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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

They replaced the foriegn black wise ass female in McDonalds.with a.female Spanish wise ass. She's light skinned tall skinny and has black eyes and hair. The other workers are dark like more native looking Latins.

I asked.for a.sandwhich and she purposely toyed with me and basically embarassed me. No one wears name tags anymore becuz no one wants to ne checked.for being rude on purpose. When you say "I want your cheapest chicken sandwhich" and the person keeps responding with "how many pieces?" you know yer being messed with. Especially since her English seemed so perfect.with every other patron afterwards, becuz I stood back and watched them.all like a.hawk for 10 min afterwards.

This is another problem.with corporate culture. These companies are so huge individual behavior goes unpunished or unfixed and as for gang stalking people can just hide.

Gave the ma.ager the finger from outside the window after leaving. All of this is now on survaillence cameras and it can be construed as me being nuts or difficult.

How many idiots employed by covert agencies or cops work in Central Sq Cambridge anyway?

The perp is always someone who strikes me as more upright, more intelligent and more apt to be military or cop than the people surrounding them in the environment they work in.

space mobbing in central sq

Coincidence or gs? I sit down to panhandle in front of 7-11 central sq just enuf cop shows up,plants himself against mailbox to my left. Within 10 min multiple people line the steet standing in front of doorways, all focusing on me or acting like cops checking everyone out that passes by. Finally white fat guy stands facing me in front of 7-11.

I can feel the 'gang.stalking pressure'. I feel focused on, I feel intruded upon, I feel they want to box me in and mob my space so I will leave or react, the video camera doesn't scare them or deter them, the system might be trying to get me to react that way.

I also saw two of the by standers acknowledgijng each other but cud be oincidence.

I start blogging...two women, one white one black leave. The guy in front of me leaves. Now they are all gone except for the cop.

Now there is a guy in wheel chair demanding my attention to fix his backpack which I delegate to someone else and he tries to engage me afterwards. I refuse to be diverted, he then has to push along right in front of me in order to get by which I tell him isn't acceptable and push his chair away from me.

The cop is now gone and the feeling of GS Pressure subsided slowly as these people left the area.


I have wasted about one half hour of my time sitting in the hot sun blogging and first casing this out instead of getting breakfast money.

The cop involved is the same one who always is in on harassing me with his green truck or these kinds of set ups, older African American and this is his beat. He could be another older black cop who looks like the guy with the green blazer but all my worst harassment comes from older black cops from central square.
Oh and anyone who says I am a coward or was sheltered or that I am dumb in the way I have handled this is either in on being a perp in some capacity or they are not in the know about the full story and only know cover stories. Becuz any reasonable person would be handling this situation in this manner. Also males have absolutely no say whatsoever as being female makes the situation totally different from being male...and if they understood the full situation they would know that being pushed to snap like I was, the chances a male would have done so by now are much higher.

And lastly no individual, without this type of programming would have been able to sustain this long or fight this hard, most normal people would be sitting in the back of a mental institution by now, banging their heads against the wall permanently.

Most of the detractors are either programmed and don't know it or involved in Jonestown like Kill Cults, or destructive cults.

Remember that next time some sh*thead throws something yer way with directed conversation or directly, concerning how one should handle being a target of psychological warfare.

Monday, May 30, 2011

So Many Years From That First Video/ Why So Many Entertainment People Are In On Harassment and PSY OPS

I was putting an annotation on my first vid, the one made at BU, the first one that everyone seems to like so well.

I can tell that some people, like my mother for instance, think that I am a total idiot for making such a confession or going public. That my life was ruined because of that action and that everyone thinks I am just crazy etc etc.

First of all, if I didnt go public, I would have been KILLED. Does this woman and other detractors not understand the severity of the situation? Pharamcists hinting for me not to take a bottle they are handing me? People dosing me with spray bottles passing in the street? Men trying to get me into cars or hotel rooms, and the kind of people I find out later are extremely dangerous and probably were supposed to kill me? Neuro interruptors lined into my clothing so that my skin burns and I turn into a drooling idiot who's only thought in my head at that time was perhaps my name, if I was lucky, until I took those jeans off and got my burning, red skin into a shower, washed off and that oppressive mental state then disappeared?

This is very severe psychological warfare and ritual abuse. And its no surprise to me that Jake conveniently was found useful by people in the music business, who befriended him and made it very obvious that he was to gain favor by assisting in destroying me.

You have to remember something. Not only is mind control slavery very prominent in the entertainment industry especially the music business (as music is used to anchor programming to internal systems often enough with programmed people, and these same musicians and artists construct thier own inner world for thier fans out of thier music they create. The people who assisted Jake are one of those bands that is practically a cult. A world wide one. No one gets that much power in this world without being either a programmed asset themselves or the band having assets AND programmers or at least people who know how this system works). I also have to consider that during my time being in contact with people in the adult entertainment industry I could have been accessed during some time frame and not remembered it, which means such people or anyone involved would be very nervous if I start remembering things.

Also, one of the things my mother was so nervous about me remembering was the old days when she used to go to drug dealers houses and leave me in the car or worse, take me inside. I have memories of a specific drug dealers house- location, furniture everything. And I think once that was captured on whatever survaillance was in my apartment, on top of me knowing only that a bunch of dealers did some killing in the 70's, there was a big war of sorts and they all retired to Florida, but my uncle knows about that, the details, I only know just that general story. I overheard my mother saying it probably when I was younger. During Bush the point was to get me to chatter and talk as much as possible in that apartment to see what I knew and didnt know. And what I did have to say for memories almost got me killed or harmed until other people intervened and probably had to tell whoever was freaked out about me reciting things I had heard, like a tape recorder, that I was simply just that: a video and tape recorder with little understanding of what information I kept, retained or delivered.

However, considering that I dug into my memory before the age of six just before my mind started to really go, erase everything as it is now basically- I recalled some of the ritual abuse or Satanic ritual or training as a child but those memories were always running themselves in my head life long anyway. What I did recall was being in this hotel that is now converted to being a dorm for BU. I recalled my aunt or someone bringing me to prostitution calls with them when I was young, my aunt I think.
And this is not far fetched since I have a solid memory of my normal memory banks of my mother having me in this nice house with my aunt and two men. My mother sat with me and my aunt was over with the two men. They were all doing cocaine off of this piece of a tree trunk that the had cut out and polyurethaned. I distinctly recall that detail. I also recall that they had Preview, the very first version of cable TV so they must have had some money to have Preview in the 70's becuz I was very young. I recall that during some scene on TV my mother covered my eyes and I wanted to see what was going on.
My mother went to leave and take me with her, and I distinctly recall my aunt saying she was going to stay with these two guys.

Now I dont judge anything from the 70's like society does today, just that Boomers were not easy parents and society should give us some cred.

But when you match that info along with some weird Satanic activity my mother was involved in, her status as connected to MK Ultra by being a documented radiation experimentee rooted in Project Paperclip Nazi human experimentation, our family being the typical 'text book' type of scenerio that expendable female mind controlled slaves come from. The tech/weapons being used today overseas. Add to that Michael Aquino and the Mind War paper, all the cell phone towers, HAARP, all the natural disasters now- youve a got a bit more going on here other than just a 90's kind of whining over being molested. You have here a huge problem with people in power using mind control, occult based systems based on ritual, sex, black mail, drugs/money laundering, child sex and porn to get thier way in the world, which now they seem to feel needs to be psycho civilized.

My only concerns are I want revenge for my life being taken from me. My second concern is that the use of tech for mass mind control and the torture and imprisonment of Targeted persons is a bit much to accept. I could totally deal with the presence of world wide network of child screwing, pedo drug taking, money laundering Satanic freaks bcuz that is only stopped by educating people so they do not become victims of such a thing or if they were born into it, they can get out alive and perhaps have lives if they so choose to break away from the system.

Which brings me back to a point about me remembering things from my childhood-
Look at who helped Jake. These are people who have connections that go deep into Boston and surrounding areas. I can imagine that there are connections to sexual content that does deal with children, especially since these connections are rooted in the 70's anyway. How do I know that either in my 20s or in my childhood I was not some plaything for anyone connected to this large, rich, connected social group within this area? And THAT was what they were afraid of me remembering?
Also considering the Satanic activity involved, the COS was very hip in the late 60's until people got bored with it or realized it was full of too many kooks, perhaps they went on with Temple of Set, Aquino being less kooky overall and more sensible due to his military background than LaVey? Then I have to wonder how many people who knew me and my family when I was a little girl arent still involved in such things? Its interesting that Jake's new friends were involved so much in what went on, and what was really going on during that time, especially 2003 and 2004 was my deprogramming and fighting three layers of suicide programming.

So people connected to drugs and all kinds of sleaze from my hometown as a child all of a sudden get very involved with assisting my enemies or rewarding my former intimates who assist the system in destroying me, just as I start to remember memories before the age of 6, ask questions and want to get hypnotized.

Many people, not just my own mother, were extremely afraid of what I was going to remember in that time frame. The way I was attacked and targeted was so viscous, so brutal and over the top that it would HAVE to have been a matter of 'national security' for it to have been that big of a production. That cost someone a hell of alot of money to do what was done to me for this many years.

Renting an entire Greyhound bus couldnt have been cheap either, then again, Greyhound was going through a buy out from some company in England, and we know how cozy Bush and Blair were then, both related to the Queen etc etc. Id even have to consider that MI6 had a hand in this. Some kid who had lived there a few years and knew my situation without me telling me, purposely told me that during Bush for some reason, England decided that the Boston police could revamp thier police force over there and made this big move to have them come over and consultants, but after they did some work on the project, the English were disatisfied and canceled the initiative. Dont know how true this is but with all those awards-as-rewards during that time, it would fit in nicely.

There is some information in my head that people are very nervous about. I get treated like a nobody but the way I look, carry myself and some of my instinctual behaviors tell me I am far from a 'nobody'. Like that what they are afraid of. Also having to destroy my psychic abilities and high intelligence also tells me that I was indeed worth being afraid of.

At least now I know why I am so hated in Boston, why they treat me like public enemy number one. Becuz a bunch of old f*cks have alot to hide about what they did all messed up back in the day, which nowadays, most people would learn about in horror.

I feel I have done exactly what I should have done to defend myself being that I had no resources and was attacked so heavily, by so many for so long. I see people down Pearl St in Cambridge who are parking thier cars actually wait until I have passed by to get near the sidewalk and when I pass them, they turn thier heads so I cant id them. So many scumbags work for this system which means that many more child molesters exist than our society wants to admit. During Bush, the majority of people that I dealt with all turned out to have some connection to sex with children or similar like rapists. This is an entire network that exists to handle Survivors even if they are very old, so that they are discredited and never remember what happened in a systematic manner. AND THIS NETWORK IS CONNECTED TO LAW ENFORCEMENT, INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES OR SOMEONE WHO CAN GET ALOT OF INFO ON THE TARGET and they can locate you in minutes.

So what was I supposed to do, let the arrogant motherf*ckers around here label me, just becuz it was easy to do to Danny? Me being Betty's daughter just as much as Danny's, I think that option is rather impossible. Its just that somehow they thought that recruiting my mother, the one who gave me such rebellious genes, would somehow work to stop me from acting aggressively against oppression or an enemy as she always had, which of course is the stupidest thing I have ever encountered. My mother got destroyed and emptied by this system as well. I wont forget that at one time, that woman had a spirit in her eyes that this system took from her over the years via 'bad luck'. I wont forget her in the kitchen in Roslindale, mashing up beef for meatloaf, but staring into space down at the table, and you could tell she was going through memories over and over and over, a total trauma victim. But still she cooked, kept a very clean house, everthing was folded, she paid bills and we had a nice home, which was easy back then, but still, I couldnt have done it. This system will pay for its crimes not just against me but my parents. I dont care that one of both of them have chosen to sell out. Humans age, they get weak, they crumble to pressure, and the 70's generation is viscious anwyay, its sense of self preservation I had seen through the years anyway. It doesnt surprise me that she sold out. But my generation's purpose is to NOT sell out as such, becuz there is more at stake her than social acceptability. We are talking about an entire world being dominated and enslaved by technologies while it dies slowly of pollution.

That is worth fighting for. The 70's generation never quite learned to put thier egos in their back pockets for the greater good, if you havent noticed, my generation was trying to be the ones to go through the Transition with technologies and other world wide changes. Its not just about your neighborhood anymore or your country. And I dont care what people think of me. The technologies I write about have been discussed in political forums around the world, even put forth for consideration for banning them or creating laws managing them. The problem is that laws on the books for civilians dont seem to apply to the military, the mafia, the CIA and all thier buddies connected into this old network. So the public has to begin to acknowledge that such crimes are possible and they involve abuses of absolute power not just some punk next door to you with a revamped, tweeked microwave oven unit. I have experienced the weapons that can be used from a short distance like a car outside. Those are totally beatable with the Will power and total bullsh*t compared to the tech and methods of the big boyz, so lets start being realistic about who is behind this. And that TI's are not crazy. And that would involve finally getting the bio-psychiatry industry under control, which might be more trying than getting the US military under control.

CIA Leadership Provides Clue To Torture/ Trying Keep Up Activism

i have been targeted very hard here in Boston/cambridge. I am now getting to your comments on these blogs and will get to the emails from the 'fighter@' email this week, as i found an app for my phone that works. I couldnt use my email service easily on this phone.

Also Randy, sorry I didnt get what you sent me, I appreciate it though. I was just unable to check my account. Im ok as of tommorow.

I dread to think about how tomorrow will be, probably back to being fried hard. I have decided the thing to do is stay out of Cambridge and Boston city limits during week and Sat. its the only solution. Even east Boston is bad on Sat nights. Id have to exist in a Faraday cage on Saturdays here. I literally feel like I am melting on Saturdays here. Its awful. My face gets contorted, its terrible. Its bad, like it was during late Bush and early Obama.

Oh and I found something that may, just may explain why the tech was so bad during this weird cross section of two different presidents but it might not apply. As usual I am working in the dark here.

It.seems that a change or reform was made to the CIA. It was no longer an agency. See date of reformation. (wiki: CIA director)

Also the worst abuse seems to match up with the entity being under the director Hayden, who was in the Air Force. Becuz in 2009 I was still getting hit with very damaging and really abusive torture, and could not understand why this seemed to have occured at the end of Bush and begin of Obama.

obnoxios momorial day parade

Parade going by squat. Sheriff's van parked in front of driveway to block most.of it from our squat. Don't know if this was done as favor to us or so homeless people sleeping outside couldn't be seen by 'decent' people in parade or watching on sidelines.

I feel nothing my.l heart is totally dead in response to the event. After what I have been through in this country I have nothing but contempt. My grandparents military service is the root of my situation anyway, so this parade is even more ironic.

It makes me think about how long its been since I saw live music. I recall I was.forming.a theory as to what life would be like if I lived using candles, natural light and as little electricity as possible. No Pre Recorded Light and Sound Images. Now I am constantly plugged into my smaetphone and listening to mp3 grinding my mind down with the same music for years now. To ensure I don't.forget the truth about what happened.

I don't feel targeted but I feel the damage of years of being targeted. My ruined figure looks health mind.

All written off easily in the end as my being mentally ill.

The sheriff's van number is 33. And who cares..

Sunday, May 29, 2011

An Excellent Vid About Hillary Clinton's Campaign Funds Corruption (comic book fans especially interesting)

The beginning is not right to the meat of it but be a bit patient it gets good.
Its NOT a stupid conspiracy video, interestingly I avoided viewing it for years now becuz it was often listed with stupid conspiracy vids and goofs...proving that the diversions and disinfo operatives have a system that works to lose good info among bad info.

Stan Lee of comic book fame was involved. : (

Hell maybe she didn't know everything..but the people around her are creepy. When you blame a president for everything you wonder who are the people around them that pull the strings.

Why America Is Inhospitable To Truthers and Whistleblowers and Will Never Be Right Again..Its Finally Time To Leave

I cant live like this anymore. I cant pretend. I cant be squeezed to death between rich whites and African Americans. Even if I could get justice for myself in the USA, get a lawyer, write my expose, go to school as planned- the direction an entire nation has taken is not going to change just for me, nor other lower middle class to lower class whites. These changes, brought about by bogus circumstances created opposed to truly random, seem like they are permanent within the United States.

The next election I lose either way. Romney had a hand in destroying my life when he was Gov of MA, evidenced by one of his family members directly involved in harassment of me in St Louis, at a hostel owned by a long time client of my former associate involved in the adult entertainment industry as well as her close alignment with my former lover by being the ex girlfriend of his closest childhood friend-a half African American rich kid who hails from blonde Nobel Prize winners, also coming from Newton MA where so many people rallied against me to support my ex, my former associate and the company responsible for my apartment remaining moldy for three years and my retaining life long damage due to this. This also occured during the Bush adminstration, which Romney seems sponsered by in his bid for president in 2012, as well as thier connections to MK Ultra and other atrocities and corruption.

If Obama gets into office, myself as well as other poor whites especially females, can expect more of the same 'change' that has plagued us since he took office. None of which has benefitted any of us. His only redeeming quality is that when Bush left office, severe torture as it was during his administration during wartime was stopped and that seemed to apply to COVERT targets of torture as well.

TIs have life threatening circumstances they exist in daily. None of us have time for a nation that has forgotten war crimes of the last administration, which had us targeted in a way that almost killed many of us that has still not ceased to attempt to now discredit us or have us labeled. Now this nation that has ignored such human rights violations wishes to drag our zombie like carcasses into an era where we give what little life energy we have left, being hammered down with the idea that we truly do not matter in the face of hundreds of years of racism that only now is to be repaired with 'change', many of us Third Wavers whos ancestors were not welcome due to Catholicism in the first place and who are never going to be considered by the Establishment truly 'American' anyway. In this way, what little is left of us that wasnt sucked away by the Bush era, is to be taken by Obama and his causes and his people. Its like the last stab of a dagger, that finally takes the life of the sacrifice.

I will not be that sacrifice. And that is exactly what this continuation of an abusive power structure is demanding of people like myself.

My country has been warped beyond my understanding. This culture no longer seems friendly to me and has the attitude of not wanting me around- I find the feeling is mutual.

We must never forget that the far Right and the far Left are working together, to form a culture that seems hostile,ignorant and prison like to my sensibilities and I want NOTHING more to do with such a construction.

I am glad Hillary didnt get into office. I see now that she is weak and certainly was NOT the woman for the job as she has fallen to cow towing to this new kind of Democrat.

People write that the Clinton era is over- it wasnt an era, it was when Democrats resembled true politicians not manipulators that treat the public like children. That is what is over- any sanity or respect whatsoever for the American public. I refuse to go along with these agendas that favor neither my class, my race nor my gender and specifically my status as a second generation human experimentee and mind control project Survivor. My mother and I suffer damage from her being given radium and radition treatments to shrink her tonsils in these experiments- she was intimidated out of going to give testimony and to be part of the class action lawsuit by covert means of harassment and stalking.

This country has alot to account for and stemming from these experiments there is something very dire it has to hide. Targeted Individuals either have some idea or direct evidence or testimony of exactly what those issues are. In short, there is absolutely nothing left here for me as an 'American'. This country is interested in different things than myself and I cannot function here nor am I respected here both of which I wont tolerate either. And this slight of hand during Bush to get our focus off serious environmental issues is totally unacceptable as well.

America has become a beaten down lost victim in the past years, now being led by the nose by anyone put in power, still bleeding from its wounds and begging to not be struck again. I for one, took the hits and now realize that the wounds will never allowed to be healed with truth and disclosure because they specifically provide power to whoever can manipulate the pain they still cause, while the public seems blissfully unaware of these tactics of control.

Done. Its done. There is no help for this country. In Obama, people see a new era of change or equality, but what brought him into office that is still not resolved is what makes his change so dishonest, among other factors.

Forming One World Govt and My Being Targeted In Attempt To Turn Me Into A Terrorist

I am not targeted today due to the holiday weekend and it being Sunday in combination. I have not felt this free, healthy and 'normal' since the early 90s.

I am taking this opportunity to write some posts that aren't from me being under any outside influence.

I want you to look at yesterdays posts. Especially the one where I hate America, condemn my country and intend to leave.

The above link though just another internet site, seems pretty accurate with what I have experienced over these past many years, specifically since 2003 but can be traced to 95 onward also.

Outside of trying to erase any evidence of MK Ultra/radiation experimentation like my mother was a victim of, and it seems Johnny Gosch is a product of a now refined system of MK Ultra, it seems that their global goals are to form a one world govt.

This might not be so bad an idea except for the conditions that are involved in this endeavor basically involve the enslavement of mankind via technologies and chemical means of mind control, as well as good old fashioned psychological warfare.

When people buck the idea of a one world govt, known as the New World.Order, we are not rejecting nor skeptical of the globalization concept-its other cons being pulled off in the name of, and under the guise of, this New World Order.

And only people who don't pull all the info together and do their research label this concept 'conspiracy theory'.

This link explains why the system now in place works so hard to get people like me to hate their own people and leave the country: its part of the plan. They must force me to hate authority and institutions. THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CREATING TERRORISTS.
I am inconvenient to begin with due to my status as daughter of documented Zradiation experimentee that wouldn't be silenced and intimidated, testify as being a survivor of high level programming by unknown state actor, an 'expendable', due to having fought through three levels of suicide programming as well as having worked in adult entertainment being privy to some.sensitive information. Also my intimates who sold me out all had criminal actions to cover for as well as had all mistreated me, exploited me and assisted the system in controlling me or 'keeping me down'. None of those people want the truth told about them or their families as of now, they all have me scapegoated and discredited. Thats pretty inconvenient to alot of people.

So the goal is to get rid of me. Also I exhibit a love of my country and want to assist people. All of this makes me a candidate for this program of torture and.terror that seems to be utilized to turn victim witnesses like myself activist, then terrorist. Also to have me feel so angry, bitter and tortured that I turn to hate authority, my country, my culture and its people.

Its also been my experience that much of what is done to Targets resembles spycraft and oppression documented in foreign cultures such as the USSR, East Germany, China.

The weapons used in many ways resemble psycho correction.

So many TIs in the USA are experiencing exactly what is written here- a way of turning citizens against their country and even pushing them into a terrorist mind set, if not into actual terrorist actions.

Which begs the question is this used in other countries to create terrorists as well?

America is now fully psycho civilized. I don't think there is any way the public can be made aware of what is happening. Those that do know are either passive or support the idea of one world government.

I believe that specific cultures, ethnicities, religions and countries already know their faction's place in the NWO and it will benefit them greatly, which is their motivation in part for engaging in the destruction of TIs outside of perhaps wanting to see a one world in place.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Big Picture Evident

This is what I am up against. I understand that now.

Its no wonder that the odds have been impossible. There is no easy ending to this.

What they want most is to take away what they bestow upon you when they program a child. It seems they believe one must lose what power one has and be made common, average and powerless then put back into society, move on forget, be silent.

However, what they destroy they do so by inducing and causing brain damage as well as not only keeping the Survivor down but really ruining the person physically. Which means they are taking what Nature has given the programmed person not just what was induced from programming early on.

This isn't theirs to rob or destroy.

Now with the technologies in place as they are, as well as all the mass brainwashing via trauma and intimidation of the country, they have complete control and no need to worry about any exposure...or reprecussions from anything revealed in the past.

If Bush can display behaviors this insane without repricussion or notice by the general public then it has come to game over. And the truth is going to be buried from there on in, along with its witnesses.

Psych Warfare In GS Give Deeper Ritual Abuse Messages

Guy walks behind me in airport with kid in tow, one more kid and wife far behind him of course, perhaps to keep kids safe in middle.

The problem begins when guy snubs me as either a Targeted Individual or some hippy lookin person that offends his upright over dramatic middle class sensibilities.

Either way, a well timed cough and a few other moves are gang stalking especially with the shunning attitude focused on the TI. Thats the thing, TIs know after a while the difference between normal people and perps becuz perps focus on you which doesn't make sense as they are supposed to be total strangers in public spaces.

One of the biggest tactics to avoid responsibility among the public and gang stalkers is when the TI looks at.the perp or gives dirty look etc to fight back, they avoid the look and look down at their kid. Which communicates the idea that they are doing this as part of protecting their children or their future. And also that their kids are far more important than the TI as is the rest of what is THEIRS.

This is designed to reinforce the Target's feeling of being marginalized out of normal, socially acceptable society.its also a way of avoiding responsibilities for their actions.

What they are doing is supporting pedo networks nationally and internationally and helping to destroy victms of these networks and other related crimes. So they are sacrficing other people's children for the benefit of their own is the deeper primitive message. Which is...Ritual Abuse and occult based.

I Was Correct :Left and Right Have Conspired To Destroy Our Nation

The confusing scenerio of a conspiracy between factions like Bush types and Obama supporters is not just a.vague feeling many of you have gotten in past years...its real!
Who ever thought SPL would serve a purpose other than being part of the Diversity agenda. This piece is good.

If you had the dreaded vague impressinlon this.was forming into a reality you weren't imagining.things.
And they came out and said it in print this time: 'to take down the empire'.

Everything we suspected about both these factions having the same goal was absolutely correct. And it seems classism.IS indeed part of their agenda regardless of.race so I am correct in seeing they are using race to create their oppressive classist system.

This whole country has gotten way to crazy and no one is doing anything to stop this. Everyone who's smart enough to see this going down is usually educated and rich enough to leave the country, which is why its such a living hell for me becuz everyone in the lower class I am kept down in is too uneducated, stupid or unconcerned to tackle this issue.

It goes way beyond the govt pushing to destroy liberties or the private sector buying out or intimidating what's left of the govt. This finally explains why so many different factions from.both of these belief systems are in on gang stalking.

I could not figure out why I was harassed overtly and viscously in Burlington VT as well as St Louis MO. Yet in the wealthiest sections of the US, I got nothing but good advice, good vibes and well treated. The remote influence in these areas actually gave ideas that were very helpful and nurturing. I always felt supported in places like Prescott AZ, Castle Rock CO, La Jolla CA. (In La Jolla I was given the idea I should do public speaking on my experiences to make money.) So its not necessarily 'rich people' who want to destroy someone like me as a TI. Honestly I have alot of support from wealthy people.

The people who hate my guts seem to be black and other crime gangs, members of the lower classes, union guys and regular middle class types. Outside class and race of course anyone who makes money off of mind control or.the gs system like academia, prison system, psychiatry etc- to them anyone smart enough to see what's going on is a threat.

This proves my theory borne partially from experience that the wealthy are not the definition of the enemy. If anything only they have the ability to remain independent from corruption and this system so as to afford to not bow down to it.

The truly dangerous people are the ones vulnerable to joining this system and the left/right nut jobs who are engineering this horrid NWO, or some kind of social experiment. Acedemics running the world could not be a bigger nightmare.

I at least feel better I was, once again, correct. Which is why this society must continue to systematically ignore me.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Equality Is Not PC- Its The Militarization Of The Nation

A theory I have concerning the push for equality in the NWO. Its pushed through brainwashing very hard especially since Obama got in.

Its not really equality is it? Its the pushing of this hive mentality, that no one is supposed to be 'special'. Which only applies to TIs.
That all of us have a job to do and a purpose in the great new interconnected world.

I realize now that this is simply the militarization of the USA. It resembles the order of the military. That everyone is in uniform and has a job to do, the uniforms creating a perception of equality like private school uniforms.

The force that is used to destroy a human mind and force these beliefs on someone is far to intrusive and overbearing for this to be just social engineering.

With the use of these technologies for mass mind control as well as the targeting of specific dissidents and the as well as bills being introduced for passage now to laws that will make it easier for wars to be started anywhere in the world it looks like a total militarization of society is what is being implemented. That would explain desensitizing people to war and things like torture. Perhaps to normalize the idea of constant war and an endless money making machine known as the military industrial complex.

Its just a theory but it is supported by Ike's speech warning the nation about the military industrial complex.

Trash TV Is Becoming Very Dangerous

Tv shows like Springer are damaging to the morale of the lower classes especially as Ive experienced this always being on the tv in day drop ins. The govt shouldn't be funding watching such trash. Only morale supporting or enriching shows should be allowed in any gov't funded program.

These shows should have been stopped a long time ago.

At least Springer keeps it light when compared to what I just say on Steve Wilkos
He's doing shows where they use lie detector.testing to determine if people are.telling the truth about child molestation. Its not that that isn't a good idea its the fact that a tv show is serving justice that is supposed to be the responsibility of the courts.

One episode I am watching had the male who failed the test being chastised ny his wife and of course Steve Wilkos who is basically the judge which is extremely dangerous to pose as a reality situation.
What bothered me is in reality when dealing with families or other social structures, its not unusual for more than one person to be acting out in this way or at least be a willing accomplace. I was suspect of the mother/wife who was crying without tears and seemed less hurt than melodramatic. She should take one that asks her if she knew about the abuse and if she even cared about the situation before now.

These shows have come from years of abusive similar programs, rooted in the Phil Donehue years. Sally Jesse Rapheal, Springer, Povich, Wilkos are all examples of such shows that subvert true justice and form a mob mentality within the vulnerable populations they are directed to. They also serve to form and reinforce a false morality.

Even Oprah with the few helpful or informative episodes she has produced over the years, is still brainwashing and thought reform as well as keeps viewers lazy and uneducated about what their rights really are and how to go about understanding the legal system to obtain real justice.

These shows along with tv judges subvert true justice by warping and manipulating the public's perceptions of law and order and the value of due process.

Spied On Tonight

Im at the college again. As usual I stupidly have to use these computers upstairs and out of sight but the drawback is this window that is to my right. All night long I have felt watched and very targeted, much the same effect as was the case in my apartment at 335 Washington St. I realize fully now that most likely there was a camera being run in the attic of Porter Belly's where that window faced my front window.

What goes on seems to be two things: first I feel very watched and I felt that way at 335 Washington but due to my not knowing I was being targeted, I could not understand this conshusly. When you are targeted with tech as well as psy ops being used, the effect can be that you simply dont know what is happening, as the perps do a good job of making the whole thing seem unreal. Part of this affect of holding the TI in this pattern mentally is to start traumatizing them slowly like betryals and mind f*cks and at the same time, denial and gas lighting so that the Target knows something is going down but they cannot comprehend exactly what it is due to being isolated.

One thing that is extremely annoying and very unfair about these spying sessions by the perps especially with video to capture any weird behavior from the TI is that tech is being used or other remote influence to cause the person to behave in such a manner. This could be part of the experimentation or it could be simply a way of guarenteeing that video footage is obtained that discredits the person or at least shows cause to the public that they are a 'weirdo' and deserve what is being done to them.

Remember the country is now psycho civilized. Anyone who either isnt educated enough to know what is going on or has slowly been sucked in from Bush onward is now completely lost to control by this system. Only those who have sensed something was off from late Clinton and definately saw there were multiple issues with the Bush admin have held on to this point with some understanding that a con has been put over and those that see are being either targeted or intimidated.

I was working on cleaning up one of my blogs tonight. Much of the later tonight, like 10 pm onward I began to feel very watched. I felt watched and I was definately being targeted with something that was interfering with my work. I began to talk my way through what I was doing, or reading the writing aloud to try to break through being distracted. Now imagine this is going to be caught on video possibly, becuz as of a short time ago I felt relief from these affects and could swear that I saw a flash of light through this weird window to my right, the direction I felt watched from.
Also remember that I have experienced an actual stalker watching me in this window and when I saw him he fled, it was as if he thought it was one way glass which obviously its not. It was probably a freak out. It was an older man who was not dressed like one of the cleaning people. He stood in this glass and then when I acknowledged I saw him he took off.
Its a typical mind f*ck. This college has alot to account for not just locally with some of its employees being involved with my old associates but generally for taking massive amounts of govt funding and military contracts, and of course being one of the institutions with a documented record of unethical human experimentation.

With MIT having a nuclear reactor nearby you can guess that this place is covered by covert ops to protect the area. And remember how popular mobbing is at this level of academia.
Now I write this and I am calm with no such effects. But before I saw what looked like a camera being shut off through the window, I felt watched and very targeted by interference.

Of course there is going to be a reaction to this and its now on video. Its either to discredit, intimidate or part of recording and observing within the experimentation involving observing subjects being targeted with these technologies.

As I wrote these first lines, I got a strong impression of someone feeling that I just didnt get it- that I am being targeted becuz I am valueless as a human being. That I dont matter. That no one wants to deal with me. That I am defective and damaged beyond fixing.

These are the perceptions of either a total brain wash victim or someone who is very selfish and unreasonable in thier judgements. Both of which I have seen exhibited in gang stalkers. This is why no one wants to get involved in this. These people are the height of Satanic activity and thier attitudes illustrate that. Since the whole country is now suffering from these types of opinions forming the world they live in its also not surprising that people co sign this either.

It was just like 335 where I was being messed with in multiple way s then my reacting was filmed. It gives the perps power in many ways, not just by discreditation.

I may have seen the camera bit wrong through the window but I surely felt watched intensely.

Monday, May 23, 2011
Great now im having an anaphylactic reaction from becoming fight or.flight reactive. I was shaking by the time.she called the cops and when I had to speak to one I was fully quaking. Adrenaline. Thats why I.can't get into any fights or excersise, the docs told me itll cause a reaction like eating nuts or bee stings.

I've had to use the extreme control I have learned over time to defend myself when I do have to just by yelling perhaps.

Do u know how much its been killing me to not travel excersise be able to defend myself physically if.I had to?
Bus route 1 out of Harvard Sq stopped at MIT #2130 11:56 pm. Driver discriminated against me based on my age and was rude. I told her to not be rude again and ask for id next time. She called me up from my seat after I paid and embarassed me in front of everyone by saying "ma'am that pass u have, tell me exactly where u got that?" Instead of asking for ID.r

She threatened to call security and we r now both waiting.

She simply wants security to clean up her mess. Now she is lying to security about what happened.

Telling.them I am insistent on staying on the bus when she never told me any differnt. Everyone else has gone to another bus.

Going to run video when cops come.

Female driver, brunette. Have part of the argument on video.

Its just me and her waiting now and I am being silent typing this and have been for awhile now.

Basically security will come and remove me and treat me like a criminal while she drives off. I am glad I at least cost her some time. The more time this takes the more it will appear on a report as a problem.

The only reason I am not getting off the bus is that no one told me too.
Ok. They heard my story and she is wrong. She is now in there trying to make me sound like a jerk. But they know she was in the wrong.

Im just tired of being disrespected. By union people and these types that had been given godlike powers during Bush and the war and still think their word against anyone is golden. I've had enough.

After the gross abuses of power I've experienced over the years I just can't take being disrespected like that now.

But now I have to sleep in the cold instead of inside where I was on my way to on that bus. That b*tch gets to go home to a warm bed that her nice union job got her.

And believe me I am still not forgetting how bad the harassment was from the MBTA. No one shud have endured what I did no matter what the rationale is.

What they did to me during Bush was beyond wrong it was part of a campaign of torture and no reason on earth is good enough to substantiate that. I

Perps would even tell me outright it was an abuse of power. The meaner ones, mostly men, would make fun of me and claim that I had no power in society or that it didn't pay to be poor.

All these excuses...and I don't even think that was gang stalking tonight. It was just typical arrogance from people who Bush made gods by making them part of homeland security's first line of defense.

Now magically there is an MBTA inspector rv truck on my way back to Central Sq and I just got trolled by security from around Star Market and that nice hotel behind Central which by the way, always messes with me.
Wanna know why? Cuz I can tell u why.

What just happened potentially has the power to break years of brainwashing me.into a trance so.I never take action on my behalf legally concerning all that was done to me locally by various parties.
They have to quickly make me feel intimidated, guilty and hated again to get me back under control. Its very dangerous when a Targeted person has a victory especially with validation from authorities, and specifically police. It makes the person realize how screwed over they have been and they are not wrong or deserved such inhuman treatment.

What just occurs, with my standing up.for myself resulting in results and validation, just one incident like that rips through years of stalking and harassment to brainwash to TI into believing they are bad or authority hates them.

The system has to immediately bare down on the Target to make.them forget they have rights. THAT IS WHY..
Right now they may have already agreed to make her version the official version and to say that they simply agreed with me becuz of the mishandling of the pass situation. Most likely it will be logged that I acted crazy and argumentative becuz that bus had no.cameras, asked cop said no, and I will be :handled' the moment I call to complain about the way she approached me becuz officially its going to be treated like it never happened. Prepare to be ignored.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Subway Map of Greater Boston- Remote Influence Parameters

The yellow dots with black in the center indicate where heavy remote influence from the inner city area begins to taper off- relief is felt immediately.
The blue dots with black at the center indicate stations that begin an area where relief is felt to the extent that it seems there is no remote influence at all.
All of these are to be used going outbound, away from the inner city.
West has much coverage as even when going to Waltham, relief is only mildly felt. South seems to provide relief as does going northeast.
Another theory could be that these both cross over or come very close to bodies of water. This fits in with relief being felt over the Charles River and being in any body of water in a heavily targeted area such as a bathtub, a pool or in the ocean during the summer months.
I have to explore north on Orange line and Red towards Ashmont.
(Update: on the green line the D, relief is felt at Fenway stop from the extremely heavy influence from the inner city's parameters. From there out to Riverside, it just gets better and I noticed there isn't 3g out past Chesnut Hill, I only got 1x. I felt the anxiety and fear as well as mind fog and forgetfulness and interference with the Will drop off in Fenway but became very clear headed and truly serene before Eliot train stop. One would expect Newton to provide relief. I don't k know about Waltham.)

If one looks at a map of Boston proper according to the MBTA its interesting that the parameters of remote influence seem to follow the borders of thier cut out of Boston/Cambridge, except for going west, where the remote influence seems to go a long way, probably past 128. If that is the case, its very obvious why this would be so- 128, Raytheon etc all are very important technological hubs as well as heavily serving the military industrial complex.

This is a map of the MBTA subway system of metro Boston and outskirts. I have put dots over stations to indicate where I have experienced relief from remote influence, electronic harassment-whatever you want to call it. TECHNOLOGIES being used to influence human beings. This map is in no way complete. Its what I am sure of so far, from years of experience.

If you've read my work you know that I have traveled, documented and observed while living as a Targeted Individual as well as someone very sensitive to electromagnetic 'pollution'.
You also may know that I have experienced these effects to be consistent patterns that dont change upon leaving or returning specific geographical locations, except for variables such as time frames. The basic theory is that these are SPACES. The only thing that varies thier affects is TIME.
So one may get fried in Cambridge on a Saturday night to the point of almost committing suicide or say, some other horror like the strong urge to cut up one's own face for permanent disfiguration- and on Sunday, the same TI may find that they are then experiencing total and complete relief or a great percentage of relief compared to every other day of the week in that location.

Each location I have traveled to has different borders and timing in experiencing remote influence. Each geographical location is full of human beings living, working and being governed by authority so political motiviation figures prominently in much of the content one experiences within each location. Each area has its own style and personality not just coming from the effects of remote influence one experiences but from human forces that engage the Target in 'gang stalking' harassment.

All of these things must be taken into considertation as well as each formula will differ due to the TI's information being different from other TI's. A white female of 40 who is dirt poor will experience each location differently from TI's of other description. One must take thier personal 'gang stalking' campaign, that is already tailored to each TI specifically via intel gathering and psychological profiling, into consideration when formulating the effects of each region, state, city, neighborhood.

Unfortunately, it seems that the entire USA is now psycho-civilized according the the original concepts put forth in the military paper MINDWAR, one of the authors being a prominent Satanist. Satanism is not the problem here- its when the military gets influenced by people who want to abuse its power. This paper could have perhaps only come from the mind of a man who would do anything deceptive to get results. However, during the recent war years, much trouble has come from mercenary companies, one of which was run by men who were trying to steal the secrets and obtain the power of the Knights Templar, even co opting the symbolic colors and symbols. They were influenced way beyond what was appropriate by the idea of a fanatical Christian holy war with Muslims. And those both might be covers for people who are actually still working on trying to build the super soldier through decades running human experiments rooted in Nazi human atrocities (see Project Paperclip). I find it hard to believe that Satanists would come up with Mind War so that Christians could fulfill thier dream of a Christian world order.

This reeks of bullshit. There is something else going on. It doesnt matter what the motive is of a group of powerful people behind psycho-civilizing an entire nation without the population's knowledge. Only that it HAS occured and is now a reality. Targeted Individuals now live in a constant prison where they are unable to live thier lives in peace or to reach thier full potential as human beings.

Therefore those of us who are targeted, living in a prison that now exists in public spaces or private wherever we go, we have to adapt to this new world structure and try to avoid its affects opposed to trying to shield ourselves from them. Unless one has quite alot of money, one is not going to be able to build a structure that effectively shields one from the effects of remote influence technologies. And what if one needs to venture into the outside world, then what? If you own a bunker where you can avoid all cell phone reception then thats great. Some of us do not have that option. Some apartment buildings dont get cell reception but when you walk outside, you are back to suffering again.

Be forewarned that the rule of thumb of gang stalking Time and Space is that whenever you enter a Space there is no obvious stalking and harassment, there will always be Remote Influence used for 'people management' and TI management specifically. The reverse is true as well: wherever a TI experiences much in person stalking and harassment, there is little Remote Influence present.

Think of it this way: the physical reality we live in- 'time' and 'space' is now blanketed with a web that is made up of electromagnetic energy. I am not versed in exactly which kinds of energies are behind precisely what weapons but I know that it includes electromagnetic, microwave, radio waves- radiation basically. This has formed another dimension to the natural world and man made world. Many of us who are older remember what this physical space felt like before the presence of this 'web' if you will covering most of the country. It may be easier for we who were aware of the transition which we can safely estimate started about late 90's and definately the locked down prison feel the world has now was brought on during Bush and started to be as it is now with remote influence being used heavily circa 2003. Life has not been normal ever since. It seems since Obama took office the power of Remote Influence has become stronger and is used more to control Targeted Individuals as opposed to heavy use of human forces stalking and harassing Targets. Thats been my experience anyway.
Society has yet to admit to the problem of other more accepted kinds of pollution, much less 'electromagnetic pollution'. One article I read had officials in one city trying to call electromag pollution effects a if its the sensitive person's fault. Ridiculous. Human beings aren't supposed to be exposed to this in its man made form at these levels. Simple.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thoroughly Discrediting The TI From The Beginning Ensures Safety For The Guilty

One of the reasons the harassment has dropped off in recent years is becuz the system is pretty confident I am now fully discredited. Sleep deprivation, desperation and years of harassment had left me feeling like I had no other option than to disclose the full scope of what I knew. Which is on purpose of course. The gs system is used to discredit you the moment you start discovering the truth or even just asking questions and seeing inconsistencies.

Anything I reveal about Julie or anyone I knew that IS believable is now not going to be believed or even paid attention to due to my talking about mind control.

What's most interesting about the system of harassment and manipulation that's used on TIs is that I was not able to disclose any believable information until the point where I had fully discredited myself by talking about mass mind control etc.

I was certainly in fear of my life concerning divulging anything related to Julie due to her criminal connections but why wasn't I able to simply disclose a general timeline listing the more believable information? No matter what I did I could not do so as I did yesterday concerning that info I revealed about Jake. Why could I not have revealed that years ago?
I would have started with much more credibility than I have now.

That is how powerful the brainwashing is that's used on victim witnesses like myself. If only I had told what I knew about people locally I would have been in a much better position I think.

I don't think anyone is going to listen now. Nor even pay attention. Its as if the image of me as being mentally ill like my father is solidified in the minds of the public.

The plan was to ruin my life and destroy my opportunities for the future and obviously that's been accomplished.

Eat Supercomputers

So we need tax cuts and slashing the budget of services for the needy but we definately need to keep these.

Maybe if things get really bad we can break em down and eat em.

Someone has GOT to do a photo of homeless people sleeping on and around one of these as an art piece.
Oh, wait. Most houseless travelers are too smart to suffer the electomag pollution and the homeless would probably sense somthing was amiss and stay the hell away from em.

Thanks For The Committee and All Who Attended/ Beginning Of What Will Hopefully Finally Be The End of The War

Mind you I was hit so hard the day before the Bioethics Commission that it felt exactly like a Saturday night here in Cambridge, which I have posted many times over, is THE single most harsh time period consistently for being targeted by what seems to be technologies. Whether its purposefully targeting only certain individuals or its electromagnetic pollution isn't totally clear.

I felt just like my face was melting off. I walked around Manhattan with one eye drooping, totally screwed up. Lots of ideations of course trying to convince me not to attend the next day, horrible things.

One of the main reasons I attended is that two days before I left for NYC I had more peace from torture, harassment and behavior modification than I have in years. It felt like 2002 again, before this all started. So I figured it was worth going.

I have gotten alot out of a rubber bracelet given to me by one of the female TI's. It says "SAY NO TO COINTELPRO & YES TO JUSTICE". Over the years I began to think that the idea of putting anything overt on clothing about being targeted seemed like a bad idea. Actually, alot of people see the word 'cointelpro' and seem to back off. Interesting.

I want to thank everyone who attended and the Committee people for working with TI's.

We are so powerless and so few and the system that is doing this has either black budget funding or its partial black budget. The Pentagon misplaces billions and cant account for it. This is the kind of state actor we are up against. And people in society play along with these projects in order to survive or get opportunities they wouldnt normally have had. Psychiatry covers for many victims and human experimentees in a major way.

At this time its now normal for a RA survivor or person coming out of programming to be handled and targeted instead of given any sort of chance to seek therapy or leave any evidence or testimony at all. Psychiatrists are a major information gate keeper if you will in this little 'game' of thiers. They make first contact with the Target, usually through the TI being hit with tech and not understanding that is what is happening to them. The TI is then brought into the psychiatry system and if anything major occurs, like deprogramming and going through suicide programming and sequences, the entire system is already on the person as well as psychiatry has been with them all along.

Its amazing how the system was right there when I started to deprogram. I was isolated and surrounded and not given any chance whatsoever to get any fair treatment. THIS is what Clinton meant when he said there would never again be another MK Ultra trial or committee.

I highly suspect that the reason its so important to have kept MK Ultra quiet and handle it under the radar as they have, and keep it basically perceived as conspiracy in the media, is that they were planning all along to implement mass mind control, thus, the public must not be aware in any way that such mind control experiments took place. Becuz we can now be pretty sure that part of these experiments in the 50's and beyond were to assist in bringing about mass mind control world wide, as it is today.

Valerie Wolf, in the testimonies from the Pres Advisory Committee from 95, said that experimentees were monitored, watched, intimidated and kept under brainwashing (not programming) to control them from speaking out, becuz "they knew (the programming) would break down, and I think thats whats been happening here". So when I deprogrammed and went through suicide programming in 2003, the system was right on it. In my case, I believe that MK Ultra tactics were used to induce suicide programming, either to control the process to lead me into behavior modification or to experiment with deprogramming mind controlled slaves for whatever purpose. Mold per exposure to micotoxins caused just the brain damage that was needed to start compartments leaking.

This system wants Targeted Survivors and observers to believe they are doing a good and humane thing, what they are really up to is not only covering thier tracks from decades prior, but eliminating evidence and any indication of experimenting with mind control in order to control human populations. I know this sounds unbelievable, but watch the Presidents Advisory Committee On Human Radiation Experiments videos of testimonies on You Tube or my channel. That is exactly what Valerie Wolf says in reference to the experimentees. It was very important for the Advisory Committee to only name Radiation in its title and to keep the press churning out stories about chemical experiments for mind control from CIA and radiation experiments from the military end. Survivors testimonies tell of things a hell of alot more compelling than that. The very fact that they testify about the harassment, which now I realize IS 'gang stalking', and one of the Committee members says that it sounds like its a huge project, involving many people outside the CIA, shows that these projects never ceased, as what experimentees and mind control survivors are describing IS what we know as 'gang stalking'.

And survivor testimony from memory clearly states that many test subjects and mind control victims were used in cross over experiments.

Lastly, never once has it been revealed as to where the results of these experiments ended up or what later work has been rooted in the results of those experiments. Becuz obviously, its still going on, though it seems now they just want to cover thier asses totally and completely. When one wonders why that is so damn important, considering its far in the past, one only need realize that gang stalking IS part of these projects as well as the implementation of mass mind control would not be possible if the results of human experimentation by the CIA and military rooted in Nazi knowledge and experiments was revealed.

The longer I exist in this bullshit timeline, the more I realize that someone has to expose and reveal just how the magic trick was done becuz I for one am not happy with the way this show is written. For me to be a homeless woman, living in such poverty and being pushed to only help others or work in the homeless field, is definately NOT what I was originally capable of.

What I get most of the time is this feeling that there are so many people whos attitude is 'dont ruin it for the rest of us' by exposing the truth. TIs are human sacrifices to this new time line. We are expected to keep silent about what we have seen, what has happened to us and what has been denied us in this life due to the actions of total mad men over many decades.

Mass mind control is now being used to bring about a false state of order and peace at least in America. This is constantly reinforced daily by the system. We now live in a totally psycho civilized world and its not necessarily a good thing.

Who I am has been completely changed as a person. I am expected to believe that I am a better person. My health has been destroyed, my intelligence lowered and my talents taken from me. I am expected to accept this as who I really am in the face of a society that either doesnt want to believe in mass mind control or the targeting of individuals or the people who DO know that want it kept quiet so that psycho civilization benefits them for whatever reason.

Until the truth is told, and accepted by the masses, no one will ever be free. Not myself nor even all the people who sold me out during Bush. All of us have been forced into false selves, false ends, false lives. There is no way that its normal for me to be homeless and totally destroyed like I am, which is why it was so important from the beginning of this to make me seem mentally ill without anything behind it or on drugs and whatever smear went with it.

I now understand the actions of the system, the massive networks involved in this and the huge amounts of money and resources the harassers seem to have access to. Mass mind control isnt seeming to come cheap.

Its got to end however or at least the public must be told of its existence and how it works. Its the only way to free myself and others from the actions that were taken during the Bush adminstration. I look at pictures of people I used to know that sold me out, and they dont even look like themselves anymore. They havent since selling out during Bush. People can call me crazy all they want, this is not my false perception.

I seen photos of Jake now and he looks like Hollywood Nobody. He's fat again too. He looks terrible. I look over his photo from 99 when I knew him, and that man is dead. That is not normal. And I am NOT crazy. Perhaps that is a just end to someone who sells out who they really are and destroys their true spirit in return for some meager opportunities. Being in with rich kids helps to I guess, like Alley who fits right in Hollywood and who's parents are wealthy psychologists. (I love the bio that keeps changing according to what forum its in. He always neglects to mention he was a fat spoiled rich kid who's mom held onto him for dear life out of.guilt so he lived in their attic for.years, hiring boomers,drinking tequila and taking downers supplied by his manager Orlando. Dealing drugs out of his parents house and his car and robbing the copy shop he managed blind in order to trade graphic design artwork for pot to.fellow bands to sell that pot and then sink the money into his band. No wonder hr hadn't done taxes in years when I met him lol. )

The events and happenings of the Bush era stole the souls and spirits of many people, this assisted in forming a totally false timeline. Its the feeling of living in an 'unreality' as so many people percieve since Obama.

I dont care if the rationale for creating what is basically The Matrix in real life, is valid. Such as a failing environment,a coming disaster, or having to move underground or into space to survive. Some of us would rather die here on earth as humans are supposed to exist on our home planet than be turned into mindless slaves who are dictated to by some elite group and controlled by pathetic tech like cell towers. (and since my mother is a documented experimentee related to MK Ultra, I am TOTALLY not in fear of my sanity being doubted. Just look at the testimonies. They drove my father nuts for running around blabbing that my mother and her family were involved in a secret govt project involving the CIA and the military. Its not going to be so easy with me. And I will get them for destroying my family by the way.)

Whatever is coming it must be severe for the elite who seem to think they know best for humanity, to have to create a Matrix in real life. That very movie's purpose is obviously to prime people for such a thing being perceived as 'normal' when they begin to sense something is amiss subconsiously. Which is exactly what has occurred.
Either that or they are trying to create the ultimate slave race, based on genetics, interbreeding in specific ways (Europeans are being brainwashed to interbreed with African DNA en mass but note that its not the same campaign for rich whites, elite blacks or especially the Jews. This is not racism on my part. You have to be very aware that creating an ultimate slave race is a possibility as one of thier main goals. Breeding Europeans with African DNA until there is no more seperation of the two might just be for this purpose, add to that mass mind control. Whos to say they dont just want a planet of slaves while they move to Mars etc? I have much experience with this system and slavery is something they specialize in via mind control. And DNA has alot to do with thier choices of who gets mind controlled or programmed etc. THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING).

Nothing is too vile for the perpatrators of this system of enslavement. Continuing to exist under mass mind control or as a mind control Survivor being constantly behavior modified is NO WAY TO LIVE. Having the past erased from your mind with brain damage, isolation, systematic ignoring and constant never ending daily interface from either computers or AI or operatives using tech, as well as psychic warriors, IS NO WAY TO LIVE.

You dont know how much I wish this was mental illness. You dont understand how much I want this to be insanity or a disorder or delusion. My life would be so much easier and I could just take medication. But I didnt imagine the years of harassment from people who knew things about my life they should not have. Many of the things I saw and experienced are not, could not have been imagined. The experiences are far too specific and much to in sequence. Society simply wants to believe someone like myself is mentally ill as its easier to accept and deal with. Its convenient. Its easier and believe me, if I had the luxury of being in that position I would also take that opportunity. But I dont. I have seen too much over the years and I know too much. All of which indicates that my father was privy to information that got him targeted and driven out of his mind. That Nazi human experimentation, rooted in Project Paperclip is real, and has resulted in a massive coverup not only concerning individual victims, but a massive conspiracy to overtake the United States of America as well as it seems other 'democratic nations',with
mind control- using a system of psychological warfare, chemical and technological means.

I often think about Jake, and I simply want to be in the attic apartment of his parent's house, listening to the rain outside, that he focused on and I would miss, even though the hissing in his ears from playing bass loud, still his ears were more alert than mine. I was busy, as a more visual artist, staring closely and examining his golden hair, that I was convinced was spun by the gods themselves.

(As I wrote this sentimental piece, I felt someone was reading it as I typed it, and I felt a reaction from this 'viewer'. This is also a distraction I get constantly especially within city limits where tech is strong as well as always on the internet writing this blog. Its quite possible that the new thrill of some people is to subscribe to some sneaky hacker system where one can read posts by bloggers like me, not as they are published BUT AS THEY ARE WRITTEN. However, since the effect of this phenomenon is that I am distracted and feel writing is pointless due to my not having any privacy, it stands to reason that its another deception by the system. One of the greatest tactics used by captors of prisoners either in prison or war time prison camps, is to ensure that the prisoners have no privacy. Do you see how consistently TI's are not experiencing paranoia but are experiencing the exact same conditions as in a prison camp or civilian prison? All of it based on cult mind control tactics.)

Its so easy to write the TI off after years of them being out of the picture as well as being slandered as crazy by everyone who is fully aware that is not the case. I think that since it was so easy to do to my father that everyone involved thought it was going to be fairly easy with me. And I now understand why I am treated differently than my mother and always have been treated badly by medical people etc whereas she gets coddled.
Someone wrote me once that I was being targeted becuz I was too much like my father instead of my mother. This turned out to be the motive for a woman being targeted in East Germany by Stasi also during that horrible era in history, where many people experienced exactly what TI's do today. I didnt understand how that fit in but I do now. My mother, obviously, plays along with the system either out of being more controllable or a sense of security as her motivation. I, like my father, have no problem doing this very Eastern European thing, which is to rebel against an oppressive state and think politically. He got targeted becuz he blabbed about my mother being connected to MK Ultra basically-and other instances where he rebelled against offical authority consistently. His sister speaks of such stories with amusement..and with knowledge of the true circumstances it seems.

This is why so many TI's use the book STASILAND as a reference. At this point in my being a TI I can say with confidence that the circumstances are exactly like East Germany. The difference is that this system works better to oppress society, becuz people are not denied material gains overtly. In fact, material gain is used as reward. Play along and you wont be targeted and you'll get the American dream. If only you help the system take it away from others.

Many Americans most likely know what is going on and perhaps even agree with the system that we are security threats. TIs have to stop questioning why this is, it just IS.

Someone very sweetly asked during the time out at the Bioethics Committee what the perp's motive was. I figured its control and power, simple. As Americans its almost impossible to percieve living in an East Germany type existence. This is why its been so easy to control Targets and lie to the public. Its impossible for Americans to accept this reality. If they DO accept it, the lure of material gains as a pleasurable diversion from such a reality is always right there to act as a way to make it all better and continue to support the system.
And this system ensures nowadays that there is very little alternative to material gains as the main way to deal with reality. Slowly, all alternative means of living have been phased out. Underground EVERYTHING has been co opted or wiped out. All supposedly alternative scenes are infiltrated.

There is a reason that Bush during his NWO speach that was so insane, was confident in his claim that not if but "when we are successful" that they would be. "...when we are successful- and we will be...". Its insane the way that a very effective evil genius in a bond movie is insane: the man may be mad but he isnt f*cking around and he gets results. Making fun of Bush or his family was always a waste of time. They and people like them, are effective, connected, resources and go according to plan. There is nothing funny about them. And Bush the son is no idiot. Years ago, people were saying elder Bush was "a wimp". I always knew that was a grave mistake. Lean skinny people who act that non chalant about important events are using thier brains to max capacity and can be extremely dangerous and effective. Reagan was the perfect cowboy diversion, to make Bush look like the Wimp.

The people behind these events are artists. They come from families who have been at this for centuries. There is no way that we can eradicate 'evil' from the earth or humanity. There is no way to build a perfect paradise by mind control or by ridding the world of so called 'evil'. Humanity's best bet is to accept the existence of such forces and be alot more aware of thier presence and safeguard accordingly. 'Evil', if you will, has always been up to these kinds of things but now the issue is that its gotten a bit out of hand. Having access to mass mind control through tech is a bit much and it gives darker forces an advantage on the playing field that is just totally unfair over common people and is totally unacceptable.

This is really the only thing I think many of us are out to accomplish. To re aquaint man with the reality of such forces existing in his world, which modern people seem out of touch with now, due to percieving Christianity as something left over from the past. In a Judeo-Christian country, most people are not percieving or accepting the existence of such forces as realistic. That poses a problem due to the fact they are mistaken. And they are living lies due to hiding behind Judeo-Christianity while engaged fully in supporting what has become a Satanic system.

The problem lies in these things being defined by a system that puts such forces in opposition. I seem to percieve such things as duality not opposition. There will always be people who hate humanity who want to enslave humans. The darker forces in our world serve a purpose. But when the power is out of balance as grossly as it has become now, theres a problem.

Why wake man kind up with the internet and progress in technologies just to enslave him? Its a great trick but its one that cannot be allowed to be pulled off without at least some fair disclosure of how it is done, so that if any human beings decide that the security of enslavement is not something they chose Willfully, they may act accordingly.

Its that simple. And its the main reason everyone hates us so much. Becuz people would rather not be informed about what makes thier lives so easy and tidy. TIs doing activism force them to be aware of moral and even spiritual responsibilities and therefore they dont have time to play like children going to Disney World or church and ignoring reality. TIs are inconvenient for a multitude of reasons and this is one of them. For many human beings, what Bush is offering is going to be thier idea of 'freedom'. Be totally prepared for disappointment after the entire thing is exposed.

But after that my damn job is done finally. Mankind can do as they like. And for many of us tied up in this falsified timeline, created by deceptions and sealed by such means daily, such an exposure will finally free us from this trap. No one could ever again claim ignorance about my or other TI's situations. There will be a point of reference for the truth, and only by Willful ignorance and avoidance, will the public be able to continue to believe in the deceptions.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bioethics Committee In NYC

Back in Cambridge. The people from the Commission ended up being very fair and allowing me into the room to hear what was being said instead of just on a webcast. Before that I mingled with many TI's and was relieved to find that not only has my work helped people over the years but that most of their stories are very similar to mine.
It's exactly as I have posted- it seems some people are whistle blowers, some mind control project Survivors and some are not sure what the perp's motives are.

As I listened to the Committee I began to realize that this was not the proper forum for TI's. This committee dealt with above board, offical, legit experimentation where the funding could be traced.
Targeted Individuals deal with a system that is covert in nature and since secrecy and silence seems to be so important to the gs system, one can assume that they are being stealth due to not wanting to be traced, found out or exposed or have victims be believed and validated. Logically, one can assume that the funding is black budget. This is also why favors, status, awards, building contracts, opportunities etc seem to be a form of payment as these can be made to seem like happenstance, just like what the Target experiences in thier gang stalking campaigns- "life's normal breaks" as Elenor White put it. (

I was two nights with only a few hours sleep- on the ride up and crashing at a drop in located in Manhattan the night before. I did my best to speak to other TI's, lets hope it was productive.

Strangely, I only started nodding out from lack of sleep when I was sitting in the room with the Committee, which I thought was very odd. I stopped nodding right after I left the room. It was either on purpose as in being targeted in that room or it may have been something from being hypersensitive to equipment as a byproduct. While I was nodding out, trying to stay awake I mentally was processing what they were saying. I also finally looked up at the men at the table of the committee and realized these are the same people I see every day around Harvard and MIT. Around all the colleges in Boston that are involved in medical, politics or law. I looked into thier faces and realized that these people were not going to help us. This is NOT the right crowd to appeal to, on top of the subject matter not being appropriate.

These people dont deal in the ethics of covert or black ops.

I also heard that a few of them were from psychiatry backrounds, which totally disqualifies them. They represent the interests of people who are used to cover for black ops and human/civil rights abuses. Much of their profession, if you want to call biological based psychiatry a legit profession- their credibility is at stake once TI's claims are validated. We must remain ghosts in the back of that room in order for THEM to exist.

Being there gave me the opportunity to realize or to remember what was clear to me in years past, that perhaps being burnt out has made me forget: doing OVERT activism in relation to COVERT operations is useless. The only thing it may do is to get some attention for the cause but it is NOT an appropriate avenue of solution or to seek justice.

Also, I realized fully that this system is no longer in any kind of experimental phase. What they are doing to many TI's is a full fledged system of behavior modification, re education, victim witness intimidation and destroying of dissidents. THEY KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING. These are no longer experiments. Unless one is talking about in relation to MK Ultra or programming or other mind control projects where intergenerationally they seem to want to keep track of how programming breaks down etc.

We need a different avenue of action. This isnt working. NY was cool though. I needed to get out of here.

Im not saying we shouldn't keep showing up to these things. Meeting other TIs is productive and it keeps the legit world aware of our activism.

I got the feeling that personally my case would have been more appropriately heard by another committee or something dealing with MK Ultra and the radiation experiments like my mother was going to attend in 95. The problem with what I saw is that they act as if MK Ultra and related projects officially ended so there is no issue. This is becuz after Clintons apology and the settlements in the 90's it was treated as if it was a done deal. No one mentioned victims like my mother who was "followed" and intimidated out of testifying, therefore one questions how many other victims did not come forward as well as was their motive for victim witness intimidation monetary or to keep experimentees quiet to continue black projects and programs involving these experimentees?

As long as documents were destroyed by Helms there is missing evidence, so no one can justly claim we are incorrect in our claims. Just becuz Clinton says so? What did he read the destroyed files or something?

This is the mess that occurs when things belong in court rooms or tribunals and they get quietly kept down in mikkeymoused Committees etc.

What legal point of reference do I or anyone else have now to use to show cause?

And this committee is a sure sign of most of the world wanting to move on and leave these injustices and their victims behind.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ok they opened a room for us and we r watching webcast quietly.

Its.good to see other TIs. I for too long have been isolated and my blogs reflect.that with paranoia, beligerance, frustration and tough talk all born of my being very burnt out, isolated and seeming to be making no headway.

Many people only know me by my first video. They say it helped them. What makes me.sad is that none of my later work seems as popular or used by TIs, for me it indicates that last point in my life where I was young, strong and confident in my talents, is the only piece of work anyone knows about. It reinforces the feeling I am akin to the living dead, a has been and my best years taken by this system.

When u aren't allowed to grow as a person or excel, as a TI u can fall.into an ego trap becuz its the only thing u do, becuz its so selfless no human being can b work that hard and neglect their personal life and stay balanced.

Just look at the way many of us live.
The people who work for the hotel need to stop thinking this is a joke becuz Manhattan has more money than god. They have been.consistent in being rude and their style of speaking to us has.been that of prison employees or persons who mind children. The Warwick Hotel is being paid by the taxpayers for this event.and we are being.kept out due to some bs about only a capacity of 75. Gee the fire marshalls usually over max clubs so horrors like that RI occur, but not to make standing room along the walls for people who travelled many states to attend.

I smell bs. And the tubby hotel worker huddling with the barbie doll who spoke in third person about hair washing in the bathroom along with the retired cop security guard couldn't be more obvious snickering and discussing the situation up here.

I guess victims of money talks, bullshit walks are amusing to people who live in an area of the world that knows nothing but money and power drown out humanity.

"We have a corporate group coming in and we dont want you sitting on the floor."
We have to to hear a webcast on this womans netbook of the meeting.

Made It

I put name on list to testify but according to another TI there is "an African American man with a pre made list who claims we are only going by this list". She was confused as to why we would sign in to speak yet there is already a list.

Observant woman. Its called either miscommunication, operatives controlling who gets seen and heard as testimony or intel collection. Take my info go for it. And Ill be at the next one too, more prepared.

I already got busted by some YUPie sensibilities about washing my hair in bathroom. I had to wash up wtf? FUNNY vid, post later.

In NY Yesterday

Ok I made it. But due to a change in travel plans I had to keep my ride awake so walked around with hardly any sleep yesterday. Im used to this, from traveling and other activities years ago. As usual I went into denail about how many perps and gs activity there was going to be.

I kept getting lost becuz due to the brain wreckage from mycotoxin exposure and years of gs stress, I can no longer internalize maps or use a photographic memory to recall things visually. I just went by feel and wandering in circles.

Even on the train up here a very spy looking perp gave this indication of.what I was in for with this attitude and look like its so sad that they have to wreck me.again but hey, I insist on coming back into their city.
Arrogance as usual.

I sense that Manhattan is flooded with perps who seem to specialize in a consistent stream of subtle bs on a Target, making them.generally uncomfortable. When the security changed shifts at the bus pass place it was a perp who had come in. He and the outer door security pulled a subtle but overt bonding tactic making the TI feel they are being focused on becuz they are 'dangerous'. This is old hat by now but it let me know the shit was start from here. I had just put my name on official city paper into system so of.course the system let's their dogs out. U can always catch the old guys cuz they r slow now, looking at the other perp when they think you've left. Like 'mission accomplished'. These people really do act like spies, or a cult bonded over their little secret and the power it brings in society.

The rest of the day was hip dressed YUPpie/hipster black males off and looking at me like they hated me and I really shouldn't be prolonging my.death like this. U could sense how much they hated me. I gave a short sentence about how COINTELPRO never left, that's what they are about, the houseslaves have assisted their counterparts in destroying the country and, congratulations you've arrived-you are now as bad as oppressive whites.

Everyone ignored this, they had to, becuz they know its true and becuz it was articulate.
I am still shocked by the amount of blacks from all classes who if my situation is perfectly normal in life and this is my natural status in in.this society. Only a culture that's been constantly enslaved for thousands of years by different cultures including their own.African counter parts could percieve a state of enslavement as 'normal' and be blade about it. Their complacency in slavery and oppressive conditions is the number one frightening trait of a majority of African desended cultures. And its the number one reason poor and middle class white culture has been co opted and made invisible by African American culture. The elite don't forget the historical behaviors of the underclass from history. Their blase attitude over injustice as part of life without fighting it is truly scary. It makes something very base and very ancient in my cry out for survival and to rail against this trait. Perhaps they just believe this is the norm for a lower class white. Whatever their perception, I found in Manhattan that the African Americans here usually believe their opinions and creepy old folk logic and sensibility fused with modern life, actually matters to society or cultures outside their own. Snobbery, when coming from African Americans is one of the greatest comedy pieces in existence on this planet.

That aside, a slightly South American looking kid.did the wallet checking thing in a gs manner and had a skiff smirk.

I finished the day with only telling off one lowly train employee and that kid with the wallet tactic and perhaps a few mumblings of slurs here and there later in the day. I went to Washington Heights by accident and liked it much better. It looked like what NY used to be, I didn't want to go back to Manhattan.

I didn't get anything that yesterday of course so let's see.what I can.finagle.

Monday, May 16, 2011

American Free Press Article On Bioethics Commission Omissions

Lets hope this doesnt keep occurring...

Time To Get Down In NYC

I just slipped and said I was going to NY in front of staff. Probably on the phone to their little buddies. I often wonder if my mother is still in on this. If these jerks inform her of my whereabouts even now.

She's definately been a stalker all my life. She used to brag that I was always being watched and that "I always knew where you were". And she proved it by actually telling me correct information about my activities at certain times. Who does this arrogant b*tch think she is? She really gets off in sick control games. Hey what do you expect from someone coming from a pedophile family who never faced off her abusers effectively and broke away from them? She's got to scale goat, displace and project onto someone. And its unbelievable she seems to have a massive network helping her. She really is as "sick" as Ghepetti said she was. I wonder if she knows I am again going to risk my safety health to accomplish what she didn't have the balls to di in 1995- face off this system and slay the beast. Again I can take the risks necesary to win and she prefers to lie, decieve and blame others and form a world of illusion where she can feel.she has power.

This is why its so important to ignore me, make me out to be a bad person or discredit me. Making her appear as an authority on me and over me helps protect the abusive system that seems to support her. Or that she seems to have turned to after they beat her down enough.

I ain't afraid to live in the street at 50 and die there.

As long as I have attempted to win is all that matters.

My mother thinks she won this game by NOT going to testify and keeping up appearances. So why did the gs perps in 2005 or so intimate she took some kind of payoff? You didn't win, you got tired and sold out.

A gun in the mouth and a blood splattered note are preferable ends compared to that nonsense. Oh and a pyre. Can't let anyone get the last word by leaving a body, like my controlling family for instance. She used to intimidate me with the idea that I would die first and she was going to have me buried in the family plot against my wishes of creamation. It was just another way of holding someone down and raping them, just like was done to her except she never used sex. But all her abuses had this creepy sexual effect to them. Now that I know bettter it really makes me want to vomit.

But I know that she was also never allowed to heal by this system and that her abuse was more severe than mine. All that matters is that the US military and other state actors think they can just do as they please and experiment on their own people. Whoever does the high level programming, or whoever comes after survivors believes they have the right to destroy us and create lobotomized zombies out of bright, youthful, attractive and talented Survivors. They really are threatened by anyone being BORN with elite qualities that doesn't fit into the same tax bracket.

See you in NY you pieces of human garbage.

And don't think I ain't ready for other TIs to ignore me, be mean to me or try to lush me out becuz I am ready for all of it.