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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Underground Bunkers For Security/Intel Companies, WESTEC And Remote Influence

Regulations or regulatory? What regulations would these companies be seeking to evade by being in subterranean locations opposed to above ground?

I found this becuz I was looking up a company called Westec. Their logo-a big pyramid with an eye inside, is taped onto the glass of the McDonald's restaurant I frequent in Castaic, CA last few days.

There's near constant GS guaranteed in this McDonald's every time I come in here.

Its subtle consisting mostly of Mexicans and Asians doing wallet/back pocket with nothing in it-tap tactic. We just got the typical.interrogating questions from a young white male claiming to be Iraq vetran who ended by offering to buy us food which I refused.

Most of the tech or psychic harassment is done through security/surveillance cameras and many TIs feel this to be the case. It seemed like something became alive about rhose black half spheres during Bush. There was a definite presence sensed from those globes, all over in different locations.

Targets can sense alot of the viewing of the in person gang stalking by actual humans in public spaces is done through surveillance cameras-in stores and public spaces.

Security companies work for and with the military and prison industrial complexes. They are one of the types of businesses that would have greatly benefitted from 9-11 and the anti terror culture that bloomed afterwards, they would also benefit from any sort of chaos and crime in society. Lone shooters too.

More curious is the photos of the underground bunkers and spaces being used to house such businesses in link above. Ive seen almost exactly the same type spaces through remote viewing years ago, during Bush. Very quick flashes but I saw it.

As if that was where much of the interface and harassment was coming from.

The 'Gang Stalking' System And Mass Mind Control Now In Complete Control Of Citizens And Targets-Turning Point 2010

Easter and I am clear as usual on holidays.

The technologies and other influence in use in the United States keep Targets like myself from leaving for other countries.

The effects of the tech make me more submissive, feminine, forgetful, and my Will is greatly subverted. I find I am needy and dependant emotionally and wounded mentally.

I have a rose-colored-glasses view of reality and I second guess my decision to flee the USA in favor of some better future that does not exist here.

The interface these days is constant.  Every thought, every feeling manipulated and controlled by the system unless its normal clear times with no effects like holidays, Sundays or from approx 12 midnight to 6 am Mon-Sat.

There's absolutely no freedom. You're made to believe that you are never alone becuz you are decieved into this false reality where you are in constant psychic content with various people.
Theres also an abuse of the intuition. If a TI actually does have some psychic ability such as being able to sense the feelings of people, knowing when danger or police are coming or knowing that  a friend or loved one is going to call or wanting to hear from us this system seems to hack into the psychic channels and deceive the TI into believing that every false interaction psychically is real.

Fooling and brainwashing those who possess psychic ability and using it to imprison us.

Its like the Holideck in Star Trek and its used to keep Targets in a false reality by hacking into Target's minds' and psychic channels.

Nowadays every thought is intercepted and responded to by the  system which then induces certain thoughts feelings and eventually forms certain attitudes towards things via that process.

Its brainwashing surely but its much worse than it was just a few years ago .

Bush may have been used to initially terrorize the country and beat everyone down but Obama's era is one of ensuring all rebels to thjs system become prisoners.
And worse this era seems to want Targets to become happy, compliant ones.

This system turns real life into a horrible virtual reality place where most activity occurs in the mind.  This is most likely the cause of so many veterans committing suicide. To the NWO way of thinking they are dangerous victim-witnesses and getting rid of them is cost effective for future budgeting like social security, homelessness and vets benefits.

The only thing keeping this system going is the ignorance of the public and their disbelief of its existence.

Psychiatry is involved heavily and are active in helping snag the TI initially as well as provide viable explanations or cover stories for this system's crimes against humanity.

Many good activists with information can't even divulge this info or work effectively due to being heavily targeted.

And what's so disheartening is how many people living in America and even traveling foreigners, not only know this system exists and don't care or actually approve but will gladly take part in it.

You cant blame everything on mass mind control. There is a population of people in the US who completely disregard the damages this system does to people. They seem to believe its good for the US which it might be if you want to create the kinda of place this is now.

Others seem to just be heartless as Ive experienced in the medical field. Whats going on there I don't understand, perhaps many people enter that field in order to hide and be able to be trusted authority in society.

Many perps will try to pawn off on the Target that these activities are just the way people are when in fact these actions are war crimes and  are part of a sophisticated psychological warfare campaign and part of classified projects.

If mass mind control is being used the US is done for. I've seen the changes in this culture and they are good for business and social control but not human beings health, well being and spiritual state.

I personally lately cant stop eating. I have consistently been made to feel well and not in pain and not tired  when clearly i need rest physically.

This system allowed for some free thought and Will and normalcy in the tis mind and In society until about mid 2010 where it seems the system of controling a TI and society generally became so overbearing that its now unbeatable.

There is not any kind of freedom from this system now. I don't know what the hell happened since a year or two ago but this is so oppressive now theres no choice left but to leave the country in search of someplace where this system either isnt in full throttle like here jn the USA or where it isnt or hasnt been implemented yet.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Newtown, CT Known Satanic Hub, Supposedly The COS Center For The Region

There's some things posted about Newtown being the Church Of Satan's recruiting area for that region.

The sign of the horns from the blonde girl- twice? The second pic with Obama it looks totally rehearsed and unatural. Black and red?

I now believe the info on the internet about them being actors is just a disinfo and diversionary tactic.  This info is what needs to be looked at.

Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza's News Media Head Shot Looks Photoshopped

In other photos he looks just as bad, just as mishapen and off. So why the need to fix up this one?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How Accurate Is This Claim From Rense About NSA Nationwide Security, Spying And Surveillance ?

There's no name on it. Don't legal cases have docket numbers or something?

I am so sick of info that might be useful but isnt backed up properly or just disinfo.

The claims of what such an agency is doing is certainly accurate when looking at TIs stories and documentation of harassment.

Its just mmaddening all of the clouding the issue of who exactly is doing what actions-who's responsible ?

Security And Surveillance System In Corporate Chains Are The Main Problem

Every major chain has a security system that inevitably drives Targeted Individuals nuts, but only while we're in the store/building and these effects cease the moment a a TI exits the building.

I can feel the cameras above my head burning into the side of my fucking skull basically. I'm being colorful of course but I do sense them. Inevitabky all I have to do is look up in the direction of the oppressive, bothersome feeling or sensation and there's always a camera in the ceiling-those stupid black half spheres.p

Its like having your eyes closed, sitting somewhere and knowing, sensing someone is staring at you. You open your eyes and there they are, looking right at you.

The cameras in these places also seem capable of harassing TIs with what could be microwave or electromagnetic tech or even psychic warriors (like Cheney's SPOON BENDERS) .

I've experienced harassment content consisting of being based on my not having alot of money to afford things, my not being a part of the corporate reality, and always in Target feeling suspected of stealing at any time which induces anxiety.

I've actually experienced i a Target store the sensation of being mentally scanned to see if I had the money to afford a possible purchase I was considering.

Which is the same similar experience I had during the Bush era, going through a check point on the border of Nevada where the bus went thorough this large structure. Ive posted about this, that I literally was brain scanned somehow and whatever I felt most guilty about that I was hiding was pulled from my mind.

This might be necessary for national security of state like NV, so close after 9-11 but it should NOT be used to create a corporate consumerist prison culture within every city in the USA.

Alot of that anti terror classified bullshit was also used against Survivors. Either higher ups lied to military and intel people, knowing full well they were eliminating victim witnesses against their own war crimes or the purpose of those activities was known to the participants-to destroy MK kids and anyone who knows anything about money and power too close to Ground Zero-or both.

Ive also posted that in Cambridge area back in MA the system has the ability to keep track of a TIs bank accounts and seems to further design the harassment campaign based on that information.

Obviously the security surveillance systems are effecting the Target so the person self talks, acts out or worse-the lone shooter which seems thier ultimate goal in many cases. Unfortunately, if my assessment is correct, they've been successful.

Why wouldn't security companies CAUSE crime, in order to further the need for their services? Its what industrialsts, businesses and the elite DO. Its the way they think.

Stalked By Security In Ontario, California TARGET Store, Security System Harassment

Ontario CA, Target near Ontario Mills mall.

Mexican house slave security guard was there in our faces upon entering the store which seems to be Target's mo lately.

He then became a stalking pain in the ass as I made my purchases and came out of the cashier to go into Starbucks to sit with my companion.

He then returned once more to hover around the barista in Starbucks while.she kissed his ass and did what sounded like tactical conversation-asking questions meant to possibly intimidate everyone around them. ("Do you have handcuffs? Can you do this or that? Do you have authority to do this or that?")

I got pissed off, like deeply angered-Italian pissed off. Which means the snake within begins to rise up through one's darker Italian nature and one starts getting ideas about how to stick around for a week or so, find out where this guy lives and fuck with his home and family til he learns his lesson about power games and invading other people's territory or space.

He made sure he leared over at us luckily i walked behind him as I was just throwing trash away. So i.was in a more empowered position physically being behind him not being victimized by his learing.

The second I threatened to go on my blog suddenly the area filled up with actual grown ups from Target like managers and respobsible looking people, all of whom are white and preppy looking.

They sat down to have a meeting.

More employees showed up to sit in the area in clusters. All females of different races etc and one non threatening white male manager.

The first manager type that walked back here was a tall.blonde female preppy manager who made sure she made contact with us by saying hi as she walked by.

As far as i am concerned this is their way of possibly putting out a fire, to calm a Target made overly angry by their actions.

Note that the camera system in Target always bothers me just like Walmart and in both places it is harassment. In Walmart its more mocking, in Target its usually outright harassing with the goal it seems to get me to freak out or act out. I believe this conpany like many has a security system that is involved in harassing Targeted Individuals via technologies connected to their security surveillance systems. Security and a few employees are involved lately also.

In Target in San Diego I have posted some years ago.that actual human experimentation activities as in connected to MK Ultra occurred.

Target also has some shady connections to white supremacy groups in Wisconsin. White supremacy groups or individuals from.that state are an important part of at least my campaign.
These areas have conections to satanists in Scandinavia.

Also any corporation in the US who has a successful large, monopolizing chain is involved in 'gang stalking', their employees active in harassment of Targets and their security systems the main source of harassment.

(Actually the harassment was mostly from an area next to Ontario called Rancho Cucamonga. We were targeted at a church there too last nite. I kept waking up from sleep and dreaming that we didnt belong there...becuz the US Post office was right across the street which i don't believe it actually was.

It was however right across the way from CHP....

Sunday, March 24, 2013

GS Groups Coming Out On Sunday In Avondale AZ Near Pilot Truck Stop Harassment Intense Since Chandler

Possible perps part of large group today in Avondale AZ.
 Lots of kids today.This group has one kid on the right wearing a black Boston Red Sox cap. They used my companion's name for their order then laughed about it when it was called.

 Before they came in there were three kids dressed like Juggalos but without neck or.other permanent tattoos identifying as Juggalo like the kid at the truck stop last night.  The perps they are sending now are locals posing as Travelers usually people who dont get bothered by police or are friendly with security people. Or people like this who are young and are.posing as something I mentioned in as part of psych warfare.Usually arrogant and mocking of the Target.
       The male and female behind me in line at the McDonalds near pilot truck stop in Avondale AZ said something about Satanism-like have you had your daily dose of Satanism today. After sitting down the arrogant young male said to the female "I wonder if she'll last. I bet she will".      We had two homebums posing as Travelers in Vegas who upon hearing my companion is an atheist said "No Satanism for YOU then?.
   The people in this video one of them is wearing a large silver cross.      We were gang stalked intensely last night trying to simply walk through a parking lot where McDonalds and other stores are.   It was as intense as I used to get during Bush circa 2008!! This began to get bad after being stalked by marked cop cars in Chandler AZ few nites ago.  Weve been doing nothing but trying to get out of this area including my calling teuckers I know for rides.
 We are forced to avoid heat from noon til 3 or so and the sysyem is so bad here that we.couldnt function well enuf to catch a.ride i had pre arranged with a trucker friend who was coming thru the area.
   I filmed the stalking from vehicles in lot last night which included a marked police vehicle.   It seems in my experience that certain cities.have marked.cop cars that engage in gang stalking stalking and harassment but other cities, marked cars are clearly not engaging in gs of Targeted Individuals.  Two questions: where are.they recruiting these kids from and is there an on paper legality involved in only certain cities having marked police cars engage in gs harassment??

Friday, March 22, 2013

AZ Another Example of Whats wrong with this shithole country

SoCal and AZ are prime examples of whats wrong with America. Whatever was cool or interesting about AZ is now gone. Its the same formula for every other shithole city in the US now.

Rich assholes who are classist fucks but might accept diversity as long as they r of the same clas who have community watch and cops and tech and inyelligence companies guarding their little palaces vigilantly against anything they dont like even if the means r totally illegal.
Or its ghetto as hell which has become not a place of serious activism but Afrocentrism black or Mexican nationalism and Wiggers who buy into the corporate brainwash of marketing slave culture to them so they can glorify a continuing low quality of life and stay in bigoted ignorance.

Or yuppies who either gentrify areas to make them theirs only or white flight someplace else.

Or simply corporate wasteland for endless miles (like Phoenix and mesa).

All of these populations have a good amount of house slaves ensuring they keep anyone in check who threatens the oppressive corrupt American system.

So many Mexicans know who i am and think still this situation is merely funny. So many Americans hate me, disregard me and act as if i shud have given up by now as if i am being foolish becuz dont i know i have no money or power or that no one in the US cares about what i do.or say.

I hate This piece of.shit country and what an absolute ignorant shithole its become.

Fuck the united states. I am heading north to someplace where i can spend four months saving up and i am leaving and will join anti-Americanism and go against this piece of shit's policies however and whenever i can.

This year is so bad with oppression of gravelers its necessary to now only go to certain places that are still tolerant.

I won't be here to see what this fascist piece of shit does next to destroy poor euroAmerican volk.

But i am going to write.that book telling the whole world how disgusting this country is.

Warcrimes are funny and a joke. Fuck America. I cant wait to leave.

left area due to companion becoming ill

Leaving chandler and rural in Chandler AZ becuz my companion got hit with terror anxiety and fear after cop drove by. Probably hit him with something. I felt something but that kind of thing doesn't effect me anymore. I wanted to stay and torment the cop and locals all nite.

They r hiding something in that neighborhood and west of there.

Thought we saw a black male in back of big black suv smoking w window down and being driven around by driver.

Please tell me i didnt see that.
Phoenix had sold out to that crap last time i was here. Total arrogant spoilt rotten young brat blacks. Still obnoxious no matter how much money they have.

Is that what Chandler is hiding? Lmao

Being Stalked By Uniformed cop in chandler.Az NOW waiting for.ride tomorrow

In Chandler AZ getting stalked by local cop car and locals in cars simply walking thw town to meet our ride tomorrow morning. Chandler seems especially uptight and paranoid of outsiders. Compared to the rest of Phoenix Mesa etc in the area. The cop is overt in stalking us.

There was an informant on the 72 bus saying his dad was.from Dorchester as my companion said we were from Boston.

I ignored him got my companion to stop giving any further info. He was obviously annoyed after we got off that he couldnt control and bait us.

What r they hiding in Chandler where they have t b so extreme?

Could it b that in Phoenix we asked a fireman about the safety of thw area and he had a partner who turned the nice advice od the first fireman into an interregation session? Then magically the community down near the mall has perps all over Target complete with manager ready for us on cue running ip to security guard upon our entry. We left that area and are now stalked by one cop and.locals in cars.

Call off the bs community watch crap or i start embarrassing people i am in no mood for this arrogant self indulgent bullshit.

After what Phoenix did to me the entire area owes me and every other life theyve ruined.

Keep it up and the fucking videocam comes out.

I can play this all fuckij nite.

Go home and go the fuck to bed. Do i need to start being curious and poking around Chandler for.dirt instead of leaving thw state tomorrow ? Is that what these pricks want? Becuz I'll fuckin do it.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wikileaks Reveals Privately Run CIA's Dirty Secrets

Bates Motel TV Series Poster Sign Of The Horns-Another American Media Brainwash Bore

I'd rather have a thousand black metal bands causing havoc openly (or lying about it but you'd know better wouldnt you?) than to have more of this hidden under whats supposed to be an unassuming typical American tv show. It just irks me beyond belief and I dont know why.

Its almost as if...the people behind putting it there are themselves not Satanic but only trying to destroy the minds of Americans with such subliminals.

Perhaps it just annoys me becuz its overt, tasteless, boring and sneaky. I want evil to be like it used to be. But I suppose Leave It To Beaver was pretty evil- with its totally false environments, lack of any extended family members and whitebread, lacking, uptight family scenes.

Its probably just psychological warfare on whoever has been freaked out by this crap on purpose so that we get all paranoid about it when we see it. Then again, the public may very well actually be being brainwashed further each time this appears in something like this.

There's something creepy about a Hell with no fire. A dark place where everyone sort of shuffles around, accepting the darkness, living in it like a slave.

The NWO has turned the concept of 'Hell' into basically a place lacking in true human emotions.

Its true that being a TI, such as myself- I thought about it today. That I make the best of it by traveling the country and its been and is getting more and more like trying to enjoy traveling while in Hell. But the thing about this is that its all falsified. Its electromagnetic and microwave and chem trails and psychological ops creating a Hellish reality for me. If I go underground in a hospital building or anywhere deep enough underground or on a holiday, a Sunday or between approx 12 midnight to 6 am Monday through Saturday anywhere in the USA, in the ocean- even up on a mountain where no wi fi or other signal exists this Hell then ceases and I feel normal, just like it was 1994 again. Or at least 2002.

I think what is so aggravating about the conditions outside nowadays for those of us targeted and living outside in the USA is that this Hell they've created to torture us is totally false. Its dishonest and man made. Its a product of the intel agencies, the military industrial complex and whoever else is involved. Its TECHNOMANCY.

Its not truly a state of the soul or a place in the human mind. Actually this system destroys human's minds so that all that exists are the interfaces from the technologies-as if the person were an empty puppet.

So the use of Satanism is especially annoying in this culture right now. Hiding it under mom and apple pie is really ridiculous as well as the use of what feels more like a Communist state society of collectivism and lack of individuality instead of unique individualism. Many Satanists feel that Satamism is about being pure spirit.

Even when it comes to something totally evil in nature I dont trust The State or the powers that be. And with all of the content Ive seen in my own campaign that first pushed Satanism then after realizing I had a long history of occult self study- magically turned to Christian content, Jesus and strangers on the street telling me that "If only you'd become a Christian" that this would all end. And lets not forget that Israeli who pushed for conversion- one of the more ridiculous perp theaters Ive seen yet.

Its not Satanism- its a massive ongoing media campaign to brainwash the western world to believe in or act in the name of some concept of 'satanism'.

It resembles moreso Communist brainwashing. The results in this country nowadays resemble moreso the former USSR, East Germany or China not a society of really intense, interesting, dark people who are individualists or unique.

There is something creepier than even Satanism about the State pushing for any sort of mass conversion to a belief system. It reeks more of enslavement than rebellion. And if Rothschild is truly behind this then its not so much Satanism as something else.

Its also disturbing how, in gang stalking campaigns targeting individuals like myself, this much torment with constant media references like this in the media, pushes a TI to actually become so weary that we might actually fall into Christianity just to get some rest or safety.
The use of the mind control technologies have been used by those very large churches like the ones in TX. The evangelist kind. Ive seen preachers in tv years ago telling viewers that the viewers are having experiences that only could be induced from these technologies.

Ive also experienced many church people to be in on this but they are NOT helping TI's. They most likely are just working for the State or the larger institutions that provide social control.

Brainwashing and behavior modification is about repetition and wearing someone down. Enough average stupid people who are certainly not 'the best' or special or even intense in thier beliefs- just stupid, aggressive, obnoxious humans part of a mob movement-acting in a Satanic manner or working off of what they believe is Satanic or Satanism or being badass or whatever it is driving them to be selfish STUPID people instead of truly deserving self possessed SPECIAL people...enough of them day after day after day f*cking with a TI and that person may just run the other way seeking Christians and thier values simply as a way of escaping being tormented by stupid, dumb monkeys who now have access to spying equipment, communications tech and have been given the idea that Satanism is some sort of communist like movement where there is power in numbers.

Uh, I dont recall the people Ive read about historically as being down with the people in thier Satanic beliefs. Moreso hiding out in societies very selective about who they take in, in order to keep away from such riff raff, not include them.

Its very suspect that the Masons are recruiting the way they are or that Satanism would be so widespread like a communist movement where everyone thinks alike, dresses alike and behaves the same way.

I dont think these are people who were born with something special thats powerful- they are sheep who are being shepherded by something evil that wants to utilize them is all. They are still sheep.

And the kids nowadays are really f*cked up. Most of them have been in the military and they are totally unlike any former generation who's served. They seem completely unmoved by what they've experienced. They seem ultimately conformist, heartless and conservative. Unimaginative and very limited as human beings.

I highly suspect that this GS system or something like it is whats causing certain vets to commit suicide- the ones who cant handle what they've seen or done serving in these long years of war. Its totally normal now to get rid of the human beings in our society who cant seem to handle reality as its dictated by the powers that be. People now see this as a necessary cleansing that makes the country stronger and keeps the USA and allies safe in the global economy. It certainly will save the govt money in the future as far as social security, medical bills, homelessness etc.

Perhaps what irks me most is that the State or powers that be are pushing a religious and philosophical belief system onto the public and in a sneaky way. Satan or any force is supposed to be real to people- not just a lifestyle with a philosophy that creates a cult. The people I am seeing involved in this in society certainly are animals and they are expressing that side of humanity- but they dont have any force within them. They arent metaphysically superior or talented. They are simply sheep who have gone from an Abrahamic god to his darker counterpart from being brainwashed by the State.

In a way it seems like this new bullshit version of collective Satanism is like a religion of the State, such as in communist countries. Its a brilliant move to take something like Satanism which is mystical in nature, dark and unseen (like sneaking hand signs into tv show posters etc) and have that attract the sheep so they dont realize they are simply being controlled by The State- due to the covert, shady and dark nature (supposedly) of 'Satanism'.

Enslavement of mankind certainly is Satanic in nature I suppose- but does it have to be so boring? If you are Satanic why are you going along with whats corporate, popular and worst of all- Hollywood?

I smell Zionists afoot....and Rothschilds. And the elite who have found formulas that finally work to get the public under control. Its better than the damn dark ages for them.

The ultimate worst thing about whats going on is American's continued naivety about the existence of Satanic cults in the USA and abroad. This entire situation would be tolerable if only Americans would accept such things exist in daily life and humans are capable of such attitudes and deeds- and very capable of concealing thier involvement in them.

And if the average citizen who's merely part of a mob hiding behind whats popular didnt think they were so damn smart and clever.

Its the same damn people who have been pissing off dissident, rebellious people forever now somehow going after the same dissident, rebellious people in today's society but they are  believing THEY are badass for being involved in pho-Satanism.

These are THE SAME assholes who decades ago were  nasty and disregarding to kids who were different like goths or metal heads or Satanists who'd sit in the back of the class with Metallica shirts or Anal Cunt etc. The IN CROWD mentality. They would never get tattoos becuz back then you couldnt get them removed- now I see these cocks*ckers with no respect for commitment, having run of the mill massive boring work on thier arms but it always ends either at thier wrists or t-shirt sleeves so they can fit in at work.

They take thier bikes in little gangs out on weekends decked out in Harley gear and attempt to terrorize the neighborhood like real  bikers used to. Only on weekends mind you. And of course these are the assholes fucking with Targets. I dont get f*cked with by real bikers-I feel like they ride by and either feel its sad or a sort of respect for me still being out here, if they know who I am at all. If bikers gangs are involved, I assume I wouldnt actually know it becuz being businessmen, the harassment would be covert and part of doing the gang's business not gloating like the YUPpies I just described.

Someone told them its badass to shave your head when you go bald instead of just being a bald guy- becuz now you can hide being bald and pretend you shave your head to be B-A-D!

Their all American hero the former US Marine wrestler John Cena sneakily flashes the sign of the horns. They listen to metal now and rap or whatever else they believe is badass.

They do everything in a manner that is NOT Satanic or rebellious.
 Just becuz June and Ward get tattoos up to thier workshirt sleeve lines, dress in fetish-wear in broad daylight, wear huge fetish stilettos as normal high heels for dressing up for a party, Ward shaves his head when he goes bald and the weekend warrior it on bikes  with bs Harley gear- DOES NOT MEAN THEY STILL ARENT THE SAME ALL AMERICAN, CONFORMIST A-HOLES THEY ALWAYS WERE.

This is all corporate American bullshit. And that as well as the powers that be who want our society totally controlled with goooood little consumers is who is behind this. If Satan were around now he might be impressed with the enslavement end of this but bored out of his f*cking mind by the rest of it.

Stay away from the sheep. They are being thoroughly brainwashed so that every sort of normal structuring of society we knew has now changed so quickly that those of you who are unprepared are going to be caught in the nets.

Front page of an AZ newspaper today stated that Whites are now the minority and that alignments of allies and enemies have basically become very different in arrangement as opposed to just a decade ago. Those of us who are out here know this- from being in major cities across the country for years. People in Boston would not believe what the hell is going on in SoCal or the Southwest.  Rap music where Nubians are now either claiming Satanic beliefs or that Afrocentric bs about Egypt (Masonry etc) has taken over all cultures outside of being a YUPpie, a Hipster or upper class in the USA. Boston and such places are the exception where there is still a diverse culture of different kinds of people living amongst each other.
The music is made for brainwashing humans. Its repetitive, unimaginative, negative- all the worst of a slave culture. Jazz also comes from this culture so why not also listen to that? The worst of America's slave population's culture has been embraced and your average American has been marketed to that this is whats acceptable and normal. Perfect for getting people comfortable with a recession and a bad economy and high gas prices- becuz life is just so tuff in the hood, y'all!  And now the public are stuck in that mentality where they are degraded so that its not hard to get them used to the powers that be degrading thier QUALITY OF LIFE.
Brilliant once again on the part of the oppressor.  Btw- when I lived in a ghetto for a few years all the single mom's (like everyone's mom) I saw including my own were clawing and scratching or hanging onto whatever man came along as a meal ticket TO GET OUT OF THE GHETTO not stay in the f*cker and suffer. Yer supposed to rise above that sh*t not get comfortable and start buying clothes and music marketed to keeping you down in it. WTF????

This is all to build a culture of oppression not seen since the USSR, East Germany or any other horrible, oppressive place in history you can think of. And its being done by appealing to the public's animal or beast within where acting as shitty as possible or living in 'darkness' is rewarded, specifically a conformist and dark reality.

It takes a truly highly intelligent person to live in the kind of darkness that is truly a black horrible place of suffering and torment. The masses have sort of dulled senses so that all of this doesnt offend them. Also they are not truly daring or smart about crime. Anyone who thinks going to jail is a badge of courage is an idiot. In the old days if you pulled that in Boston, you were considered very stupid for getting caught, never trusted again (you could be a rat now) and if involved in a crime organization- reduced to 'soldier' for life.  Most average Americans I meet out here now all have a case going, are on probation or 'just got out'.  Again corporate influence- this time of the corporate prison system.

Americans are no longer in charge of thier own lives. For some reason they refuse to truly accept how much corporate America now not only influences thier lives but runs almost every aspect of it. Our entire culture is now defined by what is marketed to people to think, wear, believe or how to live.

America is gone. Its over. Unless you want to submit to this kind of oppression you wont fit in. Thus the sheep will believe its oh so cool and Satanic to be destructive (working for the power structure of course) when in fact they have been brainwashed to believe this by the same powers who were marketing them Christianity, conformity and whatever was acceptable decades ago.

The angle of the YUPpie lifestyle is that those of us who do not want to be brought down into the NWO ghetto worshipping cesspool culture thats overtaken lower classes and middle classes are supposed to become scared into working extra hard and conforming to being YUPpies in order to escape such a fate. Which of course is also preventing people from being who they really are and discouraging individualism all to serve the agenda of corporate America.

It certainly is a living Hell when the common people are told they have the power of devils when it is they who are being deceived- totally and absolutely.  And making life miserable once again for the individualist, the artist, the Traveler or the freethinker. And add a good amount of bullshit patriotism to that- becuz anyone who has actually stayed in this country and is happy with it enough to live here and flourish, believes that molding the country in this way is what will make America 'strong'. They are brainwashed to believe that this is Satanism and that means strength.

Its very dangerous for the masses to have thier hands on such concepts as well as all the tech they have access to. And they will and are being utilized by the powers that be to make life intolerable for anyone who want conform like a dumb chimp to thier brainwashed, numbed out society.

I often wonder just how many of these people actually know about this use of MK Ultra and the technologies and chemical controls over individual targets and society generally. Its quite possible that these morons actually realize that advances in technologies have become as such that they can be used to mold and shape and control society and its people. It would not surprise me one bit if the animals actually accepted this easily and went along with it- its all in the way you present it to them. Market it to them.
If they believe that most of society that they conform to is aware of this and a Target is not then they will accept it becuz it aligns them with the powers that be that run thier country. It aligns them with other citizens- its patriotic. Its normal. Its common. Its acceptable.

Anyone else who doesnt know whats really going on now will be marketed, aggressively- that a Target is merely mentally ill. And they will easily believe this becuz, unlike our  'IN' crowd citizens they lack the cunning and sense of evil and darkenss (lol) that it takes to be 'in on' a modern open secret like mass mind control or gang stalking.

Ive seen gang stalking groups of all kinds- and they ALL function off of cult dynamics. EVERY SINGLE ONE.  Ive seen rich kids working in hostels being run by a local black gangsta asshole with his sleazy Latino partner. Ive seen the gs groups who take over entire Greyhound buses to go after one target and have kids as young as 15 working for them, who are so jaded they will squelch any sympathetic feelings for the victim by saying "She's JUST a Target".  

These groups all seem to be very similar to Jim Jones's Peoples Temple cult. It would make sense that much of whats gone on with cults in America from People's Temple to the Church Of Satan (thus Aquino and military) connected Manson family were studies or experiments in seeing just what it takes to make people perform as a cult to serve the agenda. The same can be said of organized crime and black street gangs now turned into larger organizations as well.

Work-a-day Satanism is just one more way to get people to live in a cult mentality. The normalization of it like the normalization of torture is simply a way of controlling large populations of people. Its not necessarily genuinely real but humans make things real by acting on thier belief in them. Which is what they dont realize to begin with which is why religious and other belief systems work so well to control them.

The repeated referencing of the sign-of-the-horns in American media (Michelle Obama's VOGUE cover, Bush's constant flashing of the horns under the guise of being a TX Longhorns fan, multiple ads in magazines etc) is spotted by those who think they are either in on something or have discovered that the there's powers that be that are up to something. It  fools those who have eyes to see unless you really understand what you are looking at.
Its purpose is to cult mind control some and make others paranoid- namely Christians or those being led to believe Satanic factions are terrorizing them as many TIs have been exposed to.
 Others live in denial and wont even notice the subliminal and upon pointing it out will deny its existence or will quickly write it off as an oddity, refusing to see a pattern of such symbolism in media generally.  These are usually the people its easy to convince that a TI is mentally ill. They just dont have time or inclination for games- those that do buy into it and are controlled by it either for their benefit or detriment.

The key is to see through this as just one more attempt by the powers in charge now to gain full control over humanity to create the perfect servants, consumers, jailers, guard dogs and slaves for thier NWO.  The people behind this may worship Satan or Lucifer or whatever-so if such powers exist then why are there no other countering powers other than an ineffectual Abrahamic god?  There are, they just only want to show you whats going to get you under thier control. So dont buy into it.

Besides it boring- when common people believe they themselves are elite (roll eyes) trust me we are all going to suffer. From fantastic amounts of boredom and lack of imagination, stimuli or creativity. Slavery doesnt really leave room those things.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Buses In Tempe/Mesa Area Causing Sleepiness

Whats compelling about this is its EVERY single bus ride no matter what time of day or duration of ride. And the sleepiness is only occuring during rides on buses.

Theres a nodding out effect thats according to a pattern.
I timed it and its every 14-21 seconds, one or the other with some mixing up of that timing for a cycle. Like it could be two 21 second cycles then a fourteen twice, then back to 21.

Its a nodding into deep sleepiness then being jerked out of it all within a 14 or 21 second cycle.

My body jerks or tics upon being in the deepest part of this nod into sleep and right before coming out of it. If I am driven to nap on the bus my body will jerk during the nap.

I guessing this is either tech or the use of chemical influence through the vent system on a cycle. Due to the jerking I would say its more tech. But how is it done on a bus?

Mesa AZ has been very difficult. I could get alot done here but this sleepiness effect and a constant interface daily in the area has made it impossible, even though there is a computer opportunity here available. Forgetfulness is at an all time high here.

Interestingly, our Ride Share ride off Craigslist from Kingman AZ (perps I later realized-former military and one foreigner..Craigslist is sooooo infiltrated. Its been horrible especially during Bush) was very quick to explain away our sleepiness upon entering the Phoenix  area as my companion and I noted a quick and defined sleepiness.
He quickly said it was probably from walking around all day in the sun in Kingman, which is, to anyone trained in picking up slights or mind games, an insult concerning us being houseless first of all, and secondly we werent outside all day in Kingman and when we were during our time there, no such sleepiness occurred.

I have been very naive as to how big this thing is across the country. I suppose I only focused on what happened to ME not my having to exist in a country thats under mass mind control.  Its gotten really bad since this first started in 2003. The past few years have been increasingly worse.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Boston Phoenix Newspaper To Close -A Possible Break From Psychological Prison Created By Boston So Many Years Ago

My Saved

Boston Phoenix to close
By Joseph P. Kahn | Globe Staff March 14, 2013
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In a poignant signal of a fast-changing media landscape, The Boston Phoenix sent out a short and simple tweet Thursday afternoon: “Thank you Boston. Good night and good luck.”

With that terse dispatch, the groundbreaking Boston alternative weekly, which only six months ago reinvented itself from tabloid newspaper into glossy magazine, put a final punctuation mark on its 47-year history. Its current issue, dated March 15, will be its last.

New Yorker staff writer Susan Orlean, one of many prominent journalists whose careers started at the Boston Phoenix, said: “It’s like finding out your college has gone bankrupt and is gone. I am a child of the alt-weekly world, and I feel like it has played such an important role in journalism as we know it today.”

Employees at the Phoenix were told of the closing by owner and publisher Stephen M. Mindich Thursday at what evolved into a tearful, emotional meeting. It is expected that about 40 employees will be let go within the week and another10 or so soon after, according to executive editor Peter Kadzis, who described the general reaction among Phoenix staffers as “shell-shocked.” Several people were crying during the meeting, according to one person who was there.

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Yvonne Abraham: Remembering the Phoenix

9/8/12: Phoenix rebrands itself

Employees will not get any severance pay.

“We’ll get paid for this week and if we’re owed vacation time, but no severance,” said staff writer Chris Faraone. “It’s sad, but also not. It’s not an anger thing. Everyone’s really proud. We went as hard as you could to the end.”

The Phoenix established its alternative reputation in the 1970s through its coverage of the local arts scene, especially rock music and movies, as well as with aggressive media criticism and coverage of local and national politics. Its target audience, even after its recent shift to a glossy magazine, never shifted: young, educated, active both socially and politically, and childless. You were more likely to find a sex column than a parenting one in the Phoenix.

Sister publications in Providence and Portland, Maine, will stay in business, but, the Phoenix Media/Communication Corp.’s online radio station, will not continue in its present form, its fate to be decided shortly. The company’s custom publishing unit and MassWeb Printing operation, based in Auburn, will remain open.

The online edition of the Boston Phoenix, slated to appear March 22, will be its last, too.

There had been widespread apprehension about a shutdown on Wednesday, when the meeting was announced, Kadzis said.

“Keeping the Phoenix afloat was costing Stephen more than $1 million a year,” Kadzis calculated. “He’s performed an incredible service to the community, and I don’t think most of the employees here realize how committed he’s been to keeping the paper going.”

The Boston Phoenix’s owner and publisher does not plan a formal bankruptcy filing, but the company has hired The Gordon Law Firm in Boston to liquidate the paper’s assets and distribute the proceeds to creditors.

Stephen F. Gordon, who will oversee the process, estimated the business had $1.2 million in debt, but said it is likely the assets will fetch significantly less than that. The company’s main asset is roughly $500,000 in promised services and goods the Phoenix received in exchange for advertising, but it’s not clear how much a buyer would pay for the bartered goods. It also has some intellectual property and furniture.

Gordon first plans to pay any taxes, employee wages, and fees related to the liquidation process then distribute any remaining cash evenly to other creditors. In addition to employees, the company owes money to roughly 40 other creditors, including law firms, accountants, utilities, landlords, and suppliers.

According to Kadzis, the switch from tabloid to glossy last October won favor with readers and local advertisers. At the time, Phoenix editor Carly Carioli said, “It’s not a surprise this has been portrayed as the sky is falling, but that’s not what it feels like to us here.”

Six months later, however, the end came. There were not enough national advertisers to make the glossy weekly economically viable. Providence and Portland have been better able to sustain themselves with local advertising, Kadzis noted.

Last spring, Phoenix Communications sold its interest in other media properties, notably the Spanish-language paper El Planeta and terrestrial radio station WFNX 101.7 FM.

News of the Phoenix’s closure only six months after the format change blindsided even alternative media insiders.

“It was shocking to me,’’ said Tiffany Shackelford, executive director of the Association of Alternative Newsmedia in Washington. “I was not expecting this at all. My understanding was that the new format was successful, and that the glossy was starting to attract national advertisers.”

Local media critic Dan Kennedy, a former Phoenix staff writer, wrote on his Media Nation blog that he was “not even going to try to write a real post about this today.”

“I’m getting bombarded from all directions, and besides that, I’m devastated,” Kennedy wrote.

Orlean, too, was reeling, saying in a telephone interview that she received her education as a writer at the Phoenix when she worked there in the 1980s. Others who started at the paper include Joe Klein, Sidney Blumenthal, Janet Maslin, and David Denby.

The weekly’s closing, Orlean continued, “Removes one more venue for a certain kind of writing that I know was very important to me.”

Shackelford said that despite the loss of a storied brand like the Boston Phoenix, the alternative news industry remains healthy.

“Many of our papers are actually improving circulation,” she said. “This [closure] is not indicative of the larger health of the industry. I don’t think any of our other publications are in danger of closing.”

In general, however, alternative newspapers in large markets, like Boston, are not flourishing at the level of their counterparts in smaller, less competitive cities, Shackelford said. It makes sense, she said, that the Portland Phoenix will remain open, as will the Providence Phoenix, which plans to add four full-time reporters.

The question that worries Shackelford is whether another news outlet will “speak truth to power” in the same way as the Boston Phoenix, which started in 1966 as Boston After Dark.

Mindich, in his statement to employees, said he was “extremely proud, as all of you should be, of the highest standards of journalism we have set and maintained throughout the decades in all of our areas of coverage and the important role we have played in driving political and socially progressive and responsible agendas; in covering the worlds of arts and entertainment, food, and fashion, always with a critical view, while at the same time promoting their enormous importance in maintaining a healthy society; and in advocating for the recognition and acceptance of a wide range of lifestyles that are so valuable for a vibrant society.”

He thanked all who’ve worked for the Phoenix over the decades — “our staff has been our soul,’’ he averred — and all the readers and advertisers who have supported the publication.

“So, that’s it,” Mindich concluded. “We have had an extraordinary run.”
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Joseph P. Kahn can be reached at Todd Wallack, Mark Pothier, and Callum Borchers of the Globe staff contributed to this report"

This newspaper actually had media psy op content throughout the GS campaign when I was in the area. Yet they at times had content that seemed helpful to me, usually in later years after Bush and all the horrors I experienced in that era.

They also had a tight connection with my former friend the career criminal. The advertising dept at least was never that nice to me.

Its a strange feeling. It seems as if something so a part of my youth and my life there is leaving and with my situation being the way iit is, it feels like yet another piece of my youth and former life taken from me is going off into another place-a space in time, the past-so that I may never regain ownership of what was rightly mine again.

Its the same effect as being chased out of that apartment in Brighton MA with that horrible, nasty evil campaign of harassment and using the tech- going by there many times since, with the distinct feeling that my very life's energy is somehow stuck in that building.

Ive posted before that it was a Masonic Hall originally. A very old building with symbols on it. Its so sad, the energy there was the most ease in seeking success I'd ever had. And they had to go and do the worst thing possible just as I was about to really move on with my life. To see clearly the path I was to take to create the most constructive use possible of my past and life experience.

On the other hand if the structures that formerly were-that existed during that time, that helped 'trap' me in the nightmare I now live in daily are deconstructed or destroyed it feels like space is freed up. As if the associations I have that make up my perceptions of that community that existed around me and made up my former life when I was basically abducted into this system, that has had me trapped for so many-if any part of that is destroyed it seems to free up room for me to see the truth. My story and experience of events.

A psychological prison had been carefully constructed so that I believed that everyone and any institution who betrayed me in Boston was untouchable, above the law- even that cover stories were somehow more legit and 'real' than the much more sinister version of what went on that I and other Targets know to be true. They've had me trapped in this for years. Its the way in which I was expelled from my own life and abducted by the GS system.

Now that a major pillar or piece of that scene and community has been removed I can finally see out of the prison a bit and I am able to really connect my ex, my mother and family and my old friend-even the entire community, to war crimes during Bush.

The abuse of power involved in utilizing those technologies, psychological warfare techniques and so much manpower to destroy me, discredit me and continue MK Ultra domestically (my mother is the daughter of two US Marines and a documented radiation experimentee from the Naval hospital in Bethesda, Maryland during 1950s.) during the post 9-11 Bush administration.

And I have the ultimate weapon against permanent imprisonment, madness and feeling my life was taken from me without recourse: I have story. One that spans many years over this campaign and I have ALL the information about what really happened whereas most people only have pieces of info or just outright disinfo (cover stories etc).

Thats why its so important to make sure I cant settle down to start construction of a book or even send affidavits or such to officials. Thus the recent hard push to try to get me to leave the USA.

That scene back home for all the years Ive returned only to have Boston-all of MA beat me at this so I just turn around and leave again-they arent so monolithic and infallible after all.

The psychological prison created for Targeted Survivors really does trap a person mentally in time so they just keep being tormented by whatever went on during the usually brutal initial betrayals and removing the victim from their former lives, community, family etc.

Julia, Jake and my mother: all easily black mailed and all betrayed me to this system. All, now its clear-assisted in breaking international laws on human and civil rights by helping to perpetrate war crimes.

The only reason anyone in any Western nation gets away with GS and related activities is becuz not all countries are recognizing and prosecuting war criminals-which doesnt mean there were no war crimes committed it simply means this nation doesnt recognize it as such.

Bush is fine in the USA. Switzerland acknowledges he is a war criminal.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Jesse Ventura Does Episodes On GS- Its Still Just Media Activism And Not The Legal Impact We Need

"I'm not sure if you know, but season 3, episode 7 of Jesse Ventura's show is on gang stalking. They actually talk about TIs. on Is This Why Kingman AZ Is So Pleasant Yet Somehow Creepy And Weird (Near The Airport)
Anonymous on 3/11/13"

I havent checked out his show at all, havent really had access to tv for long periods of time. Heard he was like Jones- working for the media as a diversion or mild disinfo agent yet I cant say. I'd have to see it.

Once again, people may talk alot about things, they may do blogs like this or other interent activism but as I once heard a person in politics/law say once- it doesnt really matter. Its not activism thats going to have any impact on laws etc. It has no weight, no power in the legal system- the oppressors know this.

All we are doing is making people aware. And the way Western society is now, with so much blips of info on the screen in a world of mass amounts of information, where the info the big media wants people to know about is focused on using thier money and power, most of the public will understand gs as simply an oddity, one that doesnt effect them.

If a show is done about GS that relates it to MK Ultra and other classified projects, war crime activity as well as the ritual abuse, drug and sex rings involved then it may have some effect. If the public comprehends that this is high level, sophisticated activity that is part of crime, corruption and denying humans thier basic rights, supposedly under international law then- and only then if they truly understand how important this is, will it have the effect we need it to have. But I doubt that will be the case becuz if that were happening, lawyers would be flocking to assist us or it would be easy to get help.

I think what is going on is that the people working on these classified projects want to get as much done as possible before they are exposed, by design of course. They want to keep us fighting as if our cause has meaning, they want to drag this on, waste our lives and all the while get as much research etc as they can. Then of course somewhere years from now it will all finally be revealed and the projects might be exposed and so on, and maybe a percentage of people will be given justice.

By then, the powers behind this will have gotten most of what they were looking for research wise and probably be on Mars by then or underground or whatever the hell they are looking for with these long term, intergenerational behavior modification experiments.

Again I bring up the question if the NWO is so great, in the interest of preserving humanity then why must technologies, the chemtrails and chemical influences and the psychological operations be used to control- literally enslave society? For our own good?

The elite are out of control. End of story. Their efforts to create a new fuedal type system must be stopped at all costs.

Bush should not have won the second election using mind control technologies. 9-11 is and will always be questionable. Anyone who knows too much or is active in questioning or exposing whats going on is targeted. Anyone who is an experimentee of many classified/black projects is targeted- perhaps as part of the experimentation itself.

If Ventura isnt going to go deep and the legal system isnt going to genuinely help TIs- the way Canada has done for so many MK Ultra victims or Spain is doing for electromagnetic

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Is This Why Kingman AZ Is So Pleasant Yet Somehow Creepy And Weird (Near The Airport)

Well the Route 66 bit on west side is nice.

Sadly within one day of being there perps come out of the woodwork-up near airport...but of course lol.

Mold Exposure Causes MS/Uses In Psy Ops And Biowarfare

Mold Exposure Causes

Ive documented its use by Russia to destroy dissidents covertly, to slowly destroy health, erase memories and lower intelligence.

Dr Cameron used LSD in his Mk ultra experiments with reformatting of the personality and behavior modification.

The US military synthesizes molds and uses them in biowarfare such as Yellow Rain where human skin is burned off the human body.

Note that one commenter on this link claims the "poster child for MS" is a white female in her early 30s from the north (USA).

The north-where it snows, where its humid, where there's mold.

If I hadnt left and went to a dry hot desert environment after living in that Brighton apartment I would have fared a lot worse. I still need to visit once a year to counter effects of humid environments.

Mold is dangerous to humans specifically those sensitive to it.

It is a key part of brainwashing and mind control.

It seems to do brain damage and somehow make the mind more easily molded. It assists in influencing the subject.

It certainly erases memories which is useful in dealing with victim witnesses who know too much or begin recovering memories.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Traveling Companion's Smart Phone Is A Source Of Being Targeted

My road dog has a Boost mobile. They used to be Nextel. Sprint merged with Nextel and changed the name of nextel to boost.

I was being tormented and under the influence when a call came in which rarely happens.
Whatever was keeping me under immediately stopped once the call came in.

Nextel was the company that was wired through my apartment building at 335 Washington st Brighton MA with cell repeaters on the roof.

And i was very tortured there from 2003 onwards with things happening that cud only b explained through microwave and electromagnetic weapons.

Americans.Choose To Focus On Scandal Instead Of Freedom Fight-Deception: America's Lovin' It

There's a very real threat to liberty justice and freedom not just of Americans but nations around the world from advancements in 21 century technologies, chemicals and psychological warfare and all the public can focus on is a fucking sex tape.

That is just about what I should  expect from these animals.

I cannot WAIT to get out of here and  work against American policy and fight for Anti Americansim. The cesspool America has become not what it once was. (I know it never was perfect or ideal but the induced internal rot-the chaos produced in order to create false order thats far too restrictive is just ridiculous).    

Americans prefer bad food, foolishness, being.treated badly in daily life and being denied good quality lives.

However I am confused becuz even.the most oppressed slaves eventually grow out of slavery and.attempt escape-but not Americans. They resign claiming this is just the way things are. The perps actually have told me.straight to my face that gang stalking IS the way the world works, arrogantly of course.

Not my world. Let me tell you how this is gonna fuckin work.

You are a nation of people I no longer respect or want to deal with. The gang stalking system is oppressive power monger's ATTEMPTS to get things to work the way they want it to. Which means any idiot with self respect or inner power basically tells them to fuck off, unconditionallly.

The resistors keep not giving in and the oppressor keeps trying to.keep us down. THIS is the way the world.has always worked not some fantasy of absolute power by elite assholes, lower level.wannabes and the public who serve sheep.

Im Worth Alot Of Money Accordibg To A McDonalds Employee

Why is a McDonald's manager telling an employee in the bathroom something about me like to not bother me, and mentioning "mucho dinero, mucho dinero"?

This is why fighting against MK Ultra and such things in this country is pointless becuz all these people respect, fear, worship or care about is money.

Its.disgusting but predictable.

Perhaps leaving the US I can find someplace where I am out of reach of whoever has "mucho dinero" and influence to.keep me down and ruin my life.

Ive also realized my mistake in romanticizing Mexican culture as well as others.

The most gang stalkers by far.are African American. Mexicans however in large number know who I am and what seems to be at least a cover story.

I am also sick of hearing shit indirectly about my ex boyfriend and some stupid video he recorded.

Its typical of a nation this stupid, ignorant and either under or overeducated to believe that all this trouble could come from something that insignificant. They seem unable to concieve of a program such as MK Ultra or to accept that it never ceased. That the potential for mass mind control to be a threat to freedom the 21st century is totally realistic.

Even if they do know about what's really going on, the idea that many Americans dont evolve beyond finding it acceptable to be part of such things that destroy human lives shows the country is hopeless and not fit for anyone who has grown beyond teenage mind games, empty arrogance and dependence on a corrupt system.

I should have left years ago when I knew I had outgrown America-in my 20s. I might have been alot happier.

Going to find shelter and save up to leave usa

The only thing left to do now is find shelter and save up to leave the
The country is hopeless and is being run by a racist, black piece of shit tool of oppression who has destroyed what little good was left in the USA after Bush started the process by terrorizing the country. I am so targeted all the time I cant even call a lawyer or ask for help. I am sick of running around a culture.I dont even like in a country thats totally unrecognizable to me now.Every city is run by either yuppies or arrogant ghetto dwellers, gangsta wannabes. There is not one place I've found where I feel  comfortable. Where I actually like the culture.I'd say two months of saving and I can get out of the US.

America lies and cheats and exploits and steals then blames everyone else then acts to silence or destroy victims by claiming its self defense.

America is truly evil. And the worst kind of evil is where people pretend they are right and good.

Its a dry sanitized culture where only criminals and assholes and decent spirited people are oppressed and treated viscously.

Though I like Native American culture have a theory that Native DNA is what makes.America perpetually warlike and abusive and exploitative of other peoples. Theres something very damaging to the spirituality of the Native in mixing with the European whos known nothing but spiritualess, oppressive, destructive, violent religions for thousands of years.

Whatever was positive about the Native its been subverted in this culture thats been created leaving only the negative such as misogyny, war, savagery, violence and a dumbed down intelligence that was incapable of the technological and artistic feats of other cultures.

The only positive Native cultures left are little in number and destroyed beyond repair by this hybrid culture, much like Mexicans abuse and ignore the Natives in their country even though these people are an origin of their native DNA.

Europeans who arrived here and have flourished seem to be just as dumbed down as other Americans now who come from the hybrid culture.

One must remember our ancestors are people who couldnt make it wherever they were coming from.

And the herd mentality here is so bad now. Its become a constant mobbing mentality now that the public all have technologies to utilize. Just beasts never considering their nature or how to refine it-just how to create war or aquire more means to dominate other animals or more effective ways to sling feces at each other.

America sucks. Thats all there is to it. I'd rather starve to death back in the homelands of my ancestors instead of continuing to try to live in a culture I dont understand and when I do, dont agree with.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Long History Of African American Spying Proves Blacks Heavily Connected To Covert Ops In USA

Black Spy's Contribution Long Forgotten:

Black Patriots Of The American Revolution:

African American's In Early American Military History:

The British had African American spies in "..places like New York.."? Interestingly a woman named Tina at a women's drop in center in Cambridge MA calles On The Rise once made sure she was heard bragging about her friend in MI6.

What makes people think these connections have ceased? Seems most modern Americans don't know about them existing to begin with.

The 'Slaves' Who Were Spies- African Americans Who Risked Their Lives During Civil War:

"Confederate officers thought slaves were powerless and oblivious - they were dead wrong.
Leaders in the South would openly discuss troop movements and battle plans and leave important documents right under their noses, without any fear they would comprehend and relay the information.
Who would they tell? They were just butlers, deckhands on a rebel sympathiser's steamboat, or field workers."

Americans are still kept in this perception as the elite utilize this population to keep the US tightly controlled and monitored, even for domestic psychological warfare on US citizens and social engineering.

The Black Dispatches-Intelligence During The Civil War:

In this current PC environment we are expected to accept African Americans on sight with fairness, equality and sympathy even though black gang activity and hip hop culture are negative, destructive and overshadowing other cultures in the USA.

We know the realities and the risk but are taught compartmentalization-ignore the realities and submit to Political Correctness.
No longer exercise caution, only have fear.

Most Americans don't even know about this history and I wonder if such historical figures and their deeds are being 'forgotten' on purpose. It certainly makes pulling off such a deception alot easier.

In my experience African Americans make up a large, vast network that assists the powers that be in running the nation and keeping threats to Th Big House in check.

Ive personally experienced their being a large part of continued MK Ultra experimentation.

Also their harassment of TIs is meant to cause the Target to become racist so as to discredit them on yet one more level to the American public.

COINTELPRO it seems was nothing new.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Celebrities Careers May Be Utilizing Advanced Military Grade Technology To Sustain or Further Careers

The technologies being used on Targets as well as the masses seems to be being used to further select celebrities careers.

It has been experienced that a specifc celebrity will be thought of in the mind when passing by a specific lon. This is not a singular experience-this is a repeated experience which involves the exact same locations and the same celeb each time it occurs.

In Vegas there's frequent Trump moments where Donald Trump's image seems to float into one's consciousness. However theres no logical string of thoughts beforehand that would lead one to have such a thought be the next thing one would think of. The image and idea of Trump and his identity dont 'pop' into one's mind so much as float into the consciousness, like a on a wave. (!)

When passing Ceasar's Palace one gets sudden thoughts of Elton John and Rod Stewart moreso Elton John.
Upon passing that area today i noted that these two celebs had large headshots on the front of one of the major buildings. Celine Dion was also featured there but that celebrity image was never found to come to mind.

When passing by a large billboard before the Travelodge Ambassador Strip Inn across from the airport-every single time passing that billboard on the same.side of street before the hotel an impression of Rod Stewart is gotten-the EXACT same thought, the EXACT same location EVERY single time.

Ive seen ads on LED boards (lit up billboards with ads like a TV ad) for his performances being in town soon but this occurrence keeps happening-a pattern of repeat thought and location.

It almost feels like its something to do with the billboard. I saw no electromag or microwave equipment therein.

This is similar to an image of Aerosmith guitarist Perry painted some years ago on the side of a bar in Alston MA. On Brighton/Allston line.Other artists are muraled on as well.
The 66 bus makes a u-turn at this spot, has for many years. When it.does not only does one see this painted image but right beforehand one gets a strangely random 'thought' of Perry's image and identity. Character may be a better term.

This has been experienced in the SAME exact location the same way with the exact same image for years-upon its being painted there while I lived down the street in 2005 or upon returning to this location various times over years of being a Traveler.

It seems select celebrities to ensure their careers stay profitable or to further their ambitions or revive/sustain public interest in their image, character or marketed identity.

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