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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Constant Interface And Behavior Modification TIs/MK Ultra Experimentees Recieve Via Surveillance Camera Systems Etc IS MOST LIKELY AN AI PROGRAM

We all know how this seems to work. We get tracked-exactly how is all feasible but up for debate: drones, tracking phones both activated or not.

HUMINT, the on foot spies we deal with daily using mobile communications.

Satellites which many of us who are Travelers have experienced having problems with via satellite tracking systems truckers have on their rigs from their companies as well as SIRIUS satellite radio very common among professional truck drivers.

Ive always been suspect these are AI programs but the human mind is so easily tricked especially with the added factors of CHEMICAL INFLUENCES as aell as HUMAN FORCES or in person stalkers who harasses us in ongoing daily PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE or PSY OPS in every location across the USA.

Most of the time my mind percieves the 'people behind the cameras' as male in gender and either security or law enforcement. In some locations theres the Truman Show Effect which is when Targets are fooled into thinking a reality show type set up is a daily part of their lives. (There are citize s who go to psychiatrists complaining of a Truman Show delusion WHO DONT KNOW THEY ARE TARGETED which is what is most likely the issue. Psychiatrists have dubbed this 'delusion' Truman Show Syndrome but becuz TIs understand this is a trick perpetrated by a system of psychological warfare and advanced 'mind control' techniques and technologies, I have been calling it Truman Show Effect. Its an effect put on us by the system we in laymen's terms have called the Gang Stalking system for lack of better terms.)

In Truman Show Effect the Target is interfaced with content that consists of the TI percieving an audience observing them as the subject of a reality type show most likely by means of satellite or linked CCTV and other security camera systems which is technologically feasible for both FBI as well as US military at this time.

TIs especially Survivors of high level programming have experienced levels of abuse that we know that if people are wealthy enough they have special access to resources and vices above the law and unfathomed by the American public or any other average citizen of the western world.

So the system most likely manipulates this by creating the illusion the Target is the subject of such a thing.
Common people watching en masse provides PEER PRESSURE and SHAMING on the Target which is simply more psychological warfare and behavior modification.

Speaking from only one TIs experience the characters watching are often famous people. These people interface with the Target.
This is more psych warfare and behavior mod becuz respected figures serve to guide the Target and disapprove or approve of actions and decisions.

Yet when the Target changes locations the content of the illusion changes.
It goes from Truman Show Effect to simply security personell observing. Yet these onlooking spectres also serve to approve or disapprove decisions and even thoughts of the Targeted person.

Today I was looking up city ordinanes in a new location.

Being human I have a sometimes perverse sense of humour.
One of the ordinaces was worded as to be something sexual and I found this funny.
THE SECURITY PERSONELL WHICH IS SUPPOSEDLY BEHIND THE SECURITY CAMS IN THIS FOOD SERVING ESTABLISHMENT did not find this funny. 'They' did not react in any way at all. There was complete dead air. No reaction no interface-nothing.
Unusual for supposedly MALE personell especially when dealing with a FEMALE Target one who still looks fairly good for middle age and has a history of being attractive.

No disapproval. No laughs. No amusement. NOTHING.

It was like a lapse.

Its not human. Its a damn AI program. And its learning from us most likely as well as its been put in place to handle and control Targets and Targeted Survivors or experimentees.

Its all part of reprogramming. MK Ultra's reformatting of the personality.

However in polluted and stressful environments (anyplace ghetto or with alot of gangsta types doing harassment for me anyway or malecentricism to a lesser extent as well as anywhere with heavy electromagnetic pollution or influence)
these illusions causing paranoia can be almost impossible to fight or disbelieve.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

After Phone Call Concerning Liver Condition Deteriorating Harassment Drops Off

I have had bad liver pain since the last month i was in Austin and here in Providence its getting worse like a nightly thing.

I told my companion (whos someone new fro here I dont know I can trust) i was going to hospital becuz its so bad. I also asked about an appointment over phone with clinic in hospital here.

I asked about going to hospital if in extreme pain.

Magically im not being hit so hard with tech or harassed as much.

These self righteous scumbags only care about getting sued or accidentally killing the Target.


Whoever monitors calls is making the perps and whoever does the gang stalking very aware of the current circumstances and the harassment is changing accordingly.

Wtf does it matter? If ever i get a chance Im suing for advancing my liver damage anyway becuz I would have taken rhe cure by now IF I HADNT BEEN KEPT ON RHE ROAD FOR YEARS.

Why 80% of the fuckin USA hates me is beyond me. The system started this with me and Ive always just been defending myself.

They fucked with my family. They started this with my mother when they experimented on her in the 50s AND IM GOING TO FINISH IT.

Whatever the brain dead citizenry believe this is about for a cover story DOESNT MATTER.

They are just being used becuz they believe whatever they are told.

These pricks chased my mother off from the MK Ultra class action lawsuit during the PACHRE in 95.

I wont be detered especially becuz Raytheon and other scum involved have been arrogant enough to continue the experimentation during Bush and early Obama hiding under post 9-11 anti terrorism and wartime.

How arrogant is the public to support the war criminals and actually help destroy the victim witnesses.

Make this about whatever you want. U r all scumbags. U r just pissed becuz estrogen and being female keep me from the fate of being a lone shooter which is your nice easy way of getting rid of inconvenient or unpopular people while validatig your security and nowadays using racism as a diversion.


You started this with me. Go straight to hell and go f#ck yourselves becuz I WILL finish this and get justice for me and my parents...regardless if they are even sane enough at this point to know any better.

My father is gonzo and my mother has bee beaten down so hard she had little choice but to join them.

Im in the right and always have been. Im going to collect what Im owed.

You are wrong. All the mobbing in the world cannot change that fact.
End of story.

Mobbed In McDonalds North Main Street Providence RI

Mobbed in McDonalds 649 N Main Street Providence RI.

It seems like its mafia driven becuz of rhe moving comapny that was involved. Yet MK Ultra is the military and the CIA in all documented accounts.

Private security companies seem to be involved now.

It would be nice to know who puts the mobbing forth and who hires these people.

Like I posted its gotten worse over the last year. I still want to know why.

Its unfortunate but Providence has become so ghetto that many People Of Color are doing harassment here and ghettofied white trash that it makes it impossible to get anything done.

Got a vid. Post at some point.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Can Anybody Give Any Info On The Increase In Stalking And Harassment Activity

I know the new head of clandestine services in the USA might be part of the reason why activity has escalated.

Any other info or explainations?

Used to be GS occured only from small larts of the population and specialized personell as well as hot spot areas or cities.

It was NOT every other person and every minute of the day.

People did NOT do tactics while having conversations with you.

This is the worst case of normalization of torture Ive ever seen.

How are they getting like 99% of the population in on this in every single small town or truck stop.

What is going on. Why is so much harassment coming from the normal average citizen population.

And why are they seemingly motivated by hate or mocking or goofing on the TI situation as opposed to it being political or the Target being someone who is a victim witness or an experimentee from classified black projects?

Anyone know whats happening?

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Im somewhere safe-update thats sensible

Listen the radiation outside across the US is getting very bad mixed with summer sun and heat and other pollutants and electromagnetic pollution.

If u get to be inside or better yet in safe environments then u wont notice it but thats what's happening out here.

And its dishonest to hide by going from home to work etc to different inside environs becuz its just going to hide it from the housed mainstream public a decade or less longer.

Its going to effect them to eventually.

This is not the way to end homeless which is now just about getting rid of anyone who rejects the psychomanaged false environments inside.

Why the radiation seems worse in MA and RI as opposed to TX makes no sense if just judging by Fukushima.

But there were leaks up here that weren't as publicized.

Im so heavily gang stalked with psy ops and managed with interfacing tech durinf the week that most of the posts on this blog are now reactionary and simply attempts to make the harassment stop which is NOT activism. Its normal reactions to being tortured to death.

It seems they want me inside and working which doesn't suit me as my activism requires other arrangements.

Whatever is convenient for them heh?

They kept me on the for years when i wanted to go inside and build a life and now they are torturinf mw to death unless i do the opposite.

Prob becuz ive formed a powerful persona and lifestyle on my own and now THAT has to be destroyed.


I will try to post and video on whats really important not beg for my life on this blog.

Btw Providence RI is totally ghettoified with even Brown students listeninf to the most mindless rap. The unhappy fat women as perps are everywhere and of course the gang wanna bes which is really bad here becuz its RI not NY or Boston.

There's no art street scene or alt or punk houses.

US Govt Outlines Plans To END HOMELESSNESS By Deadlines wtf

Friday, July 24, 2015

Providence RI Has Clear Friday Nights..I Wish Everyday Was Normal Again

Its a nice night a clear night becuz in Providence RI the heavy tech thats used to psycho manage the area as well as cause fear and anger or agitation,confusion in Targeted Individuals ceases on Friday nights.

In Cambridge MA Fridays are no different than other days and Saturday nights are THE WORST nights for whatever the tech is that causes chaos in human population environments.

Sundays are the clearest day available in MA but federal holidays are the only true clear days as well as Xmas time ans other times when people are busy with holiday drawn out obligations.

As ive posted before emergencies requiring First Responder tech like weather or other declared or possible emergency seems to divert the psycho management in MA.

RI has Fridays off and Sat is clearer ad Sunday an unremarkable clear day. The psycho management is very bad Mon-Friday and it seems to be that way now in every city.

Its so so sad.

Fed Employee Park Rangers Possibly Doing GS/The NWO Can Be Reversed Or Altered

Park Rangers in tiny Roger Williams Park in Providence might have been filming me. So I filmed them back.

I went into the Visitors Center where everyone is actually very nice and they said that the park rangers are FEDERAL EMPLOYEES not state or city which explains alot.

Trying to keep funding for the parks service are we? Perhaps gain more funding or that elusive grant that you never seem to get each year yet after harassing the right Target whos a special pain in the ass to the US govt magically that grant money is yours?

I've seen this many times. This is actually one of the most common pay off systems I've experienced over the years.

They were typical arrogant males militarized of course trying to be slick.

Btw a window was broken on that Visitor Center three nights ago and I had to sleep across the street due to rain (but now wont becuz of local vandals).

Firstly it was possibly symbolic becuz the first pane of glass they broke covered the second pane which had Roger William's words on it to the effect that the power of govt belongs to the citizens.

Secondly a female park ranger (fed employee) was with the repair guy and in typical gang stalker perp fashion they were staring over in our direction while discussing how the window was broken "last night" as we were sleeping there. They made sure they got my attention and once they spooked me you could feel the icy self satisfaction they had over it and the intimidation they had made as intimidation.

Fed employees are the worst next to DARPA contractors who are also nasty but much more brutal and get away with more but harass less frequently.

The two rangers may have been being assholes on their own or they could be filming as some sort of allowed security measure for people who are deemed suspicious. I know they did that to me at Logan airport years ago when they told me to leave once and I never went back.

All anti terror has been being used as intimidation against Targeted Individuals for years now. Its just gotten more in your face and common place which is part of their NWO plan: to NORMALIZE TORTURE in daily life in the west.

However, agitating someone so they react THEN filming them is bullshit. Which is why I filmed them and explained what occured.

These people all believe that the authority they hide behind is going to cover their asses with the corruption they are protecting and the actions they take against the American people. Dissidents included.

This is exactly what those Cambridge detectives were doing but they screwed up and were too old skool strong arm about it and I got pics so they set me up so I got arrested before I could report to Internal Affairs and Citizen's Review Board.

Now that I have a recent arrest for something that can perhaps be made out for a hate crime, its possible they now have some sort of carte blanche to treat me as dangerous and thus cover the intimidation.

I know that authorites show up in alot of places I go now so Im assuming Ive been secretly or officially labeled a threat.

Yes Im such a threat in my tye died dress. Just like the moron scumbag detectives in Cambridge that day covered their asses when i showed my pics of them to a retired cop I know or hes tied to police anyway, suddenly they came up with this excuse via a cop right there near me showing the photos to this guy that they thought i might be a cover for a home invasion.

Yes a loud patchwork dress with a huge pack is always the way one wants to dress for a fucking B&E. I dont rob people but if anyone sat down and plotted such a thing out I think we would all start with the burglars we see on tv. Who does a home invasion on Sunday morning?? Even the retired cop slyly agreed these two were the force's "bufoons". To me they just looked like evil raping sick f*cks. And the fat Latino needs a serious lesson about stalking white women. The white guy..hmoh I expect sickness from white males. GO MESS WITH YOUR OWN WOMEN.

Its like Toco says to his captor in The Good The Bad And The Ugly. Once I get you down, you wont get up again.

I live for the day that occurs. Im not a guy with muscles so its going to be other ways.

My exposé will be enough.
Didnt he put him under rail road tracks and the Italian way it was filmed it made gore artful and showed his body being dragged under the train?

Sigh....Toco. Love that character.

He would probably be a terrorist nowadays and so would Clint Eastwood.

Angel Eyes would have gotten rich and been deemed a hero and received funding and promotions becuz America is so evil now and inverse.

Im officially sick of MALE INTIMIDATION.

I also realize these geniuses are trying to get me to engagw them in legal battle.

Why? Why is that so important?

Recall the Pentagon had a consultant that claimed "Disconnection Is Danger".

This is their way of engaging me so I become part of the system.

It wasnt enough when this first started that I respected authorities from afar, had never really had to deal with them and didnt really understand the machinationa of their world but left them alone.

These campaigns to make people hate cops and authorities as well as trap people by forcing one to engage with them is just another soul stealing ritual and Im not going to give into it.

I think with how Masonic this Ritual Abuse is in the big picture the one thing that really TERRORIZES these people are strong smart natural female elders of the human tribe who begin to understand that as our place into our 40s after a transition from captive western female in our 30s.

The Masons are nothing more than a gang of scared little boys and weak females trying to avoid the natural order of a matriarchial society and will do anything to avoid going back there again.

The falsified industrialized world we suffer and exist not live in must be preserved.

Thats my only crime. Im a woman, Im awake and I am not one of their baby toys who supports their crap.

Any culture not controlled by drugs video games tech or any other form of mind control must be destroyed by them.

The NWO was supposed to be an evolution of man not a rearranging of unevolved mankind to suit the elite's agenda.

This can be undone but we need to work hard and sacrifice much.

Even if we only carve out a niche away from the NWO it would be enough.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A.C.O.R.N. Has Been Crushed 2010/Why Activist TIs Must Keep Going

Well at least there's some justice thats been served from activists work over these years.

Its no wonder they have to work hard to make people like me who are heroes, work tirelessly and expose corruption oyt to be bad guys.

Not just cover organizations like ACORN but the WIKI Leaks and other exposures have the power structure and their accomplices in the lower classes and elsewhere scared. Thats what other serious, for real activists are telling me.

I have been poor and in a typically greedy corrupt area of the country to know that govt money is used to cover for organized crime activity. Ita fused to reach an acceptable quality of life.

However all this does is perpetuate whats wrong with the system to begin with.

Instead of adapting in this way to poor conditions there should be demands to change them.

Uh why are there ghettos in the 21st century in the USA? Drones and Boston Dynamics creating a androids supposedly just for war zones, and driverless cars from DARPA and AI.

All these advancements and there are still places like the neighborhoods in Maryland I saw just this year that actually resemble third world countries.

Right outside the Pentagon and the nation's capitol huh? That's interesting.

There was a song titled 'Whitey's On The Moon' by an African American artist after the moon landing in the 60s. The singer listed off all the daily problems of his ghetto life existence and then ended each line with "..but whitey's on the moon" (but those in power can send rockets into space instead of fix practical problems).

This is the sort of attitude that exemplified part of the Panther type movements at that time.

Fix practical problems of poverty and deal with slavery from its inception instead of continuing with a slave identity.

And that kind of activism is what COINTELPRO destroyed. Activists like me and other true threats to American and western status quo became targeted in much the same way TIs are today. In a program that was so severe and psychologically brutal even akin to black magick in part that the public would never believe its victims. Even its victims were supposed to not be able to believe or accept the situation existed for them..for life.

Still the stories of these activists is only known to those who are truly versed in the real civil rights struggle that occured. These activists are written off as radicals so ignored as trouble makers by most citizens or probably as hopeless idealistic dreamers by their own people who have shown that being re enslaved in a role akin to plantation house slaves is preferable to being targeted by COINTELPRO.

Most people dont know what COINTELPRO is but they are familiar with The Black Panther Party which is why it was very important to reinvent the party using govt agents or dupes as they exist today.

Malcolm X is dead. Farrakhan lives on as an agitator who can say what he pleases no matter how offensive it is.

These are people who provide a way to blow off steam so that no actual threat to the power structure actually exists.

I dont hate blacks. I loathe house niggas and if people working for the MAN want to come at me and act the fool I will treat them as they are acting.

Racism is an outdated concept. Its far more complex now and the powers and their house slaves don't want people to understand that.

They say race doesn't exist and its a social construct. Yes by those in power. The way its set up now it creates a racial cold war among people. Anything the system DICTATES to people or forces on society that is conformist and not following nature is oppressive.

Not murdering or raping is sensible. Beating people down so that free association does not occur should raise red flags.

The people of color who fight against me are either dedicated house slaves, misinformed or cult mind controlled or brain washed by something like PC culture in its most severe form or a gang which btw many of us believe that modern black street gangs were designed OFF OF THE JIM JONES PEOPLE'S TEMPLE EXPERIMENT.

Just as many people from all walls of life exist to perform gang stalking and harassment for those in power so activists who exist as radical nowadays are from all walks of life.

This is why Targets must be judged on the surface by the fake old system of racism etc. Becuz its to hide the real shadow system in place that exists just as the New BPP hides what happened with COINTELPRO from the public.

Bush did something for us thats invaluable. He began a time of people being forced to show their true colors as human beings. Its a time of separating the wheat from the chaff. And I assume those who engage in organized harassment believe they are more valuable due to the mob mentality.

Targets know differently. We know those willing to fight for freedom and truth and actual justice not some skewed vague brainwash speak term of 'social justice' dictated by manipulators in power, are of worth not those supporting oppression. Just becuz oppression can function in a practical way to provide security and pay offs does not make it what is right or the best outcome for humanity.

The black community regularly takes part in sexual slavery and pandering to make money. This is ironic considering their past but when you arent taught any different you have little options.

What ACORN revealed was a tendency to enslave and benefit from slavery just as had been done to these now mixed peoples of sub Saharan/West African origin for four centuries.
And THAT is what was so embarassing to them about the ACORN scandal not the criminality as much.

Every demographic gets exposed for corruption or mistakes etc.

Poor whites arent racist. We are resentful with being burdened by THE UPPER CLASS WHITES with dealing with the growing pains and processes of Afrixan America becuz we didnt benefit as they did from their enslavement yet we now suffer most from abuse oppressioj even genocide due to their being guided to grow in society.
White folk have had to deal with constant oppression from upper class whites never ending here and in our 'old countries'. We are sick of their games and America is supposed to be different.

We see clearly what they are doing to People Of Color and what they are using them for. And we have lived through the price of being their oxen and we as a people who evolved side by side with them know the price of what they are offering these populations and we know its a devil's bargain. We have enough experience with power to understand its not worth it.

The original activists of People Of Colors many cultures understood this too but through decades of engineering and work by the system theyve all been silenced or crushed.

Those seeking true freedom nowadays are considered foolish for doing so.

If the NWO is such a great idea then why must they lie about chemtrails and domestic psy ops and military grade technologies now being used domesically to hurt or neutralize or control the public?

Whats happened shows that Targeted Individuals activism does have impact. Its the hardest and most thankless job in this world right now and you will never be acknowledged as officially employed or even engaged in warfare to begin with.

There are those that see and know. There are others and they may want to jut see a Homeless person or label you mentally ill but YOU the freedom fighters must know that we do much more than is understood.

The general public seem to be either brain washed or misinformed or just tethered to their devils who provide security and what they percieve as a good quality of life.

Why they fight on this side I will never understand but it doesnt matter anyway.

Now we are being swamped by misguided common people everywhere and this is to drown us out and to try to force us to be like them or believe as they do.

Why the US has lost its mind is of no concern to us. Just keep on the path and know that people who are pretending to be good but are really bad are going to get exposed by our work eventually.

If not now like ACORN then for future generations.

Is There Anyone Genuine And Real Left In The USA Who I Would Meet Randomly? Sick Of Attempts From Handlers



Im not stupid cut the shit.

They try so hard to pull what they once used to do to slaves down south that were newly freed.

'Oh dont go up north (where there's freedom tolerance and opportunity). The winters will kill you, you will freeze to death".

Gimme a break.

DD Strikes Again

Any big corporate chain store nowadays is so not safe for TIs.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Barrett Brown Faces 105 Years for Reporting on Hacked Private Intelligence Firms (2013)

"We speak to Peter Ludlow, professor of philosophy at Northwestern University, whose article "The Strange Case of Barrett Brown" recently appeared in The Nation. "Considering that the person who carried out the actual Stratfor hack had several priors and is facing a maximum of 10 years, the inescapable conclusion is that the problem is not with the hack itself but with Brown’s journalism," Ludlow argues."

Leading Psychologists Secretly Aided Torture Programs -Harvard Connected Psychologist Defends Work With Pentagon

Ha. You should see what they were doing in public spaces around Harvard itself...and everywhere else.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

New Head Of CIA Clandestine Service (HUMINT) Is Former Marine And Cannot Even Be Identified/ CIA Head Brennan Is Restructuring Agency

On top of many other changes in leadership in cities and even the Vatican I do believe Ive found the main problem.

The last head of clandestine resigned becuz he wouldnt go ahead along with Brennan's plans for restructuring the agency. Probably with good reason.

So theyve found themselves a dedicated service dog (my Marine grandfather used to say they were "dirty dirty dogs" and nothing else.) to work us as hard as Marines destroy their targets.

Its also mentioned that a female was passed over for this position.

Well at least the guy who resigned could actually be identified.

And they think the drone program is a success.

This is just Obama and his cronies having a tantrum becuz the public held them and him accountable for the drone strike screw ups.

Get this psycho f*ck and his sick evil extremist cronies out of public office.

Bush was one thing but this kind of oppression is like living in the dark ages.

When are people going to realize that letting people into power positions that have a personal vendetta with a race or an entire country or culture is NOT a good idea?

This is completely insane. Its no wonder Ive been feeling like Im living in East Germany during the worst of it.

This isnt American style in any way. This is something a different kind of country would pull.

The guy cant be identified??? Well how the fuck do we pay him? Cash to some musterious drop off location by some mide man in dark glasses in Costa Rica lr some shit???

This is absolutely the end. The American public are completely out to lunch at this point.

Guards All Over MA Are playing The Game That Im Dangerous-MA Is Getting Me To Leave

Got vid of guard at door when i was sittig in lobby and deciding its ok to relax and check his phone sittig down.

Hes Latino also maybe just Latino cant tell.

This isnt the first time guards have acted weird around me in MA. Its a trend actually and its total bs based off of some frame up and i dont care what its based off of becuz its all a sst up to mess with me due to my being a whistle blower.

They r also pissed becuz I went down to Austin TX where I did my probation comm serv hours at an art studio for disabled people where there are mixed kinds of people and i was wonderful with the clients as well as made friends with staff.

Why? Becuz it started off with the black lady working there doing tactics and the owner then after people saw i was a decent person it was only the black lady and even she couldn't stand herself and mostly cut the sh*t becuz i worked so hard at that place cleaning etc. Just my work ethic thats all.

And thats why society hates me also. Im old fashoined and believe in doing something properly and completely more like a craftsman than a worker or wage slave.

It was easy in MA to set me up as a horrible person and a racist and crazy but there are decent people left in TX as well as the minorities there are not totally greedy selfish jerks without morals like here willing to do anythig the elite or authorities tell them.

Even the Mexicans there with their heavy gs activity arent as bad as minorities in the northeast. Many of the Latino people here become friendly also. Becuz they remrevolutionrevolutions in Mexico and a quote attributed to Zappata (i forget original author) saying its better to die on your feet then live on your knees or something similar.

This is also why i needed to get out of MA. Theres probably a hate crime databade here or its an offense and im screwed now due to the content of what i wrote on the McDonalds.

Im going to sue that place. Becuz no one has taken into account THAT I STATED THAT I WAS THE ONE BEING DISCRIMIATED AGAINST and Im sick of it.

MA has become oppressive and completely arrogant. What people dont understand is that MA always had the nature of being crushingly oppressive with authorites but people didnt see it. If u crossed the wrong people you got to see it and that heavy handedness from the Puritans as well as organized crime has been carried over into an era that favors completely the corporations, foreign money and the police state withkut the old freedoms of the common people or the rights and privileges system that once existed.

They still wanna be crooked but crack down on common people and suck dry the public with Homeland and anti terror backing them.

Uh this totalitarian set up does NOT work for me.

Back when there was a more relaxed atritude and the Catholic and Irish permissiveness it balanced out but now they want to be like TX or Montana or conservative Cali and still operate like corrupt Yankees.

And anyone who knows what they are up to is going to get crushed.

Fine. Im gone.

Why didn't leave MA on paper years ago?

Becuz I am now convinced they kept me targeted so I couldn't but also was working off my love and connection for this place as a hometown.

They fostered that to keep me here. Now thst my allies are gone and Ive bee discredited in a way that suits them Im being given the ultimatum to leave or be hunted until Im destroyed.

Weirdness At Social Security Office Per Usual

Being messed with RIGHT NOW in social security office Cambridge MA.

Some people sitting in office started to make fun of me when i went in to sit fown so i sat in the lobby instead.

To solve this the African American guard finally came out and is guarding the door holding it open with his hand on his gun then he started to do tactical gesturing then began stalking me inside the lobby.

All i did was sit there and slouch waiting for my number to be called.

He did start standing at the door actually when some perps started going ny and doing gesturing and i rolled my eyes that was all.

After that he started standing at the door.

I had a feeling that they were going to really try to mess with me at this offixe today.

I got the impression someone doesn't want me to complete my tasks today. That the system in MA is desperate to keep me here probably becuz they get money from it and alot of favors but also they wish to further discredit me and if I'm not here they cant.

Alot of gang stalkers are stalkers of spouses and significant others or family members outside of organized harassment.

The perps might be worried for monetary reasons or pride in getting their Target but its their obsessive nature that makes it so hard for them to lose control of a Target.

Hey for all I know I may have pissed someone off and this guy is protecting my life or someone gave them a heads up here about someone coming to blow me away in the lobby and run out how the hell do i know? At this point so many people are pissed im not dead or institutionalized and ive been targeted so hard Ive lost control and posted things, said things or done things that piss people off that ANYONE could be T
trying to outright kill me.

But thats the point of the blog: to show what goes on candidly in the life of a very heavily targeted Survivor of a classified mind control project perpetrated by powers of govt and other factions of The Complex that are large powerful and have unbelievable access and resources.

Some black guy that worked at one of the totally infiltrated women's day droo ins alluded to activism of myself or some other whistleblower and said "you can't just say whatever you want".

Actually *sshole with freedom of speech you can within legal bounds like slander or something like that.

Gang stalking is very much not just about psychological terror and keeping stress levels high in targeted people but its about censoring TIs who put out info to the public.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Obama's Extreme Anti Terror Tactics Recieve Backlash From Liberals-Its All NWO Deception

"If Bush had done the same things as Obama, then more people would have been upset about it. He is a Democrat though, and to an extent can get away with it," said Daniel Ellsberg, who as a government official leaked the Pentagon Papers in 1971 and helped to expose the truth about the Vietnam war. Ellsberg is now one of the plaintiffs in the case against the NDAA and insists that the administration has used the law to give itself widespread and unconstitutional new powers: "We have been losing our guaranteed freedoms one by one."

Also in every city in the country its becoming anti Traveler and anti Homeless and harder to gept around the country in alternative ways.

Obama is African and American. Obama is 'black'. That is one of the reasons hes ae to pull this off without the public paying much attention to what hid administration is doing.

The theory is that all the racial concern and upheaval and chaos lately is to be used as diversion.

He's also from Harvard and Chicago. All this Liberal Left and playing the race card is simply diversions from his basically working for the same agenda as Bush. It just forces or manipulates people into not questioning him.

His admin is marked by deception that is much more infuriating than Bush's arrogance ever could have been.

Either terrorism is increasing becuz its a set up by our own people or being funded by our side as the theories about ISIS or this administration is just pissing people off to an extent that people feel like they not only have no other way out i also think people around the world feel like they dont have as many allies against American power as they did during Bush.

The American public are unbelievably neutralized when it comes to Obama's actions.

They are simply so brainwashed and traumatized at this point that they refuse to equate a limp wristed Liberal black male from civil rights,Chicago and Harvard with US war crimes or oppression, abuse and enslavement the way that a white male in power is percieved as being capable of such brutality.

Trust me that there are very sick and evil people in Obamas administration.

The movement towards a perfect world order is comparable to Nazism.

The people behind these manipulations do not care about People Of Color or world peace. They care only to enslave humanity.

Everything else they put forth is a lie. Deception. And everything that is being done is to cover for the NWO taking over the entire planet as it creeps into every corner whatever kind of humanity exists there.

Germany Criticizes Obama Administration For Utilizing "Stasi Style Methods"- So Why Is There Gang Stalking In Germany?

Ok so why is there any sort of gang stalking in Germany?
(Blogging TI alleges following organized harassment in Germany):

German chancellor Angela Merkel:

Everyone is outsourcing nowadays. In America its African Americans, Latinos and Third World foriegners to a lesser extent in northeast areas Cali for instance.

Other parts of country seem to still use Caucasians predominantly of that's who mostly lives there and its dependent on the region then city or town state by state.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Any Chance That Tech Or Subliminals Of Influence Embedded In Eye Glasses? Anyone Know?

Does anyone know if eyeglass made to prescription can contain some sort of chips or tech even embedded in the glass itself?

Anyine familiar with any sort of tech like that is it possible?

A few years ago my friend's dad we visited had these decades old sunglasses like Foster Grants or Ray Ban some nice ones from the early 80s. I NOTICED DISTINCTLY THAT I GOT RELIEF FROM BEING TARGETED OR REMOTE INFLUENCE WHEN I HAD THESE GLASSES ON.

I could never figure out how to analyze them how to go about it.

Is it just an issue of radiation and UV and other rays in the environment? The only thing that seems simple is protectuon from harmful sources of radiation.

It wud go along with the theory I have that it seems like they are getting rid of alot.of old buildings and materials even in the ground becuz the solid well crafted old structure blocks radiation and electromag pollution better.

Another part of depopulation.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Mobbing Restrooms Now Part Of Desperate Mercenary Perp Tactical Repertoire

Thier big thing in  Cambridge now is to show up at a bathroom Im using and form a big line very quickly then when i come out do tactical gesturing to make sure i know its a set up (this is not just targeting me personally as a TI but this is Harvard Sq ANTI HOMELESS psy ops which has been used on this on this area for a few years now to break down the former long time homeless street scene and make a very tolerant Liberal place close to Zero Tolerance. And to help the YUPPIE CANCER disease take over the area turning it into the shopping mall it has now become.)

The New Pope

I don't think i have ever bothered with any other religious leader in all my activism except to post a link to something related to the NWO or GS thats important for TIs to take into account.

However ever since these new mayors governors and police chiefs etc my campaign has changed for the worse even worse than during Bush becuz the general pubic weren't involved and there was a subculture and one could still travel freely on the road in America.

The new Pope can s*ck my invisible d*ck.
I dont trust this f*ckin guy and we all know that NO ONE gets into any position of power nowadays without working towards the NWO.

Hating corruption is great...but what about US war crimes?

Its interesting he supports genocide of the Italian and other European cultures via mass immigration.

I will tell u something i dont trust South America at this point either. Theres so many gangs of them in on Gang Stalking ops its ridiculous.

He also blasts Capitalism. lets deconstruct the Vatican's investments and assets portfolio(s) and all its business interests for centuries.

Hoe about transparency? Wouldn't that be nice.
Oh and all those banned and hidden occult and archeological and religious and other interesting items held under the Vatican so that the public doesnt know what the world is really about.

I miss John Paul. Everybody does. But its an era where everyone in power hS to be manipulative and working psych warfare in unison with the other forces shaping the NWO.

Many Catholics have told me they changed the mass or something like that and its now Masonic in nature and they are refusing it.

The church is responsible for death and destruction of multiple pagan socieites in Europe over a thousand years ago. This first 'world order' has gotten Europeans weakened and primed for this recent one world govt.

They did it once to us why wouldn't they do it again?

The Big Three monotheistic Abrahamic religions are cancers on this planet destroying naturally evolving belief systems connecting people to each other their land and their cultural identity.

South America has amazing evolved natice cultures. Now look at how messed up and impoverished the place is.

Its not about brown skinned people. Its about native peoples.

This childish racist fodder must stop if u want to fight this. Theres a huge percentage of brown skinned people helping these assholes cause chaos and take

The world isnt divided up in the simpleton ways they make it out to be.

Judaism is rhe only one of the three INVADING, FOREIGN  Middle Eastern religious systems that has any ties to the ethnic evolution of its people. And they have mixed so much with non Middle Eastern DNA it might as well be close to a bunch of blonde people following some Middle Eastern-Italian guy named Jesus when none of that culturally or ethnically has anything to do with them or their history.

These religions take people out of their true homelands under their feet and psychologically and spiritually build false environments to trap them.

Besides I saw an interview during Bush's admin post 9-11 where the guy representing the Catholic Church looked more Satanic than anyone ever from any overt Satanic organization and reeked of man-boy love in a way thst was creepy violent and frightening.
Moreso what angered me was the way he pushed Bush around. Like a b*tch.
Bush makes alot of us mad due to his presidency but its obvious he was a puppet and probably blackmailed and theres theories his life was threatened.

He was raised for that purpose anyway. It was just disgusting for a US president to look more like a desperate Hollywood starlet sitting in front of an arrogant powerful producer than our Commander In Chief.

I like gay people. I believe in gay marriage. But Im also a woman and havw had to deal with my fair share of woman-hating-gays. From bears to trannys.
This guy was a faggot. The kind that runs organized crime and thinks no one will see him for what he is as he parades (badly) under respectability in front of the public.

This was the kind of traumatic mind f*cking that has created the trauma based mind control that now rules the United States. That interview along with the other ridiculously vile and violent things we saw have shocked our minds into submission. Notice how they wont show u anyone as sketchy as that now instead they have this kind Marxist pope preaching changes that seem good. Gee where'd the other type of guy working for the Vatican go?

The last pope was evil looking as part of psych warfare most likely. Shocking and terrorising people is what its all about now.

How can u excommunicate the Mafia?  Is he excommunicating all the wealth they've brought to Italy?


Saturday, July 11, 2015

D*ckhead Yankees At CPL With Really Lame Poker Faces Act Coy During BS Computer Shutdown Right When I Enter Library

I have never seen a worse bunch of acting from the local Yankee jerks from Cambridge as I have today during what has all the indications of a bullshit computer breakdown in computer lab just as I arrive to utilize lab.

One guy who kinda looked like a cop in a blue shirt was doing gesturing and I handed it right back to him. I saw in the window glass reflection that he did wat most cops and security people have done to me for years-laugh and smile at me behind my back. (This not only intimidates the public but it bonds them to the GS mob.
He could be a criminal working for the gs system-its always hard to tell with that.

Oh btw as far as laughing at me behind my back lets not forget that it is YOU who are spoiled rotten sexist scum who bond together with shits just like u against one single person with little to no resources.
Are u laughing becuz u have the delusion of being in control or becuz u are so insecure about not winning and having to live with that?

I DID say that I had seen this tactic FOR YEARS right? Like over a decade. And im still going towards my goal like Terminator.

Keep smilin pricks.

The mysterious computer outage that the librarian claims is a rare occurancw she never sees is supposed to be resolvrd in 30min.

The worst asshole was the old guy in the Paul Revere hat who screams either pedo or at least old perv and thinks this is all so amusing with his cannibalistic smile so typical of Yankees in this area.

The computer system outage may be truly random (Saturday no IT guy on, thus no big loss to city business) but the perps present were very real.

Possible GS Scene Created At Darwin's Ltd-Harvard Market, Cambridge St, Cambridge MA

Some YUPpie half black *sshole who REEKED OF US MILITARY  came by with his annoying barking small dog when i had bought food from this market outside Harvard Sq Cambridge MA. He was a jerk when i was friendly at first about his dog (red flag) and then the dog kept barking all the time he was in the store then when a woman tried to pet tje dog it got more aggressive.

So he came out and sat there on the bench and had to keep calming the dog. He played with his phone all while other suspect people were around like a group of young Latinos walking into the store (talking something about "crazy"-another red flag becuz whenever Ive been near Mexico they always describe me as "Loco" or "crazy". This is a theme used with Latinos with me for some reason).

A guy leanig against the building. Then it was just me with the guy with the dog. I think psychologically the other chaos is supposed to have me focus on the guy with rhe dog more. These people who design these things are psych experts and know how minds work and bodies react probably based on the Target's  gender upbringing genetics geographic location and even weather at the time of the psy op. Anything that gives them the advantage to win and have control ovwr the TI and their environment.

So thetr was this horrible interface while the guy was there and the noise and awkwardness of course ruined my enjoyable sinmple can of spaghetti and meatballs with juice-as I assume it was supposed to.

The shit stayed JUST UNTIL I FINISHED then got up to leave. Really? So a guy living in this area with an SUV and a small YUPpie dog wants to sit in the heat on a bench outside a convenience store to mess with his phone (just until I finish eating) instead of THE AC IN HIS TRUCK OR APARTMENT OR WORK etc or even inside the restaurant he was just in?

U cud tell he felt like an uncomfortable douche the entire time and I think even people in the neighborhood were disgusted.
YEP. Your tax dollars at work!

When he drove away be had that typical stupid look semi black males have who are military or working in something like this.
Like hes tough and accompished something. For the system and in some deeper way in defense of his people.

This is whats so dangerous about the NWO. The people fighting against us are working for the very powers that enslaved them and thwy act like WE are somehow responsibile.
They are definitely taking it out on us and thats what the power structure wants. Its house slaves to beat down thwir enemies and any dissent using scapegoating do they dont have to have consequences for their past actions.

Recall the woman who told me that TIs are taking on the KARMA OF THE UNITED STATES. This is ALL Masonic ritual abuse in the end.

Which is why leaving the US and changing citizenship might be the only revenge. At least take it away from the USA and clowns like this guy.

There is a chance that he was just a jerk and it was all a coincidence. There is that percentage of chance with this one..but it felt like a scene was created on purpose.

The perps always create false environments of bad energy chaos misery and anything that slowly destroys the TIs body and mind health.

People Are So Selfish And Privileged Towards Targets-Becuz Only Radicals Can Cause True Change And They ARE AFRAID

I cannot believe how selfish and disgusting America is. They act all nice and decent but 80% of the population seem to know who I am and be in on rejecting out of society and HELPING TO KEEP ME DOWN.

Its mind blowing to me that none of these people have any conscience. That they have no problem helping the power structure KEEP SLAVES and DENY AN AMERICAN CITIZEN THEIR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS.

It makes me sick as they stand there in a Dunkin Donuts and chat as if nothing is wrong in America. They act totally normal then they will inevitably treat me like a runaway slave thats being controlled and fooled and manipulated every second which THEY are then part of by doing tactics while they talk to me which is nothing but handling.


Yet they will kiss ass when it comes to African American issues due to they being former slaves.

And i understand why they are encouraging African Americans to join society right now.

Firstly becuz the African Americans they are putting on pedestals are COINTELPRO blacks or a black community shaped by that program.

Secondly they are using these house slave blacks as well as the downtrodden who DONT know whats going on TO KEEP DOWN ANY OTHER RACES/Ethnicities or cultures THAT MIGHT BE A PROBLEM TO THE NWO OR AMERICAN IMPERIALIST INTERESTS DONESTICALLY OR ABROAD.

Blacks do alot of the security work in the US and its natural for those in power to have the house slaves who guard their property and provide protection guard against and even herd the rest of the population.

Blacks willl defend the govt interest at any cost not only becuz they mostly make their way off of govt jobs but becuz this is the only identity as a people they have ever known.

And the powers have made sure that blacks did not escape American slavery which the original Panthers (not the new fake ass govt agent ones now) were trying to accomplish.

Get rid of the ghettos and address slavery from its inception thus FREEING THE PEOPLE for real-and for good. Finally.

Why are there still ghettos? 'Diversity' doesnt address this it only asks that we accept it.  The new culture out there glorifies bad conditions and markets that culture of oppression to demographics existing outside African American areas.
All in order to CONTINUE ENSLAVEMENT not just of African American peoples but of any kind of group that might be a problem to the power structure re creating a medieval fuedal system in modern times which is their goal.

If the Black Panthers were targeted, brutally in the same way TIs are today then why would a Black Panther party still exist?

Thus the Black Panther party exists only after any true radical elements have been removed.

Though people hate such forces and those of us who push them through by expressing them and by our very nature's, these are actually the only true forces that get things done and cause real change.

I loathe African Americans nowadays due to their being mostly house slaves to the NWO and the power structure or they are hapless victims who are kept and oppressed by these forces and are easily manipulated or neutralized by the powerful and their own people in house slaves positions.

The issues of race in the USA have been and especially now are nothing more than the face of the intelligence community and other deceptive sneaky manipulative engines of social engineering for the agenda of the people in power.

Unbelievable as it seems Ive come to the conclusion that when Africans in the west and elsewhere are truly free and Natives acknowledged for their presence in much of the DNA we carry and their genocide finally accepted-only then can anyone else be.

Thats not to say that issues of genetics dont have to be dealt with or the realistic issues of people who never left subSaharan Africa  for millenia trying to assimilate  to a world created by and populated with long civilized people.

In fact these issies no one wants to look and are considered racist to even consider are at the core of how people of African descent are manipulated and kept enslaved.  Which is of course  why the powers created such rules in Diversity and PC to begin with.

The point is to get all of us to forget who and where we come from and stop us from learning and knowing about who we really are.

To create a silent race war where we are divided and conquered and still shoved together by force of social engineering.

This is to break every single one of us so we may serve as slaves to the NWO in their false version of peace.


Becuz its all double think and manipulation. Dont ever doubt that the peace you are being offered in the horrid soulless and oppressive NWO is anything but constant ongoing silent warfare-on your mind, your soul and your ancestors.

Things about us through our DNA that made society great and had us survive brutal conditions for millenia in various kinds of hostile environments are now being either destroyed or we are being told to bury or destroy these qualities.

How can freedom be if we are asked to have untrue perceptions of ourselves and for the worst?

The NWO is guided very much by technomancers. People in science, math and technology. If you watch George HW Bush's NWO speech you can get a glimpse of the madness of the people in power he represents.

Making humans into robots that fit your specifications via trauma  and mind control via tech, chemical influence and brutal psychological conditioning is NOT freedom.

Its not even a proper or realistic relfection of life on earth in these mammalian bodies.

Uh while PC is sooo damn important and at this point punishable by death literally ig not adhered to, the destruction of the environment in which we need to exist in these bodies is not being addressed or dealt with realistically as it should.

Well how else can the technomancers eventually play gods and make us all cyborgs or live in synthetic bodies to exist in the coming uninhabitable environment?

The public only know that someone is threatening their little breads and circuses. They dont care about people's true freedom, actual justice (not the bs manipulation concept of 'social justice') or spiritual health. Life Liberty and the Pursuit Of Happiness has become dictated to Americans by forces that tell them what those things should mean for them.
Of course in the end it only suits their own needs.

Thats not freedom. Nor is it living.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Gang Stalking Continues Heavily: Perp Types Used And New Tactics

Today's  first post was just ridiculous so i erased it.

The perps latest thing along with the two gestures is to shake their heads as if im not doing something im supposed to...or doing im not supposed to.

Is it becuz i am not getting  a lawyer? Is it becuz i wont give up or becuz I am doing and being what wud be the logical conclusion for how many years ive been living this way and working on this kind of activism?

Perp types lately: fat women, blacks and males they know I wwud be attracted to and take notice of.

Linked In: A Possible Resource To Identify Potential Gang Stalkers Also To Familiarize With Local Authorities

I was in absolute awe of the interconnectedness between law enforcement and small businesses. Also,  it lists law enforcement personnel's former military service.

Curiously many of the officers list "community policing" which may be an indicator of gang stalking.  Its now necessary with how ridiculous the harassment has become lately to see if any faces look familiar. It would also make sense that such people would possess the self righteousness that many perps have which is always hard to understand considering many of us TIs are Survivors of horrible war crimes and unethical human experimentation or Ritual Abuse.

Im shocked at how many females there are and at how they look so dressed up in their photos instead of wearing professional clothing. I was thinking that they were fakes and it was perhaps working girls advertising themselves in  a way that they wouldn't be kicked off the site. (Not from this link but if u keep clicking on similar vocations on lists to right..other cities etc)

I hate to say this but this is exactly why women shouldn't be in military or law enforcement jobs. As a woman I know damn well that women aren't going to be as impartial or logical a men. We are territorial and often dedicated to a place or ideal mindlessly. Many females are going to simply run off of jealousy or that female sense of wanting to crush dissidence to achieve peace in a family or community (think mom in your teen years.)

Society is not yet evolved enough yet for women to be in such authority. Just look at the way they portray themselves as objectified instead of just people or professionals. I don't see them males posing that way-with good reason. (If indeed those listings are real and not fakes as I suspected.)

These women still run off traditional forms of female power and being in a traditionally male authority position is just added power.

What shocks me is the listings reflect this little world they have all to themselves in law enforcement and criminal justice or court related employment.

I can imagine civilians are looked at differently than they and TIs are probably completely invalidated in their culture.

These listings should be used to find out who you are dealing with in your local area with legit authorities and then perhaps take a look and see if any of the other ones look like GS familiars. I doubt if the guy in the pic of your local police chief is going to be out and about harassing TIs but perhaps an officer or someone in one of the related positions.

If you travel or move it may be useful to see if any perps there are  in the listings.

Dont abuse this listing becuz recall all the times when my being targeted has ceased upon the arrival of legit police cars and or officers in uniform.

Im sure the officers making bad decisions or getting shot as part of the racial profiling retaliationsin are also victims of this chaos making system so TIs have to be discerning and remember that the GS system is a different layout than normal life. Its like an invisible overlay over society's normal accepted layout. Different people and businesses etc connected in ways that people wouldn't think of.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Harassmemt On Commuter Rail Bad As Usual But Heavier And With Nastier Perps On Route From RI to Boston As Opposed To Boston To Providence RI (why?)

This is a perp on the MBTA commuter rail who was doing intimidation. I always get harassed out of RI heavily by true scumbags as well as the Amtrak jerks I posted about in last post.

A young adult age female was in on it too, blue eyes dark hair-taking his seat in order to charge her phone but she was just a perp also but she had something about her that wasnt quite as fucked up or tied to the system like the train employees in on it and the violent psycho who is in the photo posted here.

I actually gave her a little directed conversation telling her how it really works and that  theres hope for her becuz i sense shes not as screwe up as the train employees (who are notoriously the biggest assholes in gang stalking whether they work for Amtrak or the MBTA. They have this arrogance based on the power of the train system in America and Carnegie all those robber barons. Ive heard them say things that sounded like the had total hard ons for the power laid down on those tracks.

This is actually what makes the perps so dangerous. They are total worshipping cult controlled psychos who are very into the POWER of the US military or THE POWER of the tech or tools of war and the contractors or THE POWER of the banks and banking or the POWER of any part of industry in this country.
Like worldly power groupies. Ive met them as perps and Ive met the military and police groupies and wanna bes and theres also the Cause Stalkers who are the same profile-they function off the POWER of this Abrahamic god but it seems that psy ops tech is used to make them believe that 'god' is talking to them or their leaders. Again dangerous people.

If this is the definition of an American citizen then I guess my planning to leave the country is the best idea.)

Whats most unbelievable is the arrogance of some perps.  The violent types like the kid here is expected becuz thats his nature. Which is why theyve utilized him in the first place.

But the Amtrak police it depends on the area.

RI is odd it seems to soley depend on the exact location and whats around.

I think i get harassed coming out of RI as a sort of attempted conditioning to keep me in MA exclusively. Becuz its become such a damn prison.
Cambridge is horrible and i dnt know about Boston.

This is an older woman with a male. He was doing harassment tactics. They had fold up bikes and backpacks.

Amtrak Providence RI Always Sends Police To Do Intimidation (Go f*ck yourselves btw)

Got footage this time this station is always one of THE BIGGEST drama queen pains in the asses for this kind of harassment. They probably wanted to make this blog they are so pathetic and will prob get kudos and promotions (thats the way gs works).

I guess RI is so small they have to validate their security budget somehow so being overbearing assholes and over dramatic is a way to do thst.

The male officer gave me the meanest look of intimidation when he finally walked away from the position shown in vid.
i take this as a threat.  (This is the kind of crap causing mutiple freak outs around the country like lone shootings and police getting hurt. )

Amtrak has always been bad for intimodation as if they have no cares about getting caught.

Im here to ride the MBTA not Amtrak.

They both disappeared once the commuter rail came into its track downstairs and i got up to leave.

This station has done this before and years ago the manpower that showed up upon my arrival was enough to greet an actual terrorist threat. Whats the deal?

I think this is the home of my ex stepfather who married into the Italians who own Aetna Bridge Co and its where my mother used to live and work at G Tech and where she tried to keep the house her and my stepdad had but she was harassed with noise campaigns and the typical horrible neighbors in the condo tactic and of course the police wouldn't listen.
She had to give up the only home she had ever owned...and be humiliated into moving back with my grandmother (of course-the bio family of the Targeted Survivor is always the most desirable foem of control over the victim. It also fiscredits them and destroys confidence. )

RI is also the home of the former head of the New England mafia Patriarcha. Hes gone now.

I havent seen my step father in years.


I remember as a kid I was always stalked by total creeps living in Providence and a young kid even snuck into my window one night and of course being in a state of sleep i had super strength and punched him out THEN woke up to him lying on the floor.

Theres something really evil living in RI but I also have some support its always felt like.
Just try any of that crap now and your biys will either get filmed..or worse. Understand?

And it was always a boys club of assholedom in RI for some reason. Aside from some bitchy old biddies who worked at RISD and the jealous old twisted wenches would purposely not give me modeling hours at RISD.
I take solice in knowing they are probably dead by now.

When old people do harassment all u have to do is say "'ll be dead soon."

Becuz its true. And becuz u r an aware TI suicide is no longer an option. So u WONT be dead soon unless they cause an accident or poison u...which they WILL try.

Go ahead. Its worse living under such slavery and manipulation than to fight back.

Harvard Breaks My Heart Like I Knew It Would

Thier latest nonsense includes having bus drivers mess with me and making sure its a bus with NO CAMERAS (which i avoided by realizing immediately there was no cams thus it could become a bad situation), uniformed cops doing overt gesturing or making contact by waving, Boston area is using lots of small to large families with kids who run around, make noise and stomp as they walk or invade my personal space repeatedly.

Just hanging back and observing the sheer number of perps in public spaces-crowds etc is impressive.
They are really going for it. Why now I dont know but i do know that alot of people from Harvard have died over past few years and everyone else seems to be working for the gs system particularly for the chaos making end of things.

I meet enough non perps to keep perspective and clarity but they really dont want that. One of most ridiculous psych tactics employed is the gang stalkers making facial expressions like rolling eyes and shaking their heads as if Im not doing something Im supposed to then of course they will put their hands thru their hair. Tapping sides is now something done when having a conversation with me and often people will run their hands over one side of head during conversation also.

The hair touch or hair over ear is still predominantly by women and the side tap is mostly for males. As expected MA has a bit more composure than Austin or the Midwest and no one is running around grabbing their dicks at me here.

Though i must say that if a mob of Harvard students were running around grabbing their junk in public as part of a campaign to terrorize a targeted dissident I would not only find this amusing as hell but would make sure it got documented for the history books.

'Genital grabbing psy ops techniques at Harvard University-The Pre Hillary Years Of The NWO' or some such ridiculous title.

Its peaceful sometimes but it seems to depend what i write in my blog.

Im shocked that people ive known for years in Harvard some have shown their true colors by doing gesturing while in conversation.

Im experiencing the situation is im probably so discredited and have made enemies here that ive lost status and protection forever.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Incident With Perp On Revere Beach Indicates Perps Harass Targets And Authorities To Cause Chaos And Divide-Conquer

Older lady not bad looking but devious eyes did gesturing tactics while talking to me about hoe much America sucks and shes traveled the country trying to find a place to move to etc. Basically just mirroring my story.

She complained about People Of Color pushing us poor whites out of the cities after I said the basic socially engineered demographics of every major US city (unless its an exception with a unique community traditionally that can preserve its structure like Philly, Berkeley, Austin or Albuquerque and much of California, etc)

She would get me to talk about things that were probably discrediting or it was just further mind control as I realized her negative conversation was mirroring my situation so really she was creating a room full of mirrors to trap me into the negative perspective and perceptions I have. This is why they harass TIs do heavily.
They want to make sure u can't escape them and the prison they create to meet normal people who are decent.

Becuz as she was talking to me a woman with a kid was near this shower area at the beach and she seemes nice and normal and didnt do gesturinfg and seemed decent. It made me realize the lady I was talking to WAS A PERP. Up until then she had me under mind control.

Earlier I was harassed by  one of those buggies the beach workers or state worksrs have. This set the stage for this woman pulling me into more negativity towards authorities becuz a light skinned black or Latin guy drove near us who was one of the beach authorities and she complained about him which mirrored my being sick of harassment from uniformed police in the past and lately its started up again.

She complains about Travelers (like me) people doing a bit of partying on the beach or whatever.

She said to him and another authority one day "are u guys harassing people on the beach today becuz there's no black kids here today". He said he couldnt figure that out becuz look at who she was talking to (hes half black or mixed.)

I told him she came at me with just the opposite point of view.

He was nice. He didn't do tactics. But note how under the influence of their actions and holding me hostage as they do that I was against all authorities there becuz of some perps on the force and her one of the perp civilians.

So these people seem to be causing chaos in society by being from every wall of life and infiltrating everything.

They are probably responsible for the recent unrest among police and the public based on racial profiling and shootings etc.

They are prob the cops that do really messed up stuff and wave at the cameras when people film them. But isnt that what TIs perps do to us anyway?

Its part of the abuse to cause chaos and a feeling of helplessness.

Dont put it past COINTEPRO type blacks in these groups to infiltrate a church like the one in N Carolina that had a lone shooter recently. I bet the perps involved magically stayed home from church that day.
There's alot of black gs in N Carolina. And Targets or Targeted Survivors are drugged,gassed, harassed, hit with microwave weapons and other military grade psy ops tech until they are so messed up and brain damaged that they snap.

Hasnt anyone ever really considered how screwed up looking most shooters are in photos and how they didn't look that way in photos prior to the incident?

What mental illness makes you look physically damaged? Well then Big Pharma and psychiatry will finally have to admit that insanity is based on medic illness and organic brain diseases not just 'chemical imbalances' CAUSED by these factors.

For anyone whos been thru the horror of seeing some of the people the GS system uses to harass Targets you know that brain damage is one of the things they use to gain control and break someone down.

The people Ive seen are like mutants they are so twisted by what the system has done to them.

Shooters look the same.

This incident finally made it solidify in my brain that not all law enforcement arre gang stalkers but when u r under such stress your mind doesnt process info properly.

The people behind all this are very dangerous psychology experts and scientists and medical people. Assume they know alot more about how to contrll u than u know how to stay in comtrol.

Dont underestimate them and go from there.

Monday, July 6, 2015

CIA Mind Control Related Front Groups (1999 old article but still helps TIs To Gain Or Regain Perspective

Russia Trying To Close Down Indegenous Arctic Peoples Org-Eradication or Assimilation. Of Native Peoples Major Part Of NWO

"Del Blaney
3 years ago
The actions by government all over the world are attacking the indigenous people. When will it stop and when will it be enough. The greed of the multi-national corporations as they influence decisions made by governments is criminal...genocide"
Article comment thread.

My grandfather was Pole and Lithuanian. My aunt has Russian eyes and all the men though fair skinned and features, possess that Native body type. Just sheets of pure powerful muscle under the skin, a stocky compact frame, square jaw and large nose.

As far as I am concerned these are my people. I even sit like that. Guy on the far left in the photo and Ive never seen anyone here sit like that. My obsession with wide open spaces and deserts my mother could never understand.

The power in the muscles, the rugged physicality expressed by body language, strong solid stance.

The connection to the land and to each other in Asiatic indegenous peoples is impossible to break.

This is a problem for the NWO.

They also want the remaining native lands around the world for the natural resources.

This is what's going on out in the world that diversions here in the USA cover up for.

The whole world is slowly being taken and we are kept busied with things that  in comparison are trifling or focused on the issues and needs of special groups while others face gross injustice.

Why is the harasemt so vad now and why so many people who seem?o hate ne

Cwn anyone explain why the gs gas gotten so bad in past year?
Is it every TI or just me experiencijg?

Other people I knew are doing well now. Basically becuz they becwme frindly with the community.

Where tjerss lots of perps.

It seems like after I did my probation and didnt default as well as cut ties with anyomr who had ever shown any signs of being in on harassment. Social networking everything.

No handlers and now a refusal to be naive or put up any mijd games perp games etc.

They are seriously pissed it seems.

I also think it might have been rasy for peope wgo saw ny arrest somewhere to look up my name and theres my activism.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Foods Effected By Chemicals In Environment

Foods bought in different cities seem to have different effects on body and mjnd.

Ive posted before about truck.stop food seeming to improve cognitove functions or ability to read map or.stay alert.

The wsy ive been harassed coming into the northeast and the effect its had one my well beijg is to put alot of stress on my heart it seems like.

Had some cream of wheat i was carrying from Austin, purchased at HEB.
I  started to feel drowsy and began having rhe same problem I had traveling from Georgia thru to Austin TX.
I nod out at if.its cyclical. The nods are actual loss of muscle control and conscousness for a split secomd.

It looks like youre on drugs so it.helps discredit.
 Being a Traveler.whos often sleep deprived even by just a.few hours whatever causes the drowsiness  works.

Interestingly, my heart stress.and feelomg  of extreme isolation as ive enterted the northeast  is gone.

So the effect they is diffrrent than Austin area.

They ms u feel uncomfortable here and without any friends or a scene. They want the TI to get moving on to someplace else.
Northeast has alot of perps treating campaign like its fun to do or the TI is the point of humor or amusement. Self conscoius about dress or being traveler/homeless. Not the same as Austin or south or Midwest.

I also realize whatevsr was wrong with cereal had made me feel cold. As if my body temp dropped  or lowered blood pressure.

Gang Stalkijg Kiwi-Pedia

NYC -Walking Around Waiting Bus Tomorrow

NYC as usual is totally full of itself. The hotel service people and the pharmacy employees and perps in the street or stations who look like civilians.

Its all such a thrill isn't it? That u r 'in on it'? With your petty little lives in the new safe NYC, totally geared towards little nobodies and punk asses nowadays.

Everyones an asshole now becuz its safe. There are no concequences to being an asshole or a total jerk off.

U used to have to have something going on here to be down here.

Im shocked at how petty and pathetic everyone is about the gs campaign. Its totally retarded.

In a city of this size with this much money and power you are THAT into or impressed by ONE Target's campaign? Are you absolutely serious?
Has NY really degenerated that much into a yuppie new money hell hole?

I understand having to do gs or even being a psychotic asshole and getting off on it but the jerk offs here dont match that profile. They seem like petty, amateurish (in NY??) insecure losers.

I almost smacked one of the ragged looking desk workers at this horrible hotel The Wellington. A travisty of old NY beautiful architecture degenerated into a new money/yuppie hotel, by the fact that it now has pretty colored lights on it. Is that necesary? Its immature and childish.  Hmmm, just right for new NY.

The bell hop u run right into after going thru the door looks like he's either a programmed assasin in his spare time (other life) or he just got back from Iraq, or perhaps raised in a mob family thus the hotel job and thus the attitude problem.

He wasnt glad to see me when i came thru the door.asking for the password to wifi just to find a 24 hour Walgreens to get an inhaler (which I ended not getting becuz the bitch in the pharmacy called me "sir" after looking up my account under Rachael. No thanks. Walgreens has given me meds with extra special ingredients before I am now really careful. Thats not an inhaler I need.)

The three wenches at the desk gave me a free hour after, classy as they are, mentioning it costs money. And isnt that something nuevo riche or upper middle are concerned with? Especially working in a little insular environment like NYC where people live daily in golden gilded cage and have their heads firmly planted so far up their asses that they believe their own hype about them and theirs and that the culture of their little tiny island city is the most meaningful in the big world out there-which they only investigate by plane and reservations I assume.

The fake smile of the brunette was the one I wanted to just wipe of her face. For her own good really as being that vindictive to someone you don't know personallu cant be healthy. I wonder if she stalks celebs in her spare time or at least wishes somekme found her peon ass more important than working in that position. Which of course her delusional ass believes she deserves. Thinking u r smarter than me just becuz u r in a mob of equally stupid people always pisses me off.

I thanked them after refusing to acknowledge the arrogant little brunette, then politely acknowledged Lurch at his post before exiting. With his military or cop shaved head and steely blue eyes..maybe hes f*cking the brunette with an equally arrogant attitude?

I knew stepping foot in any hotel that was once something nice that now relies on pretty colors and shiny things to attract the Disney/Cirque de Soliel crowd or people who fancy themselves alternative to that by way of means, was going to be unpleasant and I was correct.
The doorman was cool though.

The cops like to roll by on with arrogant attitudes like what AM I doing here?
Uh im taking a train? But NY is the New Yorker's city!! How dare people travel through it randomly! Dont I realize how special their scene and city is??

I notice thst during Bush the cops and the military guys in cammo at the main train and bus ststion were laughing at me. Like it was big joke.

The military guys in the station arent f*cking laughing anymore. In fact they look pretty damn alert or at least more respectable.

So whats the civilian's problems and their militarized but still civilian based police force?

Exactly. Whixh is why all these.jerk offs need to be disregarded and ignored.

The soldiers know something is up. Some shit is going down soon and if u r a TI like me u can sense its coming time soon to exit this clown show.

The circus is going to be closing very soon and u dont want to be here

Thats all that matters right now. Getting the f*ck out of here. Just the fact the cities are so fuxated and the influence of chem and tech and psy ops and social engineering is enough to discourage anyone sane or decent from living in shitholes for rich people like this.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Drones or Satellite Has To Be Method Of Finding Targets So Quickly

I was not prepared for the changes that have occurred and I am now in extreme danger due to that naivety.
But how can one think clearly about something possibly getting worse when it's already mind blowing as to how bad it is already and has been since 2004?

Perp groups doing gestures are present wherever I go now and are there before I arrive. The harassment is now constant.

When I am moving from one area to another I can sense something or some force that's tracking me. This is something new as of this year.

Its a kind of heat or...I want to say it feels like tech but behind it is someone who hates me with a lot of energy. Multiple persons it feels like. Its almost like being hunted and monitored in a military situation in a war zone.

I can feel technology scanning for me and people behind that tech who are hunting me but also these people not only hate me but they are being aggressive and in a hurry to 'catch' me wherever I am becuz they make money by doing so. The aggression behind the tech from humans involved is that of simple human blind greed.

This is definitely military in nature. This may be an AI program also.  The heat or feeling of some electromagnetic field interfering with the environment matches what I experienced being used in Cambridge last summer when I was baited and harassed into reacting so that I acted out and got arrested. It was the heat and aggression in the environment that felt so unnatural as of last May 2014 where cops were even ticketing YUPpies on bikes in the street. Somehow thru technological means and perhaps together with chemical influence, choas and aggression were created in the environment that effected and altered human behavior.

 Also whatever chip has been in my abdomen from prior surgeries or was placed there in Oregon @ OHSU is being triggered heavily in the past two years but its very bad now. It all connects to my womb and the abortion I had. The intimidation and harassment and unwanted sexual arousal is connected to that event.
I am being harassed daily to have a child and my womb seems to be able to be stimulated in different ways in order to get desired behavior out of me. This is NOT what occurred with my one other abortion in 2005.
And for all the moralizing people  let it be known that I was always responsible and only had these two unwanted pregnancies DUE TO HOW I HAVE HAD TO LIVE as a Targeted Individual. My circumstances have forced me to live as a person who is not in control of their life's direction or of their decision making. I'm often made into an unreasonable person by forces beyond my control.

Don't be confused-this is the military industrial complex gone insane. Contractors and academia, security companies, police and prisons.

They were always there doing this to individuals and the public. The problem now seems to be the people in power like elected offices are sell out types and the old guard recently left power-many at once in past two years.

-Mayor Thom Menino (Boston) died
-Mario Cuomo (NY) died

-Boston, MA:
new mayor
new police commissioner
new police chief

Cambridge MA:
new mayor
new city manager

new governor

Raytheon I know has alot of new people in power in the company.

And the supreme court as well as Obama's administration seem really scary and insane like during Bush neocon years but they are Liberal elites so are getting away with things sneakily or the public are sucked into the NWO dream of a promise land so aren't fighting it the same way.

The people who retired or died had those positions for decades some of them. The New Order is showing itself by these new people taking power and either not believing in old school decency or morals or they don't have the acquired power to be able to refuse to sell out to whoever is behind these changes.

All the people who were in power during 9/11 and the war under Bush are now out. People are acting as if they can't be caught for whats happened in this country or carry the burden of secrecy becuz everyone who was in office is gone now.

I personally do not appreciate being sexually assaulted harassed and tormented as well as stalked and constantly subjected to damaging psychological warfare to force me to have a baby, confirm to social norms and get a job or go to school.
And if I do NOT do so, I will be harassed until I am forced to react beyond my control and become incarcerated or institutionalized which I assume in their estimation will finally break me so that I have no more internal Will or mental power to fight mass mind control.

Being a mindless puppet doesn't appeal to be. Its not why I lived past 30 or became an activist and freedom fighter.

I also don't appreciate the blatant sexism involved in these methods which resembles the use of rape in wartime as a means of weapon or control.

That Halfrican bitch in office and his sick administration and cronies are doing as much damage as possible before they leave office.

It doesnt matter who is in office or what party. Each one will abuse the technologies and progresses in science available to the elites and techies to gain for their own agenda.

And the public will always suffer.

This is worse than Bush era if you can believe that.
Becuz abusing people like this is no longer something new or hidden under a necessity of wartime-its become the mode of operation thats standard and its obvious people are desensitized at this point.

Humans are evolved simians and their simian aggression and greed becomes especially frightening when they express these qualities repeatedly without consideration for being human.

My problem is that the people who knew me and were familiar with me are gone now. I'm simply being destroyed by people who know nothing about me or my family or my history.
They feel no debt or obligation to me.

All I get is some vague idea that I'm old and irrelevant and that I'm wasting my life doing this so have to be broken down into conforming.

They don't care as long as the majority in this country have what they need to live.

So now I can't have the dignity of fighting for freedom or refusing to be a human sacrifice for American interests?

And the kids out there now are the worst most uncaring stuck up nasty little shits who seem to love the military and hate anyone not conforming. Most of the harassment is done by young people just like during Bush.