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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

More Manipulation In The Interest Of Being Controlled By The System..Not My Own Will

I find if I do something charitable I feel the effects of.the gang stalking and pain /suffering subsides.

This must have been what was the purpose of hitting me hard and very loudly with "Serve humanity".. which is unusual but St Louis was wired to kill or severely torture anyway.

I was going to help people anyway by becoming a councelor. This system of totally destroying someones potential, talents and lowering their intelligence then guilting and blaming them til they feel humiliated, helpless alone and without recourse THEN only 'rewarding' them when they give to others or caretake people is totally unethical and if its not it should be illegal. Who do they think they are trying to beat and guilt a person down who wanted to help people to begin with?

Fuckin manipulative and this system will get no cooperation from me until that expose is written. THEN if I do service work with other human beings I can always point to that book and show that I am doing so upon my own Will not the Will of the state.

surrounded by people who support the gang stalking system

The main these thing that's so destructive to the TI is the gaslighting and dishonesty.

The public insist on referring to this person as stupid or other negative labels but refuse to tell the TI the truth.

Lately the ploy seems to be to keep crazies and distractions around me like at the day drop in I go to. People who I am friendly with are people who know.the truth about some portion of my story and act like they don't.

The woman I currently hang out with knows something as she's commented in the past that money makes the world go round in connection to my situation. Like payoffs have kept me alive and protected.

She often talks nonsense or gibberish to me or talks at unopportune moments when Im busy doing something.

All of this is what helps keep the TI down in their emotional and spiritual prison.

People seem to continue what the system started and keeping simple facts and truths from the person is the way to do that.

It also seems like this may be a collective ploy as part of behavior modification to get me to.go to UMass. They figure I'll get so sick of stupidity and low quality people that I will seek a better life or class of people in reaction to this.

But I was going to go to UMass anyway back in 2004 or so. What, I needed to be brain damaged first? I needed to be beaten down and have my health compromised? What now I am ready becuz there is little remnance or memory of internal programming? Yeah there's also little remnance of my high intelligence or amazing recall ability either.

I will not enter college under THEIR conditions nor will I enter school as a beat down 40 year old when I was supposed to enter college as a bright, brilliant smart multi talented 34 year old.

This is all part of the cover up. They continue to insist on THEIR version of reality which is false and leaves me completely without recourse or vegence and the system and the public without consequences.

They destroyed any chance I had left to excersise my artistic talent as well as my intelligence and years of life experience.

They screwed me up very badly. Now the gs system and the public at this level I am being held down at against my Will seem to keep persisting that a cover story or false version of reality be perpetuated and sealed firmly in place once again to exonerate the guilty and keep me down at an 'average' level below my true capacity for life.

Laura, Mitt Romney's family member and ex girlfriend of Jakes childhood friend, while I was in that hostel in St Louis made it perfectly clear that whoever is part of this system, their job is to continue to keep me down and keep me from my true achievement levels. My mother always did that and other people throughout my life have been clear in their actions to this end. Scott told me right to my face this entire systematic control was to keep me down.

And its plain that is indeed the truth.

I refuse to attend college without proper justice being served on those who ruined my health and my life or at least an expose documenting such events.

And these lowlifes and social services jealous nobodies can be in on this all they want. The only reason I would go to UMass is to assist with the expose. Im sure once I enrolled there would be a million distractions and gs activity to side track me.
No TI targeted from birth can account for the motives behind the harassment that seems constant.

The way most TIs are treated, tortured to death really no one believes this.could really be happening.
That this many people could be involved in this much covert warfare.

Tonight I had two rude people and the way my life is and has always been I simply don't notice anymore. And due to my being so severely beaten in past few years I have had to condition myself to not react. This has been done on purpose so that I would become this mello.accepting person.

They terrorize and torture you then they try to make you react. The more you don't react the more you are behavior modified to accept being harrassed.
No one wants to help Survivors of mind control programming not just becuz they themselves are afraid of being targeted but no one seems to want to admit to the existence of the international interconnected system. People just write us off as sacrifices to their elite and authorities. We are simply not as important or impressive as they.

In a way the public who largely cosign this entire operation decade after decade, are protecting their elite and leaders as we, their creations, are capable of not only exposing them but knowing they way they operate and think.

It seems like the majority of people know about mc slavery and their only attempt to assist victims or Targeted Survivors is to help the system beat the person down until all the anger is out of the Survivor, their intelligence is lowered and they accept their lost status and position in society and their own lives
American society seems to completely accept this. Which means all the progress in science and tech in the world hasn't evolved man one bit;
society still readily accepts slavery.

They still accept human sacrifices to their gods.

They join in with the enslavers in creating slaves, controlling them and then destroying them.

This is all done systematically so that The People can have a high quality Without mind control slavery there would be no such quality of life. People know.this and willingly or not go along with targeting and oppressing mind control Survivors.

Its unbelievable the amount of people nationwide involved in helping to destroy a Targeted Survivor, its equally as astonishing how many people turn around and shy away in fear knowing what people are doing to that person.

No one cares becuz no one will stand up against the system that creates mind controlled slaves. Most people seem to enjoy taking part in destroying or.controlling the person. And very few people are there to help.

People just turn away or live in denial. No one will do anything about this.

The public are worthless becuz they fully support a minority of.human beings being tortured and enslaved and then tormented to death in the end.

My mother warned me that no one would care and she was speaking from the voice of life experience.

Humans are greedy selfish animals and they will never evolve beyond that.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just Stared Perp Car Out Of Area

ZipCar: the choice of perps in cities nationwide!

What are they hoping to hear by parking outside. They've been doing this for years. It has really interfered with my whole life- health, everything.

Cuz you can sense the recieving party's reactions and KNOW yer being either listened to or watched. Its one of the gang stalking factors that's kept me.from my own life for years. I can't get a laywer, take care of my health or do anything outside the bare minimum due to sensing some idiot is observing whn im in certain settings.

And these guys usually seem amused or pleased by what they observe. Im seriously tired of being a barbie doll or whatever they percieve. It is one of.the major ways.they subvert the Will.

There's got to be a way to observe someone without interfacing or having them sense.your presence and reactions.

I can't focus on myself if im always focusing on the often present Other.

And no paranoia accusations becuz I have too much cred with this considering my family, my former associates and that MK Ultra connection through my.mother.

I am such a credible TI they've work very hard to make me go off or act erratic or discredit me.

'Hugger'Mark from NA spoke of my suspicions that Jake and some crowd of his might be either filming my apartment or spying in some way: "Well, its not hurting you". But indeed it has hurt me for years on end now.

And being under mind control via outside sources like tech and stalking/harassment as well as internally deprogramming made it impossible to grasp the situation as reality.

They really know how to handle and exploit mind control Survivors.

And who'd have thought that NA would have such a nasty pedophile ring in it they would have to protect so vehemently?

Any woman who.rejected men like Mark and his hugs or other advances was tormented.

Im sure all those assholes think they got away with all of it.

NWO Here Now/Cold War Spooks Go Private Sector

Interestingly, being targeted as of now very much resembles having one's chip turned off in this vid. This is what it would be like to be marginalized out of society in a microchipped society.

Except they couldn't call you crazy and deny what they've done to you then. By then it wont matter.

And people are totally brainwashed now. Its hopeless. The very fact that all social services places I frequent have little or no sympathy for Targeted Individuals who are political targets, many with cover stories, shows that we are now in dire straits. It seems that any and all true activism, dissent or humanitariansim has been replaced with people who support the system. I've had to learn the very hard way that the social services sphere is nothing like it was from the 70's to the 90's. The people working in these places no longer resemble the people who worked in this field in the 90's. The system has taken control of these resources and the college kids who intern these jobs are NOT rebellious or questioning the system. They are at best PC conformists to a Liberal Leftist agenda which nowadays means Obama and forced Diversity and that angle on conditioning. Im saying that it seems there are no truly anti establishment people left in that field nor on either political side. You can no longer trust Liberals or Democrats.r

This may explain why:

It seems that post Cold War covert operatives have moved into outsourcing companies for the corporate agenda.
So corporations did take over and they are ensuring their power is total by using govt trained skilled and talented covert operatives to do so. Also there seems to be a trend to ensuring that everything works towards an agenda of the national interest.
By purposefully ignoring TIs social services workers are cosigning everything they claim to be against.

I personally have learned that anything concerning the homeless services cannot be trusted and is infiltrated by people who are now totally controlled by the system. During my being targeted they KNEW I was being harassed etc and even told me so, but would write it off by saying "You're a very smart woman, you'll figure this out"..which from that point in 2006 led to years of travel with little money, my compensation from Olnick was instead of being used for my health was spent on hotel rooms and running from harassment. I was poisoned, dosed, followed, harassed, abducted terrorized kept on the run for years, was almost murdered and barely escaped suicide. My health had been destroyed and all future oportunities taken from me.
That is what the homeless social services people helped do to me.

In this situation the way the system is set up there is nowhere for a targeted person to go for help or safety.

To go underground with subculture scenes is the only option and that is detrimental to writing books or being productive. From my experience those scenes are also infiltrated to a lesser extent.

No one seems to care anymore about anything. Its like I've been posting all along and like the vid says- the people have been so trauma based mind controlled that they now gladly just plug in and tune out.

True dissidents, even people like myself who have been grossly mistreated with legit legal issues, are just ignored.

What happened to me covertly is exactly what happened to someone who gets abducted, isolated from support or council, detained and tortured. And people are systematically ignoring me as a way of dealing with that.

There is in place now a covert version of this. The chips will make it overt but it doesn't seem to matter. People are being trained to accept covert destruction of people now so bringing it in overtly will be easy.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Important Note To Women In Thier 30's

I suspected this a long time ago but its becoming more obvious this is a very important motivation for targeting women in thier 30's especially Survivors of high level trauma based mind control programming. Which is a very specific kind of Targeted person. Also known as 'mind controlled slaves'.

My personal experience has been that once I entered my early 30's and deprogrammed the gang stalking system basically just abducted me into the system, terrorized me constantly, did many things to destroy my mental faculties, lower my intelligence, destroy my sanity and my health.

Also having Hep C and being exposed to mycotoxins long term, has a tendency to bring on early menopause. Its documented in medical literature. Ill link it later.

This system of destruction seems very well practiced, precise and accurate. It has elements that tell me its ancient but now they have tech and progress in science.

I have aged, and any pre menopausal state I am in has become a living hell and much more difficult than it would have been had I not been targeted. Its made exiting my years as a young woman or estrogen rich years horrible as well as its made my transitional phase one faced alone, in a world I have discovered is based on human's strong horomonal states in youth.

This is a large part of the disconnection and going crazy women experience when 'going through the change', Targeted women specifically. And I dont come from a family that is supportive or informative, not in detail. This society is not supportive either and to be honest, women's liberation in some ways has made it so women are expected to be strong LIKE MEN all the time not like women. And this is my biggest complaint about feminism in America anyway- its very reactionary and women are imitating men in alot of ways due to having no true reflection of thier own identy as WOMEN in a patriarchial society.

I now understand as well that certain women, very much definition of WOMAN, are targeted with a destructive psychological warfare campaign to ensure that they never reach full potential as they would have in a matriarchial society or at least a pagan society.

I was right all along about my experiencing increasing levels of psychic energy. So this system is not in strictly in the interest of naional security but an attack on women to enter a natural state.

Which means we may be able to come up with laws based on interfering with a right to exist or some sort of interference with something based on nature's normal processes they are preventing.

Yeah, national MALE security.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Many posts Good ones. oh and Britian will only fund research in the national interest. The Big Society

Here's something else too:
Academic Fury Over Order to Study the Big Society

Seems that Britain academics are going to only have research funded if it serves the national interest. This is what makes Britain such a great gauge for these kinds of things. They dont fill thier people's heads with childish notions of religious motivations or terrorists- they just lay down oppression in an outright manner, end of story. Pretty much the same way they always have.

More In Her Middle Finger Than You Will Have In A Lifetime

If only pious idiot judges would go after corruption in the private sector and certain parts of government, they wouldn't need to partake of such diversions as chasing naughty little girls around. Nor have to pander to the closet perverts and jealous fat/old bitches in this country who want to see such public executions.

These are the actions of a nation that will do anything to deny the plain truth that they enjoy pedophilia being marketed to them and their children as in many of Lohans earlier movies or especially Brittney Spears career.
Becuz when these VICTIMS OF A CLOSETED SICK SOCIETY don't want to deal with the normal natural reprocussions of being raised and marketed in su h a manner in one's youth begin to manifest themselves, America is quick to mob the human being.

America is terrified to face the truth about themselves. Embracing PC has placed the country in an awkward position where they cant afford to admit they dont actvely practice what they preach. Partaking in old fashioned ignorant behavior such as this is probably considered a luxury by a society with such.false morality.

And yes, the country is totally f*cked, way more mentally ill than Lohan will ever be and yes, the journalist who now resides in CA and France is probably targeted.

Fuck You indeed.

Monday, April 25, 2011

How Important Activism Is Snuffed Out By Psychological Manipulation

There is absolutely NO reason why nuclear power should be aligned with the Green Movement. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

This is exactly what I mean by ending the 90's which was populated by so many Gen Xers who grew up with parents who had 60's values and were activists. The 'forgetting' of anti-nuke or No Nukes movement is simply due to manipulation over the long term.

Humans are very easy to brainwash and control and persuade. People dont like to believe this is true, but the keep to being as wise as serpents is to realize that you are human, you are in a mammalian body, social creatures and very suseceptible to being manipualted- then you can know your limitations and be realistic about being decieved.

Nuclear power, waste and the creation of nuclear anything has not changed since it was found to be dangerous to human health. What has changed is THE PERCEPTIONS of those dangers and in the good ol intelligence world its known as PERCEPTION MANAGEMENT. The idea that nuclear power could be green is clinically insane. But humans historically run thier civilizations like insane beings anyway. Just becuz we have science does not mean that we are using it wisely. The greatest danger to humanity is not science itself its the greed that runs businesses. People are animals that run with the dollar. Greedly people want to make money and the often dont care about the consequences to other people or even to themselves. Whey they dont see the danger to thier OWN eminent survival I will never ever understand. Perhaps having so much money makes one feel..impervious to destruction.

The reality is that the very wealthy can afford to purchase science for thier personal use in the form of gaining shielding from the reprecussions of natural or man made disasters. Soon if not now even, they can live underground or go to live on the already built and scientist occupied space station. Mars is a future possibility, there are little models of future life on Mars around Harvard Sq in Cambridge where I stay frequently. Its already on thier minds and there are already steps to make these things a reality.

This means that the extremely wealthy dont have to worry about such things..which means that they will partake in large scale deceptions such as nuclear power being Green. Becuz they dont have to care about the repricussions of those lies. If its not green it turns out in the end- they have the means to live on with little interruption whereas common people may have trouble getting food, healthcare or water. And they made thier money to insure their survival by either directly being involved in the deception or perception management concerning such things or by cooperating with such industries within thier profession or industry.

The environment is not getting any better. Cleaning up some emissions in selected countries is not enough. Humans have not changed the way thier live or their consumer cultures. The invention of plastic in itself is dangerous and completely irresponsible. And you think thats solved by recycling?! Again ridiculous.

The only hope is that humans are inventive, creative and resilient. Also Nature tends to evolve human bodies to adapt to new conditions but that happens over such long term I dont know if it could help.

One other theory is that all this destruction of the natural environment is going to create a need for bio technologies such as fusing man with machine to be able to survive a climate that becomes uninhabitable to our mammalian bodies. More money to be made.

The reason that they snuff movements like this out or PHASE them out which is what was done basically is that conservation and stopping money making industries is just not acceptable. However, creating new industries to help assist with the messes made by the originally destructive industries sounds like a money makers dream, which is of course the kinds of people you are dealing with in very powerful positions or in large numbers in business and industry.

However, the worst insult is not the damage done to humans physically or otherwise as we are all going to die someday anyway. Its in being duped into believing such things when it might be less alarming to just accept that these are bs tactics in order to get you to peacefully accept and live with being in a constant state of manipulation from industry.

I personally cant stand cheap drama, which is what people seem to get with terror alerts in red like during Bush or after Japans tsunami. Unfortunately, alot of human beings especially in America, have this penchant for childish teen age type addiction to drama as opposed to actually living in reality like an adult. Why this is I dont know but its one of the things that many more European spirited Americans like myself has trouble with in the USA making us feel as if we belong back in the homelands of 100 years ago and coming here wasnt such a good idea for our ancestors.

But these problems are world wide now due to globalization as well as America pushing its culture of mindlessness, childishness, dumb down, agro and expendability all over the globe.

The only remedy is critical thinking and avoiding falling into traps DESIGNED to suck you in.

Just look at it like much of what yer told is a con. That should make life alot easier.

THANK YOU and respect out to all those "aging hippies" who stood by thier original values and know what is important and stuck with it even though the offending industries have created a new tactic where lies are somehow believed as true instead of just old fashioned rejection of dissidents. Getting the public to believe that nuclear power is green has to be a great trick and the brainwashing system in place now is very sophisticated. Thank you for keeping the stations manned.

Funding For 'Gang Stalking'/ Covert Ops

"Wilson soon discovered that all of the CIA's budget and 40 percent of the Pentagon's budget is 'black,' hidden from the public and even from Congress. As a member of the defense subcommittee, he could arrange to have virtually any amount of money added to whatever black project he supported. So long as Wilson did favors for other members on the subcommittee, such as supporting defense projects in their districts, they would never object to his private obsessions."
"The CIA "bluebloods" fired Avrakotos in the summer of 1986, and he retired to Rome. Wilson became chairman of the Intelligence Oversight Committee, at which time he wrote to his CIA friends, "Well, gentlemen, the fox is in the hen house. Do whatever you like." After retiring from Congress in 1996, he became a lobbyist for Pakistan under a contract that paid him $30,000 a month. Meanwhile, the United States lost interest in Afghanistan, which descended into a civil war that the Taliban ultimately won. In the autumn of 2001, the United States returned in force after Al Qaeda retaliated against its former weapon supplier by attacking New York and Washington. The president of the United States went around asking, "Why do they hate us?" "
"Crile knows a lot about these matters and presents them in a dramatic manner. There are, however, one or two items that he appears unaware of or is suppressing. For the CIA legally to carry out a covert action, the president must authorize a document called a finding."

Organized crime of course, has a budget that is black though they probably have front organizations/businesses and ways to launder money.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Electromagnetic Pollution and The Fantastic Collective Death Fantasy

This is definitely the most important issue of recent history. I often have wondered if pollution is a major reason for unrest the world over. How can humans be happy or satisfied if they don't feel good..or are hungry.

This modern world we have created has always been in many ways prison like and unhealthy for the human body. In many ountries we've taken only half measures in creating livable man made or false environments. Third world countries. What would they be like if no man made civilization were there at all?

And in countries like the US in urban areas nowadays if you aren't rich enough to live in a building with very clean central air you're going to experience some form of pollution thats obvious and potentially damaging especially in older cities like Boston.

When I go through parts of the midwest my body registers that the environment there is similar to what it was in the in and around the Boston area when I was a child during the 70's.

MA is very polluted. On truck rides drivers point out dead trees in swampy areas and inform me that some company dumped there and those trees are not.gonna grow back.

No one in expensive, prestigious Cambridge wants to admit this but after winter one can smell the mold coming from old buildings especially the basements.

Its one of the main reasons I have become overweight and unhealthy staying here this year. It seems that educated people know better about protecting their health. My ex's parents who were teachers from Newton made all the right moves life long everything from living in a clean area to avoiding metal fillings, taking right supplements and even putting their him in a school in Weston when inner city kids were going to integrate into the local school system. (African American inner city populations are notorious for parasitic diseases but only educated people seem hip to this. Studies have proven it.)

My maternal family never wanted to face the reality that Waltham near Weston where my great grandfather built the house my gandmother will die in, had over the years become an enviromental nightmare. Poloroid, rt.128 industrial and technology center, 128 highway itself being built right near the house, and various smaller companies that polluted frequently. My grandmother had her lice threatened and had to sign a gag order due to whistle blowing on some.sort of green goo bubbling up in the ground down the street where some weird containment thingies were down Stow St. My lungs were burned one night when a company at the end of the street had some sort of line break. The ER doc said it was similar to a burn from severe exposure to bleach, the next day it was in the papers. My family ignored it and wrote my claims off as nothing even though I had the newspaper story and corroberating medical evidence.

This is the often common attitude of common people, lower to middle class people who live on denial and insulate themselves with false pride.

They should have moved out when Poloroid moved in. Uneducated people often know something is wrong but can't defend themselves properly. And an old fashioned attitude encourages us to be tough and walk through fire.

Becuz the effects of pollution are long term, often unseen and take study to detect it seems that it isn't bothering humans but it is.

On top of all that their house that was wonderfully kept up had a basement that regularly flooded. My g-grandfather built it so it had little holes for drainage on the sides and somehow you could never see the mold. And they keep dehumidifiers down there but I suspect after 100 years of flooding its produce mold somehow.

Since 9-11 and the Bush era the world seems to have abandoned its obsession with the enviroment and denial of global warming being due to man made pollution has only subconsciously discredited environmentalists further.

Even in the late 90's activists were represented as elitists, hippies, weirdos, fanatics or dumb naive kids.
After 9-11 Earth First! got pulled off the shelves of the local health food co op, probably they were considered terrorists in this new hostile climate of mass hysteria. Other countries live with terrorism regularly..the point is they continue to LIVE. More than anything else, our egos were bruised and our power trip interrupted. To this day America refuses to accept that 9-11 was either a very large scale conspiracy by a world wide military industrial complex, especially here to avoid being downsized after the Pentagon's missing 2.3 TRILLION or simply due to motives as claimed by terrorists: foriegn policy favoring, assisting and covert ops on behalf of Israel.
Neither of these motives is accepted nor even considered by your average American. And within this environment of newfound patriotism (hardcore avoidance and denial) one is never to question anything that makes America rich, powerful or high in supposed 'quality of life', becuz that would be giving terrorists...somehow.

So the environment is not only out of fashion now as an issue to care about its off limits basically. Yes people speak of going green etc but in the past there was challenges to change the basic way we lived as well as deeply consider pollution as the main enemy to humanity.

The events of the last decade and a half have permanently diverted society from these ideals and goals.

Japan's nuclear disaster doesn't phase us at all it seems. We have become numbed..the entire country is akin to a trauma victim that never reported or dealt with the issue and still occasionally has to encounter their abuser, who has made sure they left behind a permanent system of silencing their victim.

The continued intimidation of America in order to protect the abusers from the Bush era is still firmly in place.

Now we have more electromagnetic pollution than ever and the tech gadget industry is creating more plastic disposable objects than ever before. And the turn over rate for tech is very fast; if it doesn't break it becomes obsolete.

Any consideration or mention of this is considered living in the past: the 90's basically. The culture has been terrorized and traumatized as a treatment for facing reality. People actually behave as if those problems simply went away. Gone with the 20th century. Now, science will cradle us as if in god's hands and save us from a future of destruction. Science and technology.

People have been beaten down basically with varying forms of domestic terrorism and put in place are systematic methods of terror and control, diversion.
Everything from the effects of electromagnetic pollution to systematic virgin rapes in Scandinavia, terrorism, higher cost of living, forced Diversity and Political Correctness covering for reverse racism and race issues used to cover for class wars or oppression.

As well as the targeting and destruction of individuals who were or are a threat to the agenda of mass mind control of humanity via varying means, some I mentioned.

Electromag pollution is a major problem and no one knows this better than someone who whose worst years being targeted were living in a building with multiple cell phone repeaters one floor above me on the roof.

I am so messed up, so sensitive that I can only write this due to it being a Sunday and a holiday-both of which seem to provide relief from the effects of being exposed and targeted in the metropolitan Boston area.

I cannot readily defend myself or get a lawyer or even remember simple tasks in a To Do list if inside limits, which I need to be in to have access to resources for living and for activism.

The poor seem to suffer more and benefit less in relation to this situation: they can't afford to aquire the full benefits of the technologies but they suffer the most due to said system of technologies.

So what's new? Its perfect: deniability, a cover story that makes money for other industries (big pharma, psychiatry) and a diversion introduced that is anchored in people feeling safe in their well as not wanting to be percieved as.terrorist sympathetizers.

People like me are an example of the results of corruption within the modern or 'New World Order' system. The system of world wide mind control is so strong now that humanity may never recover from its grasp.

And this idea of there having to be a change that will cause great destruction and cleanse or renew the earth is so typical of CULT MIND CONTROL.

Many cults have been documented to end this.way, from Jonestown to Branch Dividians to those tech guys who their testicals, slipped into jogging.suits and committed suicide in order to catch a ride on a passing comet.

These events- this predicament is unecceassy and was avoidable. When we die from.radiation or pollution or supposed natural disaster or from some major catastrophe we will be dying for the rich and powerful who only benefit from the destruction of this planet.

Those that speak the truth and resist cult mind control will be targeted and oppressed for life.

Passing into the 21st century I am considered a relic from.the.past. left behind with a past era and sensibility. Which is not necessary and is merely more brainwashing.

The people you are allowing to destroy your health, your environment and your true quality of life already have their sights set on Mars or other alternatives.

They could care less about you than any other of the 'useless eaters'.

Overpopulation could be handled by being realistic with people and having limits on births. All sorts of sane things could be done to help with difficulties now but they as usual choose exploitation instead and going out in some holy blaze of glory.

That is not quality of life but it is a fantastic death fantasy that they have us all cult mind controlled into.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rapes In US Military Reflect The Abuse Of Female And Male TIs

This article is VERY revealing. It tells me that the harrassment I have been getting for these many years sounds very much like a typical military attitude and approach to women.
A female soldier considered a "whore" becuz she had a boyfriend and not a.husband?! The military will only allow women to be percived as a bitch, a ho or a duke?? 71% sexually assaulted? What is this b*llshit?

These are the people running the country now? Well it explains gs in part and it explains the social climate of the country presently, and since Bush when this well funded monster was let loose on our country and many parts of their culture have trickled down obviously.

It sounds like constant psy warfare on the women. What I don't understand is why these women have not done what women usually do in these situations historically: ban together silently, plot, scheme and plan to defend themselves from males and even punish any offenders. It seems that taking away female culture from days of old and replacing it with equality or superwomanhood -having it all, has left women without Nature's original survival instincts.

THIS must be why I got so targeted for talking about creating a west point type institution for women only and training them by women only.
It must scare the shit out of these types of men to even imagine such an invention.

So the military just let's women in and still keeps a strangle hold on the culture. Its their world you just serve in it..hmph.

This must be why gang stalkers who are female are so ridiculous..they have actually internalized these men's attitudes and perceptions.

It seems my friends we are indeed dealing with a very dangerous enemy. One that most likely sees nothing wrong with mind control slavery if the female is from a bad home or if the women in the family are percieved as 'whores'.

I wonder what they thought of my grandmother back in the Marines?

And this is a faction who's actions are validated by claiming they want to help establish equality for oppressed women in Muslim countries.

Don't count on society dismissing me as merely mentally ill forever. Becuz now I have much more to be pissed about.

Finally some actions that count:

That is such a gang stalking move isn't it? To be told they lost your panties for evidence in a rape trial but then to receive a call telling you to come pick them up at the investigative office. That is exactly the kind of sh*t that perps do especially during Bush.

This also validates for me alot of the sexual content of the abuse of me via tech, most brutal during Bush as well as this delivery system used for rape as part of behavior modification. As well as the behavior modification used in an attempt to make me over into Pollyanna Pureheart type woman.

This also validates an especially brutal time frame here in Boston where I was hit hard with something that kept me paralyzed, forced my vulva to flower and swell while sitting and then repeated over and over loudly and clearly "Men rule the world" and tapered off with "don't ever forget that"..
Its best I could and I know I posted it after it happened.

It also fits in nicely with twice being around military bases and feeling heated up and hit with tech, being informed that I was The Whore of Babylon and in the northwest it was some fascination with my being a true warrior but it definately revolved around sex and a military cult like approach to warrior women and sex.

I can imagine guys like this differentiating between simply fellow female soldiers and what they consider something more elite.

However the arrogance and the beat downs, the abductions by whole groups of perps on buses and tinkering with my programming in one of those abductions is a bit much. Also many times after such a perp group session after everyone went into the bus station they'd have these seductive little kids come hang all over me and I would pull away or parade a little boy in front of me.
This would be the Satanic end of the military involvement, especially considering I had to deal with the likes of Eddie Cox from Cajun Louisiana on one such bus trip showing me pics of his 'little princesses' on his cell phone.

He's supposedly a COS member. Once again the trail goes from Satanic factions to the military. Aquino, MindWar all of it.

There is the answer to the sensible question 'why don't they find these people and arrest them?'. Who's going to mess with this kind of power structure?


I think i've posed.this before, that perhaps gang stalking is exempt from law becuz its done by such companies who are not subject to law as govt is.

Taxdollars are used to train these people who their expertise into the private sector, to make private contractors rich as well as to fight in wars made possible by tax dollars.

The Pentagon's missing 2.3 trillion

I finally found references for that money I keep mentioning that went missing from budget.

Didn't realize that 9-11 started soon afterwards, basically destroying any chances of making a change as Rumsfeld wanted to attempt.
It explains why the systems been so nasty in keeping the official line just the way they like it.

Here is an interesting theory from

TIs have seen with their own eyes that this money goes into gang stalking..that explians how they rent entire Greyhound buses and have vehicles more posh and jacked up than I've ever seen anywhere. It also explains their legions of footsoldiers and the tech I've experienced.

Its ridiculous what already exists as far as interfacing with the human mind. These people are not good they are as f*cked up as I have ever experienced a human being to be...and I had previously had experience with some dark souls.
The perps are totally out of control. It doesn't matter that I don't know the exact faction responsible. Enough evidence makes it clear that this faction is up to no.good,is in the business of killing for profit and their record of human.experimenation speaks for itself.

Damn...that's alot of money to argue with. Yeah...these people are totally in charge now. Screwed..we are totally screwed. And the American public.just seem ignorant or totally compliant.

Well, this at least tells me that after I get that book or story out on internet, I can pretty much frickin retire to not caring about any worldy affairs afterwards.

Let em all drop in whatever insane population lowering scheme these madmen have in mind. Whatever is all I can say. I've had enough of the 21st century already. I just want to fulfill my obligations and go hide somewhere the modern world hasn't found profitable or hip yet.

Privacy Concern Smart Phones

I've known this for years. The cops at D14 in Brighton used to mess with my phone when I'd go by the station. It would always turn analog and stop working..this is back in 2003 or 2004 when certain models could still switch.
I can sense this by the way certain things go now with this phone. But its better than Virgin Mobile, who are total perps and belelieve me I have just cause to say that. You should have heard the guy at Virgin when I said I wanted to take my number and leave them. He was African American and I could hear in his voice he was pisses as hell. The power was being taken away.

Its well known among TIs that since 9-11 cops just have done as they please. Under the guise of police work of course.

They way they used the confusion of the war to cover destroying my life. What I still can't understand is if my mother is a victim of harassment connected to MK Ultra why would she turn on me on their behalf.

Ill never forget being in the D-14 police station and my mother being there...looking back the creepy vibe was gang stalking with a good dose of gaslighting.

This morning a statey and didn't think I saw him..I hope it was genuine anyway- he felt bad you can tell.
If it was genuine then it means there are many people left who are genuinely human. Its hopeful anyway.

To imagine that something so illegal and unethical could be pulled off under the guise of reforming a person or some other moral grounds. The amount of police and people in on this was and is astonishing.

The country is totally f*cked and real govt can only do so much.

Once Again Less Harassment During Holidays

The harrassment via remote influence seemed less yesterday and I realized its a holiday. So this weekend should be pretty easy as far as tech goes to terrorize me.

I feel as if psychic warriors or spies are still being used regularly however, to perhaps gauge the TIs mood and mental state, certainly as a means of control and continued management if the person.

Yes, it goes that far. It was more overt during Bush.

Hey, I can afford to admit this kind of thing. My mothers documented human experimentee connected to MK Ultra. Anything along the lines of building a super soldier or similar is possible.

Harrassment To Keep Me Away From My Past and Resources

Its amazing the way something political can be made into something so personal..or for it to seem that way.

Its definately harrassment to silence and discredit concerning MK Ultra and programming but it can be made to seem like other things related.

Its difficult to stay focused on the real issuess. Especially so staying in Cambridge. The air pollution, the use of tech to manage the population as well as the constant stream of gang stalking behavior and the fact its a familiar old stomping ground makes it very hard to resist being brainwashed. Even in just a few days. Whenever I go outside the city I feel the effects lift. Even just to a MBTA train stop where the tech seems to taper off.

This is.why Julie years ago warned me by saying she hasn't gone into the city since ...I think she inferred the fed investigation.

But with my situation it doesn't matter where I go I get harrassed anyway. So I figure I might as well stay where I can get resources.

Its also illegal and grossly unfair to create a police state where you use covert methods to keep certain factions out of the cities.

They want to make it appear its becuz i'm poor or immoral etc so its gang stalking to keep the riff raff out but that is nonsense considering how much riff raff there is in Central Sq and all over Boston. Cambridge uses heavy gang stalking to harrass anulyone unsavory out of East Cambridge and other sections.

They just don't want me to be able to get resources that will get my work done or to have any connection to my birthplace or recall all the harrassment in that area. Its certainly a way of obstructing justice certainly.

Big Nosed Perps..Which Cousin Is It?

Shuttle bus coming out of airport. Two men with noses so big and so curved that they had to be Middle Eastern. They looked like Arabs but with Jewish noses..Israelis? They were either messing with me becuz they genuinely think my.predicament is funny or they are perps sent locally to try to instigate a freakout from me.

I caught one of them smiling like a mocking asshole when looking in the windows reflection at me. He then looked at his friend as if to say..'hey look its that woman who everyone makes fun of who's life has been ruined'. His friend I think knew better and didn't want an explosive situation so kept rubbing his eyes...for way longer than normal. Like trying to avoid his friend.

I stared, got him to look, he lost the smirk, but then as I got out it returned. Same old hide from the TI yer making fun of them. As I walked from bus he regained his smirk. I gave him the finger and told them to have a nice flight back to Israel.
He of course got what he wanted from the reaction.

The bus ride too was strange..driver sang loudly and drove carelessly.

Either that TI was truly a perp and she blew my spot or Rachel told becuz its her spot too. I told two other people.

Either way it seems that i'm being gang stalked at a location not formely with alot of action..there was always action in a very specific area but the rest was peaceful.

The statey undercover car just rode by in a specific manner..telling me what I already know. Get out of here there's a trap afoot and there's gonna be a scene.

The most compelling perps, the most arrogant who seem to know the most are usually Middle Eastern, either seeming Arab or claiming they are from Isreal. Blacks are the most numerous but the Middle Eastern ones are by far the most arrogant in all my years of being harrassed. Yes..always men.

In San Diego a man working at the sunglasses hut cart in the downtown mall was also Middle Eastern and had the audacity to out of nowhere upon completing my purchase say goodbye by stating: "Try to stay out of trouble, Rachael". I did NOT tell this f*cked my name at any point.SD is very indifferent to poor people, I didn't converse with any local sales people.

There have been other instances of gs perps using this tactic to add to the brainwash that I am the one at fault and I am 'in trouble' opposed to the gs system being the aggressor in this ordeal.

Two cops in St Louis MO 2008 and one other..I can't place right now.

The Isreali perp in Kenmore seemed really freaked out that I understood the process of internal programming. But was totally how this could be.

Another in SD who was Arab greeted me on sight with "You arrre so smahrrt", so he knows the whole deal too.

I don't fully understand all that goes on but I gotta remember that the Middle East has ALOT to do.with what's going on right now..what's been going on since 2001.

Keep on smilin'..

Friday, April 22, 2011

Gang Stalking: The Hidden Factor

Economics of gang stalking.

In the Harvard CoOp few months ago. Looking over at shelves of books trying to explain economics, freakonomics. Self help section. Esotrica- card reading, astrology, past lives.
World Politics. Anthropology. Law.

I realized that all of these works are invalid. Meaningless.
Becuz nothing on those shelves takes into account covert warfare, black ops, psy ops, or 'organized stalking and harrassment' campaigns. This powerful unseen force plays a major role in forming the world we live in. It shapes our very reality and perceptions.

Even black market money, trade and commerce I am sure is accounted somewhere-in one of the more advanced and honest economics and law books. Even the billions 'misplaced' by the military is included in the economy somewhere on those shelves.

But rare is the work that includes the ways and means in which a world power's interests are marked, targeted, secured, worked on then protected by a covert system of torture, murder, spying, exploitation and dirty tricks.

I highly suspect the majority of those books on the shelves of the once truly prestiges Harvard CoOp would read very differently if such a major invisible factor.was included.

It would be as simple as switching your Windows settings to "show hidden files".

It sucks to know that without outside manipulations, technologies are neutral and can be used to reveal simple truths easily...that could cripple a nation or an entire world and it's agreed upon realities.

Ha. Ha.
McCain in war zone. Hurray for drones. Praise the drones. They use a market these to the public where the rebels need protection from from aggressors. Works out nicely doesn't it.

It always pisses when I see someone like Mcain on a humanitarian mission when TIs in their own countries domestically get treated so badly and are basically being either murdered or kept in prison.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Get Your Black And Red On..JeRRy, JeRRy!

This is why people fought so hard against Bush? And got pepper sprayed by fascist a-hole goons and shot with rubber bullets? Yeah, get yer black and red on. Its a black and red thing.

Frickin' joke. Only in America could revolutionary actions end up this way.
Even Democracy Now! anchors are wearing the combo.

I notice that the female lawyer in the Bulls On Parade 2007 vid that was such good example of fascism during Bush, is wearing the colors as well. Didnt notice it back then.

(4:54 is where the female lawyer is attacked by militant forces super high on Bush era unbridled power)

This poster has been seen around Boston on the trains and in stations for months now. Its creepy, obnoxious and manipulative:

There are those people who wear these colors becuz its instinctive. Born into it. Then there are those who wear these colors due to it being a fad, as its most likely gone viral and much of the general public just unconshusly wears these colors now as a fashion.

But there are those who wear these colors as part of a pathetic gang movement somehow tied into gangs and the Illuminati. And I have seen more kids and even old people thinking that wearing all red or black and red as part of gang activity. One young girl actually told me that it was a gang related thing lately and some people just wear it and are posers.

I saw few members of administration at Catholic Charities in San Diego wearing this color combo and believe me, I got messed with their within the context of gang stalking. Why are you sporting a color combo that indicates Luciferian connection if you are employed by the Catholic Church??WTF.

Unless yer a practicing Satanist or an RA Survivor or into Luciferian belief systems then there is not practical reason to take on these colors as a statement of power. The people that do are not gaining power from the source, they are gaining power from a group movement- cult mind control is what it is plain and simple. There is not real power in that, except what animals can provide via power in close knit numbers. And for those naturals out there who have an affinity for these colors and even may not understand why, these people into this fad dont register as kin. They register as infiltrators or posers trying to co opt and block the true ones at this time history.

Its to freak out certain Targeted Survivors of programming and TIs as well.

Tactics Used Around The Central Sq/MIT Area Lately-Maintaining The Target's Psychological Prison

Lately the gang stalking has been being maintined by a near constant stream of perps doing a modified version of checking their wallets and making sure I am focused on. Even if they have their wallets in their hands paying for something.

And people walking by me looking concerned or like they feel bad and nervous to walk by me.
Of course there is still head hanging as a ritualistic repetitive psychological warfare tactic but it is used less frequently now every day.

All these tactics are done by all genders and races but lately its been white YUPy types or student looking Caucasians.

Just like people hanging their heads I have now caught a few people looking back at someone or something after pulling the tactic of the very subtle anxious, feel bad mode upon passing or caught them looking back to see a reaction in me, so I now am sure its a tactic.

This is most likely to brainwash me to believe that my situation is fatal and the community has permanently rejecting me as well as is totallly and constantly skeeved out by me.

CVS Staff Central Sq Cambridge perp

Tall fat black kid works at night CVS in Central Sq Cambridge MA, the one I had trouble with before. PERP. Overt, no doubts. He messed with me in Wendys next door, probably walking out on the job again.

He pulls mysonginist racist crap like walking out whenever he feels like it to get coffee without telling his young white female coworker in photo and that he's doing so when she's the only one there. His manager is a male who could give a.shit less what his black homey does, cuz hey,regardless of race they're both men right?

Last month he left her alone with multiple people needing assistance on the floor and the store ground to a 15 min stand still that seemed to last forever.

One neighborhood left totally alone with three female pharmacisists and aisles of stock for potential to rob or steal in a shitty neighborhood. 15 or.20 min.

Calling other staff from upstairs didn't help as they took 15 mdownstairs downstairs.

When confronted with what he did all he could do was give one of those dumb smiles with a slight head roll to it and repeat "Tiger Woods baby".

Which in his pea brain somehow means his work ethic can suck and he can be a sexist idiot becuz a part African American is a golf champion. Or is he referring to Woods having his career ruined by being targeted.

Another total idiot who knows about gang stalking and takes part for a power trip.

Just thought everyone should know in case you're a TI in Cambridge.

Most likely local gang level I doubt if it goes any further than that.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This Blog= Perp Job Easier

I have had time to think and rest. After years of this and many perps of.the black local gangs variety coming into On The Rise I realize that this particular blog is basically used by perps to make their job easier.

Years ago I was so harrassed and naive that I gave it out to just anyone trying to get the word out.

People at Pine St had mentioned it years ago so I know local low level gs people read it.

That psycho from Womens Lunch Place, Lisa the crack head that so obviously used to perp me years ago when I first had to go homeless, who at WLP made it obvious she was in with the petty crime gang that hangs out there...
She has slithered into OTR where it was just so peaceful before..actually in last few months asshole after asshole has been streaming through there..all African American and all dressing in bright red or constant black and red combos..with perplike behavior towards me.

Staff simply recognizes them as 'trouble makers' but its more obvious than that.

And Lisa is still at it. I got a good dose of Directed Conversation today.

Too bad I can't fight due to health issues but when I am better well see what scrawny crack heads with big mouths can back up.
She's total trash..and braindamaged. Someone mentioned she messes with cops for.drugs so the kind of cop who would do that is our man for gang stalking and protecting local career criminals..or syndicates.

I also recently came to realize the public experiences this as a form of.voyuerism into severe abuse of an individual and doesn't really grasp it as politically motivated. Many do understand its connected to local powerful career criminals and cops and officials..but hey. Its America and specifically the northeast-they RESPECT that here much more than law.

More Fun With Fascism

Just saw one if.those k9s inaction. The dog is completely programmed, no brains of its own left at all.

Some idiot asked what kind if dog it was and mr fascist in his dark blues gave a.cold detached "a German shepard" in a typical exclusionary and elitist manner.
He himself is.most likely conditioned to a lesser degree than risk the now mindless mechanical l8.

The let the dog loose and the dog runs past the row of seats.
Then when he doesn't stop mr.fascist makes it obvious and pulls him in and leashes him in front of everyone he just whisked by he and his robot dog silently walk away.

Firstly with all the corruption I have seen this is a joke.

Secondly, its psychological intimidation the way its done and its what is known as false security which TSA and related services under the umbrella of Anti Terrorism Joint Taskforce has gotten past criticism for.

False security is when a show of power is intimidation but doesn't really provide any real security.

Such as military dressed men with automatic weapons in a train station as in the event of them using such weapons it would be more dangerous to crowds to begin with.

The idea of an unleashed dog trained to kill or maim another human being running past me is not comforting.

This might be reaching a little and perhaps the dog does catch.drug runners in this manner but we all know they never catch the big guys on purpose.

Nowadys they just want to make sure that drug lords don't mess with any gifts that's all.

So these actions are really for the purpose of keeling the military industrial complex in business as well as security services. Every emporer knows to keep the guard paid to a avoid a take over, which cleverly hasn't happened overtly politically here but via economically through the military industrial complex.

Also this is to condition the American public not only to become used to constant surveillance but in future probably the replacement of robots to do the same task as mr fascist and his dog.

Manufactured of course by the mitary industrial complex.
Get those contracts and keep on shinin..

Becuz its all bullshit anyway.

And instead of releasing such a dog on real drug dealers...only people like me get targeted for political and personal reasons of those in power becuz the point isn't really to solve crime, its to crush rebellion or exposure of an unnecessary police state.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crime Ring Canada Similar Formula To Silence Victim Witnesses

Sounds like gang stalking type activity.

With every similar example we TIs find we can see that in every instance some sort of crime is going on and the people who are being intimidated are victim-witnesses or whistle blowers.

Its the same or similar formula repeatedly.

What is amazing is the denial and ignorance of society.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Production of Human Psychic Energy or Orgone Supressed By Targeting With Technologies

I have experienced that human electromagnetic fields or energy produced by human beings- psychic energy, is being interfered with by the man made electromagnetic energy fields.
In other words this:

Is interfering with the energy or meditative state one might feel when listening to this:

Usually when I listen to this vid I get a very heavy energy field or feeling of heavy energy blanketing my being or and physical body. My third eye area or pineal/pituitary gland area also becomes very present and strong.

I have experienced a direct interference in this process from WiFi being present. And I am not saying its merely electromag pollution. Its not a disease either so give that up, as there is a faction trying to deny its a disease as school children get sick at school with wi-fi and are better when not in school in certain areas. Its not a disease or allergy to begin with. Its simply more POLLUTION that has been proven to be bad for humans.

It wasn't so bad when cell phones started in the 90's to have towers everywhere. Some effects were noticed. Now however on top of military and industrial heavy duty electromag pollution there is wi fi everywhere as well as many more cell towers. I have not done my research as to be able to differentiate between electromagnetism, microwaves and wi fi or if they are all the same thing. I'll work on that. But I know that there is a difference between mere electromagnetic pollution and targeting individuals with electromagnetic energy or microwave weapons.

I have experienced a purposeful repression of the psyche and body's reaction mentioned above, produced by say this meditative music video, by what seemed like remote influence technologies specifically where there was a wi fi unit as above. I have also experienced this on a subway and in other locations.

This seems to be part of a multi faceted effort to destroy or weaken human psychic ability or production of vril or orgone- life force.

If you doubt certain people can be targeted using cell towers to carry microwaves:

Sunday, April 17, 2011

And dont worry you meager morons. When in So Cal I bypass L.A. on purpose. Becuz Jake is there. And I either want to meet him in person and give him a long glove slap which he rightly deserves or cry and ask him why..and how could he. So I avoid that location like the plague.

Also dont even try that Bush era shit with that spook bullshit of using look alikes. Like when that Navy brat told me they were trying to frame me for robbing a bank. Who the f*ck do you think you are?
My name aint Fritz Springmier you dopes. It aint gonna be that easy.

Since America seems to have no use for me maybe I should go to Scandinavia and start a revolt to destroy invading Muslim males who insist on spreading their ignorance with their penises. Hell of a way to proselytize.

Chemical castration comes to mind as a cure for this bs. Get all in jail, and make special jails for em, say matching conditions in Texas prisons. Then after yer sure you have the right Muslim brats its Depo- Provera shots for life.

We need to get the right kind of American females together and go over there to teach our sisters how to destroy these F*ckers so that thoughts like these no longer dare enter their minds.

I highly suggest manditory karate classes and mace for all girls starting as soon as they can walk as toddlers...cuz that seems to be these boys tastes in the age for raping girls over there anyway.

Let's get back that Viking spirit ladies. Cuz you've got some pillaging of invaders to do. Serious destruction of an enemy. Don't disappoint us over here.

Isn't that so typical of a woman. I can't defend myself but I can easily become roused to fight for others.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Targeting of Acedemics In Iraq As Part of Ethnic Cleansing

I have often spoke of the process that a Targeted Individual goes through with being 'gang stalked', the full treatment, as being invaded by an army and then destroyed, broken down and finally attempted occupation. Interestingly this occurred most often during the Iraq war years.

I have noted that everything that goes on that is overt with military and intelligence related on an official level is usually parallel with what occurs covertly in those same areas.
Like fashion trend.

Its interesting then that as one would build a dictatorship, the acedemic classes of Iraq were destroyed shadowy means of course.
Now you know damn well readers that I do NOT waste my time or yours usually on world events that dont mean sh*t to TI's. I only recently included the NWO becuz it became obvious that it was pertinent to being Gang Stalked. And during Bush if we talked about such things, it would only validate one's name on some list somewhere besides it was discrediting during Bush becuz many conspiracy theorists including the 9-11 truthers were including it.

Sure 9-11 is part of all this as without it, the infringement on rights and liberties wouldn't have been possible, and then the shadow system would have had a much harder time with thier little MK Ultra clean up operation...getting rid of anyone broke programming, had proof of thier status as an experimentee etc.

Also note the "deafening silence" this author is also dealing with as a person focusing on the more sinister side of these events since Bush.

I myself am shocked that in such a politically correct obsessive culture, one that strives to respect all cultures and preserve native ones, that people in the western world were not more outraged at destroying Persian acedemic materials. And if it had been posed to the public as destroying PERSIA instead of that vilified and hated IRAQ full of dirty Muslims then there may have been some outcry.

Its all perception management as usual. Its marketing. This is what you are supposed to care about, this is what we want you to hate on and this is information you should ignore and treat lightly anyone who takes it seriously.

Its very 1984-ish. This way of teaching an entire population to single out one activist that makes sense and mock him and discredit that person's work..but using the mob mentality.

What I hated about that book is it seems like it was written to actually assist in the breaking of spirits that are rebellious especially at this time. The very idea that we have an actual book that seems to almost be a guide for creating the NWO at this time, is eerie. Moreso is the way that people causally refer to this work as an example of what is happening to our society, but let it happen anyway. Its just another fact to systematically ignore and make light of. To belittle.

If anything 1984 helps in the brainwashing of what is going on today. It is not a book that seems written to assist a passionate, rebellious spirit. Its a very depressing book and its affects are suspect.

People need to focus less on works of fiction that are used as mind f*cks when all around us there are real examples from real life of injustices that should be called on and tackled.

"The goal was to liquidate the intellectual class, which would naturally be the basis for a new democratic state. It is that sinister. So sinister that it is difficult to believe. And yet it is true: the elimination of academics and other professionals from the middle class served the first and highest war aim: the destruction of the Iraqi state. "State-ending" instead of "nation building".

According to the editors of the book this war objective was a decision taken when three parties aligned: the neoconservatives who wanted permanent bases in a geographical strategy of military domination; Israel that did not want a powerful state in its backyard; and the oil industry that wanted to lay its hand on one of the largest oil reserves in the world. This I have also written seven years ago. Now it’s there, in black and white, with many footnotes, well documented in a book published by an internationally renowned publishing house (Pluto Press). Perhaps the world will now finally start to realize the truth."

Another example of the same systematic destruction and occupation of a country yet TI's experience this much in the same way as Winston in the 1984 novel. These things are occurring domestically on individual levels and on a nationwide scale overseas.

Its one thing to want a global society with individuals to live in it. Its quite another to want a global society where everyone is controlled, down to thier core by the state. Everyone who doesnt fit into thier vision of the future, thier plans. And destroying Persian culture is a part of mnemocide (destruction of the collective memory) as is destroying individual's memories of who they really are.
Consider how, when you use a separate app for Wordpress for blogging you feel undisturbed, calm and free to simply write.

Then consider when using anything off of the Google browser to blog, you feel an presence somewhere out there in cyberspace constantly on yer ass every time you log on. You feel interfered with and unable to think clearly at all times.

That is an example of being a TI and having to use tech to counter the actions of the gs system that most likely had you right where they wanted you to begin with.


Google And CIA Invest In Predicting Future

First of all, drop the tin-foil-hat comments for good. Another reputable Cambridge entity, MIT debunked the tin foil hat idea years ago. Fact of the matter is that tin foil WOULD actually work if a human being was enveloped completely in foil the theory being this is what is done to block RFID cards. I wud like to see that tested.

For some reason props believe that simply tossing the 'tin foil hat' aside is somehow a reasonable metaphor for 'dont be a paranoid'. How about having the balls to say 'throw the MK Ultra records aside for now'?

We as a nation nor in any democratic part of the western world should do no such thing. The certain part of the CIA that had been documented to be involved in such unethical and illegal war crimes and human rights atrocities historically, usually in cahoots with the military, academia and the private sector should not be given any benefit of doubt at any time.

This faction LIVES on cover stories. WIRED is very useful to Targeted persons but its always understood that they pussyfoot around hard realities in order to stay in business.

Which is why usually they refrain from such stupid comments as the tin-foil-hat one used in this piece. However WIRED usually deals with the military and their technologies related to the industrial complex. I suppose that when dealing with the CIA they have to be a bit more careful.

People are afraid of and overwhelmed by the US military and much of their actions are validated. But the CIA is the kind of agency that had been under fire for many decades and if the public were truly aware of their actions, they would have to actually take on a whole new world view-so their minds wouldn't get blown by the truth concerning how evil, deceptive, underhanded and brutal intelligence agencies really are. Humans are capable if extreme violent and murderous actions on a large scale. Savage is what you'd call it and I mean without the sexy or the noble. An agency like the CIA is meant to find out the truth but also to deal covertly in man's brutal savagery out public view.
This might just be what makes civilization civilized.

However, their practices on some levels such as MK Ultra and related experimentation approach true madness if not cross that line. I understand that such covert factions include crime and criminals in order to ultimately control such entities from destroying society or gaining too much power but often the power tripping and arrogance and outright cruelty involved is over the top. Having such an effective underhanded criminal conspiracy might just be the only reason America is a world wide empire to begin with.

But for those of us who have suffered from and can trace their terror and murder and cruelty in our own lives..this is no joke, lighthearted subject matter nor do people like myself benefit from such actions.

The CIA teaming up with a search engine is a red flag to any of us who have seen the horrors they are capable of first hand.

No tin foil hat or other shielding is going to protect you from the possibility of human/computer interface through using the internet.

I now have a smart phone which I experience as being messed with when I am onto something or in the midst of being harrassed on the street. Camera malfunctions at the perfect moment being gang stalked, internet not working trying to publish something sensitive etc.

I knew before I bought it the monitoring capabilities of the gang stalking system through the internet as a TI as well as interference with cameras, video etc.

Its obvious that they are using the smart phone as a training device, part of the conditioning involved in behavior modification. Learning to use one to begin with change the very way we percieve the rest of our world and the way we think even is altered by having to learn to operate new technologies..duh.

I think Gen X knows this in general, being the last generation not born plugged in or tech native.

Fusing with tech as an improvement to humanity is not a bad concept at all. Under our own Will and working WITH tech. But since late Clinton and certainly brought in fully during Bush is a world where mind control has been introduced slowly to be used covertly on human beings- sneakily through the tech we use now daily.

There is a difference between tech in itself, in its pure and honest form as a neutral entity or tool being used then for good or progress and tech being used as a trojan horse of sorts, for methods of mind control to enter into the human psyche.

So let's NOT throw the historically documented antics of certain parts of this agency aside when considering such investment relationships.
But please do throw that old bs tin-foil-hat analogy aside. It sucks and its really stupid.

And did I NOT already figure out in my posts long ago that somewhere there had to be brainiac math guys with some whiz computer programs that info could be fed to and formulas used to predict events? Becuz that is how potentially smart I was and to a point, still am....which is of course why I'm targeted. Firstly they know from pudding me off and abusing me my whole life id use my intelligence to destroy the system if I could and they don't want anyone knowing that women can be that smart. That there does exist the alpha female who can also be beautiful, talented and intelligent.

In fact I have read there are very rich powerful men who make it their hobby to buy up and hide or destroy female made artworks or other amazing female creations to ensure that those full of shit history books stay true in the 21st century.

You can percieve me a paranoid feminist or you can face facts; mind control slavery exists on legions of operatives and expendable human beings, mass mind control is now fully implemented nationally and the neutral medium of technology is being used to enslave mankind. Without crime this agency could not exist, their documented track record historically proves that. Think about that next time you use a search engine believing its at your service and cyberland is a free and neutral place.

For average citizens who aren't a threat this may be their experience. For anyone already targeted or a potential to become one, consider the potential reality.
Of course its in Cambridge that event predicting company.

Friday, April 15, 2011

I know this can sound like paranoia or mental illness but you've got to remember that these experiences depend on location for the most part. If I were in another state, a part that was friendly to me, which does exist as there are some parts of AMERICA left in the USA, in these few locations I am treated rather well..

The northeast is just extremely nasty for gs. Burlington VT during Bush and my lawsuit with OLNICK was worse and more overt than Boston. They most likely have to be due to it seems they don't have the same tech capabilities.

Mental illness doesn't depend on location, being underground or in a concrete and steel building with no cell reception, or timing like certain hours or days etc.

THIS IS TECHNOLOGIES AND PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS USING HUMAN FOOT SOLDIERS. The tech is exactly what had been proposed by the Mind War paper written in part by Michael Aquino as a military psy ops officer..who also happened to head the Church of Set. (Which I have no personal problem with but its important within the frame work of an investigation).

Its too obvious at this point. The puzzle pieces are mostly all in place ..the only problem is that no one sees or acknowledges there is a puzzle at all.

Hmph, have it yer way. My job is almost through..Humanity can do as it likes.
The worst harrassment is still consistently on the MBTA train and trolley system. The buses its hit or miss, depends on the route really and my appearance to the gs it seems. If I look too beat up and tired like I am in a good rut from all this I don't get messed with so much on the buses. Ever since that well deserved post to MIT the gs had been reduced to people trying their best to avoid me when I can tell they recognize me. Thats all I want is to see the college kids..a life I would have liked but could never have. And as an older person, the kids are really one of the last joys left on the earth. They are consistent- like an ever flowing spring year after year that u know u can depend on to be there.

The train has been most obnoxious lately. Its the usual person crowds my space, stares, focuses on me, shakes head in disapproval...been getting that alot lately. It seems to be continued brainwashing to get me to focus on getting my life together. To move on from all this and take the opportunity to go to school I assume.

They definately want to keep up the stress and the brainwashing. Keeping me nervous, off balance. Letting me know that I am not welcome in the cities in metro Boston area. But what does it matter? Ill get harrassed anywhere I go anyway.
The perps don't want you out of certain areas, they want you corralled into only certain areas. I learned that in San Diego as they were very overt about that being the case. They aren't very psychological or slick there about what they are doing. They use intimidation. Cambridge uses shaming and status along with race and class based intimidation.

An Article That Adds To My Case As A Second Generation Human Experimentee I posted a piece on this Dr and reasearcher- about the Learned Helplessness with dogs. And how it resembles my situation as a Targeted Individual so precisely that it really does add to my case, and the fact that this person was involved in the CIA/military human experimentation MK Ultra type breaking people down using torture and psychology. It fits too well. Now I learn that this researcher and friends have pinpointed 'spritual fitness' or strength as the key way to beat learned helplessness with optimism. If you recall the point of the experiment with dogs was to attach them to electric shockers in a box I believe and most of them got depressed as they 'learned' to feel 'helpless' from not being able to control the unpredictability of the electric shocks. But one dog did not become depressed. And somehow got control of the situation I forget the whole thing. I will see if I can hunt down that post it was just a few months ago. So they are very interested in this special dog that does not succumb to depression or learning to be helpless. This resembles my gang stalking campaign so closely I knew that it was part of the experimentation. And this researcher being connected to the radiation/MK Ultra experimentation involving torture to break down a person, my mother having both parents in the Marines and being a documented human radiation experimentee from those infamous warcrimes- sealed the deal for me as far as it being obvious it was related to my situation. Now this. What the researchers have done is to find in HUMANS obviously what quality or condition makes a human subject of such experimentation (gang stalking being the unpredictable electric shock treatment and terror) not succumb to learning to be helpless or depression. This ties in perfectly with the rest of what has been happening to me over the years if not my whole life. Things I havent put into this blog due to it being sensitive information as well as part of my inner thoughts or memories so not really pertinent. I now understand why they were playing with religion so much. I thought it was just a way to try to get a Targeted mind control Survivor under some sort of control via more cult brainwashing. It seemed that either religion would do- Satanism and Christianity were pushed heavily and at different phases. Curiously it seems there were things about me they didnt know. I mean they came at me wearing satanic t-shirts and such (often looking new like they just opened it out of a bag before doing thier perp theatres, often with folds still in the shirt- duh.). Saying things like "wheres yer god now", kids saying real stupid shit randomly as they would encounter me. It was bizarre becuz due to my programming its one large portion of Rosicrucian content and a small portion of what seems military related Satanic resulting from SRA. None of it made sense...except that everything they seemed to come up with was strictly a reaction or formed out of surveillence from within my home or phone calls etc. I know I was looking out my window alot at that apartment I had, I think one day it was so glorius out so sunny, that I looked into the clouds and exclaimed it was like looking into the face of God. Hey, Im an artist here, on Monday the world may seem that way to me, but on Wednesday Id probably be looking out the window cursing humanity and wanting to pretend to pick off the assholes at the bar across the street who were messing with me. It seems that this is where they got thier content from for thier campaign. Its as if they knew a bit about me but what they needed to know further they would send those info hounds out to corner me and interrogate- on busses or other public spaces. Now of course all they have to do is read the blog to get info about me, which I believe was on purpose and pre planned. They knew I would have to do this to defend my life so it works out for them. Now they know deep things about me, my life, my programming and the way I think. Once they realized what the programming consisted of, they seemed to switch to pushing Christiantiy heavily and especially here in Boston area are still doing so. But it always seemed like the focus was mind control, not truly religion. They only threat was any form of belief system where MY WILL was in control and not The State or society..or the gang stalking brain washing system. I now understand this better. The experiments from MK Ultra may have been to break down programmed agents who wouldnt respond to normal torture for interrigation, but its seems that the opposite was being studied this time. Those of us who did not succumb to torture, stalking, harassment etc. What was our secret. This actually explains all the torture as well. Part of my programming has within it, as I mentioned this Templar sort of content. From the root of my infancy there was anchored in me, within that portion of my programming anyway, a sort of spiritual fitness if you will. Something to keep one focused on doing good for humanity. Its like being trained to be a K-9 where you assist and dont attack innocent stupid humans unless they are a true threat. Whatever the reason, it seems this quality is what they believe makes people not succumb to depression or learned helplessness from torture and imprisonment. I am sure this is what they were doing in GITMO as well, it would make sense.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TI Posts New Site As

Submitted on 2011/03


My name is Quentin. I’m a Targeted Individual. I recently just launched a new social networking website for victims of gangstalking and electronic harassment. Visit the following blog post to learn more.

Here is the direct link to the website."

I have not checked this out yet maybe you can and give me feedback. I'm still trying to get to yer comments..

Monday, April 11, 2011

White House Tapes.Net

I found recently an archive of all presidential phone calls from the white house from past years.

Listening to Johnson needle Thomas, the Texan politician that winks at him in that infamous photo, the one taken after the famous official inauguration photo on the plane with Jackie O. next to him. If he was it was by manipulating Johnson's huge power trip. The conversation is amusing as hell.

Supposedly the NSA has a massive collection of all of our phone calls. I wonder if they have any of the president's?

Terrorist Gang Stalking as a Usable Reference/ Who What Where When Why

Heres the deal. This book has been debunked as a suspected psy ops move by perps. End of story. However, like anything else it has value for the truth it holds.

Amid my madness and losing my temper, I actually do try to make this blog useful to ALL Targeted Individuals everywhere. Being targeted is very difficult and anyone who is critical of other TI's for anything other than suspicion of being disinfo agents, is wasting everyone's time and resources. I personally have a disclaimer on this blog letting people know that my emotional state from years of torture or perhaps my location at the time if the effects of tech or many circumstances together are affecting my judgement should be taken into consideration when one reads my blog(s).

But I am no dummy and not only do I have levels of knowledge about the big picture and varying subjects within, I also pretty much know how gang stalking works now.

Your greatest weapons against gang stalking is having an understanding of psychological warfare and the way organized crime, politics, governments and other factions like the military or intelligence agencies work. In the big world of powerful grown ups and the way they do business, there are cross sections of pretty much all the factions I mentioned. Part of the psychological warfare on a TI is to keep them so f*cked up in the head, along with the effects of weapons and tech, that they somewhere inside their psyches, cannot bring themselves to fully believe what has happened. Its to traumatic. And it is genuinely. Thats why its so easy to deny any of this is real and for cover stories or claims of mental illness to be the official line. No American citizen wants to deal with the reality of how thier world is run. They leave that to the big boys and like the order of laws and rules within society and cops to enforce them and politicians to run things. If you put this reality in thier lap, you are forcing them to deal with an issue they percieve as something bigger than thier reality, something for the big boys to decide or deal with. That is often why average people just do not want to get involved.

Also unfortunately alot of citizens are actually into helping authority do whatever it needs to get done regardless of its legality or ethics..dont ask me to explain why somebody would side with authority that is grossly corrupt to this point of torture and murder that is supposed to be a normal average law abiding citizen becuz it doesnt make sense so I cant explain something I dont understand.

I think the people we see out in society in on this are NOT normal average citizens. This book was criticized due to it falling short of making sense of who exactly is behind 'gang stalking'. During Bush there was so much heavy mind control being used that often many Targets simply could not go beyond the limits or constraints that those circumstances and methods placed on us. The whole country, believe it or not, was under mind control. Alex Jones, a man I dont fully trust and a man who doesnt want to fully admit to 'gang stalking' as a reality, admitted very quickly in one tirade, that "..because that was how much mind control Bush had then". When speaking about that era within an explanation about some other issue. He is 100% correct from all accounts and from my personal experience.

Many of us took in this book with lots of hope and then realizing it wasnt enough, sort of left it on the shelf as yet another half measure when what we needed were answers and assistance. This was during Bush when many of us were being torutured to death or being pushed to suicide. The problem also was many of us in the USA had never dealt with the CIA or military influence directly. We knew nothing about psychological warfare or black ops. No training, no understanding no nothing. Many of us were Gen X'ers who grew up with our parents out smarting the powers that be and we had created a society out of lying on thier laurels.
Overt grassroots activism seemed like the natural thing to do. I did not understand until too late that trying to deal with covert operations with overt activism was ineffective, becuz all the aggressors needed to do was use covert ops within the overt activist groups. I learned quickly and luckily for me, I grew up around some understanding of criminals. I sensed bullsh*t in more than one place surrounding 'gang stalking' activism.
This book was one of them.

Its supposed to be a private detective but he cant tell us in a logical methodical fashion about the roots of the organizations or thier motivations? He doenst even list monetary gain as one of the main motives. Its ridiculous. Yet he includes organized crime as one of the main powers behind the actions.

Basically this book wants the reader to believe that its 'hate groups' behind gang stalking. I dont recall military actions or psy ops being mentioned. And these people are professionals. I am more UNfortunate as to have experienced the full nightmare of what they are capable of. I dont think mere hate groups have enough access or money to infiltrate and rent out an entire Greyhound bus and then gas the TI, mess with them and then wake them up, then do more psy warfare to psyche them out and silence them.

Alot of this is related to human experimentation surrounding classified black projects like telepathy, MK Ultra, super soldiers, mind control programming etc etc. It took my literally years to decompartmentalize and then put together the fact that since my mother was a documented radiation experimentee connected to the MK Ultra experiments, it seems logical thats what this is about. But this system knows its victims very well. They knew how to get me under mind control, regress me to the level of a child with brain damage and torture and then keep me in that state of mind with terror. It made it so I had to focus on compartmentalizing the trauma of what they had done constantly as well as the betrayals from my old life and everyone I knew, instead of putting together logical facts.

This book is suspected to be part of that time period where TI's were being kept brainwashed about the true nature of what was happening to them. During this time, it was easy to get someone like me to 'forget' what the real story was or to confuse me and mix me up. There were days where I literally became convinced that gang stalking was about other things or causes when in fact the true story was there all along.

However, whats in this book is useful for describing some of the tactics and methods or MO's of the system of brainwashing, torture and experimentation as well as murder, that has been dubbed 'gang stalking' or 'organized stalking'. Many different TI's will get many different programs of gang stalking. There are those of us that have experienced being poisoned, gassed, dosed with psychotropics with spray bottles or being drugged via being dosed through clothing. Some of us have been abducted if you will on buses or by groups in public spaces for what is obviously extreme brainwashing and/further human experimentation; no aliens, no underground military bases. Just done in a covert manner so that no one knows. Its a big country and what is ONE Target going to do against an entire bus full of people in on the abduction? Very little.

This same TI who has endured these experiences may also have lived through attempts to murder them, abduct them in cars, get them to commit suicide or make them into mindless mind controlled puppets. Also experiencing being hit with directed energy weapons to the point of outright torture or damage to physical tissue in the body. We are not talking burns, we are talking about heart muscle being damaged, so much so that area around the ribs hurts for days afterwards.

That same TI may have to endure consistent upkeep of smear campaigns and cover stories to the public so that the American public becomes unwitting recruits to these professional's agenda. Mere hate groups do not have the money nor coordination abilities or resources to keep that many people around the TI or to track the TI's movements constantly nationwide. Nor do they have enough money or influence to be able to have entire movies made meant to influence or target ONE TI, or have things put into commercials, artwork or newspapers. Those are the actions of the CIA as witnessed by such survivors of mind control programming as Cathy Obrien and Mark Phillips.

These are actions that are connected to very serious and powerful Satanic factions, Nazi occultism, military Satanists, and much of the human experimentation meant to find The Superman rooted in Nazi human experimentation that its documented, the USA continued via Project Paperclip.
I dont see any of that in this book. To me its very suspect, especially with all the Survivors of SRA coming out at the same time as Survivors of high level programming such as Obrien and at the same time- all around the late 90's, the President's Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments which includes survivors of MK Ultra/radiation crossover experimentation.

I now understand that all this mess has been created..all this effort was to ensure that no one put all those obvious and glaring pieces together. Its just like the therapist said in the President's Committtee: the programming would break down over time, they knew this, so they have to keep it quiet and keep victims down and silenced. And its a hell of an effort I'll tell ya.

That would kick them in the wallet just like a swift hard boot to the balls like you would not believe. And that is the only thing these factions understand is money and power. THESE FACTIONS DO NOT CARE ABOUT HUMAN RIGHTS, BEING CAUGHT OR PROSECUTED. They do not f*ck around and all they care about is results.

That, I would say is very very much a military attitude. No feelings for human beings and gain results at any cost necessary. Its also VERY much moreso the attitude of the bastards who now populate MILITARY CONTRACTING COMPANIES who, generally, might be a greater problem than the military itself.

This is why constantly saying its'The Government' in this day and age of privatization is useless. Unless you have on paper, documented proof of the money and paper trail behind these actions taking against Targeted Individuals, you have good detective work and deduction at best. Certainly there is enough historical groundwork and material to make a legal case. But the denial they have is the problem. You cant get justice for something that these cocks*ckers can say doesnt exist and if it does start to look convincing- they hide behind the apron strings of 'in the interest of National Security'.

And in the end the American people dont want to believe thier country has gone that insane, though it has. That is why the entire NATION had to be traumatized and brainwashed during late Clinton and Bush. Really from Reagan onward. Now, people dont dare be critical of the nation even though compared to any time in history they have cause to be. Its been arranged very carefully and the con has been pulled of perfectly. People are left with no other choice but to see most Targeted Individuals as casualities in the building of a globalized world, where there is much unrest, destruction of nations and cultures, wars and dead soldiers. For them, we are just another price of progress on a large scale on with high stakes. We are worth destroying. Human life has become less precious as people are terrorized, beaten down and punished and abused, then turned to face a global world that is alot bigger than they are. They will now do whatever the abusive authority figure says, anything to be able to turn around and come back into the house, as an analogy, becuz its safe even though one must live with abuse. Its better than being thrown out into that great big void out there now. Also what Bush did made the world hate us, so just another reason to stick with the home and massa even though he's abusive.

This is actually a very typical way of handling slaves historically and we can read about its use most recently in the enslavement culture of African Americans in the USA, as an example of an ancient system of basically exploiting others for your own gain and superiority. Now, the whole country gets whipped if they dont do what Massa says. If they dont like it, they'll get thrown out into the great big world,that hates them anyway, and with little understanding of how to survive in it.

THAT is what is behind gang stalking- on a large scale with mass mind control as well as targeting individuals for whatever reason. And mass mind control makes it very difficult for The People to fight for thier rights or revolt. Besides, the system in this country is geared towards rewards for selling people out...why revolt when you can 'get yours'?

So this book is only useful as a field guide for just the psychological operations part of 'gang stalking' programs. Its very unsophisticated this publication. However, the things written about that describe the tactics of the psy ops involved are dead on accurate. But remember, there are documented psychological tests out there that explain why a perp glares at a Target. I actually posted a piece on one a month ago or so. There has been actually psychological tests on glaring at people in public, thier reactions etc. Learned helplessness using dogs etc etc.

There is nothing ignorant or hick about what these groups do. And if they are utilizing idiots from the civilian population, that too is a front and whats behind it is purely hooked into money, power and greed. I know for a fact that the African American crime gang the Bloods are in on gang stalking TI's and were very heavy into it during Bush. If you read about Iran Contra and realize that they deal FOR THE DEA/CIA to begin with starting with crack, you then realize why they owe the Man for thier living, their existence etc. Also, many gangs and belief systems are in the military anyway.

The book fails to mention this and youd think with all those dumb kids and arrogant f*cks wearing red bandanas and red t-shirts who happen to mostly be black, that it would be a easy guess. Especially from a PI from Florida.

So its very questionable this book as a solid trusted resource.


Use whats useful and cut the rest away like fat off of meat.

Yes, perps do all the things this book says they do. But they are not just cult leaders or hate groups with no solid links.

This was a very popular tactics during Bush: to make any and all gang stalking or aggressive, abusive actions towards the TI to be from god like entities on high who could never be identified due to they being just too big and powerful. THIS IS PART OF THE BRAINWASHING OR COERCION THROUGH MIND CONTROL TO KEEP MIND CONTROL EXPERIMENTEES UNDER CONTROL.

Again, we have a huge problem in this country with how many operatives seem to be posing as 'regular citizens'. From my personal experience, the groups that do the most harm are brought into an area and leave. But its the normal people in the community that are the most shocking participants. REALLY shocking.

I think that this culture has been being created in the US over time from Reagan or before till now. There may be massive amounts of regular citizens who act as basically agents via this shift in culture. Its unbelievable but in areas like Harvard Sq around Harvard University, you would not believe the amount of people working in stores or just walking around the Sq who seem in on campaigns or know who a TI (like myself is) and treat one accordingly- like a brainwashed Target who is continually kept under mind control. Via brainwashing, trauma, systematic ignoring of them and thier horrible circumstances as well as continued attention to smear to keep the person shamed and embarassed--while the community seems to be very aware of the true circumstances.

This is why the world hates us now. You may not understand this but Europe, Asia, the Middle East even Africa are all much more savvy and smarter about life, human behaviors, war and revolutions. America is a country full of people who either couldnt make it in other countries or were interested in a dream somewhere far from their homeland. Every one of us carries the DNA of some person who dreamed of a better life. Unfortunately, once we got here, we can see in history that the culture in America destroyed any and all ancient wisdom from Europe or our homelands. This is why one notes that historically America was always kept pure, very perochial and definately away from any media that exposed the idea of brainwashing or hypnosis. There is evidence that many movies were banned from the USA that exposed the public to anything to do with the very concept of mind control via brainwashing, hypnosis etc.

America is a country without true roots of its own. Its people have been stripped of their ancient and historical knowledge of oppression. The French arent snobs who hate us, I mean they are, but its becuz they remember the revolution. Americans are trained to only remember the AMERICAN REVOLUTION. The CIVIL WAR and perhaps the 60's era of going against the govt. And in all of these instances, its portrayed that it was worth it and it forged a brand new sun shiny day for all involved.
Only those who investigate America's covert wars and actions realize the truth is that America is based on greed, power and abuse like any other empire. Its people are lied to etc in the protecting the interests of the empire. Europe hates us most likely for being dangerously complacent and in agreement with actions that we hardly know about nor understand... being on a huge continent isolated from the rest of the world, all we know is the cover story we are given as a CAPTIVE AUDIENCE.

We are hated for being easily brainwashed ignorant people. And that is exactly what we are now. In other countries they riot against thier govts and that includes Europe. During Bush we rioted but not enough to do any real damage. We gave in at the slightest bit of fascism and military might. Americans are not going to live in underground sewers and give up everything they own for freedom or to beat thier govt. All you would have to do really is to stop paying taxes, tolls and buying things, perhaps specific things for lengths of time. Americans are too responsible to keeping thier country going to ever take seriously the idea or ideal of true revolution. Its pathetic but thats the reality.

In such a culture, NO ONE Is going to really genuinely care about people like TI's. Deep in the spirit and mind of every American that isnt rebelling as of right now- we are part of keeping the country going, which is their foremost concern.

That is why activism only goes so far. That is why we get Bio Ethics Commissions and President's Advisory Committees instead of true legal actions based on laws on the books.

Face that reality about your country, about this culture and then, accepting that you live within a lying, cheating, spoiled ignorant creature, you will then never again be deceived or fooled. The country went up for sale years ago, its been sold off and the only suckers still here and the ones who are either victims like us, ignorant citizens who continue to keep the wheels greased and going or true unadulterated assh*les who agree with the afore mentioned conditions and way of running things. My mother told me that I could write a book but no one is going to believe me. She also screamed at another time that NOBODY CARES. I think the latter is much more the case than the former. Either that or our population consists of those two parties, perhaps with some small support remaining.

Thats why its so easy to dupe TI's. We are prime suckers...becuz we actually DO care, and no one else does. Except for the people I see who genuinely feel bad or have taken action on our behalf.

I was sent to a website concerning Iran Contra years ago by a hacker while doing research. I also felt interfaced with in order to get me to understand the importance of such information in this case. I now realize it ties into the Bloods drug dealing etc.
The problem with this is it seems like just more human experimentation: 'how fast can she solve this puzzle?'. The whole entire ordeal has been completely totally obnoxious. Its been like a cross between a covert operation, an experiment and mostly however- a reality show. The perps will say stupid shit to you in the beginning like "If anyone can solve this, you can". What is this a frickin detective show? Why should I "solve" this if you people seem to have all the answers already?

Whatever these morons have been up to it doesnt matter what their varying sick indulgences are: in the end it seems to be about abuse of power, money and having power over someone who cant control thier situation..and keeping them in that state of being.
To question Why or Who is fine but dont drive yourself crazy doing so. All you need to know is the mechanics of how the con works, just like a detective should, or a victim of a crime who no longer wants to be victimized. Then realize that no matter what they say they are lying and its mind games.
Also realize that any and all their rationales are null and void. Believe nothing and believe IN nothing. Many of these 'tards actually believe this is behavior modification and its good for us. Its not reform, its not behavior modification, its not just a reality show for jerks- its abuse of power and its essentially illegal.

You have to accept that America is basically based on illegal actions nowadays anyways- its become totally lawless. And dont let all the law and order crap fool you lately. Everything from those constant propaganda shows on TV where the 'good guys' are always in the right and the suspects have to endure their torture, never ask for lawyers conveniently, and in the end all that illegal action was worth it becuz they solve the crime etc etc. Its propaganda and its part of the agenda. Those annoying lawyer shows too. Its to place law enforcement professionals in the roles of gods or people higher than you that know how to judge right and wrong. And those shows are as far from the truth about our justice system as I can imagine. And only a country as f*cked up and brainwashed as this one would like CSI, Criminal Minds or any of the horrid, offensive, boring Law and Order series. Throw COPS in there for those with more low brow tastes becuz its the same bullsh*t. I notice that every other issue of the papers in Boston have headlines about some govt corruption being targeted and cleaned up. This is obviously more psychological manipulation to make the public feel better about the GOVERNMENT'S ABUSE during Bush.

Ignore this as its more mind games. Keep the focus on how nasty the world was during Bush and keep tight to what really happened, not this major rewrite thats going on now. Use things like the Lawson book but keep in mind that there has yet to be written or exposed anything that fully puts all the pieces together comprehensively. If such an author ever existed they were either targeted into oblivion or killed outright.

Sure a time is coming near when all this will be exposed...exactly as is planned. Its not going to damage thier operations to have this exposed by 2012 or so. I know for me, the damage is so extensive that my timeline will never be retrievable and I am going to have to live with what they have done for the remaining 10-20 years of life I have left, if that is even the case. The reason its OK to expose now is that any chance of getting back what was taken from us has gone now. That window in time, per se, is closed now. This IS the way its going to be now and there is no changing it.

So any victories we gain are false anyway. My life- my true and real life, continues on back in 2003 somewhere, with me in my apartment, finding myself, learning to play and coming out of my shell planning to be a councilor for adult entertainment workers who cant find thier way due to mind control within the industry and some art works on the side. Growing old that way, naturally losing my looks and figure in real time according to true circumstances not induced ones.

This is why psy ops is so important and why behavior modification is of the utmost importance to whoever is behind this. People were given golden opportunities they never would have had, if it weren't for the unnatural circumstances that were created. People like me were aged, health destroyed and robbed of a life time's worth or remaining Life Energy. Intelligence lowered, talents destroyed, even physical damage that would have never occurred had it not been for the creation of false circumstances via tech and covert operations influencing events in a major way. That is why so many of us feel we no longer exist. Becuz technically we never lived out our true life path. The actions of these factions has literally altered the time line unnaturally. Not through aliens or hocus pocus...well a bit of that, but through the science of hocus pocus if you will.
Opportunities were taken from Targeted Individuals and this has created an unnatural time line. Through covert operations, psychological warfare and mind control- on Targeted Individuals as well as the mass- the time line itself of the world has been altered.

That is not something that is going to be dealt with in Lawson's book. But it should be. Becuz many people, not TI's but average citizens are describing the world we now live in- this time post Bush during Obama as 'unreal' or 'an unreal reality' or 'down the rabbit hole'.

Thats becuz as a nation if not a world, we have been abducted and forced into cult mind control. We now live in this cult. We can sense being captive and we can recall a former reality that made sense and was a continuum of all the sequences of events that came before. What we are experiencing now feels akin to going through a black hole. Something is off and its not just people who know whats going on that sense it- its many many human beings that sense this.

Now that is not going to be perpetrated by mere 'hate groups' run by con artists. This must have been drawn out on a blackboard if you will some time ago by some minds that think scientifically and mathematically. Think of a concentration of such people- scientists, psychologists add the most expensive super computers you can imagine for processing formulas etc. Add to that the amount of information available to them for processing via Fusion Centers or NSA such as the new center build in Utah that is massive and expensive.


Tiny nano tech or other robots used to spy on us? If that is just coming out to the public then my theory that all Americans were most likely chipped by such tech say, circa 1994 or 1995 or so is plausible.

The only hope to fight this is in the DNA which they cannot destroy or manipulate but they can manipulate YOU, the human being who receives, processes and expresses that information. From times primordial and from your ancestors trying desperately to assist you in the here and NOW. It seems to be about time wars. If that is an acceptable concept. In order to seal this false time line, its necessary to cloak, destroy and cover everything that our bodies and minds are telling us- from Nature in the here and now and from our ancestry, which is screaming at us there is danger and unatural oppression afoot. That we have been bamboozled and why are we not doing something about it? That things like PC, diversity and tolerance which Gen X embraced in its positive forms to create a brighter, better world, have been hijacked and co opted so that entire European cultures are being destroyed under the guise of such concepts. But the results dont FEEL right do they? PC and creating a tolerant truly diverse world of our own WILLS in the 90's felt good. These actions being taken in this manner now feel BAD,scary and rightly so puts us in a panic. But we are now chained by our own systems we created back in the 90's by the cleverness of the factions now in place. If you aren't supporting diversity you must be a terrorist. This is the false world that has been created in this time line. And the people must be altered to not listen to their internal warning systems. These safeguards must be drowned out or suppressed or better yet, outside threats from the oppressors must be MORE powerful and motivating than what the people know to be true inside.

Europeans riot and revolt against the main elite that run this world moreso than other cultures have or have an opportunity to. That is why in my theory they must be co opted and destroyed as cultures with Indo European roots. Its nothing personal, its just that certain other cultures are much easier to control, so ensuring they become a major force and integrate with European cultures is necessary to create a controllable culture.

When ANYTHING creates social unrest or crime or destroys a society it is NOT good. True diversity is when people of different backrounds accept each other and DECIDE Willfully to create a society. Not moving immigrants in from war torn f*cked up places in order to bring thier misery sicknessness and disease to those locations and destroy entire countries. THAT is what is going on in Europe. Go ahead, look it up. Youll be shocked at the 'lay down and die' attitude in places like Sweden etc.

This is a world wide problem of decieving the entire world not just hate groups with some crooked cops contacts with con artists at the helm for some vague organized crime group. This is a world wide attempt to gain control of the minds and hearts of human beings which, if you know anything about psy ops you know that is thier main objective. To win the Hearts and Mind's of the enemy.

There is no way that the world should be in the state its in. Or that that bs during Bush would have had to go down the way it did.
Yer dealing with the greatest temper tantrum the globe has ever known by some really rich powerful assh*les who have the means and the motivation to gain world domination. Its really that simple.
You've got George H.W. Bush who I highly doubt is sane at a certain point in his career anyway, looking exactly like a villain from an old Bond movie threatening the public with world domination. This isn't a movie howeve,r its real. For someone to state in a Presidential address that we are taking this opportunity to create a New World Order, where the rule of law, not the rule of the jungle will be the way things are run, is totally and utterly the height of clinical criminal insanity. Madness all the way. Then for such a person to then claim that "when we are successful...and we will be..." is the seal of our fate from such a mad man. Watch the vid of this speech. The way that last line is spoken, in this lower tone. This is not a normal person. This is an extremely dangerous person. And the people in agreement with such a person cannot themselves be thinking clearly or they are blackmailed or intimidated for life.
I know he's talking about actions concerning the UN and only at a that point in time. Yet, due to how much is connected to him and his family's dealings, this is often the reason why so many people become more than a bit paranoid about just one man or one family with major clout, access or connections. Its the things that seem to go on during the Bush's times in powerful political positions that are worrisome.

But there is a danger in scapegoating just one man or family for such a huge problem.
We have to look at entire industries such as the military industrial complex, which Eisenhower, a military man himself warned the nation about in '61.
We must consider corporations becoming powerful and unregulated, influencing our entire culture. Even Eisenhower mentions the possible spiritual repercussions among other things. In fact that speech is among the most straight forward and simple description of the problems we are now facing.

Here is a post concerning archives of White House taped phone calls. Its a fun sight.
Now I see why people are listening in like spies to TI's or anyone for that matter. However, when it destroys someone or when its geared at destroying an entire nation or an entire culture....I think people should know when to step away from it and not take part.

What is most interesting about listening to these tapes is hearing the way politics works. However the danger is in such things being used to judge an entire system or a politician in shallow, one dimensional means.
This is a major part of organized stalking and harassment. Some faction of the public are presented with such a morsel say my private life or some other Target. I would be highly surprised if the true nature of these actions were revealed, being politically motivated such as part of a cover up or silencing a victim witness. At what point does the public, that portion exposed to this, realize its a frame up and they are being used to pull it off? This is the question ever TI has about gang stalking in general, except its based on things not so cut and dry as spying on phone calls or video tapes of activity in private.

I think what every TI wants to know before they die is: did The People know this was being pulled off as an abuse of power by a political entity and if so, did they take part after realizing that was the case... and if so, what was their motivation?

I think we all want to believe that most people are being duped by set ups and frame ups, and it continues when the TI exposes the truth its too fantastic for average people to believe, especially on levels such as low class, uneducated or people too stupid to read this blog for instance. People who only saw what was thrown at them from the frame up/smear people and thats all they know of the TI. But history shows us, that this is not the case. That in East Germany, average people knew spying was destroying lives, but took part anyway so that they may live a life undisturbed.

Humans are greedy viscous animals. Politicians are wise as can be in understanding that Disney World will keep them happy and in love with them whereas hard facts, unpleasant reality and burdening personal and political responsibility will get them lynched and hated most likely. Especially the current culture we are now living in. You have so many voices of dissent and reason..yet so many iPods and social networking sights keeping those sentiments out.

It's all been engineered. And it's not the normal run of the mill oppression or brainwashing of the masses that is so hard to live with. Its the absolutely OUTRAGEOUS things that went on during Bush that have to be dealt with before moving on. That's the problem. Weve been forced by circumstances to move on and its very damaging. To individuals like me and I think the entire nation. I actually feel badly that the sour feelings of an entire nation have to be present during our first African American president...which of course is the only kind of president that would have been able to pull of this task of silencing a nation. For obvious reasons due to obvious dynamics right now.

You are now dealing with living in a military hell where everything seems to be a planned psy ops job from on high. I have seen whats behind this with my own eyes.

Why did such horrors only occur during Bush in such an extreme way? Why are such experiments being done in the first place? What is the ultimate use of such information, such findings in the future of humanity?
These are legitimate legitimate in nature that I live in abject poverty, endure continued defamation of my character, sleep outside and move about like a nomad and continue my work hell or high water, in order to eventually present anyone who will listen, such queries.
I am not doing this becuz I live in shame or becuz I am nuts. I am doing this becuz what I experienced- what I saw was so compelling, so amazing and so damaging that I do believe, when considered with the other information we have at hand- like that sociopathic NWO speech for instance, its in the interest of all humanity to consider such questions.

Like seriously.