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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

email hacked and down

Well someone hacked into my email or the email company did something. i cant get into it so i cant answer back emails or new ones either. there is so much valuable stuff in there from years now i hope they can rescue it. Its definately been hacked. it has some error message that says "eyewonder.." and its really long. that is the page http when it logs me out after I log in and says 'page not found'.

so dont write until i fix it.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Susan Atkins Interviews
The sad thing is that mind controlled slaves arent really in charge of thier decision making. 3000 acid trips is alot of LSD. Which of course along with connections to the COS and thus the military one should start to think MK Ultra and human experimentation utilizing LSD.

Years later she would be in jail dying of brain cancer. She spent her lifetime helping others and the look in her eyes isnt one of a controlled Satanic slave but years of suffering in that jail cell in that prison. Years of suffering that ON TOP OF what she had suffered years before as a human being.

What I am saying is that its disgusting this society has so little sympathy for what is obviously brainwashing in its worst degree with links to cults related to STATE ACTORS. The public is ignorant so they think shes just a horrible person. Yet she had suffered all her life to begin with and yet she was the one who had to be in prison for life. Its a bit too much of a moralistic point of view. That she should have to live in prison and be of service to humanity in order to work off some sort of spiritual debt whereas the very system that is responsible lives on.

Expendable people. Patsys. Its no surprise she comes from nothing.

Society needs to start realizing that the powers that be can cause these things to happen as well as then make it look like the isolated work of a lone nutter or a cult etc.

What happened to me during Bush, they way I was chased and harassed around the country- much of it resembles what is done to alot of these other people we read about. Except I didnt go postal and refused to break. Yet, in St Louis as you can look up in my posts from that time period, I was practically ordered via heavy tech use as the delivery system to SERVE HUMANITY. As if I had done something so wrong to deserve a life of servitude, after already having had to live a life of servitude.
Besides the fact, which I stressed in my posts, I was going to help people with my life experience which is what I wanted to go to UMass for.

This adds up to a system that wants to use people who are expendable (usually poor people or throw aways from connected or rich families) for various dirty work to keep thier system working and then throw them out of the system and either push them to suicide or lone shooter and if that doesnt work, they are made to serve humanity as if they did something horribly wrong. The only difference between Susan Atkins and myself is that I never murdered anyone or did other outrageous crime and I never had to go to prison for such a thing either. I didnt let them force me into such a thing but there is a very good chance I could have been pressured into such action and thus my fate would have been sealed- exactly like hers.

Most compelling are her words to her then husband at the end of her life. She can't change public opinion so helping people in jail is the next best thing.

And what makes things more confusing is criminals who are truly nuts and very shrewd know enough or did years ago, to try to claim they were multiples or other mind control related issues, in order to try to make it look like they didn't know what they were doing. So of course the penal system believes that everyone is lying all the time or do so willingly they being part of the system on the legit official side. (one of the men in the hillside strangler cases did this once he was brought in for questioning.)

The gang stalkers act like we deserve to be targeted. As if its some sort of community watch becuz we are so horrible. Its bs of course becuz people way crazier than me with money and connections have great lives right now. On the cover story level I was singled out and many excuses were made, like "It doesnt pay to be poor" and this sort of nonsense. This Waltham cab driver was saying in response to Scott Ashmanski being in my apartment terrorising and abusing information out of me, I didnt mention all that just complained about my boyfriend. He then let on that he knew everything and said "Oh that wont be for much longer" or that wont last much longer and then he stated that viscious bs about being poor. Like that was the reason this was happening.

Do these people actually believe this bs themselves? I am hoping it was a psy ops creep who was simply pushing the cover story. I often wonder if higher ups let this happen to me and used me as bait to catch whatever psychos are behind doing shit like this. People would tell me I was used. "You were used" in whatever was going on locally. How so?

In the end none of that matters. I know that my mother is the daughter of two US Marines and that she was given radium suppositories and raditation treatments at that Naval Hospital and she was harassed out of the Pres Advis Committee on Human Experimentation in '95. I know that is what this is really about. Its about whatever was in those files that Helms destroyed in the '70s. And they want the matter to stay closed too.

The truth is that one can easily see the connections between the military and Satanic factions or other cults. Jim Jones is another example. Many gs groups I have encountered seem to have much of the same dynamics of mind control and group dynamics as well as fear of more powerful members. The way the people in this group seem used to violence, that all the hardcore sh*t that goes on is normalized to them. That is nothing short of mind control. No one normal or healthy acts out in these ways much less is part of a hate group for hire. Most of them seem like sick f*cks and you can tell sick family dynamics are present in the groups as well as sexual abuse or use of sex for control. So tell me why are people so Manson-like and so much resembling Jim Jones's cult running around performing psy ops for either state actors or for hire and outsourced working for a private entity?

By the way, not to be insensitive but if your daughter is married to Roman Polansky I dont how you expected that would be a safe situation to begin with. If Rosemary's Baby wasnt a tip off I can think of some others. Go ahead blame the dirt poor white trash murderous brunette bitch. Manipulative, attractive women are way less intimidating to go after as opposed to Aquino and his 'peoples'...right?

I love how the official system works to have things move just so and end in just the right way as to hide what goes on in the underground or shadow system in our society. And I dont think the public want true justice. They just want to retain the high standard of living that the shadow system affords them and have things end neatly and tidy in the official storyline.

Its coming to a time when they will no longer have that luxury. The beauty of Bush is that he forces America to either face up to reality or become more enslaved that in prior history.

WHAT THEY PUT IN JAIL WAS NOT THE PERSON MOST RESPONSIBLE FOR MURDER, THAT WOULD HAVE LED TO HIGHER UPS. THEY PUT IN JAIL THE IDEA- THE PROOF THAT SATANISM EXISTS IN OUR SOCIETY. That is why Atkins is most hated. Her behaivor and demeanor are so Satanic that people just want to get it out of thier sight and chock it up to murders being crazy for unknown reasons or purely psychological ones. Yes, the abuse of psychology is used to create mind controlled slaves but there has to be ritual abuse and there has to be cult mind control. There is a point where the power that is the human spirit is manipulated- that seems the greatest threat of all. Becuz if people believed in a spirit within them capable of feats of animal strength then they would also then believe in a spirit capable of equal amounts of healing power and the ability to transform this world humans live in.

I didnt write SATAN exists, I wrote SATANISM. From what I can tell from my experiences, without technologies, psychic warfare, chemical warfare and psychology 'Satan' wouldnt have a chance. Humans create these conditions. And if there is such an entity, if we arent being fooled by such smoke and mirrors then its just another thing we have to learn to handle and defend ourselves against. And I dont mean Judeo-Christian religions. Why cant good just 'be'? The good in people?

Celluloid Heroes Part II: the Tangled Web of Charles Manson

Interesting as all that info is one must focus on those infamous murders that 'ended the 60's' and knowing certain factions of the USA who want to do social engineering or control society- perhaps it was done on purpose. It certainly worked. To this day Boomers describe this event as a divider for them mentally in thier history and that of their generation. This is one of the signifying events as to when things started to go downhill or get to crazy.

There is an interesting interview with Susan Atkins on vid. Ten years after she was imprisoned she gave an interview. Its amazing how well she was trained. You can tell she is faking it and saying whatever she has to to try to get out. And some of it is so Satanic, the looks in her eyes, her body language. Next post..

COS- Human Sacrifice By Proxy

Remember alot of this is ritual abuse and the TI is a human sacrifice. Recall what LaVey said:
September 26, 1985 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD--SENATE S12171

" Mr. LAVEY.  We feel a person should be free to indulge in all his

so-called fetishes that they would desire, as long as they don't hurt
anyone that doesn't deserve or wish to be hurt.


Mr. LAVEY. We perform human sacrifices, by proxy you might say, the
destruction of human beings who would, let's say, create an antagonistic
situation towards us, in the form of curses and hexes, not in actual
blood rituals because certainly the destruction of a human being
physically is illegal."

Its difficult for me to try to pin this on any one group. Really TI's can speculate but we don't know fully what is going on. Also due to the very deceptive nature of psy ops with alot of set ups and misdirection, one can never tell if one is being purposely baited to blame someone obvious.

I find it interesting however that so much activity along these lines started for alot of TI's in 2003 or so, around the same time that Anton LaVey's daughter Zeena and her husband broke away from the Temple of Set with a number of others.

There are so many kinds of Satanism and then there are alot of other kinds of practice and its gets messy. Left hand path, right hand but that is based on Judeo-Christian judgment isn't it?
All I know is what I knew about whats inside of me. What I most resent are the attempts to destroy that along with trying to alter what comes naturally to me which seems most important to whoever is behind this.

Its difficult when Christians think Hermetics is Satanic but yet other parties think the Templars were Christian. Its none of that.

For all I know, in these games, someone used the tech capabilities along with gang stalking to make me think certain people were behind what was happening to me. And this recent discovery that members left the TOS now introduces the possibility that Aquino or others might be antagonistic towards them for leaving. So what am I to think about what occurred in that apartment in 335 Washington St Brighton MA USA? The tech was straight out of MINDWAR by Aquino. Yet the content was Lavey type Satanism and connections to the Satanic Bible. Also having visions of LaVey in hell with his own section of hell, along with one of his women, perhaps his daughter a brunette in this vision, instructing me that I should ask LaVey for whatever I needed in life "ask and thou shall receive". Its humorous that biblical type material was used. Its supposed to be blasphemous right?

Too much of what occured was linked and orderly for it to have been my imagination on its own. Also someone trying to warn me handed me a complete multi page packet on info about the towers on top of the building- it was snuck into some housing paperwork by an advocate. And this person cannot be trusted becuz she quoted things I said in my apartment. Her actions didnt seem genuine, they seemed part of whatever game was being played.

Then its hard for me to know who was behind trying to destroy me and who was protecting me. In my case the Satanic-military connection could be trying to do me in while my family's mafia connections might have been trying to help me. Its very messy. Not complicated- messy. Complicated would be if I actually had what went on mapped out mentally but it was just involved. This is a disgusting mess becuz much is hidden from me. And as long as its hidden from me so is the power they, whoever 'they' are, took from me.

I know one thing- I am starting to accept that every person who seemed involved in this has some connection to Satanism. So then where does the later Christian content and attempted brain washing come from? Its obvious that psy ops would use whatever they had to to get results.

American Idol Judges Humiliated Contestant Who Suicided- 2008

Ah 2008. A time in gs history where there was alot of trying to really anchor many TI's with things like this, so they would internalize them. I wont get into it now but this is a part of what was going on. I am glad I never saw this until now.

When are people going to learn that Hollywood is full of pros and these people are often deeply multiple, indebted to someone or some group/organization in order to have what they do as well as often being sociopathic about success and obsessively driven with things like schedules. I have seen this first hand and the drive these people have is f*ckin scary. There is a big difference between an artist and a person successful in entertainment/media.

Someone who used to hang in Hollywood as a sleazy promoter once snapped at me that artists were "losers" compared to successful people in media or entertainment industry.

I now believe, from years of experience, that these kinds of actions are very much in line with the ritual abuse kind of treatment. That the show is designed on purpose to attract and exploit the weak and the vulnerable. Its a very Satanic kind of thing, the testing of the Will power.

Its so obvious that the world has changed to this kind of thing as normal- its a tool to spread the normalization of torture. That is totally obvious. Its not just propaganda in media its an outright tool of manipulation and conditioning the public. The fact that so many people get really messed up from the masochistic act of subjecting themselves to judgement and there have been related suicides should tell us what kind of thing we are dealing with, the fact that no one thinks twice about such things happening becuz of this show and the way its set up should illustrate how changed society really is.

It was and is a common tactic to try to frame up and drive insane TI's by actually making them into stalkers. If we look at Diana Napolis I wonder if she had a history of this behavior of if she only started acting out once she had been involved in whistleblowing on ritual abuse cases as a therapist? Becuz I and other TI's can map out how this is done to turn people nuts and sometimes that ends with a lone shooter.

Valerie Solonis who shot Warhol kept saying he was stealing her ideas (knowing him that might have been the case actually) and made claims to have had some connection to the CIA against her will. Her hatred of men is common after years of abuse and then harassment if she was targeted. The fact that she wrote a manifesto and then had an entire theory like a scientist about the whole issue speaks of someone who at one time was intelligent and comes from some sort of intelligent DNA.

My cousin is now a PhD in genetic engineering. Seem odd I am a homeless woman? What becuz that proves I am simply crazy due to my father's DNA? Its a great story but its simply not true. I recall one female older fat perp in St Louis was messing with me while giving me a ride in her car to a store, she was a guest at that hostel in St Louis and so many perps came through there it was horrible. It was owned by one of my friends former clients and I wasnt awake enough from mind control to really acknowledge this it was dangerous to be there certainly.
This woman kept making fun of my work and that I had a habit of having to detail everything "like a scientist".
Its sad that all these people want to do is erase whatever brilliant mind you have or talents or intelligence. And then blame it on progressing schizophrenia as the cause, which is actually what some perps told me in MI.
Even though much of my memory loss is due to mold exposure and years of being terrorized, they planned ahead to blame it on mental illness-long ago.

You have no idea how nasty these people are. They get results at any cost. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't set this woman up to be destroyed or even kill her themselves and set it up like a suicide just to both cause chaos and suffering connected to American Idol as well as f*ck up the minds of few TI's. I have seen many 'accidents' and suspicious deaths.

The system tries to get TIs to believe that celebs are in on the harassment, especially on a very covert level like through media, then push and harass them with faceless people and have them isolated and those closest to them betray them, the Target is then forced into blaming someone out of all that energy and anger etc unable to go where it really belongs, and celebs are visible so this works. And honestly one can see where certain celebs or public figures are indeed doing things that seem like they are taking part, often done in a very slap-in-the-face, catch me if you can kind of way.

TIs are usually intelligent, perceptive, observant people remember- particularly the Survivors of mind control programming. The system uses this to thier advantage in these set ups, which is also why its important to control the TI so closely. To ensure they get select information. I know it sounds far fetched but this is psy ops what did you expect?

People take part in betraying the Target or strangers take part in harassing them in person, so why wouldnt other kinds of people take part in other ways also. These are people who are very driven and Hollywood is a rough place. The people who even moderately succeed there have something about them that is almost psychopathic and certainly its a very sick environment. Its a hard business not just talented people at work. These people an edge over competitors- the same pay offs that normal people get for being part of gs. What celebs are above this shit? Please people..hello, casting couch?!! These are often people that will do whatever it takes to pay the bills or the piper. Just becuz someone seems famous and successful doenst mean its permanent. One is never famous or successful enough I assume.

Alot of mafia and other organized crime support famous careers so dont get confused about who yer dealing with.

The point is to not let anything this system does get to you and realize its a psychological operation from either a state actor or outsourced by one to a private entity. Its that simple. They can get the public to hate all the want, its only a convenient use of the mob. Whats really going on is designed by professionals.

Didnt Cowell get exposed for some sex scandal or something else a few years later? Alot of people got thier comeuppance at that time, after during Bush and Hayden the bad guys had a field day being out of control with torturing people. That was fun to watch- the pay back. Still there is never enough of that is there? To really make up for what they take.

CIA in NYCPD? No Sh*t Sherlock!\

This is such a joke. There are so many of us that can attest to years of those lines between domestic and foreign being "blurred". They hand the public such horsesh*t. I know that many places are getting anti-terror funding pulled while NYC just got a huge increase in funding from Obama administration.

And as for undercover cops and operatives just ask any TI how that has been going on for years now, and often power being abused. When something is covert how are you supposed to regulate it? The trains and buses have been a horror show of harassment for years. It never stops. And that is every major city in the US unless its a small town where the bus company is private and small. I could be wrong that could be criminal factions working through the unions. Yet if undercover cops or agents are on those trains then how is it that such harassment goes on?

When this is all over and many of us are left with nothing but perhaps a decade of old age left to live out, complete with all the pain and suffering induced by these past decades and these assholes and the scum they work for at the top are long gone with your money and our souls- finally the public will have a true understanding of what transpired during this era.

Its just like any other era in history. There are factions of the public who know exactly what is going on and they support it. Becuz America is great only due to the criminal actions it takes world wide. They know that this is what gives them a high standard of living.

Its very clever for them to reveal small things slowly, just as they have eased up and are backing out slowly form the worst of what they have done. Also, it seems that other systems of 'people management' have been beefed up lately. Its clear now that this entire era was nothing more than finding a way to create a totally psycho civilized society which is now a fully functioning reality.

And no one really will notice, no one will care and all of us who fought, died and suffered to retain freedom and get justice will pass on quietly while they continue to feed the public small spoonfuls of bs.

Dark Work Against Light Workers- An Interesting View On Last Decade's Events

Pretty much sums it up, very generally. Its nice to see something pulled together so neatly and simply.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

SPL Wants to Get Into the Mind Control Mix- Better Find Your Way Back To Your Own Hood,1

This is an intelligence report? I could do better at being cold, analytical and logical, fair and I am damaged from battle as well as untrained.

Which makes me question what credentials the person who wrote this has. No research has been done at all, no links no references. And to counter the first presented information they simply quote the rumours and stories from the flamers in the mind control/conspiracy theory scene.

What the hell is that?

I notice they dont mess with Survivors who have actual dirt on important people. By the way, they are so dumb that they dont undersand that surviving black ops is all about sifting through information. And people like Gunderson have some valuable info even if other stuff he does might be questionable. And most of all, anyone who is targeted as he is if he is geniune, as well as myself and anyone else in this, is operating under an incredible amount of pressure. If you have never lived under such conditions then you have no idea what I am talking aobut. Living under daily black ops is near impossible unless you are very true and determined to stick to your cause.

This really is a slap in the face to all Survivors who fought and instead of committing suicide or becomign lone shooters, took action against the enemy directly. And without even the most flawed activist, many TI's wouldnt get the info to know they are targeted to begin with. Good cop/bad cop might just be part of a game or continued human experimentation to test such things as programming to see how it functions or breaks down under such circumstances, regardless there definately IS something going on here. Duh..what are they going ot do, deny MK Ultra when its documented?

This really shows what SPL is all about. I have seen shanties in Nasville as well as true poverty around the US, what are these jerks doing about that other than claiming many frustrated, scared threatened human beings are racist and hateful without looking at the dynamics of what is really going on. If anyone is working for the man or CREATED by the system itself its probably them!

UP YOURS SPL. Dont mess with mind control slavery and RA, unless you were born into the mix or know what you are doing...which actually it seems they know exactly what they are doing by messing things up for real activists.

Ignorant Socialist Site Claims 'Black Ops' Never Have African Americans As Operatives

This post and this site must be a black ops creation in itself becuz there are multiple Targeted Individuals who claim 'gang stalkers' are of all walks of life- in other words we experience every class, every race, every religion etc engaging in organized stalking and harassment campaigns against TI's. Every African American TI has a story about African American gang stalking perps, they often do a post or two about 'black on black' violence. They probably feel thier own race shouldnt be participating in harassing other blacks. COINTELPRO proved that house slaves are alive and well- and nowadays, they are professionals. Not that they werent back then but these bastards now are extremely nasty.

I personally have experienced a high frequency of African Americans, men specifically involved in my campaign especially during Bush (president) and Hayden (head of CIA).


The perps usually turn out to be people who are felons or have sex charges on thier rap sheets. Some seem in gangs we all know that the military is riddled with every gang you can imagine all colors, races etc or they could just be civilians that need money or actual psy ops professionals employed either by a private company through outsourcing (like Blackwater) or working for a 'state actor' directly. How is the TI supposed to know? The TI is usually a prisoner who is isolated and harassed daily.
Thats all we know unless we are dropped information or we find something revealing doing research.

The jerk who wrote this never had to grow up in Boston during bussing in the 70's I guess. The "oppositional culture" bullsh*t is not that innocent. Its intimidation plain and simple, except I notice that its usually done only to whites they can get away with it in front of, becuz they are ultimately snobs which they got from being in the south. One man from Virginia described blacks as "They think they are better than everyone else". Unfortunately the ones who need support most from other poor people and society in general are NOT the ones acting like aggressive, territory pissing sexist jack asses in public. Yet we allow this to influence our perceptions of blacks especially black men, and Obama can stick that average female white person crap becuz there is nothing average about me. I know who pisses me off with the focus of a laser beam, I form my opinions on experience and fairness and self defense not some suburban paranoia. Another reason to target and oppress me- I can show example not o nly of rich white oppression but also African American culture also being oppressive- not in the interest of being 'oppositional' but simply repeating the same behaviors instilled in them by abusive sociopathic slave masters and other whites over well as perhaps they inheriting osme of the same DNA of such people. (This post is going to go over well isnt it? Like I give a f*ck at this point. Everyone hates honesty and investigation of unpopular theories more than anything else.)

Blacks have a special way of being a-holes. It doesnt beat out what rich whites are capable of its just different. Every race has its style of being obnoxious animals. If you want to claim that doesnt exist just becuz a certain 'race' has been victimized then you arent being realistic.

African Americans in Boston have always picked on and acted up around whites who were not the ones given them food stamps and cash or anything else they needed. My uncle from Arkansas went into a store once and for the first time in my low income Yankee existence I saw that northern blacks had manners. Blacks are also alot smarter than they let on, another habit form the south- my grandfather from New Orleans used to use this one and I have seen other southerners do this.

Portraying most blacks as still impoverished, ignorant minorities is the best cover that black ops and other criminals every had, and they know it.

If you havent noticed I take great pains to try to remain fair even under duress. Its my nature bu t its also to prove a point about Political Correctness in an era where 'black ops' is being used to create a police state...all the while preaching tolerance and other pipe dream bs. You claim Tolerance and Diversity while Starbucks and other corporate entities destroy American culture and the ability for regular folks to enjoy our lives here and ot afford to do so in most major cities nowadays.

My being fair while ripping apart myths shows that truth does not equal PC/Diversity/Equality as the concepts they are being marketed as in our modern society. They are being used to hold society hostage and teach brain washing so no one questions what is really going on. Driving someone like me to be racist with harassment working on old wounds they know all too well, is a great way to discredit someone doing what I am doing.

I have seen blacks engage in this 'oppositional' gesturing as they have been part of gang stalking campaigns and slowly assisted The Man in ruining my life. All for money, yet what is so obnoxious is thier posturing makes it seem so personal. As if they had some vendetta against me personally. Which is why I cant respect black criminals, unless they act professionally which black ops people dont usually. I guess if yer out to piss someone off and make them suicide being obnoxious and lording power over them is a good method so perhaps they are professionals. I just dont understand why torture is so necessary. Why not just kill the Target?

Anyway my point is that plenty of blacks in the military -good, bad, gang members what-have-you, are trained. Anyone trained in anything military is now more dangerous than any civilian will ever be. Cops make the worst gang stalkers for a reason. The blacks I have encountered involved in black ops are the single most viscous, obnoxious, selfish, self obsessed, braggart, annoying, sick, f*cked up pieces of sh*t in all my experience being harassed NATIONWIDE for a lifetime of being targeted even.

You have to realize that there are alot of messed up people that are hired for these harassment campaigns. I have seen their work...some of it is totally insane. They act like insane people end of story.

In today's social climate the only thing you have to watch out for is blacks that seem like allies turning on us due to social pressures which was probably always a problem of mistrust between peoples anyway.

I know its just a stupid website but bleeding heart Liberals and beyond actually believe this kind of nonsense.

When it comes to covert warfare- there are no allies except the ones that protect you and have informants drop you information. There are probably sympathizers but TI's dont see that so its not something you can grab onto directly.

Believe me, there are plenty of African American psy ops operatives. There are also plenty of African American Masons and other secret societies, organized crime gangs,and anything else you could imagine where stealth, intelligence and absolute hatred and inhumanity to rival any other race is necessary.

Actually, assuming or claiming that blacks are not capable or employed in such positions is racist in itself.

And one must also consider that many of the BUSH administration's members are from old established families in the US who either had slaves or benefited from slavery as businessmen. Slaves built most of the east cost for f*cks sake.

As far as I am concerned this country is still racist and holding blacks down- they should figure out in real math terms what the cost of labor was and trace people's ancestry etc and also give every single African American person who hails from slave labor free DNA testing until every one of them knows who they are and what the full story is. It would do alot more than welfare checks ever could. When you hear me speak like this, write whatever, you realize that I am the last one who wnats to be racist. Actually the Man is threatened by someone who is an outsider, a Third Waver who thinks more like a European and threatens to take his house slaves away. Becuz that is exactly what I have experienced them to still be- which is why I hate them for being sexist bastards to me but usually dont have as much hate for them as the people who betrayed me personally...(unless I stay in Central Sq Cambridge for too long, then yes, I want to start reading Stormfront just to survive and not go postal- even then one wonders why blacks in that area are so obnoxious, that it must be MIT/Harvard using African Americans for black ops or special intrest protection in that area Cambridge blacks just suck to me, in general. They DO think they are better than!)

As harsh as some people think the truth is (awww, grow up) if you want to survive being a TI you will get real very quickly. Blacks are not total victims and they are not your friends just by virtue of being African American. Using blacks as allies is as tricky as other classes or demographics in which YOU are not a member of. All yo can do is choose wisely and dont be blinded by PC or other nonsense becuz there are good and helpful blacks out there.

African Americans are out for a growth spurt right now and like a black Friday sale at WalMart they are going to destroy anyone in the way to get it. That is what this climate feels like to someone my age. They are no way going to hang with us in the gutter like they used to, so they can no longer be trusted as easily. I cant blame them for taking this position but as a Third Waver and not being a part of these deep rooted American dynamics here in the USA I have to think differently about what is going on in America socially and politically. As a Third Waver actually some of what goes on in America seems foriegn to me and hard to understand.

Often these days I percieve African Americans as a part of a triad that IS the origin of the United States that does NOT include any of my ancestry: whites who arrived early on, African Americans brought over as slaves and Jews who worked in the backround but were always present. Native Americans of course but the way I interact with them its away from the areas where the former three demographics have strong holds on the area.

But I know one thing: dont trust Blacks becuz they work for Whitey potentially as house slaves, if you dont believe this then read up on it during the slave days as well as African American's taking part in covert ops during every war back to the civil war and probably the American Revolution.

So how could they NOT be trained in black ops becuz they obviously have been performing that function, even in the simple action of spying for the Man during slavery or ensuring field hands couldnt bolt for freedom?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cop Shot Randomly After Good Deed San Diego/Good Deed Stil Counts

I know this is going to be a sensitive subject. Ill do my best.

San Diego is a rough place. Its a hard place to be poor. Its not like the midwest or the northeast or even northern Cali. The poor are pretty segregated. It depends on what neighborhood he was in also.

There is alot of tech used there, in the downtown area and surrounding in San Diego proper not alot of gang stalking, there is but its extremely subtle. Once a TI leaves the 'parameters' of San Diego and goes, say to Chila Vista or surrounding areas, in person gang stalking by human forces picks up the slack for obvious lack of remote influence.

Its an area very strong with a Navy presence and also the home of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard's Sceintology before he split with the organization over differences. The modern Scientologists market themselves as being in line completely with Hubbard but he split from them when he was still living and one has to wonder why. Read up on it. There are engravings in the sidewalks that say they were built by LR Hubbard concrete company and such.

The police there that do engage in organized stalking and harassment are very overt, treat the TI like they are stupid and have an unbelievable disregard for logic or a civilians rights. One common tactics of police in San Diego who are bad cops is to use emotion exclusively in place of logic, reason and especially doing things according to the book. This city can become extremely frustrating and confusing for someone targeted due to there being bad cops who do not give a shit if they are obvious and then you will run into the nicest genuine cop right afterwards who is personable. My experience was that the ones doing thier jobs were probably more impressive than cops here. And when they realize you have a brain and are doing the right thing they seem to side with you. In short, the good cops didnt waste my time or play games and did not seem to be on any ego trips.

The bad ones did outrageous things to breech the peace and I have one story that I probably should have sued for or at least called internal affairs.

So the dynamics of that as well as how segregated the poor are can make this place very hard to live in. Its also not intellectual like the east, its very much a dumb down keep down place but its done with a smile and Have A Nice Day!

I dont know the circumstances. We dont know what kind of men either one of these people were. However, death by cop seems to be one way to know you are going to get taken out.

If it is related to anything other than normal sad human life occurrences, the tech in that city would drive alot of people nuts. I recall I would regularly freak out in one specific area, kind of like a predictable reaction here in Central Sq Cambridge MA.

Certain African American areas there are just miserable with no life to them and racism is rampant, all kinds.

The act of kindness I have to say, should not be disregarded as something useless simply due to his death. He may have gotten shot anyway, in fact if this guy was looking for a cop to kill then he was waiting for him to get back in the car anyway and if this was something more personal with this individual cop or his district, it was going to happen this way most likely anyway. His act of kindness should be appreciated seperately from what occurred next. Its the kid he bought the meal for I wonder about. What impressions about life does he have now?

Acts of kindness should never be disregarded or made to seem pointless simply because negative things occur in close alignment.

And I hate to say this and be a hard ass, but it might have happened in the military overseas had it not happened here. Its a dangerous job. San Diego is a city with alot of class, financial and race issues that they dont deal with well or at all. And as I mentioned the cops inconsistency is a stressor on the homeless as well as the poor.
It struck me as the kind of place where its pretty mello and peacable and then suddenly something more violent than normal here in the northeast can happen.

Which is kind of what this story is describing. Boston and NYC keep a kind of constant level of vigilance up. People are guarded. Its normal here for there to be altercations in the street that end with 'screw you' but they end is the point. When people argue things out and are allowed to do so, it sets a mood where people feel they can let off steam but also feel there is a level of guard up on the street. A code of behavior.

If you have an argument in San Diego, people get totally freaked out and the cops show up and really scold you for being agro. Even try to make an issue of it. Yet some of the most mentally ill people who are dangerous roam the streets regularly and dont get taken away to institutions regularly enough. Its a place where things are not well regulated as a northeasterner would like them to be. They dont deal well with reality in general. Until it bites them in the face which could be prevented from what I experienced by living there.

Perhaps its just the nature of this place to go from paradise to hellish within moments. In fact that is exactly what I experienced there. Yet, even though Cali isnt the free love hippy type activist strong place it was 40 years ago, there is a certain ease and kindness there that is not the norm anywhere else.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Greyhound- Govt Subsidy and Competition, Motives to Play Along With GS?

Meant to do this post a long time ago.

Greyhound Lines was owned by LaidLaw. During early Bush they took heavy losses and filed for bankruptcy. They then took alot of government subsideries.

I would have to look in my records but the worst experiences on Greyhound were during this time period about 2006 but also up until 2009. Perp groups seemed to take over an entire bus. I suppose that they could just buy every ticket but on the worst rides like MILABs even the driver was in on it, usually stressing that she was a stand in driver and not usually on this route.

Believe me we are not talking about a person whos is delusional and misreading people's cues. Gang Stalkers mess with people and they do it purposely. And they are a mob. This is not so far fetched as these could easily be private sector security companies doing black ops jobs its been shown that is common and during Bush outsourcing actions usually performed by govt has been documented. Blackwater for example.

When a 16 year old kid consoles his girlfriend by turning to her and stating "Shes just a target" and this is everyone on the bus, there is something more going on than just a small group of perps or the TI being delusional. These people are vicious, incapable of being humane and extremely nasty. They also tend to be lowly types, they seem to be abusive by nature and many of them are ignorant if not borderline retarded. Many of them seemed to be trying to belong to the group like people doing something to join a gang.

I know Greyhound isn't the only bus company in the US but admittedly they are the largest one that covers the most ground in such a large country.
Note it says they have to compete with other bus companies..awwww. Poor babies.

Could it be that gaining an edge might mean playing along with these activities? Is it the parent company of the company that owns Greyhound or is it that govt welfare they needed to pay for. I have noted that anyone wanting govt funding such as shelters I was in, played along with gang stalking then was quite confident they were going to get such funding that year.
I understand that they cant control a covert group buying seats on thier buses. And I have also experienced much of what allows gs to take place is on lower levels or local levels of a business, like an entire company might not be at fault. I have not researched the parents companies-laugh if I found it was some military industrial company.

If businesses being owned by military contractors is going to lead to conflict such as domestic military actions against civilians.

Seeking Truth Not Perpetuating Lies

Believe me I wish I was making this up. I only wish that the memories I recall and write down were figments of my imagination. Life would be much easier.

Also if I were capable of making such things up why wouldnt I just become a writer as a vocation or hobby? There is no reason for me to make all this up. And if anyone thinks this is all to deflect from whatever pathetic attempt there was at exposing my private life, you need to rethink that theory. If that were all that were going on here I would have simply left and gone to another state. My private life was not that outrageous as to be harassed across the USA as I have been where people seem to know me. Yet say, via internet, that became the case. OK then, I would just leave the country and start over somewhere else.

Actually my personality would probably compel me to go see a therapist about the matter directly and turn my exposure into activism. Which of course was part of what I was trying to do when I wanted to go to UMass in 2004. All I wanted to do was become a therapist and use my life experience.

So I am not delusional nor is there a need to be attention seeking or use diversion. There is and was definitely something going on here that is big. The psy ops campaign must have cost them alot of money. Getting an entire perp group to be the only people as well as the TI on a Greyhound bus has got to cost you. Then again, if Greyhound wants to be the monopoly bus company in the USA, something we should all find strange, then they would have to play ball in all corruption by powerful entities. Note on Greyhound, in the Bush era they had financial trouble went bankrupt and had to survive on GOVERNMENT CORPORATE WELFARE. See next post...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

DARPA Contracts Get Reviewed For Possible Corruption- Too Little Too Late

read text at bottom, zoom in to view it. Its best to look up this page in cache with his name and DARPA as being the Google keywords:

google "massachusetts military industrial complex" for interesting results

I never realized just how much MA gets its money from the military industrial complex. Its basically one of the main states for this industry. I guess, when a place is perceived sentimentally by a person, especially someone who has been regressed and also living in survival mode as a human being- 'home' isnt viewed realistically.

Especially when I believe whats mine is MINE and the rest of the state sees me as nothing more than a hinderance to making money and a pesky victim witness to various levels of corruption. Now that I think about it, only this state with its cut throat academia, mob connections etc etc would be such a perfect place for this industry to operate.

Still it didnt help much that I get harassed anywhere I go anyway so it doesnt much matter if I am here or in some other state.

The main con job in this reflects what they are doing in govt right now. Only now with Obama in do I see anyone going after corrupt govt. During Bush and the rest of the strong male dominated greedy fascist types in charge this never would have happened, in fact it couldnt have becuz corruption especially on levels of probation, police etc etc was necessary from 2001 to like, last year, to create the living hell of a prison like police state we all had to exist in.

Now that a female is at DARPA, now there is some question into DARPA or contracts? This is the least of the problems believe me. There are some very messed up things going on connected to these industries and checking out contracts for conflict of interest is the only concern? Becuz its overt thats why. And why pass up an opportunity to LOOK as if you are putting yet another distrusted, suspect govt connected corporate private sector type entity into the spotlight for inspection; then you can pass them for inspection or clear up some small corruption and its as if yet another one of the Bush era evil minions is now under control- while the real criminals are safely tucked away into history with all that money they made and all those war crimes.

Not quite people. Not just yet.

Re writing time lines isnt as easy as you thought eh? Lets see who wins.

Mel Gibson Tackled The Military Industrial Complex In Movie Before He Had Breakdown

Gibson takes on MA state military defense industry in new movie 2010:

This movie was put out in the beginning of the year in February.

By July these were the headlines:

I suspected he was targeted just becuz of the content of his rants. Racism, being abusive and anti-Semitism. The thing about the organized harassment stalking and psy ops system is that they are inventive and perhaps creative but they tend to, like the military itself, use something as standard if it works well on any chosen enemy. Much of what they do mirrors what is going on in military or pentagon affairs overtly as I have noted before.

I have simply been out of touch without good, safe access to computers to sit and really stumble around finding content and being rested enough and safe enough to see the entire picture in many of the events connected to gang stalking generally in society. Needless to say that while sleeping outside recently even being in one general metro area for a year, I still couldnt see everything that was going on. And I now fully realize that going to MIT to use the computers wasnt a good idea due to the content of my work. Not only did I subject myself to further abuse from this system but I wasted my time really. I never fully grasped MIT's total role in these affairs- how long they have been involved in such things. The man who mapped out the modern day military industrial complex went to MIT.

It seems that they favor making you go off and start blaming all blacks and Jews for your predicament. Turning Targets into white supremacists out of sheer frustration, vengeance and survival instinct seems a favorite especially since Obama and Biden got into office, which of course, like everything 'They' do, serves dual or multi purpose.

The Discovery Channel: Ultra Science Mind Control 1997- Keeps Getting Pulled

You keep taking this off YouTube and I will keep finding it. You know what happens when I put forth my Will and hardest effort into research and hunting something. By the time I am done I will probably get some legal exemption. If not I will just do the opposite and have it posted so frequently in multiple locations you'll think it was an epidemic, a virus. Keep it up. Its interesting that THIS tv show keeps getting pulled opposed to all the other crap on the internet.




What the hell is wrong with you? The trick is that lately, the powers that be are making the world seem tame,safe. Always busting corruption in govt, which of course brings back the public's trust after allowing Bush to take so many liberties. This makes the public believe The State or the authorities are good, clean and free of corruption so therefore, bloodless warfare must be a good thing. That they only want good for us.

ANYONE with the capacity to interfere with the power of the human Will is going to misuse that power and if that is not a definite and you dont see that happening, then safeguards should be in place to ensure such a thing does not happen. WHAT SAFE GUARDS ARE THERE IN PLACE? NONE. For instance the only reason I am still walking around is becuz I have 'friends' as well as probably there are people who know how insane this plan is for world domination and actually want people who will speak against it from experience.

I have seen what black ops and projects are up to. Its not about saving lives and being nice about war. Its about deception. MINDWAR by psy ops officer Michael Aquino which conceptualizes using such tech for a very different end that what is suggested on this ridiculous tv program, is an actual document. Where is the reporter, journalist and his sources listed on this tv propaganda...I mean program? Trust hard facts always related to these issues. The ability to control the masses to such an extent is a wet dream of the elite and has been for centuries. If you dont know that, you dont know who you are dealing with. Stop watching the tube and read a history book.

When it comes to emperors, kings, generals, secret power and wealth behind The State or the throne: not much has changed and never will- just like war.

It seems we have entered an era where deception is the ultimate weapon and the public have been reduced to kindergarten children who dont question it. That, in itself, should make one question if such technologies are already in place or not.

I hear it all the time: 'why isnt anybody in this country doing anything about this? People are just sitting back and letting it happen!'. 'I feel like we live in an UNreality. Down the rabbit hole. It doesnt make sense. Something is off'.

In this day and age with the tech advances its not outlandish to make such assessments. The only reason people do not do so is out of pure ignorance..or they know they will be silenced through threats or intimidation. Which is worse? LIVING as a slave or being intimidated for questioning such a fate?

Its up to the masses to make that decision. We can write our whole lives and most people will never see this information- the beauty of too many channels and too much information.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Anti Terrorist Covert Actions During Bush, Why Cant The Public Grasp Fully The Abuse Of Power

And what terrorist threat did someone like me pose?

The most disgusting part of this isnt the elite, if you will at higher levels. Its how completely unbelievable it was and still is to see local police and civilians in the community part of this. To experience just how many people knew who I was as I traveled cross country and was recognized, stalked and harassed by people who upon engaging with me, seemed to be working off of having superior knowledge of not only my life both public and private but my most inner workings psychologically.

Why cant the public grasp the reality of these kinds of campaigns upon a targeted person. Its like they draw a line mentally at understanding all the corruption that is documented as above and then making a jump just a bit further to out and out corruption is beyond thier capacity. They cannot believe that a system that is already corrupt and can be shown to be as such would be capable of that much abuse of power.

Why not its just another jump forward into the darkness. Into intrigue and criminality.

In this day and age for people to actually believe that someone, like myself or any other person who has dirt on important and influencial people, who run the risk along with other persons in contact with the targeted person- is merely mentally ill despite all the evidence to the contrary is nothing short of Willful ignorance.

They act like the Target simply doesnt matter in the grand scheme of things- so why not just be honest about it?
The problem is that America has such a mom and apple pie, human rights advocating image to protect that it has to keep that front up at any cost. I mean ANY.

London Riots: Do Cons Like This Still Work In The 21st Century?
Mainstream media.

Alternative media:

Even the NY Times article tells of upper middle class or employed and affluent people involved in the rioting yet many newspapers are sticking with the official lines of blaming the underclass.

Also note that there was a proposed cut in police numbers which now of course doesn't look like a great idea.

Cameras everywhere in the UK. Oppressive perhaps carrying guns and lots of new toys from the military industrial complex.

You introduce elements into a society through immigration then you have that culture in an overbearing anti terror lockdown. Then you keep the pressure on like raising tuition fees dramatically. Which will only keep that alienated class of people even more so.

With all the anti terrorism countries such as US and UK have with UK having a survaillence system that is everywhere in cities like London, one has to ask how this even got this far. Not to mention the presence of covert intelligence on various levels from undercover cops on trains etc to moles in activist groups.

And in thus day and age riots broke out? Its such a con. Note many papers mention a slow initial response by police and politicians.

If the general public would simply understand ONE thing: that collectively over years these events are simply a conspiracy for powerful forces to get their way with the world, a sort of all out temper tantrum by the 'elite' if you will, THEIR version of destruction, looting and raping- then these events would not have the power or impact they do ad of now.

All your average person sees is the world going to hell or becoming violent and depressing.

People either shut down and become insensitive or they feel there is nothing they personally can do. These are forms of intimidation to force people to believe and behave as the powers that be want them to.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Construction Projects That Just Happen To Be Outside TI's Dwelling- Augh, SOOO Late Clinton

The inevitable Construction Project complete with Early Morning Jack Hammer Noise has begun! And right on schedule! Usually in this geographic location its anywhere from one week to one month and that is especially in the summer.

Funny now in a run down neighborhood, the building I am in, this driveway to the back lot gets chosen to be taped off and jackhammered! Gee maybe they will do the same to the whole driveway! It will take all of August and Sept probably!

Again, dont care. Old tactics, old news. Doesnt work anymore. Due to being so harassed around the country for years and becoming a back packing traveler noise no longer affects sleep as much as well as its been years since I was able to get truly deep sleep. The brain damage from not only the mold but years of noise campaigns and so on has made that kind of sleep, the healing kind, something from my youth.

This is an example however of the Target evolving by taking evasive action and the enemy staying stationary and thus, retaining the same battle style. I have noted that another pretty good rule, not rule of thumb, but one you can consider to be true much of the time- so consider it- is that perps staying in one geographical location usually retain the same tactics even decades later. For them this has worked Target after Target to drive people out or whatever was involved in the campaign.

And due to the structure of the physical space in specific geographical locations, these tactic styles and MOs seem to have to be retained. In other words what works in an area like eastern MA with its small streets, one ways, heavy union influence, constant construction, traffic flowing predictably depending on the neighborhood structure, and personality of its residents and visitors, is NOT going to work in say San Diego CA or St Louis MO etc.

In my travels each location has a distinct way they operate that is visible to me as a TI. I dont get to see the inner workings such as pay offs etc first hand, though I have experienced the Awards-As-Rewards system with my ex boyfriend as well as some people connected to his work from this area. But the intel a TI can gather on local gang stalking activity from experiencing it over years and traveling to simply experience it elsewhere, eventually one sees not just patterns but entire operations nationally.

In the end, you realize travel is a by product of 'Gang Stalking' not the other way round.

Why any system would expect the TI to not adapt I cannot understand.

Yet I often wonder if the system has not pushed many of us into writing blogs so that they can get free info on how to improve thier system. Which of course should have costed them a consulting fee but we are slaves right?

Another theory is that the FBI and other agencies or state actors may push people into becoming terrorists or acting out in order to test thier systems. However, in St Louis I experienced the actual process in creating a lone shooter incident which was NOT averted, so its doubtful.

Yeah....when I think about MILABs and the lone shooter incident and that beheading on a Greyhound bus that was in the news- Greyhound being so involved with the perps-it makes jack hammers at 7 am seem trite. Loud construction outside the TI dwelling is so late Clinton. Tsk, really.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Denver Airport

I am not usually one to be receptive to conspiracies about FEMA camps etc. I have run into too many disinfo agents and hysterics. People who information hoard and waste TI's time with lots of scare tactics and paranoia, which usually is a mind control tactic. Its cult mind control indoctrination. Christine, that activist I dealt with, the one who after getting me angry with her publicly magically got an inheritance and now doesnt seem interested in the NWO anymore, spreading info constantly and harassing people with it, thus discrediting the rest of us- she now is focused on buying some sort of property. The people in the homeless drop in I was at helped her with this. Of course.

For whatever reason, many people are not concerned about any of this. They are usually people who seem to know about gang stalking but then deny it when directly asked or when TI's look for validation. Yet at other times they speak of it existing- these are more tactics to handle mind control survivors who are targeted. These people usually work within the system somewhere. They often seem to hate TI's the way that most perps do and even make fun of the extreme trauma we go through as if we are a lesser group of humans and deserve this. They are NOT typical Nazi types. They are gay, straight, all races, all classes, Democrat, Republican etc etc. The only explaination is that they believe cover stories. One woman who worked in this drop in commented once that "the problem is that after you are followed and harassed you keep thinking people are still following you" in relation to my situation. This shows me that some very naive people out there are willing to accept that I was harassed and followed in some part of the federal investigation cover story but they dont want to believe it goes further than that. There have also been arrogant Christians (the fake lazy kind) who have commented that sometimes people are "born into satanic incestuous cults or families", which then leads me to believe they know its deeper than the federal investigation but they are STILL ignorant of whats fully going on because if not, they would not be intimating that I was indeed followed but now am only suffering from mental illness induced by being followed and harassed.

These are people who are more dangerous than the ones who know nothing about these subjects to begin with. Your average person upon being able to grasp what this encompasses would be understandably upset and feel it unjust. There is something very wrong with people who go along with ANY of whats involved with either the NWO or Targeted Individuals. No matter what the rationale is there is NOT excuse for what TI's have to go through.

This particular subject with this airport seems valid. Totally.

Suggested Guidelines For Comments

I wont publish comments that are super long.Get your own blog please, its free and you can use a fake email so its safe..other than sophisticated tech tracking you and thats gonna happen anyway, so deal.

I also dont publish comments that are lots of the same negative 'f*ck them, f*ck this sh*t' repetitive stories about your gs experiences and ending with telling us how the perps are nobodies and other insults.
Firstly in my worse moments being heavily affected by tech and or gs as well as sleep deprived on the road or in bad health and not realizing it- I have provided enough negativity for everyone to get the point that this is based in rape, torture, oppression and exploitation as well as playing with time/space and the very structure of human's minds and souls, psyches. Again feel free to sign up for your own blog.

And we all know by now that perps are losers and weak people yet they win over us the strong and the gifted by having some sort of edge be it being part of 'the mob' (not the mafia but a groups of humans acting as a mob) which seems to be really thier main staple for defining themselves as powerful over individuals. Many perps I have encountered like at MIT obviously are highly intelligent with talents as well yet they only have succeeded due to being born into circumstances that provided them a very good head start in life. So many perps use a mob mentality that focuses on thier gender, race, social class, profession,community or nationalism/culture to define thier advantage over the Target(s) yet they are still only winning over the individual via being part of a mob. So still they are losers as individuals.

WE ALL KNOW THEY ARE WEAK INDIVIDUALS or they lack emotional intelligence or spiritual evolution. Its painfully obvious.
I dont want to keep publishing comments that sound low brow and ignorant. From me thats one thing becuz everyone expects a Bostonian sailor's mouth from me being my generation and my hometown, and my class- but its meant to illustrate the frustration a TI goes through. To document what a real person OF my type has experienced throughout the ordeal. However, I dont want to keep publishing weekly comments about perps that reflect my worst moments in publishing on this blog. I want readers to post information that I DONT HAVE ACCESS TO due to being only a power of ONE and being relatively isolated. Networking isnt my strong suite.

And I want readers to see other TIs giving information that is useful or stories that they can relate to not the same negativity over and over.

I have many emails and lots of work to do relatively free of charge to the public other than occasional donations so I am not going to keep reading super long comments, bullsh*t or negativity. Blogger is free, do your own work then.

Thanks for understanding.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


this group is pushing congress to change for peace. They said all their attempts are like dropping a leaf in a pond. They push for ending the attacks with silent weapons. The names on their site are very impressive top scientists and ex astronauts who really have insider information on the Pentagon Underground Black forces.""

Another useful email from fellow TI.

Friday, August 5, 2011

An Email Gives Accurate Description of Targeted Individual's Experiences

This was in an email that was inviting TIs to a conference call. I thought I would post the meat of the letter as it is an pretty accurate description of what a Targeted Individual encounters within a campaign.

This is the typical TI experience it seems. Survivors of programming, RA related or not, seem to have much more intricate experiences. Much more overt experimentation experiences such as MILABs (non alien, humans only, but experiencing frightening events with said human abductors) seem to be the case for mind control and programming survivors. Anyone who understands covert ritual abuse and whats involved, especially the Satanic variety, knows what anyone who's targeted in connection with that experiences. Ritualistic in nature. The ritual abusers working on these levels of The Elite if you will, dont have to use basements with tunnels and theatrical ritualistic trappings. Its done now with psychic warfare and heavy use of technologies as well as a large group of 'gang stalking' perpetrators. Psychological warfare military quality or similar state actor as well as access to tech of the same grade tells us that its very likely the military connected to the occult. If anyone doubts this take note of how much money is involved in the industrial complex, their contractors and the fact that they make money off of war and death. Also many religious beliefs are present in the US military as well as various gang membership throughout the ranks. And once someone leaves thier position they can take thier expertise, complete with tax payer funded training and go anywhere from the private sector to organized crime.

The public only see their military as the hokey, romanticized images that exist on television and in movies.

"We invite all Targeted Individuals and members of ANY or ALL groups, to join us on our conference call who want investigations NOW. Everyday that we are fighting among each other, this is what the enemy does to create chaos, we will NEVER be able to expose the truth. We have FREE options, which are available to us.

I have been placed in a non-consensual human experiment, which utilizes highly advanced electronic/electromagnetic technology and COINTELPRO operations. Here are some examples. Give an example of what you are going through: Here's a summary of some of COINTELPRO experiences by TIs:
(1) Ability to enter our dwellings, vehicles, at any time without showing evidence of a break-in. These are not regular burglars, but high-tech burglars who can bypass alarm systems or even locks to do their high-tech harassment. Many TIs have reported continuous "trouble with their vehicles". The fluids (power steering, windshield washer, and oil) are drained from our vehicles. One TI brought a Medeco lock, which is supposed to be impossible to pick and has found his front door unlocked. I recently heard the story of a neighbor, who thought someone was entering my house when I left so I brought a surveillance camera. The surveillance camera videotaped the woman's neighbor entering my house, not using a key, but using some type of electronic equipment to gain entry to my house without any signs of forced entry. This is called covert entry, which law enforcement have received training or have knowledge of this type of covert harassment. ;
(2) Ability to know things that we say or do within the "privacy of our home" by means of electronic surveillance devices
(3) ability to keep our phones tapped and to hear our conversations on calls from pay phones, landlines, or cell phones
(4) Availability of unlimited numbers of people to harass us in various ways; Many people have become informants or moles. They may be your relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and you may even worship with them.; Many TIs have experienced covert drugging or covert rape.Many TIs have experienced the tampering of records, including motor vehicles records, medical records.
(5)Ability to obtain cooperation by employees of private business, State, Federal, and local government in harassment operations without the knowledge of the President/CEO; The TIs are dealing directly with informants/moles. Many TIs have complained that after eating out, they complain of feeling very fatigue because of what they consumed. This is called covert drugging.
(6) Ability to alienate family, friends, and business associates through false accusations or false evidence used to create false negative beliefs about us
(7) Police Participation; Many TIs have complained that the police have refused to conduct investigations or even take a police report. In many cases, the police are doing an event case so that they do not have to write a report and
(8) Ability to tamper with products without showing evidence of tampering; The computers, cameras, or flash drives have been altered. Many TIs have purchased new electronics only to find out later that the products have been opened or tampered with by someone.


Organized Harassment Project

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Microsoft Patents Governmemt Spying Technology

When you are targeted yeah you should care.

This has become so prevelant that people are not paying attention. As long as they are not targeted they feel.they don't have to care about this information. Totally oblivious. The public have totally lost their understanding of what freedom and liberty are.

The main problem is the those concepts haven't been updated to deal with the age of tech. Its most likely that simple. So the powers that be are working any area they can that isn't percieved by the public.

Also people are being sold these technologies as tools for daily loving and socializing which is totally deceptive and manipulative.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Another Manipulative Report On The Norwegian Lone Shooter Thats Supposed To Scare Dissidents Into Compliance

OK so the guy was an insecure a-hole, does that mean that everyone who sees the insanity in forced multiculturalism (as opposed to humans gathering randomly according to thier own Wills or natural multiculturalism) and virgin raping Muslim extremist scum in Scandinavia are whacked out White Supremicists?

There is a campiagn going on in America probably world wide to FORCE people into becoming extremist and disgusted with the way things are being run into the ground. The FBI is infamous at this point for antagonizing people into BECOMING extremist to support thier agenda and the larger agenda.

Hmmm who could possibly benefit from more sympathy and martyredom towards those groups supposedly being targeted or who feel threatened by the growing average white person's disgust with being conned? Which will turn extremist in many cases becuz these people THEMSELVES FEEL THREATENED BUT NO ONE IS LOOKING AT THAT.

I think I have the answer:
(what the hell does her insane plans for forced multiculturalism have to do with Israel's politics. Of course shes an American. If I were Israel I would distance myself from this lunatic. Shes got her priorities mixed up. Israel is a country in conflict with other countries over land. For some of us its THIER PROBLEM not ours and we are sick of not only thier dramas but Abrahamic religious oppression generally. Other sympathize with Israel. Either way that has NOTHING to do with multiculturalism in Europe. This woman needs to focus on Israel and leave everyone else alone. Why the meddling?)

Yes once again its a con job. In fact I think that the factions that are connected to Project Paperclip type things with Nazi sympathies are actually smart enough to pull this off, becuz is not about race at this point its about The Elite, and enslaving mankind. The more extremists there are the more we need enslavement under the guise of security. More mind control to ensure 'incorrect thought' doesnt end up with a lone shooter.

To actuallly brain wash the public into believing that simple resistance to change that is threatening to a certain demographic would end up in such an extreme action is the stuff of BLACK OPS projects end of story. NO HUMAN BEING COMMITS SUICIDE OR HOMICIDE FOR SUCH PETTY REASONS. THESE PEOPLE ARE PUSHED BY A SYSTEM OF PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE and its purpose is to ensure that you believe what they demand or YOU TOO ARE SUSPECT OF SNAPPING and blowing a bunch of innocent kids away. Its a very sneaky way of scarring any resistors into non resistance.

And still they can go to Hell becuz the views of people around the world concerning forced social engineering are valid and cannot be ignored for much longer. The Africans want the white farmers out? Good have a mass exodus of whites from Africa, no wasting time fighting for land that actually, isnt thiers. The blacks are correct: the land IS there's. So let them have it becuz doing so then sets an example of countries being overrun with angry, traumatized, violent, diseased (parasitic is the worst and doctors dont want people to start considering that. Those seperate fountains in the south were not segration without reason. Some of the worst deadly tapeworms that are aggressive within the human body come from Africa) that they should either be civil or go back home and starve there. Nothing less than zero tolerance for bullshit should be allowed and this should be in everyday social practice not on impulse with a semi automatic. GET A CLUE AND WAKE UP.

Certain factions are using these peoples to enslave everyone else. This IS part of the enslavement of mankind.

Besides LOL, the Chinese are moving into Africa- lets see them try to throw them out. Africa needs to kick the asses of thier own corrupt leaders and the elite they work for instead of blaming poor whites everywhere becuz its easier. Grow up and start fighting like men not children. If yer serious about your independence, fight Africa's corrupt leaders. The Chinese and they should get on well becuz they share the same pathetic human rights values. LOL.

I often wonder what Africa would have evolved into had it never been touched by various groups over thousands of years for slavery. That includes the Egyptians and the Romans etc. There are plenty of artworks that depict Nubians from sub saharan Africa being enslaved- and the Egyptians look nothing like them so stop the Afro Centric bs right there.

Africa has never been given a chance to create its own future and define itself. THIS is the main problem. A true White Supremicist will say its the n*gger's nature- that Africans are by birth inferior. What they do not consider is the colonialism and imperialism that destroyed their cultures and disturbed their evolution. Actually in the story Amastaad which I believe is documented history, African tribes had been civilized long before invasions from outsiders.

Africa itself is heavily exploited- this is the problem. Not blacks being stupid by nature or anything else. And Africans world wide need to stop leaning on the white man for support wherever they go, like lost slaves, and truly take on thier viscous very dangerous corrupt leaders in thier own country and homeland. For many of us, much of the pressure on OUR CULTURE would be relieved by a truly independant African homeland.

Upper classes of whites and also many times Jewish cultures often leave the burdens of thier exploitations on the poorer or lower classes of whites. They preach PC and Diversity all day long but then go home to neighborhoods that are not truly of this type. Anyone who can afford to live like them is NOT what Diversity deals with. I notice there isnt alot of class Diveristy. Like YUPpies arent clamouring to get people of other classes and financial means to move into thier neighborhoods and THIS IS WHERE THE TRUE COVERT WAR LIES.

These are all moves by elitist factions to silence opposition wherever they can, and they know it. The social workers know it, and especially the sneaky sleazy acedemics know it who are worse than ever in supporting the agenda. Becuz they know they will lose thier jobs and thier tenure right now if they speak the truth.

Get with the program- these are all scare tactics to push the NWO which is about the elite doing whatever it wants without any knowledge by the public- just like the good old days before the Internet. So they need new methods to control the public welcome to the 21st century con jobs and manipulations.

I stumbled upon NASA channel yesterday. Saw where our money really goes so the country is broke, saw some expensive space stuff and wondered how many homeless people I could fit in it. Just kept saying "How much did THAT cost?" and "Hey can I sleep in that? I need a place to sleep". Seriously considered creating a squatters rights in space which hopefully will exist soon and annoy the bastards as far as they can take humans into the stars. Squat on the moon, Mars etc.

Yet, all we here about during these debt dealings is social security checks. Not the military industrial complex which 'misplaces' billions and when questioned by legit govt gets away with not answering the inquiry. And never is there an official inquiry. Is there an accountant in the house or what?

The system now thinks it can still fuck up like the old days and handle any dissidents and resistance to further enslavement with veiled threats and hard core brainwashing. Once again like any other time in history my middle finger is raised high in a salute to thier agenda. They believe with these extremist (!) methods of thiers, they can squelch healthy, normal human rebellion from the lower classes or the oppressed.

Its not going to work no matter how many lone shooters they push into snapping. These are the ultimate Elitist temper tantrums and should be ignored vehemently.