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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mexican Drug Cartels In Oregon-The USA Is Totally Infiltrated

All along my travels Ive always encountered trouble due to as i was told, being near a major drug route. Like in Tucson AZ.

This explains the frequency of Mexican perps.

Basically the country isnt afraid of a person like me beinf involved in drug running as is most likely their cover story excuse. THEY ARE AFRAID OF SOMEONE LIKE ME, ALL SURVIVORS, EXPOSING THE EXISTENCE OF MIND CONTROL IN BUSINESSES LIKE SEX INDUSTRY AND DRUG RUNNING WHICH SEEM TO INTERSECT.

They don't want the American public to become demystified as to why a country with Homeland Security, the NSA, CIA and the biggest military might in all the globe can't seem to solve their own drug problems and stop a country on the same continent from infiltrating and running major operations on American soil.

One of the most obnoxious glaring offensive things about the NWO is an apparent police state and morality o obsessed culture where citizens must behave and obey laws strictly but the powers that be in authority can plainly be a part of organized crime.

GS cannot be validated officially becuz then the public would be outraged to learn that the systema they pay for is in the big picture used to support international organized crime, a very important part of the US economy I assume.

The elite ars using the public as mere workhorses and fools to continue their lucrative international business ventures. How many times has an elite been exposed, suspected or busted for being involved in international drug dealing or connected corruption? If u watch u will note that when someone like Margaret Thatcher's son is exposed potentially its usually being involved with the big players of international organized crime.

The public need to realize they are now living in a manufactured police state simply in order to support international organized crime and corporate terrorism.

Radical as this sounds its innately wrong to enslave people and bleed them dry of their resources both worldly and natural so that only certain select people or families control the world. Or plan to move to Mars or whatever madness these people are going to come up with according to their criminally insane minds or their delusional senses of self worth.

The publics greatest error in the NWO is believing that such people are not involved in international organized crime.

It didn't effect the aversge person's life decades ago not to the extent of a total police state and mass mind control so conspiracy theory or discussing corruption as such wasnt so important. Nowadays they seem to want full compliance and a yolk on every individual in the United States. Whats worse they demand people actually believe and accept the deceptions as reality-that the US is still a good moral place owned and run by its people when the reality is very different now.

Portland Has Been A Beat Down/More Brainwashing To Create Globalist Consumers For The NWO in USA

Portland has been a place where ive experienced alot of obstacles but these have taught me to be more down to earth and realistic abiut what i am trying to accomplish.

Its also a place that makes me fat and seems to dumb me down considerably compared to being on the east coast or in Cali even.

Today a woman fell on me in the tent city called r2d2. I felt that after i had something the city was legally liable for against them possibly that the tech harassment here became non existent and there was considerably less perp activity. Like down to a trickle. A few people and no staged happenings or encounters.

This place is so tech and chem influence heavy that the in person stalking and psy ops from living humans is mild. Mild but effectively placed played and timed.

Perps always back off when the Target has something on them legally.

In Boston they thot they cud do whatever they wanted becuz they believed my being comprimised in the real world justice system lets say made them immune to any kind of recourse on my part. Little did they realize there seems to be a counter group out there that simply counters the perps' actions with like covert actions.
Becuz perps believe they can hide behind or utilize the justice system and legality as cover story. Thus their actions are dishonest from the start.

Anyone who is pure hearted especially if helped by the countering forces that also work covertly-is going to not even think in terms of money or business or legality or any worldly standards or systems.

Thid is really all the perps consider or care about. They only care about their wallets and what can be proved on paper. Becuz remember they are and their system is the ones that are wrong to begin with.

America whining abiut war crimes in Syria when America has committed plenty of war crimes. Especially GS and related atrocities.

Also today i.was once again rewarded for any and all involvement or actions partaking in our Capitalist system. Consumerism or business. Any actions i take in buy sell or trade are either rewarded with a lifting of the horrible psych effects of GS or a lifting of the being harassed (usually by tech) altogether.

Consuming i get the former reward and doing things like getting involved in selling or trade, i get the former. With of coursr more encouragement to begin exploring the joys of buy sell trade in the USA.

Our nation is now home to this fascist or corporate terrorism where citizens are being brainwashed or behavior modified in order to create the perfect citizen. The desired, globalist citizen set for the NWO and completely dependent on consimerism for their sense of self survival, identity even sanity.
Which of course makes America 'strong' in worldy terms.

This is not the first time Ive experienced this effect as Ive posted about having this occur before I believe in San Antonio TX.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Going To Find Out If Healthy To Travel/System Seems To Have Given Me Break Due To Dangerous Health Conditions

Its been peaceful all day. Overcast and much cooler.

The almost hemorrhage like bleeding I had got a bit better. I still have one symptoms that need checking before I leave the state.

The system has been really hammering down the past two years, in order to finally complete behavior modification. It seemz they dont care how much brain damage they have to cause in order to finally accomplish their goals.

Ive been being guided to leave the US like its an emergency. I wonder if its a combination of weather patterns and environmental pollution causing health damage as well as the continued NWO police state thats become the norm in post Bush and 9-11 America.

These past health issues I've had have shown me that its important to follow along with this. To ensure my survival.

These events were partially my fault but i blame the never ending gang stalking campaign for forcing me to seek resources and companionship from people that were dangerous or of bad character and for myself to be making not the best choices or taking the best actions for myself and my safety due to everything from sleep deprivation to desperation to being clinaclly brain washed or living under mind control due to the GS over many years time.

This is certainly nit the way my life would have turned out had GS not been in total control of my life.

I am now going to the hospital to see if I had a miscarriage or if I have an ectopic pregnancy. Its a shame that as a Survior and a TI I am not allowed to have children. I know the system would overpower my ability to protect my child and take it from me into.this system and either.ritually abuse it, program it or at least target it never reaches it's potential.
Also my mother being a radiation experimentee I don't want to further damaged DNA.

Some perps usually male, wil intimate to me that I am a person who's family line shouldn't reproduce, mostly becuz of moral lacking it seems or some form of defective traits.
Which i know is absolute bullshit becuz my mother and father were obviously chosen to participate in the MK Ultra, Project Paperclip classified projects to create super soldiers and supermen (and women).

If perps truly do believe in eugenics they are buying into a cover story.

This system simply doesnt want to deal with anyone who shows they wont be easily controlled as slaves at any point during their lives.

This system has always backed off when I begin showing OUTWARD signs of physical distress of damage. I'd experienced this in Boston during Bush. I blogged it too as I recall.
They want people to seem outwardly normal before they flip out and snap or commit suicide.

And from the amount of surveillance going on, they seem to want to have documentation that can back up their official and cover stories which is that its mental illness not their causing brain damage and physical damage to Targets.

Only in this sick society could 'mental illness' even be accepted when the phrase in itself isnt even logical.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Does The GS System Impose Limits On Torture Based On TI Health?

These motherfuckers wont be satisfied until every TI is dead by suicide, labeled or at least tormented mentally and emotionally for life.

Its been horrible here in Portland, OR. The heat makes it much worse, radiation probably. I've had people warn me about even more Japan tidal wave related nuclear leakage radiation coming to the west coast.
Nationwide for a few years I've noticed that extreme heat and sun create conditions that induce mental illness in not only myself but in some places entire cities seem to go crazy on those days. Notably the more Native American or Mexican the population the more stable those towns or cities seem during such very damaging hot days.
(Global warming and radiation in the environment. Not a good outlook for the future.)

I notice once again, that since there's a sporting event a soccer game at the stadium downtown Portland that the environment clears of all crazy making and negative effects and there's a genuine positive, happy vibe. Like before 2003-so many years ago. When life and the world was normal.

I got sick today trying to hitch out of Portland. The heat got to me later in the day as I also am experiencing difficulties in my health due to a medical procedure I had weeks ago. When i showed signs of possibly passing out and struggling with the heat, an outside camera was nearby. I wonder if this system is so creepy that it uses every available outside camera to track the Target. It does seem there's a web created by they being able to access various surveillance equipment anywhere in the United States.

After i called the doctors office for a consultation they told me to come in soon.

I went on my social network and told my local friend about it and texted my former companion who's now in MA.

At some point someone decided that I was too ill to continue to target becuz Ive had peace for hours now.

Could this simply be becuz of the soccer game event downtown which I've repeatedly documented clears the air if you will or could it be that for whatever their reasons they cant simply target you during such ill health?

I dont quite understand this becuz what they do to a Targeted Individual for years CAUSES illness, degeneration and early death.

Why are they not allowed to target you during a health condition like possibly hemorrhaging or close to it?

The fuckin system here is as depressing and Willpower sapping as Cali is anger inducing and blocking the Will.

There's an actual process of inducing what seems like through brain damage.

There's also a major beat down to not be self important, to become part if the community without any individuality.

Im sick of feeling shame here. Boston teaches pride at all costs and faith in self and cause. This place saps all that.

This system will not stop tormenting me until i run to the feds begging to be an informant, conform and work as a talentless, average wage earner stuck in the game like everyone else or the Catholic Church gives me a fuckin sainthood for working with the homeless.

Oh and being pushed into becoming a Christian is real big here too.

Of course theres been lately the same old 'go back home' 'go to UMass' bullshit.

UMass is the last place I belong and the neighborhood its in is the last kind of place I need to be.

Also lately it seems grinding my mind down with a constant focus on what's happened to me with GS for the last ten years is supposed to assist with memory loss and inducing insanity.
This is probably how they are getting soldiers to off themselves. Its not like they dont have motive.

Atlanta GA School Shooting Attempt

Here we go again.

Obama and friends aren't trying to take away guns so much as they are going to succeed in making a culture where anyone who fitd the criteria of mentally ill hasn't got a shot in hell of having any rights or freedoms at all.

I saw a pic for a Oregon newspaper where one of the students was of course in a bright red shirt and mom hugging him was making a handsi
..hand sign that interestingly could be read as the Satanic horns OR the Masonic 'M'.

Its to keep messing with Targeted Individuals many of whom are people who know whats really going on with false flags, psy ops, organized stalking and beyond in this country.

Its further threat and intimidation of those of us who already know too much.

Atlanta, GA is one of the nastiest places for harassment as are most heavily African American areas.

Notice these shootings are always in areas or states that any well traveled TI could tell you are the worst gang stalking hot spots?

Its usually heavily black areas or elitist areas, like the entire state of Connecticut is. ((Home to Skull and Bones at Yale).

The public need only to be made aware of how psy ops or in person organized stalking of a targeted person along with chemical influence and the use of technologies (microwave ELF, etc) can be used to push certain beings until they SNAP AND FEEL THEY HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE but to commit a homicide-suicide.

All they are doing, in their minds, is getting rid of some of the local people who have been harassing them mercilessly for a long peroid of time, before ending their own tortured lives.

Notice how the shooter is always male and Caucasian.

Notice how in multiple instances the victims are the elite, academia like a college or now, African American?

These are major sources of gang stalking perpetrators in the United States.

The blackest areas of the south are herrendous for gang stalking activity, I'm talking like brutal in nature and large groups. I had an entire Greyhound bus taken over by a perp group out of Memphis, TN that t ended finally in Albuquerque NM. ALL BLACK.

Recently this year I had a horrid experie ce in Charlotte in the Carolinas. I had a witness and posted pics.

America has to face the reality that there's an entire African American network in the USA that works with the white elite to target people, do false flag ops and basically, terrorize and deceive the American public.

They might be an outgrowth originating in COINTELPRO but researching into the history of African Americans in spying and covert ops in US history, COINTELPRO was just a small footnote in a long history.

Many TIs are African Americans who have to deal with this system, creating what they refer to as 'black on black violence'.

Remember these people work for the power structure and shadow government, special interests, not other blacks. Though many might rationalize theif actions as thinking they are helping to further black people's position of power and status in soviety.

There's many things wrong with our violent society being surprised by citizens becoming violent. Which is why children have to be the victims, becuz this prevents people from reflecting on how America tolerates and glorifies violence.

It feels very mu h..much like its about time to flee the USA. If i ever considered doing so, now seemz like the time to finally do it.

Manning gets punished but Obama got a bullshit Nobel Peace Prize while Snowden hides out in Russia.

America is gone. Nobody thats still here, who can tolerate this country, want to deal with the reality of how bad its gotten.

Even the media is sy.l..sympathetic to Bradley.

It all ties back to 9-11 cover up and all the corruption done that was hidden under the war. Bush, his administration, Hayden even Obama- none of this is going to be fixed or exposed.

Its one of those official cover up stories that only will be revealed perhaps many centuries from now. Everything they are doing is to ensure their versions of events stays as official history.

The public is claiming they want to spend more on mental illness than to hire more armed guards.

Which means blogs like this and whistle blowers won't exist in a generation or two.

And who is behind it? The very people that activists like me expose. Manning and Snowden serve to expose iceberg tips then the public start considering other more sinister forms of corruption.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Death Of The Sun Tribe: Powers Are Purposely Killing Off Some Of The Most Ancient Peoples Of The Middle East

"Quiz Question:
Who is getting the US to kill off all the Aryans?
Who benefits from this?"

On one hand its validating to know that others hear these cries, know something is wrong in the Middle East over past ten or fifteen years. That this plot comes clear once as a TI you experience enough, then look at whats going on in the world in the big picture. Its become so obvious.

On the other...I just tear up genuinely as I usually do when this subject comes up. Its something going on behind the dramas that have our attentions now. Yet the effects of these actions could have permanent negative consequences. Its like a species going extinct and no one sees it that way, so no one cares. Americans are so ignorant and brain washed they believe our foreign 'enemies' exist in the cradle of civilization, not our ancient ancestors who are having thier culture destroyed and being genocided just like we are here in the states. Europe is being destroyed. People have been literally brainwashed to believe 'whites' are evil or inferior or unimportant without any sort of respect for pagan, pre-Christian or pre-Abrahamic religious European history of European peoples being understood or acknowledged. Ignorance is being used and marketed as knowledge and intelligence about whats good for people in society.

       Ive spoken to people who are as bad as Nazi's with the modern perceptions of how to end racism. They believe that racism will only end once people race mix to the point where, in thier warped minds, there will no longer be any such thing as 'race'. THEY DO NOT SEE THAT THEY ARE EXACTLY LIKE HITLER AND THE NAZIS TRYING TO CREATE A MASTER RACE THAT WILL SOLVE A PROBLEM IN SOCIETY. THEY ALSO DO NOT PERCEIVE THEMSELVES AS SUBSCRIBING TO EUGENICS BUT IN ESSENCE THEY ARE USING RACE TO CURE SOCIETY'S ILLS.

They are extremists and do not realize it. Society considers them ultimate idealists.

WHAT THEY DO NOT FORESEE IS THAT IN A WORLD THEY PREDICT WHERE THERE ARE NO 'RACES' AS EXIST PRESENTLY, THERE WILL BE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN PEOPLE BASED ON THE RACES BEING MIXED TO MAKE BRAND NEW DIFFERENCES IN PEOPLES. So a certain percentage of humans always being of a separatist nature, will then create new divisions based on the new looks and tribes created. Green eyed, black skinned, slant eyes from that region end up feeling different from or hating non slant eyed, brown eyed, kinky haired blonde peoples who live in this region or peoples will fight over resources or land-things that humans always fight over and cause wars.

THATS BECUZ THEIR SOLUTION TO RACISM IS BASED ON USING RACE INSTEAD OF A TRUE EVOLUTION OF MANKIND. This is one of the major deceptions of the new world in this new century. People are not feeling world peace in thier hearts, they are looking for a solution that is a final one becuz their motive is they are tired of injustice or fed up with hatred or...they are fatalistic and completely dark hearted about this subject and do not even realize it.

Any solution that is a final one should be one thats suspect. Just becuz your goal seems lofty doesn't mean that history would perceive it that way.

I'm sure the deceived peoples of Germany believed in Hitler, with his building new roads and not telling them about the camps-until one day they realized too late that they were prisoner of a mad dictatorship. Then they could only comply and fear for thier own lives, those that weren't completely brain washed. (I've actually met young people from Germany who are a bit crazy as travelers and they still speak of loving Hitler, as if its still taught somewhere to them there. People must see brainwashing and deceptions as they enemy and whats destructive, not philosophies and trading one insanity for another. Mind control is mind control.)

          I'm reading news on the internet from non media sources in EU about whats going on in countries around the world where it used to be safe to seek refuge, European wonders of socialism that seemed so evolved. They are also all experiencing the NWO being brought on and are responding with the same attitudes of Americans-every man for himself and cannibalize your fellow citizens if necessary.
There seems to be no where to hide from the NWO taking over unless you've got the money to live on the side of a mountain with no electromag pollution with a few of your selected friends and associates. Normal people are becoming homeless in Europe. Its all about the people perpetrating the NWO and whoever assists them are going to survive.

I cant help but recall, in 1997, Barron's newspaper published a story that a financier named Byron Wein embarrassed his firm by making the claim that in 20 years, Europe would be an open air museum. Even back then, the players in this knew all this was going to go down. Those words back then, as a younger woman had less weight than they do now. I think many Americans couldn't even conceive of a government or culture that would tolerate this much betrayal of its people. Sure we had horrors throughout history, especially the 60's we barely recall and our parents gave us lessons from but the country had not yet betrayed us. It was perceived by my mother's generation as 'the govt' being the enemy and older people. Gen X saw the upcoming corporate culture worldwide takeover of private citizens lives- hearts and minds. Akin to a corporate psy ops for your soul.

They won just as we feared.

We never would conceive of anything going this far, ever. And thanks to mass mind control- most citizens are no longer 'reasonable people' in order to perceive what is actually occurring realistically. The public is being drugged and saturated with electromagnetic/microwave etc technologies that alter thier judgments and perceptions even control thier actions, emotions etc. This is one major reason the NWO has been pulled off so seemingly easy.


(Ive actually seen this video before and used it in a post on another blog. Some of the photos seem inaccurate like they are of children of Europeans who are living in that area instead of native peoples. However many of the people in the video do seem from the ancient Middle Eastern tribes. The music and pics are very romanticized I agree. As well as saying they are pre flood peoples but there is something too this. There does seem to be an obsession with destroying peoples from these tribes.)

Another beautiful example and what a fierce face one woman has here:

Perhaps its like one poster says in the thread, that there may be something within these ancient people's DNA that is a threat to the NWO's supremacy.

"It does seem like they are trying to wipe them out. Why and who? I don't know and really wonder--who do you think? Maybe they have a rare haplogroup they want to wipe out? So many of these ancient peoples have been killed in these senseless wars. These birthplaces of humanity--you would think the people have something of the ancients in them."

"These cultures are survivors from the Pre-flood civilization. The new Powers That Be want them killed off, because they are a link to the memory of an enlightened society without tyrants and overlords."

"Could be somthing to do with DNA activation, could be a threat to the powers that be, as the DNA signiture could be a threat to there system, as the knowledge held in there DNA would render there control systems useless? which would equal no more profit?
 Now this all depends on one's perception of who the Aryans were? and what knowledge they held?"

Maybe they are poor hill peoples with thier own ancient ways who the powers know, would be difficult to market that they need computers, Bill Gates help and food from Christian Children's Fund types unlike some other countries we know, where dictators who are puppets of the powers that be and special interests in the West, take aid money and use it on thier mansions rather than take care of thier people.

     It seems that any kind of poor people who can take care of themselves by living outside of modern society is a huge threat to whoever is trying to enslave humanity. Intelligence, warrior spirit, fearlessness, ancestor worship, strong spirit and a keen sense of survival that harks back millenia seems to be qualities that need to be wiped out for the NWO to meet its goal of enslaving humanity while the fools believe in the world peace and equality deception the elite are handing the masses.

 "What beautiful beings. It is said that the "eyes" are the windows to the soul - my resonance with these beings is very strong - I feel peaceful just looking at their eyes.

I have been wondering for many years about why the USA is killing and destroying a group of people with far less technological advances then ourselves and hold no threat to the "homeland".

May the LIGHT prevail."

Are you tearing up yet? Becuz you should be.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Scott Brown. Who The Hell Is He And Why Is He Important?/A Target's True Purpose, The Threat It Poses To The NWO

A day or two ago. The words "Scott Brown " came slowly, carved into my brain. They arrived the same way that TIs have been describing brain mapping, neural monitoring and strange experiences with psychic phenomena-experiences that seem unatural, man made and driven by technology.

The phrase as two words came into my...mind in a choppy delivery. Unlike thoughts which are strong, flowing and seem to originate either within one's own consciousness or from a divine or cosmic source without yet not unatural to man.

These arrived in a way that seems characteristically false. Delivered. Not the result of sudden brilliance.

Ever since this system came into place that as well as dreaming during sleep happens rarely if at all.

Many TIs experience being hollowed out as human beings through the system causing brain damage etc-and a system of microwave, electromag and such being used to connect with the remaining human vessel to create a living human robot or human body that can be controlled via tech in such a way.

This is why its so important for the GS system to isolate the Targeted person then destroy whatever person, spirit etc inside them that makes the Target human.
Removing the Target from their lives, everything and everyone they know, then breaking down their experiences via memories, personality traits etc (brain damage is utilized to accomplish this through exposure to mold-either in a building or thru dosing with psychadelics, druggings, poisons, gas leaks and damage through stress, inducing PTSD and reliving damaging memories repeatedly, denying the person contact to get support and making sure conditions deprive them of sensory or other stimulation like emotional or mental. Note this was documented to be used in MK Ultra) all the while, slowly invading their minds through the advanced tech or psychic warriors they seem to have.
If a TI is microchipped this process would be alot easier to accomplish and may explain why certain Targets or experimentees are so easy to contact thru what is percieved as one's mind.
Its also then very easy to simply write that person off as mentally ill or insane.
The point is to discredit by misleading. The powers behind this are only going to guide or manage perceptions of the claimant towards what serves their purposes for discrediting the person, not mentioning to the public the well documented subjects of MK Ultra or humans having found, documented medically and often surgically removed early versions of microchips from their brains.

What I am wondering is what is the purpose of this communication?
I just now looked up Scott Brown. All I ever knew of the name was i faintly recall something about he being a politician and possibily Republican.

There's lots of greenery and some humidity where ive been for a month and i am inside. This of course usually equals mold being present wnd the headaches and loss of brain function always tells me the brain damage is as usual, simply continuing where it left off whenever I was last exposed-the process began in that apartment in Brighton as this campaign started during Bush in early 2000's.
Its one of many reasons I always return to living outside. Most homes have mold even places in desert areas which of course those are military base strongholds and impossible to live in.

This place has been a place with electromagnetic pollution and it seems alot of activity hitting me as a TI specifically.

Comcast wifi and Xfinity cable? Thats just a level.or two more livable than the dreaded guaranteed-torture-chamber-combo: a Cisco wifi router and a satellite tv system in the same building. That is strictly about destroying a Target through surely inducing insanity.
This has been more about behavior modification and delivering mental ideas and images to get me to do stuff.
There's cell phones in the house too but I suspect there's a bigger signal. Something else becuz often the ideas i am being fed will follow me into downtown Portland OR, even intensify.
The 'signal' is present even on Sunday or if I turn off the wifi (and make and excuse about why its off to my roomate later.)

I am aware of rivaling political parties using TIs in their little battles or the system making it seem that way as a level of deception for purposes of misleading truth seekers. (People thinking both parties actually utilize mind control in rivalry when actually its just the same actions of the chaos makers. These 'chaos makers' are basically a network of people...if they are human at all, that have been seen and experienced by Targeted people to have resources, manpower and tech/metaphysical capabilities to cause 'chaos' in certain geographical locations. Wherever and whenever they are present.

This is one of those things a TI learns about that no one is going to believe, yet its so simple and the motive is quite plausible.

There is a special forces or operations if you will-a network, that seems to be utilizing all the progresses in technologies to cause violence, negativity and destruction in specific geographical locations.
Seemingly as part of the Action-Reaction-Solution scheme.

If you had these capacities at your disposal, would you not use them to control society, to cause war and conflict whenever and wherever you could? If I was in the elite's position, I would.
Its art to them. They 'create' reality, shape society.

The only thing thats disturbing about this network and its actions, in my experiences are the questionable humanity of the people involved in the ops. They look human..but damn it if there isnt something off about them. It might just be how fucked a human wud have to be to engage in such activities, whether it be military or whoever or they could be..'Satanic' in nature. But I always thought that kind or strain of person or human housing such a force wud register the same each time. Different Satanic people register differently yet they always conform to a pattern I am familiar with.

These things that looked human..they just didnt. They did not seem frickin living, live, human people. They registered as some sort of static, wavy like almost blinding energy. Often it wud shift their features quickly so i cudnt 'see' their faces clearly or form a memory of the face. It was like there was an energy field or active energy in, around or inside eminating out of them that caused these..quick vibrational shifts in the environment.

And guess what? Whoever they were, they can still f*ck off.

None of this is surprising considering the way TIs are dosed or drugged and the energy fields used such as microwave etc. Also all of this ties into Nazi experimentation, the root of MK Ultra and everyone shud know by now that included alot more than just whats believable.
The Philadelphia Experiment comes to mind also.

So yes, I am claiming that possibly there could be peace on earth or at least more of it, without the gremlins always causing chaos or violence and negativity in certain areas.
Hey, when I really got a good look at this system at certain times, it was in locations where really messed up events were happening. When i was being so hit by a large group with very nasty tech and drugging capabilities as well as those weird not quite human perps i mentioned, i was in St Louis MO and at that time, East St Louis was the most violent city in the USA. I was targeted to be pushed into a lone shooter at that time in that location which I resisted. One day later a man did actually do a lone shooting by walking into a city hall. I believe the mayor and a cop died. There was a backstory of harassment by authorities-the whole usual system that can be presented as a cover story in the news. Locals told me facts that didn't make the news.

I wasnt seasoned enough yet to understand the full situation i was in. I could only fight the little battles, like the system trying to trigger or mess with me in a very specific way to do such an action.

Being programmed is complex. Trust me that i knew enough about the layout that i was aware of the environment in that location but I wasnt fully aware. It was just some circumstances I was in. A bigger framework i was operating in. I was still new to this all-out-destroy the Target system that became active in 2003 and i was only deprogrammed enough to keep from being triggered or baited.
In fact, further horrible actions of manual deprogramming by the system took place in this location just prior to the lone shooting weirdness that occured locally.

My programming consisted of two parts. The one being slowly destroyed while in St Louis was part of a high level programming system, according to research I've done. Knights, castle structures, chess boards and the like. :
However, these things exist in one's minds eye or appear mentally. You never percieve them as real objects or structures.

There were often human looking guards posted outside many of the structures in this land of towers, castle like extensions etc. I never question whats there only judge if its functioning, useful or timely to utilize the area.

One tower I'd viewed repeatedly at that point had a guard outside it and a bridge to it. Something came into that area, some remote force and removed whatever was kept in that tower structure, quickly. It looked like a programming sequence, I'll never know what it was.

It was an invasive surgical procedure done thru this remote mind control system. It was like an abortion except it was mental and done by surprise without any foreknowledge of something important being housed in a containing area.

This along with the other unfortunate and brutal forced deprogramming methods are what contribute to the mental, emotional etc decline of Survivors over time. Especially this erodes your entire personality.

This isnt enough then they attempt to rewrite you with horrid behavior mod programs.

Its MK Ultra all over again and its unnecessary. Granted if the programming sequences are dangerous to the Survivor or others but why not utilize hypnosis and drugs as during programming in childhood? And why the destruction of the persons talents and intelligence?

Never allowing the Survivor to heal naturally or heal themselves. Only to become a constant Target of the system.

Much of this functions like today's video games which might explain why Ive never liked them much. They are super lame compared to internal programming and i sense video games are a form of social control, diversion and a way to actually get people to disbelieve in magick, quests and taking action in real life. It wudnt surlrise me if the same powers that program humans and experiment on people didnt turn mind control programming sequences onto the general public as a form of mass mind control.
Average people being less...impressive than the specimens chosen for high level programming-the 'sequences' or commands (your video game itself and all its training, instructions and quests u get put on) cud be alot more simple in its nature.

Thus many Survivors see right thru video games..or find their effects on the human mind obviously damaging or disturbing.
Computers also suck for us as they work very slowly compared to the capacities in programming. Having to learn computers is like being in college and having to then be put into kindergarten. It genuinely sucks.

Slowly over time in different locations I found my internal worlds being destroyed. It was so strange that this paralleled with the war and actions taken by the military in the Middle East. I was being destroyed and then occupied. At one point my internal structural 'world' looked war torn and rubble.
Its interesting that in the administration after this, behavior modification was focused on and the system trying to create something new.

It wud never work though. My original internal programming was created by forces i suspect are very old on our planet. Im a product of Cambridge, MA. Harvard. Massachusetts. This is the environment that whoever did this originally hails from.
Its something ancient and connected to the old world's history. And whoever created it was artful. More natural and organic.

The far too obviously modern humans who insisted on going after Survivors with these ridiculous deprogramming/behavior mod programs always seem laughable technomancers at best. At worst, bumbling military personnel involved in childish sci fi Stargate type projects, utilizing man's limited technical abilities all horrors born of the modern industrial age.

He's obsessed with using tech, math and computers to decode the Mona Lisa without realizing he doesnt understand the coding itself. The wisdom or art of it as a creation.
Children trying to play creators, hurridly trying to gain all the information and data of creation but never having the true mind or heart of a creator.

Whoever is or was behind the horrors of the cold and clinical, invasive surgery like actions of these deprogramming activities, if they are trying to become creators-they just dont have the soul for it.

Original high level programming may have used torturous methods to create internal programming but it never seemed like...torture. These actions against Survivors basically to destroy us and try to hack into us and then reclaim us as their own-were and are nothing BUT outright torture.

The original programmers seemed to have an intimate relationship with Survivors. The actions taken against Survivors in the past decade are impersonal and often seem perpetrated by entities who are using way to much computer technology to accomplish their goals.

Lets just say that being programmed was akin to a great work of art, like a painting along with ritual and many human qualities whereas the recent deprogramming activities seem clinical, cold and surgery like, invasive, machanised, computer driven and obnoxiously aggressive.

Survivors rarely have a hard time once we make it through the layers of suicide programming. Its natural for us to have a functional master programmer if u will who can reprogram the entire system. In more simple terms-we can heal, rebuild, reinvent ourselves in a positive way.
What makes Survivors snap or totally destroyed is when this system does not allow that and insists on literally ripping apart original internal programming to replace them with whatever they want to exist there.

These people behind this are taking away a person's human right and treating a Survivor like a computer program to be merely erased and rewritten as they see fit. No consideration at all is taken to the fact that all this data and info is contained in a human mind thus human pain and suffering occur during such actions as breaking down and attempted reprogramming.

Personally it seems like whoever was and is behind this since the Bush era has no frickin idea what they are doing and has been given free reign to literally rip peoples minds apart in some of the most ridiculous and torture driven unethical human experimentation or treatment of people in history.

Perhaps this is indeed secret society driven so its always been around, but the same could be said of the people who did the original programming on Survivors.

It seems whats got to be exposed and stopped are the 21 century access to progress in science and technology that certain sects may now have.

Its not right to be able to psycho manage entire cities or large populations.
To be able to remotely enter, alter and destroy a programmed person's internal programming structures only to torment and torture them unecessarily, then attempt to modify them into something false and unnatural and when that doesnt work, then turn them into mere zombies who merely follow commands given by the mass mind control system out there now that works by hypnotic suggetion.
That wins elections unfairly and causes people to confess to crimes they never committed. That forces the public to live literally under torture during the work week, or punishes those who's bank accounts aren't full enough with funds, yet lifts these effects for federal holidays or rewards actions like shopping and consuming-all to create a society of obedient worker/consumers for whatever results are desired by whatever powerful people or parties are behind such a thing.

Thats what society in the US has become. Ive experienced it in every city every town almost every mile of this country is covered by mass mind control.
Its areas like the military bases, the southwest and other remote places that worries me.
Places that seem to house something alot more frightening than populations of humans under mass mind control.

I wud love someday to know exactly what is underground in certain large remote spaces in the USA as well as what is in certain mountain areas.
Places like NV outside the cities, in the desert...when i was there last, a few months ago when in Henderson I kept getting these awful impressions of horrid monster like creatures out in the desert, beyond the cities. Creatures perhaps a result of morbid, gruesome experiments or perhaps monsters that had always existed there but that America had secrets perhaps splintered Native tribes knew about but that has been witheld from the populations from Europe etc. Another possible motive to genocide the Native Americans and force them to give up their languages.

Perhaps though, this was a clever and effective deception-one that keeps people like me from going out into the desert outside the mapped cities. So the public never find what's really out there.

Most of my exleriences with this system outside of torture or direct involvement with forced deprogramming programs have consisted of deception.

This practically tyoed messsge-"Scott Brown" Ive received in past few days. Am I suplosed to respond to.this, find it terribly important? Im to believe its info given to me by the system in an attempt to assist me in solving some corruption stemming out of my hometown?

What good could this info possibly do? This is what I mean about it never stopping.
I looked him up and discover hes from Maine he was involved in Massachusetts's politics like Senate or whatever and took Ted Kennedy's seat.
So what? I did experience Ted's cancer to be possibly induced-its well known that car crashes, plane/helicopter crashes and cancer seem the favorites of the shadow governing system.
Havent the Kennedys experienced all those along with a straight forward assassination as causes of death or bad luck for key family members?
And that crash he had when young, it cud have been a set up to gain his or even familial compliance for certain parties special interests.
Which is why I didnt trust him and didn't run back to Boston eager to do activism when Teddy suddenly started supporting FFCHs. However, he supported them then died which if he was genuine, would have been awful.

One never knows in these games who is on what side. Personally I think a person like me is kept out of taking sides or being involved politically becuz my main function is to simply deliver information from point a to b. Due to varied events, circumstances and the way I am forced to experience them, I am spared alot of emotional reparations yet I also don't see things realistically.

The darker forces are actually used to protect Survivors from alot of fallout of what we get involved in. And that's only fair-the controllers know what are life experience is like. Literally we exist in service of a greater purpose.
Our lives have no real meaning personally. Which is why the gang stalking system tries to.get you to focus on your personal losses, your ego, what you've been denied in a future that u could have had, which is why they reward betrayers so nicely AND MAKE SURE TARGETS SEE THIS and perps rub it in.

So that you lose sight of the greater purpose-the mission. They keep Targets out in miserable conditions of American modern homelessness which was obviously engineered to be a hostile environment for activism or organization of people and is where whistleblowers and other Targets are driven on purpose to keep us ineffectual, oppressed and focused on our own petty losses and daily survival/safety.

The NWO has made sure that in the USA has become restructured into a design that in various ways discourages freedom, truth seeking or dream chasing (risk taker is now one of the mainstream's negative catch phrases-the entire mind game with using that concept shud be totally rejected by traditional American go getting, risk taking society to begin with. The American Revolution was risky, yes? However, terrorist specialists are now claiming the forefathers would today be viewed as terrorists. Which is mind fucking to discourage risk taking. Especially saying 'dont try that again in this day and age.' Yet that was the entire purpose of the way the forefathers set up things the way they did.
We are supposed to pull that again IF NECESSARY.

Mind control runs the USA in varied forms as of today. Its a prison and only those who understand how the prison holds humans can be free or escape. To where i don't understand it seems the control is intended to be global.

If so the only option is to inform people of the deception and how mass mind control works. Which is a ridiculous task becuz the public are kept firmly in a 20th century reality when the elite and the powers behind this exist in the 21st century aware of the advances in science and tech.

So as I am left to ponder if Scott Brown was involved in my decline or if this post is meant to assist anyone with a lead concerning the conspiracies that seem to be coming from the northeast such as 9-11 or the shooting in CT, I spend still more time not being stable and focused in one location, able to even begin an outline for my book that I'd hoped cud at least detail my experiences to the public.
At this time, after trying to continue this project for a few years I believe this book is never going to be written in America. I don't think it can be done. It was workable until 2010 then it seems as if the tech got more prevalent or the environment got worse. It was after the nuclear leaks in Japan as well as VT.

As a Target I now find the system to be so disruptive that valuable activism is impossible. Also much of America has become oppressive to 'homeless' people and Travelers. Hitchhiking laws etc. All during the presidency of an Ivy league educated Liberal black president who everyone percieves is so much better than Bush.

I mau have been tortured during Bush and attempted to be driven to suicide but I had a full range of freedoms to move freely about the USA and exist in a subculture. That culture's been systematically made illegal in cities across the USA.

Its suspected that business associations along with local law enforcement and politicians are using small chaos causing groups like ones that are used in large ops on entire cities by the shadow government -such as what I described in St Louis in 2008, to destroy homeless scenes. Create a problem, solve a problem.
Ive seen this happen in Harvard Sq. Cambridge.
Interestingly, most people who attended OCCUPY encampments claim local law enforcement wud either send or encourage the worst homebums to go to Occupy camps obviously to screw them up.
I'm suspect about the entire Occupy anyway. So many posers, people naive about covert ops concerning activist grouos in the USA. From what I now know it was alot of federal agents and they've become expert at the game. Remember these people now work under a system training agents for counter terrorism and 21st century warfare.
What chance does old fashoined grass roots activism have?

Thats an example of the NWO having an advantage by being aware of what exists out there now, in the new century while the public still works off of 20th century experiences and methods.

By continuing to win this info.war they are completely ruling the world in the 21st century.

Most people don't even understand this is going on. They just believe the world's ending or this time in history is really awful and this new dark age is the norm.
Young people don't know any different which is most sad.

If Targeted people can relate our experiences to the public those who are smart enough to understand, who can wrap their head around the new reality that exists for a new century will have an advantage that sets the playing field fair again so the people can oppose oppression and corrupt authority effectively instead of wasting time guaranteed failure using old methods.

That is what they are afraid of, that's why many of us are targeted. So keeping us confused, half insane, focused on being targeted or personal losses/destroyed ego prevents us from producing any meaningful work.

Heres A Post For Every Snooty Young Indian...Especially At MIT

I won't soon forget a young arrogant little brat student at MIT who was involved in one of their never ending gang stalking campaigns but like the savage that she truly is without the benefit of Anglicanization or the older generations' spirituality-she seemed to be unaware of the campaign being rooted in a black project cover up, as she only had insults for me based off cover story material.

So she's stupid ..or a shitty covert op who has to work off the obvious in a less than subtle overt manner (savage).

My response to her was to immediately blog what she'd done and respond by telling her and all her countrymen and women to firstly, go the fuck back home and starve and secondly, if u r so superior why don't u go back where u came from and fix your backwards, corrupt, filthy country and culture instead of attending a college in my country and abusing me a fourth generation American citizen?

First here's the site of interest:

I also recall a serial killer like doctor at the Marino Center in Cambridge, MA which is totally infiltrated who was particularly viscous to me. I reminded him this was New England and not Britain, where most of these people have learned the worst of English cultural humiliations based on status and classism.
He needed to be reminded that this was my area of the world-lest we forget that its racism and imperialism and colonialism that created the monster he is today. And this is Boston not England. This is where the potato famine victims came and grew strong-not the seat of power who caused such a human rights disaster.

Indians we must remember, the uppity ones who seek to dominate due to their insecurity coupled with their savage nature's, who consider themselves modern, upwardly mobile and such are the ignorant, viscous bastards they are due to generations of English domination and abuse.

Laughably, he is in an area, attacking a person who's ancestors have dealt with English attempted domination and occupation for centuries, and the Irish have always kept a dignity about us as well as we have an equal capacity for Druid derived savagery, bloodshed and greed our own selves.

You are trying to dominate the Celtic cousins of the Engish imperialists who, being related TO said oppressors by ancient blood/DNA, knows their minds, hearts, spirits and weaknesses thus we've held out this long (and secretly, in our hearts, will continue to do so until Britian gets the hell out of Ireland, rightfully so.)

Laughably, this darkey is a pale and poor imitation of its oppressors. Almost puppet-like in its impressions of wanna be trying for British based cultural classisms, rudeness and insult.
The Rocky Road to Dublin never listen and you'll know who yer dealing with. And fuck Cambridge with its British flag sporting historical British sympathizer neighborhoods and all the old money thats come with them.

So instead of playing and even poorer house slave than African Americans for the elite, go back to India and fuck right off.

First you need to raise up your consciousness away from being so easily brainwashable-which is due to your spiritual belief system's mindset.

If you really want to evolve clean up India and truly grow up instead of merely trading all the sicknesses and human rights abuses of your religions for money and status in the modern age.

With the practice such as throwing acid in women's faces for being too independent being referred to merely as 'Eve Teasing' you've got some serious frickin problems in your country and its culture to deal with.

Yer family being well to do and sending you to MIT or medical school obviously doesnt change your innate nature as barely controllable savages.

Hmph, at least African Americans know how to slink around, hide, be sneaky and play dumb when working for this system-you actually BELIEVE it that you ARE the elite or the oppressor.

Nothing like identifying with the aggressor and becoming an asshole as well. Didnt u take psychology in all that college? Or, like the Beggar Mafia in India, its all about making money?

Your true nature is seen by anyone who's truly evolved.

All the dumb bitch could do was insult me with the obvious.

Hell, its YOUR processors at MIT who are banging prostitutes in their offices late night after hours. Harvard is just as bad, without getting on campus of course.
Ha ha. Yer dads and uncles and professors and police and politicians and doctors and bankers are all perverts and dealing with the local organized crime rings in the northeast to survive financially and otherwise.

So next time some uppity elitist fuck gets involved in gang stalking and shows the slightest weakness-rip right thru them especially since these rich c*nts working for the complexes usually are hiding in a crowd.of other a-holes when they insult a Target.

Part of the cultural survival of our people in this new century is to cease with all 60s inspired romanticizing of India and other foriegn cultures.

This same system shot Lennon so drop the bullshit with the Beatles and other cultural powers pushing the perception of a romanticized India..or any place else for that matter.

Just picture a snooty Indian jerk going to MIT and working for the huge covert legion that saturates the northeastern USA now-helping to trigger Lennon's assassin just the way they most probably drove and setup the Boston Marathon bombers.

That and a realistic study into modern India and its politics shud cure u of any further brainwashing or pipe dreams.

India, had become a major supporter of Bush and neocon politics in the last decade or so.

And never forget that the fat spiritual guru guiding Beatles type seekers usually had a few Mercedes and many lost souls as mistresses, like any good cult leader should.

It was never what it was portrayed to be. All the pot, acid and idealism shaped these perceptions. And anyone wondering about exactly what spawned the 60s cultural phenomenon needs to have a long study of the proceeding decades of MK Ultra-specifically the use of LSD in brainwashing or making the mind or consciousness more easily formed and guided.

Remember all this the next time some Indian NWO pain in the ass tries to play you with their corrupt cultural norms or treat u as if u are sweeping the streets as an untouchable in their country.