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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

 8459xs  MA lic plate 

Grey sedan.

Total nutcase old lady likes to scream at people who are panhandling. 

She's a nervous wreck...the pooor thing.

Always ignore this  kind of rich bitch totally spoiled rotten neurotic hysterical anxiety damaged kind of human being. See if this was California I wouldn't be getting any of this crap it was just mind their own business and live their lives especially if they're loaded no excuse for that behavior considering what I have to go through in life.

It's always best when you're panhandling or spanging or busking when somebody like this approaches you aggressively because she's totally like a cocker spaniel or a Chihuahua this is overdosed on amphetamines or something she's totally insane it's shaking and everything so somebody damage like this that's like fucked up you just turn around but have a good day sweetheart have a nice day and that's it do not engage do not feed into it we can only hope that she'll be dead soon and it looks like it's coming very quickly so just be kind because it makes you look like a noble fuck and her a piece of crap always remember do not feed into it. It's not even GS it's just random insane people

 Thanks for reading my brainstorming posts yesterday. Their content will make up many different future writings. 

I've stopped using my signature "becuz" only due to realizing that it would not translate into other languages. Not for any other reason. .

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Thanks for reading. I've got some posts coming which I need time to craft 

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Latest gang stalking games people grabbing their crotches yet again

 I thought we were done with this like 2 years ago this is old school type stuff but they're back at it again. Men and women and it's really retarded of course this is just about the speed of the use and of society right now with all the nouveau Rich running around and I'm in an area that's a college area where all the rich kids can afford to go home and all the memorial Day people have gone off so I'm left with all these losers that like don't have the money to go home and they'll probably all recruited anyway the people that are pulling this crap. And if it's memorial Day just like the Boston Marathon or probably going to get hit harder with the anti-terror private security whatever it is douchebaggery like on the marathon because of terrorism means gangstalking Target individuals.

The most fun you can have with the crotch grabbing and the crotch holding as they approach you is to film it and put them on every available media and make sure you get their faces so they can look like douchebags and their friends can find out what they're really all about

Friday, May 27, 2022

My little safe spot has usual

 My peaceful place I found two years ago is being destroyed by gentrification induced by COVID shut downs and people losing their real estate. Businesses are invading and of course builders are buying up the area and gutting entire houses and yards to put up probably condos and more consumerism in one of the last  quaint, quiet community based places left in a wonderful burough of Boston. Historical buildings arent safe of course.

This patch of land that makes up this little street is also special because it was owned as one large property by the father of the main Salem witch burning judges of the 1600s. A religious man he believed in spirit worlds both good and evil. 

I always felt protected here, as if the land somehow through it's former owner, was making up for the actions of his family by protecting or providing shelter for the most vulnerable people in our modern world. 

COVID destroys everything and the power grab continues with no end in site. 

It's one thing to disgard old ghosts with modernization it's quite another to carelessly destroy history. 

I love this fake environmentalism coming with  building booms that COVID-19 simply accelerated and made easier with people being unable to continue business or pay their rent or taxes etc. 

It takes more than just putting in bike lanes and constructing  'green' buildings (laughable). All I see is MORE cars and MORE people in the city who now are MORE aggro because they have to pay $5 a gallon for gas, can't get baby formula and have had their lives interrupted for two years on top of being terrorized by brainwashed kids in the streets while quarantined in their homes trying to AVOID DYING as well as probably from the aggression caused by COVID and COVID vaccines. (Do not dare fuckin flag this as disinformation. I do my research.)

I dont see anyone working on PRESERVATION of natural habitat. I am one of those people who can attest to the FACT that during the quarantine animals did indeed come out into public spaces even in places like Somerville MA that are industrial and horribly build up. 

People are trying to deny that this occurred even though many people saw this happen during 2020-2021. 

LED street lights are bad for humans and animals. 

What about issues like nuclear anything in existence or mold in almost every building humans use daily in areas like here in the northeast where structures including pipes etc can be over a hundred years old? I'm sure the southeastern USA is worse.

It seems to me that this new corporate run environmentalism more concerned with the environment that it is with the environment with human beings or animals in it. That can mean only one thing-its a depopulation agenda.

Since when is nuclear energy 'clean energy'? Who is shoveling this bullshit? 

How can people ignore building booms that cause price outs and new hostile environmental design (anti homeless architecture) when they've done nothing but commit domestic terrorism for two years claiming their cause is 'Equality'???!!

Because these are the brainwashed armies of the NWO or globalist agenda. They are essentially consumerists and without that they have no identity. They exist in 'communities' not neighborhoods and their online presence is where they actually 'live'. The internet is their dimension whereas the rest of us live in physical reality especially those of us who are houseless for any part of the year thus live without television or heavy computer use and exist in the natural environment more hours per day than anyone else. 

This of course is what they are trying to get rid of. Any real connection to Nature. 

The kids are now full fledged wards of the corporate 'state' who's control over them resembles a communist state. 

During the pandemic I read that the new progressives sought to break up families for 'equality' sake and suggested that a state like entity would be more suited to raising our kids. Concepts like reading your kids a bedtime story causes inequality because it gives your kids an unfair advantage is atypical of this new left wing insanity which of course is nothing but terrorism and attempted mass mind control.

The perfect formula of communism and capitalist consumerism has been created. Isolation during Covid was made comfortable and manageable and of course they made sure it avoided outcomes like self reflection, a new perspective, any sort of revelations or apifanies about life itself and the vast world we live in or humanity itself. 

Any chance we had at the pandemic creating a real lasting culture or even short lived phenomenon of genuine communalism was taken away by being hijacked by feel good activism and domestic terror by mostly dumb kids who dont know how the real world works yet or that the system can be negotiated with even taken back by proper channels..and that anarchy doesn't work on a large scale. It's a bit hard to buy into a bunch of kids who wouldn't give up their iPhones or consumerism or even their homes for actual genuine anarchists lifestyles. 

We now live in the ultimate era of FAKE brought on by terrorism and intimidation by way of brainwashing. And of course those LED street lights that have almost an entire nation if not a good chunk of the entire world population NOT SLEEPING PROPERLY and having their pituitary and pineal gland function interfered with which is more damaging to being human and having actual real genuine humanity than westerners can ever understand. 

There was a time when we could have understood...but that was hijacked and co opted by CIA ops such as the bogus New Age movement of the 80s and 90s (there's Survivors of programming who claim that they worked in such programs and their job was nothing short of deceiving and misdirecting the public). That includes co opting true health food retail with bullsh*t like Whole Foods Market and phasing out herbalism/holistic medicine and having western medicine appear more holistic leaning while hospitals are now owned by huge parent companies.

The internet no longer even gives us any straight answers. I can't get a simple result of information when entering a search into Google. I get consumerism and misdirection or a very controlled, very nannied version of the World Wide Web.

We were stupid enough to trust private companies with our Constitutional rights and protections afforded us by our government and now we are dependent on these bastards. Now they own us and now theu define our world for us and its parameters. 

Just like our generation (Gen X) with considering giving up television altogether, we must now consider creating a reality without the internet or at least a version where it's not defined by special interest.

People care less now about others than they did before the pandemic but somehow, many people in society dont see that. They perceive it's better, more connected etc. Probably because they exist in the reality where your a winner if you are a citizen of the NWO. 

It's becoming more obvious that my theory concerning humans being primed to exist outside Nature due to the environment becoming uninhabitable is feasible. 

They are being primed to live in domed cities with controlled well as minds. Underground. In space. It makes no difference-theres a good chance they will be mindless slaves. 

It's gotten so much worse since COVID-19 and it's been bad since 9-11. Funny how your average westerner doesnt live in that continuous long timeline but in fragments. Fractured pieces of time and reality. Compartmentalized. 

It's a fate worse than death and they exist like this daily. 

For the rest of us it's always time to move on and it's going to be time to create something else. 

The entire thing is such a scam. Reminding us of what our ancestors readily knew and practiced as if it were some new scientific discovery....telling us what we already know about ourselves or our bodies, environment etc and presenting it as new discoveries or knowledge from experts. 

What I love most is the modern day educated worker bee. No wonder college is producing such idiots. It's not actual higher education anymore. It's globalist worker bee training. The modern day 'factory worker' is much more sophisticated..and takes to psych meds, medical marijuana and the online reality in place of old fashioned laudanum (factory workers would get addicted to this to tolerate monotonous repetitive work as well as physical pain from work related injuries). 

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Be careful it's very nasty out there right now it seems like the system wants to simply wipe you off the face of the Earth as if you never existed right now TI's lives do not matter

 My sponsor of 5 years up and disappeared without any kind of understanding of what happens and you can tell the system knows it and it's like they can smell desperation and fear and they're just going for the kill right now. If the person who was sending me money was he even genuine at all or if it was done to make me get a false sense of security and make me complacent and lazy and make sure I don't file against people and get my cases fixed. 

I know there's a lot an election coming up but this is ridiculous. I don't know what's going on out here but ever since they removed what they want a medical decision out here it's really bad out here and even a little bit before the masks came off with a family member of mine and who's the original TI unbeknownst to them when it comes to our families involvement in NK ultra and the radiation experimentation which is documented by the way this family member of mine the system has just been going for the kill over the past year it's been ridiculous

So I've had to constantly deal with the fallout from that and quickly fix stuff as fast as humanly possible and just keep installing all of these walls and protections and it's very hard to take care of another TI who doesn't know they're a TI because she can't really tell them because remember only some of us have that expansion of mind. That ability to watch Syfy if you will that the military was using people who watch Syfy to come up with alternate solutions in the future for things because they have expansion of mind I think I posted about that years ago. Well that's the kind of mind you have if you survive being a TI with the GS theory and you can expand your mind over time and grow and see reality for what it is and live with it as horrible and lonely as it is this is the same exact thing that intelligence people go through military people go through that people in positions of power old money politics people who know how the world works have the same knowledge as us it's sad the way we had to acquire it because we have no training which is why we do internet activism to help the next group of people survive all you can hope to do is have people not commit suicide have their minds break and shatter end up in jails institutions or death because that's what the system wants for us.

I noticed there's no readership on my blog ever since I got framed but that's fine I was never here for the infamy or cheerleading or fellowship or socializing I'm here for the next person who does not understand what the hell is happening to them and they're about ready to commit suicide but I can save those people I can piss the system off and cost them so much damn money not that they don't have endless black budget money anyway and now they're doing stuff like what they did to me framing me using the legitimate justice system so they probably can get their hands on legitimate anti-terrorism and other funding to use for harassment of TI's all they have to do is get you on some list that's their game since 2016.

AAnd it's really bad out here like starzyland read the book starzyland you'll get an idea of what's going on on society right now. It seems in theory as if it's gone to a stasi type system like in East Germany. It doesn't seem like it's intelligence networks anymore it doesn't seem like it's I don't want to call them crisis actors but you know you know something's up when you get harassed and have organized stocking done by groups and then you see some of those people 3,000 miles away and a completely different city working in a major hub like Los Angeles train station they have to have some connection to the entertainment community and that of course has connection to the intelligence community and you know black budget money as much as you can imagine.

RRemember your favorite '70s horror movies any of them could have been used to launder money for organized crime the Texas chainsaw massacres infamous for that it's part of the background story of the movie. The game is probably the same today. Why wouldn't you use the capital of deception which is a place that makes movies for doing deceptive intrigue type things in real life?

It seems like a good source of recruitment crossing the borders between Rand fant asy I mean how realistic is the world we live in anyway?

Don't get nervous with all the loan shootings it's just more terrorism to try to get you to give up your Constitution and Bill of Rights and liberties and it's just more terrorism to try to make anybody who looks like their dissident or an activist or whatever it is it's just to make us look bad now I know why they framed me in 2016 because most likely they were predicting the mess we live in today knowing that if you have that on your record even if nobody proved you did anything and of course the system had a perfect opportunity to prove I didn't do it by chasing who did of course they didn't do that cuz they don't want to know who did it on paper because they fucking hired some hacker to send emails to themselves of course. So now my name is floating around somewhere and I'm sure it's connected to terrorism I'm sure it's connected to list some shirts connected to person of interest I'm sure it's connected to facial recognition and the more loan shootings then we're going to watch the people they framed so that's why they framed you in 2016 because it wasn't just me there was a bunch of other activists as well that's why they did it cuz they knew this was coming. Why wouldn't they have tried to frame me abusing the power of the legitimate justice system back in 2006 or 2004 when this all started in Earnest after 9/11? Because back then they wanted to keep it quiet also people didn't have phones with cameras so they can get away with a lot of psychological warfare and nobody would see it and you couldn't record it fast enough well now that they can't go around doing weird crazy factuals using the legit system and that's exactly what they did in 2016 by framing a bunch of us.

II don't know is going on out there right now but people are acting as if those of us that have been around for a while just don't have any power left. My poor family member the system has been trying to just go for the throat and finish her off after a horrible health event for the last year it's awful there's no protection left at all. And as for me it's as if I don't exist I have no power I have no recourse it's as if nobody cares and they know it and they're going to rub it in and make sure that I don't exist. Like they're trying to crush me or finish me off it's terrible. But remember psychological warfare is all about making the victim feel as if they have already lost the game when in fact that may not be true it's very hard right now because everybody believes covid is over everyone's an idiot about the vaccinations on the masks letting people take the masks off in a legal decision not a medical one was horrendous the younger kids are arrogant pieces of crap a lot of them about wearing the masks they act as if not having to wear a mask working at a Dunkin' donuts or something is some kind of civil rights thing like BLM or antifa in 2020 everything is politicized it's absolutely horrible in the cities it is a fucking nightmare nobody is watching out for anybody anymore because what people didn't realize is that globalism and the building boom and the agenda and the globalist middle class totally snaked their way into the cities and finished gentrifying and taking over during covid and nobody saw it also nobody realized that covid was an opportunity to get rid of anybody houseless anybody else anybody that isn't a sheep and anybody that doesn't fit into the agenda for globalism nobody even sees this shit because number one they don't really see what's really out in the city and the street level and be they were inside the whole time working from home and quarantine it they didn't see what was going on outside and they are effectively sweeping and getting rid of populations like houseless people and alternative lifestyles and subculture because basically nobody knew what was going on out here to begin with especially since the slight turn towards globalism the public has lost connection with what's going on in the street what's going on on the street level what's going on outside that started interestingly as if the colleges and the businesses had foreknowledge ;-) of the pandemic coming they started to cut ties with everything that's real on the street level then the pandemic happened conveniently 

People are so isolated and they don't even know it because of the pandemic and because of globalism has now completely taken control. You would not believe the amount of hostile environmental design all of this building boom and gentrification is creating and the public don't even realize that that's what it is.

So be careful out there I know it's bad during an election beforehand but this is outrageous I they're using everything they can about covid to just go for the throat and it seems like there's a lot of people who have been doing this for a long time and they just want to get rid of you right now this is their chance it seems like to just wipe you off the face of the Earth as if you never existed it's ironic they have a movement called black lives matter 2 years ago because I feel as if my life doesn't matter and I don't matter more than ever in the history of my being an activist in this community. Which shows you the trickery of the Illuminati if you will whatever you want to call it the people at the top create these designs and these big deceptions they play with words and it's a joke on the public.

Now you're going to feel as if your life does not matter especially if you're not vaccinated the harassment of people that aren't vaccinated in Boston area as well as the harassment of people that would like businesses as a courtesy to have someone with a mask make their food and to put on gloves especially with younger generation and they're actually laughing at people they think it's funny they think that it's a civil right that they don't have to wear the mask these people don't understand anything about how to do business and what courtesy means because it's all corporate jobs now and these people are not even qualified to work in restaurant or retail they belong in factories but we don't have any more factory jobs for them so unfortunately our quality of Life now sucks because they're in every hotel every restaurant every Dunkin donuts and they've taken over and their staffing them with this cheap help.

It's actually horrible out here right now and the feeling you get is that you're completely powerless and something about the vaccinations and then the unmasking has just let the public loose and they are being complete assholes here maybe not in other parts of Massachusetts but in the city they're total douchebags everyone's a douche and everybody wants their way and they it's much worse than it was before the pandemic that's what's so shocking about this I know the covid-19 vaccines are documented to create aggression in humans and I think that's what we're seeing. People are totally auntie homeless they don't care about anything they don't care about anyone but themselves they don't care the humanity is almost completely gone and this is what happens when you focus on politicizing things during a crisis like a plague instead of focusing on taking care of each other this whole thing was probably pre-planned and it was probably to do exactly what it's done now further the globalist agenda get rid of certain demographics further globalism further gentrification without anybody noticing the inequality of that crap and to just make sure certain people go through the cracks and nobody notices in fact the pandemic has made it so people live more online which is become very dangerous and the humanity is just not out there anymore.

So watch out because I don't know what's going on but it seems like they're just going for it and if they think they can get away with getting rid of you right now it's like you're going for the kill absolutely they just want to make sure you never existed and of course you know I won't let that happen.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Brigham and Women's Hospital ER Dept Is The Worst-Something Needs To Be Done

 Update 8:30am: the morning shift has picked up all the slack. They are taking everyone back to the rooms and I've been seen finally by a PA at least. 

I guess it's the night shift that needs to be dealt with. 


7:52 am: I came to Brigham and Women's ER for chest pain at 1 am today with pain in left arm. I'm STILL WAITING to be brought back to be put on a heart monitor. Other people have gone before me.

A very sick woman who's obviously mentally unstable who should have been put in for eval in a psych area was instead removed by three large security men (no women present) who were somewhat verbally aggressive after carrying her outside while staff at the desk inside LAUGHED AT HER and bitched about her behavior. 

The head of security is an Army vet from Securitas and of course the private sector. Which it seems that's the basic attitude that these big hospitals have nowadays-corporate and militarized. 

I am NEVER coming to this ER again and I'm definitely going to have a conversation with the head of the ER dept and Patient Relations. 

The way Boston has degenerated into globalism is absolutely disgusting. One thing Boston was always known for even under bad conditions in life was DIGNITY. 

I'm ashamed to be still living here and watching the greed, callousness and corporate interest and militarization trump over the areas traditions established by generations of people throughout the areas history.  

I still haven't reported the Primary Care office that during the pandemic quarantine, had all young kids working there no adults. They made hand written signs and took it upon themselves to post them all over the office that said "racism is a pandemic" and other such POLITICAL sentiments that have nothing to do with healthcare and I'm sure there's a lot of other legal issues with them doing that during a plague WHERE PEOPLE WERE SCARED OF DYING and going to medical facilities for health care where medical staff had an undue amount of control and authority given to them over people's bodies, behavior etc. Just being checked in and screened could be very intimidating.

If people still dont believe COINTELPRO is alive and well or that the world of public and private intelligence isn't working through think tanks or companies or billionaires with goals like A POWER GRAB DURING COVID 19 you've lost sight of the way this world really works. 

Stalking, Harassment and Psych Warfare International and Political Still an Example of 'Gang Stalking' Tactics and Methods

Five Individuals Charged Variously with Stalking, Harassing, and Spying on U.S. Residents on Behalf of the PRC Secret Police

The Defendants Participated in Transnational Repression Schemes to Silence Critics of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) Residing in the United States and Abroad

Sunday, May 15, 2022

 If anyone can donate it would be appreciated, I had a sponsor who disappeared recently without any notice, putting me in a very bad position.  I'm going to put up a donation button with a new platform in a few days. 


Monday, May 9, 2022

Blogger, Author Jean Gasho

 This is a blog I've kept up with quietly as my private little thing, just my own that no one knows about. I think I've shared it on social media once just to show others if they might be interested. 

I Lost My Young Children To UK Foster Care Because I Am A Black Woman

I don't know how I came upon this blog but something was interesting about Jean herself and her lifestyle which in some ways is odd to a westerner but intriguing. 

To see so many stark culture differences to what I experience in the United States was fascinating, absorbing and refreshing. Remember, Africa by all rights can be referred to as 'the old country' by modern people. It is part of the historical world, not the awful things the west has created. 

She has also written books:

She always had her children with her in her photos and they always seemed cared for. I never expected she would suffer this sort of situation. 

If anyone can help please do. I believe Jean Gasho is first and foremost an artist and is misunderstood like many. 

One of her undertakings on her blog was to diss Meghan Markle much to my delight as an indulgence. 

This I wonder isnt one of the reasons why this is happening to her. I had mistakenly believed her story was set in Africa but I guess it has been in the UK.

I've blogged about the destruction of Europe by factions we won't get into ruminating about-everything from mass UNDOCUMENTED immigration killing innocent women and girls to destruction of traditions, values and quality of life for all sides involved. Britain however has always been a mess and it's purpose seems only to perpetuate the power and position of it's upper classes and any cronies. 

The death of Jimmy Saville and all the evidence he left behind only shows the problems that are kept underground and are part of a historical cultural norm in Britain, probably going back to the Romans maybe even the Druidic cultures which is very different from what modern people understand especially with the introduction of Christian governing systems and Judeo-Christian based legal systems. (Thou shalt not kill has brought us basic laws against murder.) To me as an American this has been perfected by the separation of church and state and a Constitution such as we have in the USA, always ensuring there is recourse. True human rights.

Obviously Jean does not enjoy that privilege as we do in the USA right now. 

I hope this resolves for her and she can return to making art as opposed to suffering in life as well as for the safety of her children in such a questionable care system as we've seen repeatedly in that country to be so corrupt. 

Monday, May 2, 2022

Pub Med Article in Microwave Sickness

The microwave syndrome or electro-hypersensitivity: historical background