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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Vote For Romney: Becuz Obama's Got Em Fooled And Sleeping Safely In His Arms. Elect The Crazier Guy- Cause Public Outcry and Riots Like During Bush. Wake The Public Up, Make Them Remember

It seems no matter who we vote for in the next election the country will further be turned into an oppressive dictatorship.

However, after looking at the past and the two candidates I now have come to the conclusion that ROMNEY IS ACTUALLY LESS DANGEROUS THAN OBAMA.

Why is this? Becuz due to Obama being the ultimate deception, he can pull off doing things a white male in power could never get away with without major rioting. His style is smooth and he keeps playing the underdog race card all throughout his presidency, so that no one sees he is just continuing what was started with Bush in office. And dont whine racism becuz many a 'black' person has said this outright: "That man is juss tellin people what they wanna hear!".  If they spot his con, why shouldnt I?

Somehow in the USA the Democrats and Left and Liberals are seen as underdogs. In blue states they truly believe them  much better for society especially in academia. This area, Cambridge and Boston actually believe everything Obama and the afore mentioned groups, do, say or want passed are great things. They never look deeper, never question.


Liberals and Democrats have changed very much since I was young. Many of them now are of a mindset of reform, using the excuse of now seeing the 70's welfare programs (where  a person like me comes from and grew up in) as resulting in 'dependency' as a reason to reform someone like me. This is just one of the excuses I have heard from gang stalking perpetrators along the way in these many years of being targeted.

The people who believe in Liberalism, and Democratic politics have changed. They are now some of the most brainwashed, dumb, careless, morally lacking and dangerous people to exist now in the US. Becuz there isnt really a truly socially acceptable alternative society, like civil rights or women's rights, there's just PC, Diversity etc.
Its becuz unlike the 70s they have stopped mistrusting the government. They are now foolish enough to believe that Obama is the grand conquest of some 60's Dem/Liberal ideal of equal rights, etc.
They are so obsessed with fighting thier opposing parties and ideologies that they have ceased to concentrate on the people, policies and truly being Liberal.

What I find in this area now are Liberal Elites. Always remember that these people are ELITES first and foremost before anything else.

Cambridge residents bitch and  moan about he cops being racist or sexist yet when a female incompetent gets into office of mayor they whine. The fact a mayor got in at all with the views she has on poor people being so negative is not what Liberal or Dem used to mean anyway.
But the Liberals and the Democrats now are some sort of weird creature I dont recognize. They seem to be of a mindset that only poor people who are minorities are acceptable poor people. And they surely believe in PC and Diversity- as long as the blacks, gays or whatever are OF THIER CLASS to be socially acceptable. They seem to have a less tolerant view of poor EuroAmericans, whereas down south, this is much more accepted as normal. Liberal, huh?
Perhaps there is the strong hold of the 'regular guy' culture here- the union guys the rough working class-construction, tradesmen etc. They always have this idea when they see a poor EuroAmerican that the person could be doing better- becuz THEY did so. They never think about political oppression or crime. Thats becuz they dont want to reveal the source of their true power in the northeast and other areas.  Their power depends at its roots on Irish and Italian organized crime connections, the cops and unions. I dont know what thier political reasons are for voting Democrat but when you look at the corruption that is involved in them coming to power in the northeast as I just wrote, one has to wonder if they vote Dem just to keep such corrupt entities IN POWER thus ensuring thier station in this area of the country.
I believe the elite and thier house slaves know that middle class whites here naturally target and loathe lower class whites and use this to further oppress them (us). Any one of us out here will attest to the old black drunk or crackhead, usually male, making large amounts of money panhandling while healthy looking whites make alot less and in my case- a white female who looks healthy and who obviously isnt a 20  year old kid- gets hardly ANY money compared to the junkies, drunks and blacks. 
The population here lives in denial to survive how oppressive and corrupt power is here. They NEVER think of me as a targeted dissident or political prisoner or fighting oppression. BECUZ THEN THEY WOULD HAVE TO ADMIT THIER BLUE STATE ISNT SO PERFECT AND IS AS FUCKED AS TEXAS'S OIL MONEY OR CORPORATE CULTURE, or all that money down south from slavery etc.

Democrats here have become very persnickety about defining themselves. They are for the corrupt set up that makes this area powerful, minorities (who will cooperate with them so one hand can wash the other) and anyone who is of an upper class who is Diverse, 'regular guys' working class. I notice though this area has become over run with YUPpies and people who seem very uptight, not political, not rebellious and generally conformist. Not the seat of the American Revolution I remember growing up really. They dont like the homeless much anymore nor poor whites, unless of course you are from a neighborhood and have 'people' like Southie..oh wait. That would be organized crime again. Which they flood with drug cops...who somehow still cant keep the drugs out...who I see shaking hands with the Irish Mob ticket scalpers at Red Sox games. How can you pump Homeland money into an area that is this corrupt like Boston and NYC and realistically claim we are safer?  Why would anyone put money into NYC being as connected to the mafia as they are?? Becuz the public was frightened and intimidated into doing so.

They no longer truly stand for the poor. All they do nowadays is provide enough social programs so the poor dont rob them or thier houses and these stupid poor people suck up to them and thier oppressive system, and will also be thier house slaves.

Like I said they bitch about the cops being racist-yet its these racist cops that keep some of the worst most arrogant minorities in ghettos mere miles away from overtaking their neighborhoods. AND THEY KNOW THIS AND WANT IT THIS WAY.

The Elite Liberals use Democratic politics to simply push thier own elite agendas. If Harvard and MIT are involved, then the military industrial complex is involved- how is that Democratic?  Well, Israel will make out pretty well. That is a popular selling point here.

People associate the military with areas like the southwest and TX and Republicanism or Conservative views. THIS IS WHY ITS SO IMPORTANT TO DECEIVE THE PUBLIC BY CLOAKING HOW MUCH OF THE POWER OF THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX IS HERE IN THE NORTHEAST by thrusting forward images of Children's Hospital, Catholicism, elite colleges etc. All bullshit images of what Boston is about.

This is the secret of the Democrats. I am from this area of the country and I know. I have traveled. I have found that both systems of poltics have thier drawbacks. Actually what the problem is for many Americans now that they dont understand is that neither party is for the people any longer. They are both working for the elite.
The Republicans may seem to represent the military but the Democrats if you notice are strong in areas that represent the sciences and academia. Many of these areas are deemed Blue States.  And many of these areas are strong  holds of academia that is part of the military industrial complex.


And African Americans who are still tried and true freedom fighters are either ignored, targeted or run out of the country. African Americans communities seem now only interested in moving forward and gaining worldly power. They also have served as house slaves, spies etc in this country for centuries and thier role of working for the massa, now the elite, has not changed.

Yet, the image of the struggling, oppressed black  man is what Obama uses to pull off the same agenda as Bush. In fact I would rather have Bush in office becuz by now I would eithe be dead from torment, torture and violence or I would be strong again from BEING ABLE TO SEE MY ENEMY CLEARLY.

Neo Cons are insane yes. Anyone who promotes Christianity in politics is insane and shouldnt be president or in power.  Republicans used to be a different sort of creature as well.


I dont recall Ford being a cult leader. I recall him being a man of power in the office of the presidency of the United States. Just a man- not an anti-christ, not a savior or a god. Just a man. As Kennedy was just a man. As Carter, Nixon even Reagan. 
With 9-11 this country seems to have entered a phase of mass cult mind control and they dont even understand that. Fear mongering is used to keep them in line and throughout this, mass mind control has been implemented specifically in cities that are key to power and control in the USA such as Cambridge MA etc.


The only reason I am not dead is becuz for some reason, the people in power who decide to off dissidents like myself seem to find killing women outright distasteful. They seem to prefer to reform us instead whereas I notice they will just off the men. Also there seems to be some faction protecting me that doesnt take kindly to the notion either. It might also be people I used to know in power or my family..I dont know. It could purely be that I was very attractive and males in power though sadistic, cant stand to see that kind of beauty wasted. They would rather force someone like me into being a Christian or even the more sadistic factions tried to force me into sexual slavery once and for all, which also shows that females are considered useful to this shadow system after being put through re-education.

However, I dont find living through years of brain damage, health damage, harassment, and destruction of my talents and intelligence to be any kind of  life. DURING OBAMA I HAVE BEEN PUT THROUGH MORE TORTURE, TORMENT AND SUFFERING THAN I EVER WAS THROUGH BUSH. Becuz deception, keeping me down and behavior modification for re-education is worse than trying to destroy someone outright with evil.

At least I was familiar with what was being done to me during Bush. Being a RA Survivor the Satanic content was familiar and I could deal with it better. Whatever the hell has been done to me over the past four years has been worse than those eight years ever were.

Becuz Bush was like a fire burning me up- Obama is like being drowned in water for four years. Everything is hazy-a deception. Everything is about getting back to work, forgetting the past, looking forward, putting aside injustices, being pushed to focus on making money only or getting a job or attending UMASS.

Id rather fight for my life than to fight against a hazy deception everyday. Its been like waking up every day to fighting a fog you cant see through, hazy, wind keeping you from walking where you want to go, light to medium rain keeping you just wet enough to be uncomfortable.

Obama must NOT win the next election. He is a part of the cult mind control program or operation put into place since Bush, that keeps people in a state of being only half awake so that they can be controlled. NOTICE THE POLICIES HE IS PUTTING IN PLACE ARE ONES TO KEEP CONTROL WHERE CONTROL HAS BEEN ESTABLISHED BY WHAT BUSH DID.

He is not going to be any 'better' than Bush or even Romney.

This is the danger of the Democratic and Liberal. Kennedy was no god or saint. He came from organized crime money and for some reason then turned against them. He was only portrayed as pure becuz this is a Catholic deception, used frequently in Boston actually, to cover up for corrupt reality.

If Romney gets in he will be so extreme that people will rebel like Bush.

There is something about the Neo Cons that is clear and firey. Solid like rock. Yes its clearly oppressive- CLEARLY...are you getting it now?

I think all anyone wanted during Bush was for him to get out and take his terrorizing and mocking the public with him. And obviously, Obama was put in our paths on purpose.

For those of us who suffered severe injustice during Bush and had our lives ruined, there will never be any rest or any sort of life until Bush is seen as a war criminal and the crimes against humanity COVERT and otherwise are revealed and validated and exposed to the public.

The attitude of those in charge is that someone like me, and everyone for that matter has a choice- you have limited choices they put before you about what realities you can choose from in this NWO. However none of these are TRULY REALITY. This means none of these are acceptable to choose.

Which means any of us out here who are still interested in not giving into the system, life long if necessary until it admits to what its done to the country and its people, have to refuse to choose any of the options put before us by authorities.

Infowars reported about re-education camps being possibly created in the USA.

 As usual they use real info to hide the truth. THERE ARE ALREADY RE-EDUCATION PROGRAMS IN THE U.S.A. THEY ARE COVERT AND ARE BEING PUT FORTH BY WHAT APPEARS TO BE MILITARY PSY OPS AND/OR INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES OR PRIVATE CONTRACTORS. THEY UTILIZE CHEMICALS AND TECHNOLOGIES THAT HAVE ROOTS IN THE MK ULTRA HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION as well as utlize psychic warriors. If you dont believe me just look up Cheney's involvement in utlizing psychic warriors to help with these efforts to push through the NWO and his own agenda.
( I havent seen anywhere that InfoWars really puts forth how intricate a part of all this is mind control slaves, programmed people and RA survivors or that MK Ultra is connected to whats going on now with mass mind control. They touch upon these subjects just as they allude to or shortly mention gang stalking or citizen surveillance. This is an article from InfoWars that is typical of just touching on whats overt or mid level, not the more sophisticated material of whats really going on out here:

Those of us victimized by America in this way are supposed to be ignored for telling the truth or perceived as mentally ill. We are harassed into behaving negatively so we can be discredited and add to that perception. Those of us who survived Bush and did not fall for murder plots or were protected from them, and did not commit suicide have been kept prisoners of this system and during Obama put into RE EDUCATION PROGRAMS.

And I can tell you from experience they definitely want to cause the Targets of these programs to change thier views and sympathize with the government or military etc.

The police locally trying to get me to go talk to someone about my being targeted locally is one such action that is part of the entire re education program. Work with the authority  not against it.
Recall also that in the MK Ultra unclassified documents I posted recently it clearly states that local police departments have people in them that are always at the ready to handle a Target in relation to these black operation connected to classified projects. THERE IS NO REASON FOR THEM TO HAVE STOPPED THIS PRACTICE YEARS LATER. BECUZ DURING THE COMMITTEE HEARINGS IT WAS NEVER ADMITTED TO HOW FAR REACHING THESE PROGRAMS WERE. DOCUMENTS WERE DESTROYED BY CIA HEAD IN THE 70S. THEREFORE IF PEOPLE ARE CLAIMING THE EXPERIMENTATION CONTINUES THEN WHY WOULDNT POLICE AND OTHERS INVOLVEMENT IN IT CONTINUE?

This is why First Responders are involved in the gang stalking of Targeted Survivors (people connected to RA or MK Ultra/mind control projects of CIA/military).

All they have done is denied these classified projects were as extensive as they were then continued them covertly anyway. Then when 9-11 occurred they used this cover to intensify and further their activities. Those in authority especially people connected to Homeland Security like city workers, public transit, First Responders, medical workers etc- are all simply doing what they were documented to have been doing during the MK Ultra experimentation that WAS admited to and where documents were de classified. THIS IS WHY ITS IMPORTANT TO KEEP MARKETING MK ULTRA AS HALF REAL CONSPIRACY TO THE PUBLIC BECUZ THEN THEY WONT SEEK OUT ACTUAL GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS THAT PLAINLY SHOW THE ACTIVITY WAS AS EXTENSIVE, ILLEGAL AND COVERT AND DAMAGING AS CLAIMED BY EXPERIMENTEES.

Its so obvious that they have continued the experimentation simply by claiming its over now and shutting the book on it. Its also obvious that the powers that be have taken those findings along with alot of other material and have made what was outlined in the MINDWAR paper a reality- mass mind control using chemicals and technologies.

My mother is a documented radiation experimentee connected to MK Ultra and her parents were both US Marines at the time of her being a radiation experimentee. I have SELF RECOVERED memories of SRA, programming and being used as a recorder of documented information using my mind/eyes/ ears as recording devices as well as being brought to airplane hangers as a young child. When I was covertly filmed in my apartment recalling a diplomat from my early childhood I signed my death warrant or at least to be a life long Target. I was told this, and distinctly that is was this memory, that was one of the major reasons I am targeted and discredited.

My mother used to brag about dating a diplomats son. I also have slight memories of either soft kiddie porn or being brought to escort calls with my mother's sister.  This would explain why I am considered from a bad family and its been attempted to return me to sex work throughout my campaign. Boston police are notoriously sexist and have managed the worst crime society for centuries. This area is notoriously puritanical and status/hierarchy conscious so it stands to reason that the arrogant sons of bitches on the force here along with thier brothers (in some families, literally brothers), the organized crime syndicates, would consider me 'trash' who's life's script should be to serve in the sex industry.  (fuk boston by the way).

Mitt Romney is insane. Mitt Romney is a Morman cultie. Mitt Romney is probably programmed.

However, I have seen in interviews that this man has a genuine streak of decency in him and an urge to do the right things, even though he is out of touch with the poor and common man. I dont see that in Obama.

Yes, the Mormons have obvious designs on mass mind control. Yes, I have experienced creepy small towns out  in Utah where, there is definitely something going on and something wrong with the town and its people.
There are alot of RA Survivors from the LDS Church (Mormons).

What kind of church did Obama belong to? One that was racist and had a preacher who was loud, obnoxious and made a great cult leader- if only he wasnt so obviously an idiot.  Why would an intelligent man from Harvard University attend such a church? 
Becuz he's got hidden vendettas. Becuz he has hidden agendas, for himself and the African American people as well as Africa itself. 

The Democratic party is no longer representing poor EuroAmericans nor is it representing anyone poor who is intelligent and rebellious enough to NOT want to go along with the NWO. It supports the poor and EuroAmerican folk who are dumb enough to fall into the deception and go along with anything  any Democratic candidate puts forth just becuz he IS a Democrat.

Ive written before that the public are being kept in the 20th century with old ways while the elite function from the 21st century reality.  Elections are a joke. Parties are a joke. Especially the caricatures that are now made up to represent the two main American parties.

The corporate and military and intelligence- the elite, keep these plays running so the public believe they have choice or that the world hasnt changed that much from pre 9-11. But it has. In ways that the public does not want to realize and isnt even given the chance to  know about.

During Bush alot of people in his party and ideology such as media people on TV were smirking and very amused at the scam he was pulling off. This I can stand. But Obama is serious about interfering in people's lives- managing people. Re-educating people. Not just swindling them or screwing them over, like a Texas oil boy who pulled a fast one and rustled some of your cattle, partially using the style of the East Coast elite he hails from, but adding the insult of making them at peace with being swindled, robbed, cheated, dominated. Demanding they be part of a peaceful world where you arent allowed to protest or even feel angry.  Obama is more of a mother hen. A dangerous one. One that wants to do the elite's bidding and change the world forever. He, if anyone, seems to be bringing into being the nightmare promised by elder Bush in his New World Order speech.

If anything, younger Bush gave us freedom- his style was to piss you off to your face and challenge you to fight back. To mock you, to tell you the truth about what was going on while swindling you. Its almost as if some part of him, ruled and hurt by his sneaky, skinny, smooth operating father and his overbearing mother rebelled against the entire thing while still doing what he was programmed to do, probably from infancy.

Obama is actually ALOT LIKE THE ELDER BUSH by comparison. He's sneaky, his wife is overbearing and speaks for him frequently in interviews, he possesses a Beta Male physique which makes women trust him and REAL women like me totally distrust him, he's probably got issues from being picked on for his size, wimp factor and goofy looks as well as where he comes from. He obviously has race issues.

I do wish for the world as it was before Bush the younger but if not, I wish for the time of Bush the younger for eternity. Becuz then I could be living in hellfire, fighting valiantly against an enemy of epic proportions-one that faced me directly and at least gave me that much respect- instead of  having me existing in a wet fog, breathing water, hardly alive, being treated like a child who needs to be taught how to act by a black male who hates whites and is obviously sexist. (probably issues relating to a white mother.) 

The president is black. The laison to the White House from the Pentagon is a black female. The head of the Temple of Set formerly Michael Aquino is now a black woman.
(It seems one of history's insane men of infamy- Charles Manson, was right about a plot by certain factions to utilize the blacks to take over the world or at least subdue it. Thats becuz many of Charlie's children in his cult were former Church Of Satan members. And that murder of Sharon Tate was very ritualistic. There were Satanic symbols on the walls in blood. Tate was married to Roman Polansky- a film director who is a notorious pedophile. Either Polansky made a blood sacrifice with his beautiful wife and unborn child or he pissed someone off, badly. The circumstances around Manson were akin to that of every cult leader with covert CIA ties or contacts. His women  tell a story of things going on that are present in every tale relating to SRA, the military, the CIA and the Black Masonry mistakenly called Illuminati. In fact, his killers and his cult remind one of the Jim Jones cult. Also an experiment in seeing if you could create killers with mind control. If you could make groups of people turn against one another, or society. Much like what the public is being turned into now against anyone who the authorities tell them is their enemy.

In fact one might theorize that those experiements were part of a grand plan to form a 1984ish society where the public are cult mind controlled and have a ritualistic existence where they laugh and mock activists who are plainly speaking the truth about whats going on, making common sense, just as in the movie. JUST AS OUR SOCIETY HAS BECOME.
Charles Manson is of interest becuz like every one connected to these mysteries, he has something about him that nudges he is an innocent victim-somewhere along the line. Somehow. The system made the monster but its not just that. Its that some of his theories are plausible, though unbelievable. Just as the content of many of his women's claims about what went on are unbelievable- just as everything is connected to the COS, RA and military classified projects. Believe it.)

I trust Bush becuz I could hate during Bush. The attempts at trying to take away my hate and fire and turn me docile during Obama are a worse crime than any before his administration. I hate who I am now, who I've become during Obama. A cold, half dead fish, swimming through very polluted waters, always running into reflections that are deceptions, forever swimming aimlessly caught in a tank with the only way out would be to choose the way demanded by my captors. Instead of the shark I could be during Bush or the dolphin I was when I had victories-great heights, leaps, jumps.

Obama brings to us the perpetuation of a slave mentality. I dont care how rich he is,  how powerful, how mixed or Liberal. The African American race has never been able to become free of being a house slave for the ruling authority and power. Now that role is being played by blacks more than ever before as they take advantage of past civil rights victories only to become strong, educated and competent enough to be an operational part of the elite's oppressive society.

Hillary Clinton obviously wasnt any better of a choice.

 The fact is that no candidate would be allowed near the presidency that wasn't going to fulfill the agenda and kiss the asses of the military industrial complex, the intelligence communities and corporations. If you recall those were the two powerhouses behind MK Ultra.In cooperation with academia of course.
Ive also noted that part of the behavior modification and re-education during Obama is to force Targets to become more compliant with corporate culture and consumerism. In very blatant ways.

Its America and its intelligence, military, private sector and academia - which is who rules this country now, most of all through mass mind control- that is not right for many of us now. There will never be a candidate that will fix what has happened to this country.

Recently I have been being hit with material that stresses that my life and health are permanently ruined and I can never regain these things.

In fact I recently went to someone's house while traveling (who I should not have trusted and did so due to my traveling companion distracting my usual sense of warning)  in Seabrook NH close to the nuclear power facility. I was exposed to something that gave me respitory symptoms and heart palpitations there and weeks afterwards. I now have chest pains and heaviness and it seems to depend on if I eat high fat foods. Whatever I was exposed to it took weeks to get rid of- our clothes, back packs etc- and it has done damage to my heart or accelerated some condition I may have had to begin with. I dont know if it was connected to the nuclear power plant or high levels of radon recorded in households in Seabrook or a substance/illness put there on purpose.
In fact, it seems that the owner of the house was going to have to vacate on not paying to the bank. Magically at the end of our visit of almost two weeks and my getting sick being exposed to whatever this was, he did not have to vacate after all.
And I now realize I was treated like a Target by these people. I now realize that their entire ploy might have been to keep us there for the time it took for me to get exposed.

The general public who hate me or misunderstand my situation dont know this. BUT THE PERPS AND GS SYSTEM DOES. As the public keeps hating the Target for cover stories, the GS system goes about doing very nasty, real damage to the person which the public doesnt even see nor think about.

I am now trying to stay in this area for tests in Oct for my health, including the internal bleeding over past year. I will try to get my heart looked at. However, the situation here has become so unlivable (the tech being used to harass me, the gang stalking, my traveling companion I have discovered, a pedophile who is homeless due to being caught downloading kiddie porn so probably in on the campaign for his own purposes to get out of trouble possibly) that I want to leave and not stay for health reasons.
Due to either GS or cover stories I am regularly disrespected in this area and made to feel badly constantly. The local idiots think they and the cops really got away with something by destroying my life becuz they are too stupid to understand its a cover story. Which is why this area of the country is dangerous- the commoners, regular guy working class hero idiots and organized crime shitheads who think they are bad asses when in fact often they are being used as pawns for sophisticated operations involving the military, intelligence agencies and many times involving elite institutions like Harvard and MIT etc.

I have also realized that this area of the country while being so saturated in health care and medical colleges promotes a fairly unhealthy lifestyle. And of course this is on purpose. Every time I come back here I get sick, fat, depressed etc. From what I have experienced this area is kept sick so that the teaching hospitals can do research, have patients and make money. I notice there are a disproportionate amount of crazies walking the streets in the northeast. Yet some of the most brilliant minds come out of this area.

I am in one of the worst areas for 'black' or dark Masonry, the Catholic Church occult/crime syndicate as well as worldly power connected to the elite who run the country if not the world.
Also I am in the country who is at the head of running the world into the ground.

It might be better to leave sick and escape to another country than to stay here. Every day I stay here that ISN'T a Sunday or holiday I am bombarded with behavior modification that is part of said re education program. 

And recently the sentiment is that my time is over, I am aged, sick etc and that I should face this, give in and give up and conform. That I should forget about what happened. That I don't matter anymore. That no one is interested in me. That I am considered old news or forgotten.

This is what I mean about Obama's presidency- ITS ALWAYS ABOUT A DROWNING EFFECT. ITS ALWAYS ABOUT MUTING, SILENCING, QUIETING, HIDING AWAY A PERSON. PUTTING THEM OUT TO PASTEUR. Its so fucking insulting. And I am sick of it. I'd rather be killed outright in a more direct face off of powers.

All throughout this ordeal I have had one goal and that is to take documentation and write a book about what has happened. As far as I am concerned that is what I have continued to do UNINTERRUPTED. Unwavering in my dedication. Fuck outside forces or what any mere mortal thinks.

And I know I am being manipulated during the hours of active targeting in locations like this heavy in remote influence and gs and use of chemicals for mind control.  (just as I wrote that, the influence that has been plaguing me here at MIT in the library has ceased- and so has my memory of what I was going to write next. For Survivors, the control IS that advanced now. The system can shut you off mentally from flow of thoughts in a snap. This is usually only possible in this area Ive experienced. Which is why I have no business even being here at all.)

I guess I was going to write about how I am manipulated to NOT do the things I have been working on above- but dont remember now. Interestingly, it seems they are afraid of my recounting what I experienced here during Bush concerning the use of chemicals to control the public. Ive seen an entire bus fall asleep using what I know was chemicals through the vents. I personally have been sprayed with things by perps, some of which were mild psychedelics which seems to make the mind more receptive to the hypnotic suggestion put out by the technologies. Ive also been sprayed with a chemical throughout my visits to this area especially Central Sq Cambridge and Kenmore Sq Boston- that smells a bit musty. Ive learned to block my nose when I smell it. It has been used on me as a Target consistently throughout. IT SEEMS TO DUMB DOWN THE MIND. IT SEEMS TO MAKE THINKING CLEARLY IMPOSSIBLE. AS IF HIGHER THOUGHT PROCESSES ARE BLOCKED AND ONLY SIMPLE, FRONTAL OR LOWER THOUGHT PROCESSES ARE POSSIBLE. I certainly feel 'dumbed down' when I experience this. And often you cant escape the effects totally nor are you ready for a sneak attack all the time.

It usually comes from passers by. As the spraying did during Bush but then I could clearly see they had small spray bottles there put back in purses or whatever. I see no such obvious means of delivery now. It could be delivered in more ingenious ways knowing intelligence services and the way they think and operate.
Ive also smelled this same scent in the subways and in buildings.
Its obviously not just chemtrails they are using.

In MINDWAR, that general as well as Aquino claim to not want to use such methods as the CIA used, such as chemicals for mind control or psy ops due to finding them distasteful it seems. Well, then, it must be a joint effort out in public spaces now to enslave humanity becuz I have experienced the public being exposed to what seems like mind control chemicals and experimentation on such things during Bush...chem trails are claimed by other activists who work on that. I never got into that subject matter. Dont have time.

Obama is just going to put forth more NWO imprisonment. And if there are terrorists from the Middle East then there are forces with NWO interests who have funded them, trained them maybe even PROGRAMMED THEM to be effective at what they are doing.

The war is not with the terrorists they are serving up in front of us its with an elite who are using covert methods to literally enslave mankind. Its bad enough that many of us experienced being forced to vote Republican for Bush's second term, obviously the use of mind control tech  or some psychic influence (Cheney's goat staring jerks? btw you are total traitors to the world of magick, mysticism and shamanism. I hate you. You probably arent really psychic by bloodline are you? You are manufactured by the technomancer's technologies. You are fakes. Your only hope is to control and destroy the natural, real psychics who have true power on the natural earth. Good luck with that, fakes. If you arent fake you are a tool of the oppressor and a traitor to Nature's design. I hate your very existence.)

Now the entire mind control system is in place. Obama will provide a good illusion that we are safe, warm and fuzzy in the arms of a trusted black mammy like himself.  Romney will bring back the insanity of Neo Cons and his Mormon programming to the presidency-forever legitimizing a cult that is very dangerous and from what I have seen in the southwest- very in with the military involving mind control.  

There is no choice in 2012. Its time to realize that there is NO SAFE PLACE left in the USA, unless you are rich enough or healthy enough to live in an isolated location which many of us are not.

These bastards will continue to break down dissidents like me and make us more and more dependent on the system that only seeks to control us.

I say break away completely. Give up any public assistance you are getting. Fuck thier health care system becuz if you are like me, THEY HARASS YOU SO YOU CANT GET HEALTH CARE ANYWAY OR TARGET YOU SO HARD WHEN YOU DO HAVE APPOINTMENTS THAT YOU CANCEL THEM.

The doctors around here that dont outright harm me with harassment and abuse just do the minimum and usually arent telling me whats really going on health wise. I cant take vitamins since the Bactrim gave me life threatening allergies and I dont eat many foods anymore. I feel weak and my body has weakened considerably since 2009 over time. THEY TELL ME HOWEVER IN TESTS THAT I HAVE NO VITAMIN OR MINERAL DEFICIENCIES.

I feel something pulling at my liver. They suspect scarring might be beginning. My digestive system is off and I have internal bleeding over past year twice: THEY TELL ME ALL MY LIVER TESTS ARE NORMAL AND NOTHING IS WRONG.

I dont believe a word of this. I also believe that after doing these tests in October they will tell me nothing is wrong once again.

And the longer I stay here the weaker and sicker I get and longer I am being exposed to the re education/behavior modification program.

For these bastards who have been part of destroying me for years now, its just a waiting game as far as they are concerned.

I am still being prompted to get a lawyer. But as long as I stay in Cambridge and Boston I am so unable to function that I cannot do so. NO MATTER WHERE I GO IN EVERY MAJOR CITY I CANT FUNCTION.

Why bother with elections? Why even debate candidates?

And I am sick of the public floating around acting as if nothing is wrong when this domestic war is still going on. The worst part of it is the Obama style modification that is prompting me to join society, to leave well enough alone, to give up, to go to the feds or cops and cooperate with authority and kiss up to them for help (what help? THEY ARE THE OPPRESSORS, duh.)  Until recently I was being left alone to travel and to at least write my book. Why this now?

No matter what health issues I have to take care of, staying in one place or getting housed isnt the answer. I will NEVER be able to get the freedom or lifestyle I want. Its always being pushed that I give in and give up due to health issues but I am basically given the ultimatum that the life I settle into will never be of my own Willful creation or choosing.

So I fought during Bush this hard so I could settle into Obama's musty, humid, dark, foggy prison cell in some basement somewhere? Becuz that is what this reminds me of.


I dont care if my heart clogs up tomorrow. I KNOW heart disease is in my family and I KNOW THEY DID TOO which is why I have been treated this way for so long. In St Louis Ive documented actually having my heart and chest area hit with tech or weapons as to cause my ribs around the area to be sore. And if it wasnt for Co-Q10 and other herbs this would have manifested sooner.

Well, I dont take the herbs due to allergic reactions for three years as well as other illness and exposures making it worse and voila! The heart disease that runs in my family can magically manifest and IT CAN ALL BY MADE TO LOOK AS IF ITS NATURALLY OCCURRING. BECUZ OF COURSE MY CLAIMS OF BEING HIT WITH MICROWAVE WEAPONS AS WELL AS CONSTANTLY EXPOSED TO THINGS TO MAKE ME SICK AND DESTROY MY HEALTH OVER TIME ARE SUPPOSED TO BE A NATURAL EXPRESSION OF THE SCHIZOPHRENIA FROM MY FATHER'S FAMILY.

These f*ckers think they have this all  mapped out. They've gotten rid of many dissidents over many years time using these methods in many areas of the world.  It always works becuz the sheep are complacent and asleep and the scum are compliant to get for themselves.

You can all go fuck yourselves. You can drop dead. Finding a lawyer isnt going to do me any good. becuz while that asshole wastes my time on your culture of paperwork and waiting and waiting and time and processing etc etc its every day I keep getting exposed to the behavior modification system, the re education program.

Why so I can die of cancer like the many people involved in fighting for victims of MK Ultra? (Therapist Valerie Wolfe etc).
So I can die in a air craft crash (also popular)?
 So I can be found dead of suicide? (popular but didnt work with me so must try other methods).
So I can all of a sudden be found robbing a bank, when that is totally out of my character (Fritz Springmeir, I was told to my face by someone this was attempted with me but powerful people prevented it, it seems in favor of modification.)?

These people dont quite. They only change thier approach according to how the Target reacts. They never quite until they get results.

So why should I then?

Its been occurring to me to leave the USA. The situation is becoming hopeless nationally and for me personally I feel I dont want to die among my worst destroyers and controllers- in whats essentially a foreign land to my ancestors.
Basically I have been made so sick now that its been put to me that I have to settle down and put up with intense modification to care for my health.  Again go fuck yourselves.

I say vote for some Independent guy just to take votes from these two clowns. But to be sure vote for Romney- becuz he is so extreme and crazy that he will allow the public to see what Bush put on this country- for them to REMEMBER. Becuz they have forgotten under the spell of the African voodoon. Another reason to watch out for African Americans in power. EuroAmericans and others generally dont understand that blacks are playing dumb much of the time or that they may be dumbed down due to slave culture but still have held onto thier very powerful pagan religion THAT WAS NEVER DESTROYED OR MADE DORMANT BY CHRISTIANITY OR THE CATHOLIC CHURCH'S TERROR CAMPAIGNS. Remember the Middle Ages basically was a massive mind control program to get European pagan cultures destroyed and thier people under control. Notice how the same torture and fear mongering were used to UNITE the old world (like in the NWO) under Christianity. The world has been dominated by the three Abrahamic religions for centuries- a great mind control cult for the ages.

Blacks are like a force of nature that the wise white man still utilizes for his own purposes- and these people in power are smarter than YOU or I. They have been doing this for thousands of years.

Dont think you are smart enough to figure it out nor to be sure of what you think you know. And by the way in this war of survival Political Correctness WILL GET YOU KILLED OR ENSLAVED. So forget that. See things for what they are, becuz the controllers do just that.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The United States is a bloated, greedy,  corrupt piece of shit full of the stupidest people on earth who dont care about anything outside of their own interests. Boston is one of the major centers of corruption and is absolutely vile.

Ive seen how selfish and disgusting.this country is over the past ten years. The entire system criminal, corrupt and based on exploiting other peoples around the world to get what they want. Massachusetts is disgusting. And it holds far too much power.

No one has made any efforts to pay me off, give me justice, do right, fix my situation, give me restitution or even admit what they did. 

Why shud i stay? No one believes i am going to get revenge or justice and the cops are total psychopathic  cunts in on anything u can imagine to make a buck and serve the interests of the elite.

America sucks and is a hopeless greedy piece of shit that will NEVER make right on its war crimes and Ive never been more sure I want to leave.

Being a tramp and Traveler in a foreign country is much more desirable.

Fuck the United States especially MA.

Norway Shooter Black Ops Connections Doesnt Include Possible Black PROJECT Connections

<p><a href=""></a></p> <br/> <p>I dont know about all these references linked but I did come across something that revisits the previous post about CIA working with rebel groups in sensitive areas.

" -Reports that the culprit of the mass shooting at a Labour youth camp outside Oslo, who early indications show killed at least 25 people, was a blonde-haired Norwegian man, fit perfectly into the recent propaganda campaign to hype the “white Al-Qaeda” as the most deadly terror threat. Self-proclaimed security experts quoted by Reuters are already predicting the blame will “fall on both Islamists and right-wing extremists,” in some form of alliance that led to a “hybrid assault,” which in an of itself is a ludicrous notion but does serve to link anti-government sentiment amongst the host population with Muslim terrorism, which has been the goal all along.

- As Kurt Nimmo reports, the man accused of leading the group blamed by some for the bombing, Mullah Krekar, has had dealings with the CIA previously, having been approached to work with them in 2005. Members of Krekar’s group, Ansar al-Islam, are veterans of the CIA-ISI collaborative war against the Soviets in Afghanistan"

There's that yes but in regards to the lone shooter/bomber remember one thing about Jones and Prison Planet-they do not ever include the possiblity of lone shooters being Survivors. People who are victims RA, mind control programming or human experimentation. Becuz of Jone's affiliation with the Patriot movement and his outrageous behavior throughout as well as he not dealing with the realities of circumstances surrounding black or classified programs and more recently his behavior at OCCUPY Austin, TX, you should always sort through Prison Planet info for useful info and bs alike but never utilize thier site on its own.

Perhaps the obvious political cover ups are valid but always remember that much of what seems to be hidden motive and agenda are only mere cover stories for the much higher up black/classified projects that are going on alongside.

There have been alot of people in the past two decades going postal who profess to being connected to material that relates to MK Ultra and the Luciferian family tree such as claiming to see co workers as Nazis through space and time rifts, the ArchAngel Michael, Templars etc.

Fortunate people like myself get warned, informed and see the shadow system as well as our own history and can stop the manipulation and mind games from turning us into time bombs.

For many domestic terrorists and their victims they arent so fortunate.

International Intelligence Networks Far Reaching, Tech Advanced Pre 9-11 Show How Can Be Utilized For Black Projects/NWO

I am still very curious about why Norway seems to be involved so much in my GS and psychological manipulation campaign.

One could link the black metal bands to Aquino type affiliations like COS, Temple Of Set and Aquino's alleged obsession with Nazi occultism.

However that media psy op I posted on MIT's homepage a few months back seems to have involved factions in Norway outside the black metal community, at least obviously.

Looking up Norway's involvement in intelligence I found the link above. Its older yet being 41 years old Ive lived long enough to have noticed that back before 9-11 and even the 1990s, it was the norm for information about the CIA and government to be sort of put forward in a direct manner, more comfortable with it and in a sort of blasé way. Post 60s and in the 80s Americans sort of figured due to the Nixon years and the Baby Boomers fighting so hard against the government that things were more under control than the oppressive 50s and the cover up obsessed actions in the 60s of intelligence agencies.

Even with what Reagan started doing it wasnt considered as hidden or oppressive.

The psychological intimidation of post 9-11 and even by late Clinton we saw the securities, police and prisons start gaining power then-has made it a very oppressive environment where one cannot criticize the military without insulting dead soldier's families, being called unpatriotic or criticize the CIA without being thought of as paranoid.

This link due to it being from 1989 reveals information in a manner that isnt intimidating, demanding compliance, fear or worship from its citizen readers.

Alot of the way things are written now is to keep the public regressed into being child like and dumbed down or it simply hides information or skews it so that what is important gets lost among propaganda and bs.

And this isnt even classified its pretty mundane. Yet for the  uneducated it maps out  pre 9-11 existing relationships with intelligence agencies around the world therefore one can assume those relationships are utilized in covert ops even classified or black.  If anything the connections, such as police here, have become broadened then strengthened especially by progress in technologies and communications.

If they could monitor areas so well back then using satellite to deliver info to a far away country THEN WHAT ARE THEY CAPABLE OF NOW?

One excerpt I noted that has nothing to do with this post, but everything to do with 9-11, stood out at the end of the article:

"Pakistan: Pakistan acts as a pipeline for the hundreds of millions of dollars in CIA covert assistance that is provided to the Afghan rebels. Pakistan also cooperates with U.S. intelligence agencies in electronic intelligence gathering near the Soviet Union (at Peshawar) and in southeast Asia.86"

In todays media people HAVE correct and true information but the mediascape has become so big with so much info outlets that  there are too many diversions.

This is by design it seems.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Possible Confirmation Those Were Perps/Cops Arrive And Make Contact With Them On Way Out Door

I just wrote an entire post that somehow by the slip of my hand got selcted then erased just now. I will re write this from a safer location.

In short therd were three perps and after i posted that other post, the cops came  and appearing on seperste businss made contaxt with all three as they seemed to leave on cue.

Two Possible Perps Near Berkeley College Boston MA

Possible gang stalking perps in Wendys near Berkeley College a GS hot spot.

Arab looking scrawny kid and a mixed, light skinned African American female.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Only Effective When Ovulating/Targets Are Political And Metaphysical Blood Sacrifices

Its sad that only when i am ovulating in recent years can i think clearly, remember or even fight being targeted with remote influence.

It has all been planned all along to be this way its obvious. Nowadays i am just so goody goody and helpful to everyone.

This system made sure it destroyed my sex drives even my genitals and took my youth so i wud b reduced to the old kindly aunt type ive become most of the time.

They made sure they heavily opppressed and crushed me during my 30s, the last of my youth so that i would become harmless in my 40s.

And this conspiracy involves my mother's family, the local communities of Cambridge and Boston all of MA actually as well as a good portion of the USA and obviously Homeland, intelligence services and the military.

People like me can tell the truth all we want, none of these people have to pay for destroying my life if no one will help me and everyone depends on the public either not believing me or going along with this to benefit the country.

Then they all play stupid and get someone like me murderously angry and feeling abandoned by my own country so someone like me becomes a terrorist.

Then they justify targeting and destroying terrorists THEY created by fucking people over.

If any country has hatred of the US I can guarantee its becuz covert forces influenced those people through covert activity and FORCED THEM TO TURN TO TERRORISM AS A LAST RESORT to defend themselves not only politically and culturally BUT SPIRITUALLY. And I guarantee you Israel and their trickery is part of that. They really are evil incarnate, the Jewish state and its power brokers. They are so smug about being clever, about no one seeing or daring to say anything.

I dont trust any nation that does not separate church and state, teaches Creationism (their version of course), denies things like race and DNA yet considers themselves to be an exclusionary 'tribe' to the rest of humanity-such a world power that holds influence over nations that DO claim to have a reasonable, functional system of government and law.

I am basically sick of dealing with all Middle Easterners and their warped minds as well as all three of their Abrahamic religions.

I wish Europe and America never had to deal with Israel, Jews, Christianity or Rome continuing its (our) bloody minded power through reinventing itself through the Catholic Church.

The world would be a better place if Man couldn't hide his greed and hate behind these monothestic, sexist religions.

Im sick of America playing the puppet in worldly affairs. America was probably just created so that these older powers and the old families could just continue their games for profit and power.

I am sick of all these assholes. I am sick of America. I hate MA so much for what its done I now consider it a safety precaution that I leave the country.

People are trying to weaken me so I wont leave. So i will become peaceful and harmless.

Daily i am targeted with remote influence that makes me have no more anger towards my enemies and only go towards peace.

Its total injustice. I am bombarded daily with ideations that will.believe me, that no one cares, that not enough people will read my book. That my life is as it is now and i shud live in the present.

That my health is failing so I cant leave.

I dont want to live in America as a walking human sacrifice that people can continue to depend on. That people can feel good about becuz I supposedly cant get.justice or revenge.

That people dont have to fear. That no one has to pay for their crimes.

I wud rather leave the USA and die in the homeland of my ancestors, considering I don't approve of anything about the US anymore anyway.

The way my health is failing I firmly believe THIS SYSTEM IS TRYING TO KILL ME, TO FINISH ME OFF ONCE AND FOR ALL, NOT ONLY TO SILENCE ME AS A VICTIM WITNESS BUT AS A HUMAN SACRIFICE that ensures the United States stays in power.

I now realize I am a human sacrifice for the country. I saw this in a statue of a Native American outside in front of The Museum Of Fine Arts in Boston a year or so ago. I finally got it-the Natives WERE A MASS HUMAN SACRIFICE TO ENSURE THE UNITED STATES AS A COUNTRY BECAME POWERFUL FROM ITS INCEPTION AND CREATION.

In order to keep this power present and effective the US must have regular 'fixes' of power via blood sacrifice.

THIS MIGHT BE THE ONLY REASON TIs ARE TORTURED TO DEATH over time.  I know TIs exist world wide but it seems very connected to the Masonic roots of this country perhaps all of them.

Looking at statues of Natives around here, they always seem so..ethereal. Looking up skyward, outreaching arms etc. They are never grounded-they are always portrayed as if a Christ-offering up to something bigger than themselves.

Note how TIs are not allowed personal lives but must play hero to humanity.


The USA is NOT the homeland of its current inhabitants. Thus the false structure they've built must always be continually strengthened-by blood sacrifice.

I know from my own experience that Masonic structures exist in the US due to these being used to harness and guide the physical energies of the land. Specifically places like Boston, NYC, Buffalo NY, St Lois MO etc etc.

Notice when Natives are present, ones that arent as Americanized as others, there seems to be a stronger connection with the land. Its as if by DNA they are diplomats.of the land-that their ancestors had been living on for millennia.

I am rarely without the companionship of someone who looks European in descent yet possesses Native DNA. Ive realized its the only way I can survive living on US soil without going insane...or at least being comforted.

Becuz i no longer exist in the false environment created (the USA) on American soil I most likely am aware and sense the metaphysical reality- and the debt that perpetuates consistently as long as the United States exists.

Its like being a citizen of a place where u r live underwater but can only remain calm and have oxygen to breathe as long as u are brainwashed to believe in this false.reality.

You wake up-you drown.

And Ive certainly drowned on way too much information about the reality of what makes up our world...and specifically the United States.

I shake physically to what seems like my core when I think of  it..or my  mind  does, but then my internal stops kick in and I am calmed.

As i write this i am being tormented with the ideation that all I just wrote are excuses and that i suffer purely due  to not dealing with admitting the truth about everything else involved. Yet this trying once again to get me to freely reveal information over the internet and go to the feds about local career criminals is JUST PART OF MK ULTRA AS ALL ALONG THIS HAA BEEN PARTLY ALSO ABOUT USING MK ULTRA PROGRAMS TO GET PROGRAMMED PEOPLE (referred to and aka in MK records as 'agents') TO CONFESS INFORMATION.

Its also probably about ensuring that US citizens are genuinely loyal citizens-if I confess information then I will have done the right thing as a citizen and for my country (of course denying  ME any personal financial gain via a book to sell).

So I either give in to going through the final phase of joining the cult of the new America (NWO's America) or I can just serve as a human sacrifice for the man made structure, probably Masonic in nature, known as THE United States Of America.

And who guarantees that even if I do the 'right' thing that I still wont be drained and tormented until I am just another bloodied victim between the bricks of the Master Mason's 'Great Work'? Not me...I am getting out of this anyway I can. I never was one to hang around and be killed off. If u want the info so badly, i want to be paid off well, as I should have been in the beginning of all this. The US and its greedy, selfish horrid people arent going to get another minute of satisfaction out of my torment.

Some Of The People Behind The False Memory Movement Also Accused Of Pedophilia ARE MATH PROFESSORS AND COMPUTER PROGRAMMERS

Why does this matter?

Youve got intelligence services messing with DID/MPD and MK Ultra experiments. Obviously they never ceased experimenting.

There are people part of the False Memory Syndrome movement who have been proven to be connected to intelligence community, caught in print in foreign publications to be advocates of child molestation and pedophilia as well as some have THEIR OWN CHILDREN MAKING ALLEGATIONS THEY MOLESTED THEIR OWN KIDS....

my research shows these people are mathmeticans, highly educated and computer programmers.

What does that indicate?


Its no surpise that academia is heavily involved now just as they are documented to have been in MK Ultra and other experimentation.

Its logical to theorize that very smart, adept programmers were involved in the satanism and pedophila that is so important a part of the ritual abuse to program children and infants to create 'mind controllled slaves'.

I will post something to back this up shortly.

It makes sense.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

the most annoying part about this is that therapists in some portion or percentage obviously know that flooding and scrambling are part of a programmed person's internal programming system. I myself experience these with therapist and with my psychiatrist.

why was this never addressed. I could never figure out why I had so many bad therapists, who seemed to not be doing their jobs or were unable to help me.

of course it's always pretend patient what we're being difficult we are made to feel is if we are bad people.

as if it's our fault. strangely however these same therapists never there to call their patience crazy or suggest there is any mental illness that is severe, even though it's obvious that such patients are not responding to therapy like normal individuals would.

Interestingly Who worst discrediting diagnoses Are reserved for when the patient breaks programming and starts we recalling memories Asking questions And showing the desire to go to a hypnotist.

At that point such patients get hit with every single diagnosis that's negative you can think of.

in my case it was attempted to make me look like I was going to become a lone shooter, which of course last of we would only have happened due to the long term effects of psy ops- what is known to lay people as 'gang stalking'.

course I was especially a threat because not only do I possess high level programming I also remember lot of things in detail but most of all the connections to MK ULTRA projects, do to my mother being a documented radiation experimentee  from the 1950s, through her parents both u s Marines.

I also was living proof that a lot of programs people who do dirty work for intelligence services obviously

are hidden away in the sex industry. Something else I knew too much about for their comfort.

I'm glad get another therapist has the balls to actually help people inatead of fall prey to greed or fear.

interestingly and also sadly any of these therapist happy to have their license pulled, stopped dealing with the subject matter all together or the old classic died of cancer.

note that this was written in 1991.

you can scream and cry False Memory Syndrome all you fucking want... about those of us that we covered memories without a therapists help, and actually were denied any kind of recognition or assistance in recovering memories?

all they can continue to do is try to discredit deny and ignore.

Friday, September 21, 2012

MK Delta

I know its Wikipeida but it seems pretty accurate.

Again its mentioned about harassment, discrediting and disabling as goals of these programs-like gang stalking.

De-Classified MK Ultra Documents Show 'Gang Stalking' Or Organized Harassment Is Part Of The Project

Risk of physicians making correct diagnoses of covert testing

Risk of future release of information by unwitting test subjects

Harassment and disabling materials

Chemical materials causing non toxic abberant mental states...discrediting individuals...planting suggestions...

Its amazing to me that with all this evidence that the testimonies of those experimentees in the video of the President's Advisory Committee On Human Radiation Experiments in 1995 were supposedly stricken from the record.

As long as America can continue to get away with things like this not by lack of evidence but by intimidation and perpetuating a cover up, it cant be trusted

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Frustrating Companion Isnt So Frustrating After All

I was reading this becuz i realized (and then accepted finally) that a friend is autistic or has the characteristics that this society attributes to that.

I found myself being angry with him for not learning how to travel or not being able to understand situations quickly enough, even scolding him for not handling social situations gracefully.

Partly this is due to my running memories though my head driving me nuts-years of harassment as well as my wanting to get help with my situation but always being afraid to start. My thinking about  my situation rips my head apart daily as it has for years. But now theres this other person involved. And they took  alot of energy and I couldnt understsnd why.

But its no fun to be curt with someone and have then get upset like a child then the next day they are upset thinking they are a bad person. I refuse to abuse someone becuz Ive been abused. Being targeted for years can turn a Target into a very abusive person.

It seems reactions start coming from years of abuse from this system-conditioning. It seems like PTSD or something thats biochemical. As if the years of experience have entrained the TIs brain to just release certain chemicals and you cant react any other way.

Its very sad and f*cked up.

Worst of all ignorant people who refuse to do their research truly believe someone like me is simply a paranoid schizophrenic so they dont even believe long term torture causes these reactions to begin with.

This thread is so awful. It just invalidates the work of so many brave, amazing people against some of the world's worst corruption and abuse cults. With one sentence we are reduced to nothing but delusional crazies who dont know how violent we are.

Its horrible that people may not realize the autistic is as such and become mean to them for not acting right or learning like normal people.

The autistic person may not know they have this way of learning and living in human society. So they cant explain it to another person effectively.

It helps to read about autism and then ask the person about certain things without mentioning autism directly.

Most importantly, body language and eye contact as social cues. Having to be communicated with verbally only or having to do things according to steps or sequences, etc.

People around a person with Autism can at first accept their differences by seeing them  as simply their own little odd ways about them. But when it starts to interfere with safety on the road, learning things efficiently or handling social situations it becomes obvious the person is not just particular, odd, eccentric or using coping skills to live with a trauma history, they really are different.

Being human this makes you get annoyed with inefficiency and a weak link in the tribe, group or system.

But the other qualities they possess are so intriguing, and refreshing that the person has value to you.

It becomes confusing and frustrating dealing with such a person becuz you dont know what you are dealing with.

Once you read about it and confirm thats what it is, you can then adapt to the way they learn things which is different.

I have never been one to reduce a person to a diagnoses becuz its just stupid to do that. I am also old enough to have grown up with the WWII/Depression generation as grandparents who seemed to have a hell of alot more tolerance, understanding, acceptance of people who were different or strange and co existing with such people in society than the generations of today.

They seemed to have a better understanding of the human condition and didnt dehumanize people for their differences (unless they lived segregated from various peoples, even then though they stereo typed people they  perhaps would still sympathize with them in some ways).

This era we live in is brutal with its categorizing then marginalizing human beings. People are being reduced to just a name, label or diagnoses and only then do people want to know the person at all.

It seems you are your diagnoses first and foremost then you are considered for acceptance by society.

Ive had alot of kids tell me my friend is slightly autistic. I always ignored it becuz my generation didnt grow up segregating people based on some diagnoses...unless it was really obvious due to it being severe.

I still dont believe in 'autistic' or psychiatry's bs but understanding my friend experiences life differently or learns differently and other variables makes keeping company with him much less frustrating. I can use my energy effectively not just keep pouring it out trying to batter ram through obstacles. Becuz they were never obstacles-they were limitations I wasnt aware of.

Strangley, my friend has many classic symltoms of being a RA survivor.

U cant put anything near his face like scissors to groom his mustache, becuz it reminds him of needles coming towards his eyes.

The screaming or crying of babies makes him very  uncomfortable like physically painful.

Psychiatry could take these and hide them behind their diagnoses system, instead of having someone  spot them as red flags for survivorship.

I was reading about people who abuse autistics and other disabled people in relationships on purpose. I wanted to ensure I didnt do this inadvertently. Ive read about and seen on internet about people abusing much weaker people like this, people who cant help it. That has always angered me in this life. And the public ignores this injustice just as they ignore other social issues.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Still Getting Harassed Overtly In Northampton

Now theyve got scrawny homebums in on it. Back pocket wallet checks, without anything in the pockets of course.

Like i said...

Im not fucking leaving either.

Scam baited in Northampton Mass (after used public library to work on this blog)

Scam baited in northampton Massachusetts by this woman. Older, dyed red hair, thin dark evil slit eyes. Right now is walking away from town square (north i believe) on King street.

She only walked away after camera was pulled out on smart phone. Cut the shit or i will make some shit go down in this little liberal gay paradise. Its a nice town. Its fun. The people are lovely. Don't fuck it up for yourselves. Last night big pick.up truck had high beams on me while sitting down for like ten minutes. Intimidation is pretty much bullshit at this point. Its not hard to stalk in return u know. Have a nice day. (Who harasses a traveler begging on a rainy day? Assholes thats who.) Is it really worth a beating to get me put in jail?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Reader Comment Tries To Get Me To Give Valuable Info For Free

"Are you ACTUALLY going to "publish" this book?? why not just push it ONLINE and get it over with? I'm targeted also but you're getting NOWHERE by teasing US with little to no info. DON"T be another Alex Jones. Resources ARE available. Sometimes you have to "answer the call" ;) Be Seeing You.
By Anonymous on I am so glad I could put out some important inform... on 7/5/12
Publish Spam Delete "

Seriously? Are u serious?

Firstly Ive been answering the f*cking call for years now. This blog is doing so as is all my work I GET PAID NOTHING FOR WHILE LIVING OUT OF A BACKPACK.

Secondly, Jones has shown in that video of him at OCCUPY Austin TX that he is probably just an agent of disinfo etc. Its his job to give info with no results. My job is to actually give real information.

He also has a place to live and lots of money I am sure to compensate for his helping the bad guys which in my view isnt worth it. So there is no comparing us to begin with.

It would be like comparing a black piece to a brown or white piece on a chess board. Your comparison doesnt make sense.

I am not trying to tease anyone I am just having a hard time. Also, I dont trust anyone who discounts what I have gone through and tries to tell me to just give up VALUABLE information for free.

The public are going to pay for what they did to me. If they are interested in the truth they can pay me for it. Considering I will never produce any other works of art as I was going to to begin with.

Who thinks I am getting nowhere? That is THE most ridiculous part of that comment. Really.

10 Secret US Military Intelligence Projects

Thursday, September 13, 2012

MA Intense GS and Remote Influence

Cambridge MA and Boston are major centers for the NWO. There is constant gang stalking and has been for years.

Its extremely nasty still. There are spooks or agents whatever u want to call them planted all over the place in every business and in public spaces.

There even seems to be many psychic warriors in this population.

Either they know all the Targeted Individuals in the area at any given time or they are trained to psychology harass anyone with a backpack.

The system knows that key people and many dissidents have been made homeless by the actions of the last decade.

America is now a full blown police state and the most extreme of it is covert in nature.

People with an interest in this system staying in place will use the excuse of being at war on many different fronts.

Its a huge deception.

Some areas have more intense gs than others. Major areas connected to the military industrial complex like MA.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Cameras Over Central Square Cambridge Are Connected To Fusion Centers In Worcester

Just got told the cameras in Central Square  Cambridge GO TO FUSION CENTERS IN WORCESTER MA.

Explains alot. Specifically why one gets harassed there and hit so one feels aggressive then theres the observation.

Discreditation?  Experimentation? 

Friday, September 7, 2012

MBTA Air QualityTesting In Cambridge and Somerville Could Be Source Of Locals Illness Recently

I felt something when I came back to Harvard. It was like a cold in the air.  It hit my sinuses and throat. Then everyone seemed to have 'allergies' or this stuffiness.

With the construction digging up earth and the old building we sleep at plus this I wouldnt doubt its the cause of my condition now. Crushing chest pain and unable to breathe sounds like one of the alleegic reactions I get.

And who says they woukdnt sneak anything else in there?

I noticed I feel a lot better this evening after we had a major heavy thunderstorm. so tell me it's not something in the air? I I was told however Get the rag weed and pollen content This year is record breaking high. With my having allergic reactions to things like that It would make sense that I have chest pains and can't breath. Someone else just told me that they have the same reaction This would also explain why it clears up after a rainstorm.

Book: Break-Ins,Death Threats And The FBI: The Covert War Against The Central American Movement

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Inciting Citizen Spying Through ‘Soft Control’ And Cell Phones

And I am supposed to be paranoid about stuff like this being possibly used to collect data or even cell phones in a crowd?

You know why people like me, especially women are a threat to the NWO? Becuz I can SENSE when stuff like this is going on. Like if something just doesnt seem right, its suspect or on a more physical level, that say, too many tourists in one area of Cambridge in the summer heat makes me clinically insane compared to a crowd of students who are residents in one spot for the entire year in cooler weather. Becuz its suspect that some of those people in the crowd might be spooks- either that or their cell phones are being tapped into for either reasons of audio, video or other surveillance or worse- the putting OUT of some thing instead of just taking data IN.

I know damn well that social networks are not only for monitoring people but for taking in all sorts of data on human behavior- even putting out mind control.
It makes no difference that I have an alter system. THIER system ensures that even if I use a social network for my traveling life style and friends I dont share my activism with or show that side of myself, that I can be manipulated just the same through the social networks. Ive experienced it many times.

Specifically on my social network I experience a rewards and punishment system where I am given mental information in response to a post I make. A call and return if you will to alter or form behaviors. This is a part of the behavior modification program. The system knows damn well that I am a Survivor so naturally to deal with stress and preserve my strength and sanity will have a part of my life seperate from this activism. Where i can enjoy life and make the best of a bad situation.

That doesnt matter. I am still interfaced with on the social network in a way that is behavior modification. For instance I posted a made up motivational poster I found that had a picture of the twin towers with the sun rising between them, it said imagine no religion.
After posting that I immediately got the idea that someone monitoring the social network saw that and disapproved of it. The way I am interfaced with on the social network site is seems very much to make me....conform.

The point is to stop and contain any and all parts of the Survivors alter system. As what the system is trying to do is behavior modify an whole person. As well as ensure that person does not reveal information or write any books or rat anyone out before they get done what they need to get done.

Cell phones are a scurge on the western world. I own one and I cant wait to get rid of it.

So as usual my preminitions and my sensing things or suspecting things are off was right again. A big part of gang stalking is to make the Target distrust themselves.

Being A TI Means Having To Be Kept Down For Life-Becuz No One Wants Any Clues To Mass Mind Control and the NWO Revealed To The Public

Its also hard to watch new immigrants having opportunities while we dissidents are kept down, harassed and shunned by society.


Why waste your time? Its just hard to admit that the USA is akin to a country you read about in history where people were so oppressed they left for a better life. Becuz always the oppressor used methods like keeping material things from it's people and more overt psy ops to control people. America has found a winning formula where you pay people off with material things if only they go along with the oppression of themselves and dissidents and its done very covertly and quietly so that no one outside the US can claim that the USA isnt a champion of human rights.

I havent been treated very well in the US I will tell you that. People seem to down right hate me as well as think they are clever for either watching me get fucked over or being part of getting paid to fuck me over. And thats all it is usually- they are being paid. And if its corrupt authority paying them, then why should they be afraid of consequences? In fact, secretly they feel they are saving the country by destroying Targeted Individuals. I kid you not.

A homeland has alot of power over people's minds, probably THE most power. More than thier families or thier religious gods. Ive had more than one person stress to me that they or others were getting paid to gang stalking me, obviously to death. And plenty of people in the street seem to know it as well.

The most mysterious thing about this is when perps who are just supposedly locals in the community seem to gain a sense of satisfaction from being part of gang stalking someone like me. It doesnt make any sense, unless of course most of humanity is totally evil and someone like me just didnt realize that MOST PEOPLE are evil in nature with some exception, and one sees this only when there is a concerted effort of people to do something like gang stalking a Target.
Why else would people have had such a sense of what seemed like personal satisfaction? That is something I still dont understand and never will. It was the most bizarre part of this experience and ever time I recall a person's face in a certain situation and I relive the experience and see thier faces and the way they acted- I still dont quite understand why so many people were as cruel as they were to someone they didnt know and seemed to get off on my being destroyed as if I had slighted them personally- especially when this entire thing is just about the govt not wanting to pay my mother and probably myself according to the Dept Of Energy, for her being a documented radiation experimentee as well as obviously not wanting me to go to therapists due to having memories from RA.

Unless there are a very high number of people in one pedophile networks or the Satanic cult networks in MA and other parts of the country. Boston and Cambridge seem to be absolutely loaded with people in on this. People who seem to be very cruel and have no human feelings at all. From every walk of life. Its something I will never understand about this phenomena. Never.
Unless they are indeed a huge pedophile network, then of course I understand becuz those people are selfish, heartless, greedy people who manipulate to get thier own way and silence thier victims and thats ALL they do in life. It was shocking to experience so many of them here in Cambridge and Boston.

Ultimately the system is trying to 'cure' my having an alter system. To erase memories completely so that I have nothing to go to therapy for and cant be hypnotized and recall anything incriminating. If I fully realize my situation and work directly as an activist for the issues I write about in these blogs then they will have succeeded in destroying my internal worlds which means no artwork, no writing, no creativity. There will be absolutely no private space for myself left at all. Their system of GS makes the TI assist in thier own destruction, mind wipes and break down by ensuring that they have to act in the interest of those things to survive being gang stalked.

Theyve figured everything out. I even had one guy tell me that getting me to leave the country is part of gang stalking. He also said that all of this was being done becuz the powers that be wanted to make sure that experimentees and programmed people were left with "some kind of life". Which is again total bullshit becuz if only Survivors were left alone, were could have had great lives minus the ruined health and destroyed minds. Minus the loss of intelligence and talent. These are all part of the constant excuses that are part of brainwashing the Targeted Survivor constantly day in and day out that does not end.

People who arent in on this dont look at me and realize I am being controlled constantly and I am basically held captive and isolated and not allowed to have a life. They want to believe I am just homeless or crazy or whatever. Let me tell you how much money must be going into the targeting of Survivors especially anyone connected to MK Ultra with documentation- its got to be very expensive. And they cant just give that money to compensate us becuz then they would have to officially admit what theyve done which they are trying to avoid at all costs.


NYPD Has OFFICES OVERSEAS And Has Just Opened A Branch In Israel

One of the most corrupt, mob connected, murdering, thieving police depts in the country now have power overseas. And this latest slap in the face of obvious connections to Israel is no surprise.

When are people going to wake up the reality of the Russian mob and its connections to Jewish Mafia?? This is getting way to dangerous. And whats worse is its becoming more and more obvious that thinking Israel is far too powerful and that Jews are elitists, racists and responsible for much of the world's problems right now is no longer blind hatred or paranoia.

I dont think it ever was. For Jews to get expelled as many times as they did from Europe they would have had to be doing something time and time again that was out of line to thier host country.

If we look at the connections to the elite we can see that Jews and Israel are very important. They are an ancient tribe and they have survived. They tend to be able to sneak in and out of history books due to thier ability to work through others, stay cloaked or pull of elaborate plots and schemes.

Lets look at this logically. Do you honestly want a country or a people who do NOT separate church and state having any kind of power over your life, your culture or your country? Also for those of us who are EuroAmericans and know the history of Abrahamic religions, true and real history not religious nonsense that people choose to believe against fact becuz it suits them and validates thier existence- I now absolutely despise all Abrahamic religions and want nothing to do with them or want to allow them any power or influence over my life.

Looking at this spiritually- if the Jews are God's chosen people then why does he punish them so much and so often? Becuz historically they have a tendency to stray from thier god's rules and desires for them to live a certain way...I mean like when they stray from it, its comparable to ancient Roman debauchery. Sex, violence, brutality, decadence-all of it.
Its in thier own religious literature, stories etc.

So why would, in modern times, people actually believe that Jews are people incapable of doing any wrong? Just becuz theyve been enslaved or genocided or tortured doesnt make thier current or even historical actions any more or less right or wrong. Somehow, that 6 million dead (not all Jews btw) always comes up and is used as a shield to deflect any accusations or belief that they are capable of persecuting others. Also somehow theyve achieved this god-like status lately. As if they are not capable or not to be called on thier actions when they do the typical things all greedy, selfish, sneaky, murdering human animals are capable of.

This is the problem with religion and in this day and age its unthinkable that a religion this old could still have this much power- even what seems to be a renewed influence on the world. Its a total brainwash and people are falling for it. This idea that Jews and thier culture are great guides through life and thier influence is safe, beneficial and positive.

Thier influence is far too widespread to be fair, just or even sane. Whenever someone starts pointing this out, people's brainwashed minds go right to the Holocaust, as if even questioning them is going to bring on another such event.
In fact one has to question the origins of the original event- if Rothschild and other rich Jews were involved in WW2 in the capacity of funding, if they were trying to get Israel created by helping create such monsters or allow such a genocide to occur, then its not too far fetched to think that perhaps 9-11 is a similar ploy.

What worries me is what exactly are they, and thier cronies in worldly power trying to get built now?

Also NYC is the home of the Italian mob as well as NJ among other places in the USA. From what I know about Roman and Italian history, like the Catholic Church as one example of corruption and violence- these are some of the last people anyone should trust. Unless of course you benefit from thier business dealings. Which it seems the USA and many other countries do.

Why NYC? Becuz they were fortunate enough to have a building blow up in thier city so somehow they have made the greatest police force ever? I find it very strange that if they were so great to begin with THAT THEY DIDNT PREVENT SUCH A THING FROM HAPPENING ESPECIALLY WITH THIER CRONIES IN BOSTON WHERE ITS KNOWN THESE TWO CITIES ARE ORGANIZED CRIME CENTERS OF ACTIVITY.
And heavily Jewish places as well.

So with MIT, Raytheon, Harvard and various other invaluable institutions and businesses you are telling me that Boston, of all places did not know there were terrorists afoot, going to flight school etc??? Especially when one looks at the connection to FLORIDA where the terrorists did supposedly go to flight school. Hmm- organized crime and Jews once again.

Seems to simple that its paranoia isnt it? Not at this point and not after the amount of abuse of power I have experienced in NYC both by uniformed police, military in fatigues and civilians who are probably undercovers of some kind.

There is no way in hell a city police dept should have this kind of power. The same when England wanted to hire a Boston police employee to do work for them over there. That didnt last long did it?

What does he mean the 'brand'? Its way out of hand when a branch of government can be bought, sold and marketed like a corporate logo. And the public wont do shit becuz they are dependent on the system totally for safety and resources.

How are people going to rebel or take back thier country when everyone is either psychologically manipulated and intimidated as well as under constant hypnosis via mass mind control through tech and chemical influences like chemtrails, psych meds etc?

Theyve got the public trapped. They cant be depended on anymore to think rationally or even be reasonable people. The worst part is anyone who still isnt complying or sees whats really going on is targeted so that they become discredited.

Its time to realize that the world has effectively become a totally false environment. That people are lost to the Great Work-this grand scheme that the powers that be have created. The worst part is the childish and insane belief of Isrealis that they truly deserve thier place as chosen and that everything that happens to destroy thier enemies is manifest destiny- that its supposed to be the way things are.
The other intolerable thing is the police. Theyve become so bloated, so smug, so arrogant with being a huge part of pulling off this scam nation if not world wide, that they are beyond dangerous. I personally dont even believe the police are sane anymore, not that police ever were as they are all akin to criminals to begin with but they used to be a bit more controlled by people who knew what they were capable of. The public has been so enamoured with First Responders as heroes that they have forgotten thier long track records as criminals and thier capacity for corruption.

This is where the quiet arrogance and stupid looks come from when cops who are in on this are near Targets. It is one of the most single most arrogant kinds of people I have ever dealt with in on this great world wide deception. Of course its part of the continued intimidation.

The public write this off as the typical behavior of corrupt police. We are not dealing with local or just national crimes here from them and thier little networks. Its on a greater scale now and they are basically connected to the military which is why they as well as soldiers have to be glorified and romanticized. So that, like the Jews, they seem so burdened with being fabulous under pressure and under great odds that they could never be capable of being butchering, murdering, corrupt, greedy, evil, snide, smug pieces of shit who are on par with your average non human animal predator.

George Bush promised us a world where law, not the law of the jungle would rule the world in this New World Order in his insane NWO speech. Yet, when you use the law of the jungle to create order, you only have a deception. Not true order as you are not really dealing with what is truly disorderly, becuz you manufactured disorder to begin with.

The authorities no longer catch criminals, not that they ever did but at least they knew and so did the public they were corrupt and full of shit. Now more than ever they simply go after anyone who is in the way of thier grand plans of deception to get thier way. What makes it so intolerable is the public are now fully brainwashed to agree with the put on that they are not the corrupt animals they always were. That they are what the TV ads and propaganda say they are-which is the real danger of the 'new world order'.

People who are under mind control are not living in reality nor are they seeing the truth. People like me claim there is no freedom left in America becuz there isnt. If there is, its not genuine. There is no mental freedom left. People believe lies and by now in this day and age human beings especially Westerners should know better.

Anyone continuing to whine about this is perceived as a person who is stuck in the old days (Bush era) or not growing along with the rest of the country or the world. What do you do if you know that the entire culture has become..wrong? That its NOT the way it should have gone that something has falsely altered its growth? Especially if you are targeted, theres no way by now you dont know that this timeline is totally false and only exists through covert influence of events.

That is not reality, thats something manufactured. The most arrogant thing of all is the people in power believing that they can dictate to every one of us what the story line is going to be like. Then there is a clash of Wills, becuz some of us believe we should be in charge of our own lives, our own written endings.

If the FBI is willing to make complaint that they are screwing up and no one is listening then you know that there is a major problem. Seems like the public only want to allow the feds to do thier jobs when it benefits thier greed and validates a storyline thats beneficial to thier lives.

Its a joke-they'll listen to the feds when they report on criminals or terrorist issues but people wont listen or heed warnings when its about other authorities. Thats part of the FBI's job you dumbasses- checks and balances system.

OMFG the public have become so incredibly stupid and selfish. Its nothing but uncomfortable living here in America. I dont even think Europe is probably safe from these morons. Well if local organized crime people are pissed at you as part of your gang stalking campaign then I guess cross off those overseas locations where these bastards are setting up shop becuz you wont get any peace there either. Hopefully, they will end up somewhere with some REAL terrorism where on building blowing up seems like nothing compared to constant bombings.

Instead of America growing up and asking how did terrorism get so far, how did the situation escalate so much that it actually leaked into the USA- a traditionally safe place from such kinds of foriegn attacks or war with foriegn entities on our soil (that we know of.), immediately they simply got offended that some one inconvenienced their good times and unrealistically peaceful nest. And the people who pulled off 9-11 know that Americans are isolated and insulated from the rest of the world, which is why they are so childish, easy to control and greedy-and used to a consistently high quality of life. Even during the hardest times like the Dust Bowl or the Great Depression there is so much land here and so many natural resources that people can survive.
Just as I did to escape oppression, Americans just started traveling- like riding the rails during the Depression.

However, traveling the US is still being stuck in the USA. And all across the country one can see how cut off we are from the rest of the world. So instead we believe what Zionists tell us about the motives of foriegners we dont understand to begin with (becuz they are too lazy to do actual research, no matter how lite it might be). Why? Back to Israel, Abrahamic religions and the Jews having too much influence culturally.

Americans subconsciously feel that Jews are somehow these wise, older tribesmen, specifically due to thier being part of a religion thats seen as the root of Christianity. This is what influences politics. A childish belief in Abrahamic religions even if history books tell us that Judaism was originally a polytheistic religion based on older religions in the region.

Even someone trying to be an Atheist is still influenced by this culturally becuz its subconscious. And in America unless you have been truly ripped from your belief system like I have and shown whats really going on out there, your best hope is only to rebel against something that is so pervasive in the culture that you can never really escape it ruling your life and your mind completely.
Its kind of like leaving home and trying to make your own life but never really escaping the influence of your family. Many people dont want admit to this but Ive seen it many times that they simply cannot face how much harm comes from thier birth family, so they simply find ways to manage it.

In some ways I am very fortunate. I see through the deceptions now of being an American, of American culture. If I went to live in another country I probably wouldnt miss living in my country of birth. I would have much preferred that moving abroad was a process of growth instead of ripping my head and soul apart- wiping me clean of who I am and all my life experiences- to start anew but it cant be changed now.

And staying here is just painful. Not only has everyone I know moved on and forgotten about me, the communities I lived in now simply actively shun me as a way of dealing with my presence here. I cant really 'live' in my hometown every again anyway and trying to live in other parts of the USA just feels like faking it. I get harassed anyways, so its pointless. Its been nice to see the country but you realize that this covert force is everywhere and that YUPpies now populate every single urban area or gentrified downtown and often I am simply only accepted by the displaced populations. That isnt good enough for me anymore.

Jews are interesting, thier history and thier culture. They are also familiar to me by many of them having Eastern European DNA as I do (though they wont actively admit to this being fact). Actually in the past they were usually pretty good to me and I benefited from their presence and culture. I guess the same might be said of blacks to a lesser extent, even now this is sometimes the case. Something has changed. Peoples, countries and cultures have become ambitious especially in the face of globalization and the NWO.

You can see the disregard for other cultures having any say or power nowadays with them not needing to alter thier appearences or their last names anymore as in years before in the entertainment industry. Its such a deception that originally they had to use such deceptions to be accepted by the host culture and now flagrantly market almost exclusively Jewish culture and personalities in entertainment.

When people no longer want to share, when they want to take over and dominate some of us get annoyed, offended and well- dont like this very much. Especially when its connected to a major full of shit religion that was invented in the Middle East among two other religions, all three of which are monotheistic, sexist king worshipping religions that have served nothing but to war among themselves. On top of that EuroAmericans need to question just how far they are going to allow Abrahamic religions to run thier lives in the physical plane when in fact we are NOT Middle Eastern and had pagan belief systems that were connected to our peoples and our homelands.

In other words- you can come to my town and take over a neighborhood and get rich and have influence- but what the fuck do you think you are doing trying to take over everyone elses neighborhood?? There is this take over of America and its not just laws and corporate its cultural. I dont mind INFLUENCE but I refuse to deal with RULERSHIP over every inch of my life.
There is much trying to use diversions from the take over of America by Jewish influence and even Muslim influence, especially over in Europe-by destroying Christianity. Dont stop there please! TAKE THEM ALL DOWN.

As if Christiaintiy is this big oppressor. Hmph. Dont get confused or be fooled. Just becuz the image of the uptight American June and Ward Cleaver or the Christian Right appear to be Christian dont forget that June and Ward were probably Jewish actors whos real names were 'Rosebud Schwartzoniwitz' or 'Elehiem Hergerdickle'. Some bs like that and their lives were always shared with Jews in some manner. Just as the Christian Right has to live with Jewish influence in society and as of decade ago Ive seen many of those insane right wing ministers openly supporting Israel whereas years ago, they would make a distinct seperation between themselves and Jews.

The sad thing is that if Jews had come to us through entertainment honestly, they might have been accepted just not as powerful (awww, poor babies. Cant have that now can we!) Those are interesting names- Rosebud and Goldie etc. They have an interesting history. And they really do possess an ancient magick they still retain from ancient days.
Yet using such deceptions and how big all this has become now with connections to Israel, its only natural to see them as part of the greater threat of a NWO. Too many Gentiles are falling for Israel being the answer to everything or some sort of promised land.

And with large populations of people not wanting to face unpleasant realities or see things realistically wouldnt it be dangerous to start believing in things like this as ultimate saviors or answers? Especially when one gets many clues that they are involved in manipulating much to gain such power over people.

The question is what the f*ck is the NYPD doing officially over in Israel? If you dont question that then you arent aware of the great deception that includes 9-11 and many other things. The NYPD should have been given some power during the emergency and then had it limited again or one of thier various newly created fed agencies should have been given jurisdiction instead, due to New York's history of working closely with organized crime both Jewish and Italian as well as Chinese and in recent years the Russian mob.

NOT taking away thier powers after hearing someone describe the NYPD as a brand name just shows you how far gone this country is into sickness, insanity and total disregard for what America once was. I know its hard to accept into full reality but America no longer exists. Its this sh*t we are left with, these total corrupt scumbags who believe they can do business as they like now its the new millennia and they have all this power. Anyone who isnt satisfied can waste thier lives trying to fight it by going to Occupy or basically living as an Anarchist. Which are both wastes of time if you wanted a life like you should be entitled to in the USA.