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Thursday, March 12, 2020

A Blogger Claims GS Is "Satire"

Written reply to comments on this post:

"Unfortunately starting in 2016 there was a wave of frame ups of activists-at end of Obama/pre Trump. This included multiple GS activists.  COPBLOCK and COPWATCH activists as well as some others involved in exposing SRA and programming.
There's a Satanic Temple organization (connected to Harvard U) that has a leader who actually finds and discredits or harasses SRA activist Survivors and GS activists.
Its all probably backed by the Complex as we see globalism spreading and the advancement of AI and a Transhumanism agenda.  The goal seems to be to make concepts of corrupt or sinister use and abuse of technology or mind control of humans  'perception managed' so that it seems implausible or anyone presenting such ideas is percieved as mentally unstable.

There were cases of police believing cases of GS but they had to be in small communities and well documented. Now with all the globalism and divide and conquer diversionary pseudo activism out there, real issues are being buried or questionable ones lost.
Also the focus is now on a domestic terror budget not a foreign one so magically theres all these lone shooters popping up and during Obama they were racists as that admin wanted to outlaw hate speech and make racism a mental illness in the DVSM. More recently lone shooters have been people that leave manifestos similar to TI or GS content or its been framed that way.
It was attempted to make the Vegas shooter appear to be a paranoid ranting about ' the government' when there was no evidence to that effect. However it was attempted via a collection of hearsay to establish that as reality , hearsay also being very popular for frame ups in 2015-2017.

What we are dealing with is a much more nasty Russian and Chinese type of system handling anything that the power structire wants to suppress. Its nothing we as Americans have dealt with before and its much more crushing, viscous, thorough and it tends to blanket better. Like it covers alot more of the content we put out.
Years ago the system left us alone more so with a few intermittent attempts at discreditation or denial but now its all out war on TIs.  How are you going to convince the American public that lone shooters are purposefully created to coerce and intimidate them, to terrorize them into a surveillance and security state?

They have no problem with this happening overseas. You suggest that here nowadays and its an impossibility in their minds. Yet it would have been plausible to them just 25 yrs ago.

They've been terrorized in multiple ways for over 2 decades.  And globalism somehow created conformist, perfect consumerist citizens probably coupled with PC culture through indoctrination.
My theory is that the aforementioned would never have been possible without terrorism in this society.

However that's what's going on now.
And now there's Corona virus-another terror and diversion. You can see how much they no longer can deal with anything genuinely oppressive and sad by how anti-homeless Globalism and PC has made society. No one even wants to face real issues anymore.

They certainly can't afford to deal with TIs and the concept of gang stalking anymore. Even though its totally plausible as its just one step up from workplace mobbing and as I've cited its been documented historically in other societies.

We are on our own again, with some very powerful enemies WITH EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE AND QUALITY COUNTER WARFARE tactics. Their resources are endless as I suspect what's no longer under black budget they now create bogeymen and use anti terror funding. Frame ups also serve that purpose.

So don't get to comfortable with thinking the situation is improving. It probably WAS which is why new counter measures were employed to crush the movement dead.
Many who've been framed are totally paralyzed as even the most oppressed American dissident is not used to Russian type methods or old COINTELPRO methods being used in modern day America. But its happened and the effects have been devistating to our troops.
Even FFCHS was destroyed however infiltrated they were, they did have some value.
It seems the 'safe space' culture has taught them something. We are essentially having all our 'safe spaces' destroyed or taken from us from the internet to the homeless scenes.  This is definitely  by design.
So its back to the drawing board again.
Cops are now militarized with a solid 'Us vs Them' mentality. No longer the beat cop who knows the neighborhood. Plus many of these guys just came back from the war crimes started by Bush and Co..and those are actually the more responsible ones! The young cops in big cities are alarmingly naive, jittery and seem to overdramatize the smallest stuff and unfortunatly they are in genuine danger from civilians due to BLM and anti cop pseudo activism which also makes things harder. The idea that cops can't see that its (most likely) military or contractor intelligence maybe even foreign operatives infiltrating police depts and purposely doing irresponsible killings of civilians and getting cops killed as part of an agenda illustrates the lacking we are now dealing with.
Notice how this all started after the mafia and organized crime guys and their cops retired or died off recently.
This never would have passed inspection under that old power structure. Sadly it can be said that the public was perhaps safer under the rule of ethno organized crime (Jews, Irish, Italians) than the corporatocracy, globalism and that bringing in foreign criminal elements.
Again the public are naive of the fact that organized crime is present no matter what era we are in.

Sadly it seems that culture has been replaced by the military industrial complex. The old mafia cities a perfect place for them to set up shop with a ready made police force willing to do their bidding and a civilian population used to living under an authority that profits from murder and uses underhanded coercive methods to undermine outsiders or critics.

We have to adjust to globalism now. And in the happy pipe dream world of a globalists mind there is no oppression that isn't visible or on the table and that can't be solved with 'social justice', protest, institutional change or group/hive mentality and safe spaces.
They absolutely cannot accept that getting a job and buying things and attending SJW events isn't going to make life happy and bright and full of 'hope and change'.
In a way the neocons have gotten their way by getting rid of genuinely Liberal culture and replacing it with the insane cult like culture of hysteria by the new Left.
Whoever engineered this it certainly has worked. And everyone who is left out of globalisms wonderful over-the-rainbow world of unrealistic happy endings like the handicapped, the elderly, the homeless, we experiencing political oppression or anyone else disconnected from the massive machine, is left behibd and forgotten about or outright shunned with a disdain that is shocking in the United States or any other modern western nation.
The INTOLERANCE of Tolerance Culture is unbelievable in its brutality, greed and cold heartedness and its allowing for illegal and unconstitutional actions to go unnoticed. Becuz globalism and PC culture are anti nationalist thus anti US Constitution anyway.

People are doing WHATEVER insane circus clown act they have to put forth by the dangerous brain washed indoctrinated mostly young population to keep their jobs and be socially acceptable.
In this way the current social ettiqutte as criteria for employment and other access is acting as Chinas SOCIAL CREDIT SYSTEM works: conform and be a good citizen or you do not get a credit rating thus you can't buy anything (unless you have the money to pay organized crime to illegally falsify your rating. Proving social control methods DONT work and only breed crime).

Lets just say in the NWO if you will we now must operate differently.
These kids can't even handle the offensive words or any other harsh reality. How are they supposed to deal with darker realities? And like I wrote, constant terrorism has acted like a tool of coercion to get the public to accept whatever they have to in order to survive.
They are now more akin to militarized soldiers taking orders unquestionably than free citizens of a democratic nation.

You can't believe in anyone or anything anymore. We have to start thinking and operating differently becuz much of our support system is gone and the new world acts as if we don't exist.
Unfortunately becuz people are so desperate for order, they have allowed psychiatry to snake its way into Globalism unchecked and with alot more power than it used to have. Remember in globalism things can only be questioned superficially. The world is too dangerous a place to any longer allow true dissent.
It may destabilize something or cause more chaos which they are trying to control. The choas created on purpose to cause a need for unquestionable order which now reigns.

Psychiatry is now claiming drug and alcohol abuse is a mental disorder. This of course is a convenient cleanup method to do sweeps in order to make room for things like condos and get rid of the homeless and other problems in the big cities to make a run for globalism and gentrification. Again to gain control and create strict order.
(Of course the very same banks that are funding the construction for  gentrification are also laundering the money of the people selling the fentanyl heroin and other drugs. This is being done by both sides in order to create chaos especially among the poor and homeless and specifically poor Caucasian populations.  The 'People of Color' are being utilized in corporate and being employed more so I guess they realize which populations are easier to control. Those who are either tired of questioning the system through  civil rights movements and wants their piece of the pie finally or those who through colonialism and imperialism have been trained not to question at all.
Their problem seems to be with those who even back in Europe always questioned and never conformed to the feudal systems. This is a main operation of the concept of 'white priviledge'- to ensure that the public sympathize less or shun poor or homeless whites as these are the people traditionally and most likley to understand the game of globalism as well as reject it or even live outside it effectively.  This is why in theory heroin and meth are so important to paralyzing this population as crack was to the African American population.
 Getting people into the mental health or penal system by any means possible as early on as possible is desirable social control for the Chinese/Russian type system we now live in.

The reality is now designed so that anyone who may pose a threat or a problem to the globalist system is now locked out of access to resources or jammed early on through drug addiction or criminal/inappropriate behavior. Most effective has been to normalize ghetto thug culture through corporate produced 'rap' music which has nothing to do with genuine African Americans or thier culture. Its been hijacked by the power structure as a means of social control.  Listening to the massive repertoire of music created by African Americans just in Americas history should illustrate that well as a quick look at who the major producers are. They aren't African Americans not suprisingly.

We are now dealing with a world that's been created by massive global force of corporate and wealth with no oversight, no accountability nor transparency and its been accomplished not by lofty ideals of hope and change but through terror, greed and cult based mind or thought control and manipulation.

Its easier to throw any and all victims of genuine oppression to the wolves than to upset the globalist overlords. With AI and 5g connecting The Internet of Things coming soon with megacities its going to be near impossible to be heard, believed or break control or being silenced.

The TI community must regroup and reassess. Must work more effectively, step more carefully and have much less sympathy for an apathetic public or even our recruited enemies many of which we know are victims themselves.

Globalism makes everyone less human as one cant afford to be. Until a glorious major backlash occurs where people reject it and start building meaningful, genuinely alternative communities in earnest we have to deal with the twisted mess of pseudo order humanity has become in most places espscially major cities.

I believe the point is to make it seem as if our struggle or movement is null and void in the globalist reality. This is becuz in this falsely constructed human horror of a reality, there can be no sorrow or no wrong becuz everyone has a place at the table in the ideal PC globalist reality. That does indeed include us however its blatant that we are expected to keep our mouths shut at that table and act politely as to not interfere in their 'great work' (see Illuminati references for this term).

For many this simply isnt genuine freedom or liberty nor is it good enough.
I refuse to get comfortable in an oppressive situation. This is what they've done to the black ghettos; when I was young you were supposed to get out. Now they've made it comfortable with its own commercialized music, clothing and in many parts of the US its now a socially acceptable culture in corporate or for corporate employment.
Many younger people or people unfamiliar with pre-internet ghetto reality won't understand why that culture should not even exist in the 21st century. However looking at how COINTELPRO destroyed genuine black activism in the 60s can explain why they do exist.

Again, the comfort offered by globalism which is a consumerist one is not satisfactory to replace being a free and liberated human animal on earth with all the designs Nature intended. That's another downside of globalism. It only exists when man is effectively removed from Nature.
Notice the pseudo environmental movement recently set about by corporate with its half measures and contradictions.

The fantasy world reality created by globalism and corporate designed for captive humans to exist in is getting more invasive and pervasive yearly. Its akin to people existing wearing virtual reality glasses 24 hrs a day. Never again existing in genuinely earthly reality.

Not only can the TI community assist those living as slaves or existing as the most oppressed population in Democratic nations but can perhaps achieve creating a map for those who aren't so easily enslaved by globalism's falsehoods, to escape the maze to some sort of genuinely satisfying existence as a human animal on our glorious planet during the mere 80 yrs or so we get here.

Globalism is the ultimate system of stealing human souls to feed on. Its almost like a living hell on earth. Anyone who perceives it that way who somehow escapes all their methods of jamming and control will be grateful for our pioneering a map of escape.

The stakes and rewards are even higher than they were before. Its not just about us anymore. Its about anyone who's essentially targeted by the system for deletion or control.

Our work is more important now than it ever was. We must work hard to reconstruct the movement from the ashes. "

It started as a comment but evolved into a larger statement. I think it works.

In regards to the bunk website and 'satire' within who would concern themselves with such matters in the realms of normal life that most people experience? Why would it concern the author?
Why is the description of supposed fabricated harassment campaign with tactics so articulate with details that are accurate?
If the author believes this is genuinely mental illness why then partake in the stigma of such a disability with 'satire'?

This is another example of possible activist jamming, or in theory counter moves or disinfo.

Its important to immediately note the lack of any links to a legit news story.
Also its highly dubious to claim any perp, ever, would talk to a blogger or a reporter much less engage in chit chat about how taking the kids to school was made more difficult by having to do tactical gesturing or coordinate color harassment on a target. That certainly is laughable.

At least being a TI gives one a better insight into being discerning about 'fake news'. In fact our community has had to sift through loads of bullsh#t for years. We are practically expert at it lol.

I think this is just a bait and switch basically just to give hope and disappoint. Its more emotional warfare than disinfo but its still very sad.