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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Scientist Claims Schizophrenia Doesnt Exist

I've written about this before and my theory was the same. That its not logical for scientific theories to stem from older ones from the past without evolution or change of the original theories. When one looks at a typical scienctific subject say, the study of dinosaurs due to new findings and different theories in competition with each other, the science of this subject grows. It forces growth. It makes old ideas change.

It always struck me as not that way with psychiatry. That they seemed to have this solid set of rigid ideas that had been around a very long time, without change and in fact all new research WAS TO BACK UP OLD THEORIES. Like from centuries ago.
This is more the nature of the status quo than something scientific. Science is a wonderful world of change, controversy and argument. Growth.
Psychiatry is akin to an age old institution one that stands on the hill above us and is feared like some tyrannical kingdom ruling over us. Its taken the place of religion in spreading ignorance, fear..and coercion and demanding unwavering dedication and acceptance to its doctorines. And unlike modern government its not seperated from the state. Part of its power of intimidation and control over the populous is that the justice system utilizes its theories as if they were proven scientific fact to back their decisions and make judgements effecting people's lives.
If one psychiatrist says you are suffering from a disorder then you feel as if becuz the legal system stands by such an professional as an 'expert' and their opinion flawless that you can't argue with psychiatry becuz you are arguing with the government then.

As Targets know, our government, as well as powerful people with access and influence, is capable of being wrong. Of abuse of power and oppression of its own people sometimes using the good of all as a guise for accomplishing goals for their own ends or that of special interests. We have seen how deceptions are used in social control.
To be targeted by covert actions and then have our psychiatrist be intimidated into also turning on us is very traumatic. I've seen a psychiatrist print outright lies about a patient things that weren't even on record anywhere in their files. Thank gods for whatever covert factions protect TIs being targeted that don't allow for total illegal actions or abuse of power to sustain destroying the person.

The scam of biological psychiatry is being used constantly against the public but also against Targeted Individuals. Specifically to cover up for the various abuses of Targets such as whatever is their motive for their being targeted. Human experimentation, exploitation of some kind or to cover for various black projects.

The medical profession is heavily involved in gang stalking. Their greatest front is that generally they are all wonderful people trying to help humanity.

Anything that's a business especially with insurance companies breathing down your back, should be held a bit more suspect than that, of all the moral failings of the business world.
Probably more scary than corruption in business or corporations is the behavior of medical professionals. It has a certain evil to it a certain element of psychopathy that I have experienced no where else. And its very two faced and hidden. I think business people are more overt about being cut throat. And perhaps mentally and emotionally healthier becuz of that.

The abuse of psychiatric theory used for profit has also been historically part of abuse of power by authorities and political power structures. We are taught that this does not happen in the west, only in Russia's past or East Germany. The west is only more careful about letting the public facade fall.
In order to stop the abuse of power that is part of covert warfare such as 'gang stalking' the psychiatric field must be torn down in part.

Another benefit of psychiatry is to enable an exploitative system such as America can be, to not have to deal with the results of its abuses and failings. People have disorders, a flawed system didn't partially shape this person. It also prevents such a person from growing or healing if indeed they are targeted or they are dysfunctional due to trauma.

This scientist's voice is only one among a scattered minority. The medical industrial complex and big pharma are huge and powerful businesses. Unfortunately the public are caught hook line and sinker as of now in western society.

Part of the ploy I am sure was to push a Just Say No anti drug culture then present the option of getting drugs through psychiatrists as long as one took on a label or was documented as having disorders.

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  1. This is a good post. I remember when you posted youtube videos of Dr. John Breeding talking about these same issues.

    This is the type of thing I try to bring up with people before I talk about what is being done to me. The way the mental health system works in its present form has such an obvious alternative that is much more humane. That alternative is to listen to the human being and be there for them instead of restraining them and forcing medication on them that destroys their brain.

    You do a good thing for people trying to do the right thing. I've tried getting some money to you but I'm guessing your email is compromised?