. You no more have to wonder if they are a perp or not. Now you are experienced, now you know who and what they are. The target has been identified..shoot to kill. (And I do not mean this literally, however if you can get away with it...use discretion. I mean in any, all and every way possible, Kill. And they shall die.) In every way possible.

Now you know the low quality human beings you are dealing with.

There is no mercy.

There never should have been, but the mind control was so intense and tight as of the past 8 years, peaking over this time and really starting in 96. There was no way anyone could have fought the mental forces at work thru these times. You did no wrong.

"Nearly two-thirds of the $47-billion 1984 federal research budget went for military work, and in the field of bioelectricity the proportion was even higher." In denouncing "the buying of science by the military," Becker boldly declared, "To call it a form of prostitution is an insult to the oldest profession." Becker was twice nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine, but his career suffered because of his condemnation of the military uses of bioelectric research."

By the by my dears, this also means that any little friends you have who are so sure that gang stalking is vigilantes and all the bs always knew was BS, are in on it as well.

What I find most curious is that I either didnt really internalize this article before (and with the amount of research I have done I must have seen it) or that I didnt see it before or it didnt register.

Whoop, here it is...

"The Vietnam war, with its exceedingly stressful combat environment of no clear-cut enemies combined with ambush being the normal way of making contact, produced a large body of individual reports stressing enhanced perception and awareness."

Here, I beleive, we have an answer...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Why Holidays suck for targets...

Imagine if every day you were harassed in some way by other human beings as well as some sort of remote influence (that even you wouldn't believe unless it was documented and experienced by other targets).

Then, at approximately 12 midnight every night the remote influence stops. This is disturbing enough. But the trend has always been that on holidays observed in this country the remote influence targeting is either lessened or it is non existent on these days.

Alot of TI's notice this..I wonder what are the reasons.

For those of you who still think targeted individuals are just mentally ill or seeking attention or for some other reasons, our claims are not valid..go read another blog. Anyone who doesn't know where they fit into this situation can read my recent post on how the population is divided into sections. You and everyone else fit into one of them, by your own will or your own ignorance.

I wonder if its simply electromagnetic pollution and it improves when less tech is in use due to holidays.
It could be if its as purposeful as we are told, then I guess whoever is doing it maybe takes holidays off like everyone else.

One of my theories is that perps are manipulative, as every TI knows. Alot of what they do is sophisticated psychological warfare.
I wonder if they want people to appear as normal and unaffected as possible around family they might theoretically be visiting on holidays.

Its having to visit your own life you are dead to now. On days like this when its 'off'. Knowing you could get so much done on this day with no mental jamming, and the next day or following days-it will be the same.

Even ones sex drive is freed on these a point.

It is obvious what they are doing is psycho and chemical lobotomies.
Its quiet on holidays. And then you have to sit there and think " I dont belong in this situation. I shouldn't be here. This isn't how life should have been." This is the torture of a day off. Firstly you realize that its all for thier benefit to avoid detection.

The only benefit to TI's is that it makes it even more obvious that it is not mental illness. No one has schizo on a schedule..NO ONE. And I am sure some shrink will think up a disorder that makes this all possible. I have seen first hand the extreme abuse from supposed professionals who were under the gun to keep thier jobs etc.

Mental illness, by logic, would not stop at 12 midnight, nor subside on holidays.

The only 'explain away' logical explanation would be electromagnetic pollution.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The night ends with more Cambridge police harassment

I came out of the Harvard Sq train station..there was a cop standing in a doorway, whistling nervously when he saw me. Then up ahead there was a cop car..I just knew I should have walked on the other side of the street, but I was being obstinate.

As I walked by there was a small flash, and the cop had moved in his seat. I assume they can take a picture of a person from the car or it was simply just a fake out. I kept walking...

So what are they gonna do now ??Frame me for a crime? I am sure that was the was definitely intimidation.

As I came to the shelter, the person in charge said that those two women from this morning had already spoken with him about the lights. He didnt buy that the old woman was an antagonist. So I pointed out that the other woman had told her off calmly as well, that she has a history of being bossy in shelters. Then he listened, he listened when I told him that the other woman was consistently nice to me and fair...people want to beleive that you are a trouble maker and perps or connivers are very clever in singling you out and making you seem the one who is trouble. People have been doing this to me my whole life..notice how they need to make sure there are no witnesses who will do the right thing, like at MIT. That other library patron made sure that he said I was being treated outrageously, this is specifically why the bully wanted me to go into his office--so he could get me alone and then twist events and words.

This is a dynamic of being targeted. People isolate you and bully you. Its that simple, then when you make claims no one beleives you..

So the solution is that the lights go on in the morning according to staff so this old woman has nothing to gripe about.

I am sitting typing I am C and the older woman are cozy on the couch, watching a video from Alex Jones..I can only wonder after the way I have been treated, is it just to play the part? Or was it really all a misunderstanding? Who cares at this point.
All I know is that I almost lost it when the Older woman asked C "Whats fascism?", like I wanted to die laughing...And all the shit in the video I have read about years ago.

As I have a normal conversation with another guest, the stress lifts from my heart and I find the two women being annoyed that I will no longer be made to feel bad by thier exlusion.

This is what I mean about it not being normal..the way I am treated. Its really cruel. As I thought about it, as the nastiness was being deflected, I realized that this could be simply just a game not to destroy outright nor to torture, but to get amusement through jsut being mean to someone. And no matter what you do or how you react that will not change.

Why would other Targets be that stupid? They are watching this part about Germany and eugenics and Nazi scientists being rescued to further experimentation. Its such a slap in the face...C is a woman who if you try to explain programming she doesnt even listen.

No one is that stupid..but I could be wrong. All I know is anyone who is that stupid whether on perpose or not is dangerous to me and my situation.

She seems to understand Alex Jones and all the information, she is talking about the CIA and all this info...
I will just block her out. If she is a TI and she doesnt take me seriously she has alot to learn about this system.

I have to remember that the cover story proceeds me. Now I am hearing that the older woman has a newsletter...and the old guy who was mean to me a while ago seems to be able to have conversations that are normal with others.

What is one to think of these people? In my position, with how cruel I have been treated, what am I supposed to think?

I have to use my own mother as example. Before I understood her, and what it means to be targeted the way we are intergenerationaly, I never understood her or the way she did things or why she was unable to excel or reach her full potential the way I thought she should be able to.

What I just saw was says that basically I am a victim of a chemical lobotomy. Sounds about sounds like what has been done to me.
What is curious is why C did not show this to me? And still I wonder, why does she insist the I 'Dont respect anything?'
One has to wonder sometimes if these people are just programmed and dont know any doesnt make any sense..I was warned about that in fact from someone in FFCH in the very beginning. A TI turned on me and ganged up on me with another alleged TI, and started saying hurtful things...I was lost and wandering around Phoenix AZ (which is not a place to be wandering around upset) and I called this one woman. She said " honey YOUR not manipulative, its just that other TI's are PROGRAMMED"..she was nice until I thought I caught her taping conversations over the phone.

There is so much set up and deception in these games...TI's can be pretty stupid at times. Once I was in CT and was still very mind controlled, like I still didnt get it yet. The first people to get me to talk to them, who approached me were later I found out when my camera was stolen, were Hartford's biggest informants. What was disturbing was there seemed to be a woman who had this very satisfied look on her stupid face, like she caught me sitting with informants in the train station ( yeah bitch, cuz my camera was stolen and the security told me who they were after all and told me that maybe they saw something-DUH) ...I mean it was weird. She had this look and made this phone call.
It was so stupid...and confusing.
You know what is more incriminating that anything you THINK you know or see in this game??
The fact that my camera was stolen and the :30 seconds in the surveillance video that shows which way the thieves went was missing when security and I viewed it right after it happened.

That is what is really happening. The constant gas lighting of the TI.

So it is safe to assume that if you are nasty to me, or you are unsympathetic or if you are unjust or if you are bullying...I have had enough and am quite fed up and will not put up with games.

Games of jealousy, games of hatred, games of control, games of non sense or testing my threshold for how much I can take that doesnt make sense before I become docile.

If you are not dead serious about fighting this monster, and really focusing on your own case and being discreet, I dont have time for it. If you want to still hold onto personal -isms and hang ups I dont have time for you. If you want to play games or be petty and domineering, then go be a perp.

I am fighting for my life and my health everyday...your average person with freedoms, rights and a life would not believe or understand.

I dont need perps at Pine street telling me how "Mothers do cruel things to thier children" and how Pine Street is there to take in people after they have gone Alzheimer's becuz thier families abandoned them...I dont need to have it spelled out for me. I dont need a perp in Waltham telling other women that my own mother is trying "to get her (me)labeled as mental" I already can guess what that family is up to in order silence the whistle blower.

The pressure I am under is immense and anyone who adds to me working on my first heart attack is going to be mistrusted intensely.

When the TI becomes a JOKE

Why is a highly intelligent formerly attractive female who was talented walking around a JOKE and people are also really mean to her?? becuz the people who knows that she is not a joke have made sure that she has been publicly marketed as one.

I dont see anything funny about prostitution rings, money laundering, federal busts, dealers gettin busted, multiple murders, betrayal, and a person being chased out of thier home losing everything and the mob as well as the police being in on thier harassment.
How is this funny??

Oh becuz you dont believe in mind control its a joke?? Fine then, if you the American public are so smart (snicker) then take that out of the equation and lets just talk drugs, prostitution, murder and money laundering.

SO how is any of that funny?? oh, I see, my actions or my appearance are more easy to focus on than the fact that crime is involved that is being ignored at federal levels.
Its easier to laugh at me and the creative ways I dealt with severe trauma than it is to deal with the reality of what REALLY WENT DOWN.

This is how the system gets rid of people who are inconvenient.
They are either mentally ill and when that dont work, they are dangerous criminals, when that dont work they are horrible people who deserve what is being done to them. When that wont fly, the last resort is to make them out to be a joke- a nut.

Anything to make sure they are discredited and not listened to.
What is under this? The inability of society to face the fact that it would rather side with the hard core criminals that it supports and at the same time preach political correctness and other hypocritical behavior.

You laugh at me becuz you are intimidated into it or you are sold the package that way...people dont get targeted when they are just nutters or a joke.

And the people who know what is going on at higher levels, and how nasty this is- whether they be perp or otherwise have told me that I needed to be made manageable becuz I knew too much.

I am one of the smartest people and the strongest people u will ever meet or read about. I cannot help it if information was with held from me, or that people came at me from all directions, or that I was starting to enter an area of my growth where in order to deal with trauma I had to let my guard down and people took advantage of that. Perhaps if I told all I know it wouldn't be fukin funny anymore.

But I am too smart for that. I know that I am being egged on to blab and then be totally trashed. In fact there is a intelligence in appearing stupid at times.

If you are a TI who suffers the same fate then remember: The USA is so brainwashed that they LIKE IT THAT WAY. There is no incentive to take anything seriously other than what they are instructed to take seriously.

They have historically been kept from any and all info that pertains to subliminals, hypnotism, 'brain washing' and all other related material so that it can be readily denied thus never detected by the masses.
Thier ignorance is used against people fighting oppression, as well as ignorance is rewarded as a desired behavior.

People kept under such control would be easily categorized as spoiled brats in a golden cage. For them to laugh at anyone who has been so abused or so deprived of life, they would have to be either in denial and/or rewarded for thier behavior or totally dis informed of all the facts.

Its easy to do. Just put the TI into the spotlight somehow, make them the focus of attention then define thier story for them and no one will listen to the person.

I cannot think of anyone who doestn 'think' I am a joke. That is becuz a shit load of money and corruption has been put into forming this perception. America is the sort of place that hates true right and wrong...they don't get off on doing the right thing cuz its a challenge or that it makes one naturally superior to another. They get off on perverse justice, they get off on filth and getting away with lies. They love corruption for it is power. And America hates the losing team. If you are with the winner, the stronger that is all that matters. Especially in the northeast.

I have seen this before..the real perps market the person as a joke to the masses and encourage them to take part.

See everyone is asleep..why else would they accept such injustice as a joke? Or the victim of it as amusing?

We targets are more fortunate. We have seen the horrors. We know that we have been through what we have becuz of the fact that no one would support us or that no one helped us as we sank in the quicksand.
America is a land of fantasy. Its built on fantasy. The cultural fantasy of manifest destiny..this is not our land. There were people here when the original Europeans got here and it was still thier ancestral land when my third wave ancestors got here.
The occupation by other cultures was perpetuated by the fantasy of manifest destiny..that this is the way 'god' wanted it.
Disneyland is the USA's favorite place. The height of fantasy..and childish 'safe' anti intellectual fantasy at that.

There are even cultural fantasies about us TI's. That we are blessed saints in the making or that we are sacrifices. That we are evil and need to be cleansed...that we are suckers and didnt see what was happening around us.
These fantasies are marketed the same way that celebs are marketed here or any other 'product' that they want you to 'buy'. The reality of life is that humans are born they live and they die, nature is there all around us but so is our own man made world we have created. Art and other forms of human communication keep our minds alive as well as love keeps us healthy and safe. Our human compassion for each other is part of each human being and the species would not have existed this long without it. There is something wrong with a culture that turns cold enough to have forgotten that, yet refuses to admit it has become barbaric and brutal.

When you outgrow American culture, or see the folly in 21st century life you become displaced, with no fantasy to live in. That, it seems is the biggest crime of all. To want to live in real time, to experience each waking moment as it happens, to question and reshape cultural norms. To question our relationship to everything especially technology. And that is a dangerous relationship we have not defined the terms of ourselves. We accept terms from the givers of technology. We are trained to accept what is told as normal.
When what is normal starts to drive people crazy, destroy art, human relationships and allow the easy wrecking of ones country, then it should be questioned. The fact that so many are not questioning is questionable in itself.

I will never forget when this bitch in MI who was this black girl in Port Huron who had rich parents and a degree-when you arefrom Port Huron having a degree is a big deal..Boston is so college saturated people DONT go to college just to prove something. We can afford that sort of arrogant reactionary attitude here.
But the biggest thing in this shelter I was in was the staff, who were mostly perps, was them saying I was stupid. Like you would here it after you walked away " So stupid" from these white girls. Then this black girl would say "She THINKS she's smart"...the biggest thing about perps that is so scary is that they take societies legitimacy and status and they use it against TI's with the true motivation coming from thier own jealousy and hate.

What is so unbelievable about all this is that no one seems to really think its wrong or take it seriously. That no one sees that its not right for YOU to invade MY life with YOUR personal anger and aggression..especially when I am not able to defend myself. Can you imagine an entire staff full of perps who are in on destroying a persons the hell does that happen?? Do they hire from the perp groups themselves or do they just make sure that people are evil enough upon interviewing them??

The joke thing is becuz at this stage Targets are so destroyed and worn down that they simply cannot function properly. It is easy to finish marginalizing them at this stage.

I still beleive that most people are brainwashed and asleep and that is why they are capable of such compliance in the murder of a human being in such a manner. They are compartmentalized and asleep. And its the perfect timing as well. The rich are going to be more callous now due to them battening down for the economy kicking the asses of poorer people, as well as everyone else is going to just suffer in some way from the economy and the pressures of the last 8 years.
Who is going to notice us or care?? They must have known all about this outcome back in 2001 becuz they came after people like me and kept on coming and will until we give up and let go of life. They know there will be no let up all around us in society in general and they will keep the pressure on everything until things are finally formed the way they want them to be.

Wake the f*k up and stop laughing. If you are laughing you are the joke, your a mind controlled fool. Even the perps know the truth.

OK time to Freak Out

WARNING...these videos have freak out factor. Be an experienced TI and be in a good space--

WHAT THE FUK IS THIS?? OK none of us dig cult mind control...and none of us like corruption. But these people remind me of the way perps operate..are they the perps?

Why dont they take down the real system..oh thats right, becuz if they had to be a gang stalking TI the system would know thier every move and the mask would pretty much be useless..and the funny voice masking. This shit makes me laugh...a TI has to do more in a day to survive and just has to assume that all the mail has been looked thru and all the moves on the computer are tracked...and we arent really sure why? If these guys are the perps I hope they drop dead in horrible ways for what they have done to TIs. I bet you people like this get used as pawns all the time by higher ups who, of course , know thier every move.

If they are NOT gangstalkers then why dont they get down on that sort of corruption.

I am not too happy about a bunch of secretive vigilantes who dont state their message and intent going after anyone. But since this country allows such things under 'religious freedom' then I understand where these guys are coming from.
What is disturbing is the statement that 'the time is near' or short. The problem with vigilantes is that they derive power from undisclosed actions of vengeance and perceived equalizing against another group.
They are also going after white supremacist radio stations? Well equalizers, are you going to go after black supremacist music next?
They are dangerous becuz they could be anyone and anyone could be behind them. Who are they really?
Becuz being a TI I just have to say that Scientology or anything else would not exist if it were not approved by people in high what gives? how there are perp tactics. That they are having to defend thmselves at great expense. They use alot of perp's tactics and they say that within this formula there is no defeat for them.

I jsut wonder if this is not a way to legitimize gang stalking and other covert have people think it is good and that it is just.
Becuz the group they are going after is a cult by definition..I however do not know enough about them to say what really goes on. The fact they are allowed to exist is enough.
"Thank you for playing the game"??? It sounds like they co opted gang stalking methods and are using them.

Here is an Atheist vigilantes that use the same tactic:
First of all when you actual GET a menstrual cycle dude, then you can talk about sex on it or with it or whatever. And what is this murdering gays???

ALL these people need to MIND THIER OWN BUSINESS. Geez, both sides are dangerous.

Wouldnt it be great if Targets could make vids like this?? Against perps or people who have helped perps??

I mean I agree with thier causes but its so...creepy. And this is what they do to us. They deprive us of financial, cred and support.

Also, it is very bad to support any effort like this. It makes people think its ok..I mean what if they decide to go after something that is not what they think..and they are simply being used.

Its f*cked really. It reminds me of all the people who simply recite the slander to me and act as if that is the valid reason that I am targeted...

For a survivor these videos are really disturbing, with the masks and sh*t. Thank god thier music is terrible or they might actually be onto a real effective secret society and mind control programming.
There is something annoying about the vid however. Like on some level of perception.

Uhhh, I have to add this. I was doing some research and thought I had something, but this guy turned out to be too young to be involved in anything that I may have experienced. But after that disturbing last two vids....I have to put these out.
Yes, they are funny but what is more disturbing is that I am wondering about the value of this guy's work in psych warfare. I can say that perps sometimes do really whacked out shit like this to a TI. I looked him up and his work to any connection to experimentation and nothing came up. Beware this might be triggering. Its sung in German and its weird thats for sure.
The connection to being a pro whip master is curious too.

Uhh, here's another. Take a guess...I have no idea.
I just enjoyed eventually being able to laugh at these instead of them freaking me out.

The only thing I can say is : Dear Cult of the Amateur, all you You tubers who think you are artists and make videos way worse than this daily..DO NOT try this mans work at home or on your own. You may break something.

If its too triggering or weird let me know and I will take this down. R-

Warning about another local TI

There is a woman who has approached me from the beginning at WLP who claims to be another targeted individual. She is the woman I identify as "C" in my record of what occured at WLP. She is the woman that was threatened with physical harm by another person there namd Tracy due to her interference and constant pointing out of a crime gang who hangs out there.

I have also blogged that C was at the winter shelter I am at now, run by Harvard for the season. I have only had a few difficulties there and after writing some other TI's privately to get support, I have found it a peaceful stay.
The staff is wonderful and alot of us feel they do too much for us...but they know as we do its a two week 'vacation' from the homeless circuit, where we will return to abusive shelters wrought with gangs and comprimised staff workers. Womens shelters in Boston are especially depressing.
I have posted that C, who is using the name Christine (she claims this is not her real name), was already at this Cambridge location when I arrived. I have also written many TI's personally as I have posted publically that Christine was unfriendly to me when I waved to her at seeing her that first night I was there. I took this as a cue that she wanted to be left alone and have posted that her actions were a mystery to me.
I could only assume that she either wanted to not identify with another Targeted Individual due to safety reasons, or that she is up to playing games for whatever reason which I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR. Nor do I have the energy.

There is another woman there who I was with in a shelter in Waltham years ago. This woman was also known to be very controlling at this location. When asked if I could watch the Simpsons at this shelter, she was ironing and replied "WE are not a cartoon crowd here". The younger girls, including a girl in my room, would make fun of her and say she needs to stop thinking she's high class.

The girl in my room knew about the targeting-that day I had gotten harassed by some police in Cambridge and when I returned to Bristol Lodge Waltham, MA, this girl said I was a "very smart woman" in connection to the targeting and harassment and intimated that I would be just fine due to me being very smart. This was a sentence I heard from alot of people and it is, as far as I am concerned, a way of brushing off what is being done to the TI. Its a minimizing tactic..

So this older woman who I have been with before in a shelter is still controlling. She insists every morning on turning on all the bright lights becuz "Its after 7 oclock". Its an obsession with her. Older women who are homeless get alot of leeway from younger women-we know they are set in their ways and most likely they had homes and children and still want to play mother hen. But sometimes its too much and they need to be told they are not staff or our mothers.

C sleeps later than 7 and so do I. I assume that C is a genuine TI and I know that, for us is exhausting. We will be tired for the rest of our days. Whatever she is up to, she is as tired as I am.

This morning the older woman put on all the bright lights in the womens dorm, even though there was sufficient light available from one that was already on. As she did this she announced that it was after 7 oclock and began conversing loudly with the other woman, Anita who was awake also. Anita is agreeable and treats me well and fairly she does not take sides nor does she take crap from this older woman. This morning earlier I heard her tell this woman off for being domineering by asking " Who do u think you are fussin at?" becuz the older woman was whining about the lights to Anita and expected her to jump and turn them on.

It is obvious to me that the older woman did this not to gain access to light which she needed to perform her own affairs, but as a controlling and harassing tactic to force anyone sleeping to awaken. This is not her place. I had enough becuz she went overboard today and I said something to her. Fairly and calmly I told her that she wasnt staff, that she did not have to turn on bright lights when she knows people are still resting and that she did it on purpose to be harassing. She ignored me purposely and spoke to Anita. She acts more like a jealous bratty college dorm mate than an older woman.

I then told her she was the same in Waltham years ago. She said " oh as if we knew each other". I dont need to know her, I am victim to her controlling tactics. If anything, she involves herself in ones affairs and forces people to 'know her' by her being controlling of televisions or lights.
Now, I aplogized to Christine who woke up upon us exchanging words. I said I was sorry that she had to hear that.
As I came back after a shower, I said to C that I was sorry I woke her up but the light issue needs to stop. She was nasty to me and said in her thick NY accent " Stop saying you are sorry to me like you care about me, becuz you were the one who was wrong. You have been ignoring me the whole time I have been here".

I stated that she was unfriendly to me upon my arrival and that I took that as a sign she wanted to be left alone. She argued back a bit and walked out.

(Lets look at this: how does our misunderstanding or me ignoring her have anything to do with my position on the light issue. The two are totally unconnected and her personal feelings have nothing to do with right and wrong with the light issue.)

Also, let it be noted that one of the reasons I stepped up and said something is due to not only MY discomfort levels but that C was sleeping as well and I felt bad for her, and this is due to our prior association and that I have to assume she is a genuine TI who, like myself, needs no more bullying or crap in our lives. Let it also be noted that C was coughing the other night and even though I felt I risked being attacked in some way becuz she seemed to not want to communicate, I went out and got a blanket for her and gave it to her to cover herself becuz all she had was a flimsy one. This is my greatest downfall and why I am in this position to begin with. I act humane towards my enemies and care about people when I shouldnt.

As I went into the bathroom she was in there. She said excuse me to get by was so odd. The way that for days she is able to talk to say 'excuse me' and such but never able to speak to me..even about a possible misunderstanding. Its suspect as hell is what it is and it isnt normally the way someone would act if they had been friendly outside beforehand.

Anyway, I told her that I simply thought that she wanted to be left alone and I was trying to respect her wishes..she seemed huffy physically, which is what I was afraid of, and as I left she stated " You dont respect anything".
She acted strangely in the T station the other day as well. I was doing my best to ignore her according to what I thought she wanted. I saw her in the T station but didnt look or notice her, yet, she was acting...looking around and acting like she wanted to talk to me but I was ignoring her.
Now after what I have been thru dont ya think that if someone was really a fellow TI they would understand the pressures? That she would have more compassion than that? Also, I cant see how I dont respect anything. Do I not respect a corrupt system or police and others who will take the sides of criminals over me? Hell yes. The only thing that can be said of me is that I FEAR nothing, I wont be INTIMIDATED is what she means I assume. I have been way to respctful and loving of my former lovers, freinds and family who sold me out and have been cold and visoucs to me in this compaign to destroy me.

Let me tell you a little more about Christine. She claims that Freedom from Covert Harassment is her group and aligns herself with them. However she claims to use a different name with them and has told me that they do not respond to her readily. She also claims that Aaron wont email her anymore becuz he didnt like something that she emailed to him. He is one of the leaders of the can that be your group if the leader wont talk to you anymore.

I dont trust ANY group or other TI.

I have stated before that in order for Targets to have the ability to know who is who in reality we would need THE SAME INTEL COLLECTION SYSTEM THAT THE PERPS SEEM TO HAVE and that is impossible. I do not know if Aaron is freind or foe just as I do not know if C is or not. And I will not make a judgement except based on direct obsevation of behavior. No one is going to get me into flame one. Why, so I can be paraded as a suspected perp? U got another thing coming. I document--that is all. The veiwer, the observer, the reader can take it from there.

Also, this is a woman who loves to hoard information about anything unrelated to our direct situations. Such as telling me that in October marshal law was going to be declared and that I should save myself and reproduce in that event. Whenever I met her she would dominate me and the converstaion leaving me feeling drained. I told her about related issues like mc and tbmc etc and she poo poo'd it and said she knew very little about it.

She also likes to get info..she tried to get me to give her the name of my ex associate so she could " warn people" about her.

Now, here is something that is not just inconsistent behavior or bad vibes or someone making you feel bad as a red flag.

She once was talking to me and out of nowhere started telling me about her friend who ran from a police car once, and that they asked her why she ran. She said that she ran becuz she was scared just to be cornerd by the car. They told her friend not to run.. (As C made her next statement, she looked me dead in the eyes with this powerful [humph] controlling look and said monotone but sort of nasty[its called overdramatic]) "becuz it looks suspicious when you run".
I ignored this becuz I was tired and also..lets see what else she reveals.

Then comes the most obvious example of who I am dealing with.
C had a new older woman come into WLP with her one day. This woman was not a TI but one of those people who is interested and claims to want to be helpful..oh lord here we go.
So this woman at first sight of me after C introduces us, she looks at me, turns to C and says "I have to get out of here". A direct hit! Well, not really cuz I have seen this tactic before and it is an arrow that bounces right off of me. Besides, I am often tired and could be mistaken..however, knowing that women have 100 non verbal communications that men cannot detect due to our brains being wired differently...I know what I saw and so would any other woman dealing with another woman.

(This may be why women are used on close prox to harass a female TI where as men are used from a distance in cars etc...only women can see what other women are up to at close range.If u dont beleive me look it up.)

So I waited and sure enough our new friend pulled some bs one day. She came to WLP alone without C. She started up about this story- that there was a homeless woman in the park who slept outside. She came to WLP today to see if she could at least get some clothes for her.

I thought that this might be an indication of her helpfulness. Then she starts telling the story of why this woman is homeless. That she worked in social services and that she had a patient/client that "told her too much", that she "knew too much about a prostitution ring that is a part of the system." and that "they are jsut going to leave her there to die" in the homeless population. I knew what she was up to but one of the black girls got up and gave this look, not at me but so I could see her face- like she felt sooo horrible about what this woman, what this group was doing to me. And a slight warning, like 'dont you see what is happening'. It just solidified what I thought I knew to begin with.

I watched in amusement as this other woman started argueing with her that the woman in the park would have had to BE a prostitute in THAT RING to have known enough to be a threat...I mean it was ridiculous. And so this woman who looked ill upon our first meeting now showed her true colors.

So that is what I know of Christine. If she IS a targeted individual, she has alot to learn about people with 24/7 cases of harassment and the stress and pressures that brings. Also, she needs to be more respectful of others situations as TI's by learning about other circumstances-not ignoring them.

Nicole Kidman/Letterman/NY

I have enjoyed for years anyone who gives Letterman a hard time..not becuz I dont respect him or love his superior comedy show (up until the 90's anyway) but becuz this guy has issues with females and its been glaringly obvious for years...there was one other guest who put off his BS one time and she was so young and not Hollywood just yet, that I was thoroughly impressed and couldnt stop raving over her inner strength. That is what one needs with this guy is inner strength. The ability to say No to his probing.

Ever see the old episodes with his mother? Watch them..'Nuff said.
No Dave, we are not all on this planet to 'drive you crazy'..that was her thing, and good women everywhere apologize for bad women everywhere..especially mothers who are jerks. How'd you like to have MY mother instead? Then you could be homeless and chased across the continent instead of successful at something you like doing for a living.
But women should not have to pay for other women's mistakes into infinity...

What Kidman did was illustrating harassment which is the the very activism she is doing right now.

I was never sure about her ex friend who sold me out loved this actress, cuz she kinda looks like her and so I guess I was biased against her, and also you see the old photos and think " She is totally a product of surgery, she's fake.." and then you here how difficult she is blah blah blah..

But upon examination I decided a long time ago that she was pretty to begin with. And Hollywood has this sheer power over humans. I went there once for a visit and the energy is overbearing. I dont think anyone could resist falling into its clutches. My ex moved to just the right place becuz its guaranteed that I will NEVER ever go there. Psychically speaking that place is just bad news- I didn't like the vibe at 1991 and I wont like it now.

Its nice to see yet one other person trying to keep control over their affairs..I know he is just trying to make it interesting for the audience these times we live in there is so much harassment and pressure that has become institutionalized...I see people on the train here, they just look dead miserable. Everyone is miserable and scared.
It aint the right time to be playin games with people right now. On any level.

And any woman who stands up for women being subjugated has my vote right now. I mean it could be jsut publicity or something to cover for her script choices, but I dont see her in movies that are mindlessly violent.

I mean the sight of Uma Thurman talking about school shootings and how awful they are and there is just too much violence in the USA is a joke considering that she is in Tarentino's movies that are total mind fucks as well as violent.
(OK ..yes, Kill Bill is cool becuz the woman wins and gets revenge, but how realistic is it that a woman that thin is going to kick that much ass? Next time get Lucy Lawless and make sure she eats alot of protein and works out everyday like at the height of Xena. Tell Uma to eat a sandwich already-and pump some iron without starving yourself.)

Actually The Others was a favorite of mine. Now I see it describes a targets life really. That we dont know we are dead, that we refuse to let go like everyone wants.

But who can blame Dave? They screwed him out of Johnny Carson's spot and everyone knows it. If you are not old enough to remember, and I am sure he wants to forget as well, but its a fact--they wasted the nations time by not putting Letterman up there.
Its like part of the plot to make the USA suck, to never return it to its former greatness...lets make sure that The Tonight Show goes boring and dim. Lets not have a brilliant, genuinely funny SMART guy who actually has worked at a news station get the job.
Jay Leno..didnt he used to be an Italian guy from Boston? Strange what Hollywood will do. He's become this non descript typical American...when your hanging out in boardroom closets to make sure you know what is happening with your are an ambitious man.
There was this scene once when there was an animal handler on the show, and Jay had this pig in his arms..the little piggy wouldnt behave and -I was in a foster home and we had animals in the backyard-pigs are nervous animals and they do not like to be held or contained.
So he puts his hands on the pigs balls so that the thing calms down, probably out of intimidation but mostly out of natural sedation.
The audience doesn't see this slight of hand and applauds his magical presence calming the beast--an old trick.
Plus I don't really here Letterman stupidly insulting sex workers regularly, as I have heard Jay do numerous times on the Tonight Show.
So whats up with having to keep those images in the public's mind? Why the old fashioned attitudes still being perpetuated?

I aint no Annie Sprinkle mother f*cker..I aint gonna beg the USA to grow up or rally that your attitudes are outdated...there is a purposeful constant prosecution of women who are sex workers in the USA and it is to cover up for criminal enterprises that exist beneath that level.
PS IF YOU ARE HANGING IN BOARDROOM CLOSETS AND DOING CRAZY SH*T TO MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR GIGS YOU AINT NO BETTER.. Go ahead, Leno, try one night to actually go against the grain and tell the truth or voice and original opinion..see how long you stay in your gig.

These people can all go f*ck themselves. They have to divert your attention to other people who are just like them but more honest about it. Only recently have show biz types gained any type of status in the USA. In the old days people wud have to go to Europe to even be treated like artists. Blacks would go to Germany and discover they were human beings and not animals...GERMANY the country that gets a bad rap all the time. Either that or France..

Just becuz someone is famous or wealthy this country now days pisses themselves into the idea that these people are naturally superior to the rest of us. Art f*ckin dead here, and so is civility. The biggest CON in the world is the USA and if I had the money I would have been gone in 2000.
What a shitty era to have lived thru. And those of us who have been marginalized are going to stay in 'prison' for life, thanks to the last 8 years. No the last 12 years actually..

Well thanks Ms Kidman, but I dont know how far it will go for those of us persecuted very covertly by abusive men and thier mindless female counterparts. Awareness is always good though. And forgive Letterman, he's had a hard ride. Like everyone who's the Real Deal, he's been cut down, shorn, told no and marginalized. American is never allowed to evolve or grow up. We cant have anyone like that in the number one late night spot...don't we all realize that Johnny Carson is dead, and so is that great era? And so is the spirit of the USA. Any rampant creativity must be squashed in favor of corporate sameness and conformity.
Letterman was a thinking person's comedian. His old place has been perhaps replaced by The Daily Show...
If one looks at all these sort of shows one can see the interconnections between them- the collegiate and intelligent cynical mindset MUST be managed, if not outright dumbed down. The generation that was satisfied in the 70's and 80's casual drug use, privacy and will over one's life would have grown into a more Eurpoean mindset in this country and that is not allowed. We must keep slaves, we must make sure you stay a child. And if we have to scare you into it we will. If we have to dumb down communications- all media mediums, we will. If we have to replace casual drug taking with psych meds to avoid spiritual evolution- we WILL. If we have to scare an entire generation who grew up in daycare into a militant or cult like conformist mindset and train them to be savvy anti- anti establishement little spies then we will. If we have to use terrorism and threats of safety to control you and YOUR MIND in the long run..WE WILL.

We are the conspiracy theory no one beleives known as the NWO.
Letterman would have had the nation thinking too much. There was a freedom to his Late Night spot that does not fit in with our plans to control freak you the public into non thinking,
mind jammed submission. Besides, NY had to be turned into a level of corporate Hell, in order to be managed. There were too many artists there, too many thinking people. And anyone who starts getting any ideas who has a voice, we'll simply choke them out of the business or we'll get the paparazzi on their every move.
We have ways of makin you talk..yes, but we also have ways of making you silent.

And anyone who tells you about our plans is either mentally ill, a pissed off envious loser or a conspiracy theorist. Becuz WE say so..that is all.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More findings/reflections on the use of tech to subdue Targets

OK I am going to write a story you can steal for your sci fi writing classes..

Lets say you were a targeted individual. Lets say you used You Tube and did it so that it was obvious it was you as a TI, you used your gang stalking blog identity lets say.

Well lets call this TI Jan. Jan notices that if she makes playlists even private ones, to amuse herself when she is doing work on the computer in another screen, that eventually there is about the music on her playlists.

She experiments and plays the same video/song signed in to her account and then plays it also signed out. She notices that, especially if the music is freeing or has a freeing affect on her, if it breaks the effect of the brainwashing from organized stalking/mc tech..that this emotional breaking of bondage will be replaced by further enslavement via the typical programs that she encounters daily via other mediums.
She finds her mind especially dimmed or she finds that she is being 'programmed' per usual.
Or even that there is some hazing of the mind effect.

This would lead Jan to believe that the MC tech system is using the videos as Trojan horses like in the ancient tale.

It is possible, it is only information and it could be intercepted, corrupted, co opted or have something attached to it at any time.

She tries the same thing with a new account under a fake name. Since this is linked to her blog anyway, there is some association.

She first noticed it when the videos all individually linked to her gang stalking blog had even more strange effects and more 'dumbing down' or what seemed like jamming of the mind or mental capacities.

The other day 'Jan' found an students cell phone. She went to return the phone and decided to take a walk around campus with it.
Some curious results: as she possessed another persons cell phone she felt her energy change, in fact she felt normal again as if it was 2000 or even earlier.

She did not have a constant headache, or bad feelings of doom and hopelessness, or depression or even a dumb down effect.
She decided to take a very long walk with the phone in order to get more results.

It was like a temporary vacation from the horror that had become her own life since 1996...definitely since 2000.

There is no bad luck..there is only remote influence.

They know that music can set your mind free or activate DNA to survive. That it can activate something in the primitive..They know some humans can heal from music or even think and solve problems just by listening ..really focusing and listening and reflecting.

They know some humans understand the ancient idea of music serving as a tool-for healing, for strength, for removal of oppression.

All this must be blocked if oppression is to continue.

Destructive feeds will be put in like subliminals in a shop telling you not to steal. It might be that simple now.
If yer targeted yer screwed becuz you need the internet to survive as a TI. TI's without internet ability dont fare too well unless they have other means of self defense.

The internet is the worst place for us to go, but what can we do? Alot of us are chased there (conveniently). Some of us were thinking of letting go of using the computer all together when this started..Hmmm.

So there you go some sci fi for you..why, that could never happen in real life!

social sciences-pedicting outcomes in war

It is so obvious to alot of us that the perps are fighting with superior intel but this would explain why they seem to get huffy when we do things according to our natures and not thier expectations.. I couldnt figure out what that was about. They just seem like the stupidest people sometimes...I side with the military non egg head guy on this one and I hope they start soley relying on this and it blows up in thier faces the way that rebelling TI's have.

Its obvious that the military industrial complex is part of this and that they are trying to test somethings or use us to gain knowledge to create something.

There was an article I skimmed a while ago about the soldier of the future being self healing.
That might be what they are after. It would explain why they are targeting 'nice' and 'good' people.
If you stress out a healer they will be forced to pump out massive amounts of energy to self heal. to even keep it together...I really feel this is what they are after.

They want to see just how our systems work. Perhaps they want to create a false version--that anyone can become self healing.
This of course amounts to the target getting all the juice sqeezed out of them over time like an orange. The battery wears out.
I really would love to know if there is something more sinister and someone using that energy directly or even taking it for themselves if thats possible.

There should be first the acknowledgement of healing energies, love as energy and psychics in this culture then the establishment of laws specifically protecting empaths and making is so no one enslaves them or exploits them.
It would be like if you had a million dollars in the bank and people kept robbing you everyday so then it was gone over time and no one did anything about it.

There is another article on this blog about psy ops over in Iraq. It is so obvious that is what has been done to TI's. Look at the way that perps and people around us exploit our fears and try to bait us with compliance or bribe us in different ways.

Psy ops as a crime against individual citizens should exist as well.

Systematic ignoring in behavior modification-a key to the treatment of TI's,M1

What is interesting about the next article is that PATTERNS of a persons behavior or nature can be interrupted or "targeted".

And systematic ignoring is institutionalized as well:

This is why people have to reduce you to the level of a child to manage you or that maybe you were in transition emotionally and it was ripe for you to be easily molded emotionally and mentally. Its not that no one cares its the purposeful and intent ignoring of the victim for the purpose of behavior modification as well as to cover up evidence and crime.

The players in our Game/ who is who in society, where people fit into the game

The population is cut up into 4 sections. Those who know who are direct perpetrators or who assist them, those who are targets, those who are aware but take non action and are not targeted directly, and those that are unaware totally of any of the situation.
Remember most of society is afraid to help us, the others dont even know what is going on. But the perpetrators do. That is the cut up of population. Targets, perps, the scared to act and the ignorant of the war/hostage situation. Three parts are aware and one is unaware. One of those three is agressor and one is victim. The aware yet unacting are agressors/victims simultaneously. They count the least actually as they are the most useless. If they are aware of what is happening but refuse to act or help the victim, then they are either willingly compiant to the perps or they feel victimized by them as well. They are still like pillars and of no use to us unless they choose to act.
Psychically however they are in the way and a constant nuisance, becuz their fear and guilt registering as awareness is an interference in the game. They are awake to what is going on yet are not helpers nor can be fought with as agressors. In this way they serve as antagonizers whether knowiingly or not. To be blunt these people are stupid scared civilians in the line of fire scatttering up the battlefield and they need to jion a rank or get the fuck out of the way...the perps know this. They are used against us, naturally as diversion. Them being aware of us and our situaition draws our attention to them and we immediately look for signs of agression. When we do not recieve return aggression 1) we have wasted energy 2) we maintained our hypervigilance 3) we wasted time 4) they served as a diversion especially to real perps possibly.
I have experienced this sort of character being used as an actual decoy by perps. I often wonder if they are not perps themselves and this is their part to play. The head hanging and psuedo sympathetic smiling is a bit overdone at its fake and you can sense that there is nothign but aggression underneath. They hate us, they harbor force against us.
However there are sympathetic people who are jsut scared or feel bad but this weakens us. It adds to our own fear, sadness and more dangerously it helps brainwash us into denial, the way THEY live thier lives.

I have seen them hanging thier heads after I pass, so not all of them are trying to intimate I am a dead woman walking on perp-ose. But this destroys morale, and the Target is forced to harden up inside to not become weak. Mostly these are very disrespectful gestures...the perps show more respect for us than this sort of person. Fear and shame and guilt and a pain in the ass and have no place in this sort of fight. These are all the things the perps try to get us into a cycle of of to control us. It also adds to the 'to bad your the Loser of the battle 'mentality. These people are subcouncously siding with the perpetrators, by acting as if we have been defeated already. It intimates that the perps have all the power...its very destructive to a TI.
Smiling and handling are worse, at least the outwardly guilty allow us to remember that we have been victimized in a horrible way.
Acting like nothing is wrong and smilin in our faces like we are stupid children is the height of arrogance for the perps or those 'in on it' and the height of cowardice for those who are sheepishly compliant to perp action against us.
Again this is much more dangerous than direct attack by a perpetrator(s).

People who are ignorant of what is going on totally are a psychic relief and we all sense it. They are like a pool of water in a harsh desert. They have no connection to us and no preconceptions to weigh us down.
The two easiest factions to deal with are perps and totally unaware persons.
Everyone in between serves only to muck up a clean cut fight and as I have stated can be utilized by perps.
These people are akin to the guerilla warfare tactic in Veitnam of strapping a bomb to a cute baby and sending the baby out in the path of soldiers who are tired, lonely and miss thier women, children and families. IT IS EXACTLY THE SAME AND WHAT IS WORSE IS THAT IT IS PULLED ON US MULTIPLE TIMES AND WE DO NOT DIE OR HAVE INJURIES TO SHOW TO PROVE THAT IT HAPPENED.
This is one of the greatest reasons that TI's lose thier minds and/or end up vegatables or being reduced to a childlike state.

Beware of the sypmathetic, the handling, the smiling yet knowing, the head hangers, the pitying, the smirking, the gentle naysayer, those in denial, the shamed or shaming, the humiliating or humiliated. Beware anyone who is aware of your situation yet does not identify as fellow victim, perpetrator or helper. These people are the ocean that surrounds the rocks...they are deception. At least jagged rocks one can see.

If they were truly sympathetic then they would help. Some of them are simply people who live with trauma who stay put in a life of denial and spend their whole lives 'making it better' for victims, most likely they grew up this way and it would be too much for them to reprogram themselves to face the reality of thier lives.

If you are a genuine targeted individual and you are also a survivor of other things or even in recovery I gurantee you that this will be used against you and if you are a recovering addict then you know that 'making it better' and living in or joining others in denial is going to lead to one place and one place only and that is some sort of crutch. It will end up either drug use or some sort of fill in for drug use.
Thier ultiamte dream is to get everyone who is not compliant on psych meds hopefull along with opiates so that you never evolve or grow up emotioanally. THE OUTWARD SYSTEM HAS BEEN USING THE WORLD OF DRUGS FOR YEARS AS A CONTAINMENT AREA FOR PEOPLE WHO WILL NOT FIT INTO THE SYSTEM AND WILL NOT COMPLY WITH OPPRESSION ESPECIALLY ARTISTS AND INTELLECTUALS WHO ARE FROM LOWER SOCIAL STRATAS. Howver I have seen brilliant mathemticians hooked on H for years and they could never fix themselves...they are allowed a little more leaway due to the fact they are part of the system where being educated gives them a voice.
The slavery for alot of us starts from birth and is intergenerational but alot of it the public school system takes care of..and if you arent allowed to excel there then if you are creative and intelligent you will get into drugs perhaps where you can be utilized in other ways and controlled. Then at a certain age you will die (they hope) or you will get into recovery and nowdays onto meds. That will be the holding pattern. Now recovery has lost its original message and addicts are encouraged to be competive, focus on making money and becomeing an upstanding citizen with a jail reform mentality.
It is more brainwashing. When and if you walk into NA always remember that the gang stalking system comes first and foremost, NA is secondary.

Control over society is first and foremost and keeping mind controlled slaves a controlled is of the utmost. And I mean everything from the high level programmed to the ignorant and easily manipulated.

Slavery does exist and it is done covertly in this country and I am sure every other 'democracy'.

And ultimately the key to all control is brainwashing or the altering of the will. That is what is done to TI's everyday.

Also the totally ignorant can be used against us...they are the ones who believe we are just crazy or whatever other line the perps info machine puts out. And becuz they dont know about covert warfare or dont understand that there is a sophisticated system of psychological warfare in place everyday in their society, they are useful to perps and the system as they only understand everything outside our reality we live in everyday. They beleive in psychiatry, becuz they have dont know of its history of vicimization, deception nor have they been personally offended by it in some way. This is why it is so important for the people who are aware of the system to keep the unaware happy and seemingly respected. Thier innocence and ignorance are of the greatest use to the perpetrators. Not only will the unaware side with an authority figure that has always treated them well and provided for them, but they will not beleive any claims that victims of oppression or crime may is outside thier realm of understanding.
We must nor hate them for thier ignorance. We must keep focus on the perps who move them about the chess board unbeknownst to them.
If they were to become aware I think we would have a number of them who would support us and even cause public outcry if they knew the severity of the mistreatment.
This is why it is important for the perps to keep us isolated and humiliated/shamed.
We must be made to feel that the public is ON THIER SIDE and we are dogs who are not good enough to mingle with decent people.
THis is the usefulness of the aware..they are the middle people between the world of the unaware public and the TI/perp axis. If the aware can be utilized to provide quiet support for the game by either fear, non action, willful compliance or silent willful complaince it doesnt matter HOW they get these 'ghosts' to walk about mucking up the straight forward fights, just as long as they DO is what is important to the direct agressors.

The worst sort of intimation by these bastards is that its YOUR problem and better you than them. That YOU are the one being targeted. That they are above you do to thier non involvement. However, if they are aware then they are involved. Thier 'seperateness' is an imaginary perception on thier part. They either agree with what is transpiring or they do not. If they do, even silently, they are helping the perps. There is no one who is not part of gang stalking except perhaps the totally unaware...and I can jsut envision how many of them their would be all of a sudden if EVER these crimes were investigated.
I can see my own family just sitting there going " But Rachel, we didnt KNOW".."We didnt understand how bad it was" blah blah blah. This is utter bullsh*t and everyone and thier mother (and my mother as well) is going to sit there and cry that they did not know.
This is why gang stalking and victimizing people has to stop at the level of information leakage. No more legalized spying, no more posting damaging personal infor on the web, no more slander. All these things do is to serve a murder campaign from a bunch of criminals by using the publics intake of info about the Target to thier advantage. From there they can twist or add what they like and also see who is going to be on THIER side and who needs to be intimidated into complying with perp actions against the Target.
THere are perhaps a group of people who are aware and actively help on our behalf, but like who is a high level perp we will never know who is a high level helper.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

mc tech article

Read this every day if u r targeted it will help..The Eight point Model of Thought Reform

Thanks to Eric Goodman for this information....

Robert Jay Lifton's Eight Point Model of Thought Reform
1. ENVIRONMENT CONTROL. Limitation of many/all forms of communication with those outside the group. Books, magazines,
letters and visits with friends and family are taboo. "Come out and be separate!"

2. MYSTICAL MANIPULATION. The potential convert to the group becomes convinced of the higher purpose and special calling of the group through a profound encounter/experience, for example, through an alleged miracle or prophetic word of those in the group.

3. DEMAND FOR PURITY. An explicit goal of the group is to bring about some kind of change, whether it be on a global, social, or
personal level. "Perfection is possible if one stays with the group and is committed."

4. CULT OF CONFESSION. The unhealthy practice of self disclosure to members in the group. Often in the context of a public gathering in the group, admitting past sins and imperfections, even doubts about the group and critical thoughts about the integrity of the leaders.

5. SACRED SCIENCE. The group's perspective is absolutely true and completely adequate to explain EVERYTHING. The doctrine is not subject to amendments or question. ABSOLUTE conformity to the doctrine is required.
6. LOADED LANGUAGE. A new vocabulary emerges within the context of the group. Group members "think" within the very abstract and narrow parameters of the group's doctrine. The terminology sufficiently stops members from thinking critically by reinforcing a "black and white" mentality. Loaded terms and clichés prejudice thinking.

7. DOCTRINE OVER PERSON. Pre-group experience and group experience are narrowly and decisively interpreted through the
absolute doctrine, even when experience contradicts the doctrine.

8. DISPENSING OF EXISTENCE. Salvation is possible only in the group. Those who leave the group are doomed.
Programs identified with the above-listed seven tactics have in common the elements of attempting to greatly modify a person's self-concept, perceptions of reality, and interpersonal relations. When successful in inducing these changes, coercive thought reform programs also, among other things, create the potential forces necessary for exercising undue influence over a person's independent decision-making ability, and even for turning the individual into a deployable agent for the organization's benefit without the individual's meaningful knowledge or consent.
Coercive persuasion programs are effective because individuals experiencing the deliberately planned severe stresses they generate can only reduce the pressures by accepting the system or adopting the behaviors being promulgated by the purveyors of the coercion program. The relationship between the person and the coercive persuasion tactics are DYNAMIC in that while the force of the pressures, rewards, and punishments brought to bear on the person are considerable, they do not lead to a stable, meaningful SELF-CHOSEN reorganization of beliefs or attitudes. Rather, they lead to a sort of coerced compliance and a situationally required elaborate rationalization, for the new conduct.

Once again, in order to maintain the new attitudes or "decisions," sustain the rationalization, and continue to unduly influence a person's behavior over time, coercive tactics must be more or less CONTINUOUSLY applied. A fiery, "hell and damnation" guilt-ridden sermon from the pulpit or several hours with a high-pressure salesman or other single instances of the so-called peaceful persuasions do not constitute the "necessary chords and orchestration" of a SEQUENCED, continuous, COORDINATED, and carefully selected PROGRAM of surreptitious coercion, as found in a comprehensive program of "coercive persuasion."
Truly peaceful religious persuasion practices would never attempt to force, compel and dominate the free wills or minds of its members through coercive behavioral techniques or covert hypnotism. They would have no difficulty coexisting peacefully with U.S. laws meant to protect the public from such practices.

Looking like peaceful persuasion is precisely what makes coercive persuasion less likely to attract attention or to mobilize opposition. It is also part of what makes it such a devastating control technology. Victims of coercive persuasion have: no signs of physical abuse, convincing rationalizations for the radical or abrupt changes in their behavior, a convincing "sincerity, and they have been changed so gradually that they don't oppose it because they usually aren't even aware of it.

Deciding if coercive persuasion was used requires case-by-case careful analysis of all the influence techniques used and how they were applied. By focusing on the medium of delivery and process used, not the message, and on the critical differences, not the coincidental similarities, which system was used becomes clear. The Influence Continuum helps make the difference between peaceful persuasion and coercive persuasion easier to distinguish.

Not all tactics used in a coercive persuasion type environment will always be coercive. Some tactics of an innocuous or cloaking nature will be mixed in. Not all individuals exposed to coercive persuasion or thought reform programs are effectively coerced into becoming participants. How individual suggestibility, psychological and physiological strengths, weakness, and differences react with the degree of severity, continuity, and comprehensiveness in which the various tactics and content of a coercive persuasion program are applied, determine the program's effectiveness and/or the degree of severity of damage caused to its victims. For example, in United States v. Lee 455 U.S. 252, 257-258 (1982), the California Supreme Court found that "when a person is subjected to coercive persuasion without his knowledge or consent... [he may] develop serious and sometimes irreversible physical and psychiatric disorders, up to and including schizophrenia, self-mutilation, and suicide."


A). Determine if the subject individual held enough knowledge and volitional capacity to make the decision to change his or her ideas or beliefs.
B). Determine whether that individual did, in fact, adopt, affirm, or reject those ideas or beliefs on his own.
C). Then, if necessary, all that should be examined is the behavioral processes used, not ideological content. One needs to examine only the behavioral processes used in their "conversion." Each alleged coercive persuasion situation should be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The characteristics of coercive persuasion programs are severe, well-understood, and they are not accidental.


Coercive persuasion is not a religious practice, it is a CONTROL technology. It is not a belief or ideology, it is a technological process. As a PROCESS, it can be examined by experts on its technology COMPLETELY SEPARATE from any idea or belief content, similar to examining the technical process of hypnotic induction distinct from the meaning or value of the post-hypnotic suggestions. Examining PROCESSES in this manner can not violate First Amendment religious protections. Coercive persuasion is antithetical to the First Amendment. It is the unfair manipulation of other's biological and psychological weaknesses and susceptibilities. It is a psychological FORCE technology, not of a free society, but of a criminal or totalitarian society. Any organization using coercive persuasion on its members as a CENTRAL practice that also claims to be a religion is turning the SANCTUARY of the First Amendment into a fortress for psychological assault. It is a contradiction of terms and should be "disestablished." Coercive persuasion is a subtle, compelling psychological force which attacks an even more fundamental and important freedom than our "freedom of religion." ITS REPREHENSIBILITY AND DANGER IS THAT IT ATTACKS OUR SELF-DETERMINISM AND FREE WILL, OUR MOST FUNDAMENTAL CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOMS.