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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Profiling For Lone Wolf Terrorism Is Now A Major Concern For Targets

I notice this is the new excuse they are operating under and hiding behind.

Its very sneaky, a slowly weaved web and very dangerous.

This is proably why theyve taken to beig very careful and much quieter about the harassment.

This is extremely nasty and it's being very well played.

Just think: false flag ops actors-acting being the keyword.

Forget what you know from years prior. It seems now ALL OF A SEASONED TIS KNOWLEDGE IS GOING TO BE USED AGAINST THAT PERSON.

War Profiteering And Thieving

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Infiltration Of Organizations For Purpose Of Anti Terrorism Guarantees Targeted Individuals Will Always Be Harassed And Kept From Getting Justice

Spies on Campus
by Ernest Volkman

"The Covert Return of the Military-Intelligence Complex to Campus: Why Universities Should Be Very Afraid"
"David Price is a professor of anthropology and sociology.....
He has researched and published extensively on the interaction between academics and U.S. military and intelligence agencies, like the Pentagon, the CIA, and NSA. His writings cover two main trajectories. One is the surveillance and harassment of academics engaged in status-quo threatening activism."

The Quakers Warn That Police Spying on Political Activists Did Not End with Vietnam,,20073865,00.html
I actually experienced harassment at the local Quaker church, the Friends. A very old church in Cambridge, MA.  I recently was doing community service and they have autistic women working there sometimes. One woman's handler or whatever  her official name is, was very nasty and you could just tell she was an oppressive person working for the system. This same woman I found out works for Cambridge public schools.

Right after the woman who runs the clothing charity I volunteered at sent my cs hours to probation the next week a group of women show up from the Women's Lunch Place where so much harassment went on years ago and they have since wisely cleaned up thier act (white wash) to avoid being responsible for what they've done to so many people years ago or looking as if they are that kind of place. Enough people complained on the internet about different shelters not just me.
Of course these women did gang stalking gestures and harassment while they were at the clothing charity. I've also recently experienced disrespectful behavior from volunteers and have not gone back there.
It was interesting to read about these organizations warning of spying and infiltration only to have this corroborate with my experiences-that many churches and homeless organizations have been infiltrated. It almost seems like no one can get a job there unless they go along with the system now which I did not experience in the 90s when I was occasionally experiencing homelessness due to addiction.
"The problem for Americans is that 65% (close to $3 billion) of the funding for the U.S. bishops’ national office for domestic Catholic Charities and 72% of the bishops' foreign Catholic Relief Services is provided by the government, as well as a third of the income for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. At the local level, states also contribute substantial funding for regional Catholic Charities."
This might explain why every single Catholic Charities organization Ive been in since 2003 has been full of gang stalkers both staff and clients. Administration wearing black and red-the same disgusting set up as anywhere else.
Strangely, many of the problems I would mention with a CC location would be fixed or people would actually suffer for thier misdeeds.

Secret Government Informer "Karen Sullivan" Infiltrated Minnesota Activist Groups
It kind of creeps me out that this agent uses a story that is exactly like mine. That she was from Boston, had a difficult childhood and had severed ties with her family in order to get sympathy.That really does make real Targets look bad doesn't it? I've experienced this before, perps trying to get sympathy and connect with the Target by claiming that some part of thier life story has similar circumstances to the Target's.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Raytheon Branches Located Next To Hotel Burlington, MA Where Torture Through Probable Chip/Harassment Took Place

I published this and got curious about looking up on maps exactly what is down in Burlington MA around that hotel.

There are multiple Raytheon departments around the hotel in Burlington, MA where I used to stay frequently and experienced multiple instances of  harassment or outright torture.!4m2!2m1!4b1?hl=en

I believe this has much to do with a change in leadership at Raytheon. And perhaps mayor Menino dying and even the change in administrations locally running Cambridge and Boston. They all have come about at roughly the same time frame.

Ive posted that my paternal grandfather worked for Raytheon (as a technical draftsman artist I found out from his obituaries ) but the short time I knew my dad's family after tracking them down in 1990 I was always told he was simply a carpenter.
I believe my mother's family mentioned this also.

The father in the foster home I was in from age 1-6 where I experienced ritual abuse and programming worked at Raytheon at a lowly position and like my mother's family pedopholia was present.
One of his son's-in-laws worked at Raytheon in a higher capacity which I was never familiarized with. His salary was good for the times as he had a big house in Marlborough, MA.

Raytheon central headquarters has always been Waltham, MA where my mother's family  has lived since the turn of the 20th century. My grandmother is going to pass away soon in the house her father built. Her parents were European immigrants working as house servants in Weston so they had exposure to wealthy people in the area.
My grandmother and grandfather met in the US Marines where of course my mother was born and became a radiation experiementee in Maryland.

I believe this is enough to be at least a lead as well as the timing of my actually being able to see these connections coincides with many changes in governance locally as well as in Raytheon itself

Swanson began as CEO at Raytheon in 2003. When my campaign went 24/7.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mayor Of NYC During 9-11, Republican Rudy Giuliani Was NY U.S. Attorney General Presiding Over Military Child Abuse Cases Connected To Michael Aquino and Day Care Abuse

"Back in 1984, Giuliani was U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. During that time, allegations began to surface about physical and sexual abuse perpetrated on children at the day care center at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. The allegations were addressed by West Point officials in a significant manner after a 3 year old girl was seen by a military physician for a lacerated vagina. With two of the alleged abusers being civilian workers at the day care, the matter was turned over to the FBI to investigate, and Giuliani was in charge of the case. After Giuliani failed to indict any one for the abuse, some of the parents filed a civil suit and were eventually awarded $2.7 million from the government in 1991. The Times Herald Record, the local paper, covered the allegations, but the story was picked up nationally after Giuliani failed to indict anyone. The Washington Post ran a story on how one of the fathers refused promotion over anger that no criminal charges were filed and it seemed like more interest was put towards protecting West Point's image than protecting children or justice."
"An Army doctor rejected promotion to major at a public ceremony yesterday because, he said, officials have failed to respond adequately to charges that his daughter, 3, and other children were sexually abused at the day care center at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

Capt. Walter R. Grote, 33, told a gathering at a promotion ceremony at Fort Dix, N.J., "I cannot accept promotion in a system that at first refused to acknowledge and now refuses to deal with the victims of extensive child abuse that occurred at the West Point Child Development Center."

Connections to The Franklin Cover Up

More Amusing Instances Of Major Media Entertainer's Making Money Off Of Military Contractors

As if that photo in the last post of Conan O'brien looking like a bum literally and figuratively leaning on a military industrial contractor at some event wasnt sweet enough..I found this a month ago. And was saving it for just the right time.

More Trouble for U.S. Bulletproof Vest Maker:

Its all so f*ckin' glamorous, isn't it?

Tabloid Baby's Mitzvahpalooza photos help convict war profiteer in fraud case:

Raytheon-New Leadership, Contractors Advocating For Syria War As 'Experts' In Big Media/The Actual Human Cost Of Raytheon

Chairman of the Raytheon Board of Directors; Thomas A. Kennedy elected Chairman of the Raytheon Board of Directors effective October 1, 2014

Swanson To Step Down; Kennedy To Become Raytheon CEO

Thomas A. Kennedy, Ph.D.
Chairman of the Board and
Chief Executive Officer
Raytheon Company

William H. Swanson
Retired Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer
Raytheon Company

Raytheon Punishes Chief Executive for Lifting Text
"The Raytheon Company board today reduced the 2006 compensation package of its chief executive, William H. Swanson, who admitted to lifting portions of his book, "Swanson's Unwritten Rules of Management," from other texts."

Conan O'Brien with Raytheon CEO Swanson

 'What would I do without them? And all I have to do is pull some media tricks on my show as part of ongoing domestic psy ops.'

The Military-Industrial Pundits: Conflicts of Interest Exposed for TV Guests Who Urged Syrian War

Military Pundits Cover Up Conflicts of Interest Re Syria

Conflicts of interest in the Syria debate

An analysis of the defense industry ties of experts and think tanks who commented on military intervention

Automating the Spanish Inquisition

Do these seem like people who would care about victimizing human beings for unethical human experimentation or torture under secret government 'classified'/black budget projects? (And perhaps 'the millionare's club' for thier own amusement.)

Growth of Corporate Power and Profiteering

Military Contractors Are Large Contributors To US Federal Officials/Contractors and Secret MK Ultra Type Projects

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lead Singer Of Significant Black Metal Band Died 2012-Trondr Nefas of Urgehal from Norway

(Significant to me in the GS /SRA campaign but unless you understand it all, it wont get believed anyway.)

Damn. One of my inspirations for keeping going especially for revenge is gone.
I am too tired to find the original post I made about this band's part in the original little group of tormentors (isnt that one of the popular names they give themselves?).
 I mean this is about  Ritual Abuse and much of what went on coincided with the war from the USA, Bush and other very black magickal people in power. If you dont know what I am talking about read up on how 9-11 was simply a black magick ritual (amplified by technologies). Bush being a black magician or the very effective acting servant of.
Elite European families. Nazism and Eugenics in Scandinavia. Satanic Ritual Abuse.

"Otravia - 03.06.2012 at 03:10
He didn't kill himself, it was no OD. The police didn't consider it necessary to make an autopsy and neither did we. He had been going through a lot of effort getting to the cabin and hadn't slept during that night. When he finally fell asleep, his bare feet were touching the ground, and it was rather cold. During his sleep, either a heart attack or brain concussion occurred (he was blue when they found him). Natural enough? I can tell it was a peaceful death and in no way self-inflicted. He had for long been on his way to getting in better health. He was at peace with himself and with the ones he left behind. Full of plans and optimism, and, as he stated himself, feeling better than he could ever remember. Apparently he had achieved what he needed on this sorry ass planet. Death is complete.

Written by Otravia on 03.06.2012 at 03:10"

I actually feel sympatico with the people up there now. Many of the Travelers I meet look just like northern European peoples. Backpacks, open land. Its familiar to me now.

I dislike having something to fight against or fuel my fire. I would have never been able to get revenge of course, not really because everything thats done through this system is done quietly, all the pay offs and opportunities or successes given to people is made to seem random. Just like the harassment and destruction of the Target on a daily basis.

America has changed so much. I wasnt allowed to grow with the culture. Ive become more familiar with the cultures of the people who spawned all that happened during those years than my own. Learning about parts of Europe I never would have paid attention to been shown the underground scenes of I have learned that these areas as well as most of Europe has been invaded by mass immigration that is destroying the cultures there.

These are our people. If you arent directly Scandinavian you can be if you are Irish or from any of that area, you are part Scandinavian. You see it in everyone you meet in the northeast anyway that is Irish or Scottish. Especially in Boston where the Irish are very tall, strong and they drink and fight alot. People in California will say they are Irish but they are small,scrawny types. Many of our ancestors here come from County Cork a Viking settlement.

More down south and up along northern USA people look more like descended directly from northern Europe.
I've read so much I now understand the mystery of the white people up there that sort of makes them feared, even hated or shunned as a culture by Americans-they arent really all European or 'white'. Much of that population is mixed with native indigenous Arctic stone age peoples called Sami. This makes them look different and thier artwork differs from western Europe.
It also explains why some of them resemble Russians or eastern Europeans-all mixed with Arctic indigenous peoples. And in myself I now understand what it is that scares normal people about me. Why I have Asiatic features...why it used to be so eerie to me that I looked at Chinese women and would notice the slight resemblances.

I am now dedicated to the cultural awareness and preservation (from here anyway with little resources) of European cultures but especially these barbarians up north-who in thier quest to do me harm actually have endeared themselves to me. Perhaps all along there was some intent to do me the favor of waking me up from being asleep under American culture. Maybe it was just ancient voices calling out to be heard, actually through black metal music as the only means of anti-government sanctioned Christianity and the invaders now destroying Europe under the deceptions of cheap labor, PC and Equality.

Its interesting to entertain the thought that the spirits of stone age native peoples are becoming more active, trying to be heard as the planet becomes severely damaged and human life/Nature becomes threatened.

Looking at the Saami there is something silent about them, unlike the American Native 'indian' with the Peace Pipe and the nature of wanting to communicate. They are hiding things, they arent communicative. Theres a lot of bright, oddly matched colors maybe to be seen in snowy conditions and noises in the voice that perhaps go over large open spaces well or can be heard that distance-in storms.

Years ago I read that there are old stories of Germanic warriors coming back from the dead to fight battles. The make up used looks a lot like the black metal scenes death make up.

I think all of the artistic expressions of this culture were from ancestral ancient life and perfectly natural. I've also read that the corporate powers that be have tried thier best to shut this culture down and they are too clever about infiltration to allow it to occur. I've posted things on here about Mossad actually keeping tabs on this scene due to the activities of NSBM bands.

Its weird and off putting when you see pics of fat, closeted gay white guys going postal at some school here in the USA but it might have been more marketable coming out of Europe especially a now immigrant oppressed Europe. I think they wanted to get rid of as many factors as possible that would interfere with the NWO.

As usual artists are the greatest threat to oppression.

There is real indication that due to some weird conspiracy, people in the music industry hated me enough to want to actually see me harmed and killed. When other kinds of media people do psy ops stuff on me as a Target its usually a bit more impersonal. You know they are doing it to get ahead, stay working or to belong. Its really stupid and so are they.
But the hate involved from this population of mostly males was amazing. WTF did I do?

Its not my fault I started to deprogram. Its also not my fault I was born into SRA. Its so hard to tell what everyone's intentions were or are.

I know that I have the material for a book that's important and fascinating to people interested in it. I am now educated about what is really going on with the NWO and the attempted destruction of our ancestral homelands. I've internalized a belief system to counter that. I pass the truth along to others whenever I can.

Being in this by nature is so odd. Is someone trying to get me to wake up and protect me or are they simply being cruel, trying to destroy me becuz I'm a woman (that's what they do) or is it becuz I'm in danger of 'telling' on cult?
Do they simply hate the fact I have duel boot programming and have a side that's not Satanic in nature but more diplomatic with other religions? Do they think I'm from 'Gods Army' (which seems and sounds ridiculous. Does such a thing actually exist)?

Lately I feel whatever I was feeding off of has been taken away. The system seems to want me to actually go back to having a normal life and peace (ick). Uh, its a bit much to ask after going through all this but this system is always a pain in the ass that asks too much of the people it pushes around.

I still don't get any of this. I was deprogramming. I wanted to go to a hypnotist, recall memories, get rid of them and thier hold on me and move on. To use my life experience to be a therapist and do art on the side. Why the f*ck was this many years of this necessary?

I suppose if it was to try to destroy me, its been done. I have no future.

Then again...neither do many of the key people involved in my demise. I notice people dropping off lately very quickly. So, I suppose this is the power that comes with inheriting whatever comes from sacrifice (not willful) and years of hard work?
I will try to be responsible with it. A lot of people, I mean a lot including everyone who died because of the wars during Bush/Obama-died for whatever is happening now in the USA.

Caution should be used by myself as well, perhaps I am going to be killed off too. America has a distinct lack of energy about it and a darkness hangs over my hometown area (Boston) like never before in years past.

My ex, who looks just like a lot of these guys, Jake, is living in an expensive house in Hollywood and convincing himself he's happy slicing up other people's films instead of doing what he loved truly doing best-singing and playing in his own band. Once they get you when you are newly clean and sober, this system of brainwash can intimidate and convince you of anything. All they do is use people-pieces on a chess board.

I however hold fast onto the days and years before I was ripped from my old life, my real life-as I was. Nothing is going to pull me fully into this nonsense I've been forced to live in for the past 11 years as if its truly where I deserved to belong.

My book will set things back again to where they were. The timeline may not be able to be fixed or lived again as it should have been but at least the break and false change can be...mapped out to people. Perhaps many more of us can move on with our lives not be trapped. I'm sure the Satanic community has a lot to do with wanting to trap people in a living hell.
But its fixable.

I like Zeena Lavey's explanation of discovering things are not as they seemed:
"Zeena reportedly discovered that her father was a fake.

According to Zeena Schreck this was: "due to the intervention of the god Seth, who awakens through harsh disillusionment or scorn or through the shattering of everything that you thought was real being torn from you..."

Zeena says: "I began teaching black magic independently from the church..."

She temporarily joined General Aquino's Temple of Set, which she describes as "another abusive and corruptive group, and not at all what I was interested in."

She doesn't piss me off like everyone else does mixed up in this. Maybe she should, I don't know. She's a Slav-we have something in common or maybe its just that once again-women by nature are helpful to each other as opposed to when there is male aggression involved.
 I resent male interference so much that if males were trying to help me I wouldn't understand that's what they were doing.

Who knows. Its been so long now.

Seems the Scandinavian governments were wise to invest in thier artists after all. Black metal is now a major export of certain countries and I've demonstrated that they serve as cultural enrichment if not preservation. Lost American's can reconnect to thier homelands, now in peril due to NWO aspirations.

And its given me something to permanently hold onto throughout this ordeal (that I can connect to through that small part of my programming that is dark in nature) because everything I once knew or had is gone and cannot be recovered. Family, friends, lovers, youth, community-everything.  Perhaps that was its purpose.

Maybe its just that metal musicians die with some frequency. I've looked at the sites and its amazing how much work and human life go into this music. Which is worth it of course.

During the war years- the covert wars and post 9-11 Bush era.

The singer looks really overweight here and its like he is having trouble with his mobility. The power is still there but keeping it together and singing seems difficult. In 2011 they had someone else singing with him on guitar. Maybe he was sick and they were hiding it.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Mass Art/Northeastern Area Is So Sold Out To The NWO Agenda and Gang Stalking

First off the female Latino security guard downstairs today messed with me. Trying to be a typical hard ass like we are in a prison she kept demanding to know what floor I was going to even though I told her that I was logging it in the sign in sheet. At the end, I answered with saying I didnt recall what floor the library was on and she told me but it was obvious that she wanted to win a power struggle. To make me behave under her authority and why is that?

Becuz walking up the stairs to the security desk, I made a comment about the grossly pretentious annoying upper middle no class snobs who were talking about the typical shit they do in Boston nowadays where old money has wisely moved away from the cities-a younger girl was fawning an older man's ego about his great taste becuz he had a French bulldog and he proceeded to then to kind of ignore her and speak about .."when we were in France"..and I just could not take the content and tones of voice that were these typical people in the city nowadays who are horribly middle and like to brag or simply play with the idea of power simply becuz they get to suck off of the real money and power in this little area of the northeast.

As I got past them my comment to myself was simply "oh no! Upper-middle snobs" as in like "oh no, Mr Bill" sort of tone. This prison guard type woman immediately did not like this by the look on her  face.

Many excuses are used to do what she did, which is basically interfering with my freedom of speech as well as interrogation without cause in a manner that was more like you would treat a prisoner than a member of the public using the college resources. Totally outrageous. And the content of what I said did not sound insane just critical and classist. So I am being harassed by authority in a manner that is simply to make me behave (which is basically the purpose of most authorities nowadays- as part of the class and race wars to ensure the success of the NWO for the elite and their loyal house slaves like her).

And I DO NOT HAVE MY BACKPACK with me today. I simply looked a bit alternative and not as conformist as all these art students look nowadays. I cannot believe how sold out the art schools are in this area. I still cant believe how viscous the gang stalking was from the museum school and Mass Art teachers, employees and some students back during Bush. For years around Northeastern was one of the biggest organized harassment/gang stalking hot spots in this city. Harvard Medical School is just up the street in Longwood and anywhere Harvard has anything its a bad spot for gang stalking and harassment.

I dont know if I posted about how librarians used to perhaps give me a hard time here, the way they do at MIT but lately this past two months they have actually taken to performing actual gesturing. Psychological warfare tactics. There used to be a cool alternative looking guy my age working here but I haven't seen him. He used to ask me how my books were going and he remembered I write and travel.

The guy who works in the library whos here like everyday whos clean cut- I have always gotten a bad vibe from him.
Maybe he is aware of who I am and my activism or maybe not. I dont recall him doing any tactics outright like back pocket taps or any of the ones I am anchored with now- its a small list. They really have been successful in finding the NLP that will control my behavior the most effectively.

Its the females working in the library and some students who only show up after I am here that have done gesturing tactics as part of gang stalking. In the past year or so the metro Boston area has been utilizing very attractive almost perfect faced, young thin females to do gang stalking. I suppose as I lose my youth and looks then they change the perps accordingly. They used to have the ugliest, scariest people do the harassment around the country- to scare me probably as well as make me lose touch with my assets as a person.
 Its been a huge thing for them- the way I look.Many lower level perps are obsessed with it.

In years prior perps had hatred, they were sometimes nervous in what they were doing, mischievous, confused, misguided even when it was obvious they were being controlled by handlers in a group (like the old Boston hostel in Fenway now gone, run by that fat black guy and that nasty Latino man-owned by an old white guy and the workers were these wayward white rich kids very into marijuana. One of the reasons I have become so militant about racial awareness and self defense in my life is seeing the children of rich whites treated like slaves under people like those two guys that ran that hostel. Many times blacks are in charge of operations and it sickens me to death becuz you sense from them this total lack of human conscience or a determination to make a Target behave themselves for the system, like a good little slave. Thats what Malcolm X used as a term. House slaves on plantations used to inform on field slaves in order to enjoy a job in the Big House and even assist in retrieving runaway field slaves. Its incredible that nothing much has changed for many of the people whos roots are in that culture.)
There was an obese African American at Pine Street women's Inn running something shady out of there becuz when she saw me back in town and in the shelter years ago she was not pleased.
The black community makes illegal money and then utilizes assistance, scraping that together they can actually have pretty good incomes in total. Thier quality of life sucks but its as if they dont notice.They are just satisfied to live better than poverty.

Thier own personal morals and self worth are so shot, so degraded and they are kept that way-that they will do anything to maintain. And being able to live out revenge fantasies or have power over whites finally is also a motivator I assume.

Just look at our little security guard downstairs.She was certainly trying to make me behave to a social norm which isnt her damn job.

If anyone looks 'artsy' its me. Yet, I register as a threat to this area generally nowadays.

Its all part of the NWO and the decline of western civilization. Anyone not willing to join the mindless upper middle class YUPpie consumers who like to think they live well and richly, will be shoved down into the lower classes and if that doesnt work-you are a threat to the status quo.

Its totally bizarre to be disliked in an art school or surrounded by hard eyed, apathetic, sheepish kids in such a place.

They are probably all concerned with getting careers after school and not in making art. Its so sad. And obviously any dissident people or forces at work are targeted and squelched so they cannot exist.

The oppression in Boston is unbelievable to me. Its some of the worst in the country as far as losing liveliness and sheep taking over the area, freedom no longer being respected and the great sell out to corporations, banks and neighborhoods controlled by business associations.

This entire experience of seeing this process evolved over the last ten years or so has been like slowly moving into east Germany or the USSR or places with those descriptions of oppression, spying and a public complacent in the process-so they can get what they need to live.

Whats amazing is the agreement between these sheep and thier authorities-that the authorities are there to handle undesirables as well as provide safety services or policing. Its just accepted nowadays and has been since 9-11. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Realization-Cant Function Anymore In The USA

If they want me out of the USA then i will go. Theres never going to be any kind of justice for me anyway.

The country and various businesses would lose billions of dollars if it was revealed that the country was psycho managed and wars and terrorism involve influencing and manipulating people and events using technology, chemical influence and psychological operations.

It's no use, hopeless. Trying to live in the United States or write a book even if it was written under science fiction.

The people behind this are so viscous and greedy that its pointless to stand up to them in the country that they own.

Ive done my bit here and it seems nothing else can be done.

This culture is absolutely disgusting to me now. Society has degenerated so much and its not going to improve again.

Its best I go somewhere else.

Hopelessness And A Sense Of Defeat Being Used In Psy Warfare Campaign

Heavy gang stalking like EVERYWHERE, all the time EVERYDAY in this area. I think Ive been here too long, a year now and its probably the longest I've spent here since I became targeted 24/7 and started to travel when I became homeless in 2006.

There isnt a moments peace and people are doing tactics everywhere I go, people or locations you could tell before were in on it by thier behavior but they just didn't do anything tactical. Just gave me attitude or something like that or people working in a certain place gave me a hard time now its a blanketing of consistent gang stalking tactics.

I think they dont want me staying in one place this long becuz I will get well known to people locally. I could be an attempt to continue to keep me 'on the run' like in years before.

The environment here is ultimately depressing and causing hopelessness around my completing my project. Giving up trying is definitely being pushed and its different from years prior where torture might have been present causing hopelessness or depression in a temporary moment where I could come back from it or it would cause a level of torment I could push against and still function.

Now its the effect Ive never had before which is to give in based not on adversity directly going up against me but the idea that no one cares, no one is listening, my work does not matter, its been too long, its gone too far, the world is bigger than I am, in the big picuture I dont matter and I am just one person. The worst is that one person was sacrificed so that alot of people could benefit.
Just settle down, dont travel, let alot of things go.

Its a strange effect I have never encountered or perhaps I have I just always left the area. WTF is this anyway? How can whatever they are using Monday-Friday be so effective in convincing a long time activist whos work is based on thier life being taken from them that that life's work is now unworthy of being finished or that one person's ambitions or goals dont matter in relation to society?

Its a total destruction of my individuality. Its like they are marketing integration into society here in this area. The now constant gang stalking, this obsession with trying to figure out why things have changed since Menino died and becoming bitter towards his time in office (which is unfair becuz I cant be sure if life was better or worse during his time as mayor. It just seems that torture was used but I had less instances of daily interactions with perps blanketing the area EVERYWHERE I went).

Its amazing the demotivational effect. To no longer have the desire to call lawyers or even ask about my situation? They are making me feel very bad and unimportant and certainly are using my having a backpack and being 'homeless' against me everyday I travel around Boston moreso than Cambridge and using my probation situation against me, along with constant gang stalking everywhere in order to make me feel fallen from grace and/or shunned or isolated from the community.

The interface is still very much there and its really annoying. I get this false interface constantly that lots of people read my blogs, even the one that I dont have posted here as its content is different.

And I cant really write about what I want to freely. I cant think straight, I cant get out what I want to say, Im totally censored and kept down. I also have the effect of feeling like EVERYTHING I do, listen to on my mp3 or say or write is being monitored which is also new. NO PRIVACY at all, and that also goes away slowly on the weekends. People are reading supposedly but my work is of no consequence. Which isnt true becuz less people are reading my blog than ever before according to the stats that come up when I open it..which I ignore. Ive always just wanted to do this for myself or to expose the system for others or for my own revenge or self defense. I am now not allowed to please myself but must care about what society at large thinks or judges which is bullshit because I am kept isolated by perps and psy ops which is not society at large but a small controlled environment locally. Which of course they dont want me to leave now theyve had thier claws into me for a year.

Only on days like this, Saturdays and Sundays can I feel that the control breaks. Its like clouds breaking up and sunlight showing through. Ive posted this for years that in this area I often feel like I am not present in my body like I dont get to experience life organically. I have some independence some control. I can feel my strength in my body I can sense the space around me. I feel my own human strength and power, I feel I am in control and the interface is less.

This area of the country has become under total control using tourism and security since the bombing as excuses. Its not even a decent place to live anymore. It doesnt even exist, you cant realllly actually exist freely here as a human being.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Former CIA Director David Petraeus Tells Of An Integrated North America
“highly integrated” does not necessarily mean opening of borders and merging of countries.

I had one of the most peaceful and productive times of being a Target during this man's time as head of the CIA. I wonder if that is the reason he got pushed out, obviously the sex scandal was on purpose and designed by people who wanted him out.

I had the ability to go ahead with plans to write my book and was making headway, a feeling of peace and right about my project. After he resigned that all went to hell and with the changing of the local administrations here in Boston and Cambridge, I am held back more than ever. Not by torture as years ago but by hopelessness and a sense of being displaced-forever. Everything that was, that I knew that had been preserved here in my hometown that I used to depend on to return to as my one place of familiarity and consistency is now gone. Destroyed by an covert anti homeless campaign, cleverly put forth by local authorities and street players alike as well as YUPpies. Either there are a good number of agents placed in this population in this area or they are just on board to try to get rid of people they see as unsavory or they could just be so brainwashed by now as much time has passed, they genuinely believe that all homeless people or people with backpacks are of bad character- not even thinking that these are potential activists, targeted whistle blowers, freedom fighters.

All reason is gone in this area. Most of the kids act as if all homeless people in thier perception are going to act crazy. You dont see that in other areas of the country. Boston is so tightly controlled its ridiculous. There is no freedom here. Everyone on the trains is depressed, uptight and paranoid living thier lives. Its such a far cry from what this area used to be about.

It seems that one of Michael Aquino's tactics to win using psy ops via MINDWAR is being used right now and I am fully controlled by it daily: the idea that continuing to fight is futile becuz there can be no victory anyway. That Ive already lost.

This is recent. This is in the past year or so perhaps a bit longer. I never used to care what others thought of my project, what effect my book would have or who would read it. It was my job to do so and that is that.

Why was my experience under his time at the CIA so positive? My gang stalking experience depends heavily on who is head of powerful agencies in the United States. More generally, who is president but the real concern seems to be who is running the intel agencies.
And what he was privvy to about Benghazi wasnt pretty either. That it was being used as a cover for an operation to arm rebels.

When Hayden was head of the CIA it was the worst time of torture. I almost was killed.
He resembles Michael Aquino even and it wouldn't surprise me if he didnt have some of the same private nasty habits. Read the arrogant joking around about Snowden:

However its speculated that Snowden is just one of those people they put out there when the black budgets are threatened.

I f*cking hate this man beyond belief. There are so many sick f*cks mostly males involved in my gang stalking campaign. If its not the ones from the Republican side its the Democrats. It doesnt matter becuz they serve the same agenda and what kind of sadistic sick sh*t they get up to privately in a group one can never tell.

I know that the influence I felt was much more positive that it is today. Perhaps the key word here is influence. Even though I had a positive experience, there was still suggestion and influence at work. Even though it didnt consist of torture like under Hayden, its still manipulation utilizing the system of mind control thats been used all along.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Illuminati Symbolism On McDonalds French Fry Box

I dont feel so bad now about having the McD's bait me so I lost it and got arrested for tagging what I felt ( and what everyone around here is afraid to say) about the jerks working in there. This company is on the top of the list for gang stalking harassment done on their premises as well as really creepy vibes from their security cameras in every single store across the nation, some causing actual forced speech or behavior.
Much of the time the staff are not just low quaility people by chance becuz everyone has to work and sometime in life many people find themselves working a low wage job. Its a job. I would work if I could. Its been one of the cruelest things all these years preventing me from working and growing and earning.

I actually had one of the workers there whisper to me something along the lines of pretty soon all of the trash are going to be gone from the area around Central or the cities generally. This must have been one of the newer people working there who didnt know who I was.

Now when I see the Latino female manager working in the McDonalds in the food court of the Longwood medical area in Boston that serves the multiple hospitals there, she snickers at the sight of me. A Target this arrogant bitch and all her little cronies finally got to react. If it wasnt for the new administrations in the area, a changing of the guard, they woudlnt have gottten sh*t out of me because Ive been harassed in that area for years and never reacted.

McDonalds, Walmart, Target, Greyhound, CVS, 7-11 and Starbucks all top the list. Kmart and Walgreens less consistently. Interestingly the more of a monopoly a company has the worse the level of involvement in this system. Greyhound is into outright MILAB involvement. Megabus was ok when they first started but now has perps working on the buses and as passengers. Its disgusting.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How American People Of Color Were Remade Into The Ultimate House Slaves For The Elite/Cult Mind Control-A Key Component In Mass Mind Control and Creating A NWO

Infiltrated by COINTELPRO in the 60s a branch of govt was already within the black community in the USA.

Then look at Jonestown or more appropriately, the Jonestown experiment. The CIA had taken interest in Jones when he was just a young man with a trained monkey he used in a street show to make money.
Jones's cult The People's Temple was largely African American in membership.
FBI tapes clearly show that towards the end the cult had become violent and very controlling of its members, isolated in the jungle area of South America.

Much of Jonestowns dead cult members had needle marks on them. Dead from more than just poisoned KoolAid.

The fed decides to get rid of the Mafia in the 80s. At the same time the black gangs are given drugs to sell and pump up the ghettos with cocaine...and more importantly-now empowered street gangs.

Now crime is rampant with low level gangs instead of traditional organized crime. The expendables fill up the corporate prison system, serve in the military (which is now infiltrated with multiple gangs). From these gangs has come the rap music industry which switched over to rap according to witnesses formely in the industry, in order to serve their investments in said corporate prison industry anyway.
(The entertainment industry is now fused with the military industrial complex as well as the prison industry.)

Basically very powerful people simply reinvented the black house slave of the old American south.

Then the social engineers set to creating a society out of touch with worldly reality by pushing concepts of absoluteness and generality like Equality for all and Diversity-all brainwashing and cult mind control when analyzed in the big picture.

Kids have been raised like veal held in cages with no points of reference for how the world really works. A fabricated reality completely removed from all these changes to society which have created basically one huge prison yard with gang members now infiltrating every neighborhood, well behaved and looking totally normal while remaining under total cult mind control via these engineered gangs which now not only sell drugs and other criminal services but of course do the agency's dirty work of intimidation and keeping the now sheepish American public in line. Daily intimidation. Spying.

When Obama has mandated that every single town and city in the USA take in blacks and other 'people of color' by requiring low income housing (projects we call them here) anywhere it does not exist he is doing so under the brainwashing of Equality and Diversity.

What is really occuring, taking into account what goes on in the real world is exactly whats going on in small, peaceful European countries with mass immigration-introducing a percentage of loyal, mind controlled house slaves who ultimately serve the elites special interests.

One big plantation. A return to a Medieval feudal system.

All by using mass mind control.

The allies learned alot from Hitler and the research such as Project Paperclip that MK Ultra is rooted in.

Mass mind control isnt just about using electromagnetic and microwave technologies or chemical influences like chemtrails or drugs quietly administered to the masses in public spaces or transportation or buildings etc.
It requires an engineering of an environment. One that would not exist naturally. Where people dont have the freedom to gather by free association but are arranged by powerful special interests-manipulated to serve their purposes.

This is why the NWO is seen by many as resulting in the total enslavement of mankind.
There is much authorities aren't telling the public about the moves they are making.
Much of the public seem unaware of changes in foriegn countries like mass immigration and the war like environments its creating, damaging millenia old ethnic societies such as Scandinavia. Systematic rape by immigrants is being used as armies would in war conflicts.

Even though people have access to the world wide web, most Americans only take in the news thats presented to them by mass media. They have the illusion of 'choice' and dont see they are victims of mind control via information manipulation.

As the agencies say "Perceptions must be managed". I picked this up off of a govt website, i forget if its the CIA or FBI. They probably took it down anyway.

All you have to do is go searching for info you are not supposed to be looking for. Which now that Google has control of the internet under the guise of sponsered results and other censorship Ive experienced, 'surfing' no longer lands you in interesting places anymore like it used to.

Obama is the quiet, unassuming oppressor. Once again race cards are being used to ensure no hard questions are asked nor accusations taken seriously.

Every city ive traveled to has either chosen to go upward and gentrify to become populated by militant, ambitious YUPpies, Hipsters and the gang connected African American or Mexican house slave population and third world immigrant populations who also have a percentage who are on board in this NWO engineering of society.

Anywhere else that used to he half way decent lower middle class or middle has degenerated into resembling African American ghettos regardless of the race of it's citizens.
If not, areas strong in religious cults like Mormons are involved of course using the religious cult as the mind control group.
Ive seen this first hand in Utah.

Cult mind control has become the key to the New World Order enslavement of humanity.

Notice how everyone is part of a group now. Its all group memberships to survive.
Corporations, gangs, Masonic or Illuminati membership, even YUPpies and Hipsters are groups with very specific dress and lifestyles.

The 'Loner', formely the ultimate heroic figure of the 1960s and 70s has become villified due to the recurring violent actions of 'lone shooters'. Obama always describes people as "acting alone". The problem of terrorism is groups acting outside the group norm: 'seperatists'. Seperate from THE GROUP or THE NORM.

Every single way that the world is now described to people is in childish terms that discourage critical thinking, questioning or reason. We are now no better off than a trapped congregation in a church where the preacher and his helpers-with the help of the sheriff and the madam and hired outlaw gunslingers, has decieved the townspeople that straying from the flock will result in burning in hell, which is made very real by his cronies everyday they step outside-and step out of line.

A frontier is being created by destroying nations, cultures, accurate history, scientific findings that dont fit into the agenda even races of people.

Humans are naturally trying to defend themselves with nationalism and defending their land, women and children. This is being punished. In Europe where they no longer have weapons to defend themselves and freedom of speech is being outlawed (look it up. Its true) anyone challenging this NWO agenda is being silenced, jailed or simply destroyed.

Cult mind control is a key component to mass mind control.

In this new frontier you can choose to exist in the controlled, policed (not necessarily by police but by cult mind controlled human 'drones') false environment created for human slaves or you can be aware of whats going on and not be fooled. Perhaps even create new environments, which is something they don't want people to see exists as an opportunity with the re engineering of society and humanity they are doing.

New niches and communities can be carved out in this new world-for those of us who want freedom and dislike by nature being mindless slaves to daily torture, brainwashing, shaming, deception and a sick society.

Be very aware that many People Of Color and Zionists are involved in this by being brainwashed into a secret cult thats basically living out revenge fantasies for slavery, inequality, unfairness and the Holocaust. Even exile from their original homeland.
These people are now on par with crazy eyed, brainwashed Nazis (not surprising considering Project Paperclip's involvememt in the evolution of the New World Order) who want to create a false perfect world order, complete with a 'master race' which is supposed to bring the pipe dream of 'world peace' and 'the promised land'. (The people believing they are left wing Liberal types for Equality have actually claimed that humans can be so racially interbred as to destroy differences between races thus create world peace. A 'master race'.)

Any African American who is a poasible threat to this agenda is targeted. Theres a large population of black people in the Targeted Individual community and due to the threat, many of them are COINTELPRO like agents posing as TIs. Plants, infiltrators, agents.
And don't forget about the heavy use of the scum of humanity who have no conscience to do their dirty work. People in trouble are sought after by this system. Kind of like the Dark Brotherhood in games like Skyrim. Video games began as training for Russian military. They are still utilized for training of humans. Ive seen 12 year olds have no problem making the moral decision of killing an innocent in a videogame so a dark brotherhood will then offer him their money, power, protection. Theres no real world or human consequences. This is why automated war in real life is a grave mistake also. There's no consequences in a false environment.

They've made sure that modern humans are under drug like control at every turn. If its not video games altering consciousness then its psychiatry. Food. If not those then gang memberships in street gangs, groups, religion etc.
Ive seen an increase of new style urban YUPpie and Hipster Christian churches in the Boston and Cambridge area. They reek of being mind control fronts.

Even the foreign terrorists are controlled by cultish religious belief.

It isn't hard to use the concept of a Promised Land to an already damaged former African slave population who are still kept from defining the reality of who and where they come from. AfroCentrism is another system of deception meant to keep peoples of African descent from their true history and identity and to make them into seperatists in civilization.

Slavers have always known the value of breeding with captive populations right off, so their rule will last forever via the insertion of their DNA into the population.

This is exactly what is being done with forced mass immigration into small countries in Europe and everyplace else.

I firmly believe any areas with any natural reaistance, cultures like Japan and the American southwest which has Natives that wont accept blacks or foreigners on what is still their land rightly so) has to be degraded or destroyed. Not only is Fukushima suspect but so is the nucleat accident in Carlsbad NM-still unexplained.

Native American reservations have been infiltrated by the feds since the 70s uprisings and protests, perhaps even causing them who knows. Many reservations have Natives emulating black gangs and these people will do intimidation work on Targets.

The gang tactic of mind control has reached across the globe. Its very effective and as mentioned, the intertwined industry complexes create the environments in which this 'culture' will thrive.

Many Christian churches and religious organizations are not what they claim, are infiltrated and fully involved in mind control. Ive seen evidence of big tv churches and tv religious channels using mind control or suggestive technologies on the public towards this agenda.

People under mind control are very dangerous and this has become the norm in American society. This would be just like any other civilization in history except today there is scientific advancement that makes it a different situation.

Absolute control of mankind on a large scale is now possible which isnt what Nature intended. We have free Will and minds to reason which are being made unavailable to us now.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Profile Of The Hipster-A Culture Infiltrated By Gang Stalking Perpetrators

WHY ARE SO MANY OF THESE PEOPLE INVOLVED IN GANG STALKING or at least know who the Target is and their situation?

Looks like they never quite get far from their successful well off backgrounds.

Protecting daddy's castle is still a priority.

They are the biggest pain in the ass in Austin. So many perps..dressed in knee length black pants and annoying tshirts. With the moustaches, beards and haircuts. The glasses-the annoying shoes.Its awful.

Unless its simply a case of intelligence services or military has infiltrated this population.
The perps do indeed like to hide out in herds like black gangs, Hipsters, even Crusty Rainbow kids and Greatful Dead Family.
Blacks i can understand due to COINTELPRO infiltration in the 60s then the making of black gangs for dealing drugs for the govt (via CIA, Iran Contra, Bush etc).
But so many of these young people.

I dont know which is more creepy andathetic.

Hipster perps are certainly more creepy as males to begin with. And its always male Hipsters doing tactical psychological warfare. Ive never seen a female 'Hipster' pulling this crap.

Its a shame becuz the normal Hipsters I've encountered are usually decent. Beats the heartless, militant yUPpies and ghetto blacks in downtown areas in certain cities...ahem-Seattle for instance. GS is rampant there anyways. Its so bad in the Northwest that a New Englander like myself just mentally reclines and begins to take it in as entertainment.  

Getting gang stalked in that region is so surreal it borders on a UFO abduction experience. The people out there are just so..unreal and there isnt one moments fuckin peace.

In TX at least theres a sense of business (corruption) as usual, which is typical human behavior.
Except for Hipsters who in Austin arent normal at all.
Theres a creepy, butt-hurt-male Hipster working at a certain store I frequent occasionally for gear here in Boston.
Hes probably between ten to twenty years younger than me yet each time i deal with him I feel as if Im dealing with my disapproving dad..who has to watch me all the time.
Creepster more like actually.
Theres something oddly misogynist about the Hipster culture..and of course they know thats going to piss me off.   
That and the endless jerk off low level gang members and guys in pick up trucks.

Whats sad is some of their anti establishment lifestyle is like mine. Thrift stores etc.
 Its like an old Berkeley, CA resident said to me once: "In the old days, people WANTED t be out here. Now they HAVE TO be". that makes it less 'revolutionary'? In fact those conditions make it moreso. But thats the threat-an actual real uprising of a peasant population as opposed to the 60s where you were still accepted as a citizen. Now it feels like you are being exhiled out of the US altogether.

A fun parody on Hipster terrorism:  

Yes. Metal will save us.

An Example Of Slander/Smear In A Historical Context

Sunday, November 2, 2014

A New Series Of Posts From OnMC Wordpress Blog: You Are Being Brainwashed 1- Satanic WENDY'S Logo

Chemtrails Over Cambridge, 10/19/14-Posted To Appropriate Day But Never Posted Previously

Former Mayor Menino Dies? Was He Friend Or Foe?

Menino passed away? I only glanced at something the other day that said he had cancer. I was totally unaware.

Once again cancer strikes again in the game of powerful people involved in these affairs but he did have previous skin cancers.

What occured during his being in office was so vile, so inhuman. And the way Boston got the way it is today was through horrible destruction and sacrifice of innocent people.
Whoever was rich or connected got sided with or favored.

Slowly torturing the suspects to death? Hmm. Sounds alot like what went on during his administration in office. Especially post 9-11. Really it started in the mid-90s.

Then again alot of people who tried to destroy innocents got punished or caught.

One thing is sure. Whatever dark secrets he knew about what really happened during his time in office and during Bush goes with him.    

New Counter Measures In Brookline-Avoid any cameras That Are major Source Of Targeting/Detection + Locals Give To The Worst Homeless and Shun The Decent

Lots of lower quality perps today including a hysterical crew of mean girl fatties in Brookline (a burrough of Boston). The biggest one, grotesque almost, pointed her iPhone camera at me as i came out of the bathroom but her screen had nothing but texts on it when i looked.
Of course she had black and red bottoms on and as she left walking outside she had something that looked like biker gang patches on the back of her blue denim jacket. Uh its got to be more nobodies dressing up like other kinds of people like outlaw bike clubs etc to mislead Targets.
Unless bike clubs have gotten really pathetic and like the Masons are now recruiting just anyone becuz theyve been infiltrated by intelligence services or whoever is using various groups as fronts for operations.

Theres lots of new YUPpie churches popping up in the area over the last few years which is also creepy. Boston has enough established religion why would it need more?
I suppose they want to attract the YUPpies who arent satisfied and are looking for something more in life.
Better to get them into churches than have them start looking around as they leave their selfish 20s realizing whats really wrong with gentrified cities like this and start changing social conditions in a real, meaningful way. (Using their very real social status, economic success and master's or PhDs.)

I guess all the pro and very attractive perps i see in Brookline have Sunday off.

They all disappear when the blogging begins including an Asian man who was sitting next to me in coffee shop. This is right after the scary fattie girl crew left and just as i started writing.

The swarm of perps in the area disappeared.

I was ok today til they found i was in the area, begging with my coffee sign in the midst of our first wet snow here. I've learned at least how to avoid detection temporary -avoid the camera on Harvard St near Beacon St which seems to be a major source of getting fried/hit with tech but also perps come to my location much more quickly as opposed to gping around and avoiding that camera..which has a creepy microwave device attached to it on the post.

Then of course an unusually high frequency of different kinds of people wearing black and red started walking past.

It took forever to get money up for coffee milk and breakfast. This area loves to give lots of quick money to adult sex offenders (caught and registered and not caught-working for cops usually) and people who go buy crack or boose with the money they get, especially the ones begging who we know are NOT homeless.
Its a perversity of the Liberals world. I dont know if its from white guilt, ignorance or reverse racism and silent sexism but its the single most ridiculous phenomena Ive ever experienced.
The myth is that I look too good or some excuse. So i volunteer at a charity where i get decent clothes and i happen to be in an area where the thrift stores have wonderful donations from locals?
The fact is that males get way more favored out here. They absolutely hate older homeless women and i dont know why that is.
Black males by far make the most money and older white drunks if they are smart enough to get a panhandling crew together.

One thing i will always resent about this area is the way people look at me then decide they aren't going to give when i can plainly see they were going to.
Am i THAT well known as an activist and a Target?? America is a very subconsciously sick country and this is where these decisions they make like this are processed.

I will never let this area live it down that i had to struggle for little money always when I was doing something worthy yet crackheads, alcoholics and people with places to live, couch homeless or shelter rats made money like it was nothing.

Thats how ignorant this country is about The Homeless. Either that or America is as truly evil as Ive experienced as a Target and its all done purposefully becuz they know the people being self destructive with their money arent capable of being a threat to the status quo.

Foriegn Black Gang Activity In Harvard Square Used For Gang Stalking...And Libtard Terrorism Of Americans

club near Fire and Ice in Harvard Square has a large brawl usually of blacks from some shitty foreign country. no cops around and when they do arrive after 20 min of fighting they dont arrest anyone.

Ithey then terrorize the neighborhood further by walking down nearby streets to get into their cars. Tthen they are compulsed to blast the worst foriegn sh*t ive ever heard and i like a broad range of music.

whatever country they are from the culture is shitty.

The reason i am mentioning this js im considering this might be part of a gang stalking noise campaign.

obviously they have a bit of money and when they fight they make noises that indicate representing a group team...or GANG amidst whatever language they are yelling.

there have been different occassions where ive been in varying locations sleeping in the area that people from this group will do overt stalking and harassment of me from driving by wirh loud music to having a vehicle actially stay after the brawls are over and the police have gone to watch the spot im sleeping in, basically performing the BRIGHTING tactic (keeping headlights facing a Target). They only leave if i come out and they are afraid i will physically approach or film the vehicle.

tonite i said somethibg a blonde bow tied Ivy League kid causing a supposed 'good natured ruckus' with friends didnt like an inconvenient truth.

he turned in the store as if he was going to take actiion and once he saw i was homeless he immediately turned away.

the look frightened me. he didnt turn away becuz i was homeless. He turned away becuz his robber baron granddad and slave owning, opium trading family TOLD HIM ALL ABOUT PEOPLE BEING TARGETED..into 'homelessness.

So the fucking elite and alot of others in society know whats reallly going on out here. Which explains the push to covertly rid The Homeless from most American big cities.

Their gangster house slaves are as usual acceptable..and required.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Stare Of The God In Last Post-Radiation?

One more thing.

Could that part of the story..about the strength and heat of the midday sun, being akin to the Egyptian god's stare from the sky-radiation from various sources especially Fukushima is making many people sick.
 It could be responsible for more people going completely nuts in the future though from my experience in Portland OR and the west coast in 2012 it seems to just make people into quickly aging deadened zombies. Thats how I felt in Portland til I had the sense to stop drinking the local produced milk.
 Even HOOD from this area is not as healthy as TruMoo. Anything from TX feels best and I don't know why.
 The elite continue to poison the public s minds and bodies and all they do is look at their smartphones.
 It's ridiculous.  

Dragon Slayer In Ancient Myth;topic=2780.0

O always see a hawk in the sky and I know its Horus symbolism. I never realized its always on a sunny day, and the sun is high in the sky, usually the hawk will pass under the sun. I'VE got fabulous pics of the sun actually paasing over a hawk perched in place, o a street lamp midday
Other symbols were present in the area.
A street light is a lamp bringing light at night ijust realized.

I now understand the out stretched wings with the sun at its center. The hawk fusing with the sun.

Strangely, these moments of inspiration have left me along with the light and luck that seemed to be with me.

Whatever it was was the force that kept urging me to leave the country.

All is very dark here now. When i visited my beloved upper floor of the Copley Library with the room that has the paintings of The Grail quest and other images in the building this new lack of light in this area or perhaps the USA generally basically is making me feel like it was never real or true to begin with and it was all a deception.

Interesting the part about the god's stare from the sky being so hard or intense that it caused the troops to not be able to tell friend from foe.

The all seeing eye that is the communications technology and spies within the gan

Organized harassment or gang stalking system is doing just that to targeted activists.

Its so very dark here. As if nothing light ever existed at all.

A few weeks ago a hawk feather was found in Harvard Sq area. It occured to me that this is what was used as a pen to write centuries ago.

I caught the sun's illumination coming over a clock at the top of a building downtown Boston. Across the commons from the state house. As if to say 'its time'.

To finally write and get legal help. They are making it so much harder than itever was before.

I think the GS system exists to ensure capable people who could do a number of great things only do one great thing in their lifetimes.