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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Tactic Perps Use When You Are Not Alone

A tactic perps use when you arent alone and they cant mess with you directly is to specifocally get.the attention of whoever you are with or single out one.persom and say "Be safe ".

It also works for fat jealous bitches.

Both of which I ignore.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Fungi, Candida and Mental Illness

So the covert action system knows that mold is medically proven to help someone go insane. And they help the process considerably it seems with harassment via various methods.

I think I posted this link before but it helped to see it again.

Friday, January 27, 2012

New Girl Arrived Today And Pulled Overt Tactic

Remember i posted i called the police substation last night? well i.left my name and number which i shouldn't have.

today we got two new girls in so we are completely full now. a youngish white girl and a light skinned youngish black girl.

When they were getting a tour of the house when the girl left the kitchen after seeing me she patted her left side back pocket many times, enough to make it obvious. And the timing was perfect.

I just learned its only the black girl.

I suspected that all the harassment outside may have been to.smoke me out and get my location. In my experience there are parts of the gs system, the in person perps, who can't locate me until i either come into contact with local police or log onto this blog on a public library system. which i have not done around here yet.

I doubt if that was coincidence but there is a chance it was.

I am going to prepare to leave as i foresee this girl being trouble. Even if you ignore perps they get the best of you.

A few people who have been in jail here are also suspect. One is actually very nice but i don't trust the little Mex lesbian. One of her former jail mates here said shes certainly not to be trusted which I understood already.

i don't trust one of the supervisors either but its hard to tell with her.

And remember the 'wallet check' I have documented that here a few weeks ago as being a common tactical in this city.

There might also be cars starting to go by and beep twice but we will see. I'll get the backpack ready becuz its going to end in me leaving. I wanted to get a job here and save up for a ticket out of country but I suppose I can do that anywhere. I have till November becuz if the neocons get in again especially the Mormon one Romney my life will be worthless. Last time that administration almost killed me this time it definitely will.

There also seems to be a theory about the gs. that its purpose is to not only force deprogram and reformat the personality via behavior modification to the perps liking (MK Ultra style) but that part of the forced deprogramming is to force me to defend myself, take action and come forward.
This system of forced deptrogramming and behavior modification knows that by my doing that I am forced to go through all that happened to me in a way that brings it all to the surface and confesses it to the outside world-confession to the cult peer group is a very important step in cult indoctrination and mind control aka 'brain washing'. Remember always that in the big picture the NWO is based on cult mind control and utilizes trauma based mind control to an extent. These are all ways of getting a Survivor who is not under the control of society like average people to empty themselves and become part of the world wide web of globalized, interconnected humans. Its forced socialization.

The Pentagon during Bush had a consultant whos mantra was "disconnection is danger". Whatever is going on with the CIA and the military in worldy affairs I have found often parallels what goes on in covert affairs domestically and perhaps internationally.
The main reason the system wants to take the public's privacy away as well as deny TIs no rights at all is to get people to feel conncetdd to each other, like the internet is connected, but its purpose is to form a cult. A world wide cult that is controlled via many cult like methods.

What Its Like In This Location

The interface (from tech) here is constant very heavy on the mind and basically reduces me to a child. A psychotic child. The slight mold in my room with the electromagnetic pollution here is extremely challenging for my system and my mind to get through daily.

Its been very hard to stay balanced.

I really don't get any freedom until around now like 2 am. Two A.M. until about six A.M. are pure heaven with no interface at all usually or relief at least from much of the day. This is one of those places that rain and storm improves the effects which points to much of it resulting from chemical influence-whether merely pollution or on purpose like chemtrails is unknown to me.

I love experiencing being who I truly am at these hours. Feeling comfortable within my body and feeling like a forty year old woman not the child that the system makes me into. I can live my strength and life experienced which I am not allowed to do during the daylight hours.
I am reduced to practically non existent as an entity or person during those hours.

I can't wake up here till 1 pm and there seems to be some sort of alarm type mechanism becuz I get up at exactly the same time with very much the same feeling in this location. Its almost like a buzzing vibration.
I wish I could sleep at night here and get up earlier. This is not my normal schedule on the road traveling.

Each time I go to write about what I experience here I conveniently forget to document it here.

There's alot of forgetfulness especially if I stay in this house too many days. Totally loose touch with outside world as in what my plans and interests are. This house is..very containing. Also the shitty neighborhood is cut off from downtown by a bridge (smart design). Downtown is typically gentrified and for tourists. The way I feel downtown is much better and more productive than over here across that bridge. Its nicer to the east but still not as nice as to the north. The north easy of downtown is the nicest I like it and its very positive. Its like back in Boston. Money and nice homes, health food stores etc. Strangely to the north WEST of downtown there is a definite campaign that makes me feel like its highly discouraged I go near there at all. It was pretty obvious. The city definitely has an electromagnetic system in place along with mild gang stalking to keep people contained. Electromagnetic fences is what I am going to call them. Drawing up parameters using these technologies. And no one even knows thats what the elitist bastards are doing. Bite me. I will go to the mall in the northwest or a health food store in the northeast if I want to.
The worst harassment was south near the military base, the neighborhood sucks anyway. This base was documented to be involved in radiation experiments as part of the human experimentation connected to MK Ultra in the 50s and 60s. They must be part of the continued experimentation going well as not being pleased to have a documented radiation experimentee's daughter in close proximity.

So what I experience here is alot of interface. I feel watched constantly like there's cameras here becuz there is a feedback via what seems like an interface that can only be accomplished if someone is viewing me inside this house. Now that could very well be the scenerio. It could also be to do with the wifi and/or satellite the we have. This sounds paranoid or schizo i know but I experienced this same phenomena in that apartment in Dorchester AND THAT PLACE HAD A CISCO ROUTER FOR WIFI AS WELL AS SATELLITE TV though a different provider. We must remember that Cisco is a major military contractor and research company. A young gang stalker on Greyhound early on in this claimed his father worked for Cisco Systems...and that he himself was a World of Warcraft addict. (I suppose games like that could warp or form a persons mind into percieving gang stalking as normal).

Its so bad here that I believe I am being watched in the shower through hidden cameras in the sprinklers in the bathroom.
EXCEPT ON SUNDAYS. Hmm, mental illness takes the exact same day off weekly huh? And in the middle of the night every night?
A psychiatrists theory that its biochemical or a chemical imbalance might have worked with hours in a day BUT NOT DAYS OF THE WEEK. So sorry to once again mess up your con of the public.

I feel very judged. Forget trying to get sexual release as I feel watched and judged. Its very much the idea that whoever is watching feels I should be with a human male only and not masturbation. That I should try to become born again in some way or forget who I was completely and see and feel myself (and my genitals I guess) as anew. (Sounds Christian, maybe but its definitely behavior modification).

Thats why the intrapersonal stuff is wearing down my confidence. It might be some of the women are working for the system but it might also be that they are just difficult and that only adds to helping the system wear me down. Its hard to tell nowadays.

A DOCTOR IS A SILENT PARTNER IN THIS SOBER HOUSE and I have wondered if there is any connection to the medical/military or medical/psychiatric complex due to that. It could also be that the owners have no knowledge of behavior modification being used on the tenants here. Then again it certainly can't be ruled out can it.

Since feeling so beaten down I have started eating alot from stress and anger probably. I was doing well, eating the way I did while traveling only three meals, one moderate. Plenty of daily walking and if not busy cleaning here. I started to lose weight becuz the constant fear and adrenaline on the road keeps me overweight but the heavy backpack kept me muscular.
I was losing a few pounds a week. But now I have been worn down by house dynamics and feeling interfered with or dominated by a couple of older women (that fat lady and my older new roommate who wouldnt stop bothering me constantly and there's a room at end of hall with three women that seem either in on it or just want to be keep downs). I usually wouldn't put up with people interfering with my Will or getting my own things done but with the effects I described above along with these house dynamics (whether planned or truly just normal female behavior) its nearly impossible not to start to get worn down. The powers that be couldn't ask for a more effective environment to keep women down while ensuring they are comfortable, sheltered and fed. This place breaks you and breaks your spiritedness.

The women here don't have the northeast thing where you simply do not interfere with anyone else's business by putting upon them, burdening them or sucking them into drama. These actions back home would get you beat up or told off. They are extremely rude here in this respect. They seem to misunderstand the Yankee helpfulness for slave behaviour.Its expected in the northeast that one is helpful as one may need a favor from you one day and thus everyone survives. You help out and then thats it. Its over. Here they think you are their slave if you are initially helpful. They kept commenting on my cleaning constantly. Now up north they would speculate that I might be just trying to keep busy to keep my mind off things or else to clean becuz this sort of physical activity allows a person to relax or.process things mentally in the background.

In other words: they aren't Irish here. And they aren't Yankees.
But they are nice enough people. I just think the Yankee intense busyness and having to do things quickly is just neurotic to them.

Then they start moving in on you for it when you were doing it to begin with to try to think on problems to begin with and here they bring more problems. Of course this crushes the person.
I tried walking but this neighborhood is very bad so I am discouraged now from even wanting to leave the house and I think gs is alot of what I experienced in areas outside this neighborhood.

Its typical for gs to want to intimidate a TI into never again wanting to leave the house. Thats their job. Even intimidation for hire which is a documented actual crime (like murder for hire) there's been people who do that who have said that is the goal of the intimidation and gs is no different.

I was also used to being outside and traveling every day. It was going to be a long transition-I feel the dynamics here got in the way of that too.

So now I am just trying to figure out what next. This place is home like and zip seem to be able to trust people to care for me yet the spirit breaking is not desirable. I have health issues that need attention and i don't know where else to go.

Also THERE IS A DAILY HARASSMENT TO GO BACK TO BOSTON-to tend to my health issues there instead of here and to attend UMass. Neither of which is a good idea considering how my health becomes even worse there and I gain weight not lose it. Its also place with such heavy tech management that its impossible to function. I tried last winter.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Whats Going On Around NYC PD Commisioner Kelly, The CIA and His Son Being Accused Of Rape?

There is an investigation into the NYPD having a far too cozy relationship with the CIA after 9-11.


The police commissioner is Kelly. A former Marine who seems to have gotten promoted alot through out his career also chummy with Clinton. He was commissioner from 2002-present. That is the longest anyone has held this office or post, just look at the history of NYPD commissioners on Wiki. Thats a he'll of a long time.
Now reading about Raymond Kelly on Wiki we see under the heading "As 41st NYC Police Commissioner Under Bloomberg (2002-present)" the same content written about that is being written about as the subject of investigations as I mentioned above.

Another headline that I noticed today is that HIS SON IS BEING ACCUSED OF RAPE CHARGES.

Is this a diversionary tactic? Like to confuse the issues by mixing up scandal with his name since he was a key player in counter terror? Or to use him like they do everytime they get exposed as a scapegoat while the shadow players and investors and private sector etc always get away?

African Americans Are Now Fully Part Of Oppressive Power Stricture and They Of Course Have Their Own Agenda

the Pentagon's liaison to the Whitehouse is an African American woman?
With a president and first lady in power who were part of an obviously ignorant and racist church? My we are being screwed aren't we?

I guess leaving for Europe is the only hope left.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

LDS Church Praised Nazi Germany

Well they were predominantly Danish in ancestry (the Mormons of Utah) and Hitler exalted the Nordics.

Whats most useful is the parallel between religions of that day enabling 'evil' and this occurring in our recent history. And its going to continue with Romney if the public doesn't wake up.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just realized as i finished pasting these three here that today is Sunday. I notice i don't blog much during the week. Its all busy work then. (I hate the way the remote influence or control via tech seems to feminize me or take my natural power away, making me into just an average middle aged has been type, so typical in American culture.
Keep fighting it I guess.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh How It Must Suck For Them Im Not A Christian: Why Balanced, Fair Dissidents Get Targeted Harder Than Anyone Else

I was reading this and realized how the powers that be must hate me so much more than people who are easy to label and shelve away as marginalized minorities or extremists:
(yer gonna hafta cut and paste it. ill fix tomorrow when I get PC access).

The most hated people by all sides are those of us who want a balanced, fair sane world. We are the greatest threat. Becuz then the controllers couldn't control everything by having rivaling factions.

The very fact that I believe gays have a right to exist even marry but I do not believe on gay day in Disney World that grown men should be seen by children fondling each other pisses people off. I think that gays with children deserve a nice 'family' environment just like everyone else.

People like this are DestroyerDizney's best friend. People like the smut peddling companies can simply brush aside Christians as extremists and keep destroying as the public sides with what seems more Liberal and modern than old fashioned Christian values or Anti Semiticism, even though they make some sound points amidst their beliefs dictating much of their criticism of Disney.

I think the saying 'war is a racket' also counts for wars among factions that are politically valuable.

If people like me (on my better days when I am in a situation conducive to writing what I actually want to say) were to become cohesive and form large groups, that want balance and for citizens to grow up and really wake up and start thinking instead of following religious dogma or mindless destructiveness and rebellion, these wars between rival factions of idiots would cease. Life would make sense and the system might actually work.

I think Americans thrive on war. Warring political parties every four years, war abroad and in our domestic affairs.
Those of us who just want peace and a sensibe system that just runs to provide for the people, so we can get on with life, often feel out of place in the US nowadays.
Years ago one could ignore the circuses if one chose to. Really in order to avoid them now, one indisputabley needs a high income.

It must drive them nuts that I know there are decent people who are Jews. Even extraordinary people looking for peace. Much more of a peaceful nature than myself. Yet I also see there is indeed an agenda one that seems to include nasty Zionist types. Anti Christian sentiment, favoring gays and minorities is truly part of their strategy. Keeping average barely Christian whites brain washed seems to be the goal for the most part.

Its not normal, sane nor sensible to believe all Jews deserve trust nor all of any generalization be it race, gender etc.

What one shouldn't trust is a sweeping generalization based in such things with a demand to bestow unquestionable power upon that group.

When PC demands we don't suspect any INDIVIDUALS of a generalized group based on stereotypes or claims against them as a generalized group, that belief system is basically asking us to give up all our survival skills and allow anyone from a generalized group to control us. We are basically declawed and send out into a semi civilized situation.

Just as every legend contains some original truth, many things people dislike about differing races, genders or cultures even religious belief have some common sense to them.

Its insulting and tiresome to blacks that they be judged by their race even in positive ways. Well white people can be very ignorant. And careless with people's feelings, not on purpose in some instances but becuz they don't understand or relate to that demographic. Educating whites in not doing this is helpful for race relations as well as no tolerance for racism that's on purpose.
But demanding that whites not watch their backs against what has always been sensible caution against black aggression or manipulation is totally inappropriate. So is basically manipulating whites into being discriminated against or tolerating racist content towards them (as a subliminated pay back for all former racial hardships of blacks).

This just one example of how the current system of social etiquette serves as social controls that are part of an agenda of enslavement not liberation.

When fascism became part of this country's way of doing things all the former good ideas to make society a more just and fair place should have been reexamined. Through such a filter these good ideas may be hijacked and serve a system of control rather than one trying to achieve fairness and equality.

Equality should mean equal opportunities for all not equality AMONG all.
How the hell does a concept like the one we define as Equality now, work within a Capitalist society anyway?
It doesn't. Its a con.

Any society that is so mixed as ours is going to be complicated. And it was...but it was still regional and broken down into normal human gathering and living areas according to 20th century man's arrangements of city state and federal.

Globalization and the WWW complicated all that. And before we the People could figure it out for ourselves, the powers that be decided to set it all up for us instead. What a golden opportunity to get the public under control again almost like the good old days of the fuedal system.

Before free association and other human behaviors could form a comprehensive model of what our new world should be like in this strange new dimension created by solid reality, media and the new addition of the entire global population being able to communicate in real time (globalized) in 'cyberspace', the powers that be arranged to have a version all set for us. Now, WE must simply obey- like rats walking through a maze that's no puzzle to those looking down at them from above.

Activists and dissidents like me are a greatest threat becuz we peddle waking up not alternative forms of brainwashing or being asleep. Attempting to be balanced, just and fair are percieved as outdated, 20th century kinds of concepts. That's becuz the powers formed that mindset and this reality expressly during the time of the transition from man living as he had for decades even centuries in industrialized nations to how he is living right now. They took control of the transition and its outcome. Now people truly believe that its normal to always be extreme, to disregard fairness or trying to be balanced and fair. We are back to living as humans had in various empires for millennia. And we think we are more modern now than ever simply becuz of the presence of technologies in our lives and at our behest.
Personal technologies have given the people the powers of gods..and they aren't handling it too well. And that right there is something the powers that be are manipulating to the fullest and probably gaining endless amusement over as well. The children so fascinated with their toys are forgetting about what's going on in front of them. Its so simple but effective.

Its hard to pigeon hole someone who is simply making sense by pointing out the obvious flaws in design and execution. Its easier to control people who are extreme in their beliefs especially when they exclude others based on what doesn't make sense.

Disney seems to excuse inappropriate behaviors and subject matter the way that Christians villify them. They are both unjust.

This however is what makes economies run. If people weren't unhappy and full of anxieties they wouldn't buy things or run off to vacationland. Fun and rest is one thing-escapism is quite another.
These wars and disagreements among factions neither of which are doing what's right, fair or just is what fuels our society. Americans love war and this is what I mean by that.
Just look at the behaviors, views and beliefs of both of these parties. Neither one is very desirable. Yet in America the idea is that these are the only two to choose from.
An expression of rejecting either of these in favor of being truly balanced just and fair is what's most horrifying, undesirable and even suspect in America.

You are an evolved grown up once you awaken and reject both of these as too unfair-to EVERYONE.

That is what's most hated in the US.

Truth, fact and simple common sense. It'll get you targeted. People hate it.
Becuz without the great never ending circus people might just realize what a lie this country and our lives have become. And its gone so far now like every empire historically, that looking back at the huge mistakes and being realistic would only make the whole thing unravel.
Americans know I think that to admit to the truth about what our country even the world is today would be to admit our country doesn't even exist anymore as it was. That's its been dismantled and sold off. That what's begun can't be undone.

It seems people generally are under this impression that what's being done globally is going to lead to a better future for humanity.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Is Endgame Simply Paranoia?

It seems like alarmist or disinformation BS. Yet it would explain why I am being hit recently with a lot of push to go disappear somewhere desolate and rural.

When I was in Albuquerque a few months ago a squatter and myself were looking for a place to sleep. There was a small baseball playing area and it had a cage for batting or whatever its commonly used for.

I looked at the enclosed cage and something made me shudder. As if a thought occurred that this would be the conditions I would suffer and die under. The thought made no sense and seemed to be rooted in fear mongering by some outside force not a true premonition from within myself. Yet perhaps that is only what I wanted to think.

It is unbelievable. That such a thing might happen.

It could be manipulations to make people paranoid and further abandon living their lives, a form of terrorism.

My attitude is I just don't care. Typical for a Survivor. Your're supposed to be dead anyway is the basis of this attitude I think.

I also note that forced deprogeamming includes terrorizing Survivors until they begin to fear death and fully appreciate life which is cruel. Its more abuse simply becuz the Survivor did not go through a NATURAL deprogramming process and truly heal thus valuing life for the right just and good reasons. They only abandon their bravery and no fear of death from having life TAKEN FROM THEM by being terrorized by the gang stalking system. ITS ALL ABOUT CONTROL. CONTROLLING THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF TARGETED SURVIVORS.
If a Survivor went through the natural deprogramming process undisturbed they would be healthy and well adjusted. The GS system of behavior modification seeks only to produce cut down, average, worn out, scared citizens who will conform for life.

If I was unafraid of death to a level that I could fight this system for this long then I should retain the same attitude regarding some sort of world wide disaster that cuts down humanity.

Note how the article doesn't give readers very good options in how to respond to the information given. Like demanding response from officials or some legal recourse. Running to a cave at higher elevation is not very helpful. I know hardcore squatters who have been to survival school in Cuba that could tell you better advice on how to survive than that.

Me going to UMass or hiding out in the middle of nowhere are not things I am willing to do to preserve a mere vessel I happen to be operating out of in this lifetime or patch of time and space.

Every bogus TI I meet is big into End Game, usually a fake Christian and an alarmist and information hoarder who will constantly bombard you with aliens, Atlantis and every whacked out thought the perps put in gullible people's heads. Anything to avoid strictly focusing on reality like the legal recourse we may have and political action. They actually push this stuff like cult leaders.

If this is going to go down there isn't much say, someone like me can do about it or do about changing my fate considering I have been kept down so my status is low. Nor can I control whatever is going to happen.

Just like I cannot control I live in the USA where I am targeted and mass mind control saturates the country so I only can write coherent articles like these on Sundays (LOL).

I have noted the gs system pushes alarm like this. Just like when I was in MA last year and I went up through Maine with a half baked plan to get up to Nova Scotia or Canada. All the system had to do there was hit me hard enough with ideas like going up there was necessary (another reason I wont go back to MA. The system is overpowering there. I always end up doing crazy things instead of getting my sh*t together or suing locally for what was done to me during Bush).

This system will waste your whole life keeping you running around trying to avoid dying or other alarmist bullshit. I had no problem dying ten years ago or more so what's the problem now?

With Survivors the trick is to keep us down so damn much that like me for example we lose ten years of our lives, some of the best years of our lives, living in the prison that is gang stalking. Then you have a person who feels they don't have control over their lives so they become control freaks and want to live becuz their choosing HOW to live had been taken from them. Such people will be much more receptive to such alarmist heories and disinformation.

Either that or you waste your life fighting first in person human forces of constant stalking and harassment then the constant daily interface provided by electromagnetic pollution which is everywhere and unavoidable.

I cannot see myself living in some rural area with only a computer perhaps for communication with the world at large. But this is one of the desired results of making cities so unpleasant for Targets to exist in.

I find it hard to believe that the perps care about me so much they are trying to coerce me into living in a rural area so I can evade a mass depopulation disaster.
I think more so ploys like these are to ensure Targets stay marginalized while the people who betrayed us, our enemies and the GS perps all get to go on with their lives.

And of course out of sight is out of mind.

If this does come true I simply don't give a sh*t. And one should keep this attitude becuz that is what is real, what is part of the original true Self.
If I die then I die not under the control of oppressive *ssholes.

The World Wide Network Of Military Bases

Outer space???

Project Paperclip

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Scientist Claims Schizophrenia Doesnt Exist

I've written about this before and my theory was the same. That its not logical for scientific theories to stem from older ones from the past without evolution or change of the original theories. When one looks at a typical scienctific subject say, the study of dinosaurs due to new findings and different theories in competition with each other, the science of this subject grows. It forces growth. It makes old ideas change.

It always struck me as not that way with psychiatry. That they seemed to have this solid set of rigid ideas that had been around a very long time, without change and in fact all new research WAS TO BACK UP OLD THEORIES. Like from centuries ago.
This is more the nature of the status quo than something scientific. Science is a wonderful world of change, controversy and argument. Growth.
Psychiatry is akin to an age old institution one that stands on the hill above us and is feared like some tyrannical kingdom ruling over us. Its taken the place of religion in spreading ignorance, fear..and coercion and demanding unwavering dedication and acceptance to its doctorines. And unlike modern government its not seperated from the state. Part of its power of intimidation and control over the populous is that the justice system utilizes its theories as if they were proven scientific fact to back their decisions and make judgements effecting people's lives.
If one psychiatrist says you are suffering from a disorder then you feel as if becuz the legal system stands by such an professional as an 'expert' and their opinion flawless that you can't argue with psychiatry becuz you are arguing with the government then.

As Targets know, our government, as well as powerful people with access and influence, is capable of being wrong. Of abuse of power and oppression of its own people sometimes using the good of all as a guise for accomplishing goals for their own ends or that of special interests. We have seen how deceptions are used in social control.
To be targeted by covert actions and then have our psychiatrist be intimidated into also turning on us is very traumatic. I've seen a psychiatrist print outright lies about a patient things that weren't even on record anywhere in their files. Thank gods for whatever covert factions protect TIs being targeted that don't allow for total illegal actions or abuse of power to sustain destroying the person.

The scam of biological psychiatry is being used constantly against the public but also against Targeted Individuals. Specifically to cover up for the various abuses of Targets such as whatever is their motive for their being targeted. Human experimentation, exploitation of some kind or to cover for various black projects.

The medical profession is heavily involved in gang stalking. Their greatest front is that generally they are all wonderful people trying to help humanity.

Anything that's a business especially with insurance companies breathing down your back, should be held a bit more suspect than that, of all the moral failings of the business world.
Probably more scary than corruption in business or corporations is the behavior of medical professionals. It has a certain evil to it a certain element of psychopathy that I have experienced no where else. And its very two faced and hidden. I think business people are more overt about being cut throat. And perhaps mentally and emotionally healthier becuz of that.

The abuse of psychiatric theory used for profit has also been historically part of abuse of power by authorities and political power structures. We are taught that this does not happen in the west, only in Russia's past or East Germany. The west is only more careful about letting the public facade fall.
In order to stop the abuse of power that is part of covert warfare such as 'gang stalking' the psychiatric field must be torn down in part.

Another benefit of psychiatry is to enable an exploitative system such as America can be, to not have to deal with the results of its abuses and failings. People have disorders, a flawed system didn't partially shape this person. It also prevents such a person from growing or healing if indeed they are targeted or they are dysfunctional due to trauma.

This scientist's voice is only one among a scattered minority. The medical industrial complex and big pharma are huge and powerful businesses. Unfortunately the public are caught hook line and sinker as of now in western society.

Part of the ploy I am sure was to push a Just Say No anti drug culture then present the option of getting drugs through psychiatrists as long as one took on a label or was documented as having disorders.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Thursday, January 12, 2012

9-11 Numerology Site Provides Interesting Facts

The numerology obsession is a bit much at times especially since it misses a lot of what numerology gets in depth with. I studied it in my teens. I recall that it went much deeper than what this author is doing. I am sure that truly complicated mathematics would cover rhythms, coincidences and things like that much more impressively.

Yet the author is correct in that people in power do seem obsessed with numbers or repeating like brainwashing or ritual, simple numbers or math 'problems'. Its not so much math but repetition. I think the true mathematics of events would be much more artful, flowing. One might even be able to prove conspiracy due to the math proving events are planned not normal random interactions. But what's explored here isn't that. Its more repetitive like ritual or brainwashing or spell casting. Repeat repeat repeat.

I just skipped much of the author's repetitive listings of numeral obsessions becuz firstly my mind can't handle that much listing of mundane factoids about numbers that's repetitive and secondly its not compelling, though some of it is interesting to consider and does show some patterns. Much of it is just noticing repetitive instances of same numbers. Which is probably significant as far as repetition goes for the purpose of brainwashing.

What is compelling are the many little snippets listed here like the woman from FEMA who slips in an interview that they arrived on Monday night and started early Tues morning..unless elsewhere she's documented as meaning arrived TUES night and got started WED morn, but that would have to corroborate with documentation as to when her FEMA crew actually arrived.

The author discreds themselves by stating that FEMA is a dark shadow govt organization. What does that mean exactly and where is the references or something to show deduction or cause for such a claim? Also FEMA hasn't taken over by now nor are Americans disarmed and being shot at by NATO as yet.

The other clever bit is documenting who hits the site, it was visited both by a banking group and the Pentagon.

There's interesting info on this site but its definitely go to be sifted through for conspiracy theory not fact and some typical projecting into future actions without any real cause.

There's a lot to 9-11 that could make a case for a conspiracy especially tying into much else that has gone on before and afterwards, the mistake of many people is to include their projections of future actions or events or their theorizing of what may be conspiring for the future by the powers that be.

None of us on this level know exactly what steps will be taken to complete this New World Order that each president HAS BEEN DOCUMENTED talking about. Many people do know that something is wrong and that there's a massive game plan complete with deceptions, some in the form of cover ups if you will.

The bit about the elite group with 300 trillion in assets trying to create such a thing to dominate the world is totally feasible. Then again it needs investigation. Who exactly?

One of the reasons these conclusions or info like this doesn't make the impact it should is the way its presented like this makes people feel powerless to do anything about it. Extremely powerful parties remain faceless and outrageous scenerios are projected for future events.

I notice that the big picture is nowhere on the internet to be found, written like a case for court or a detective's investigation of a crime.

I get the feeling if 'The Elite' were named and given identities the public could understand and charts were drawn that would stand up in a courtroom, whoever authored it wouldn't be around very long...nor would the site be up for long either.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Remember the gs system keeps you busy making it near impossible to advocate or stand up for yourself.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Harassment On Buses Here Might Be Partially Profilng

The perps on buses here are just ridiculous. If I find out these c*cksuckers are cops I am gonna Sue the shit out of them and the transit system and the city. Mostly due to profiling being used as an excuse. Go fuck yourselves.

What I am saying is there are perps then there are idiots who seem like undercover security or cops. I didn't realize dressing like a typical Italian chick and listening to metal on headphones here (being an aggressive female untethered by kids or a husband) is illegal. Why don't you do yourselves a favor and circulate my picture around and tell all the sexist racist classist fucktards who are threatened by me (males mostly) to not even think about messing with the girl In the photographs. If perps can do It so can you morons. Get off my ass and start catching some real criminals. Not attractive women who are willful and don't conform just becuz your typically paranoid nature as cops tells you that pretty women must be up to something.

Yeah I am up to something. Getting revenge. My mother told me in Boston it was easy to attempt to frame me up during Jake's bust for drugs and the following federal investigation of People in the area becuz "People don't trust a pretty women". The bitch probably used it to her own advantage as well at some point.

And I am going to make Boston pay for that with every minute left I have on this earth. They will all pay for first using my looks to frame me, being ignorant arrogant sexist shits and then consequently having me lose my looks due to their actions partially.
The feds aren't stupid and the frame up of me was totally on purpose and bullshit. In this day and age no competant law enforcement agency makes mistakes like that. They all think they're clever back east.

Here I assume stalking me is supposed to get a reaction out of me so that there's more evidence from surveillance of public spaces that I am paranoid. Yet its obvious that when dealing with my case and such abuse and corruption of power that I would rightly so be concerned about abuse of authority especially by undercovers or private security.

Each bus ride here I get some sort of harassment.

This city is going to comply with my Will. I feel that outside of the total morons (guys in vehicles thinking every female is street walkng [they are sooo stupid down here about judging that] and young kids both sexes in public places/buses doing harassment) I have allies here. People that don't agree with gangs and sell outs to corrupt authority.

The cops need to focus on taking care of the stray dogs/unleashed dogs and the Johns that constantly bother women on the streets instead of some bullshit profiling on buses.

I can start being a pain in the ass and calling attention to these issues and making lots of paperwork for them if they'd like.

Becuz no one is going to stalk me or breathe down my neck based on subconscious sexist urges that they filter through their paranoid minds. Check your own shit before you start judging.

This country has become a haven for racism and sexism based on profiling. The designers know it but of course the common People just get brainwashed and act accordingly.

And as for every single reaction you get from me in public spaces: you can try as hard as you want becuz NO ONE in this world who is honest about the situation is going to believe you. Trying to prove I am nuts for a decade is a bit suspect when I my sanity only came into question during a federal investigation where important men's reputations were at stake. And their precocious career criminals of course. Most of whom retired to Florida unscathed by the way.

Keep it up and I will keep up exposing you.

There might also be an extremist movement here like stupid Cause Stalkers crazy Christians all obsesssed without knowing what's going on. LMAO. Don't even mess with me becuz I WILL destroy you. Christians that want to help true justice be done are fine. But the righty's...dont tempt me a-holes.

Schizophrenics Have Oxydized Adrenaline In Their Systems/Niacin Supplementation

Since I went through anaphylaxis from Bactrim in 2009 I have life threatening allergic reactions to a few foods and materials. I don't dare take the vitamin or herb supplements I used to.

I ate iron fortified grits and it made what feels like my pituitary area stimulated. Got to wondering about definciencies and what's perhaps too much supplementation. (The iron was too much I think.)

Since the mold exposure and then the anaphylaxis I am very sensitive. I can actually feel my body process an unfamiliar substance especially foods. Its like the body goes through a questioning of the substance and stages are reached where little internal guards say 'yes you may pass' and if not, I can feel an allergic reaction begin.

What strikes me about this posting is that schizos have oxydized adrenaline in their systems.
This could be indicative of the gang stalking system being able to actually induce such a condition through a long term campaign of torture, harassment causing extreme fear and stress.

Becuz all TIs know that we are changed permanently by damage from long term exposure to such conditions. Its obvious that technologies are a large part of what we experience yet perhaps inducing such a state of the human body makes us much more receptive to being influenced by technologies.

I don't know if there are TIs and there are also simply 'mentally ill' people or if the gs system is solely responsible for every single case of 'schzophrenia'.
Its hard to judge considering that no criminal investigations are done with people who's claims sound reasonable.

And once again we have someone claiming that biological phsyciatry refuses to investigate alternative therapies. More akin to a cover up than simply considering alternatives quackery.

Friday, January 6, 2012

secret socities and occult in entertainment industry

Stop SOPA, A 'Firewall' For American Internet-Voting Occurs 1/24/12

In its current form this bill is unacceptable to many companies and individuals. To be honest I did not read through the entire bill. But just the first part of it was enough to be seen for me personally to be alarmed. It also begins censorship that could be built on later. What's next, a news story that's politically inconvenient? The internet is the way it is by design in order to have free flow of information and its not always a safe or pleasant place. If this starts now, all the strides any of us have made towards fighting world wide oppression could be lost. The internet has transformed the world. If we start chipping off bits of it here and there, letting the powers that be use business interests as a valid reason then the information highways could over time be narrowed and damaged even further. Imagine life in China with their internet. No thanks. Its blocked regularly by authorities abroad during political unrest and as TIs we have experienced the same interference overseas dissidents and activists get but covertly without authorities admitting to doing so, having the capacity to do so nor average Americans wanting to believe that kind of thing happens here. If anyone knows what this bill could lead up to eventually- its Targeted Individuals. Give them an inch and eventually you'll lose a mile. They just hope you don't notice after that inch is gone to begin with. TIs have seen the damage more than anyone and we know what the system is trying to do. Piracy may seem unlawful or unfair in business practice but lots of people 'lose' over the internet. IF CORPORATE ENTITIES ARE NOW RECOGNIZED AS PEOPLE, AS WELL AS ARTISTS WHO PRODUCE WORKS POSSIBLY PIRATED ARE ALSO PEOPLE, THEN WHY DO THESE SPECIFIC PEOPLE GET SPECIAL TREATMENT IN CYBER SPACE WHEN MANY CITIZENS HAVE HAD THEIR LIVES RUINED BY INTERNET EXPOSURE AND SPYING BY FELLOW CITIZENS, CORRUPT POLITICAL POWER OR AUTHORITY? PROTECT CITIZENS FROM BEING FILMED, RECORDED SPYING IN GENERAL OF ANY KIND AND HAVING THE CONTENT EXPOSED IN CYBERSPACE FIRST BEFORE PROTECTING BUSINESSES AND ARTISTS WHO AT LEAST HAVE LEGAL RECOURSE IN THE REAL WORLD AND THE LEGAL SYSTEM. There's a hell of a lot more that needs to be censored on the internet than peoples business interests. Everyone is fair game in cyberspace within reason. Why should they get special treatment? According to what informants tell me I SURE THE HELL DIDNT. So I can't rip a song or watch a video from some bullshit Russian website from some band's DVD but peoples lives can be totally destroyed? Tell these jerks to have their 'people' find the offending sites (which they know what it is already if its going to get blocked by this system) and get their lawyers and fix it themselves. Some of us can't afford lawyers when our lives are ruined by the internet. When our reality has been 'pirated' by total disregard for privacy. And still I wouldnt approve of censorship but if I did it would be to ensure that illegal spying in private spaces and abuse of surveillance in public spaces was no longer able to destroy human lives in our society. Funny how the private sector never gets caught with their pants down..hardly ever. Yet individuals do. Yet they are the ones who come whining for the public to give up our freedoms to protect their investments and their damn money. I dont have money- or a future in large part due to the internet and related technologies used to abuse power. So I don't plan to cry over yours. And as a Gen Xer I definitely dont plan to let the internet go in my lifetime, short of the Mad Max post Nuclear reality we were semi convinced would come to pass someday, and then most people would be off the grid anyway. If they keep this up there are going to be more and more people having to decide whether they want to stay in the ever more guarded prison or go off-grid. Its ridiculous. I know that's an extreme example but its what's going to happen. Its like they want THIER internet for the citizens who continue living in the prison they've made out of mainstream society and exclude everyone who is outside of that. You can see the seeds of it in actions like this. I'm going to watch a black metal video now that I can only view on Russian website. Luckily for the suffering businesses and artists I am not savvy enough to know how to rip it off a foriegn site...mostly due to not understanding Russian. Once you've seen the technological capacity of the gs system, stuff like this is a joke. Can't the system find out who is super greedy or making significant profit off of pirating as opposed to just an average internet surfer? I'm going to watch my video now, becuz it makes me happy and my life is miserable. And becuz I still can.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012