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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Profile Of The Hipster-A Culture Infiltrated By Gang Stalking Perpetrators

WHY ARE SO MANY OF THESE PEOPLE INVOLVED IN GANG STALKING or at least know who the Target is and their situation?

Looks like they never quite get far from their successful well off backgrounds.

Protecting daddy's castle is still a priority.

They are the biggest pain in the ass in Austin. So many perps..dressed in knee length black pants and annoying tshirts. With the moustaches, beards and haircuts. The glasses-the annoying shoes.Its awful.

Unless its simply a case of intelligence services or military has infiltrated this population.
The perps do indeed like to hide out in herds like black gangs, Hipsters, even Crusty Rainbow kids and Greatful Dead Family.
Blacks i can understand due to COINTELPRO infiltration in the 60s then the making of black gangs for dealing drugs for the govt (via CIA, Iran Contra, Bush etc).
But so many of these young people.

I dont know which is more creepy andathetic.

Hipster perps are certainly more creepy as males to begin with. And its always male Hipsters doing tactical psychological warfare. Ive never seen a female 'Hipster' pulling this crap.

Its a shame becuz the normal Hipsters I've encountered are usually decent. Beats the heartless, militant yUPpies and ghetto blacks in downtown areas in certain cities...ahem-Seattle for instance. GS is rampant there anyways. Its so bad in the Northwest that a New Englander like myself just mentally reclines and begins to take it in as entertainment.  

Getting gang stalked in that region is so surreal it borders on a UFO abduction experience. The people out there are just so..unreal and there isnt one moments fuckin peace.

In TX at least theres a sense of business (corruption) as usual, which is typical human behavior.
Except for Hipsters who in Austin arent normal at all.
Theres a creepy, butt-hurt-male Hipster working at a certain store I frequent occasionally for gear here in Boston.
Hes probably between ten to twenty years younger than me yet each time i deal with him I feel as if Im dealing with my disapproving dad..who has to watch me all the time.
Creepster more like actually.
Theres something oddly misogynist about the Hipster culture..and of course they know thats going to piss me off.   
That and the endless jerk off low level gang members and guys in pick up trucks.

Whats sad is some of their anti establishment lifestyle is like mine. Thrift stores etc.
 Its like an old Berkeley, CA resident said to me once: "In the old days, people WANTED t be out here. Now they HAVE TO be". that makes it less 'revolutionary'? In fact those conditions make it moreso. But thats the threat-an actual real uprising of a peasant population as opposed to the 60s where you were still accepted as a citizen. Now it feels like you are being exhiled out of the US altogether.

A fun parody on Hipster terrorism:  

Yes. Metal will save us.

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