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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


The author advises readers to freely utilize all information here for the best result.
If you are new you may need information. If you are experienced you may have missed some things.

The Swords & Shields section is for those who have recently come to know that it is in theory a system they are in and need defense very quickly. This stage of the stalking and harassment is very sensitive and one could need to learn quickly or suffer a date of jail, institutions or death.
I have made sure this section is full of sensible info that is sane and validating-not a lot of speculation or 'what ifs'.
If anything is beyond your experience just take what you can for now. It takes many years of experience and investigation to understand what is really going on and alot of let's say mind expansion as well as adapting and acceptance.
Just understand that your situation is not unique and there are other people being victimized but you may have to go through it alone a lot of the time.

PLEASE see my other blog to understand the dangers of networking with other T I's:

You have to fight to live and be autonomous though you should not have to. Resistance is key.

The activities taking place are not being addressed.  It denies people basic human rights. 

The 'more resources' section at the bottom of the blog is perhaps for those more experienced.

Exposure seems most effective: Write your own blog and be articulate--testimony is everything but be mindful that anyone can view what you blog, you can use this to defend yourself or the organized stalking system can use it to gather intelligence on you further so use the internet carefully if you are posting information about yourself.


Update as of 2017: Warning.
There is a new trend now where making claims of 'believing' one is a victim of covert, organized harassment can be used in unison with abuse of power through the legal system to frame activists such as bloggers or anyone claiming to be 'targeted'.  It has been used as the rates of lone shootings and violence have risen and are connected to mental illness. Anyone having an anti authority or govt website or anyone who is a public figure and can have any threats sent under their name is in danger.

It is now basically illegal to post a blog like this, unless you have funds to defend yourself. Do not name specific institutions or authorities when making complaints and do not specify your location.

It's in your best interest to work now always 'in theory'. Any indication of belief of activity is a premise for being judged incompetent or worse. The case of the abortion clinic lone shooter is one such example as this has been used as a premise against anyone who makes claims of harassment even if govt is not specified.

If you can post a blog anonymously do so. The former climate of bold activism questioning official answers during the post 9-11 Bush era this blog was created under is now gone. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

steal this idea #2

more sci-fi ideas fer ya. take 'em, use 'em.

the character is being experimented on covertly. you, the author can form the story but here
is an interesting way for the villains to attempt mind control over the victim.

for instance, drugs put into medications the victim takes for varied health issues by prescription. anything from providing an extraordinary antidepressant effect to actually audient recived instructions like "do not interfere with others business", also, these mind control chemicals may make the victim repeat such mantras to him/herself as "i want to conform, i want to obey" and havev the effect of breaking the will of the victim or even seeking the result of reformatting the personality.

another mind control designed drug may make the victim hear noises have audient hallucinations, where there were none, and even affect the heart with chest pains or other health issues made to wear the target down.

perhaps make them two different pills.

make the victim smart enough to stop taking these corrupt medications in incriments, so as to test if the reactions they are having is reality or a drug related reaction.

it may assist to have agents or whoever the villains are in your story to 'foreshadow' the victim with "he/she hears voices" behind thier backs at any given location long before the corrupt medication is given.

remember, a tactic in covert operations is foreshadowing so the victim falls into circumstances set up by the villians and no one outside really questions which came first. the true reality of the victims circumstances or a set up.
I am trusting you authors out there to take my ideas and use them. i will not get a chance to, and i wanted to be a writer, among other pursuits...hey, 3 week grueling vocational tests dont lie. it was in my top four career choices.

hmm, so was detective or policeman. think i should go for it ? naaah, too much corruption.

good luck and help my babies live.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

A word of thanx to the charitable

As the holiday season approaches and winter comes on the plains, the charitable among us once again step up and not only take notice but action. I would like to thank everyone who runs responsible, safe shelters, gives food to the hungry without judgment or question and volunteers at any time of the year. I know, especially in St. Louis, you are not always appreciated or feel like you are. Yet, alot of people would be worse off without you and believe me, they appreciate your efforts and the energy you have expended.

Even giving change to someone is appreciated. The only problem is you have to be careful of whom you give to or how often. Dont be bullied into it if you feel its inappropriate. Lots of people do go off and jsut buy drugs or liquor. You have to judge for yourself how you want to give to people in this way or in any charitable way.

Remember you are in control of your resources but when done right, giving can feel good.

You are appreciated.

a dream

i had a dream while napping. it was a family member saying "she needs to stop thinking she's special"..well considering i have no family, i do not know the meaning of this. alot of people who are into keeping GS targets down are probably reciting that same mindless sentiment.
my bio 'family' , if they still find my life of interest at all, needs to become uninterested very quickly. i certainly havae no interest in them and i am of an age where i believe legally i am my own person.

i certainly have never understood thier competitiveness w/each other, a by product of sibling rivalry, but it was never in the direction of each member evolving. it was always used to keep each member down. i will not be part of this and i would rather be on my own. why should i be part of something where my value is always going to be less than it could be in some other realm?

i certainly hope these people and everyone who used to know me as a matter of fact knows how to mind thier own business. its bad enough the gangstalkers cant mind thier own business, i dont need old pressures keeping me down.

enough people who are other targets know what is going on and i have people in my life now who know how messed up the people around us can be, people we shouldnt trust but did.

thier seems to be alot of this with targets. part of the campaign is to bring the target down in varied ways. "she's not so special " would be one of them. its really the core of gangstalking. to make the target feel totally devalued.

i will regard myself in any manner i choose and the jealousy of anyone who thinks they knew me or knows me is irrelevant.

there will be laws against psychological harrasment, but it will take many years.

France has them. i suspect this is why alot of artists, who were smart years ago moved there.

its sad i am not working on art projects instead of being destroyed by this nonsense. its a waste of resources, mine as my own intel and talent as a resource.

people in this world nowadays have become way too interested in focusing on what others are doing. they are targeting people, public personalities and private. they are destroying peoples lives and careers.

spying and revealing peoples private lives needs to have consequences.

i believe this is so popular nowadays becuz..well, if a government is going to spy on its public, then if you allow the public to spy on each other it doesnt seem so intrusive. i believe its called 'spreading the blood around'.
its like having an parent or authority figure abuse family members but if family members are encouraged to abuse each other then its all around dysfunction and no one can draw attention to the authority figures abuse.

doesnt anyone else out there feel and think that all the invasions of privacy of citizens by citizens should be ultimatley illegal and with consequences? why is this not so?(right now anyway).

also, what better time to have domestic terrorism against the people than during a time where they are terrified and concentrating on foriegn terrorism?

there is no sane reason at all that the public should be allowed ANY kind of spying tech or even camera phones or video cameras without laws against invasoins of privacy. its far too permissive and one has to question why.

well, it could be that the public have been told no to everything else nowadays, so this is thier new drug.

see my post on PRLSI' links to the idea you need to live without drugs or false stimulation.

i dont think i am special, but i have a right to speak my mind and to exist.
everyone is special in thier own way, like everyone has some beautiful feature. you need to find that within yourselves instead of ego tripping on others misfortunes or focusing on others lives.

maybe in a hopeful future this will happen and people will be able to find themselves and heal themselves at thier own pace instead of having to accept failure as 'the way it is'.

that is nonsense.

fun games/ books u might read

here is a 'books u might want to read' as well as how it connects to a 'fun game'.

read every book ever written by a man named Wilson Bryan Key.

he was a professor who wrote about subliminals in advertising from the mid 70's until the 80's. he was highly educated and had tenure(i believe) and they found it very difficult to get rid of him..of course they eventually did. he retired from his teaching job and there is hardly anything about him on the internet and i've called his publishers and cant find out anything more about him. you'd think someone would at least write a book about him or something.

his book was handed to me by someone who was quite rebellious even at an older age. he advised me that i really should read this book.

if you have not deprogrammed from the world around you yet, after reading these books you may go thru a slight depression for about a month or so. you'll realize you've been lied to your whole life and everything around you is not quite as it seems. i did this in 1996.

but afterwards, oh boy are you going to have a good time with this.

start to play a game i have dubbed 'spot the subliminal'. they are everywhere there is advertising. magazines, posters, logos for products etc. when in a waiting room, no longer read the magazines- play Spot the Subliminal with the ads! even the side of a soda machine in line at the grocery store, you'll find many interesting symbols and pictures.

i would not tell anyone about this. its your little game you dont have to share with anyone, and it gives you a new and wonderful sense of control over the culture you live in.
in a world now rife with invasions of privacy, doesnt it sound attractive to be able to be alone in your own mind, figuring things out, freeeing yourself from falsehoods? i loved every minute of it.

for targets,in some ways its very anti-gangstalking. the perps get this same sense of control from taking part in 'americas dirty little secret'-organised stalking. yet, you'd be doing something good for yourself, your mind and evolving, not hurting people and keeping people down like they do. and it doesnt have to be obssesive-compulsive like stalking people must be.
and it does let you act out your hunting instincts at the same excersising your mind.

it keeps alive the ability for a level of perception most adults are supposed to have lost by the age of 12, of course if you are an artist your perception abilities only grow as you grow.

i believe it will help if you are being targeted. somehow it has helped me to see more around me.
for those no targeted, its a fun game.

steal this idea

one of the ideas i was working on before i got really slammed by GS (gangstalking[organized/group-stalking]) was an experiment where i would try to live w/out what i dubbed PRLSI's. Pre Recorded Light and Sound Images.

My idea was that we live in a world of pre recorded light and sound images that leave us living in 'dead time'. The experiment was to live completely in 'real time'. only live entertainment and experiences.

live music(bands, concerts, etc)
live theatre (plays, ballet, musicals, etc.)
if view television then only shows broadcast live
if listen radio only shows broadcast live

i thought maybe tv that i call nuetral. like the weather channel used to be or NASA channel can be. only transferance of simple information facts or data-no spin, no schtick, no sales, no drama. but still, its a grey area bcuz it IS pre recorded, so you might want to just avoid it.

i know it sounds like a strange idea to people but what you'd be doing is experiencing life to the fullest by really living. you'd be in real time only.

the gangstalking makes this impossible for me now and it makes me sad i never could try out my idea fully. i did once many years ago and i was the happiest i'd ever been. try it and you may find more quality of life.
most times however, i would give up tv and go to radio or the other way round. i really started to live once i gave up all PRLSI's.

i think i really began to get into the idea when over the years i saw that awful JFK assasination video over and over again. its like enough already, the man is dead and it was an terrible thing, but its happened already. i sensed it was used frequently to illustrate the power of the baby boomer's era and for other purposes of perception management. i noticed throughout my lifetime that they kept focusing on THEIR experience with the Cuban missle crises as another one of thier dramas of thier youth but no one seemed to be paying attention to my having to grow up with the 1980's fear of the end of the world thru nuclear war. it was very real and movies like 'the day after' were not comforting. its a personal issue i have w/the lack of credit my generation gets and still were are and were labled slackers. its interesting how a generation of people who resented being labled 'freaks' becuz it indicated being misunderstood would turn on us and call us 'slackers'. the previous gen created slackers.
what do you do when you were raised to question authority and to try to change social conditions and express yourself freely, then your parents turn into yuppies in the 80's? then it just seems the kids younger than i only know about what they saw post 80's.
sometimes when it seems that rebellion or protesting has become passe doing nothing might be the only form of rebellion one can come up with. or waiting to find a better way to rebel or change things that really works. we actually thought our parents had started a brave new world and it was our job to continue that and perfect it .
i see alot of boomers as they age turn into thier June and Ward type parents. they taught us this was all lies and to mistrust this outlook and way of being. so, as i age why would i turn into that? that was not my childhood. hopfully,as we age our generation will regress back to our parents way of being which i dont think society is ready for or will accept(America anyway). people want the 1960/70's to seems like a temporary interruption in judgement and sanity but to us it was a culture that was valid and it is only natural that i want to carry on tradition. i am doing what is perfectly natural for someone raised in my generation and no one is going to alter that with this 'grow up and conform' crap that seems to be part of the gangstalkings desired outcome for the target. i was working on improving my life in a way that was appropriate for the damage present in my systems. i knew what i was doing, ahh, but if i did it my way too much would be revealed. its better that the system in place break me and make me into mindless drone.

i will never let that happen.

if they want a world satuarated with false reality that people actaully believe instead of just other words its ok to use 'fantasy' as play for a hard working mind, to rest, regenerate, excersise- but only if one is a harsh realist about what actually is going on in the world.

if you are living in the grey area, living with falsehoods that are handed to you by the factory that produces them and if you are bored or find it distasteful then try this idea of getting rid of PRLI's. its a start, and hey nobody says you have to delve as deep as i wanted to into the mysteries of ..well, everything but you might find it a refreshing break for your mind, your spirit etc.
you can always take back PRLSI's.
the drug-store is always open.

maybe after you've given up thier ideas youcan make up your own, be totally creative on your own, but thats another idea for next time.

so with all that is going on with me, all i can do to try to better the world right now is to give you stories or ideas for free so you may use them, write about them, whatever. becuz there is no guarantee any gangstalking target will ever make it.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

xmas wishes for perps

I hope all the perps have a horrible xmas. all the gifts you purchased by ill gotten means, may it come bakc on you in horrible ways.
when you are older, years from now i hope you are lying in your beds thinking about all the people that you've hurt and i hope you suffer desperatley.

Humans have not changed. They still wish to see sport and bloodshed. They still make tribes and fight with each other even if those tribes are religions, countries etc etc. They still require scapegoats for thier tribes and human sacrifices, just thru covert means now.They use thier highly developed cerebrums to rationalize ways to act out on their animal desires. They abuse thier intelligence and creativity. I do not believe thier is hope for the human race.

If you are targeted, realize you have power somehow somewhere and that is why u are being destroyed. see that the persons involved are hopelessly powerless and your destruction only serves to keep them in balance temporarily.

There is revenge even if you do not make it. Humans are innately stupid and cannot seem to control thier destinies and certainly do not see the big picture. Their enviroment is going to turn on them as a result of overpopulation and pollution. There will come disease and natural disaster. Only the very wealthiest and connected will make it, perhaps.
Think about that the next time a nobody service person perps you, to make thier job seem not so demeaning perhaps. When it all comes down, no one is going to make that extra effort to save, lets say, bus drivers. when you encounter one who is a perp, just say to yourself, in the big picture- this person is just a busdriver. In the grand scheme this person is as expendable as you...and they know it. They know it.

Most likely you are targeted becuz you are too powerful or potentially too powerful. Revel in it and have pride in knowing that.

There was a song on radio while in a laundry. in my earphones i heard the lyrics " born to be down/ what good is confidence?/ you just dont get it"
that was the chorus part actually. how desperate are the perps to make you believe that sort of sentiment anyway? I get it, I just dont accept it. Gangstalking is the most strong arm and desperate attempt at perception managment i have ever seen.

alot of us are targeted becuz people may fear us. what we know or what we are capable of. alot of this is driven by just jealousy. they know we are stronger, faster, smarter, prettier and potentially a better warrior than they are. it doesnt surprise me its mostly fat women, broads over 50 and men who are threatened. people can take from someone superior to them, feel better about themselves and cover have an excuse to cover their asses.

Remeber they are cowards. If they had to face you, especially one on one
they would not win. They know that..they know it.

If you are a target try to have a good holiday and keep fighting. even when they perp you they are afraid. mostly of the sickness inside themselves. these are not self actualizing people, nor are they out to evolve as humans. it is thier goal, it seems, to keep everyone down including themselves.

make thier innate misery your greatest gift this holiday.

and try to have pity on and forgive thosr few who seem genuinly sorry for whats going on.
remember, they have to live with the reality of this world after you may be gone.

steal this story

here's some sci fi ideas. take them, use them.

there is a system of mind control through technology that is used specifically for controlling prisoners by the prison system. really the prison system is used as a population for testing these technologies on. then its used to control or 'imprison' persons out in society that society deems undesireable. then its used to enslave all mankind, especially during a time of natural disaster and chaos.
there are people who are programmed. they are mind controlled slaves basically. some are used for acts of violence others simply as couriers or for sexual purposes. a nation is having trouble with certain programmed persons from another country, who are programmed to blow things up and commit suicide doing it. this nation decides to try mind control technologies on persons of thier own network who are programmed, who also have suicide programming but thier tasks were not violent during lives and thier suicide programming was simply to self destruct without harming anyone else, yet the construction of the suicide programming is so similar, its useful for experimentation. they want to see if they can be forced to confess to crimes they did not commit, forced to reveal themselves or simply neutralized in general.
one guy actually makes the news by coming in and confessing to a famous unsolved murder of a little girl that remains unsolved to this day. others who are programmed around this time notice they too had an urge to go in and confess to things they did not do. the man in the story who confessed had complained over the years of authorities harassing him locally and frequently.
story time is over.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

An introduction to organized stalking and being a targeted individual

A Targeted Individual is a human being who has been taken hostage by a system victims have coined the 'organized stalking system'. It's also known as 'gang stalking' and other names. Targets often use 'TI' as a shortened term.

It is of a covert nature. A targeted person may not know even know the motive for thier victimization. Like every good crime it leaves the victim saying 'why is this happening?'

Many targets not understanding it is a system with a name are often labeled unofficially or officially paraniod, delusional or outright mentally ill if they attempt to defend themselves with claims of such activities..

Targets are often sensible, logical, and intelligent people without any other indications of mental illness such as disordered thinking/speech indicative of such a condition.
Also, the immediate labeling of someone without investigation or even an interview from the Targeted person to gather info on the issue should be an indication something is very wrong.

It's called a cover up and it isn't crazy it's very common- throughout history in every civilization, yet it is something people are afraid of or don't want to deal with.

Alot of the activity is similar to tactics used in cults, prisons, harsh behavior modification camps and POW camps; these mind control tactics are known more commonly as 'brain washing'.
The Target is basically isolated while walking around seemingly free in society. They are harassed by strangers, betrayed by intimates have to deal with what seems constant survaillence. These conditions, especially as the person 'seems normal' as well as is walking around free in a democratic society, are what make people think the person is crazy.The system also has alot of disinformation agents so that the TI is simultaneously driven crazy by direct harasment as well as smeared with constant rumours that they are mentally ill.
Either that or there is such a smear campaign that people percieve them as deserving of thier situation.

Alot of what is going on is human experimentation at the root of these activities. Long ago in more overt human experimentation ofr instance in vetrans hospitals (look up MK ultra or human experimentation )the word 'experiment' was replaced with 'investigation' or 'observation'. This would explain TI's claims that there seems to be a seemingly endless investigation of them.

Some TI's know why they are targeted, others do not or beleive a cover story becuz they have not accessed the true reason for thier plight. Some seem to be targeted as a way of victim witness intimidation, which this system definitely resembles.
TI's are people who have to suffer a prison sentence while watching everyone else get on with thier lives. They have to be capable of acting 'normal' in public while dealing with another world of covert activity every day.

Targets are often harassed into relocating. I have heard only claims of the harassment continuing wherever they go. This is because the local/regoinal networks form a complete system and it is nationwide, according to my own experience. It is claimed to be international.

There is alot of misguiding of the Target. Like trying to convince them of many causes of the harassment and then giving them bogus solutions as well. EX: " are running from the FBI, arent you?" and then the next suggestion is "It's an ex boyfriend revenge service". Well, which is it? In the beginning especially the TI is told that they should leave town or the country. Relocating does nothing but let you know its nationwide from the smallest town to the biggest city.
Deception is the only constant in the target's life.

You are saying "how can this be?" Very easy. Effective criminals have always been covert and illusive in thier activities. Human experimentation that defies the Geneva Convention would be illegal thus the secrecy of the activity.
QUESTION:If a career criminal moved next door to you would you know it? You think you would but my experience with career criminals is that they operate smoothly by covert means. They make sure they have a cover story for all activities, they lie like rugs as a force of habit and can think on thier feet. They cover thier asses constantly and they have very charming and persuasive personalities. They are hooked into the legit system by being protected by a network bigger than they and/or pay off the cops to operate. They are managed crime.
And you would not suspect a thing and if you did it would be wise to say nothing if they are THAT connected.

The people involved in these activities have been coined perpatrators, often 'perp'. They are the people who act out against the TI everyday in some way. Target's claim they are often arrogant, sadistic, self righteous persons. I have noticed alot of them seem controlled by 'brainwashing', to say the least.
Some perps seem not so immersed in 'the life' of being part of this system.They seem more healthy mentally and emotionally. They have a normal, sane reaction of sympathy for the TI as well as often sneak help to them somehow via information or other ways. This would indicate that they are living in reality moreso and not victims of brainwashing, programming or other forms of will power/mind control or criminal minded.
Some perps are low level citizens who are disinformed and only know a nasty smear cover story but if given hints as to what is really going on they quickly awaken and realize the TI is a victim of foul play and not a criminal or 'bad' person in need of vigilante style punishment.

Alot of the websites on this subject will have alot of different or even conflicting information. Some TI's are so tired and worn or damaged that they mentally can no longer deal with the mystery of what is happening so they choose a scenerio that they can beleive in. Some TI's may be new or ignorant of information also. This is not malicous- this is desperation of a torured person. Therefore they are spreading MIS- information.
There are people who seem to be purposefully misleading people with malicious intent. These are DIS-information agents/perps and thier job in the system is to pose as Targeted persons or helpful people. Their purpose is to misguide the TI thus providing more confusion, mystery, chaos and ultimately help further 'brainwash' the victim thru trauma.

Some people prefer to make solid claims as to who is responsible for activities against Targets. Some claim government, CIA, military.
All these are possibilities but without documentation or enough clues/evidence to show cause it would be best to use terms like 'alleged' or 'suspected' etc. Also becuz one of the main tactics for framing a TI is to constantly claim they are paraniod and mental. This very system has created a climate and an anviroment where is someone says " the CIA" or "conspiracy" people immediatley shut down subcoouncouslky and deem the person overboard. Even though conspiracy is a real legal term it has been used so much by disinfo and misinfo people so it is useless now as a word. Also the world has changed since the '60's. Much of what is done today seems to be corporations or organized crime including gangs who have bloomed into syndacates.
I dont beleive 'the government' even exists anymore as it did.
Many targets are politicians who could stop these activites...representatives and such. Alot of diplomats know about this sytem and are terrified of it. Thus 'the government'-the United States government and others are crippled by these criminals. Also, 'the government' is a huge entity. Parts of it percieved as 'the government' are actually corporations or operate off hidden budgets-kinda using 'the government' as a front to gain legitamacy. Like 'the CIA'. Its only a part of the agency that was responsible for human experiementation that may be connected to 'gang stalking' activity. Just becuz your local police has bad cops that create a gang within the police does not mean all police are crooked. They must often turn a blind eye however to survive.

Gangstalking is a system of social control, protecting criminals and thier enterprises. Vigilantes and 'cause stalkers' who want to control people may get in on it but they are not the root of it.

Gangstalking includes: survaillence of a target that that turns into stalking. This is inside the home and outside in population. All communications seem to be survailled at one time or another. So it is technology and human based. In the 21st century all this is possible.
Harassment of a Target. This incorporates all the above avenues used to stalk the TI. Interference of all activity at one time or another. Human interaction becomes a game of 'friend or foe' or even cat and mouse.

Worse is the attempt to drive a target crazy, ruin thier health and destroy thier minds. This is done by poisoning, drugging, gassing a TI. I know this sounds like the most paraniod part of all this but TI's who survive long enough to investigate as they are 'investigated' are researchers and our experience should not be put aside. Its not paraniod if you keep the end and means in mind: destroy the target. It's that simple. The end is to see a TI commit suicide, have an accident or get locked up. Anything that can be done covertly is best. The target must be discredited, from the beginning to the untimely end.

Then there is harassment and behavior modification from technologies. Not every TI gets this treatment but I suspect if human experiementation is the purpose for the person then the technologies will be used on them. You can read up on them if you are curious, its a whole other subject.
People have coined this treatment as "Electronic Harassment". It serves the same purposes-social control as well as experiementation.
It seems that some of us have been human experimentees for two or three generation. I beleive other people are simply victimized as a means of controlling them. This would make sense if the person is more high level and could make these crimes difficult to perpetrate becuz they have credibility.

There is evidence of these technologies existing one simply has to do research. Disinfo sites and books like to lump this info under 'conspiracy' as they have for years but the overtly reported advances of tech in the sciences as well as law enforcement/military (non lethal microwave weapons for instnce) has made it possible for the public to now 'imagine' these in existence outside of sci-fi.
The public needs to understand that perception management really defines thier reality. The documentation of human experiementation and technological advancement are readily available yet not part of the public's day to day reality.
In other terms: gang stalking, human experiemtation and advanced technologies are not 'household words' or concepts for the general public. This is the angle that the organized stalking system works when discrediting a TI. The public's ignorance or inexperience with covert activites, crime, corruption and human history works to the criminals' advantage.

Organized stalking is a system of oppression of human beings for the benefit of criminal or illegal undertakings. It helps victimize people as well as serves as victim-witness intimidation.
Often targets give in to mind control or commit suicide. If they get locked up it is a logical assumption that further experimentation will occur, as has been documented to often be perpetrated in prisons and mental institutions.

The biggest block that TI's have is the modern perception that all tech is good for humans. That it will only be used for helping mankind. That we have come into an era of homeland security that dictates "if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about" which is not true at all. The criminals have alot to hide so they have plenty to worry about. A victim of corruption via the system itself has plenty to worry about. An authority figure that demanding of its people to be naive is corruptable. Its like the system is saying 'dont pay attention to what we are doing pay attention to what you are doing and dont question us'. The public is told to pay attention to low level COPS type violent crime and not white collar crime. The American public practically idolizes successful career criminals.
The God father, Scarface, and Hip Hop should illustrate that.
And those factions arent even as stupid as you think they are. This country is run by crime, people simply dont like stupid criminals. They percieve smooth operators as American dream success stories. And if you beleive in them or follow them you too are a success. If you hate what they hate, love what they love. Target who they target. This is the essence of what TI's see as the perps feeling good about what they are doing becuz they are 'part of the group' or 'in on something'.

This society also hates losers and victims are losers.
Most human society in order to survive has to dispose of people and not face up to what has to be done so the majority can have a better life. This is the basis of turning away from Targets. Its just another bad situation so why deal with it?

Becuz this situation is global and it is concerning experimentation relating to suject matter ancient and modern, human controlled and technology perpetrated. The control and modification of human beings themselves. Behavior modification of human subjects against thier will. Where will this lead. Read a history book, where do you think?
I personally do not want to live in a world where computers interface with people constantly as a tech handler. I do not want my thoughts and emotions recorded for whatever purpose-like some old Hollywood movie where the stars are long dead but are re animated everytime we watch that film.

I do not want to be made into a 'better' person via technology without my knowledge. I do not want to forget memories via drugs or tech, and gain a new life.
If you do research you will find and peice together the things I just listed as documented experiementation or existing tech/chemistry. If it was not for my quiet hobby over my life time of investigating related subject matter I would not have been able to survive being targeted. The perps as well as my family and associates never knew this side of my life so I was underestimated by them. It seems that not knowing your potential enemy is not going to happen ever again in the future.

The worst thing that the perps want from alot of TI's is full compliance with behavior modification. Often this is to cover for human experiementation or to protect criminals and thier enterprises. One is supposed to realize that resistance is futile and that one has no real human rights and is powerless. The perps often get exhasperated when a TI will not react as they would like. Once a TI becomes a victim witness by investigating the system that is oppressing them and becomes active in exposing it, the perps try yet another control tactic which is to negotiate. 'Why dont you become very quiet and live your life? forget about what happened adn move on. All your dreams wont come true but..'. You would not beleive the attempts at damage control. Actually, none of a TI's dreams will come true. They have no life of thier own and what the perps are really saying is 'why dont you become a model prisoner? There could be perks'. The ultimate indoctrination into being fully brainwashed.
See the TI having to go along in daily life like nothing is wrong and people 'handling' them all the time with smiles and acting like nothing is wrong IS brainwashing. It is teaching the target how to act while being terrorized. Eventually you get good at it and the perps back off as a reward, especially if you are exposing them. Its a plan C for them. 'ok, the target is not going to get locked up like we hoped. Suicide doesnt seem to be working either. Lets slowly reward target and take advantage of the Stockholm syndrome that has been growing over the years. Target is used to our presence by now.' This reminds me of taming a wild animal after tagging it in those nature shows.
You will still be a prisoner and the perps still think they are better than you. You have still been betrayed by loved ones and people are still operating under mind does any of this change over time?
The invalidation and other factors over time shapes the TI's mind and emptions to fit the model they want. Forget about what happened becuz everyone else has. We will never admit to what we did or to your pain and suffering. You will never be given a fair deal nor compensated. You must smooth over the trauma. Here we will help you.'

It is just like the 1984 book where the character is forced to love big brother before he dies. I suspect that book was written by someone who knew what was happening or what was going to happen.
The great thing about this system is that people in this country and other countries of plenty are rewarded for thier compliance in crimes with a good life and material gain.
Its not like East Germany or other systems that were way out of hand with denying everyone everything and forcing compliance.
This system gives people the ultimate 'offer you cant refuse' that works so well for the criminals we are familiar with in movies and such.
Sometimes I am convinced that it is not a society of only certain people being targeted but a society of everyone potentially targeted and in order to avoid that you comply or pay off the system.

Monday, December 3, 2007

dec. 3, 2007

ah, gangstalking. Give the gift that keeps on giving.

Went to fast food place in St. L. Gravois near 55 south. I thought they were closed cuz the side door was locked. I went to the drive-thru on foot as I have once before and this male in a grey-silver truck w/Illinois plates drove into parking lot across from the drive up order area. He sat there talking to himself or into a cell phone hook up, who knows nowadays. he drives away out exit onto Gravois but waves at me as he does. I decide to go to pick up window instead. Guy at window is ordering for me,got my $ out. the grey truck comes back again a few minutes later and is in same lot i first saw him now to my left. shouts "need a ride?" this guys a real idiot. i ignore him and he drives away again out same exit on gravois rd. he waves and smirks. they then tell me they are open its just that door was locked .

So, i go in order and some high school kids are behind me, all boyz. dressed in that awful fake punk rock style all teh suburban kids love to wear-without being real punk rockers, of course.
like usual boyz their age they are as rowdy as kids from 'nice' homes can be. yes, they were dressed like punks but they were VERY concerned about locking the doors becuz "we are in st. louis". probly mommy and dadda's vehicle. Real Sid V's they were. Where's yer Nancies? oh, yes, you guys are too goofy to have girlfriends. and dont ya know when i walked out after eating i saw in reflected in the glass them making fun of me, the way i walked becuz hey, though beat down looking, only death will destroy these hips and this bone structure babies!
so i turn around and give them the bird they dont even derserve to be graced with from me and the snickering begins. i leave and from outside ask them where are their girls, or are they just alone...together...AGAIN tonight. etc, etc.

i leave and record the incidents and it occurs to me how, with the internet, how hard it is to disern who knows what from where. young punk kids, especially males trveling in a pack are traditoinally obnoxious. so who's to say it wasnt just thier usual behavior. (but i thought they were worried about st. louis? hopefully some gangbangers will do more than break into thier car,
maybe they'll mess with the wrong girlfriend of someone...real soon. yes MO is sexism and racism central and ILL thinks their the shit, but back home in my yankee home town, young men have girls to hang out with...and its a city so...J in the B? oh, how exciting!) i wonder if mom and pop know they are out being a-holes to women whilst being afraid of blacks. I hope a big black woman kicks thier as so they can get the double dose of justice they so obviously need.

I take down their Chevy red/maroon lic plate (ILLinois, g52 8170). they drive by me at the bustop and smile and laugh as they drive by. are they jelous like girls, or what? do they wish they WERE girls? is it cuz they cant GET girls or is it, oh, the usual problems at home dear?

just little punk kids, prob, but the psycho in teh grey truck- THAT was a perp. they have been trying to pick me up like that since my lawsuit against that total criminal corp.
entrapment, MOST distasteful i might add. either that or they had me mixed up with 'crazy Rachel'.
'crazy' Rachel is this cheap criminal who cant stay out of jail but regularly stays out of rehab. if i remebered her last name it i'd put the little scumbag on Whosarat, considering she's one of the biggest and long lasting in her area. her common law husband died a few years back and, well i'm glad i attended teh funeral. its one of the things thats kept me alive for so long. all his family standing around saying "he's at peace now" and yer just looking at them, realizing they are the ones who mistreated him his whole life to make him a mess. Its SO insulting. take some responsibilty why dont you. emotional responsibility.

i cant wait til santa brings me a camera. perp portaits all around.

Chevy truck , maroon or red ,Illinois plates g52 8170 .