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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Its Time To Find Out Who Provides The Worst GS Hotspots Their Security

McDonalds, Walmart, Target, Starbucks, Whole Foods, REI, chain drug stores, supermarkets, public transit specifically buses, universities, hotels. Train systems rely more on human forces or 'gang stalkers' as do hospitals. Anyplace with a security system that uses cameras usually has an effect on a Targeted Individual and it's a very negative influence.

Not only have these places been involved in psychological operations on Targeted Individuals but some like Target have been involved in what is experienced as further MK Ultra human experimentation of a highly classified level.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

America: War Crimes A Way Of Life-The Harvard Crimson

Not mentioning of course what's done to whistle blowers and victim witnesses domestically.

Domestic war crimes are equal to torture and death at Gitmo nowadays.

Oriental Asians + Starbucks = Temporary Headaches??

I've experienced a few instances now where I have a terrible headache come on that I don't notice really the people around me upon its onset but have noted that when certain Asians (Chinese looking ones) leave sitting beside me that the headache subsides.

I now realize that its when these people sit beside me that the headache begins and it leaves when they get up and leave.

This is very unusual for me becuz when I get a headache of that magnitude it stays with me for the whole day. Never so short of a duration.

These people usually show signs or red flags (no pun intended) of being gang stalkers also but its very subtle. Almost like they are working more on the psychic stalker/harassment front or the system seems to have many blacks working in this capacity. But with these Asians it's more body language and focusing on the TI but without directly looking at the person.

MK Ultra Book

This isn't history. These programs continue today. They are under the guise of everything from anti-terror to community watch, frame up s for criminal investigations, mobbing, vigilante justice etc.

Probably by private military contractors so there's no oversight or public transparency.

HSHS Is Difficult Again, ANother Reason To Leave USA and NEver Return-Ive had enough

The Harvard Square Homeless Shelter is not organized this year. It was ok for my last visit but this time around its alot of new people and something about it is NOT the usual peaceful, together place it usually is.

I have to sleep on a cot instead of a bed due to my legs and back. Every night the staff lets these same two guys stay up and chat until 2 or 3 am and one of them falls asleep at the table. When its just two of them fine.
However, when the brother of one of them comes over his stuff is everywhere and it gets louder. Now the staff are slacking, the structure of the place is lacking and they are letting in trouble makers as well as tonight it was people coming over to the table to sit down so there was four males sitting at the table where the two guys usually sit rather quietly one of them staff.

Staff is supposed to sit where the computers are every night after the guard leaves. They havent been doing this consistently. Staff sitting behind the computers at night creates an anchor. Its consistency for the guests and they know where to find staff if they need anything. They certainly shouldnt be joining guests at a table next to sleeping people.

The kitchen staff tonight brought out all this new food which is also unusual, as if it was dinner time which of course caused noise. Usually if someone is hungry just go to the door and they will make you somehting.

I find it interesting that it seems there was a lot of bitchy women in the ladies bed area, this little room with 5 beds, when I was going to start staying here but I avoided this potentially hazardous situation by having to sleep on a mat or cot instead due to my bersitis. Funny how, after that isnt a problem (or, didnt work depending on if its gang stalking or not), now the noise at that table near the people sleeping on cots gets ridiculous as well as the guy they let in tonight was a complete asshole. Some older guy who security should have thrown out at the door after arguing with them for 20 minutes when he arrived.

More and more is happening thats making me feel isolated and just wanting to leave town which I am sure is everyone'g goal in Cambridge and the area generallly.

Also I had a nice conversation with one of the guys who sits up at night regularly, Aleister who is from Scotland. We talked about traveling etc. Then after two days I could have sworn I overheard him talking shit about me or he and that group of males speaking negatively. Its so typical that someone just HAS to sabotage anyone new I talk to with slanderous bullshit so that I am continuously isolated and cant branch out and meet new people.
I just wonder who said what is all. Not that I care what street people think of me but it does affect me if they are told to hate me then mobbing begins and they are not aware at all of whats really going on- that I am not this person who deserves mobbing but being victimized by organized stalking and harassment in  long, ongoing campaign of psychological warfare.

Many people talk about this shelter having preferencial treatment for males. Cambridge generally doesnt have a women's shelter. We are supposed to go to Somerville, to St Patricks at Catholic Charties where you have to be in by 3 pm and its all black mold in the bathrooms upstairs and I get sick there after two days. NO ONE should be staying in that uninhabitable building. I got pics of the black mold also, so dont even try  to disbelieve me.
I once asked why there are so many more male beds than female and they always say its becuz there is more demand for that demographic. Yes, but females are a more in need demographic due to being vulnerable to assualt, robbery, stealing and the cold sleeping out at night.
Its true that alot of the women who are in here are horrible to deal with. Shelter rats suck generally and these are women who simply have not attached themselves to any shelter long term becuz they like this place when they can get in and Cambridge/Waltham moreso than Boston. They are usually people with a higher intelligence than other homeless who want something better in the lives they are stuck with out here or had better in thier old lives and still have standards that come naturally to them.
For that, all of us are thankful for this shelter being here.

But there should be a shelter that keeps out the idiots from other areas in this part of town if you will, open all year. No Central Sq drunks from 240 Albany street, no Boston homeless. No bullshit. Just people who want peace, quiet, intellectual pursuits and a staff who hold themselves up to a standard of behavior thus the guests follow suit. Its CIVILIZED..and thats all anyone who likes this place wants really.

There should be a women's shelter. One that doesnt take any bullshit. No Jerry Springer blasting while some piece of sh*t sits around mouthing off waiting for her housing to come in (while she probably has a place to stay but plays the shelter game to get from the system). No neurotic crap either which there seems to be alot of with homeless women who frequent shelters more than they sleep outside. Travelers usually do just that in the winter so arent in here or in this area.

OCCUPY showed society that there are a population of high funtioning homeless who can and will organize and take part in something meaningful as long as a structure is in place and its peacable. In order to screw that up, the powers that be had to send the shitty homeless to OCCUPY camps or they showed up and the kids didnt know how to get rid of them or keep them out. Then of course they had infiltrators, sabateurs and other agents- which anyone with any experience should expect at any political protest. (COINTELPRO remember?)

What is this country so afraid of that we cant organize? We have no representation from without our communities or populations. We always end up being babysat. And its impossible to weed out who is sane and genuine from who the crazies are. WE know but staff and our keepers remain  in the opinion that we are all mentally ill or unable to function..due to not being able to be housed or work of course.

Its the greatest trap for inconvenient people in a country like America they could have ever come up with. It works and its never going to change.

Friday, February 21, 2014

CIA Connected GOOGLE Buys Robotics Tech Company In Boston, Controls Future Driverless Car

Anyone see where this is heading?

That human robot 'pet' is so scary. After experiencing how the elite are abusing these technologies which the public doesn't know about none of this seems like a good idea.

Its as if drone strikes are a testing field to see how machines can control human populations as well as how the ignorant public react to such things....and how people in targeted areas might find ways to resist. (An aquantence recently showed me a handout in Arabic with graphics of how to escape a drone strike and how to survive the mindless killing technology).

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Locals Who Only Know Cover Story Heard Discussing My Ignorance About Events In Florida...Which Is BS Compared To What Goes On Near Military Bases Around The USA

"Give the kid a break...she doesnt understand what happened in Florida." Etc and I'm sure the conversation went on and on with this content.


MK Ultra. Project Paperclip. Gang Stalking: psy ops, chemical and technological mind control of the Targeted Individual. MILABs, abductions. Mobbing. Behavior modification. Physical damage to health. Destruction of the spirit, mind and emotional state.

What happened out in the southwest where all those military bases are IS WHATS IMPORTANT not Florida. I went to Florida on a whim in 2008, I was basically mind controlled to go down there also the winters in St Louis were a shock to me as the cold weather is very different from Boston. (No snow for insulation or warmth, an Arctic cold that comes down into the Midwest from the Arctic circle every year. Coastal people think they experience hard winters but we don't compared to others areas of the country.)

I went down there for a few days-first Tampa where I found that due to the mold damage to my lungs in that apartment in Brighton, MA from 2003-2006, the humidity made me feel like I was breathing water so after staying there just hours I spent my last 50 bucks on a ticket to Gainesville a college town, which is more  north and inland.
I got stuck there after poking around some, staying in a hostel and getting mobbed by one of the worst gang stalking groups I've ever experienced- mostly black and male of course.
People in the shelter I went to seemed dismissive and mean to me. It was the only location I've ever taken  Greyhound to where a truck of perps was waiting for me at the bus station!

A Homeland officer stopped the bus and threatened to search luggage and seemed to be amusing himself and having a good ol time doing so. Along the way some black men came into the bus and warned the passengers that luggage could be searched anytime..these seemed to be the faction of African Americans that I got protection and assistance from at one time years ago during all this. Then again they might have been one in the same with the blacks who were doing Gang Stalking, but this was a psych out tactic, to make me feel like nervous, accused and make it seem like - to me and to everyone else that I was running drugs (I realized years later while looking back).  This would be a standard set up of an Mk Ultra experimentee/ritual abuse and programming survivor who they want to get rid of by setting up to become an informant by framing the person up until even the Target doesn't know if they are legitimately in real legal trouble or not.

Too many of the same people who were doing things like this were also involved in the continued experimentation on classified levels. Black helicopters and white vans and MILABs rarely occur when investigating or pursuing a person who authorities simply want to catch transporting drugs. If its not all psych warfare and there are people who actually believe its a legit investigation of a person, the legality of their actions is certainly questionable.
 How does having a Target surrounded by 20 something kids on a city bus in Phoenix AZ asking the person what they think of George Bush as an ending to basically an interrogation session where they asked why I came to AZ (then asked why not Florida instead?) assist an investigation into drug running or anything else for that matter?
One of the kids was wearing a brand new looking Led Zeppelin shirt of the album cover that was the same exact one I was listening to that morning before I went out (Houses of the Holy), and signing along to loudly as my roommate, the house owner, was away at his job of being an airline attendant.

The people I overheard recently discussing me and what went on in Florida that its perceived I am too stupid or naive to understand are local homeless people one of which is a pretty crazy older guy who looks like a typical homeless man and is pretty off sometimes, the other ones are the types who stay in the HSHS on a work contract bed, trying to dress up daily to look like they aren't homeless. It makes me wonder if the guy who talks crazy sometimes is actually crazy or its just an act. It would not be the first time I've experienced this. Then again, many homeless people are pretty in and out and on a bad day, are far out there and its NOT an act. Its hard to tell...perhaps they don't even know anymore either.

Then, this could be just another psyche out to make sure I hear that statement on purpose- a sort of directed conversation. I don't buy it becuz some people locally have mentioned things like Project Blue Bird and put things to me that makes it obvious they are very much aware of my being an experimentee or mind control survivor and all these people are also very suspect when it comes to pedophilia or being into kids or knowing about it or tolerating it. Perverts really.

Its just mind blowing that after what I've seen (that actually isn't supposed to exist officially) and experienced since 2003, people are focused on something as mundane and normal as organized crime, drug running and the like.
Whatever happened in Florida due to that federal investigation of associates of friends of mine, its small time compared to what happened to me in the southwest on that Greyhound bus. And that is just one incident.

Gee, did the criminals involved get on the bus with a driver that made sure she let them know that she was a substituting driver who didnt usually drive this route? Then as the bus began its journey, did any of them get gassed out of the air vent above them where air can be let in by the passenger, then did they poke and probe in a sort of virtual brain surgery? Then did they mess with thier programming and altered states forcing them to throw a jacket over thier heads (which is what they do becuz when being programmed, a covering is placed over the head of the ritual abuse victim, as a way of causing sensory deprivation as well as creating an enclosed, private space they can always go to when their minds or senses get overloaded.) then one of the asshole perps in the large perp group that populated this bus exclaims "Wow.." like the total douchebag ignorant nothing that he is, and shouldnt even be allowed to screw with sophisticated equipment LIKE PERSON WITH HIGH LEVEL PROGRAMMING???


I would love to have such a straight forward, boring life. Its easy. Either you work for the bad guys and make it or end up dead or in prison or you work for the good guys and make it or end up dead..or shunned. Both sides work for the same people at top levels it seems. And at least you can actually prove what happened to you in life becuz prison time and sentencing is documented. Living a life of a hellish existence as a tortured, ritually abused experimentee from a black/classified project that was supposed to be ended officially decades ago is alot harder. No friends, no support system and you cant talk to anyone about it.
All the therapists you could have talked to years ago are now afraid of losing thier licenses thanks to the CIA connected pedophiles in the False Memory Syndrome Foundation.

I dont understand what happened in Florida...becuz I dont give a sh*t. Im intelligent enough that if I wanted to know I would find out. Duh.

Its not important. The less I know about cover stories the better. Becuz then when I am in court or on the stand I can appear as blissfully ignorant as I am now which makes the real seqeance of events that much more believable.
The local ghetto ass blacks who were in on the harassment in drop ins and shelters thinks its shocking and a big surprise when someone clues them in that I am or was disassociative and .."..the person turns out to be smart. Not just smart but college smart." smart? (so ignorant) Wait until they find out that I had no idea this entire time what the f*ck was going on in thier little petty worlds or that of thier local cops/mafia friends who actually believe this is still the 1970s and Boston/NYC is the center of the universe and you can just do whatever you want.
Not that they are going to believe it becuz house slaves cant shock themselves into true freedom by finally coming to the realization that they are slaves..and that they arent as great or smart as they thought they were. That someone much smarter than them pulls the strings and uses them like useful idiots. Like they would be able to understand or accept MK Ultra anyway.

Just tell them its doing inside the mind what was done to them a few hundred years ago with actual shackles.. they still wont buy it. Becuz they cant buy into the reality that they are still slaves in the USA psychologically. Its easier to disbelieve reality and just keep with thinking you are better than everyone else,white people be stupid, lesser than and you've got ultimate power as long as you work for the man doing his dirty work. That the Target is laughably stupid and when thats disproved, believe they are lying and The Man would never steer you wrong. Especially if you are working for the fed in a continued COINTELPRO capacity. Old vids from the 60s agents showed they were pretty brain washed.

WHO CARES WHAT HAPPENED IN FLORIDA? I am more concerned with what happened in the southwest, St Louis or anywhere around major military bases while traveling or anyWHERE the military has majority like Tucson. I am more concerned with the horrors of false dreams created by whatever these black projects are where they try to get information out of you with obvious bullshit scenarios or do something crazy that only the tech cultists would try to attempt, like pulling out the victim's consciousness and trying to see if it fits inside of a pair of virtual reality glasses. (Probably part of thier sick future visions of trying to live forever by putting people inside of machines. There are elite tech people who are actually obsessed with doing this. Since we are dealing with the tech elite and the military industrial complex, that story of mine isnt so far fetched.)

Either its people actually dumb enough to still believe I AM DUMB enough to not have aced this by now and they believe the cover story or its a fake out to perhaps make me believe that the people around me are on a different level and not aware of this being part of a continued black project. It would isolate me from my surroundings and brainwash me into believing that the cover story is valid. This would keep me trapped or isolated, and cause me to disconnect from the truth of the situation. It buys them time which it seems is what they need most.

As I stay in the Boston area and try to get any and all legal satisfaction and medical issues cleared up before I leave the country, I am daily being behavior modified by the very system I am trying to fight.

If they succeed, I will get some legal work done on this AND will have been broken down and brainwashed into staying here, going to UMass and getting a job, invalidating the seriousness of what Ive experienced over these years and forgetting about it in favor of a 'normal life'.

I dont need to know about Florida. The public needs to know what happened to me in the southwest..or St Louis..etc. They need to know about MK Ultra, mass mind control and the major threat to humanity in the 21st century that is the hidden resources, wealth and advances in science available to the elite.

Do you honestly believe they couldnt find Whitey Bulger? I WAS THERE IN VENICE BEACH SUPPOSEDLY WHEN HE WAS THERE AND THEY WERE STILL LOOKING FOR HIM. The place was totally covered by agents or gang stalkers or whatever you want to refer to them as. The covert people-covert ops. So...they can find ME wherever I go around the USA BUT THEY CANT FIND A MAJOR ORGANIZED CRIME KING PIN? EVEN WITH HIS BEING PROBABLY ASSISTED BY HIS ALLIES, MANY IN THE FBI AND LAW ENFORCEMENT????

This is how they are keeping the public locked in the last century. With diversions like this. ALL THE REAL ORGANIZED CRIME PEOPLE WHO HAVE POWER STAY HIDDEN OR THIER FAMILIES BY NOW HAVE GONE LEGIT...just like in the God Father movies.
Theyve probably gone legit into military industrial complex contractors or the privatized corporate prison system. Bloodymindedness and f*cking people over to make money and being sinister doesnt change just becuz you go legit.

Florida is a horrible, humid piece of crap with extremely bad energy from all the violence, drugs, dirty money, murders and probably the curses of the indigenous Seminole peoples. And of course the mind control slave factory known as Disney thats left its evil mark on the land down there also. Its also supposedly a part of the Bush crime empire.

All I know about Florida is that they have way too many psychotic black groups doing thier gang stalking for them which is as ususal really disgusting and that it seemed dark, dirty, dangerous, under water practically and everything was way too 'big' with evil energy...the way things in nearby TX seem bigger than elsewhere but in a good and decent way. Florida is simply one of the major openings to Hell that Ive experienced in the USA. Tucson AZ is another. So is East St Louis MO...but they have kindly ghosts of black slaves that comfort you when you sit alone totally freaked out by being dismantlted and destroyed slowly.

The midwest has a quality of redemption to it. The northeast has some sense of justice and putting things right. The soutwest has the power of the Natives and the land thats unconquerable by evil mankind. Cali has its nice qualities and a decency regardless of all its shittyness. There are allies and enemies there. The northwest has the quality of being able to get out of the borders to the USA and experiencing something strange in the northern part of the world. So strange that you get the feeling you are entering another planet almost.... and that there is something up there in the far north. Something alien, something that wants to offer you a way out from overcrowded 'civilization' in the rest of the United States- even the world. You feel as if you are going insane the more far north you go in the northwest. If you finally find that place, you wont be able to come back..which isnt so bad actually considering fuck all thats down here.

The south has its nice quailties, its charm its magick. Florida....there is just nothing about this piece of land that isnt cursed by its very existence. Its more evil than NYC or the land surrounding it as far as upstate after the black mass ritual known as 9-11, which was still eminating into the environment in 2009 when in a truck we drove just through NY outside the city far away. You could still feel the pure blackness coming from that event.
Florida has an entire evil presence all its own and its stained the land like all the blood thats been soaked into that place in order to build it into what it is today. Having Cubans and South Americans come into your cities to start drug cartels, gladly launder thier drug money until its bursting out of the banks, build up the cities with spending that money locally, then when its 'time', getting rid of said peoples by creating drug wars among the cartels and starting to bust drug lords with tax evasion so the same government that allowed this to begin and grow gets go confiscate the property and profits and accounts of the criminals.

That might get you some bad vibes in an area..yep. That and every other sordid, disgusting thing that happens in Florida. How much Mossad is down there anyway or various ethnic mafias, even in retirement?

Florida is used to being home to criminals. Its been a haven for such people for decades..especially the likes of Disney. WHY WOULD THAT CHANGE?

So, no one needs to know what happened or happens in Florida anyway. Everyone can take a guess becuz the same scum thats been retiring there for years probably killed a bunch of useful idiots and convenient people here, had thier media and law enforcement friends lie and cover story up for them (profit sharing right?) fucked everyone over they could or who didnt matter in the long term business plans, then 'retired' aka escaped to this haven for scumbags as its always been...leaving a bloodied mess in MA and anywhere else connected to whatever they pulled off.


What people need to know about is whats going on in Mormon communities a little too close to the military bases out in the southwest. Any area around military bases. Or in places like Wyoming where, without any cell signal at all, the land is targeted by something completely possibly underground bases or in the vast mountains of unusable land where they can hide whatever they are up to from the huddled masses being kept prisoner in cities around the country who think that is actual reality....when in fact its nothing more than a false, man made environment created to keep humans comfortable prisoners while the really interesting and outrageous stuff of hte people in power goes on in remote areas when no one is around.

Florida? Too many people around...doing stupid old fashioned shit like criminal activities. No isolated areas for the elite in the military industrial contractors and technomancers to perform sick, twisted, sadistic futuristic experiments on unwitting victims. Organized crime is for puppets who provide diversions...and generate profit for only a part of thier system in its entirety. Its a way to keep people down so they cant see the true marvels of the future that exists NOW.

F*ck Florida. And stupid cover stories for simpletons.

Bonnie Calcagno on FB Urges Citizens To Write Congress About The NSA Surveillance Program-Great Outline Of Organized Stalking

"Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez says The NSA Surveillance Program is the tip of the iceberg.


Excellent run down of 'gang stalking' tactics and the structure of the harassment system.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Boston Bombing-More Human Sacrifices Breathe Continued Life Into Homeland Funding And Related Industries

Is this why most major transit systems in the USA have been heavily involved in 'gang stalking' since Bush post 9-11? Some of the most major douchebags involved in harassment, psy ops and even black/classified projects like continued MK Ultra activity. MAJOR douches..some of the most hateful and arrogant as well.

None of these people ever want the public to find out what a scam this industry is.

google "urban areas security initiative" homeland funding.

Does that pay for gang stalking (murdering) people who they've fucked over or know too much about their scams or black projects? It seems to.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Do Other TIs Experience That Small Bit Characters In This Continue As They Always Have While The TI Evolves Over The Years??

Why is the entire community around here against me? Its been like this for 10 plus years. WTF? Seriously? Do these people realize that they are supporting REAL career criminals by constantly messing with me and getting in my way? I cannot believe that people are this stupid.

This is why its so beneficial to get homeless people involved. They are so incredibly mentally deficient, sick and f*cked up. Not all of them but a great amount of shelter rats are of this ilk and especially the women.

Its amazing to watch and experience an entire community for ten years be this into destroying a person's life and making sure they stay down, never to get any justice for themselves. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE??

Its never going to last. I mean, obviously I will win. I will gain some sort of legal reparation or justice for myself (thus other victims as well). Whether I sue or document and submit to authorities or write my story-one of those or all of them THEN LEAVE THE AREA permanently-either way I WIN.

Why do people keep on trying to submerge me under the water and drown me forever. I have forces on my side that want me to do exactly what I am doing right now AGAINST ALL OF THEM. How hard can this be?

In fact I am finding that its becoming easier and easier to go forward here. Effortless. I am simply plodding on, always towards my goal, regardless of how long it takes or what is in my path. I don't understand why other humans keep on trying to cloud things or take up space in front of me on my path forward. I will just keep going as I am supposed to do. I genuinely don't understand them at all.

Then again, one really doesn't know just what they do or don't know about how big this is or what its really about. Becuz I don't fully know thier motives or understand them, I cant really judge clearly why they take the action that they do.

The women in the little room here at the shelter, there are two of them who are well known perps to me, one older lady (who admitted today she stays in places in other areas the rest of the year due to knowing people in real estate. Which would explain how in Waltham, MA at the shelter there years ago she knew details about me and not only was nasty to me but talked about my private life with other guests. ("She's very clever about getting resources from public assistance.") Is that even legal? Its called being poor in Boston you stupid b*tch and you are basically raised here to know how to survive on the system.
Its when you try to make something of yourself and you are poor and white and intelligent that this Liberal elitist hell hole gets pissed off at you. You aren't a minority and you aren't one of them- think the people they most keep out of elite universities- yep. People like me. Lower to middle class and Caucasian. They want thier quotas of scholarship and poor to be people that they cant control and make them look oh-so-Liberal when in realty they are classist as f*ck. '

She is this older lady, she looks like she could be Italian but only partly. She's always been very nasty and will tell other homeless women "I'm not homeless like YOU people are"...but yet, here you are b*tch, so many years later. Still homeless, running the same circuit of shelters you did years ago. (Places I only go to now if on rare occasion I am stuck in the winter here. Which I haven't been since 2010 and before that 2006.) She's little older, a little less able to keep up appearances but still dragging behind you that same old stupid, huge suitcase. As if one day you are actually going to be able to get housed like any of us cant either.

If she's not targeted THEN WHY IS SHE STILL HOMELESS?  Either these people work for the gang stalking system for life or they are Targets that become Useful Idiots for the system to use against other TI's, not understanding exactly what the truth of our situations are. Never underestimate the usefulness of people totally in denial..about how f*cked thier situation is. Nor smart enough to figure it out.

Lets see, I've become a Traveler, stayed away in the winters and have countless new contacts with people around the USA and  developed my own style as well as streamlined my gear, routines and schedule to maximize my life energy in this situation as well as minimize self harm. I love how none of these awful women who Ive encountered in the past even notice this at all. To them I am just a returning Target to this area and they still think they can act like its the Bush era.

I just ignore them becuz they are as incidental now as background characters in a video game. They wander around causing a minor nuisance, doing the saaaaamme things they've always done in that game, obeying the saaaammme sequences that controlled thier behavior since the game's inception. Let them wander mindlessly and walk into walls and keep walking even if they are stopped by the graphic in front of them. Finally they figure it out and turn around simply to wander again doing the same behaviors.
One dimensional is actually the perfect description for these people. They really arent capable of anything else. They have never shown me otherwise.
(And if you dont want someone to be mean to you and dismissive, you better not mess with people. But if you deserve it.)

The black girl Sam in the room seems upset for some reason and I thought I overheard one of the kids who works here talking about another woman going into the room soon perhaps to fill my empty bed. Whatever they were discussing when Sam got up she walked past the volunteer and gave her a high five.  Kind of overzealous for a late night at a shelter eh? The volunteer looked either embarassed or uncomfortable with Sam being so revealing about thier little connection or relationship-perhaps part of the GS network.
This girl did ask me about my doctor's note when she could have just looked for it which as far as I am concerned is part of continuing to harass a Target possibly. Why are you asking about it? Just go look for it.

Just like how cute it is that 20 something kids get to tell us what to do using all the bravery and learning to be made of steel they learn at Harvard. Sometimes these people are genuinely kind, good youngsters who want to help homeless people and I can feel their intent. Other times its not so clear. And yet with others, you can sense that they are hiding the fact they clearly support the status quo over any living human being regardless of what horrible things the system has done to them.

Which means just like the lowly Useful homeless Idiots, they get disregarded and ignored. Becuz they are of no real threat value. The system cleverly sends them in droves so that single characters with no threat value in my perception actually become very effective at keeping me from my goals or wearing me down or destroying me over time.

This is a very important effect of GS on a Survivor who is targeted. They know that your threat assessment will register perps as a passible creature so you calmly take crap from person after person after person after person...again and again, more and more until after years of this- you are slowly destroyed more effectively than if they had sent someone to destory you outright. And there is no evidence either.

If you read up on high level programming and other things connected on my OnMC blog on Wordpress you will understand more. Its very clever of them to keep the opposing forces at a low level of behavior and action, so that it doesnt register with me as an outright threat. These people are too 'small' in my perception to be important (like in a video game per se). And becuz they never acted like they were a threat to anything I was carrying like information, I never acted out. This is why they act so stupid and benign and keep laughing and smiling and behaving like its all a joke. It screws up your...sensors if you will lol.

Nowadays I see clearly that psy ops knows exactly what they are doing and that everything and everyone chosen is exacting, ruthless and calculating with not only a purpose but often dual or multiple purpose.

Still one must keep going towards the goal that has the most productive outcome.

And unimportant humans in the game are just aimless wandering programs in the backround. Occasionally you waste human energy on them especially if you think they are so insignificant that they shouldnt even be engaging with you but do so anyway, especially repeatedly over time. You simply learn over the years of being targeted that these small characters do do damage so must be dealt with or they WILL get in the way of information delivery (writing book, legal cases, documentation with authorities) so one must look at them a bit more closely, give the matter the attention it needs and create smaller weapons-of words or the mind or whatever is appropriate, in order to 'take care' of the matter at hand so it or they no longer hinder progress.

Its amusing however, that they still keep on trying after so many years. Its interesting that their processes havent changed. That unlike creatures like myself , they never seem to evolve or change. Just grow older.

Monday, February 17, 2014

This may be one reason why they gang stalking system works so hard to turn people into racists by using the most arrogant assholes available. It seems the up and coming laws and regulations are based on race. This is why Obama was a perfect cover story of a president. A perfect pick for this time and place. America's cover story- an African and American president (not African-American).  I could not figure out why having  a black president was working right now after Bush and all those war crimes.

It now makes sense. These laws along with using mass mind control are going to be used to break humanities Will through a loss of identity especially. This is also why I think so many of the gang stalkers focus on racism from a TI- to incite the person to racism then after forcing the person to act out racially ( naturally in self defense) making a huge deal of it.

Once they get outside the borders of the USA into EU and other countries promoting this farce, the person can be totally obliterated with getting them on hate speech etc.

THATS why its so important now to keep getting me to be pissed off with racial issues and keeping me so aggravated that I daily spew out racism as a form of self defense. Its the latest form of terrorism and war crime thats being focused on. Thats why so many lone shooters have to be racists. Thats why its important to make it appear as if blacks are saving the day from such attacks (when plainly TIs of all races have seen that would be simply part of a Create-A-Problem, Solve-A-Problem cause and effect.)

Liberals in Cambridge have talked about the last ten years of getting rid of all the dictators in various countries as if its part of some grand plan for ultimate world peace. "Cut off the heads of the snake and the others will die" or some such simpleton nonsensical, childish view of a much  more complex world. They scare the living sh*t out of me becuz they dont seem to realize that what was started during Bush- in earnest is whats going on now, that is whats dangerous. Not some 20th century or historical norm such as humans abusing power in obvious ways. 

I realize now more than ever that they have no idea whats really out here. What the new 21st century threats to our lives and liberties are really about. Deceptions, faking everything from documents to human faces to bombings to events to whatever you want to create that appears real- THAT is what is the threat. What should it be called- reality terrorism? Deception terrorism?  Then making you forcibly believe loads of endless horsesh*t becuz you are under mass mind control from chemtrails, technologies and endless psych ops in public spaces..and all thanks in part to surveillance (which is supposed to be designed to keep you safe. Its being abused by people who are keeping you very UNsafe.)

THATS why people hate me, dont like me and cannot stand anyone who is rebelling or shares the same anti-NWO sentiment I do. THEY DONT UNDERSTAND WHATS REALLY GOING ON.

Its hard for me to understand how they actually believe that what they are being shown and told is the truth. That they wouldnt suspect something is amiss. That world peace does not come that easily and historically  never has. That good intentioned people would not FORCE with laws any such things such as denying people thier ability to express themselves about their environment or quality of life or fear for safety of their communities and children.

I understand now and will take that into consideration when I continue on this path to do what I am doing. Becuz I cannot stop or abandon my post or my mission. Once you have seen the capacities and resources they have in the 21st century, once you experience their murderous arrogance and rationalized unbridled greed you will understand how INCAPABLE they are of true peace among humanity.

Anyone who goes postal or becomes a terrorist is doing so in an act of final desperation and self defense. What they arent showing you or explaining is the covert operations that went into making that person so pushed to the edge to begin with. THEY HAVE THAT CAPACITY.

In this new century things are not so simple anymore. What you dont know is going to get you dumbed down, enslaved and perhaps made obsolete by technomancers obsessions with turning every human task over to robots and other tech. They want to be creators and live forever. They are nothing but criminally insane geniuses and mad scientists run totally amok in this century. If you want to believe they are going to create world piece then do so at the expense of no longer being truly human.

CERD-One Reason To Stay and Still Love The USA (Forcing People To Deny Racial Differences and Free To Be Racialist)

This is definately part of the scam to create a New World Order of compliant slaves. Equality and Diversity are being abused and here is a perfect way to do it.

Force mass immigration onto countries in Europe then dont allow people to freely express or take action against the invasion and destruction of thier cultures.

Most of the USA doesnt know about this. I just found out this was being abused by the NWO mongers.  I was wondering why no one over there seems to be able to express just how abusive Equality and Diversity is and how its destroying entire countries and I also wondered why leaders of White Power, Supremacy or even just self defense groups were in jail. Now I understand.

Interestingly I just read that international law strikes out something as a war crime if its under self defense. My actions concerning race are at this point nothing but in the interest of self defense considering a disproportionate amount of 'gang stalkers' taking part in continued MK Ultra unethical human experimentation, ritual abuse etc (war crimes) are African Americans and Mexicans. Mexicans dont bother me so much becuz thats only in a certain geographical area and some areas not at all mostly down near the border of the USA of Mexico. African Americans have been instrumental in oppressing freedom fighters and victims of war crimes every major city in the United States.

If anyone wants to argue with me, its self defense. And I dont understand why this is being done to people in Europe obviosly also working in self defense even to a greater degree as they seem to not culturally have the toughness we do here against invading cultures.
If a bunch of Muslim gangs decided to start raping 7 yr old girls here in the USA, both cops and criminals would destroy them if not the people themselves.

I finally see the value  of the USA, now sadly looking upon the homeland of my ancestors. No rights to bear arms, no free speech and now no rights to even organize to defend themselves, their women, children, land or  culture.

I understand now why going to EU is not a good idea. That its not the old world I expect to find. And I marvel at the far sightedness  of the forefathers of the USA in setting up the US constitution  the way they did.

I get it now. Make as many Americans as possible disgusted with the USA. Have them help destroy it. Criticize it, want to leave, abondon it. Then one of the only places left on earth that has its structrue inherently contain resistance to this New World enslavement is unable to defend itself or the world from such a plot.

America is far from perfect. In fact, the 'gang stalking' system here makes it impossible to utilize the very freedoms that we have here to defend ourselves. You cant use freedom of speech if you are forgetful, foggy brained and being harassed 24-7. Then again, if you can get through that system that prevents you from functioning- you can utilize your rights.

It is absolutely ridiculous in this day and age with all the corruption, deception and race war divide-and-conquer being used to force people to decry racism. Some people by thier nature are racist. All races, religions etc of people and they should be allowed the freedom to choose for themselves based on thier upbringing, cultural backround and instinct if they want to integrate socially with other kinds of people.

If the world were being honest with its people right now this would be a great idea. Just like if Equality and PC were not being misused they would have remained a good idea also. These things are being horribly abused by special interests who want compliant slaves-not a truly peaceful world.

All around the globe Targeted Individuals are speaking out about a system of control thats covert in nature. Many of us also are aware its being used on the masses internationally. WHEN THOSE IN POWER DECIDE TO BE HONEST WITH THE PUBLIC ABOUT EVERYTHING  GOING ON IN OUR WORLD POLITICALLY then they can demand that mankind  become equal and peaceful by laws.

Until then, any such international rulings are suspect in nature. How can those in power demand that places so small and without the ability to economically carry themselves like Ireland become havens for immigrants from totally foreign cultures? Ireland hasnt been given a moments peace in hundreds of years. Now this?

The way to solve the problem is to demand that the people (most likely THEM) who are exploiting the immigrants' countries of origin stop exploiting those areas and focus on making them livable, peaceful countries and economically strong with a lowered birth rate etc. Africa has a gold mine in solar energy for instance.  Stop making more starving children with Christian organizations and stop giving money to puppet dictators etc. All the corporations that exploit these areas.

It should be illegal to force peaceful, civilized, evolved countries to accept foreigners who are from dangerous, violent environments or are totally different religiously with a religious bias towards their host countries (Muslim extremists) that have proven will cause criminal activity among said immigrants.

This con is so obvious now and I could NOT figure out how they were pulling it off.

You cant FORCE people to accept or like each other. That is what should be illegal. And upon what scientific research are they basing the idea that race doesnt exist? Becuz it does. Like psychiatry much of scientific theory  is just that- theory and most theory nowadays is put forth to fulfull the agenda of the elite. Namely universities, the private sector etc- you know, ALL THE PEOPLE AND ORGANIZATIONS THAT WERE DOCUMENTED TO HAVE BEEN INVOLVED IN MK ULTRA AND OTHER BLACK PROJECTS but continue to be able to hide that from the public..simply by ignoring documented facts from declassified official documents.

Are you going to trust theories from a level of people who are obviously involved in something sinister and will do anything to keep it from the public? 

What they need to do is tell the public about chemical influences, technologies that influence human behaviors and the presence and effects of massive psychological operations.  IF THEY ARE NOT TELLING THE PU8BLIC ABOUT THAT, IF THEY DONT HAVE A SPECIFIC CONVENTION FOR THAT AS THEY DO FOR RACISM AS SEEN HERE, THERE IS SOMETHING THAT WE SHOULD BE SUSPICIOUS OF.
Namely that the whole world is being engineered to give up its identity, its will and its ability to defend itself as the elite gain more power that remains unseen and unfathomed by the masses.

You are going to target people and kill them which under international law is a crime but no one is going anything about it using that convention yet you jail people trying to speak out or organize to defend thier homes and families?

Now I see fullly how the NWO is becoming. How the elite are lying to everyone making it appear as if its in the interest of a globally peaceful world.

It cant be very realistic if what I have seen of the evil, sadism, cruelty, abusiveness and greed exists still among peoples. And that is ALL I have experienced for most of my life but intensely and overtly since 2003.

Humans are not yet evolved enough nor mature enough to be able to nor to demand such a utopian society. People are hiding behind this that are the same animalistic , greedy violent ape like creatures as our missing link ancestor or any predatory mammalian creature.
If this were genuine and honest then they woudlnt have to use mass immigration and people woudlnt be threatened nor unhappy. It woudl happen naturally through free association. And more focus would be put upon reparing and improving these people's countrires of orignin.

How can you demand perfect behavior from people when you dont demand it of yourself (as the elite or in world power)? In other words why are you invonveniencing people to take on the impovershed of the world to only destroy those countries and lessne that qualit of life instead of improving the quality of life for those who already life in the worst areas?

Because the honest truth is that man is not ready for that yet.  Racism is most evident in the actions of governments as well as corporate greed. They get away with this all the time and these laws dont stop them Nothing does.

Part of this con is to make the world's citizens believe that the world is becoming a peaceful, wonderful place with a great future. Food for everyone, internet for everyone, improved conditions for everyone- Equality for everyone.

If that were true then the people who are putting these things forth and arresting those who are only trying to defend themselves (the common people) would demand it of themselves.

The elite have cards they arent showing you and these good ideas are cover ups for much more sinister actions and plans for humanities future.

An Antagonist’s Guide To Destroying The Surveillance State-

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ha Ha Ha..Berklee College Of Music Is Bullshit!

I'm sitting at Wendy's across from Berkelee. Getting made fun of by ignorant young people (until they heard me talking on the phone to another human being about getting him into a place to stay.) One actually gave me a dirty look just for simply looking at his face as we crossed paths on my way back from the ladies room and he was just coming in.

I won't soon forget how much gang stalking I've gotten in this area and how a certain Berkelee graduate who my ex helped on one of her projects used my story to write one of her songs...becuz her previous release of a concept album sucked so bad and flopped.

One of the old Jewish bitches from NA Brookline who helped put Scott the handler in my life had a half wit semi retarded son attending Berkelee at the time my life was being destroyed. (She's the one that has her kid on SSI even though the family is loaded. Beyond upper middle. They buy her cars instead of give her cash.)
I guess Berkelee IS that easy.

Part of the NWO is to ensure true geniuses and people with real rare talent are destroyed or kept down so that money can continue to be made by the military industrial-prison-psychiatric-entertainment complex by ensuring a standard of solid mediocrity to just plain boring as the norm.

Truly talented people who are mercurial and threaten the status quo by possibly inventing something new (continuing evolution as it should occur naturally) are variables that cannot be afforded in this tightly controlled false environment we now live in.

All I know is that before they busted Jake and snatched him up newly sober in NA...and then stole his true spirit he used to rank on this school to no end and call the people from it 'soulless'. I trust his opinion..back before the body snatchers got to him.

So much heavy harassment by tech at this place too. Berkelee areabhas been a major problem and hot spot in my gs campaign.
Especially when that hostel was around the corner. It closed down and reopened downtown with decent human beings working there. Not the fat black dude and the Hispanic pimps, who were holding rich white kids working there hostage with marijuana that was running it for years here.

Its amazing how many businesses in this area including shelters have cleaned up their acts SO THEY CANT BE INVESTIGATED.
Specifically post Boston Bombing.

Berkelee kids have always been mean to me as a TI.

One kid once years ago, who had the spirit of a real musician with some daring bravery and open mindedness (as I recall them from childhood) was kind to me in the face of peer pressure.

He probably has an actual real life now in a truly creative environment. Everyone else will live off of Patre's money, their degree from this place and the other elite aholes they establish networks with.

I guess this school has to do what it can to stay in business.

I'm going to go back to watching Kreator live in Berlin 1990.

Even Cops Are Soulless NWO Brats Nowadays

I sat near a group of cops this morning at a coffee shop in Harvard Square. I thought I heard something about everyone being in place or to the effect of being in on the campaign. Then as they were discussing it one cop commented that it was huge. Like the gang stalking network which would be true.

Younger cops. I was listening to their conversation as my music server was screwing up and was trying to get it running.
The content was so mundane they didn't sound like cops used to. They sound like coddled spoiled kids.

Why is it that when it comes to a Targeted Individual people don't have any common decency or humanity?

I felt oppressed the whole time they were there then when they left free again and my determination to complete this project and get justice for myself returned.

Wtf is wrong with younger people nowadays? They are completely screwed up? Their world is so easy so much safer than it used to be. And its made generations of weak, insecure, heartless soulless people here in the USA.

The shit they deal with is piddly crap compared to the old days. And they were approximately 25- early 30s and already overweight. I understand the stress but damn.

Its probably just psych warfare which consists of convincing the enemy they've lost already when that's not true.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Clear And GS Free Day-Major Snow Storm Here And Up East Coast All Day

Amazing clear day from being targeted today, most likely due to major snowstorm.

Targets experience  things so differently from people with normal lives.
Not becuz we are  crazy but becuz we deal with very different circumstances than most people do daily.

For most of metro Boston this was a crappy day with bad weather.
For me it was a break from near constant daily stress and a chance to heal.

There were no perps out today that I saw. Whatever tech and chemical influences are in use (microwaves, chemtrails etc) are always made pretty much ineffective by snow storms or thunder storms in this area.
This weather seems to also make it more difficult for the system to utilize security and other cameras in public spaces and in my experiences this net surveillance system is very important to the entire operation of controlling individuals and the entire population.

It also might be that less cell phones and gadgets in public spaces along with less people has an effect also.

It always strikes me as so arrogant and conceited that the 'gang stalking' perps won't harass Targets or even come outside simply due to inclimate weather.

These conditions also create a set of circumstances that are chaotic. Out the usual order of things. This makes their brainwashing program for society basically ineffectual.

People who are out bond with each other and seem happier and more sympathetic compared to normal days in this area and culture usually.

People walk in the streets instead of sidewalks, people have to use their brains and senses to negotiate puddles and snow piles and ice-the normal activities man is supposed to be using his body and mind for in NATURE every day.

This completely screws up their false environment that's been created using city scapes.
The man made cities and structures are now cloaked with a net of sorts consisting of  electromagnetic fields, chemical influences and psychological operations from human forces on the ground.

Humanity is being imprisoned using these structures. What people percieve as convenient and safety from nature and the dangers of the wild are now being used as prisons where they are being mind controlled or brainwashed daily.

Its amazing just how different rare days like this are compared to the norm specifically in a heavily targeted or psycho managed area like metro Boston and Cambridge, MA.

Its times like this I marvel at the damages I've sustained from the years of being targeted and how I've aged.
I also am able to acknowledge my losses, my damage and marvel at my accomplishments.

It always confuses me as to why I cannot be honest with people about what I have been through and just calmly move forward with legal actions over time and building my book.

The gs system keeps me in denial, defensive, completely stressed out and compartmentalized.
Its like an extension of the ritual abuse and torture I received as an infant to create compartmentalization and programming to begin with.

Its scary what's out there now. They basically keep u in denial about pain, injury, being tired and aging in order to keep you pumped and going almost 24-7 so that u simply destroy yourself and wear yourself out basically for norhing. Your marginalized from society and everyone you used to know.

They keep you wrapped up in this ideal of being a hero etc so u will just keep up the pace the perps set for u by keeping u in high stress mode with constant harassment and burn yourself out.

And they never give u a moments peace or leave you alone so all u have left is this grande, hero's death.

Only on days where Nature interferes with this hell man has created on earth in the 21st century can u even remember there exists the normal world as it once was just decades ago.

This CAN be stopped. All people have to do is demand that this system that creates this horrible false reality cease to function. If not then find out how it works and resist or work around it.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Frank Olson's Son Taking CIA To Court Over Father's Murder

The website run by his son, The Frank Olson Project has been down for a year or so now. 
 I thought perhaps he had given up in response to pressure and harassment but it appears that he may be trying to prevent any sort of interference with a lawsuit. I hope that is the case.

Frank Olson is an inspirational character to Survivors like myself. Its due to, early on when you are taking all this in and putting puzzle pieces together that you read this very obvious murder and cover up surrounding MK Ultra projects as well as it was in a major hospital where experimentation took place. The murder was brutal, a blow to the head and dumping the body out a window to appear a suicide.

It brings one back to the reality of what these people are capable of  very quickly.  It validates all the abuse, brutality, cruelty and greed that Survivors who are targeted have to live through.

My mother having been a US military radiation experimentee as an infant at the Naval Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland the fact that something that obviously sinister and violent occurred at one of the 'MK Ultra hospitals' only makes the entire dark scene more clear and evident.

Often we targeted Survivors and individuals go into denial mode to survive an ignorant world full of people who either know and live to silence us or refuse to believe. We lead double lives. We have to actually live our other, normal lives with normal friends who aren't TIs (that we know of) or we would go completely insane. The US reads about things on the news, it acknowledges that such things occur but for Americans to truly accept a survivor of anything in daily life seems impossible. Especially today in the insular reality that Americans have created for themselves, nothing that is wrong with the rest of the world can penetrate that safe zone. They wont let it and they hold tight to it for dear life.

In this sense many of us feel the USA is destroyed or gone. That its no longer a place truly willing to deal with human rights issues or seek justice for wrongs in the world. People used to care about things. Now, all they seem to care about is are you economically set and are you politically correct. With all that's going on in the world and everything that has passed through the USA's experience in the last decade and a half- this is what has become of our country and culture?

Its obvious that people are now brainwashed and basically done with trying to be human, caring about humanity or doing the right thing. Everyone depends on  having enough money, socially conformist normality and adhering to Diversity etc as standards of what makes people good or acceptable.

No one nowadays especially the young, dare deal with survivors of torture. Their idea of dealing with that is to perhaps accept the person but make it conditional based on the fact that due to the trauma that person now has psychiatric 'disorders' which make dealing with them a specialized affair.

The population especially young people have become Bush's dream youth or NWO youth. Like Hitler youth. This is what people mean when they complain about YUPpies ruining cities. Its worse than just cultural or economic.

These kids and many older people playing along REFUSE to deal with ANYTHING that gets in the way of them or their country surviving the NWO and globalism. This means, that they have had to become, heartless, judgmental, shallow, greedy, snobbish, ignorant, spying, selfish, conformist people. They are evil in the view of someone older who recalls when America was safe fairly so, and we could be Americans, which didn't mean any of these things- if it did it also meant rallying against such ideals.

You see these people operate daily and its as if they have some evil little social code with each other. They've gotten all of us out of the cities or marginalized us. They hate us- they accept only each other. They do not tolerate anyone who is a victim even if its not that person's fault. That would get in the way of their goals.

Its sad becuz they will never ever see the real world for what it is. In this way the USA is a dead country. I now understand why the rest of the world hates us. I HATE US. And I no longer want to be an American after I complete whatever legal action I can get done here in  a short time. Anyone fighting for causes these days against the forces in power and their YUPpie minions are considered a joke and will be crushed by deaf ears and majority rules ...for the good of the country and their iPhones.

Watching the Olympics I was disgusted at one female athlete completing the slalom event and getting a bronze. She looked cheap and common on her skis and her parents, specifically her mother screaming over every other person on that mountain was thoroughly embarrassing to watch. When she won she had no class at all and immediately went into a fit similar to that of a ghetto pro football player doing a ridiculous dance on the field.  All along the slalom route you could hear loud screams for the American competitor. Being a TI all I could think of was they were placed there by some powerful agency or corporation, as a form of psychological warfare, to let everyone else know that America rules.

America has been destroyed by design. Anyone missing the old USA, the real one, the one that's gone missing in the last decade- should leave becuz this generation refuses to understand or acknowledge that most of the USA is now a false environment strictly controlled. That much of what happens here is fixed or a hoax. That deception is used to control reality, how ever artfully. In fact the way that deception is put forth now is even cheap, as if  its part of the dumb down, the insult and the call for many of us REAL Americans from the old, real country to leave asap.

Much of this started- this rot from within that is now embraced by people who are actually happy here currently-beginning with things like MK Ultra, the military industrial complex (which Ike warned people about), and it seems much of it had to do with what was found from the Nazis in WW2.

The country now consists of literally- people living in a falsified timeline, under mass mind control and those of us knocked to the side refusing to give in and holding onto what we know is the original time line.
I know I am not supposed to be homeless, sick and suffering. It makes no sense. This is why the perps make you feel bad about whatever they can. So that you forget the real reasons why your life is like this. How it got this way. When I think about the events that have lead me here to where I am today, I get overwhelmed, confused and then I shut down and go into denial mode. Becuz how can I EVEN BELIEVE such a story? That I was abducted in the southwest and experimented on after being driven out of my home state by a federal investigation (used for a cover story)? That Ive been gang stalked and terrorized for years on end, that Ive been harassed by entire bus loads of African Americans who are trained in destroying Targets?  (And people wonder why TIs turn into white supremacist extremists or at least white power advocates? If people knew how much blacks are used in covert ops as cold blooded killers to destroy human beings with psy ops in the USA there would be an all out race war. ANYONE who becomes a lone shooter who is identified first as a racist I suspect has had to deal with the American psy ops system which relies heavily on blacks being destructive, viscious, evil, nasty, cruel, hateful, sexist, racist killers. ENTIRE BUS entire Greyhound bus. An entire group waiting for you when you walk into Gainesville Florida. There are whites involved, Mexicans too. Jews, Asians, Indians, Native Americans. Sure..but to a lesser extent and the Mexicans and Jews in my case always end up being of some assistance in spite of themselves for some reasons I cant explain. Only the blacks seem to take ultimate pride, powertripping and are most evil in these activities.
I would question why anyone becomes paranoid of blacks and Jews- like Mel Gibson. Its brainwashing and they make sure they send the biggest groups of assholes to destroy you.
One of the only reasons I survived was becuz a White Supremacy group stepped in on some level. One woman told me that at least if I stayed with her, that I wouldn't be being chased around the country by a bunch of n*ggers. True enough...and I never told her anything about my experiences.

Is THIS what the YUPPies support in their own country? Domestic terrorism? Destroying innocent people and then being viscous and judgmental to us when we APPEAR to be nothing but 'homeless' people?   Its the 21st century wake up to the existence of sophisticated covert ops and the use of tech. Duh.

Is THIS why the Bush administration as so great? Busloads of blacks to destroy one helpless female MK Ultra victims under the false bullshit pretenses of some cover story like a federal investigation (where if it was any sort of real investigation they would know almost immediately I don't know anything and I am a nobody.)

The YUPpies don't care if they support a bunch of pedophile, woman killing, rapists who are basically violent, sick power tripping male pigs and their female counter parts. All I recall most of all about EVERYONE involved is that they thought it was funny. They always laughed at me. They would ask me, while making fun of me why don't I go back to my grandmother's house (social services worker in Buffalo NY) when I never told them I had a grandmother or where she lived.

The entire nation is infiltrated by these assholes, which is why the YUPpie creeps and upstanding citizens have to carve out their world so small with such rigid rules of acceptability. Becuz theres no room for honesty or for victims rights. Morality or justice. Only what they can get away with and legitimize in order to support war crimes past present and future.

The whole country has turned into a Frank Olson murder.  And no one cares. The YUPpies support the privatized prison complex industry to keep things safe for them is the answer. This is why the entire lower classes have been ghettofied- to ensure the prison occupancy rates.
Thus anyone with a brain who isn't controllable black or white trash or who isn't part of the unions or isn't a YUPpie is a threat.

Being in such an environment is very destructive to anyone trying to get justice for such corruption and wrong doing. You're JUST a homeless woman etc. This of course was all planned and by design. They knew who they had to target into homelessness and that people like me wouldn't make it out in time to avoid the culture and economy the way it is now. So this new America will keep us down and silenced, hopefully into old age. Becuz at this point no one cares supposedly about me, anyone like me or my cause.

Seeing the Frank Olson case brings us back IN TIME. Do you see? To a time where people cared about such things. Where there was govt oversight and the Freedom Of Information. How am I supposed to get Freedom Of Information from a private black ops company or a DARPA contractor who is continuing these experiments? ???

It shows people and reminds us just where this all started. And that there is nothing but deception, cover up and foul play involved int he roots of the NWO. In mass mind control and in the society as it is today. They have shaped the way humanity has evolved and its not been an honest process. Its been manipulated and guided by hidden great powers with it seems endless resources...and a taste for sadism, evil and an absolute hatred of their victims. Making fun of a Target right to their face is a number one pass time of the perps involved in gang stalking connected to black/classified projects and experimentation. 

When you read about what was done to Frank Olson on that balcony, in that MK Ultra hospital, like the one that my mother was used as a radiation experimentee in and obviously, also in a mind control project involving ritual abuse, programming etc-realize that this is really what the people behind the NWO are about.

How can they be all about world piece and equality and curing world hunger and one world order that's great for everyone if this is what they are basing it all on? Mass mind control, wars and murders- torture, greed and hate are not part of a plan that's good for all. Unless you are running off of that ridiculous brainwashing idea of having to create war to gain peace. Wars are created for profit. It seems from all research that anti terrorism is whats kept the CIA alive in a post cold war world. Tenet was part of that...seems he looks like an evil, fat mob boss and thinks just as murderously as one also.

It also inspires me to see someone taking their internet activism to a real world conclusion. Its what Ive been trying to do lately and I hope I succeed at least in getting an attempt documented.

Whats sad is that none of this was ever revealed and then rectified. It only grew and fell into the wrong hands, until it resulted in causing Bush to win an election, then people were murdered in a huge black mass ritual in NYC, then Bush got elected using mind control tech. Then an even larger scale massive ritual sacrifice- the war in Iraq.
None of this is new. None of these behaviors of the elite are strange to history books. What isn't normal is the behavior of the people in an age of education being available and the internet.

What began so many years ago has to be stopped. What killed Olson continues to kill not only individuals or groups but humanity. Its only a matter of time before radiation, pollution and other factors. 

I like in the other MK link above it says that one victim died a "soul death".  Imagine having to live through all of these tortures for 15 years and then have society hate you due to a continued belief in a bullshit cover story and also that you are a homeless person which has been completely vilified nowadays.
What am I supposed to tell people?  Im a second generation MK Ultra experimentee and ritual abuse Survivor. I beat three layers of intense suicide programming right when they were weaving the cover story around me which is why I appeared "stupid" and other mean comments I had to listen to along the way. That I continue to fight to this day to get the word out and tell my story about what a falsehood we live in, so I am targeted.
The first reaction from the majority of people is that I am mentally ill. A few people would understand due to having points of reference. But they probably still wouldn't want to deal with me.  Even people who I tell like social worker types seem to not care- they are probably in on supporting the system.

Olson was murdered not becuz he was going to reveal what was being done to the public becuz obviously, in my experience they don't care or are not powerful enough to make a difference anyway. He was going to reveal what was being done TO OTHER ACADEMICS AND MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS. The peers of the people who were indulging in being total mad scientists. Think peer reviewed works. This matters way more than average citizen who, like we've seen, either doesn't understand or will turn his back on corruption- in the interest of his own survival.

This system has become worse over the decades.  It will do to anyone who gets in their way what they did to Olson.

A leader in Sweden was murdered becuz he did not go along with some plot that Bush and friends had going on. Thus I wonder often why Ive received both assistance and con games from the north in the psych warfare campaigns.

There are forces and people that remain that cant be beaten. That will keep fighting. Some incarnate and some simply just people, like TIs who continue to fight. Olson's ghost should haunt all of us who have lived through this. And we should respectfully pull off of the dark energy of his murdered spirit as our own have been murdered.
Every dead soldier, every scape goated dictator, ever hunted and chased Target. Every kid put on Rittlin that will never become the next Amadeus or Elvis or talented artist.

Our entire world is now shaped by what THEY know and what the public does not. If you know, you will end up like Olson..or they will try anyway.
There seems to be forces that are working very hard with us to keep us going to expose whats happening if that be all we can do in our lifetimes.
Its not even about good and evil or religion anymore. Many Christians are total prisoners of the NWO. If a the Mark Of The Beast chip in their bible came out tomorrow you can bet that a great number of people who identify as Christian would take that chip in order to keep on purchasing goods, services and shelter for living. And there would be a number of Satanists who would refuse it.

Its going to be like gang stalking. A cross section of different walks of life are going to go against this and the same with those that seem to support it. What the NWO has made people into isn't 'evil'.  Its zombies or mind controlled slaves. In my mind, Frank Olson is more alive than a lot of these people I see out in public in Boston, totally trained to immediately go to their smartphones when not doing anything else. The blank look in their eyes, the hate, the judgment. I wish they were evil. That I understand.
These people are just stupid and tightly controlled. Prisoners in their own society. People who seem very much incapable of being free.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Harassed By Large GS Group In Malden Area Near Malden MBTA Station And In Dunkin Donuts

Heavily mobbed in Malden after leaving a friends house stayed over with my companion last night.

Harassed by African American female employee of Stop & Shop as I was near Malden station making my way there. Of course I made a racist comment as that is what I do nowadays.

Then I got harassed crossing the station to get to Dunkin Donuts next to Malden. Guy had on a watch with a big face with Jesus on it.
This might be a trick due to my posted vid on this blog as of last night. At the end of the vid McKinney says that most perps are of a certain religion but she won't say which one.
This being an unanswered question the perps want to misguide the TI with psych manipulation.
So I'm supposed to now believe that these are Christians.
The psrps never do anything by accident. They've appeared as Satanists, Christians etc. They have perps in homeless shelters that appear insane but suddenly very coherent as they focus on and harass a Target.

Never believe anything they appear to be especially certain religious affiliations, gang memberships, economic status etc.
Its all just brainwashing and psychological warfare.

In ,the DD of course the Arab male had to be controlling and suspect becuz I have my female organs intact and am not covering my hair arms and ankles. Having a clitoris is a major threat to these guys it seems. Being a woman who hasnt had her dick cut off and other genital mutilation means Im primitive and aggressive. As females of reproductive age shud be..especially at 40 even more so.
Large number of blacks hanging out in the coffeeshop. Arabs running it.

Though not ghetto like in the city there was of course plenty of dominating the physical space with deep south derived accents and obnoxious hearty laughter.
Of course one young skinny punk in black and red at the table by the door living the delusion of grandeur through his smart phone.

As I sat down at the end chair at the window people took turns standing behind me and one of them was a guy in scrubs who when I got up I saw was reading his fb in Arabic.

The black kid wearing black and red went outside with a fat blonde also in scrubs and from the window he told her "look at that girl" and making fun of me.

The blacks in the corner were talking about me and focusing on me but I ignored it . they got me to the point where I commented on racial points of course becuz this helps discredit me and motivate anyone who might do gs under the excuse of harassing someone who's against the Liberal and PC agenda or just racist.

I saw alot of Muslims around outside so it must be a strong demographic in the area.

All of this harassment waned when I started filming of course.
A black dude who was going to be the next person to stand behind my chair immediately saw the camera and ducked out of position. The other perps left slowly after that.

Most of the mob consisted of Arabs, blacks and people in scrubs like medical workers, most of them White women, many obese.

After my friend showed up the foreign speaking staff were very hateful and gloating about what had occurred. They kept looking over and talking among them selves.

Just now they had some discussion with the boss who's older and it was like he made some decision to leave me alone finally. As I was staring right through him when he was talking to them looking over at me.

I wud say that this coffee shop is a problem in this area for against whites racism, gang stalking or even connected to foreign terrorism.

Perhaps they are doing what they have to to make it in the US.

This is the danger of people like African Americans and foreigners from poor countries coming into communities under the guise of Diversity.

They will more easily sell out American cirizens to programs like this in order to gain success in business and the community.

This could even be what Obama meant by his Civilian Security Forces. People basically in psy ops being used to support black supremacy and the agenda of Diversity to destroy the USA as it is.

Of course on the higher levels these people are being used to support an elitist agenda that will hurt everyone but they feel it will secure a position of power for them in the new order.

In the end a black girl with black and red hair sat down next to me when there was plenty of space next to me, didn't order anything and spent her time being a nuisance by looking out the window as if she was waiting for someone but mostly she just spied on our conversations.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Hip Hop's Masonic Order

Go down to HIP HOP'S MASONIC ORDER posting. The address wont load on its own for this part of the blog:

Most compelling was a young Michael Jackson forming hand gestures. Way back then at that age. This was in the media for years but no one ever noticed. It wasnt being pushed the way it is now like a form of psychological warfare.

Two Black Dragon-Symbolism-Telling Dream

Shown in dream last night two black dragons on either side of a center piece on a wall of a smallish, old pub in England. Given idea that I should go there. That I have some sort of power there.

Uh...Britain right now is an even more oppressive police state than America. The security camera system is more extensive and due to the country being so small I cannot imagine what that is like to live under.

In Europe theyve also done away with alot of freedom of expression like free speech and anything against the NWO is considered hate speech. PC has become such a weapon for the NWO that anyone no obeying is considered inhuman.

Whatever is over there or anywhere else in EU is going to have to wait until I at least try to take legal actions here and if that doesnt work for me personally to get justice, at least document and submit what Ive experienced as a last ditch effort to be fair to my country- before leaving it for the remainder of my life.

There is also something else it could be...

The content above is alot more like what gs is connected to.

Lots Of Violent Incidents Involving Public Transportation Lately

Its day to day in the cold. My lover still in jail though lawyer is assisting him now and working with other lawyers.
My companion is back and without him surviving in this weather outside would be impossible. We are friends now but now as easy to deal with each other as last year.
Ive never spent a February out here. The latest Ive left for someplace warmer is start of January. Lots of nights inside if I can get them.

The remote influence here is as usual harsh during the weak with the same pattern of being somewhat clearer on Sat day and then horrid on Sat night, then Sunday is clear. Never as clear as federal holidays which are the most return to normal experienced at any time.

There seems to be alot of weird experiences on the buses. This time its not so much overt stalking and harassment of me directly but more like...what seems to be set ups. Violence around me or towards me is always the theme. I think its either to desensitize me, discredit me, wear me down or perhaps help train me to handle violent situations. WTF is this system up to?

As usual I respond with remaining in control and acting with thought but my mouth is usually spewing the kind of stuff thats going to discredit me. Remember everything is now recorded and watched by the cameras on the buses. What are they up to why are they so determined to have such things happen on buses and trains (moreso buses).

Years ago, I recall I posted on here (with video) an example of being mobbed on an MBTA bus where the driver would start an altercation with me then there would be a group of passengers who would mob me. After posting this with an explaination of sequence of events it ended up not happening like that again. Ever. That sort of mobbing stopped.

Now its single instances of violence either towards me or around me. There are people from Central Sq shelters, public housing or Central Sq regulars involved and even a woman from a local women's drop in who was caught by another guest at that drop in recording an argument between guests with her cell phone. She then didnt show up as frequently as before that incident. And she got into housing pretty fast I might add...from sleeping in her car.

Tonight on the bus there was an incident as just a few days ago. It might just be the effects of the long winter here along with the general attitude of this area that violent outbursts or interactions are normal daily occurrences.

The system is tryiung hard now to totally discredit me and distract me daily from going forward with my goals in relation to this project and any legal actions I might be able to take for individual incidents as they occur. With trying to constantly discredit me of course. And drive me nuts in the process.

Its also due to the effects of this area being so much worse than other areas and I am usually a long ways away from MA or the northeast this time of year. Its very oppressive here right now and has been for the past few months. The only real relief from tech is when it snows heavily. Its wonderful.

I can feel the lifting of the oppressive effects of whatever this influence is in the city at its core (Boston and Cambridge) when I go out on the train further and further outside these areas.

Tomorrow it will be back to the zombie like state in this location from Mon-Fri. My injuries hurt more, I have less energy- I forget things.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

So Much Of Society's Time Is Wasted On Infighting Now, Instead Of Properly Taking Care Of Each OTher

What pisses me off most about this campaign and mass mind control the most is in cities like this that have become centers for the biggest complete and total assholes who are selish, self righteous and self absorbed. Granted mostly a lot of younger people and that's the way young people are. Yet, its gotten to a level of being uncivilized.

The sheep are now very warlike, as if they are being denied something (like food or shelter- like we the heroes in all this and the bold.), like so many trampling citizens in a mob looting stores after food shortages are announced.

What IS the frickin problem? Does this new generation of horrid, brutal YUPpies feel that if they are assholes enough to everyone around them who isn't them (except for the types who driver their buses, trains and cabs and clean for them...who might be related to the ghetto types of this kind who will obviously kick their asses and accuse them of racism which despite their classist inclinations and hating everything non conformist- still seems like a taboo subject for them. We don't want to piss off the Liberal Elitists that run the city now do we?)that somehow that will improve life for them in some distant far off future where the YUPpie promised land lies?

This bunch of kids seem particularly sick, insane and totally afraid of everything, everyone and they also use the act of appearing afraid as part of their creepy classism and hatred of ANYONE who is their houseless, a Traveler or dares to not look rich or conformist.

They are sneaky, scary and very very unsatisfied. This is not what moving to the city to go to college is supposed to be about. Then again, going to college isn't supposed to be about drudging through long enough to JUST get a job or rack up loans. You are supposed to learn how to think, write, study and think a certain way so you can communicate and network for a lifetime with other educated people, even if you end up homeless, a marginalized activist or some other adventurous misfortune in life.

It is also supposed to make you well rounded which doesn't mean buying the right phone, handbag and boots and looking pulled together- but drearily unfashionable (as they dress nowadays).

Its like all the common kids I saw back in the 80s daring to not dress up, have class or style or be original..or outgoing with fashion choices..are all around again now but they got cell phones which they are incessantly addicted to.

Is it that this batch of kids are just royal assholes this time around or is this some sort of pathetic reaction or anti terror bullshit in response to the false flag hoax...I mean the Boston (Marathon) Bombing?

What getting rid of TIs, people like me who know enough to actually make a reasonable claim it was a FFop or just anyone with a backpack? That's anti terror?

When is the public going to see that the entire thing has gotten completely out of control? They truly are clueless about what has evolved over the last ten years.

All this assholedom is depressing and stressful. I see, sometimes, actual elderly people or the handicapped who haven't been scared off or intimidated by generation militant YUPpie assh*le and dares to venture out into the city (which these little bastards greedily believe belong to them ONLY...or should) and they truly are a lone sight to be seen. They are out of time and place in the crowd. Most of all they are ignored with a determination that is nothing short of iron willed, emanating with hate and insecure, weak self loathing from Generation Militant YUPPie Asshole(s).

I don't know what has formed these kids but they actually believe somehow they are badass..or want to be, by steeling themselves against life's Scary Awful Bad Things they see daily and being part of a collective mob that is basically mobbing society by either taking part in whats destructive or not doing anything about it. Maybe if they were genuine tough human beings not raised like veal in cages to keep them weak and dependent, they would have a small amount of humanity along with being able to tough it out.
The concept of actually reaching out and fixing something or putting things on order around them when chaos comes up totally escapes these kids. They seem to embrace chaos and evil yet one can tell by looking at them their upbringing hasn't given them any real armor against it. They deal with chaos by first being bratty about it as if its inconvenient to them and they should never have to had to deal with such things to begin with then side step it in their own self interest. It appears as if they lack basic simple social skills or normal socialization that humans are supposed to have.

I can understand Gen X becuz we were all one drugs. Partly due to being raised in the 60s and 70s and partly becuz the system as well as daddy Bush was marketing depression to us and ensuring heroin culture so that only a fraction of us would become tree huggers or protest political issues. And they succeeded.

What is these kids excuse? They only seem fucked up as people, totally, not fucked up on anything.

I see these people that are in need, the old, the blind etc that any of us even me could be assisting with their lives instead of wasting time fighting with each other all day long in public spaces. This is I believe by design.

My Reactionary Racism Escalating To Ridiculous Levels

I dont know what the hell they are using now in the parameters of metro Boston and Cambridge city limits but its ridiculous. Just like all the other times I go out of the city limits it dissipates. Its definately some kind of influence put forth by the system. Probably tech but with chem trails and the other ways Ive experienced possible delivery systems for chemical influences, who knows.

Years ago I noted that much of the population of the city began looking depressive and zombyish. Now not only is there that still but there are so many assholes on the street and on public transit. It CANNOT be just a generation of total tools who are trained to hate anyone that isnt conformist. It HAS GOT TO BE either gang stalking perps working on Targets (and thier associates and friends) or its a private black ops type set up where they are trying to make the city exactly like they want it which means get rid of everyone who isnt profitable, predictable etc.

This is what happened with totally shady, suspect people coming through liberal areas like Harvard Sq Cambridge, MA and Austin, TX and totally blowing up these places. It reeked of being done on purpose to destroy alternative scenes that were somewhat intelligent or had people like that involved that might at some point flower into something LEGIT, ESTABLISHED and alternative.

After OCCUPY? Dont tell me they did not learn what they needed from that.

My insanity and racism is the results of stress that is incrdicvle in this area right now. Not sure why but increased remote influence and gang stalking that is subtle and class/race based (working on my psychological weaknesses and past expereinces of course) is in use.